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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 10, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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course of the evening. but we'll post in at our blog. if you haven't seen it yet. we'll see you again tomorrow. now it's time for "the last "first look" is up next. look, he has said he'll see us in court. we just saw him in court. he lost. >> a federal appears court refuses to reinstate donald trump's travel ban. this morning we could be heading for a supreme court showdown. and a divided senate has voted to confirm tom price as the new secretary of health and human services. and this morning the northeast is digging out after being hit by a powerful winter storm. some areas were blanketed with more than a foot of snow. good morning, everyone. it is firiday, february 10th. i'm alex witt alongside louis
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burgdorf. a federal court banned the president's order to ban seven countries from entering the u.s. one of the plaintiffs challenged the ban on msnbc last night. >> the president lost on numerous ways for lack of evidence. he did not president evidence this was a security threat to the united states. it could be remedied by this effort. he did not present evidence that this did not discriminate against the muslim faith. it was clear from the evidence that was presented that this does discriminate. it sends muslims to the back of the bus. >> now the president of the united states responded shortly after the decision writing in all capital letters on twitter, see you in court, the security of our nation is at stake! and he had this to say to msnbc news moments later.
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>> so you want to appeal -- take this to the supreme court? >> we'll see them in court. it's a political decision and we're going to see them in court and i look forward to doing it. >> so you believe the judges made a political decision? >> we have a situation where the security of our country is at stake. and it's a very serious situation. so we look forward, as i just said, to seeing them in court. >> sir, do you think this has undercut the early days of your presidency? this is such a core issue. >> no, this is just a decision that came down, but we're going to win the case. >> and the president said he plans to select a solicitor general who would argue the case of the supreme court by some time next week. let's break all this down now with law professor at george washington university, jonathan turley. jonathan, good to have you with us via skype. breakdown this decision, the court sided with this ruling
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except for one measure. >> the court acknowledged that it has a very limited record before it. that's the nature of this type of action. it was an appeal from a tro or temporary restraining order, and the court said it didn't have enough of a basis to reverse effectively what the lower court did. i think there was a criticism in some extent of the department of justice in how they handled the case. repeatedly the court said, look, you didn't give us anything to support these allegations. and what you gave us were questionable as to whether the means you suggested means. so it obviously was a great victory for the challengers, but people need to make sure they don't get ahead of their skis on this. this is not a ruling on the full record. it is not a ruling on the merits. the administration could still prevail in this case. >> and a lot of questions now in
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terms of president trump saying we'll see in court, a reference this will ultimately reach to the supreme court. two questions for you, how soon can they take up that matter? and when it reaches, and if it reaches the supreme court, will that court have to decide on the merits or could they also take a narrow position as we just saw in the ninth circuit court? >> no, that's the correct question to ask. they would be in the same position. they would be looking at this in a rather precurious, proceed yuproceedural way. this is a tro given to these. they could ask to have nine or ten circuit judges look at what this panel did, but given the makeup of the ninth circuit, that's not likely to change the outcome. so that leaves only two options. one, they could go back down to judge robart and say, look, we
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want to litigate this issue. that could take a couple months. or they go to the supreme court, and say, even though you have eight members, we would like you to look at what they just did. >> all right, it's safe to say this is far from over. jonathan turley, great to hear your perspective this morning. much of the northeast is covered in snow from a powerful snow and one man died in an accident while shoving here in new york city. the snowfall rates were extreme at times ranging from one to four inches per hour in some areas. up to 14 inches of snow fell across the new york area and parts of new england that saw as much as 18 inches. though the snow has stopped, the travel conditions remain treacherous with hundreds of canceled or delayed flights nationwide today. joining us with more, msnbc's cal perry is joining us from boston this morning. cal, a chilly morning, good morning to you. did they get a foot of snow
