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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 17, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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had 16,000 people attend last year. >> great inspiration. sarah calhoun continued good luck to you and thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> made in the usa. all right that's going to do it for us this hour of "msnbc live." i'm craig melvin and i'll grab lunch and see you here at 1:00 eastern. right now katherine turr is here, some of you know her as katy. >> what is craig short for? >> short forring in. you know what craig means no? >> what? >> short for crag, mountain, like a rock. >> got nothing to say to that. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," help wanted, president trump hunting for a new national security adviser after his pick to replace ousted michael flynn says thanks but no thanks. new reporting who is on the short list as the president heads to south carolina to try to turn the focus back to the economy. one-man show, new fallout after president trump's combative, confrontational press conference going after leaks and
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the press, and defending his first month in office, and a call back to his sparring and free-wheeling campaign style. >> there's no person better to speak for president trump than president trump. >> and truth and consequences. top democrats are calling for a 9/11 style commiio to investigate the russian inteeren into the u.s. eltion, and whether anyone from team trump was involved. at least one republican is getting on board. will others join in? >> reporter: yesterday the president said in his press brief nobody knew he was in contact with russian officials. do you believe him? >> i have no idea. >> good day, i'm katy tur in for andrea mitchell. president trump will tour a boeing facility in south carolina and deliver remarks. it's his first stop in what's
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expected to be a pretty busy weekend. the president is leaving behind though a big opening at the white house, after his first choice to replace michael flynn as national security adviser took a pass on the position. this morning, mr. trump tweeted a progress report on the vacancy writing "general keith kellogg, who i have known for a long time, is very much in play for nsa, as are three others." so who are they? let's go to nbc national correspondent peter alexander who is at the white house for us. talk to me about the names floated to be head of the nsa? >> reporter: katy, you just showed that tweet. the president refers to three others. i can't confirm the three specifically but they come to me from a white house aide who suggests among the individuals the president is considering right now, the retired general keith alexander, the former cia director david petraeus and also jim jones you see there on the right, his name is interesting because he of course served as a national security adviser to president obama for a brief time
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as well. obviously the name lieutenant general keith kellogg is on that list as well, acting as national security adviser right now. notably he is with president trump today on air force one. it's not like this seat is vacant so to speak but there is no permanent position filled yet. >> what happened with donald trump's first choice, vice admiral harward? >> this is robert harward, navy vice admiral, a guy close to james mattis, now the defense secretary. ef his deputy at central command, a retired navy s.e.a.l. commander, and what's significant about this is we understand it right now, this was effectively offered to him by the white house for him to consider it and then com back to them. senior u.s. official who is close to harward tells us that basically he was deciding between the call of duty and the white house dysfunction before he decided thanks but no thanks. this is the way the white house is casting it.
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here's reince priebus earlier today. >> we told admiral harward we're very interested in talking to him and we're very interested and very serious in his position at the nsa, and he responded and said let me talk to my wife and family and we'll get back to you. we kept in constant contact with him. he called us and said guess what, i got some support in the family but others aren't that excited about it. and he then told us that it was something that his family couldn't go for. >> so for now, we wait without any immediate conclusion to this caper in effect trying to fill a national security adviser under less than 28 day, barely three weeks frankly the administration was without the national security adviser. >> and peter, we're just learning that the president is wheels down in charleston. we do not have pictures quite yet. i'm sure we're going to get them pretty soon. again he's going to visit a boeing factory out there. one more bit of news out of the white house, peter, they changed up staff a little bit again,
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they hired a communications director, is this a hope to keep donald trump more on message? >> reporter: not so much they changed up, they've got one. this was a job sean spicer wassing to as he juggled duties as press secretary. jason miller decided not to be a part of this administration, he was an insider. mike dubke is his name, the founder of crossroads media, a conservative firm but what's notable about it one of the groups fighting to beat back the trump movement over the course of the campaign rubbing some folks close to the president insidehis white house the wrong way. they wanted somebody more of a, he hasn't taken the job officially just yet, he will be taking it over soon. the hope for the white house that struggled with commune indications, conceding publicly that's been the case in some recent occasions most notably
