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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  February 18, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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ime ofxp eerience. so i know how important that is. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus get texplorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. good morning and welcome to a.m. joy. the calls for investigation into an alleged russian interference in the 2016 election are glowing. following yesterday's meeting between the senate intelligence committee and james comey.
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last night after the meeting, florida senator rubio i am now very confident will on which i serve will conduct thorough bipartisan investigation of putin interference and influence. while senators are listening to what intelligence agencies are trying to say, donald trump is trying to plug the leaks with a criminal investigation. >> i've actually called the justice department to look into the leaks, so we are looking into that very seriously. it's a criminal act. >> joining me now or author of the plot to hack america and former cia jack rise. let's talk about this. you were great on bill mahr last night. you're national treasures, both of you. but rather to try and go after the leakers, what do you see happening here? >> this is a classic case of
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misdirection. donald trump is feeling the pressure and based on what we saw yesterday with the senators coming out of their debrief completely closed lip. they seem to understand they may have gotten information that indicates tt the real criminalality may be at the white house and i think that donald trump will want to do something dramatic, like bring in some very high ranked ex-clinton administration official and charge him with something crazy like treason. this white house is capable of anything and i think we need to be on guard for that. my peer jack rice will agree. if they go after them and try to make them a scape goat. >> he also had a story come out in the "the wall street journal," some of our spies are keeping information from donald trump potentially from some members of his team because they're worried that information
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that they give to the white house may wind up in the hands of the russians. donald trump read the riot act to his new cia director who then walked it back. some of our spies are guarding what they give to this white house? >> i think they're worried about this and the leaks. the bottom line that we have here is, is there a mole at the white house. that's the bottom line. and if you look at the amount of intelligence that's out there, the amount of effort that the russians have put towards this and, in fact, it's shocking that what potus is actually doing is saying we need to stop the leaks. how about if he turns around to all of us people, guess what? you're all going to sit down with the bureau and you're all going to say exactly what you know so we can get this all behind us. >> this was donald trump at that epic press conference this week talking about leaks and fake news. let's listen. >> well, the leaks are real.
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you're the one that wrote about them and reported them. you know what they said. you saw it and the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake because so much of the news is fake. >> i mean you still have this consistent refusal on the part of the president to acknowledge the fact that russian interfered in the election. he admitted it one time but now he's back to saying that the russian interference is fake and it's only the leaks that are real. >> it doesn't make any sense. how can the leaks be real but the news that's being leaked is fact and really what this is donald trump, our president, is following putin's playbook to attack the media, to undermine democracy around the world. and this is unfortunately our president has allowed putin to have access in the white house to the point where the national security adviser had to resign because of collusion in being too close with the russians. we're feeling the impact of this as diplomats around the world.
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the reason g. 7 summit planning, unfortunately u.s. officials were being frozen out, the eu and our allies, these are our allies in europe, they do not feel comfortable sharing information with their u.s. count parts because they don't know if it's going to end up in the hands of russians. >> what we do know is you have this "the new york times" had repeated contacts with russian intelligence, paul manafort who was the campaign manager, he didn't say he had no contact, how do you know who you're talking to? it really could be anyone. we know we had a half a dozen members of this administration unable to get security clearances in order to get jobs in the government. is it possible that trump's campaign team, so many people could have had contact with russians during the campaign and trump not know about it? >> no, it's absolutely impossible. and we've discussed this. i recall you and i having this discussion on july 27th when donald trump came out and made
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the statement that russia, if you're listening, release hillary clinton's e-mails. if he had invisible strings on him that day to make him russia's assext he became an awarend witting asset and everything that wadone from that point onward withhi staff was designed to get himself elected president and accepted russia and wikileaks assistance. this is going to be the greatest scandal in american history. this is benedict arnold territory right now and jack rice is absolutely correct. it should be turning around. if he was a decent president of the united states, he would turn around and say we are all going to resolve this issue. my nation comes first. >> is it possible do you find it credible that the national security adviser of the president of the united states even before he was located, the person who was designated to be national security adviser could have discussions with the russian ambassador without his
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boss, the incoming president, knowing about it? >> no. absolutely not. in fact, the chief of staff has already been clear about this. he has said that donald trump knows everything from the top down into the weeds. that's how he runs the white house. now if that's the case, he knew exactly what was going on and frankly if we looked at his press conference, if he hadn't been doing this, i would've ordered him to do this. this is astounding. remember the russians this is what they do. they did this in ukraine and georgia. we find that vladimir putin is one of the most vision nairry leaders in terms of what he's doing in the world right now and he is working donald trump like a puppet and that's the part that's really scary here. >> and now we also have seen many members of the state department dismissed while the secretary of state was overseas that just happened within the last 48 hours. they suddenly fired a bunch of people in the state department. you've seen that kind of thing going on.
