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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  February 9, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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i'll see you tomorrow afternoon. you can find me on social media as well. up next, steve kornacki. hey, steve. thanks for that, kate. i'm steve kornacki live in new york. day 21 of the first 100 days. topping our agenda right now, disheartened and demoralized. >> the judge was very clear that he was not commenting on any specific matter, right? then he was asked about his general philosophy. so you can't then take that, equate it back to the specific. he literally went out of his way to say i am not commenting on a specific instance. >> a democratic senator saying donald trump's pick for the supreme court has strong words for the president. the white house saying that is not the real story. all of this causing a stir on capitol hill. we're going to get to the bottom
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of it in just a minute. also on our agenda, jeff sessions, now the attorney general. >> a new era of justice begins, and it begins right now. >> sessions sworn in earlier today. he is talking tough on crime, but are his statistics right? some surprising figures we're going to show you over at the big board as we look ahead to a live town hall event tonight here on msnbc in chicago. also, we are keeping tabs on that big snowstorm that is walloping the northeast right now. schools closed all across the region. we are seeing more than a foot of snow in some major cities, this just a day after temperatures were pushing 70 degrees. how are the roads right now? what's the forecast looking like? no one better to ask than al roker. he'll stop by and show us who is getting hit the hardest. we begin, though, with our top story. president trump's supreme court
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pick. neil gorsuch, breaking ranks with the president, at least according to a democratic senator, richard blumenthal from connecticut. last night saying that gorsuch called trump's recent comments on federal judges, quotes, disheartening and demoralizing. blumenthal saying gorsuch told him that in their private meeting. trump was not in the room for that meeting but earlier today he said it's not the real story. >> you misrepresented his comments terribly. his comments were misrepresented. what you should do is ask senator blumenthal about his vietnam record that didn't exist after years of saying it did. ask senator blumenthal about his vietnam record. he misrepresented that just like he misrepresented judge gorsuch. >> blumenthal is standing by his account of the meeting with gorsuch. obviously this now emerging as a major issue in this supreme court nomination fight. for more, i want to bring in
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kelly o'donnell at the white house. so kelly, take us through this. one thing i am curious about. is there room for there to be two interpretations of the event where blumenthal asks a specific question, gorsuch tries to provide an answer and they each have a different understanding of the answer? >> what's notable about what the president said is he used the word misrepresent or misrepresenting four times in a matter of seconds and made two references to his sort of attack on richard blumenthal, democrat of connecticut about his vietnam. he corrected it but has paid a political price for it over time. this is something the president is bringing back up now to discredit blumenthal and his account.
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day seanpicer is saying what the nominee to the supreme court was talking about was a broader topic. and yet, it appears it would be in the context of the most recent comments from the white house, from the president, about the judge who handled the initial travel ban, tem praypor restraining order, the seattle judge, james robart. what's been kind of the mood that donald trump has been saying with respect to the courts. where is the daylight? it's tough to navigate. there are two different stories. we're getting a sense from those who have worked closely with neil gorsuch that this did properly represent what he meant to say, intended to say. the white house today saying it's being drawn too specifically to comments by the president. not being in the room, how do you know? what the white house has been able to do is, again, try to deflect on this, try to suggest it hasn't been accurately portrayed, which certainly trump
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supporters will hear in the same vein of the president being critical of the news media or of democrats. this is critical for gorsuch because he is trying to do outreach to democrats on capitol hill. they'll be needed. neither party wants to take the extreme step using a change of rules that would require fewer than 60 votes. so he is on his own track to show that he is independent, would be operating separately from the white house that nominated him for this extraordinary, lifetime achievement to be on the supreme court. at the same time you have democrats who want to draw this political side out. they want to make it look and to represent and to, to whatever agree it's accurate, not accurate -- say that the nominee selected by donald trump has been critical of donald trump. politically that is good for democrats. so the pot is being stirred, and it is hard to interpret exactly who had it right, not being in