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with the immigration executive order where they say they had all their ducks in a row. whether or not they did we'll let the courts be the decider of that, as it's been three consecutive court findings where they lost. the bottom line was it was not implemented in the way that lawmakers thought was necessary and certainly many americans thought was necessary to create a lack of confusion, instead it turned into a real mess. >> no doubt this will lighten the load on press secretary sean spicer. peter alexander at the white house, happy friday to you my friend. >> reporter: thanks. down to south carolina and drill down on the president's stops there with kelly o'donnell, she is live for us in north charleston ahead of the president's visit. kelly, talk to us about why he is going to boeing and there's a lot of history here that you should update our viewers on, right? >> reporter: well this is an opportunity for the president to come to here for what boeing wants to talk b the dreamliner
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787, a new aircraft that is built exclusively here in south carolina, so this is part jobs event, it is also boeing is the maker of the air force one fleet, and so that's been a part of the president's tenure where he was negotiating to get a better price on a future model and this has been a state that has been critical in president trump's path to the white house, and the new governor, henry mcmaster, has been a long time support of donald trump and i say new governor because of course the president selected nikki haley to be the u.n. ambassador, so there are deep political roots here, as deep as they can go, for a president who has never been a candidate before 2016, and here today it's about jobs. so the president as you noted air force one has landed and there will be an opportunity for the president to tour the factory here, to talk with workers and to meet with the ceo. there will be a big reveal in the full sort of tv way behind
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me later, after the president speaks, where the new aircraft will be unveiled but he'll be speaking about an hour from now, but it is an intense visit where the president will be talking about jobs at a time when a couple of weeks ago workers here voted not to organize in a bargaining unit, and that is of course critical as well from the administration's point of view. boeing a huge employer here, about 7,500 employees right here. we've been here for a while as this event is ramping up. of course with all the security and everything, they've got lots of people here already that stretch far behind where we are on these camera platforms, and it's a very family event, because this is a celebration for a company that is unveiling a big product but they've got the president of the united states coming so there has been a real sort of team almost like we're at a rally inside a corporate event and the president is coming. it's got that sort of vibe, and politically for the president, this is also an important stop
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on his way to head to florida, where he'll be spending the weekend, part at his home in mar-a-lago and part revisiting the campaign trail with a stop in orlando, a true rally event, on saturday. kate why i? >> nbc's kelly o'donnell in north charleston, thank you so much. while the president kicks off an action packed weekend at home the vice president is traveling to germany to join defense secretary james mattis at a critical security conference. lucy ca lucy cavanaugh is in munich. >> this is a big week for the trump foreign policy team and debut for the vice president his first appearance on the international arena in that role.
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made other the past two days how america is committed to the nato alliance how american security and european security are permanently linked. we're expecting much of the same from vice president mike pence, expected to land later this evening meeting face to face with the german chancellor on saturday as well as the ukrainian head of ukraine and expected to take astng, tough stance on ukraine calling out russia to help deescalate the violence there. this comes at a difficult time. their visit overshadowed to come degree by at parent chaos erupting out of the white house and raises big questions for the big allies, rex tillerson, jim mattis, mike pence truly speak
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with one voice for donald trump. the fact you have the vice president kept out of the loop on a major national security issue for at least two weeks certainly is of concern for the european allies here and i think a lot of folks are eager for the clarity of what trump's policy means but they'll wait to hear something from donald trump's mouth to truly believe it. >> lucy, thank you so much and happy friday to you as well. we bring in senior political editor mark murray. i know the trump team is trying to move on from this to different news but the press conference is still looming over their heads, presumely with by now republicans have now had a chance to see it, at the very least see the highlights of it. where are their heads at with that erratic and meandering and contentious display from the white house? >> yes, katy, our colleague, kasie hunt, has a very good rap
