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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  February 10, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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around the world. i'm not sure there was whistling at the events. this weeks did not sway the vote which set them on track to set the brexit process as early as next month. we'll be back monday with more "mtp daily." for the record with greta starts right now. breaking news tonight "for the record" another new controversy dogging the white house. and his links to russia what did he tell vice president mike pence and was it truthful. tonight they calling for investigation into trump white house. what happens now? the president on air force one, we'll win on the travel ban. meanwhile back in washington we have a report that rewrite of the travel ban is in the work.
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is trump scrapping up the old one. sticker shock, if you think $12 billion is a lot and it is, get ready new estimate stay border wall could be twice that. how twum going to get mexico to pay for that. where do we find the money. now to breaking news, growing questions on what security visor said on phone call to russian ambassador. flynn discussed hacking haqs sanctions been trump took office. flynn and the trump team deny that they talked about sanctions. >> they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel
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diplomats or impose sanctions against russia. i can confirm those conversation that occurred around the time that the united states took action to expel diplomats had nothing to do with the sanction. >> that leaves open the possibility of conversations about the sanctions? >> i don't believe there were conversations. >> today something different. flynn said he cannot recall if sanctions were discussed. we learn from nbc officials that -- air force one president trump made unexpected vice president and he was asked about this "washington post" report on general flynn. he said he was not aware of quote. he sate i have not seen it. i have to look into that. he joins us from white
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house. ken. >> i think it's clear to the viewers that mike flynn has a political problem. the question i have been looking into is does he have a legal problem. i a lot of experts you talk to will say it's not inappropriate if flynn discussed sanctions on russia with the bush administration ambassador. it would not be problemic if he explained that the trump administration would take a look at it. did he tell the truth about it and b did -- to go easy on the russians that were put on them after hacking or interfering into elections. -- it's unclear just discussing sanctions are illegal
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or inappropriate. this is what they said on our air earlier. >> did the national security visor talk about sanctions with ambassador. i may be against the grain, i think it is okay for an incoming national security visor to talk with another countries's ambassador to signal the new team is going to go into a different direction. i don't think that's problematic as people are saying. >> joining me is -- mike, first to you. i should add that jeremy makes a good point. >> the story keeps changing,
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bob's colleagues talk to national security adviser on wednesday. then yesterday the conversation said he doesn't recall, you never want to be saying that. the story posted 20 hours ago. once you get the president a subscription to "the washington post." >> you may have done something that's okay but it's almost like what happens afterwards. did mike flynn tell something false to the vice president. jeremy bash says it's not inproper. >> -- saying he has not reviewed the report. this is a about the who every
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morning has a print out about his administration that he goes through careful, this is a president who early in the morning or late at night is watching every cable program problem, he is thinking through the issue. >> he did have a busy day with the japanese prime minister. maybe they is one he missed fran ches ka. >> earlier this evening, the white house said flynn roll would not change. also two separate officials in the trump administration have said the fact that he does not recall having said this but can't be 100% sure. how could the white house be fighting this is the president
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say i have not heard about it at all. >> she is right that nothing happens to mike flynn but can you imagine the tough conversations that are going to occur. it didn't what aides are saying on the tape you play, how do you forget a conversation about sanctions. it's not something you throw out in a scripted conversation. >> is there a transcript of the call? >> supposedly there's one that exists. >> which is another bad thing. >> it shows that the intelligence community are keeping a close out on others they see this is not just about flynn this is about pence who went out there in public and said that if he got that information from the national security and it wasn't the best
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information that puts pence in a vulnerable position, and he doesn't want to be there politically. >> another leak, another effort by intelligence officials, u.s. officials to make the administration look bad. we have the cascade of leaks about presidential call, once against someone out to get this administration. >> yesterday there was conversation about kellyanne conway, everyone thought her head was on the chopping block after she said she was on air to say buy ivanka brand now it's something new. >> it this is a point -- that was days ago. >> hang on to your seat we'll
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get back to that one. >> so much is happening with the supreme court and the executive orders that he is signing. these are moving quickly in this administration and sometimes it can help but bad news moves on quickly that may be happening. >> this is all part of the plan. >> to what extent do you think president trump is disturbed by all of this? >> he basis a lot on -- you saw kellyanne conway, she said she was 100% in -- >> she said that's what spicer said he said she was counselled what does that mean is this. >> there was a meeting that took place. >> we have new video of president trump -- this is on air force one.
