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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 17, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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trump on his way to north charleston, south carolina. he'll be visiting a boeing plant there. that factory in south carolina has been at the center of a national labor battle for years now. what the president's visit will say about his stance on manufacturing jobs and unions as well. also happening right now, a renewed effort to delay the vote on scott pruitt, the president's pick to run the epa. we are live on capitol hill for the latest on that battle. that has literally gone on all night. plus the fallout continues from that 77-minute bizarre, combative must conference. we'll hear from congresswoman sheila jackson lee on the president's remarks, including how he handled questions about the congressional black caucus. good friday morning to you. i'm craig melvin coming to you from our msnbc headquarters in
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new york. right now we are closely watching two things, first president trump getting ready to take off for charleston, south carolina. and we're closely watching remarks to be made by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. all eyes again on president trump and what he might say next when he speaks in just a few hours down in the palmetto state. the president boarding air force i just a few minutes ago, heading to south carolina for the rollout of the new dreamliner aircraft, all of this happening amid new turmoil at the white house. the white house looking for a national security adviser. nbc news learning who the president was referring to "general keith kellogg, who i have known for a long time, is very much in play fornsa, as
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are three hers. that after the president's top pick to replace mike flynn turned down the job, retired vice admiral and former navy seal robert harward saying, quote, this job requires 24 hours a day, seven days a week, focus and commitment to do it right. i currently could not make that commitment. but much of the talk this morning is still focused on president's free wheeling and at times contentious news conference yesterday afternoon. >> i inherited a mess, it's a mess. it was the biggest electoral college win since ronald reagan. this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. >> the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake because so much of the news is fake. i'm having a good time. tomorrow they will say "donald trump rants and raves at the
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press." i'm not ranting and raving. i'm just telling you you're dishonest people. nobody mentioned that hillary received the questions to the debates. can you imagine if i received the questions? it would be the electric chair. >> our man, peter alexander, at 1600 pennsylvania avenue where he spends so much of his days and so much of his night, who was also front row of the news conference. let's start more on the nsa pick. what more can you tell us? >> we know that acting national security adviser lieutenant general keith kellogg is certainly high on that list. it's notable that keith kellogg is traveling aboard air force i with president obama. donald trump referred to three other individuals. i can't confirm that these are the three other individuals to whom he is speaking specifically, but a white house aide tells me three other
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individuals that he has been considering as they describe it are general keith alexander, the former cia director david petraeus and ne live general jimones who served as president obama national security adviser for a brief time. this is a position that this white house has obviously wanted to fill for while now since michael flynn's forced resignation. i spoke to a senior administration official here a short time ago. one of the concerns, one of the potential hold-ups would be of how much control that individual would have in staff up a national security council right now. they want to make sure they have their people in that post. >> president obama talking about replacing obamacare. we also heard a little bit more on that subject yesterday at the news conference as well. >> we did. he said he was going to be making some announcement in some form about obamacare as early as next month. over the campaign he said we'll
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repeal it on day one. that obviously hasn't happened yet. there's been a lot of challenges among republicans trying to sort out what the best path forward is. today he did put out another tweet. "despite the long delays by the democrats in finally approving tom price, the repeel of obamacare is moving fast. he said the repeal of obamacare would come before tax reform. not too long ago he said it may not happen until next year in a televised interview and yesterday's news conference, he said it could happen as soon as next month. >> let's talk about that news conference you asked one of my favorite questionyesterday. i want to play it for our viewers and listeners at home. this was after he claimed his was the biggest electoral college win since ronald reagan. >> you said today that you had the biggest electoral margin
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since ronald reagan with 304, 306 electoral votes. president obama got 365 in 2008. >> i was talking republican. >> and george h.w. bush 426 when he won as president. so why should americans trust you -- >> i was given that information. i don't know. i was just given. we had a very, very big margin. >> why should americans trust you when you accuse the information they receive of being fake when you're providing information that's not accurate? >> i was given that information. actually, i've seen that information around. it was a very substantial victory. do you agree with that? >> you're the president. >> he went on to say another of other things that we know not to be true, peter. how is that news conference playing at 1600 pennsylvania avenue? what are his top aides saying about what we saw transpire yesterday? >> reporter: they thought this was vintage donald trump, that
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millions of americans embraced, the way that they know him, that helped propel him to this position as president of the united states. kellyanne conway said he was transparent, confident, in command. they believe the lens of the media has been one of their biggest challenges because they believe, as you've heard multiple times from the president, fake news. large parts of the country he s wi support right now. what is striking to note from that news conference is what i hear and even after the conversation that exchange i had with president trump is that there are a lot of people, folks that i'm still in touch with, from covering candidate trump on the trail from places like iowa and new hampshire and elsewhere who say we like a lot about donald trump, we like a lot of the things that he said, we like the way he talks, but he can cut out the junk.