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there? can you confirm that? >> reporter: yes, a foot here. nine inches in central park. it was the speed at which the snow fell that was a big issue. i drove from new york to boston, it was fairly miserable. and again, it was people getting stuck behind jackknifed trailers. we would get stuck for an hour, you would get out of your car and be five more inches of snow on top ground. that's why many got stranded on i-95 running from new york to boston. now today it's about getting the airports back up and running. here in boston the t-train, the subway system here, was a mess in 2015 for winter storms, it's running perfectly. school will be out, so parents are unhappy about that, but it's about getting the airports up and running. it's about getting back to business for boston and finding tom brady's jersey. >> yes, there's that. the roads look pretty good behind you, have you seen evidence of snowplows out doing their thing this morning? >> reporter: everything is
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plowed. the department of transportation wanted to get out there because they knew how fast the storm was going to move. everything in downtown boston is plowed and open. i'm surprised, we are surprised the public schools were canceled. they were canceled very early yesterday and probably could have gotten it done. >> maybe for planning purposes. thank you very much. top trump adviser kellyanne conway went on news outlets yesterday asking people to buy ivanka trump's clothing line. peter alexander has more on this. >> reporter: ayman, good morning to you. kellyanne conway is here at the white house after criticism was sparked by congress. jason chaffetz called conway's comments wrong and out of bounds. it was not just a high-profile plug for ivanka trump's clothing line, but it violated a ethics
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law. it bars public employees for using private office from endorsing any product. here's what conway told fox news on thursday. >> i do find it ironic you have some executives all over the internet bragging about what they have done to her and her line, and yet they are using the most prominent woman in donald trump's -- most prominent -- his daughter, and they are using her, who has been a champion for women in power and women in the workplace to get to him. go buy ivanka's stuff is what i would say. i hate shopping, i'm going to get some myself today. it's a wonderful line, i own some of it. i will give a free commercial here, go buy it today, everybody. go buy it online. >> for ethics experts, it raised red flags especially after 24 hours donald trump attacked nordstrom saying it would no longer carry his daughter's products. the company says it was not political, based solely on poor
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sales. the company's website crashed and the press secretary sean spicer says a source familiar with the discussion told the white house legal team spoke to kellyanne conway where the line is. she knew pretty much immediately she may have crossed it. so this morning experts tell me federal employees who violate ethics laws could face additional training to firing. but enforcement falls to the white house. and aides tell me president trump still fully supports his counselor, kellyanne conway. >> thank you very much for that, peter alexander. the battle back and forth between the white house and senator mccain over the deadly raid continues in a series of tweets. the president wrote in part, senator mccain should not be talking about the success or failure of a mission to the media. he's been bold and doesn't know how to win anymore. our hero ryan died on a mission, not a failure.
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for his part mccain is taking the high ground. senator mccain will continue to execute his oversight duties as chairman of the armed services committee and support the brave men and women serving our nation in uniform. and some senate republicans are also speaking out in favor of mccain. >> john mccain is a hero. and a united states senator who speaks his mind and somebody we all listen to, particularly when it comes to national security matters. >> i don't agree with that assessment by the president. my recollection was john mccain was commenting about the military effort as the operation didn't ultimately achieve the military objective. i don't think that in any way diminishes the bravery, the courage or quite frankly takes away from the tragic loss of life we saw in regards to that operation. >> meanwhile, vice president mike pence addressed the situation while visiting west pointe without mentioning senator mccain or the direct
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mission. >> we will never call your sacrifice a failure. and donald trump's wall will reportedly be much higher then a he suggested so far. according to reuters, the project could cost $21.6 billion and take more than three years to build. that's based on an internal report from the department of homeland security commissioned by secretary john kelly and seen by the news agency. president trump, house speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell all previously suggested that the cost would be anywhere between $12 and $15 billion. reuters says, though, that a homeland security spokesman would not confirm that report. and this morning multiple news outlets report that national security adviser michael flynn discussed sanctions with russia with the