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let's listen. >> what. >> tell me what you said at the press conference. >> sure. >> you talked you were going to win the court battle against travel ban. >> it takes time. we'll win the battle and we have other options including filing a brand-new order on monday. we need speed for reasons of security. so it could very well be we do that. >> what are the changes -- >> in honor of the decision we will perhaps do that. we'll see. monday or tuesday. >> you talk about new security measures is that separate from writing new -- >> we're in strong vetting, i call it extreme vetting and strong security in our country. we are going to have people that
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come here and want to be here for good reasons. >> reports that general flynn conversation before you were. >> i have not seen it. what report is that? >> there's report that you talked to ambassador of russia before you were inaugurated. >> i have to look into that. >> earlier today told people that any nation that threatens the nation of iran is going to regret it. >> you better be careful. thank you, very much. >> it's how accessible he is. the fact he coming back on air force one, you never saw that with bush or obama, last night he was walking at the white house he stops and talk to nbc kelly o'donnell. he is very accessible.
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>> he comes out and going to come out and looking relaxed with the first lady who is rarely seen, he going to come out and make his own case. >> this is a person that knows that his entire campaign is waged through the media and he doesn't want to give it up. he does have the structure around him with you he is still donald trump. >> he did not look rattled to me. >> he looks tanned. >> he was in florida last week. another interesting thing is what could potentially happen next week, the wlous hite house saying they are not going to take the temporary retraining order to supreme court. the case has to be argued on the merits. he may be thinking about
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rewriting a new travel ban. that could come sometime next week. >> he does say hes did to see you in court as he said last night. one of the reporters asked how he plans to respond to iranian president. >> he said any nation that threatens quote, regret it, you better be careful. >> people close to trump tells me he sees aran very rarely. >> iran wanted to ripe israel off the map and president is going to be here at the white house. the president had dinner with
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rex tillerson last week. the billionaire. >> i heard about that story in "the washington post." they remain close to the administration and working with the son-in-law jared kushner which is senior adviser with the president. >> more on how president trump handle it is -- get ready for this. new estimate shows border wall should cost a lot more than trump told us. believe it or not, the president of syria is talking about fake news. all coming up.
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the unfortunate part is it
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takes time. we'll win that battle. >> moment ago president trump saying he will win the court's fight over his travel ban. the judge has asked for vote on the on whether they want the full judge to hear the case. congressman to endorse donald trump. nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> that's bizarre if some judge wants to have the court hear it. this has been unusual week. tell me what you'r view on this travel ban? >> i support the travel ban. i know there was hiccup on the green card issue, i do think that the judge may have seized on some of the issues around the green card saying there some am ambiguity there which could have
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caused -- i'm encouraged to hear the white house working with attorney general sessions and e redoing a ban that addresses concerns of those with green card to get around what was the ruling of the ninth circuit. whatever it is i trust the white house president adviser because le is focused on making the borders safe. >> is this necessary to get into scrape with trial court and nitpicking on different things and argue with the issues with the state and justice department, just go back to the drawing board to craft executive order that is is absolutely constitutional proof from any challenge. >> that makes a lot of sense. i'm not the one calling the shot.