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we don't need to hear the garbage, we don't need the making up stuff and they say enough of the tweeting, just be president and do your job. >> peter alexander. good to see you, my friend. enjoy the weekend. >> there is new scrutiny this morning of ousted national security adviser nic reporting that during an fbi interview late last month, flynn denied talking about sanctions with russia's ambassador. a senior law enforcement official telling nbc news said the agents felt that flynn's answers were ambiguous but did not conclude he was lying to them. and at this point eights are not con testimony. >> adam, thanks for your time this morning. tem us a little bit more about what you learned about what flynn told the fbi. >> right. so the interview was on the 24th
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of january. and he was asked, you know, did he discuss the obama administration sanctions which were imposed on russia following their meddling in the u.s. election. and his answer was, no, in a , did not. but when the agents then pressed him again to address the issue, he then said that he did not recall fully the conversation that he had with the russian ambassador. so, you know, the terp lying of course, y -- the term lyi has to do with intent. is it possible he did not remember the entire conversation he had or is he parsing his words. when he refers to sanctions, is he just referring to actions being taken against entities in russia, which were part of the package that was announced by the obama administration on
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december 29th or -- but there were other things that he did acknowledge talking about in an interview he did on monday with david call a, which was about the expulsion of russian diplomats. >> i want to play a notable, chang during the news conference on thursday. >> did you direct mike flynn to discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador -- >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: prior to your inauguration? >> and did you fire hmm because of what leaked out? >> no, i fired him because of what he said to mike pence. i didn't direct him but i would have because that's his job. >> president trump never acknowledged -- never said that general flynn lied. according to your reporting, what flynn told the fbi, similar
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to what he told trump's advisers, correct? >> that's correct. i mean, according to pence's office and what basically pence said when he made these -- when he basically cited his conversation with flynn and then denied on national television, nationwide television that flynn had discussed sanctions with e the -- to the fbi. later what he said he didn't recall, that's more similar to what he told "the washington post" last week when we initially went to them, went o flynn and skim him if he had this conversation. >> adam, thank you, sir. >> trum -- when asked whether his advisers had any contacts, he said, quote, nobody that i know of.
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nbc's bill neeley joins us live. first of all, any reaction from the kremlin from what we saw yesterday from trump? >> no reaction, craig. here's why. the kremlin is being very cautious about reacting to the daily tweets and even to yesterday's news conference by president trump. there's a good reason for that. last friday the official kremlin spokesman, dmitri peskov, said that mike flynn did not talk about sanctions with the russian ambassador to the united states. only for mr. flynn, the former national security adviser two days later to admit that he did. so the kremlin very embarrassed by that and it is choosing to keep its consul and not toy spond daily to donald trump's tweets and indeed to that news conference yesterday. indeed there is a distinct
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cooling in the enthusiasm for donald trump here. there were high hopes and even celebration when he was elected. there are now doubts that he will be able to deliver the promised reset, the improvement in relations that vladimir putin and the kremlin wants. they feel here that the u.s. establishment is trying to gag president trump to try to stop him from improving relations with the united states. one senior official here even said to me that they believe the deep state in the united states has a kind of conspiracy against donald trump and eventually that donald trump could even be impeached because he's on a track that the u.s. establishment does not want hip to be on. so the kremlin at the moment very cautious about what they say. >> bill neeley for us in russia.