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the room. steve. >> kelly o'donnell over at the white house. thank you for that. now, more on trump and his pick of neil gorsuch for the supreme court. because of this controversy, at least how it's being portrayed by richard blumenthal, gorsuch winning some praise today from lawmakers, not just on the republican side but maybe on the democratic side as well. a possible sign that he might maintain more objectivity if he is confirmed as a supreme court justice. but, the top democrat in the senate, chuck schumer, says he is still skeptical. that's what he said on this network last night. >> i said to him, you have an obligation to publicly condemn the actions of president trump. he said, well, i am disheartened by them. to whisper to a senator behind closed doors that he is disheartened without condemning, without making a public statement, is not close to enough. i will tell you, having seen kelly ayotte going on television tonight and tout that she said
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it, i think it's a way of the president and the republicans trying to show independence when none really exists. >> i want to bring in bill press and dave french. thank you for joining us. bill, let me start with you. is this something, word of this meeting, word of this exchange between gorsuch and richard blumenthal, is this something that could reassure democrats enough not to filibuster the nomination. not necessarily not to vote for him but not to filibuster it? >> certainly i don't think it hurts judge gorsuch to be so quoted, without knowing it, maybe donald trump actually helped gorsuch's case by making those comments. i trust senator blumenthal. i trust judge gorsuch that he was in fact disheartened and demoralized by the comments. yes, i do think it would help gorsuch's case if true and i believe it's true. it shows him to be the
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independent thinker that democrats might accept on the supreme court if not welcome with open arms. >> david, i am curious what you make of this. there are so many different versions or theories about what's going on here floating around. you have the idea that this is some kind of declaration of independence that gorsuch is making. the suggestion has been out there that the white house orchestrated this in some way. we raised the possibility with kelly o'donnell of hey, maybe gorsuch was trying to stiide-st the issue. blumenthal was asking specific questions. >> i think we're over complicating it and the variations of what gorsuch said are variations on a theme that's consistent with his world view on juris prudence. this is a judge known for deep commitment to separation of powers. one of his most important cases is the judicial equivalent of a primal scream in favor of restricting the expansive power of the executive branch.
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this is a judge who has dedicated much of his career to restoring a vision of the constitution that puts three co-equal branches and does not elevate the presidency. so i think his general comments are consistent with that theme. >> steve, remember, also that initially the judge's comments were confirmed by one of the white house aides, i forget his name, who was in the meeting. whatever kelly ayotte says, you have another white house aide saying that's exactly what neil gorsuch said. let's take him at his word. >> it's almost certainly splitting hairs too much here, though, if this was a situation where gorsuch was asked a pointed question by blumenthal and then gorsuch said, you know -- he used the words, as the spokesman confirmed, he used the words demoralized and dishorten dishodi disheartened but trying to draw a distinction that i'm just making a general statement. that's what the white house
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indicated. at the briefing today when sean spicer was asked, in general who president trump continue to make these comments about the judiciary and about judges in the future that is what sean spicer said. >> the president will continue to speak like this? >> of course he will. the president will speak his mind. goes back to thomas jefferson, that presidents have commented on judicial nominees. i mean, the idea of one branch talking about or commenting on another branch is as old as our republic. >> what about that idea, david french? i am curious. because, for instance, the order that set this all off, when donald trump said on twitter so-called judge, his administration did follow the order. we haven't seen a president attacking in words the judiciary like this. but in actions he is still following it. >> right. i mean, there is a difference between crassness and a constitutional crisis. i think that the tweet was a crass attack on the judge.