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country's ambassador. the report sources nine current and former officials say the talks came weeks before the election and continued through the transition. and as "the new york times" reports, the suggestion of sanctions could end under the new administration was unambiguous and highly inappropriate if not a potential violation of the logan act. the post reports on wednesday flynn said flatly no twice when asked whether he had done so. but yesterday a spokesperson following up with the paper saying flynn, quote, indicated he had no recollection of discussing sanctions, but he couldn't be certain that the topic never came up. some officials have characterized the conversation as part of a broader dialogue on how the two administrations could work together, including on isis. and as the president pledges to take the travel ban to a higher court, his nominee to join the supreme court judge court neil gorsuch is unlikely to get confirmed before the case gets there. as the white house fought back, they told senators like richard
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blumenthal, he was disheartened by the president's criticism of judges. >> the way that senator blumenthal characterized him, he was talking about the tweets and saying he was disheartened. that's not what the judge said. the judge was very clear that he was not commenting on any specific matter, right? and then he was asked about his general philosophy. so you can't then take that, equate it back to the specific. he literally went out of his way to say i'm not commenting on a specific instance. >> judge gorsuch in our conversation was talking about donald trump's attacks on the judiciary. it's a remark that has been made to at least three of my colleagues in other meetings. so for this to be a factual question is pretty bizarre. >> a spokesman for minority leader chuck schumer said judge gorsuch has not indicated the
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independent checks on this administration. and meteorologist bill karins is coming up with the forecast. and president trump is looking to modernize airports across the country. we'll explain what happened in his meeting with airline executives. those stories and much more are coming up next. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. let's get a check on your weather now with meteorologist bill karins. the storm moved quickly but about ten inches was on the ground? >> yes, the system moved really quickly. let's recap here, central park was initially at 9.4. the long island was at 15.
2:18 am
poughkeepsie at a foot. albany close to a foot as well. the highest totals were right where we expected it to. east hartford, 19 inches. providence and boston, 11. closer to the water it was very windy. and this is where things were really howling. and we did it yesterday and will do it again on monday, folks. monday could be a little worse and maybe more damaging. so let's first recap what happened. so we saw the nor'easter exit. so that was good. it's very cold behind it. so you know the lake-effect snow is going to start. so anywhere near lake ontario and erie there's been multiple snow bands. there's one impressive band producing snowfall rates of two to three inches per hour between rochester and the new york state freeway, you have to drive through that. that won't be fun. talk about not fun, remember two days ago in d.c. when it was 70 degrees? windchill is now 13 degrees in d.c. you missed the know warm but it
2:19 am
is freezing. kind of what you would expect on the tail end of a big storm. now we have another clipper storm coming late tonight into tomorrow. this is only going to put down an inch or two. but when you wake up saturday morning, you have to brush the car off and do minor struggling of new hampshire and maine and massachusetts. it's only one to three inches. the warmth in the middle of the country is ridiculous. we are 70 from san antonio to dallas. saturday, 85 in oklahoma city. that's like a sunburn at 85 degrees. and as far as sunday goes, that's when we watch the rain coming up here. unfortunately, rain for new york. but once we get to sunday night in new england this storm is going to bomb off the coast. and we are looking at a major possible nor'easter, not really a nor'easter so much because it won't move up through the northeast, but it's going to redevelop in the gulf of maine here. we're talking blizzard, guys, maine, new hampshire and massachusetts. that's monday morning. so they don't have school today. they didn't have school yesterday in boston. and likely on monday they won't
2:20 am
have school either. >> well, you were spot on with this one. so i'm going to take your word for it. thank you, bill. president trump is keeping out his outreach to the business this time meeting with airline executives yesterday. he promised to roll back regulations, reduce their taxes and work to rebuild the nation's airports. >> some of you were saying yesterday to me that you go to china, you go to japan to have fast trains all over the place. we don't have one. i don't want to compete with your business, but we don't have one. and it's the same thing with our airports. our airports used to be the best. now they are at the bottom of the list. >> airline executives also urged the president to reform the federal aviation administration, the faa, by removing air traffic control operations from then to a nonprofit cooperation. the president did not commit to that but is looking for ways to modernize the agency.