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i want to bring in a member of the foreign affairs committee and energy committees. congressman, thank up for your time this morning. >> you bet. thanks for having me. >> president trump during the news conference yesterday spent some time blaming folks in the media for getting in the way of having a productive relationship with russia. take a listen to what he said. >> false, horrible, fake reporting makes it much harder to make a deal with russia. and probably putin said, you know, he's sitting behind his desk and he's saying, you know, i see what's going on in the united states, they follow it closely, it's going to be impossible for president trump to ever get along with russia because of all the pressure he's got with this fake story. >> first of all, congressman, did you see the news conference yesterday, any portion of it? >> i watched most of it, yeah. >> in broad terms, what did you
8:15 am
make of what we heard from the president sp. >> it was the most unique press conference i've seen in my life. it's one thing for a presint to push back against the mea, to have a little bit of an adversarial relationship, call out media bias as he perceives it, but i think to just refer as everything as fake news goes too far. in holding a president accountable and questions like russia are big questions. questions like did your campaign are contact with russia when we find out about the flynn conversation is a big question that deserves to be answered. from the flynn perspective, i think the cover-up is even worse than the crime here. people have right to ask. >> beyond and his attacks on the mainstream media, what about this idea that the president of
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the united states states, congressman, continues to say things that he knows not to be true on a regular basis? >> so everywhere, in all a conservative would see something a little differently than maybe a liberal would but there's truth, there's facts. and if you state things that are undeniably not fact you'll, it takes away from your credible. i in locking at the foreign policy of this administration have been extremely impressed. there's been some really good pushback in areas where they need to be. the word of the president, though, seem not to be in conjunction of that. 21 house democrats from sent a letter to your committee asking for it to investigate general
8:17 am
flynn's involvement with russia. is that something that's going to happen? >> i don't know. i don't know the answer to that. >> should it happened? >> right now the will have questions for general flynn as well. i've heard people call for a 9/11 style commission. we can't turn this into a circus because then it becomes partisan. we need bipartisan answers to what questions people have because america deserves this. >> thank you so much, sir. >> after an all-night talk-a-thon, senate democrats making a last ditch for the epa vote. just over an hour from now, the
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about an our from now, the senate is set to vote on whether or not to delay the confirmation vote for scott pruitt, president
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trump's man to run the environmental protection agency. and you guys haven't opposed someone in half a century and this is the guy you decided you want to formally oppose. why is at that? >> it's not a good situation. this is the guy who trump selected who has sued the epa 14 times. this is the fellow that the "new york times" said created an unprecedented secret alliance with the oil and gas industry to prevent oversight of their industry and yet he's the man that's now going to be charged with providing oversight for the industry. it's an outrageous situation. >> let's talk about these e-mails right now because at the heart of democrats' opposition right now, one of reasons they're trying to delay a formal vote are because of thousands of
8:23 am
e-mails, an oklahoma judge has ordered these e-mails be released by tuesday, these are e-mails that purportedly show a connection between scott pruitt and various members of the fossil fuel industry. what's your concern about precisely what's in these e-mails? >> we know mr. pruitt a his aides asked them for contributions for their political activity and at the same time taking letters from the oil and gas industry, putting them on to the state of oklahoma stationary and sending them on to epa. we know that requests for money were happening at the same time that he was suing the epa from people that wanted him to sue for money. so what's been asked for two years ago were all the e-mails that had to do with contacts to
8:24 am
the industry. now yesterday an oklahoma judge said you have to -- it's unreasonable you've withheld them for two years, you have to provide them on tuesday. so the request is let's not vote until we see those e-mails. why would you need to rush to vote? >> why do you think there's such a rush to vote in. >> i suppose some would like to vote before the as far as get a chance to read them. if i were a senator, i would like to read those e-mails first. >> thank you for your time. enjoy the weekend. up next, president trump's relationship with the congressional black caucus. we will have the response from the cbc and also a little bit
8:25 am
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we are back with our daily briefing on politics. it's been a wileek for president trump at the white house. ta take a listen. >> i'm just doing what i said i would do when we won by a very, very large electoral college vote. >> betsy at the education level will do her job and just to do it very, very formally, i want to congratulate you on having gone through a very tough trial and a very unfair trial. >> michael flynn, general flynn, is a wonderful man.