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i think it was an attack that the president of the united states should not make on a sitting federal judge. we saw president obama directly critique the supreme court to its face in the state of the union address. he did it in much more polite language. the substance was an attack. that doesn't mean president trump or president obama would refuse to follow and comply with the orders of the federal court. that's the pertinent issue. >> i want to play -- david mentioned it and sean spicer brought it up at the briefing, what obama said in 2010 with the supreme court in front of him about the citizens united ruling. here is the clip. >> with all due deference to separation of powers, last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests. including foreign corporations. to spend without limit in our election. [ applause ]
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>> so, bill, the idea that it's much more polite and more civil language but the same principle of criticizing. >> it's not at all. not at all! first of all, i wrote a book about spin. what sean spicer did today was bad, bad, bad spin. no sale. to say that these were general -- a general response and not to specifically to the president's tweet is wrong! i mean, he was asked about the president's tweet. that's what he responded to. this idea that president obama -- we just heard. i am glad you played it. president obama was saying he disagreed with the decision. it was not a personal attack on the judge. that's what you get from donald trump during the primary, during the general campaign and now as president, calling him a so-called judge. back to the judge in san diego. he said couldn't issue a fair opinion because his parents happened to come from mexico. so it's the personal attack that makes this a difference. total different world than what president obama did. >> all right. bill press and david french.
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thank you both for taking a few minutes. appreciate it. still ahead after the break, new reaction to the dustup over the ivanka trump clothing line. now criticism from even one of the top republicans in the house over kellyanne conway's comments promoting the trump brand. the white house now says she has been, quote, counseled. what exactly does that mean? plus, the winter whiteout warnings remain in effect for some 50 million people. a massive snowstorm blanketing the northeast. thousands of flights canceled, a cascading effect on people's travel plans all around the country. also, this could affect tomorrow's work day as well. coming up we'll go live on the road and get a check of the latest conditions as well from nbc's al roker. so with our ally cashback credit card, you get rewarded for buying stuff. like what? like a second bee helmet with protective netting. or like a balm? you know? or a cooling ointment for the skin.
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. i do find it ironic that you've got some executives all over the internet bragging about what they've done to her and her line, and yet -- yet they're using the most prominent woman in donald trump's, you know, most prominent -- she is his daughter. they're using her, who has been a champion for woman empowerment. go buy ivanka's stuff. is what i'd tell you. i hate shopping. i'm going to get some myself. >> kellyanne conway may have violated a section of the law when she said that there, when she endorsed ivanka trump's product line. republican jason chaffetz, the chair of the house oversight committee condemned the comment hours after she made it telling nbc news it should have never
1:18 pm
happened and they better learn this lesson very quick. the issue was put to white house press secretary sean spicer at today's briefing. this is what spicer had to say about it. >> questions have been raised offer kellyanne conway did an interview with i believe fox news today where she appeared to promote the products of ivanka trump. do you believe that she crossed an ethical line? >> kellyanne has been counseled and that's all we're going to go on. she has been counseled on that subject, and that -- that's it. >> all right. joining me now for more. chris cillizza, nbc contributor and writer of "the fix" for the "washington post" and terra palmieri with the "politico." the idea that kellyanne conway has been counseled, do we know what that means? >> counseled means she was definitely informed of what she did wrong. now the question is, does she have to pay a fine? does this mean that she has to
1:19 pm
take some time-out? does it mean she actually loses the job. at the end of the day, this is kellyanne conway's job. president trump threw a bomb out there going offafter nordstrom. she took it to another level as a way to deflect the first bomb that was thrown. she may have taken it too high. this administration is learning that there is a big difference from being on the campaign trail and what they can say there and in this case the administration and accountable to the o.g.e., white house counsel and having the congress and senate on them. >> chris, this is a president, by extension an administration, that's already pretty famous for never admitting to doing anything wrong, for never saying, "we made a mistake." that sounded like as close as we've ever seen to the trump or trump administration saying that. sean spicer at the briefing. >> i was stunned by that because it's exactly what you said. donald trump has built his life on sort of no matter what
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happens declare victory and move on. my guess is that this was the advice of legal counsel, to say she wasn't aware of it, we've made her aware of it. the thing that's hard there, steve, is it speaks to this broader question, which is, remember, donald trump's interests are not in a blind trust. he says he doesn't talk to his sons about the business now that they're running it, his kids were at the announcement of neil gorsuch. maybe they never speak about it, maybe they were just there. but what's hard is there is an intertwining -- some of this is just because of who he is and the background that he has, it's not necessarily things he's done. but there is just this intertwining of the business world donald trump and trump inc. broadly and the presidency of donald trump. it's going to be very hard when you have people like kellyanne conway making comments like this, for people who are already concerned about those links to say, oh, okay. it looks like it's fine now. >> tara, it is interesting too
1:21 pm
when donald trump -- when the ethical issues have been raised about donald trump in particular, he does like to point out that there is no specific law, no specific rule that he as president has to follow. >> exactly. and i am sure when he heard it, he was probably happy to hear her say that. you have to remember that. he likes seeing kellyanne on tv. he likes seeing her go to fight for him on the cable news networks in the morning. i am sure, until they were informed, hey, hey, hey, you may have actually crossed the line this time, that's exactly the message that he wanted. >> there is another piece of news actually in the last couple of minutes i want to get out there and get reaction from you. talking about neil gorsuch, the comments he made, whatever exactly it was that he said to richard blumenthal. you had the white house saying, look, it was completely misinterpreted by -- or misportrayed by blumenthal. chuck schumer's office now basically siding with what the white house is saying. this is from schumer's office in the last few minutes.
