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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  February 9, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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storm blanketing the eastern sea board affecting 40 million people in a dozen states. a lot of roads basically shut down. but that is not stopping our team from making it to work. kristen welker is at the white house, kasie hunt and i want to start with the comments -- what is the administration's reaction to the president's pick for the supreme court coming out and essentially slamming him behind closed doors to these senators? >> reporter: well, hallie, i spoke with a senior administration official earlier today and she said look, bottom line, judge gorsuch should feel free to speak his mind. i pressed this administration official on whether the white house was briefed beforehand, no indication that that happened. but the fallout continues and there's no doubt the press secretary, sean spicer, will have to answer a few tough
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questions about this today. senator kelly ayotte weighing in. she said while gorsuch made clear he was not referring to any specific cases he finds any criticism of a judge's integrity disheartening and demoralizing. some on the hill are saying that judge gorsuch should say this publicly, if that's how he feels, he should make his feelings known before a public audience. bottom line, this could help judge gorsuch in a confirmation process because it makes it look like he has some independence from the president. so many people honing down on that key question, does the president respect the division between the executive and judicial branches? now of course the administration has he does but neil gorsuch's comments makes it very clear he takes that very seriously, hallie.
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>> and it's something joe mancion will ask about this morning. >> and what else are we hearing about the tweet slamming john mccain? >> this came after the press briefing when the white house secretary who said that anyone who calls that mission in yemen a failed mission owes an apology to the fallen soldier, ryan owens. this morning president trump doubling down on those comments. he said senator mccain should not be talking about the success or failure of a mission to the media, he's been losing so long, he doesn't know how to win anymore. look at the mess our country is in, bogged down in conflict all over the place. this is the type of rhetoric that resonated on the campaign trail. but the question is for a
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sitting president, how will this resonate with folks across the country and for lawmakers on capitol hill, for senator john mccain's colleagues? i anticipate we'll continue to get fallout from that. senator john mccain has insisted that the fallen soldier is a hero but at the same time he has every right to take a hard look at the mission. >> kristen, thank you. i want to bring in our justice correspondent pete williams. you're looking into the swearing of of jeff sessions. in in the meantime, private meetings are just that, private. how unusual is it for us to hear comments like this from a supreme court pick? >> remember, we haven't heard the comments from judge gorsuch directly. he's abiding by the rule that once a person is nominated, they
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make no comments. it's not unusual, however, for senators to come out and characterize what the nominee has told them. in this case senator blume that will -- blumenthal of the first to come out and describe his comments but senators come out and say all kinds of things of what they were told by nominees, hallie. i've heard current supreme court justices say in these meet and greets, they meet with the senators and they come out and are astonished to hear the way they come out and describe what they talked about. so that's the normal course of business. in this case we do have corroborating sources on what senator blumenthal said. >> pete, do you think this affects the relationship now between trump and judge gorsuch moving forward? >> well, it doesn't seem to in
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the short run. we've heard no indication that the president intends to withdraw the nomination. and that really is the only thing the president can do at this point. once he sends the nomination up to the hill, then the confirmation process takes over and once a nominee is confirmed, that's that. presidents sometimes have a great relationship with the justices they put on the court, sometimes testy, sometimes presidents are pleased with their nominees and sometimes they're disappointed. so that's the way these things go. >> pete williams, john mccain correspondent for us here in washington. this hour we're keeping an eye over on the white house. in a few minutes jeff sessions gets sworn in as the newest attorney general. when that happens, we're going to bring it to you live. in the meantime, we're going to keep on this topic of judge gorsuch. susan collins meeting with him today. walk us through what you expect
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to see happening and what you're hearing from your sources about the fallout now about what is being characterized as judge gorsuch's remarks. >> reporter: that's right. judge gorsuch about to meet here with senator susan collins. if we catch a glimpse of him walking down the hallway, for give me for moving to try to catch up with him. as senator blumenthal telling "morning joe" that judge gorsuch said feel free to talk about what i told you publicly. that's what we're hearing from democrats who say, hey, we want to hear judge gorsuch talk in public about donald trump's criticisms of the judge in this particular case of other judges on the bench. this is what he has called disheartening and demoralizing. the question and what's going on behind the scenes is they are