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2:24 am
deal. that after reports from "for earlier in the day that the marlins had a $1.6 billion handshake agreement to sell the team. the figure reportedly deemed to high by the new york real estate family. any potential deal would have to be approved by major league baseball. and the potential deal raises questions about what kind of relationship president trump would have with the marlins including whether it would prompt fans or sponsors to boycott. just as six new england patriots say they will not visit the white house if they celebrate their victory over the atlanta falcons. defensive talent allen branch and chris long added their names to the list yesterday joining martellus bennett who stated he will not go. all but mccourty are due to become free agents by that time. and the tenth ranked ucla with a rough start hosting number five oregon last night
2:25 am
falling behind 19 points in the first half before mounting a comeback in the second. the bruins took their first lead on the game on an aaron holiday three-pointer with 4:00 left to play. alonzo ball helped the team tremendously against the ducks. the team fared well but a scary moment for the cheerleaders when a member of the squad falls from the top of the pyramid crashing hard to the fall. to make matters worse, the ace assistant carrying her off trips on his way to the tunnel falls with her in his arms. reportedly, she was able to stand and walk around under her own power, alex. but that is a scary situation, especially when you have a daughter who used to do that. >> i never let her do that. she's a dancer and dances with an all girls club, but those pyramid things, huh-uh. that is scary. >> we hope she's okay. >> we sure do. still ahead for all of you,
2:26 am
mark halperin is going to discuss with us the supreme court showdown over donald trump's travel ban. plus, could kellyanne conway be in trouble after touting ivanka trump's fashion line? we'll have that next. tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations! two of my girls are toms. i work for ally, finances are my thing. you know, i'm gonna go give birth real quick and then we'll talk, ok? nice baby. let's go. here comes tom #5! nothing, stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. whoo! look out. dude. your crunching's scaring the fish. ally. do it right. dude. they're just jealous. new kellogg's raisin bran crunch with crunchy clusters and the taste of apples and strawberries. (excited) i got one! (jokingly) guess we're having cereal for dinner. new kellogg's raisin bran crunch apple strawberry
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welcome back. i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf and ayman mohyeldin.
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the winter storm dumped as much as four inches of snow per hour. more than 4,000 flights were canceled yesterday. 300 already have been scrapped for today. we'll bring you a live report from boston that is bracing for more snow today. and tom price is expected to become the next health and human services secretary. the vote was along the lines of 52-47. this was aroved by the senate finance committee earlier this month despite a boycott who raised ethics questions about the congressman's stock trades about legislation he introduced. and working from the white house last night, the president agreed to uphold beijing's one china policy. he made the phone call to china's president last night. donald trump accepted a congratulatory phone call from taiwan's after his inauguration
2:31 am
if you remember. and pete williams has more on the federal court's ruling of the travel ban. >> reporter: alex, the three judges ruled that the executive order violates the constitutional rights of people who got visas and came here and now want to travel and come back. it's a victory for the states of washington and minnesota, a rush to court claiming that it harms their residents, stranding foreign college students and faculty who need to travel, splitting up families and harming those who work for high-tech companies. the court said the president's order failed to give those people even the bearist advanced notice. the government's claim is that the president has absolute authorities over the borders that can't be second-guessed by judges. the court said there's no precedent to support that. in response, the justice department says only it is reviewing its options, but the government is now certain to go to the supreme court to get this turned around hoping to once
2:32 am
again begin enforcing the travel restrictions. it could file that as early as today. >> pete williams, thank you for that. joining us now, author of qu "game change" is mark halperin. they are saying to see you in court, how likely is this going to the supreme court? he's talking about the solicitor general and getting him in on everything, it could be a while. >> well, the question is, now the white house has the ability to get to the supreme court to change the status quo. nobody can say exactly what the supreme court will do, but i suspect the chances are more likely than not if they go to the supreme court, the supreme court will not overturn the temporary restraining order and the president will be left in the position he's in now, which is suffering every day the political impact of a legal defeat. >>hen we talked about the split court, now it stands at 4-4, does this incentivize the democrats to slow down the
2:33 am