1:22 pm
sean spicer, schumer's office says, just made it crystal clear that judge gorsuch has refused to condemn president trump's attack on the judiciary, making an already weak response even weaker as further proof the judge has not demonstrated the kind of independence necessary to be a check on this administration. so chris cillizza, interesting here. chuck schumer, you saw it in the comment last night and now you really see it. he doesn't want gorsuch to get any of the benefit of the doubt from this. >> that's right. democrats are convinced -- there is some case to be made that this is a strategy on trump's part to make gorsuch look independent, moderate, that he is not taking his marching orders from trump. and the schumer statement is essentially we're not falling for this. trust me that chuck schumer doesn't think that sean spicer is exactly relaying what happened, that this was -- gorsuch was talking in generalities, not about the specific tweak.
1:23 pm
schum schumer knows to say he is an independent, is serves their purposes. which is we're back to -- democrats are trying to say, we are not fooled by this, the american public should not be fooled by this. i am not sure the american public is really paying attention, to be honest, but we're back in the political morass that we find ourselves in every 24 hours. >> we're only a few weeks in. tara, quickly, it is the strategic decision democrats are facing here, whether to mount a filibuster against this nomination or not. >> right. they're going to say merrick garland whenever they can. they're going to try to filibuster and take down the nominee. that's what happened to them. this is retribution. they're very weak right now. they're trying to pull whatever strings they can. they'll use whatever tricks are up their sleeves at this point. >> tara and chris. thanks for the time. check this out.
1:24 pm
this is rhode island, the winter storm making its way across the northeast. some areas set for more than a foot of snow. thousands of flights already canceled at least through tomorrow. coming up we'll take a live check of the driving conditions out there. the forecast on where the storm goes next. coming up next, more importantly, al roker. stay with us. algia, i was active. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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headlines at the half hour. president trump meeting with the bipartisan group of senators at the white house today, urging them to confirm his pick for the supreme court, neil gorsuch. trump saying gorsuch was misrepresented when several democratic senators said that he told them the president's criticism of the judiciary was demoralizing and disheartening. attorney general jeff sessions getting down to work at the justice department after being sworn in this morning by vice
1:28 pm
president mike pence. his successor in the senate, meanwhile, former alabama attorney general luther strange was also sworn into the senate a short while ago. president trump also today taking aim at arizona senator john mccain for disputing the administration's insistence that last month's u.s. military raid in yemen was a success. trump tweeting that mccain's comments, quote, embolden the enemy. so far mccain is declining to comment on the president's tweet. senators now debating the nomination of georgia congressman tom price to be secretary of health and human services. democrats are attacking price after his efforts to go after the affordable care act and his stock holdings in health care companies. the vote on his nomination expected late tonight or early tomorrow morning. right now, it appears price does have the votes to be confirmed. and one of the indian tribes fighting the dakota access pipeline going to court now trying to block construction of
1:29 pm
the final section of that jt project. the legal challenge coming hours after the pipeline's developer said it had started the process of laying pipe under the missouri river. the tribe could claim a leak could contaminate their water supply. the developer insists it will be safe. the news from our world, the world of broadcasting, bob costas announcing today he is stepping down from nbc's prime time coverage of the olympics. that's something he has been leading for 11 olympic games going all the way back to 1992. costas is passing the torch, so to speak, to mike tirico. he'll start with next year's winter olympics in south korea. >> i am going to be like the rest of the country, watching mike tirico, who will be an able successor, in korea for the winter olympics beginning a year from today. >> so you're giving up the olympic gig? >> yeah, i am.