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if the trump team then tries to use the justice department to go after members of our intelligent community, what's the fallout of that? >> this is all starting because we have a president who only cares about himself, right? this is putting his presidency and his personal image ahead of what is good for the american people and t american public. so it doesn't matter to him that we are now losing our nonpolitical analysts and subject matter experts who actually know how the world works, what matters to him is that he has only people who are loilg to him and his agenda. there's absolutely know way that anybody is talking to russia without the approval of the president of the united states. anybody who would have opposed that is no longer in place and the people who are left, frankly, who are not of his own are really scared if they do speak up they're going to be sound lined. they're probably the last people you want to cross because if
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there's anybody who knows how to get information out and take care of business, it's your analysts and spies in the intelligence community. that is what i think the american public should rest their hope on for saving presidency and saving our country. is the fact that you have officers and analysts and professionals in place who will make sure that the right information is out there and that decisions are made in a way that is for our national security. and if not then they'll make sure that people know that the president hasn't gone off kilter. >> what would be the blowback if the president decided to go full on after the intelligence community because he thinks the leaks are the crime and not the contact with russia potentially hacking our election? >> and how that played out what i can tell you is they will shut themselves down to some degree. if they can establish that the president is dirty they will
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take him down. >> very sunk sinktly said. >> jack's absolutely right. we've been saying this for some time. it appears to me and this makes it even more suspicious, more suspicious than anything donald trump is saying, another intelligence indicator that we're getting from this white house, it's almost like putin has deployed and political warfare advisory command directly into the trump campaign. he is using every step of putin's political warfare and compromised warfare campaigning, you know, against the united states, but it's coming out of the mouth of the president. it's coming out of the mouth of the white house staffers. these people are mimicking russian tactics in order to effect the exact same political escalation in russia in the united states. i think, you know, if he thought that the leaking was happening now, if anyone is leaking, it's
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probably coming from senate staffers, it's problem even coming from the white house. there's a lot of knife fights beginning on in there. >> really quickly, jack. >> i would agree completely. in fact, what we've always found in the past the leaks come from the the hill and the white house than they come from the intelligence committee or the bureau. >> our president is being played by putin and if they think they're actually president trump thinks his friends with putin, putin is laughing his way to the bank and waiting to see how much he can get out of the united states before things fall apart. >> absolutely. thank you. coming up. do all black people know each other? we'll ask if donald trump thinks so next.
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>> are you going to include the congressional black caucus and the -- >> i would. you want to set up the meeting? do you want to set up the meeting? are they friends of yours. >> i know some of them. >> let's go. set up the meeting. i would love to meet with them. i think it's great. >> so given that we know that we can talk to the president through the tv and he's new in town in d.c., here's a quick explainer. cbc stands for congressional black caucus. an actually according to the cbc they did request a meeting with the president last month. the problem is the white house, well, didn't respond. and, by the way, that meeting request was not facilitated by april ryan who doesn't actually do that as part of her reporting job. also, i should probably point out that this too am i black
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journalist who is also not a member of the cbc nor can i help you set up a meeting with the black caucus. i just do tv and write the occasional article and book. frederick douglas can't help either, but that's because he died in 1895. joining me now is april ryan the white house correspondent an author of at mama's knee, and business and political marketing. now know not all black people are friends but the three of us do happen to be friends. not every black person knows each other but we particularly three black people do know each other. i'm going to start with you, april because wow. what a moment that you had with donald trump when he seemed to suggest that you could set up a meeting with the congressional black caucus as part of your job. what was going through your head when you heard that? >> it was about my journalistic
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integrity. i was shocked and everything else paled after that and i just wanted to let it be known that that is not what i do. i don't set meetings up. but at issue i really wanted to find out what he was saying about the black agenda and that that was one of his platform pieces and he gave me some of his categories. he said education. he said health and he said trying to combat the issue of crime in some cities like chicago, but now the devil is in the details. what would he do to help bolt ster that? that's why i asked about that because they have been doing the heavy lifting on these issues as a collective group since 1971. so the issue really -- yeah, that moment happened, but there are bigger issues, you know, for black america who has the highest number of negz in almost every categories.