process for judge gorsuch to keep this in limbo? >> i think it provides added incentive to slow it down, as if they needed incentive. and it gives them incentive to keep the pressure on him about his independence. i think they can keep pushing him on these attacks that president trump made on the judiciary and keep pressing for statements from him, which as we saw yesterday, can then attract more statements from the president saying, oh, his comments were misrepresented and that sort of thing. >> so mark, the question is, it was unanimous, all three of them, one judge on that federal appeals court appointed by george w. bush. this is clearly not necessarily a political decision as the white house is claiming. >> well, it's a decision that is controversial for people who think the president has the unfettered power in the area to serve over the united states. you never know why judges open
2:34 am
the way they do. part of this is the sloppiness of the executive order being drafted. if the president is concerned about security and wants to solve the problem, the best thing to do would be not to fight it out of court on the current executive order but to redraft it. that would be a very un-like donald trump thing to do, acknowledge that the first draft was not adapted correctly. if they want to fight on these grounds they could lose republican votes. and they could lose republican votes in the supreme court because they are currently defending an order draft in a way that there's enough am bi y ambiguity that the judge says they need to clean this up. >> are you hearing from republicans that they would rather not see this fought out in court, to have a reset button and to bring the legislation through congress to address immigration in a larger policy discussion? >> well, i think we're unlikely to see congress jump in on this immigration ban. and i think like mark said, we
2:35 am
are unlikely to see the white house revisit this issue because that just doesn't seem to be donald trump's style. the court took issue with the way they readjusted the ban not applying it to green card holders saying, like, the white house council doesn't speak for the president. whereas tump courump could have that clear and decided to go through the white house council instead. the court says that does not hold muster. >> great to have you here this morning. the congress is looking into whether an adviser to the president violated ethics laws 20 days intohe administration. kellyanne conway caused a discussion yesterday as she said that nordstrom decided to carry ivanka trump's clothing line. conway made this plea on fox news.
2:36 am
>> go buy ivanka's stuff. i'm going to get some myself today. it's a wonderful line, i own some of it. i'm going to give a free commercial here, go buy it today, everybody. go buy it online. >> immediately conway was accused of running afoul of the law of using public office for private gain, which prohibits the employee from making the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise on behalf of others or nonprofit groups. the website for the office of government ethics crashed in the following hours. now the top republican and democrat on the house oversight committee in a rare moment of agreement between them asked the office to review conway's statements and act promptly with recommendation for disciplinary action. but this went to the executive branch that said conway had been counseled. she commented on this and the letter from congress. >> how were you counseled? >> i'm not finding to comment on that. >> they say they consider that to be a very serious, potentially serious violation of the government ethics code. >> well, we' aware of that
2:37 am
letter. and we're reviing that internally. i'justeally happy i spent an awful lot of time with the president of the united states this afternoon and that he supports me 100%. we spoke about these matters and he supports me 100%. it was a heartening moment. all i can say to america's women is, at some point you should have a boss treat you the way the president treated me today. >> the disciplinary has to come from inside the white house we are told. and answers from officials are coming out of what took place. earlier in the day immigration and custom officials conducted raids across three counties. we are told about 100 people have been taken into custody, but i.c.e. says these were not
2:38 am
part of president trump's plan to take down illegal citizens. meanwhile in arizona, more protests over the undocumented woman at the center of the immigration battle there. after 21 years in this country, the mother of two was arrested earlier this week and deported to mexico. leaving her separated from her children. msnbc's gadi schwartz has more. >> reporter: emotions erupting in front of a phoenix i.c.e. office. protesters trying to stop a van carrying 36-year-old guadeloupe garcia delayos being deported to mexico. this man wedged himself inside the wheel well. next to her window, her two american-born children struggling to stay strong for their mother. her family says seven years ago she made up a social security number on a job application so
2:39 am
she can work. she was charged with a felony and detained for six months before being released and told to check in with i.c.e. regularly, which she did. on wednesday's check-in she was taken into custody. i.c.e. saying it's the result of a 2013 deportation order and they would continue to focusn identifying and removing individuals with felony convictions. the family believes it's the result of president trump's executive order. phoenix mayor greg stanton calling this a travesty saying, i.c.e. is spending its energy deporting a woman with two american children who poses a threat to nobody. the family is speaking out. >> i'm going to keep on fighting for my mom and for the other families. >> reporter: behind them, mothers with children. these women told us they are scared, too. but had to stand together. >> our thanks to gadi schwartz for those reports. amid the protests in arizona, john kelly visited the state yesterday to tour the u.s./mexico border. secretary kelly met with local