1:30 pm
>> all right. the olympics won't be the same without him. now, take a look at this! this is not what i thought i would be looking at. this is today. i wanted to show you yesterday. 24 hours ago -- there you go. this is the scene in new york city yesterday. at this time. temperatures were over 60 degrees. it was springtime in february. fast forward 24 hours. same city. look at this! they're skiing. they're sledding. they were doing -- they were sunbathing there yesterday. this is it. this is the first major winter storm of the season, not just in new york city but across the northeast. one major city, one metropolitan area after another being hit. schools are closed, roads are shut down, highways are treacherous. this thing having major, major impact. we have got it covered. our own cal perry took to the road between new york city and
1:31 pm
boston today, i believe. you are not on the mass pike anymore. looks like you may have made it to boston. tell us what you've been seeing. >> you're taking a look now at 95 north in downtown boston. we just went past boston university. a drive that would normally take about four hours has taken us eight hours. that gives you an idea of the road conditions and what you are seeing now pretty typical of what we saw the entire way. listen, the state's department of transportation are going to be really happy that people stayed off the roads. we have seen a few accidents, a few jack-knifed trailers but nothing too serious thankfully. schools have been canceled up and down the northeast corridor. boston schools out tomorrow. have a good snow day for the kids of boston. they are not even going to try it tomorrow. they could get 18 inches of snow here. all non-essential employees in new jersey, new york. connecticut, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont, rhode island. enjoy the day off to allow the
1:32 pm
emergency crews to get out here and get to the people in need. i am sad to say, steve, that i haven't seen the thunder snow people are talking about. i know you have al there to walk us through it. that's the talk. the talk of thunder snow up and down the northeast corridor. >> i am actually -- i can judge where you are right now, cal. i think you just drove past my old college dorm there at boston university. you have seen new york today. you have seen boston today. the cities are just pretty much shut down now, huh? >> yeah. and when you get into the center of these cities, whether it's new york or it's boston, it gets worse. and that's because the snow, obviously, piles up. snow on the roadways, and the priority is to keep the highways open, not necessarily the side roads. and for all of the obvious reasons. i keep switching back and forth here so you can look at the road. for obvious reasons. we're talking about a very fast storm. that's what makes the storm unique. eight hours of snow and potentially 18 inches. on the roadways, if you get stuck for an hour, if you're
1:33 pm
stuck behind a jack-knifed trailer for just one hour, 4 inches of snow. your car won't go anywhere. you can see the snowplows working overtime, steve. >> cal perry on the road in boston, mass. thanks for that. if it's a big weather situation, there is only one person you really want to talk to. guess what? we've got him on our show today. al roker to take us through what's happened and what happens next. >> as cal alluded to, this will be the storm known as the thunder snow storm. and nobody reacted to thundersnow like my buddy jim c cantore. february 15th, 2015. take a look. >> obviously that was not jim cantore reacting.