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looking for eight democrats who are going to be willing to vote in favor of judge gorsuch. that will allow mitch mcconnell to push this nominee throughout without invoking health insurance -- what's called the nuclear option. i'm going to move out of the way because janitors are coming by. but a lot of those senators, chuck schumer wants to protect them. they're up in red states in 2018, and it will help them to be ae to vote in favor of gorsuch because he is injured by many to be an establishment style choice. the liberal base that has been so activated in the first weeks, many have been surprised by the level of intensity around the protests at the airports and the pressure they've been getting and phone calls and e-mails
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overwhelming capitol hill. those are the two forces working here. clearly the team around gorsuch is trying to make some accommodations to see if they can't reassure those members at least a little bit about whether gorsuch would be independent from trump. now there's an element of unpredictability of how this will all play out over the next 24 hours. >> we'll talk about that unpredictability. i need to talk to you about this tom price vote. is it expected overnight? this is a big deal, the incoming head of health and human services, what's the strategy from dems? >> it plays right into what we were talking about is democrats pushing back against these nominations, trying to use every tool they have to delay them as long as possible. that's what you saw yesterday with jeff sessions, the debate through the night the last two nights on the senate floor. they didn't do it last night and we're still waiting to hear whether or not they're going to force this vote to be held at 2 a.m. overnight tonight.
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that's what the senate rules would rerequiquire. the next up is supposed to be steve mnuchin, the treasury secretary nominee. still waiting for words on how the democrats will play this one out after two days of successfully driving media coverage of what they've been up to. >> possible 2 a.m. vote. i'm going to run you over some coffee in just aittle bit. >> please, please. with me, senator joe mancion. you were the only democrat to support jeff sessions. why. >> it's more than what we know about a person, what people say about a person. i've known jeff for six years. i've had a good relationship with him. have i not seen the things
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people have accused him up or accused him of. >> how do you defend this vote about african-americans -- >> i say i would say i listened to the african-americans that came up and spoke to me in his favor. i know him from the relationship i've had for six years. west virginians understand that. because somebody accusing somebody of something, i haven't seen, that i haven't witnessed that and i haven't experienced that. i'm going to vote for what i know. >> your vote alone did not put jeff sessions over the edge. a lot of the liberal groups are very upset with you. i get you won your state by 24
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points but you're up in 2018. are you concerned about what could happen? >> seemed they were very happy with the devos vote. you're up and down. i'll be able to explain my votes but the bottom line is there's reasons. i have to be able to explain it. i'd have to basically believe everything people said 30 years ago about jeff sessions. i haven't seen that for the six years i've been with him. if i'd have onend case he was bigoted or a racist, i wouldn't have voted for him. >> you mentioned top price. big price overnight. you're voting against tom price but for jeff sessions. is this because you believed what price osessions told you b what price told you? >> tom price wouldn't commit to
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give money for opiate funding in treatment centers, which is ravishing my state. there's a purpose and i reason i can't because we need that support. i still think he'll get confirmed but i still have to voice my thoughts and concerns. >> any minute we expect to see judge neil gorsuch walking into capitol hill to start some of these meetings here. you had a meet and greet with him but it was prior to president trump's kbhents the judge who instituted the stay on his executive order. obviously you know the deal, he reportedly is characterized by your colleagues that the attacks by president trump were demoralizing and disheartening. has he expressed any of that to you since your meeting? >> well, want to meet with him again. we had just a cordial meeting when he was first announced. he came up and was on the hill
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and i met with him for about 20 minutes. he coming back -- >> are you going to ask him about this? >> i absolutely well. i was encouraged, the separation. i think an awful lot of his support will come on the results of his hearing, i really do. >> it's interesting you say it's encouraging to you to hear judge gorsuch -- is this a strategy to help win over democrats? >> it could be. >> anything could be a strategy. but the bottom line is everything i know about him, everything i've heard and read about him, he has a tremendous resumé, he's been labelled as a judge's judge and it looks like he's defending the robe and feels very strongly about it. we'll see. >> you're heading down pennsylvania avenue to the white house to talk to the nominee.