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on that as she was trying to get congress to react to yesterday's news conference and democrats came by and said it was embarrassing, that ey criticize but ny republicans didt want to answer and moved on. i think one of the challenges for the trump presidency and also congressional republicans they try to tackle big issues on health care, on tax reform, is having that guidance and kind of the clear message and principle on what to be able to do. one of the big jobs that a president has is almost kind of being that unifying force on bringing all the parts of the party together to achieve goals and whether it be on legislative priorities or other things and i'm not necessarily sure that yesterday's press conference, and there are a lot of conservatives who think it went really well, they love bashing the media, whether that helps awe chief your legislative goals. >> mitch mcconnell was asked about this, he held a press conference just a few minutes ago, a long one n fact, which is
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slightly unusual for him. here's how he responded to it. >> i like what he's doing. i've not been a fan of the extra discussion that he likes to engage in, but we're going to soldier on. we like his positions and we're going to pursue them. >> "extra discussion" mark, that's a way of putting it. are the republicans just going to keep stomaching this so long as they can potentially get their agenda going, potentially repeal and replace obamacare, roll back regulations, et cetera? >> yes, and katy that comment from mitch mcconnell is precisely talking about the distractions, which in some ways as you know, covering the trump campaign over the last year and a half, that that often, those distractions serve a pretty good purpose for him, and we're very successful in a campaign structure, but when you're trying to legislate and bring the entire party together, even peel off a democrat here or
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there, it makes it much harder. but yes, i think republicans are going to try to soldier on. to me, i think looking ahead to memorial day and whether tax reform and health care are on clear trajectories to being able to get done i think is going to be indicative and of course, ul kn you know, there still is time. always setbacks and pitfalls in politics but whether or not they'll have the discipline over the next three months to be able to get to a point on this kind of legislation is what i'm going to be looking for. >> so some republicans are getting a little nervous that we've seen some deciding to join in on this call for a bipartisan investigation at least one but tomorrow donald trump is going back to what you could consider the friendliest place on earth for him, going to a trump rally. is he going there to sell anything in particular or just selling himself, potentially reminding the gop that he's the one that brought them to this dance. >> yes, katy, we have no
9:15 am
guidance he's going to be talking about policy or trying to be able to bring the republicans together on legislation. we did hear that press conference yesterday that he's going to try to be laying out some health care proposal in march. we hear that a tax reform speech is going to be coming but this seems to be kind of like your normal cpaign rally, but it i clear donald trump misses the campaign. you hear all the speeches he gives reminiscing about his electoral votes, talking about hillary clinton, talking about his improbable victory in the republican primary season and he misses this stuff, and the white house can be a very lonely place, and so i think the biggest takeaway at least right now is him going to florida tomorrow is going to be able to suck all that in, get out of the very lonely white house and get back to some adoring crowds he thrives on. >> misses the roar of the crowd. the scott pruitt nomination for the epa. all indications are that he will
9:16 am
get confirmed. what is the goal? >> the goal for democrats is to delay as long as possible and that is something that republicans have attacked democrats for, and it is still striking that you really only have about more than half of donald trump's cabinet into the positions already and again, we are now more than four weeks into trump's presidency. you look comparatively at the obama cabinet in 2009 and almost everybody was in, not everyone, but a good chunk of them. and so they're having a hard time getting off the ground. that's the goal for democrats. the goal for republicans is you just have to be able to get these people in. you have to make sure that they don't have a lot of controversies, and also you have to do all the paperwork involved when it comes to the ethics. >> mark murray, you sound sick, so i hope you're going to go home and sleep. >> i'm soldiering on awell, katy. >> it's never going to end so you need to just sleep, drink some orange juice, take care of yourself, my friend. >> thank you. coming up, why president trump's press conference didn't
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flynn to discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador? >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: prior to your inauguration. >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: might you have fired him if the information leaked out? >> no, i fired him because of what i said to mike pence.