1:34 pm
that was shot today. but the thundersnow was -- is something that's been going up and down the east coast. and here is why. we're seeing this very intense storm system. normally, with a stnowstorm you don't get the intensity. this creates lift. you have the updrafts with low-level clouds. with a storm like this you have big updrafts, rising clouds and you get electrical charges developing in the updraft, and so that brings in the lightning. but it also ramps up the snow production. 4 inches per hour in some cases, like from albany on into parts of boston. and you can still see some flashes of lightning here. that's where we are seeing the thundersnow. as you can see, we're seeing the western edge now push through new york. that's good news. albany, 12 inches of snow. same in poughkeepsie. central park, 9 inches. long island, farmingville,
1:35 pm
almost 15 inches. boston 7, burwick 12. east providence 9.5. we're seeing shrinkage in the winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings. slowly but surely, as this pulls away, the blizzard threat is still for coastal new england. snowfall rates 1 to 3 inches per hour by 9:00 this evening, it is out of here. however, we're not done yet. we'll still have lingering blizzard conditions in maine. it will be windy. you can see now the snowfall accumulations really now very light in the new york area. where we are looking for a few more inches from boston, portland, chatham, 6 inches. with colder air coming in and gusty winds we'll be looking at blowing and drifting snow moving around. and whatever is already on the ground, steve, is going to freeze up. why? look at these overnight temperatures. air temperatures! 16 in syracuse. new york city, 21.
1:36 pm
boston, 15. look at the windchills. 9 in new york. 10. in bangor it will feel like 14 below. we'll get a warmup into the weekend. for the next 24 hours, whatever is on the ground is not going anywhere. >> they sent me over because the video didn't work. so they told me to impersonate cantore reacting to the thundersnow. they have it actually. take a look. >> oh, yes, yes, yes! we got it, baby! we got it, we got woo! oh! again! okay. that's a two-fer, baby! yes! again! that's a three -- you got to be kidding me! you've got to be kidding me! >> watch that all day. >> that's like me when i get exit polls from caucuses. >> this is fun. me being at your map. normally on "today" you are at mine. >> yours worked for you.
1:37 pm
that's the difference. al roker. thank you. appreciate that. quick break. still ahead, earlier as the president hosted a bipartisan group of senators trying to get them to support his pick for the supreme court, he also singled out one democrat, joe man qchin >> i want to start by thanking senator manchin for having the courage to vote for somebody that's really outstanding. really outstanding. as good as they've seen in a long time. >> he is one of ten democrats donald trump seems to be taking a particular interest in. who are they, and why? most important number of the day is next. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. i did... n't. hat? hey, come look what lisa made. wow. you grilled that chicken? yup! i did... n't. smartmade frozen meals. real ingredients, grilled and roasted. it's like you made it. and you did... n't. the timing i think is in march, so there is about another march until that's done. he said i hope that you all will give him an open, good look, and let politics go to the side and look at the man's credentials
1:41 pm
and qualifications. if you can find flaw between when you voted for him -- i guess it was unanimous. i wasn't here when it happened. to today. what has he done different? it was a really good interaction. >> that's joe manchin. senator, a democrat from west virginia. one of several democrats at the white house with president trump today. and the president actually singled out man qchin at the meeting because he voted to confirm jeff sessions for attorney general. that does bring us to our most important number of the day today, ten. joe manchin is actually one of ten democrats in the u.s. senate right now the trump white house is taking particular notice of. here they are. these ten democrats, all members of the senate. the trump white house is paying close attention, why? can you think of it? i'll give you three, two, one. i'll show you why. it has to do with this. in year 2018, next year, we have
1:42 pm
mid-term elections, senate races in all these states. the blue ones are states where the democrats hold the seat right now. the red ones are the states where republicans hold a seat right now. guess what. ten of these states with democratic senators running for reelection in 2018 are also states that donald trump just won in the presidential election. manchin in west virginia, that is one of them. you could also think about casey in pennsylvania. sherrod brown in ohio. donnelly in indiana. nelson in florida. baldwin in wisconsin. you have claire mccaskill in missouri. heig heitkamp in north dakota. so the white house is looking at them. you see manchin yesterday on the sessions vote. he broke with his party. he voted to confirm sessions. how about this whole issue of
1:43 pm
the supreme court? not necessarily looking for democrats here, if you are the trump white house, to vote for gorsuch, though you'd like that. how about democrats who won't filibuster him. who go with the idea of an up/down vote. look to the ten states. a little extra pressure, maybe, on some of those democratic senators there to break with their party and support the white house on something like that. the flip-side? not too many republican senators up in 2018. how many of them are from states that hillary clinton won where they maybe are on a little defense? the answer here is only one, right out there in nevada. the only republican seat in 2018 in a state that went for hillary clinton. there is the imbalance. ten democrats in trump states. one republican in a clinton state. something to keep an eye on as the gorsuch nomination plays out and really as the next two years play out in the senate. it's our most important number of the day today. it is the number ten. quick break. while some democrats in the
1:44 pm
senate are signalling a willingness to maybe work with trump for the reasons we just talked about, what about the people's house? we'll talk with one congressman at the democrats' annual retreat. that is next. with the help of the lowest taxes in decades, and world-class innovas. liken plattsburgh, where e most advanced transportation is already en route. and in corning, where the future is materializing. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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well, this is the plight of the democratic party right now. they are out of power in the house. they are out of power in the senate. and they are out of power in the white house. it's the first time they faced a situation like this in years.