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>> maybe it's the biggest part of the discussion. >> what are you going to say to the president about his comments about the judiciary. >> i'm going to ask him about his comments versus what judge gorsuch has said. that reaction would be -- >> why is that an important reaction? >> it's important to say i respect the judge's independence and beliefs. i don't think anyone's going to change donald trump's mind. if he asks our opinion, i'm more than happy to give it to him. there's a separation of power, three equal branches of government -- >> do you think donald trump understands that? >> i would hope he is going to understand that because you're going to find out sooner or later you've got the judicial and executive have to work things out. you've got the referee, which is the judicial. the legislative and executive should be working together.
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when we disagreements, the judicial comes in and says time-out, you've got a foul. >> is there anything that the president could say to you at lunch today that would sway you -- >> no, not at all. >> this is not about what president trump says? >> no. first of all, he was very clear. he picked this gentleman, gorsuch, from one of the 20. he selected one from the 20 and with that he's already done his job. it's up to us to do our job now. >> two more quick questions as we wait for judge gorsuch to walk in here. you've been known to break party ranks -- >> i came up here, hallie and they keep saying this is a party line vote. it's not a west virginia vote. i'm here for west virginia. >> if there is a democratic filibuster of judge gorsuch, would you suort that? >> it's going to be a 60 vote clotur vote.
7:16 am
i believe there should be a bipartisan buy-in whoever we have at that highest level. i was against what harry reed did. i think all judges who have lifetime appointments should be able to garner enough support on the democrat and republican side. i believe in a 60-vote threshold. i've always believed in that. >> i want to broaden out a bit and talk philosophically with you. so far president trump has gotten what he's wanted. the "time" magazine headline says "do democrats matter"? why do the democrats matter? >> we have the numbers -- >> you don't need them. >> not in mcconnell goes nuclear. >> mitch mcconnell shut down everything. he knows what goes around comes around. i'm hoping he doesn't go nuclear
7:17 am
on the vote. >> answer the question, though. why do democrats matter? he doesn't need you. >> he does. if you have to get 60, he only has 52. >> he doesn't necessarily need 60 for the supreme court nominee, right? >> if he pulls the nuclear option, he demots and diminishes the senate, no different than any other body throughout government, if you will, simple majority. the senate is the most unique place in the world, the most deliberate body but basically the rules we have. from the beginning of 1917, it was just open, you could talk forever. stop thing, wear things out, stop them. then it took 67 votes, then it went to 60 and now they want to go to 51. i don't truly believe mitch connell wants to do that, i hope he doesn't do that and i hope we can come to some
7:18 am
agreement. >> thank you, senator manchin, i appreciate you joining us. >> much more to come. including the winter whiteout. we're talking blizzard warnings all across new england, road, schools, airports, basically the standstill and we are live on the road and tracking the forecast next. r lustrous hair... vitamins c and e for vibrant skin... and biotin for healthy nails... ♪ so no matter what happens,... you'll still feel beautiful. nature's bounty hair, skin and nails. better off healthy.
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all right. developing now that snow emergency happening in the
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northeast. 50 million people, 13 states, all of them in the path of this winter storm. check out what's hitting northern new jersey and new york city. more than a foot of snow. i want to head over to kristen dahlgren, who is holding the fort in central park. what's going on there? >> reporter: the snow coming down and we have at least six inches on the ground. there are 315,000 tons of salt ready to go. i have to tell you, i just drove in and the roads not really looking that good. i saw a lot of cars off the roads. i knew when i saw a snow plow go down my street, hallie, that i was in trouble, it was going to be a rough commute. so do be careful if you're out there. as can you see, though, new yorkers are out in central park. a lot of people enjoying this. we've seen a lot of kids out here and a lot of people, runners, skiers, everybody out enjoying the snow.