3:20 pm
we have eight-member supreme court. there's sometime we'll see justice gorsuch. you could say that the quickest way out of this and most direct way would be to write new executive order that takes away the concerns raised by the judge in seattle, we move forward and keep america safe. >> here is the thing, congressman, the briefing schedule that the trial court in seattle has ordered, the last brief due before he make decision on merits on whether travel ban is constitutional or not, is february 17th. tonight, the justice department could rewrite it and it could be -- you could write a new one and rescind the old one. you would not have to wait until after 17th. if expediency is the purpose, get out of the fight out the
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courthouse. >> if you connect the dots that would be quickest way to move forward. it would be a big win for the white house and keep america safe which is what we all care about. >> how has the president bedoin this past four weeks. >> fabulous. boy, is he happy. so proud of our president. on one executive order one move after other, companies saying they are going to make new investments in america, and standing strong when it comes to national security. the executive order on building the wall, he is just -- in three week's time in one has seen a flurry of activity like what dot
3:22 pm
has been doing. >> -- >> i said before on other shows i love the fact that president trump tweets -- >> how about that one, the so-called judge? >> you may use language i would not use but le he is speaking t america, the every day americans love president trump and he is speaking this a language that they speak. it's unfiltered so i say, go for it, president trump, america loves you. >> it's been a rock ask roll through weeks. we'll see if he continues in the trial court or whether or not he rights a new executive order that satisfies everyone. nice to see you. >> have a great evening. >> thank you. the refugee issue a big part
3:23 pm
of the interview that president al assad gave to nbc. he making bold claims about refugees from his country. >> are some of these refugees aligned with terrorists. >> definitely. >> definitely. >> you can find it on the tet. >> it's a significant number. >> it's not about significant, you don't need significant number to co commit atrocities -- >> michael is investigative reporter who interviewed asad. mi nice to see you. before we get into comment, what was your impression of asad? >> very strange experience interviewing him on the one hand when we walk into the building,
3:24 pm
he greeted me at the door, i shook his hand, took me aside, wanted to be ameal yabl, at the same time when you doing that you realize you are talking with a guy who is a brutal dictator who has one of the horrific humidity righ human rights in the planet. 4.8 million refugees. it's a strange experience to be talking to somebody like that who is trying to impress you with how friendly he is. >> do you get impression that he cared about the syrian people or that the war was going on, did you get the sense that he was
3:25 pm
detached or it was more he wanted to win? >> i pressed him quite a bit on the refugee issue and his idea for how to resolve it, 4.8 million, by the way, that is more than 4 times the total number of palestinian refugees from 1947 and 1948. that's a problem that's been with the world for more than 60 years. think about that. when look at these conditions of these millions and syrians who have fled their countries living in lebanon, jordan or turkey with no place to go. he did not express any particular sympathy or am pa
3:26 pm
thee for their plight. he is offering a solution or a plan -- >> i know you asked him about reports of atrocity. here is what he said to you. >> you know more about syrian than me. that's not true. they have not been to syria, the reports on allegation they can bring anyone, you can report anything, and we are living in fake news as you know. >> the numbers a staggering. did he deny all of this? >> this was the day amnesty international released this report. mass executions in one of his
3:27 pm
prisons, many of them political protesters, blind putting blindfolds on and then hanged 20 to 50 at the time. i asked him have you been to the prison, mr. president. he said, no i'm at the presidential palace. he say said no they would be there to demonize syria so this is a guy who is at at minimum in denial in he is not directly responsible for what's going on there. >> did he say anything at all about president trump. two, where can we see the complete interview? >> on yahoo! news and the full interview is online go to yahoo! there's a lot more to the interview which i showed him pictures of some of the prisoners who have been tortured
3:28 pm
in his prisons. again me went back to that fake news lines that's it all propaganda. as for president trump he is embolden right now, he retaken aleppo, he has the upper hand, nobody is calling for his removal as they were under president obama. he said he found what president trump had to say promising, its priority on fight terrorism. he indicated there would be circumstance he would welcome troops into syria providing they work with the syrian government and work with the syrian government to fight isis. >> thank you, very much. safe travel home. coming up what was said in that phone call between national
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we have breaking news. a senior u.s. officials telling nbc that russia is considering handing over edward in -- he fled united states after steeling documents after. he end up in russia which granted him status recently extended to 2020. nice to talk to you again. >> nice to inviting me. >> this is breaking news, u.s.