1:48 pm
house democrats, though, are trying to regroup this week. they are in baltimore for their annual retreat, and it comes just as "time" magazine is posing this question on its cover. do the democrats matter? here to take us through where his party is now and where it's going over the next few years, democratic congressman from new jersey. he joins us from the democratic retreat in baltimore. thanks for taking a few minutes. let me ask you, when you see the -- >> we're try down here, steve. >> you are? a little different there weather-wise. >> when you see the "time" magazine asking if your party still matters right now, what do you think about that? >> well, i go back to when clinton was the president in the second term when newt gingrich said we were irrelevant. you saw what happened. we had three years of congressman/speaker gingrich going down the road making deals
1:49 pm
with president clinton, first time we've had balanced budgets. we're not irrelevant. no one is irrelevant regardless of which side of the park they're on. by the way, we're not retreating, we're here to talk serious business. we don't retreat. >> i'm curious. what is the mood and the conversation like there? is part of the conversation still trying to figure out what happened in the election? >> we did talk about that, in all honesty, steve. what we're concerned about, where we are going forward. congresswoman tim ryan from ohio, close friend, gave the example this morning. remember wayne gretzky always said, don't follow the puck, i want to know where the puck is going. so we've got to be there. we have to look at this the smart way rather than just a visceral way. i can assure you, in all the areas that are on the table, whether it be health care, whether it be tax reform, whether it be trade, jobs is at
1:50 pm
the center of what we're talking about, and we're going to address that and we're going to have some -- we discussed many ideas in just two days and we'll be here again tomorrow. >> you have probably seen this, a new poll out this week, it's just a poll of democratic voters. it asks them about the strategy they would like to see their party take in congress. it caught my attention. 34% of democrats said they were hoping their leaders in congress would find ways to work with the president and with republicans. but look at that. 56% say they don't want that, even if it means blocking legislation or blocking nominees. does a poll result like that affect your strategy, hearing your base say something like that? >> yeah, steve. it's familiar discussions regardless of whether you're in the 53%, 44%, wherever. where we can cooperate, i can assure you we will do that. we're here for the american
1:51 pm
people, not the democratic party. that's the tool we're use to go try to get things done. we've got to hold this president accountable, in every sense of the word. the word "accountability" is critical. very important for us right now since quote-unquote we're so irrelevant. that is, you have to mean what you say. you made promises during the campaign. what are you going to deliver, how are you going to deliver it and who is going to benefit from this, if not the whole common good of the united states of america. so we want to cooperate in the areas that we can. i have asked the president, as many americans have asked the president, to show his tax returns. i sent a letter to kevin brady. chairman of the ways and means committee. good friend from texas. we have to talk about what we need to talk about. that is, we have a clause within the irs that says the ways and means committee could ask for that. we need to see people's tax returns. i have to do it. the physician of the congress has to do it. everybody has to do it. why not the president of the united states.