9:21 am
i didn't direct him but i would have directed him because that's his job. >> a surprising admission from the president he would have directed national security adviser mike flynn to speak with the russian ambassador about russian sanctions while president obama was still in office. joining me now is nbc chief global correspondent bill neely who is in moscow. so much of that news conference yesterday was about russia. what is the reaction in russia? >> reporter: well surprisingly, katy that, news conference wasn't broadcast live on any russian state tv channel including the 24-hour news channels like rt. the official news agency only carried one line about the news conference even hours after it was over and that was just requoting donald trump talking about fake news. so it was difficult to get any reaction. this morning the kremlin's official spokesman dimitri
9:22 am
peskov with regard to president trump's marks he wasn't sure he'd get on with president putin his comments earlier about crimea, that crimea was taken by russia and also his statement the u.s. military would be built upike you've never seen before, he was asked whether russia was disappointed in president trump after three weeks, and he said we never wore rose tinted glasses, we never had any illusions so there's nothing to be disappointed with. russia/u.s. ties he added are important, "and we believe they deserve special attention." it's those ties and the possibility of improved ties, that's the real question here. people are beginning to worry that maybe donald trump will not be able to effect new relations with russia and to that end a very influential lawmaker here as senator pushkov tweeted this morning, there's a high
9:23 am
probability that trump won't drain the swamp in washington but the swamp will drag trump in and that will bees end of his revolution that hasn't even started yet, so some doubts creeping in here in moscow that president trump will actually be able to forge a new relationship with russia. katy? >> interesting reaction. i want to ask you about something "the telegraph" is reporting today that the kremlin has told its official newspaper a warning essentially that excessive trumpophilia is not going to be good for the kremlin, that it might end up harming the kremlin. is that why his press conference wasn't played on state tv yesterday? >> reporter: yes, actually the kremlin ordered state tv to ratchet back, to pull back from some of its constant coverage of trump. in january, katy, trump was on state tv more than putin. that's not a good idea in an authoritarian state like russia,
9:24 am
so the kremlin said to state tv, enough of this. russian people don't want to see trump on tv all the time especially when so far he hasn't actually delivered anything. all we're get something rhetoric and indeed i heard today that a lot of russians were just fed up listening about appointments, about mike flynn, and so on. so yes, it was a deliberate policy to keep that news conference off state tv, quite extraordinary, katy. >> donald trump on television in russia more than vladimir putin. remarkable. bill neely in moscow, thank you so much. joining me now is sean henry, the former executive assistant director for the fbi, who is now an msnbc contributor, and john finer, the former chief of staff for secretary of state john kerry. john, let's start with you because you're sitting next to me, number one. >> thanks. >> what did you make of that press conference and specifically that he would have directed general mike flynn to talk about sanctions with the russian ambassador while president obama was still in
9:25 am
office and while he was imposing those sanctions? >> on the press conference itself i think there's been a lot of talk about how this played domestically trump's base liked it, lots of people commenting publicly were apparently horrified by it. what i was thinking about is how this probably played overseas, especially in contrast to what has been relatively invisible state department, which is traditionally the entity that does public diplomacy that presents a more palatable friely public face to the world. secretary of state on his first overseas visit not taken questions from the press, not done any major public statements and a state department that has not briefed the press which used to be done daily since january 19th. they have some people there but not doing the daily press briefing so none of the big decisions are explained to the rest of the world. >> tillerson we didn't know he was meeting and i've said this so many times in the past couple of days we didn't know he was meeting with lavrov until the kremlin told us. that is a huge departure from
9:26 am
normal protocol. >> having been through some of this, there are the last-minute decisions and logistics get complicated but i did hear a clip from chief of staff reince priebus earlier who said nobody can speak for the president better than the president himself. i wonder if that's true internationally or if they'd be better off to put other people out to tell the world what is going on. >> president trump is getting pretty defensive about those leaks and it seems to be that many are looking towards the intelligence community for those leaks. there's no word on there the leaks are specifically coming from the intelligence community but what do you make of the current relationship between donald trump and those that are tasked with essentially spying for him? >> you know, katy, the u.s. intelligence community or the usc is the single greatest asset that the united states and the president has in protecting u.s. national security. they're tasked with identifying what the emerging threats are, where the risks are around the obe, looking at terrorism and
9:27 am
espionage and geopolitical issues and assessing the capabilities and intent of our adversaries and there have been some statements and comments out of this administration that have impacted morale and questioned the credibility of the intel community, the usc. that's undermined that. there needs to be a trust relationship between the president and the usc, and what's happened publicly on social media has not been helpful. that being said, leaks coming out of the intelligence community, if, in fact they are, they also undermine that trust relationship and those do not serve the president or the people of the united states. should the people in the intelligence community, who have served and sacrificed for many, many years to protect this country if they see something inappropriate for illegal, they should take that through the whistle-blower program. there are intel communities, committees rather on the house and the senate side that can oversee and assess but that
9:28 am