3:33 pm
intelligence showing russia considering turning over edward snow what do you think about that. >> everything he knew i'm sure he gave to kgb. trump victory, of course, it has no real intelligence meaning. >> today the news breaking that's there conferences in washington about whether or not mike flynn at white house whether or not he had a phone call -- he did a phone call to the russian ambassador, he had some discussion about the russian sanctions which gejerem bash is disturbed with. it's getting controversy here. what do you think? >> michael flynn would have political problems. there's a national security
3:34 pm
problem. because michael flynn placed a call to -- he called and he spoke to the ambassador hostile foreign power behind hacking u.s. election. this is country that has strange connection to -- starting with donald trump himself. when you look at someone appointment in trump campaign, paul manafort conduct kremlin running trump's campaign at one thing. rex tillerson was awarded by putin and had relations with his closest adviser. look at wilbur ross, he had huge business with russian which is known by central laundering
3:35 pm
money. so i still hold that congress will form bipartisan committee to investigate all of these news because everything that happens points at russia. >> what does putin want? >> he wants to restart his relations with united states from scratch. he wants america to recognize his legal -- basically for donald trump to bring him to the negotiating table. putin believes the world should be run the way it was in the early century. he doesn't want to deal with nato, with european union, unfortunately, what we are hearing from donald trump himself, was very much like
3:36 pm
kremlin propaganda pushing along the same lines. >> nice to talk to you. >> thank you. proposed border wall and protests breaking out illegal immigrant a more of two for decades. microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin. why do so many businesses rely on the u.s. postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business.
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border wall would cost, ready for this, $21.6 billion. remember during the campaign candidate said the wall would cost $12 billion. now $21.6 billion. is immigration debate rage grabbing headlines and provoking protests. illegal immigrant deported to mexico. she was in this country for more than 20 years. she was convicted of felony. jan is former governor. ni nice to see you. >> nice to see you. thank you for having me on. >> look at your twitter account, i have a tweet going back five years when you were poking president obama on the tar matt over the immigration. >> that's right it seems like just yesterday. sometimes it feels like it's
3:41 pm
about 20 years that we have been fighting this battle. it's a maizimazing we don't get revolved. >> how in the world is that going to happen. $21.6 billion. you don't think the congress is going to give you a nickel. president trump say he going to get it out of mexico. where are we going to get this $21.6 billion? >> they can do it on a tariff. if they confiscated all the illegal money that was confiscated and use those dollars, $1.1 billion if you border i think we will have
3:42 pm
enough to get it done. the bottom liene what costs the united states if we can get border to off set what we are spending to have it open would pay for that costs. >> let's turn now to -- >> it would get done. >> there's been a protest down in arizona a woman 35 years old pick up on wednesday out by thursday. people are upset. some not upset. your thoughts on this? >> she was found guilty -- or charged back in 2008 of three felony charges, of false documents, and then she went to court and she pled guilty and
3:43 pm
the judge found her guilty and then in 2004 the judge order deportation. so bottom line is that after she appealed all of that, in 2013 she would have been deported then, so now she paid her dues -- >> i don't know if he turned a blind eye. he was called to deporter by a a number of people, in 2014. of those 200,761. so he was deporting left, right and center, he was deporting a lot of people. >> we know that when we did his illegal executive order which is the irony, is everyone loved it had he did his executive ordered
3:44 pm
that he turned a blind eye. now the same people that oppose president trump's immigration executive order are protesting. so you know we are a nation of law, we believe in the law, we have to abide by it, why should illegal immigrants get away with things we are not able to get away with. >> with that i have to go. always nice to see you. >> thanks. ahead, new comments in the white house a legal fight it's just coming in. stay with us. go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. experience amazing.