1:52 pm
when we start there in terms of the accountability. >> all right. >> the president will find cooperation if he is made -- if he is accountable to the american people and the congress of the united states. that's where it starts. >> all right. congressman bill pascrell from new jersey joining us from the retreat in baltimore. thanks for taking a few minutes. appreciate it. big day for the stock market today. deirdre bosa is here with the market wrap. >> that's right, steve. some traders already calling it the resumption of the trump trade. markets finished at new record highs today. the dow industrials finished higher by 116. s&p climbing 13 and nasdaq popping 33 points. record close for stocks on the back of president trump's comments today promising a big-league tax announcement in just a few weeks. one stock, however, that sat out the rally was twitter on the back of disappointing earnings
1:53 pm
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we have a crime problem. i wish the blip -- i wish the rise that we are seeing in crime in america today were some sort of aberration or a blip. my best judgment, having been involved in criminal law enforcement for many years, is that this is a dangerous, permanent trend. >> the dangerous permanent trend. that's jeff sessions, the new attorney general of the united states, being sworn in and then making a statement earlier today. this is something that donald trump has been talking about a
1:57 pm
lot, the idea that there is a massive surge in crime going on in the country. trump has gotten in trouble for making statistical claims that are not true. we want to take you through it quickly. donald trump has talked about the rate, the murder rate, the central claim here is that the murder rate is rising at a faster level than in 50 years. let's show you where the claim comes from. between 2014 and 2015 the murder rate in this country did jump by 10.8%. we don't yet know what the number will be from 2015 to 2016. preliminarily looks like about 5%. now, this 10.8% is actually one of the largest increases, in fact the largest single-year increase we have seen in nearly half a century. that is true. however, worth keeping in mind, this is what the overall trend looks like over the past half-century. what you see is, look, it spiked in the late '60s. that's the last time you saw a year over year increase. then it remains steady.
1:58 pm
very high murder rate through the '70s, '80s, in the '90s. then it declines. drops, it drops, it drops. comes all the way down here. what you see right now, the spike that donald trump is talking about, that's what it looks like in comparison to the last 50 years. you have sessions saying, hey, it's not a blip. it's here to stay. you can't look at this and certainly say that for sure. one other thing worth noting, where is the increase coming from? it's coming from a few cities in particular. chicago, the one that gets the most attention. look at this. the number of murders the last few years. it's climbed to well over 700. chicago, by the way, that is where we find tammy leitner, there ahead of chris hayes' special town hall event. set the scene there in chicago, would you. >> hey, steve. as you know the violence has been building in chicago for decades. there is no easy fix. that's why residents and activists here are saying that sending in the feds is not going to solve this problem. we went to one chicago
1:59 pm
neighborhood that was dubbed the most dangerous neighborhood with the most dangerous block. 15 shootings in just the last year. we spoke with one resident. valerie williams. she has lived there her entire life. listen to how she describes living in that neighborhood. >> they die on the front porch. they die on the corner. they die right in the middle of the street. >> you have seen all of that? >> all of that. >> that's not the way you should live. we're not in some war-torn place. i am here in my home here in chicago. >> in that neighborhood drugs are sold out in the open. rival gangs respect nobody, and violence really has become the universal language. steve. >> all right, tammy leitner in chicago. thanks for that. remember, do not miss it tonight. a few hours from now. chris hayes' special town hall event, talking about officials and residents about what is sparking the rise in violence.
2:00 pm
also, what president trump is trying to do about it. this is "chicago in the crosshairs." that airs tonight 8:00 eastern live on msnbc. you are not going to want to miss it. that will do it for this hour here in new york. i am steve kornacki. "mtp daily" starts right now. it's thursday. is it midnight in america? tonight damage control. a white house on constant offense to scare voters and shut down its critics. >> what you should do is ask senator blumenthal about his vietnam record that didn't exist after years of saying it did. ask him about his vietnam record. >> is this really the new normal for this new white house? what's left? should the democrats listen to their base and try to stop the gop at every turn? and trump adviser kellyanne conway criticizing after promoting ivanka trump's fashion line. >> go buy ivanka's stuff is what i


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