7:23 am
back to you. >> quite the winter wonderland. we want to go over to video we're just getting in of president trump meeting with airline ceos at the without. this is yet another business roundtable for the president on a busy day. watch. >> i think i understand. well, thank you all. i know so many of you through reading and through business magazines and you've done an amazing job. i want to congratulate you and i know you're under pressure from a lot of foreign element and foreign carriers. i've been hearing that a little bit. at the same time we want to make life good for them also. they come with big investments, many times in the way of their governments but they're still big investments. your industry creates almost $1
7:24 am
trillion in economic activity, which is really big stuff, really amazing. last year our airlines moved approximately 2 million people each day in our country, which is an incredible number of people and they move them well, despite the bad equipment that the airports give you in many cases because they can't approvals on everything and we have a regulatory morias that's a disaster. i have a pilot who's a real expert and he said, sir, the equipment they're putting on is just the wrong stuff. we'll talk about that. if we're going to modernize our system, we should be using the right equipment and i know mr. tildon is nodding, you know what i mean. it's one thing to order the equipment but let's order the right equipment. probably the wrong equipment
7:25 am
costs more. we want to talk about that. my pilot, he's a smart guy, he knows what's going on, sayshe government is using the wrong equipment and instituting a massive multi-billion dollar project but they're using the wrong equipment. so let's find out about that. we want the traveling public to have the greatest public service with an absolute minimum of delays with greatest convenience all at the lowest possible cost. we want to help you realize these goals and we will indeed help you realize these goals. airports very important to me, travel very important to me. as an example somebody was saying yesterday to me that you go to china, you go to japan, they have fast trains all over the place. we don't have one. i don't want to compete with your business but we don't have one fast train. and it's the same thing with our airports. our airports used to be the best. now they're at the bottom of the
7:26 am
rung. we've spent $6 trillion, think of it, as of about two months ago, $6 trillion in the middle east. we've got nothing. we've got nothing. we never even kept a little tiny oil well. i said keep the oil. but we've spent right now $6 trillion in the middle east. we have nothing. and we have an obsolete plane system, we have obsolete airports, obsolete trains, we have bad roads. we're going to change all of th, folks. you're going to be so happy with trump. i think you already are. we're going to help you by rolling back burdensome regulation, lowering the overall tax burden on american businesses big league, that's coming along very well, we're way ahead of schedule, i believe. we're going to be announcing
7:27 am
something i would say over the next two or three weeks that will be phenomenal in terms of tax. and developing our aviation infrastructure. again, i want to thank you all for being here. i want this to be a meeting of substance, i want to be able to do things for you, the auto industry was in, they left. they said it was the best meeting they've ever had. i even took them into the oval office. the head of ford, the head of general motors, fiat, others. they never saw the oval office. i said they never took you in? you know how far it was from the room? ten feet. across the hallway. i took them in. the auto companies are going to be making massive investments in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, a lot of places where jobs have left. so we're really happy about that. they've been great. ford is going to build, as you know, they cancelled a big plan today, certain place, i won't say where, a $2 billion plant
7:28 am
and they're building it in the united states and they're expanding greatly. general motors the same thing. they've been great. i think they'll continue to be great. we're also going to be great to them. we're going to get rid of a lot of unnecessary regulation, we're going to make their life easier and we're going to work a lot more people. so with that i thought what we'd do is perhaps we'll start with mr. gray, we'll go around the room and we'll quickly say who you are and who you represent, the biggest of the airlines here. you can -- no, stay, stay. >> judge neil gorsuch. this is a little picture walking down the hallway to the capitol. i know kasie hunt is getting in the mix there. let's see if he makes any comments. let's listen for a moment.