should not be done publicly because that goes to undermine that trust relationship between the president and the usc. >> this bit of news got overshadowed by yesterday's press conference but trump is tapping a new york billionaire, steven feinberg, to head a review of the intelligence agencies. what sort of reaction will the intelligence community have towards this outsider coming in to look into them? >> well the first question i had when i saw that was, you know, what is the scope? what is the intent? what's the objective of this? when you talk about something so broadly, a review of the intelligence communities, the president has recently put in or is in the process of putting heads of many agencies that he's tapping himself at cia and dia, the dni, and over at other agencies, nsa. i would imagine that the president would want those new heads, those leaders who he's appointed to do some assessment themselves to determine the capabilities and the scope of
9:29 am
their organizations. if this is purely about leaks, there are inspector generals that each of these agencies have that can assess that. if this goes toward the capabilities and the functionality of the intel community, you really need somebody who understands the community and has spent time in the community. it's incredibly complex. there are 17 different agencies, and some type of analysis or review would be long ranging and really require some special expertise, katy. >> jon, we touched on this a moment ago but defense secretary james mattis is in europe along with vice president pence, who will be joining them today. talk to me about the tifts they a difficulties they are facing trying to ensure our allies about nato. >> the challenge both of them have is articulating what exactly u.s. foreign policy is right now. the biggest problem in the absence of a national security adviser whose job it is to bring all the heads of agencies together and come up with a
9:30 am
clear and concise vision of our policies on different areas officials are saying contradictory things. on the one hand we should be working with russia to fight isis and syria. on the other hand, wait no, not until we can trust them. maybe we believe in a one-state solution for israel, maybe we believe in a two-state solution. depending on who is speaking on a different day our policies are dictated differently. that creates confusion. what they want is clarity about what the u.s. policy is on different issues >> kristen welker at the white house confirms donald trump will be meeting with canada, its national security adviser this weekend. jon, shawn, thank you guys so much for joining me. coming up next, we're watching the senate where moments from now voting is expected to begin on the confirmation of scott pruitt to run the epa. we'll go live to capitol hill. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
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donald trump has landed in south carolina and he is now at that boeing factory, he just tweeted this out, just arrived in south carolina. it's a picture of him, thumbs up with some executives from that facility. meanwhile we're watching the senate floor, where vote something about to get under way to confirm scott pruitt for epa administrator but democrats are trying a last ditch effort to delay. joining me now is nbc's kasie hunt who is on capitol hill. do the democrats have a chance to delay this any further? >> reporter: katy, in a word, it's no, although if in fact we get some sort of last-minute information the next half an hour i suppose anything is possible but this delay is
9:35 am
centered around that court case in oklahoma, those requests to release the attorney general scott pruitt's emails that this judge granted and hasaid these emails need to be released by tuesday so democrats are now saying hey we should have more information before we vote on this nominee. of course this inspired republicans to be all the more aggressive in making sure that it happens as procedure dictates at 1:00 this afternoon. so what you're seeing on the floor now is a democratic effort that's likely to fail to try and delay, put this off far enough so that they actually do see the contebnts of those emails but republicans are proceeding forward and we do believe at this point pruitt is likely to be confirmed. there are a couple democrats who said they'll support pruitt's nomination, senator joe man chin of west virginia, and red state democrats with significant industry industries is the basic short version earlier. man chin's office says the court case information doesn't change
9:36 am
theical klaus. if we learn something before this vote happens all bets are off but at this point it looks like he's likely to be confirmed. the leader mitch mcconnell talked about this a little bit at a press conference with reporters, a pretty wide ranging press conference. he's frustrated with the amount of time it is taking to move the cabinet nominees through. he also spoke at some length about other issues, russia among them. he was asked if he believed donald trump when trump said that his administration to his knowledge didn't have contacts with russia during the course of the campaign, and mcconnell speak being the set of facts said he has no idea whether the trump campaign was in contact with russian officials. so a little bit of news on that front, which is obviously separate from the vote we have going on now. katy? >> i got to tell you, kasie, you are my favorite pern in the world to watch on tv because usually the question to you is what's going on or do they have a chance and it's like almost like you're going to devolve into a heavy sigh at the end of it and just to say nothing. in a word, no, you're getting
9:37 am
stonewalled in the capitol as senators try to tell you they never saw donald trump's press conference. i mean, god bless you. >> reporter: that's very sweet of you, thank you. >> the best job in tv news right now, most interesting place to be. >> reporter: i'm having a blast. my shoes are wearing out but other than that it's all good. >> well i miss you. hopefully see you soon. >> reporter: miss you, too. >> i'm going to move on because i don't think our viewers care. kasie hunt on capitol hill thank you so much. >> reporter: happy friday to you. >> you, too. bob michael died this morning at the age of 93. he served for 14 years as leader, always in the minority, under presidents ronald reagan, george h.w. bush and bill clinton. he was a recipient of the medal of freedom. paul ryan called him "a happy warrior revered for his decency and commitment to what's right." and earlier today illinois senator dick durbin honored his home state colleague on the
9:38 am
senate floor. take a listen. >> every politician alive should aspire for that moment like bob michael, when the last words of tribute to his public service are, "he was the face of decency and public service." i stand today in tribute to my friend, my republican neighboring congressman who served this nation so well for so many years.