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now three stories you may not know. number three, d.c. lobbyist are
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offering packages that include rapid response social media teams. number two, i have friday night plans tonight in north america you'll see a full moon, lunar eclipse all the at the same time. number one, theres a app for everything. app is called sab yoe based on -- now you know? breaking news sean spicer telling nbc news every option on the table including taking case to supreme court. this comes three weeks in trump's presidency. >> the president under fire from
3:49 pm
all sides from what he said about vladimir putin. >> putin a killer. you think our country is so innocent. >> courts seem to be political. >> president trump double down. cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril if something happens blame him. >> he had blunt criticism of the president's comment. >> he is dishearted by the comment. >> the president taming down on obamacare. >> it will take sometime until next year. >> donald trump writing my daughter has been treated so unfairly by nordstrom. >> we found out they ruled against the travel ban. >> see you in court, the security of our nation is at stake. >> i have no doubt that we'll win that particular case. i have learned a lot in the last
3:50 pm
two weeks. >> biggest story of the week with president trump. >> i thought it was when he went to comments that there were terror attacks that the media is underreporting. then the white house gave a list of things that include paris and all the kinds of stuff, i think that's was the best one. >> that was a example of us chasing our tail. it's a silly thing to say. what happened you trn turn on cable news, the media showing video of itself covering past terrorist attacks. we were talking about donald trump. >> the media takes the baits. there's no question about it. >> just if the -- says something like that that the media is not
3:51 pm
covering terror attacks. >> you turn on the tv, usually get criticized for doing too much of it. >> i think it made the paper. >> two things i'm looking at, betsy devos gets confirmed. it shows that president trump cabinet all of nominees are likely to get through now that s she has gotten through. >> i think a big one was congressman price who is now secretary hhs price in looking at obamacare that the republicans want to change, is that back when it was passed the republicans were so upset because it had 22 to 2,400, the
3:52 pm
secretary hhs to do whatever she wanted to obama because she was secretary of hhs. now the shoe is on the other foot. i done know if they have to replace and replace they can do it from within. >> also on obamacare, this week the message from the administration and the hill this is go to take so much longer than people expected. i'm told they repair part of this will take years to do. republicans are starting to realize, they are going to -- whole health care system. it's a lot more come any kated. >> what do you think they are thinking when they see the stickerstick on the wall. >> one thing we learned, there are back channel discussion
3:53 pm
going on between wlohite house d jared kushner about funding the wall. >> mexico funding it. >> it's about what kind of arrangement will there be between the countries. in nafta adjusts it. you have to work with congress, will have a border tax, or will there be a tariff. >> $21.6 billion we can hire people to hand hands with that kind of money. you can hire people to stand there. >> worse thing that happened it pr president trump this week? >> the flynn story. if there's a gap we'll have to see how this plays out between vice president, flynn, trump. it's going to be difficult as
3:54 pm
they continue forward. >> from the department of self-inflicted wound, the president continues to push back. the judge resisting oversight. you tweeted, fyi. >> @greta is my twitter handle. >> there's a lot of inside this 29 page, how bill becomes law explanation. -- >> i have to go. thank you. senator tim scott, i have something to stay for the record. that's next. th the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie?
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i want to say this "for the record." this has been a big news week. men important things happened. but i want to highlight something that struck me right to the core. i want to ask, what is wrong with some people. i'm talking about some who thought it was okay to send hate mail to senator tim scott. >> i go on to read from folks who want to share their been about my endorsing jeff sessions, you are disgrace to the black race. anthony burr ham says you are an uncle tom scott.
3:59 pm
you're for sessions. how does a black man turn on his own. anthony b. from political art says senator tim scott is not uncle tom. he is a house negro like the one in jang goe. he writes anthony burr ham has been active on my twitter feed. i'm km pleat horror. a black man racist against black people. think for yourselves. are you disgrace to your race. i left out the ones that used the "n" word. i felt that would not be appropriate. >> what is wrong with some people? >> thanks for watching.
4:00 pm
have a great weekend. if if you cannot watch live, check out facebook page. it's "meet the press" i'll join colleague chuck todd at the table. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. >> this is is moscow. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews. in washington facing early set back, new details about president trump's national security adviser have come to light that threaten to become a embarrassment for the administration. despite "the washington post" that general flynn did discuss


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