7:29 am
>> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> nothing from judge gorsuch as he runs -- walks, rather, down the hallway, heading into senator susan collins' office. kelly ayotte joining him. kasie hunt is in that hallway. did you get a chance to get him any questions? the audio was a little bit muffled. >> reporter: we tried to, hallie. we asked him if the president was aware of what he said to senator blumenthal. he declined to answer questions. that typically has been out how they handled things like this. k kelly ayotte has been sort of following him around, shepherding him around through these meetings. she was until recently the republican senator from new hampshire. he's in there now with senator susan collins, the first of a series of meetings that he has
7:30 am
today on capitol hill. looks like they're going to stick to the procedures they've been using. >> go get 'em, kasie. you have 30 minutes left in the show. i hope to have you back with more later in the show. and senator baldwin here from wisconsin, we appreciate you being here. i want to start with what we were talking about with kasie. you have not had a chance yet to meet with judge gorsuch. i want to get your reaction to what's been happening. senator blumenthal said today he urged neil gorsuch to make thinks comments publicly. do you see this as a political ploy by judge gorsuch to give democrats some space to support him, showing he's independent from the white house? >> i actually read those words a little differently than i've been hearing others.
7:31 am
while i deeply disagree with donald trums tweeting out crital tweets against the judiciary, if somebody is strong and independent and beholden to the rule of law and the constitution, a tweet shouldn't be demoralizing, right? we need to have people on our highest court who are strong and independent and tweets shouldn't really factor in. so, you know, i certainly want to condemn what the president did in terms of his disparaging comments about the judiciary, but if they're strong and independent, what difference does it make? >> it's an interesting point that you're making. when it comes to judge gorsuch, you said it was important to have somebody who was strong and independent. do you believe that he is? >> what i have seen so far is
7:32 am
his body of work on the tenth circuit and some of the work he did as a lawyer before then. my greatest concerns about judge gorsuch right now have to do with his belief in corporate n personhood and corps have greater rights than human beings. i'm very concerned about his rulings on women's reproductive health care and rulings he has made that are against the rights to equal access to education for children with disabilities. these are cases i've been studying and give me great concern and i want to know what his impact will be in the supreme court. there's been a lot of 4-4 decisions. he'd be the tiebreaker on some
7:33 am
of those. there a lot of things that affect wisconsinites here. >> including jeff sessions, who will be sworn in. senate majority leader schumer said it turned he is stomach when jeff sessions was confirmed. what do you do now if you don't have the votes to stop it? >> i think it's important so the american public can understand the concern -- >> meaning the talk-a-thons. >> for example, betsy devos. if that had flown through, people wouldn't know she knew nearly nothing about public
7:34 am
education, about her long-term agenda to prevent public education, where -- >> but none of that stopped her from becoming secretary of education. >> it came as close as we ever did in history and i think it turns our attention to what she does in that position. she will be watched like no other prior secretary of education prior to that. while we don't have the numbers now to stop them, i think in these incredibly controversial picks, it's really important that american people understand what's going on. with tom price, with steve mnuchin, et cetera. >> the health committee, this is sort of the keep function. let me start with tom price. it's possible that the vote
7:35 am
could come overnight, possibly tomorrow. you were among those who spoke out about price. it's a very similar question here. do you worry you run the risks of democrats just becoming the party of no, reflexively opposing everything that the republican party and the president is putting out there? >> these nominees are really in some ways unlike we've ever seen. >> in the sense of -- >> in the sense of -- well, especially with a president who promised to drain the swamp and then has produced these nominees that have incredible questionable entanglements. and the revolving door is something that really disturbs me about steve mnuchin. let me explain that in a little more context. in the 1990s the wall street banks really influenced the deregulation by congress of the
7:36 am
financial institutions. i voted against those when i joined the congress. but we had as a result an incredible financial meltdown that stole trillions of dollars from the american people, hard working american people, people's houses were lost, pensions were jeopardized -- >> and he says he wasn't trying to take advantage of people suffering from the crisis. >> what i fear and what americans fear is that with this announced effort to now roll back the very safe guards we put in place after that financial meltdown, that we will have the foxes in charge of the henhouse again. and it is deeply disturbing to have as the nominee for treasury secretary someone who will from an insider's knowledge base be able to dismantle the protections that we've put in place. >> wisconsin senator tammy