8:29 am
i think he's been treated very, very unfairly by the media, as i call it, the fake media in many cases. >> michael flynn is a nice person. i asked for his resignation. he respectfully gave it. he was a man who there was a certain amount of information given to vice president pence, who is with us today and i was not happy with how that information was given. russia is fake news. it's fake news put out by the media. the leaks are real, the news is take. the press is out of control. i inherited a mess. it's a mess. there has never been a presidency that's done so much in such a short period of time. i'm really not a bad person by the way. i do get good ratings. you have to admit that. >> mark murray is the senior political editor for nbc news. the president insisted yesterday that his is a fine-tuned
8:30 am
machine, mark. >> well, craig, i would sum it up this way, with the three cs, that is an administration in conflict, th chaos and being consnt. let's look at the conflict. craig, it's common for presidents to get into fights, that happens whether you're republican or democrat, but just the number of conflicts so far and you look at the with the court battles with the media, i throw in nordstrom, the intelligence community, even the prime minister of australia into that. then the next c we have is just the chaos. that has to do with the before and after of the travel ban, craig, as well as the administration talks about alternative facts. you even look at the middle east peace and two-state solution and there's a little bit of chaos there. and then finally him being constant and ever present
8:31 am
really. whether you agree with his politics or not, craig, he is a force. everyone is talking about his press conference of yesterday and he really over these last now 28, 29 days has been a constant presence. >> mark murray, walking us through the three cs on this afternoon. good to see you, my friend. thank you. >> let's talk about this congressional black caucus. the white house now working to schedule a meeting between president trump and the 49-member group, this after the president had a bizarre exchange with a black journalist named april ryan at his news conference thursday. take a watch. >> are y going to include the cbc, mr. president, in your conversations with your urban agenda, your inner stiff agenci
8:32 am
agenda -- >> am i going to include who? >> the congressional black caucus. >> do you want to set up the meeting? you set up the meeting. >> the cbc tweeted to trump saying they sent him a letter but he never responded. april ryan said he hopes he was not asking her to set up the meeting because she's black. >> i consider myself a journalist like everyone else in that room. i wasn't looking at i'm a black woman, i'm a journalist that wants to ask questions. when he said would you convene the meeting, when you talk about fake news, that's fake news. >> joined by former whip sheila
8:33 am
lee. members of the cbc also speaking out. this is what your colleague elijah cummings from maryland said last night. >> first of all, i don't think he knew what the cbc was. and then i think the young lady, miss ryan, cleared it up and made sure he knew who it was. i think a lot of people assume that all black people know black people. and then the idea that the president asked somebody in the press pool to set up a meeting with the congressional black caucus. he's the president of america. he could make that phone call himself. i kind of laughed it off but it's consistent with what we've seen from president trump all along. >> congresswoman, did you laugh it off as well? >> well, it's a pleasure to be with you this morning. let me also emphasize as you've done or as the early morning interview did, april ryan is a
8:34 am
journalist of many years of professionalism and does an excellent job and has been a white house correspondent for a number of presidents. so let me thank you, april ryan, for your professionalism. my colleague, congressman cummingings, is anstute member of congress. let me just say that the trump administration to date is an administration that is not on off its wheels but off the track. it was evident last night in what was an unclear and poorly directed press conference, not really focusing on issues that the american people need. the congressional black caucus has met with every president since i've had the privilege of serving in the 18th congressional district. but we meet for a reason. we're purpose driven. . we meet for criminal justice reform. we meet to create jobs with president obama, who came in with a 7% unemployment.
8:35 am
there was no mess that mr. trump was left by the last administration. it was excellence. we helped president obama create thoughts of jobs for young people in the summer of 2009. we developed a pathway for historically black colleges. you are right, we sent a letter on january 19th. we had not heard a word. and it was a rebuttal to this so call new deal for america. i'm going to protect african-americans from illegal immigration. we don't believe in divisive politics and we said that in the letter. we don't believe in a wall. we believe in comprehensive immigration reform, we believe in making sure we're secure. and then sool chce we believe in theublic school system and the right for people to have a great, excellent education. but his so-called new deal for america, we responded to it and rebutted it because it was not speaking to the needs of
8:36 am
african-americans. now let me say this -- we, as i understand our chairman, our chairman richmond, has indicated a response to a call from the white house. that's the appropriate way to behave. >> so it sounds like the meeting is going to happen. >> a possible meeting will be coming forward. but remember -- >> go ahead, go ahead. what were you about to say? >> i was just going to say there are many other things that we have to address that this vags is engaged in right now. >> let talk about one of those things, the house judiciary committee. you're a member of that committee. up tweeted out on something that caught some folks' attention. you've introduced this amendment for oversight into a full investigation into russian conversations and connections with the trump campaign. do you see that amendment actually being approved, congresswoman? >> it has to be approved, if not in the sense of the amendment, in the spirit of the amendment. remember eight years under
8:37 am
president obama? what a vigorous, investigatory the republicans had. there was not one iota that they did not vet. now we have situation that can be equal to the actual undermining through a foreign power of a national election but also the constant engage of individual in the campaign of mr. trump and the campaign of mr. trump with russian spies able o undermine this president. and my final point point if i could -- >> to be fair, the president has dismissed that as fake news, very fake news. >> and i think what we should do for the president, and he has his right to that is we should investigate in order for him to have the information for him to assess whether it fake news.