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>> reporter: react one ward to the president's conference today? >> i didn't get to see it yet. >> reporter: one-word reaction? >> terrifying. >> reporter: sir? >> unfocused. >> i didn't see the press conference, sorry. >> nonending. >> i was in a committee hearing. >> l-a-c-k-i-n-g. >> i didn't watch it. >> unbelievable. >> i didn't see it today. >> embarrassing. >> i haven't got to watch it yet. i was in a committee hearing. >> reporter: one-word reaction to the president's press conference? >> prayer. >> i haven't yet. i'm not ducking at this. i really haven't. >> i heard it's entertaining. >> reporter: can i bother you briefly for a one-word reaction to the president? >> i've been in the chair the past two hours. sorry. >> growth and tax reform, getting the economy going which is obviously more than one word. >> a bit of a theme there with the republicans, right? is this just their strategy to ignore their president? joining me is loni chen, research fellow at the hoover institution so loni, is it?
9:43 am
>> well i don't know if it's a strategy but it's all ofly convenient. there seem to be a lot of hearings going on at the same time but it is obviously an interesting dynamic, katy the relationship between republicans in congress and the president and the bigger question is how it's going to impact the policy agenda for republicans going forward. >> what does donald trump need to do to right this ship? >> well you know, i think part of it is that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes on key issues like obamacare, repeal and replace, like tax reform. i think for the president it's important for him to come back to those core issues, to talk about economic growth as one of the members of congress alluded to, to focus in on the issues. that's going to make the members of congress on the republican side happy because those are areas of actual agreement. obamacare which is somewhat contentious, republicans would rather be talking about that than the press conference. >> he'd vowed to roll out a new immigration order next week. what does it need to look like for it to be constitutional and
9:44 am
number two, to be less controversial? >> i think first of all katy it's important for the order to be more circumscribed and specific. one of the issues around the first order was it ended up catching people unintentional a or inadvertently. i think people with green cards for example, folks who had helped the united states in places luke iraq, they ended up getting caught behind the order. i think it's important that the order be a little bit more specific but in terms o controversy, i'm not sure that even if the order is more specific, it still won't be controversial because we are deeply divided over the issue of immigration and even within the republican party will are divisions as to what the right approach it. they can write it to pass constitutional muster. >> what is donald trump going to do with dreamers, daca, children brought into the country by their parents, are they allowed to stay? he was asked about it yesterday in his press conference. take a listen. >> it's a very, very tough
9:45 am
subject. we are going to deal with daca with heart. i have to deal with a lot of politicians and have to contivie them what i'm saying is right. the daca situation is a very difficult thing for me, because i love these kids. i love kids. i have kids, and grandkids, and i find it very, very hard doing what the law says exactly to do. >> politically he's in, i guess, a tough situation with this. where do you think he should be falling on the issue? >> first of all i thought that was a very good answer from the president. it showed compassion. >> didn't actually say anything in terms of what he would do. >> fair, but i think he also expressed that it is a heart issue and a lot of times we forget there are a lot of real people involved web we talk about immigration. going forward i think the first question is going to be will he seek a legislative solution?
9:46 am
president obama sought an executive solution through daca because he didn't think it could be done through congress. the question is can a republican president do it? that would be the prerves for the president as well as congressional leaders who are republicans. this is one issue actually where republicans on immigration will say look, we want to be able to help those who were brought here illegally as children and there is more consensus on this than perhapsert issues in the immigration space. >> lanhee it minds people in terms of dreamers but we still are seeing some pretty tough situations and at times gut wrenching situations, people who came in illegally are ripped away or facing potential ripping away from their family. mother in colorado seeking asylum or refuge essential will i in a church, she was afraid to check in with i.c.e.