7:37 am
baldwin, thank you for joining us. i know you have a very busy few days ahead of you. comingup, we're talking about whether it's family first or business for the trumps? ivanka trump, her brother and now a senior adviser is piling on nordstrom. how big of a deal is it when the power of the presidency -- ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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go buy ivanka's stuff is what i would tell you. >> that was donald trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway this morning basically pitching the first daughter's former clothing line a day after president trump lashed out at nordstrom on twitter for not essentially buying for the season the new line. donald trump jr. also backing up his sister on twitter saying women nationwide cut up nordstrom's cards, plan boycotts after pli call decision to drop ivanka's line. a lot to unpack here with norm eisen. thanks for being with us here. let's start with kellyanne conway here. did she violate federal ethics
7:42 am
rules on endorsements? >> hallie, thanks for having me and i'm going to say something that's seldom heard on television. 5 cfr 2635702. that is the federal -- code of federal regulations that prevents government employees from using their public office, she was speaking in her public capacity, to benefit private parties for private gain. in this case she was doing an advertisement for ivanka trump's products. it is contrary to federal law to do what she did. i believe that it's a violation of the rules and she's going to need to be disciplined for it. >> what does disciplined mean? who is going to discipline her?
7:43 am
>> in the first instance, this is a serious matter, hallie. it's not an isolated incident. we've seen the tone at the top himself violating the ethics rules in the constitution, the emoluments clause, forbids him for taking foreign government payments, he's taking them. of course we're litigating that. it set off a table tone at the top that is permeating. you have this cabinet that is profoundly conflicted, the worst ethics mess we've seen in a cabinet and now you have white house officials like miss cko cy who are flouting one of the most basic rules, you don't use public office for the private gain of another and white house counsel is now going to be responsible, ultimately the president, is going to be responsible for doing something about that. we can't have federal officials breaking federal law. >> speaking of the president, the white house is obviously defending what donald trump did
7:44 am
and said on twitter. here's what press secretary of state sean spicer had to say. >> this is a direct attack on his policies and her name. and so there's clearly an attempt for him to stand up for her because she is being maligned because they have a problem with his policies. >> spice ser essentir is essent the point there's nothing wrong with a father defending his daughter. is there anything wrong with a dad defending his kid? >> we're all sympathetic to a father who wants to defend a daughter. i have a daughter. and of course i want to protect her. she's a pretty tough kid, she more often ends up protecting me. but what he's done here, there have to be limits. we have those limits. it's called the constitution and the american law. you're not allowed to do what you do in the behavior here.
7:45 am
the tweet, mr. spicer pouring it on, suggesting it was a political retaliation. nordstrom says they just weren't able to sell the products. that's the most fundamental principle of american capitalism. now eric getting into the act with his tweet suggesting a boycott. american law doesn't allow this. there are rules preventing attacking a business in this way. for example, the california unfair competition law where nordstrom has a lot of stores. one of the broadest laws of its kinds in the country, it says you can't unfairly attack a business. and that's what's happening here. this is the behavior of a mafia don defending his turf, not the president of the united states. >> norm eisen, fired up as always. thank you very much for joining us. our obama white house ethic guru, norm eisen. we are watch being the white house where jeff sessions will
7:46 am
be taking the oath of office as attorney general. we're going to bring that to you live when it happens. they're running a bit behind schedule. we're keeping an eye on it. we're keeping an eye here in the senate where democrats potentially pulling another all nighter on tom price's nomination. ♪ glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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7:50 am
primary, then candidate donald trump winning it. it was his first big win of the primaries and he did an interview with nbc's lest eer ht that day. in the interview the now president described how candidate trump would be different from president trump. >> when you're president, you act differently. when you're president you act in a different way, there's no question about that and i would do that. >> i want to be different, the president says. joining me now is msnbc contributor and, rich, let me start with you. the president as candidate said he wanted to be different as president. what's your take on that? >> he's still working on it. this is a work in progress quite clearly. i haven't seen any difference, other than the fact he has two phones, one secure and one not.