8:38 am
the one thing that strike me is a question and to whether or ic pretty evident through both the transcripts and as well the back and forth. i don't think this administration can move forward much. i hope they can do some work with the congressional black caucus until we get to the bottom of whether or not there were activities that would undermine the national security of the american people. i know we will not rest on the judiciary committee and i hope my republican colleagues will wake up and understand they investigated where there was no reason to investigate. now they should investigate now. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee, we never have enough time. we just never have enough time. >> i enjoy being with you. thank you so much for having me. >> congresswoman, thank you so much. coming up, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell just wrapping up a news conference on capitol hill. he was asked what we were just talking about, the resignation
8:39 am
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senate majority leader mitch mcconnell just finished up a news conference moments ago. what did the senate majority leader have to say there, kasie? >> reporter: a pretty wide-ranging news conference from mitch mcconnell. he does this very rarely.
8:43 am
he joked around a little bit about how chuck schumer voted against his wife's nomination to be the transportation secretary. and i had a chance to ask him about mike pence who was misled in the back and forth about mike flynn and russia phone calls. teak a look. >> reporter: do you think that the trump administration is doing well by vice president mike pence? >> what about pence? >> reporter: are they doing right by him? he was misled, the president, his senior advisers and mike flynn all knew about this -- >> he was in charge of the white house staff. he made a decision on that and -- >> reporter: abobut do you thin he's being treated well? since he's taken the lead and -- >> mike pence has been the
8:44 am
indispensable player. >> reporter: we also learned, craig, that the majority leader was asked whether or not he believed what the president said yesterday about contacts between the trump campaign and russia, the russian government. and he said simply, "i have no idea." his office, he has no idea whether there were contacts between the trump campaign and russian government. a very striking statement to make. >> and mitch mcconnell is not someone we hear from in that particular setting on a regular basis. it should be voted while chuck schumer may have voted against his wife, i believe the vote was like 95-5. >> elaine chao -- >> reporter: she was overwhelming
8:45 am
overwhelmingly. >> up next, while some legislators say they are afraid a trump administration will destroy any documents tying general flynn to russia. i'll talk to senator gary peters of michigan, next. every chip, a, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing. golfers like me have played these holes thousands of times, generating countless data points. the microsoft cloud helps me turn that data into insight that used to be invisible. here, intuition would tell me to lay up with a 3-iron, but the analysis from the cloud tells me to go for it, and use a driver for a 12 percent higher chance of birdie. there are countless points of data in the pga tour. the microsoft cloud makes sense of it, helping them transform their business, so players, and fans, will experience the game in
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8:49 am
>> that was senate majority leader mitch mcconnell a few moments ago with a striking answer to that question about what president trump said he knew about some of his campaign staffs are aers and their conta russian officials. democratic senator gary peters of michigan joins me. he served on armed services and homeland security. the trump administration is fund-raising off that news conference yesterday. what do you think was the biggest piece of news that came out of that 77 minutes? >> well, it was disjointed, chaotic. to me it didn't show any sort of leadership. it's amazing, it seems as if there's some parallel universe here for folks who think that was a good performance. he didn't answer questions and instead exhibited a stream of
8:50 am
consciousness. >> nancy pelosi, house minority leader, she said something yesterday that's gotten a fair amount of attention. she's afraid the trump administration is going to destroy any documents related t. do you have any evidence that is something that is happening and could happen? >> i have no evidence it's happening but it's certainly something that could happy is why it's important to make sure folks are put on notice we can't have any destruction of any sorts of documents or electronic records. the fact mr. flynn lied to vice president pence raises the issue why did you lie? what were you trying to cover up? if he was trying to cover up that conversation, there's a lot of smoke and we know that mr. flynn wanted to cover it up. who else is going to try to cover up some of this information? we need to have full and traps
8:51 am