2:40 am
officials to discuss what border groups need from the federal government. now back to the weather after getting hit with a massive winter storm. there could be more snow on the way for the boston area. joining us from boston is msnbc's cal perry. cal, it's looking pretty chilly there this morning. >> reporter: yeah, you know, the opposite of what we saw a day before this storm when it was balmny in the northeast. 50 degrees in boston. 60 in new york. the single-digit temperatures today, no snow will go anywhere. schools out across boston today. the good news is the public transportation is running just fine. in 2015, the subway line here turned into a political dust-up. but this year everything is on track. the trains are running and a few flights delayed. a about 2,000 delayed. 500 still canceled. but everything is on the upswing. it will be interesting tomorrow, another snowstorm and another one on sunday. so people here in it for the long haul. >> msnbc's intrepid cal perry
2:41 am
braving the cold. thank you so much. up next, we'll bring in bill karins who is already talking about a another potential blizzard. just when you thought you were getting through one. plus, rosie o'donnell playing stave bannon on "saturday night live." >> we have the stunning photo to prove all of this for you. we'll set the stage for the president's meeting today with the prime minister of japan. and developing news overnight from mexico as the officials launch a high-powered drug raid on thecartels. we'll get a live report on that. ♪(music plays)
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2:45 am
this way? this is a new england special, anywhere from new york city southward. you won't know there's a storm. it's literally going to be the new england area that will be the problem. again, we're getting rid of the one we just dealt with. there's a minor snow coming down to the northern great lakes and this will spread light snow into areas of upstate new york and new england going thereupon tonight and saturday. but that is not the bigger storm possible sunday night into monday. heading out the door this morning, the windchill is negative 6 in birmingham. pittsburgh is at 1. columbus is at 19. very cold air behind the nor'easter. we have numerous spot that is will see an absolutely beautiful upcoming weekend this week. the midatlantic through the middle of the country. here's the snow forecasting the lake-effect snow as you see here coming off lake erie. and then lake ontario. we are going to watch enhancement through the mountains with the snowstorm later tonight. this is only one, two, three inches. this is nuisance-type stuff. then look at today in denver, 72 degrees. minneapolis at 44 degrees this
2:46 am
time of the year. and it's unheard of usually. their average high is 30 degrees. so that is very warm for the northern plains. st. louis at 62. saturday at 68 degrees. so it's literally the suffering mostly in new england. and the northern great lake, everybody else is dealing with a beautiful spring-like weekend out there. even the west coast dries out after torrential rains from the past three to four weeks. as far as we go, sunday again, rain in new york city. boston maybe a mix. and then the storm will really intensify early monday morning. this is at rush hour monday morning at 8:00.m. big huge storm, very high winds along the coast. that is my biggest earlier concern with winds of 50 to 70 miles per hour in the boston and cape cod area. then we deal with the possibility of power outages and coastal flooding. so that is the stuff we'll watch this weekend. >> new england has to hunker down for monday lechl. shinzo abe will meet with the president at the white house today to discuss policy issues.
2:47 am
carolin roth says he's looking to seek a meeting with the president. what else can we learn from the meeting today? >> the talks will focus on trade. and donald trump, the president of the u.s., he's lashed out against japan for what he calls artificially low currency. and also he's criticized japan's trade surplus with the u.s., especially when it comes to auto parts. now, shinzo abe, the japanese prime minister, probably wants to smooth things over. according to "the wall street journal," he's going to announce something called the u.s. japan growth employment initiative. this is designed to create 700,000 jobs in the u.s. and create opportunities worth $450 billion over the next ten years. they will also have time to play golf. now, in other news in a ruling that could end up effective many obamacare insurers and billions of dollars, the judge yesterday ordered the federal government to pay oregon-based moto health
2:48 am
more than $200 million that the insurer says it will short-change. this is about getting the so-called risk order payments that the insurer counted on receiving but never received and many obamacare insurists have gone bankrupt because of that obamacare program. >> let's talk about twitter for a second. they've got new numbers out despite all the buzz surrounding the app. they are still struggling with the earnings. what can you tell us about that? >> look, the stock took a dive yesterday in the trading session down 12%. this is after twitter posted the slowest revenue growth since it went public four years ago. and also cut its earnings outlook for the next quarter in half. and that is despite the fact that under donald trump it has such high visibility. so it can't really capitalize on that just yet. >> all right, carolin roth, thank you so much. we have one more story we can't resist telling you about,