7:51 am
i haven't seen any difference in his behavior, and yesterday was another example with nordstrom's. i went out and took a picture of it and said photo of angry crowds gathered in front of nordstrom's. there was no one there. thank you, rich. >> maria -- >> this is very much the apprentice of a presidential candidate and that is now in the white house. i think that is the challenge. i think a lot of americans who voted for candidate trump expected a marked change the moment that he filled that office to respect the institution and they are more than anything surprised. i think that is one of the reasons why you are constantly seeing even individuals on twitter who voted for him saying i voted for you but what the heck is it that you are doing? and i think a lot of americans are increasingly concerned.
7:52 am
>> rich? >> we've all been around powerful men and women, and all of them have at least one person who say you have to back off here, you can't a thatsay that. i don't think there's anyone with the guts around him to say that because, you're fired. >> should democrats continue putting up these fights given they do not have the numbers to block the nominations? >> the democrats are doing this because they're constantly reminded by their constituency that trump does not have a mandate. 3 million people voted for hillary clinton. they're the ones meeting them in the district, calling them and giving the democrats finally the back bone that a lot of
7:53 am
americans have been wanting. it behooves them to make sure they are challenging every one of these nominations. if you look at jeff sessions, it's very much a policy of the past, not of the future. >> there's another fight happening and that's the one we expect to see over judge neil gorsuch, he's got six meetings today. can he afford to make similar comments like he apparently did yesterday in these sessions with senator blumenthal and others about president trump's comments about judge robart? >> sure. i assume there is a mechanism for the president to withdraw the nomination. i don't know if it's ever happened and i don't know how you would do it. but it is a separate branch of government. i think it's useful to remind the president that it's the article iii branch, he doesn't work directly for him and once he's nominated him, it sort of
7:54 am
sails out of his path. going back to these nominations, i went back and looked through wikipedia to see what the votes were for obama's nominees in his first term and they were all bipartisan. sometimes there were 30 votes no. hillary clinton as an example, i just looked this up, was confirmed 94-2. democrats have to take a look at themselves and say how much of this is just petulance and how much is trying to do good governance? i can see why they don't like some of them but this childish all nighters, that's getting old. >> jeff sessions is someone that basically he himself is supposed to basically he's going to be the law officer of the land but he has gone after the most vulnerable of -- >> we've heard all of this. done deal. it's finished. >> but they lost. you go through all this stuff and you lose. so you were exactly right in what you said at the beginning.
7:55 am
i absolutely agree with you. this is just for the -- >> last word -- >> i got to give maria the last word. >> the fact that president trump right now is such a controversial figure, you have americans coming in, people who have -- may have not voted have all of a sudden decided they're going to march. that is a much more difficult transparent step to do into your community. if the democrats back away from this and do not use this opportunity to create transparency in the democratic process, they're going to lose the momentum they needed to break up this idea that washington is broken. >> theresa kumar and rich galen, i hate to do it to you, i have to give maria the last word this time, you'll get it next time. >> all right. >> coming up tonight, "chicago in the crosshairs," a special town hall event.
7:56 am
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that does it for us on this hour of "msnbc live" from capitol hill. we'll be back here tomorrow morning 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific. i'm hallie jackson. find me any time online, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat. we're thinking of starting a new segment where we take your comments. to my colleague, ali velshi in new york. >> right now on msnbc, jeff sessions is set to be sworn in
8:00 am
at any moment. jeff sessions will be starting his new job after a bitter debate. and disheartening and demoralizing, trump's own supreme court nominee, judge neil gorsuch reportedly criticized his talk about the judges ruling on the travel ban. developing now, fast and furious. a major nor'easter intensifies this morning, set to dump up to 18 inches of snow in some places. schools are closed, thousands of flights are grounded. we're live across the region with the very latest. i'm ali velshi coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. we begin at the white house where senator jeff sessions is set to be sworn in as attorney general, after winning senate


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