parent investigations. this should be bipartisan, should not be a partisan issue whatsoever. this is about the american people's right to know the facts on what is a very serious issue particularly -- >> you just insisted that general flynn lied and we did not hear the president use that language yesterday. there appears to be some nuance involved with regards to how sanctions may have been discussed on this phone call. how can you be so sure the general lied? >> i can't -- i can't seen the transcript but based on the actions taken if you want to characterize it as misinformation, however you want to characterize it, it was clear he is it not want to give the full story to him. when vice president pence made a comment to the press, he was pretty clear. no, there was no conversation about these sanctions and yet it appears there were. apparently that's not what vice
8:52 am
president heard because that's not what he communicated to the press. >> you met with supreme court nominee neil gorsuch yesterday. did he say anything that impressed you? >> certainly he's a very bright individual and strong credentials. very thoughtful. it's a good conversation. it's hard to get into the nuts and bolts of cases because he doesn't want to discuss that for a variety of reasons. i have some concerns about his past cases that he has ruled on. we had a discussion on that. i look forward to the process to continue to move forward. lot more questions will be asked of him during the hearing and i'll pay close attention to it but we'll see how that develops. >> you're going to germany this week for the annual conference there in munich with defense secretary. we'd love to get a debrief on that when you return next week sir. safe travels, senator. >> thanks so much. >> we will be right back. pen can help you take on a new job,
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wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. we've even developed a new counsel with canada to promote women's business leaders and entrepreneurs, very important to me, very important to my daughter, ivanka. >> that was president donald trump there at the news conference on thursday, touting his agenda to help women business leaders. in today's made in the usa reporter with' hearing from a
8:57 am
woman who launched her own company aimed at women in the workforce. check out red ants pants, it's a clothing company founded by cyraical hup, grew up on a connecticut farm and spent years working outdoors even after college. eventually she moved to montana and she was tired of wearing men's work pants that did not fit so she started creating durable workwear for women that not only fit but actually flattered women's bodies. red ants pants opened in the town of white sul faur sprinulf springs, montana, in 2006 and growing ever since and all of its products are made in the usa. ali velshi caught up with cyra to find out the secret to her success. >> i read you once duct taped a pair of pants when the seams came apart. how big a need was this for you to have workwear for women. >> it was a big need.
8:58 am
there weren't any on the market. there were 20 companies making men's work pants and curvy women don't fit very well into square men's pants. >> i'm not even sure men fit all that well into men's work pants but how big a market did you think this was? >> i worked in the outdoor field seasonally across the country, i knew there was a great dand with women in the industry. agriculture kral cruise, gardening, landscaping and traditional trades jobs as well. >> you tackled of building this company by yourself but you were helped along when you met someone by chance at a coffee shop. i love these stories. who was it and what was that meeting about? >> i literally was in montana my first weekend and purchased a copy of "small business for dummies. >> i bought that. >> a great cook. chance meeting with richard cybirill a designer for patagonia. >> wow.
8:59 am
what did you get out of that? did he like the idea? did he say that doesn't make any sense? >> he loved it. he said sarah i think you're on to something big and you should move on this now. >> the name of the company is great but how did you come up with it? >> the name popped into my head and in the ant colony the female ants do all of the work. >> as you're finding out it may be in human colonies. with your success, you've been honored by business groups and given t.e.t. talks and invited by president obama to the white house, a forum on jobs. tell me about this thing that you developed, the red ants pants music festival. >> yes, so after about five years in business, decided it was time to celebrate a little broader and to bring people together and music is an incredibly powerful tool in doing so, so we started a music festival in a cow pture in the middle of nowhere, montana, in white sulfur springs. we are in our seventh year and
9:00 am
had 16,000 people attend last year. >> great inspiration. sarah calhoun continued good luck to you and thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> made in the usa. all right that's going to do it for us this hour of "msnbc live." i'm craig melvin and i'll grab lunch and see you here at 1:00 eastern. right now katherine turr is here, some of you know her as katy. >> what is craig short for? >> short forring in. you know what craig means no? >> what? >> short for crag, mountain, like a rock. >> got nothing to say to that. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," help wanted, president trump hunting for a new national security adviser after his pick to replace ousted michael flynn says thanks but no thanks. new reporting who is on the short list as the president heads to south carolina to try to turn the focus back to the economy. one-man show, new fallout after president trump's combative, confrontational press