9:47 am
>> yes, i mean what i would say first of all, i think there were policies of deportation for example that were started under the obama administration that have been continued. is the administration doing anything different. the tone, the broader issue is a lot of people may wish that the president had taken more of the same tone he took yesterday in talking about daca and thinking about immigration but this is a tough issue for republicans. there are divisions in the party and i think he recognizes that. >> lanhee chen thank you so much for joining me. happy friday. >> thank you. >> president donald trump is in charleston, south carolina, right now at the boeing plant where he's taking a tour and will make remarks. outside though there are protests, both in support of donald trump and against donald trump. more on that next right here on "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc.
9:48 am
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♪ look at just yesterday we had a press conference, we had a meeting with congressional leader, we had foreign leader calls, all kin of events and every day it's like at,ou meet with retailers in the morning, youignills in the afternoon. these meetings these days, these bill signings, these executive orders they don't happy accident. >> white house chief of staff channeling bing crosby maybe, only accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative when it comes to questions about
9:52 am
the trump administration, the many controversies it seems to be piling up. joining me for our daily fix is chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and founder of "the washington post" fix blog. is it bing crosby, accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative? >> yeah, i mean look he's the white house chief of staff. he's not going to say yeah, man, things are going really bad. it's his job to say that and look, what they have done well is take a lot of action. how those actions panned out, the approach and rollout of those actions are very much open to debate how well they have done. donald trump says it's a fine tuned machine. it does not appear to be that way, and we know from lots of reporting, citing lots of white house aides, that there is a level of uncertainty at least chaos at most going on behind the scenes with not that many
9:53 am
people necessarily knowing what way the boat is going to be steered today. >> those that like donald trump saw for instance that press conference yesterday and what they saw was a man who was in charge and in control pushing back against the dishonest media who really deserved it. there are those who don't like donald trump thought it was out of control and wild. what about the lawmakers who have to find a way to thread that needle? >> well lo, i think what we've done so fa katy, we're not worried about what he says. we're worried about what he's does. the big thing in their mind nominating neil gorsuch as a member of the supreme court. donald trump didn't win just because and you know this better than anyone he didn't win because of the people who came out to his rallied. yes, enthusiastic support for him from his base was important, no question. but he won a lot from a lot of people who kind of hold their nose voted for him as the lesser two of evils. they really didn't want to vote
9:54 am
for hillary clinton. they did not want to vote for the status quo and they voted for change. now he is giving them change. the question is, and i honestly, it's hard, because so much has happened in the first 26 days, but i do think it's too early to say this. we don't know if the change he is giving them is the change they voted for or the change they want. >> let's bring in "washington post" political reporter anne guerin. take a listen to what he said. >> if i had been asked to pick the team on national security around president trump i couldn't have picked a better team and i think that's very important. >> pre-flynn or post-flynn? >> i think that the flynn issue obviously is something that shows that in many respects this administration is in disarray, and they've got a lot of work to
9:55 am
do. >> that was john mccain at the security conference in munich, where james mattis and v.p. mike pence will be. how significant is it to have john mccain say this on such a prominent stage? anne? >> i think it is significant. he is saying two things there, that he has confidence in the larger team around trump, mattis, tillerson, general kelly, secretary kelly now, and vice president pence, all of whom have national security experience and credentials, and i think in each case somebody that mccain thinks he can do business with and in each case somebody who comes from a sort of regular republican foreign policy sphere. i tught what he said about flynn particularly interesting, he said this is a white house in disarray, and
9:56 am
clearly when you look at it, it is in disarray, and the european allies gathered at the munich security conference today and yesterday in bahn for the g-20, have eyes and ears and they look at the white house and see disarray as well and for mccain to acknowledge it frontally but say it in the same breath that the team around trump is solid, i think sends a message that while maybe the words weren't exactly what the white house would have picked themselves is a message they do want to send particularly to european and asian allies. >> chris cillizza and anne gearan of "the washington post" thank you for joining me. more ahead on "andrea mitchell reports" as we await donald trump at the boeing plant in south carolina. we'll be right back. american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." i'm kate y tur. i'll be back here at 2:00. craig melvin, i got a bit of deja vu. >> like we're the only two people working here. >> might be. >> i'm craig melvin in new york for msnbc, all eyes right now are on boeing's plant in north charleston, south carolina. president donald trump scheduled to speak before factory workers there, moments from now. when it happens we'll take you there live. the president trying to project an air of success with a campaign-funded rally in