2:49 am
mcdonald's is looking to expand the menu with a touch of sophistication. the franchise is currently testing a new snow crab sandwich that is currently being served at four restaurants in the san francisco bay area. that is right. if all goes well, the sandwich which also includes celery, mayo and romaine lettuce on a sourdough bun could be available in more stores this year. >> how do you feel about that one? >> well, you know, who doesn't like snow crab. just days after fans urged rosie o'donnell to play steve bannon on "saturday night live," the actress and tv host replied in kind saying, if she were called, she would be ready. o'donnell changed her twitter profile picture of herself dressed as the president's chief strategist. that's probably not too bad, right? "snl" is back with alec baldwin hosting for a record 17th time this week. we expect to see more trump impersonations. the question everyone wants to know, will o'donnell make the
2:50 am
bannon debut? still ahead, more on one of the top stories this beijing for a read-out of president trump's call with the leader of china where he among other things pledged to honor the one china policy. we're back in a moment. after brushing, listerine® total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. ♪
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welcome back. at 52 past, we are following developing news from mexico where the leader of the drug cartel was killed in a high-powered air raid last
2:53 am
night. mariana atencio is joining us from mexico by phone. i understand he once partnered with el chapo. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is a drug raid that operates on a federal level. this was an allied cartel led by joaquin "el chapo" guzman. this leader was killed with a missile shot from a helicopter in mexico. the video is impressive. given the mexico government not being able to take care of the bad hombres, this shows that they are starting to deal with the drug cartels here in mexico.
2:54 am
i spoke to the head of the cia here, and he said the administration has been complacent on the security and fighting the cartel. there's a stark contrast with the prior mexican administration, the calderone administration, that really fought the cartel head-on, even if that meant an incredible loss of life here in mexico. so remember, that trump sonar with pena a week and a half ago said you have pretty tough hombres there. you have not done a good job knocking them out, that's what president trump said. that may have had something to do with this andpena is under a lot of pressure. >> that's extraordinary video. thank you so much from mexico city. and turning to china turning a call with president xi it is jinping, the united states said it will honor the one china policy which is from aides are saying should be on the negotiating table.
2:55 am
janice ferrera is here with more on this. >> reporter: this is building from china's perspective and they say the call had to happen. there are a few issues sensitive to beijing than taiwan. it was xi jinping's request that trump honor the one china policy to recognize the sovereignty over taiwan. and it was already standing in the way of what were more real issues like trade, the south china sea and north korea. there's the sense that donald trump recognized or was told to recognize the risks of not doing so were simply too high. there were several steps that were taken ahead of this, not including the letter that was sent yesterday as well as the visit by ivanka trump to the chinese embassy in washington a short time ago. but really the bottom line here is that this was a major
2:56 am
concession by president trump in order to break the deadlock. >> one of the most important relationships on the national stage. janice, thank you for that. still ahead, a look at the stories happening in the day ahead. and coming up on "morning joe," we'll talk about the ninth circuit court ruling on the president's travel ban. alan dershowitz will join us. and we'll speak to jamie harrison, who is the south carolina party chair. "morning joe" is just moments away.
2:57 am
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all right, before we toss it over to "morning joe" here's a check on the stories we'll look at in the day ahead. many are due in a chicago courtroom after the suspects videotaped a beating and posted it online. and the homeland security john kelly continues his tour of the u.s./mexican border. kelly will visit the port of entry in san ysidro in
3:00 am
california. this after a stop in arizona yesterday. that's a wrap for us. i'm alex witt alongside ayman a alternative to the "facts of life" kellyanne conway would on the show fox this morning. not only did she complain about nordstrom dropping yvonivanka trump's clothing line but used her position to give ivanka a rare and illegal product plug. >> people can see by that. go ivanka's stuff is what'm going to tell you. i hate shopping and get some of it myself today. i own some of it and give a free commercial here. go try it and everybody buy it online. >> she is going to have a post-white house career on qvc or the home shopping channel. >> that would be happening now, i think. run-away


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