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>> the hill has written a piece about congressman did confirm that donald trump did vicinity this story, that he specifically cancelled a meeting. the cbc did send a letter to donald trump and it's a letter in which they talk about the fact, they tell the president if you're series about addressing issues you'd be wise to tap into the decade of expertise held by members of our caucus. the letter was signed by the chairman. there was a tweet by them after that press conference. hi, donald trump. we're the cbc. we sent you a letter but you never wrote us back. any way your thoughts? >> so many things to unpack here. number one what i found was particularly striking he didn't know who the cbc was.
7:19 am
that's number one. he seemed to be trying to register and figure out who they were and i think that was part of why he said are they friends of yours because he didn't even understand the relationship. so that's number one. number two, his view of african-americans and this is something i continue to press and i will continue to press is grounded in racial stereotypes so he is going to make policies based on a set of beliefs that are grounded in racial stereotypes and while the african-american community, we have -- we certainly have our economic challenges, our socioeconomic issues. i'm not going to discount that. our community is doing very well at large. positive things come out of our inner cities and we need to make sure that we're not allowing him to paint the african-american community broadly as a criminal, lazy community because that hurts our community and our ability to continue to lift ourselves up socioeconomically.
7:20 am
>> that's a really important point. it does seem that every time that donald trump makes a pronouncement that has to do with african-americans it's rooted in this idea that all african-americans are living in poverty and blight. is that the sense you get broader or beyond donald trump from his team? let me hear what one member of congress had to say. he was talking actually about your press conference but this was him talking not just about trump but about his team. take a listen. >> what do you make of him asking april ryan to set up that meeting? >> it was very strange. and hopefully some of his advisors have informed one that a letteras already been sent to him and that we're looking forward an open dialogue. steve bannon should not be in the room. >> why not? >> he's a stone cold racist and white supremacist sympathizesym
7:21 am
beyond that we'll have to -- >> just from your reporting are there more members of the cbc if they get their meeting they don't want steve bannon in the room and part b, do you have the sense that because people like bannon are around donald trump that's reinforcing this sort of view of black people as just a stereotype? >> well, i haven't heard anyone else beyond the congressman say that but i've also heard from the head of the cbc -- they are going to have this meeting because the white house did reach out to them not long after that press conference thursday. they're trying to pinpoint a date and time but they're going to press our agenda issues. when it comes to the seats at the table, i'm thinking back to something that sheryl -- if there's not a seat at the table bring a folding chair.
7:22 am
the problem is we don't see a diverse cross section of people at the table and when it comes to african-americans, they are just very few, less than five, maybe two that really we know that have this president's ear and there's more of a diverse population of people in the hispanic community and .black community than those that he has at the table. so he needs to hear -- i mean, former president george w. bush had the most diverse republican administration than any other republican. so i mean, he is not following the lead of that last former republican president. >> if you talk about who has his ear, you have omorosa, you have ben carson who he stashed at hud. you talked about him just dealing in african-american stereotypes. having them at the table only and thenaving bannon around. how does tha help him?
7:23 am
>> exactly. his belief system is people like ben carson, he sees them as outliers so he sees them as these are exceptional people but this is not how the african-american community is generally. that's how it was on the apprentice. there was a core belief that as a community as a whole that people exceptional people are outliers which we know is not true. so i think that the problem is when you don't have enough people around you diversity and this goes beyond just trump, when you don't have enough diverse people around you then it makes it easier to reinforce your world view and that is what we're seeing play out and that is what is so dangerous particularly for the african-american community. >> absolutely. thank you both. but do you have any comment that you want to give us about this whole story that was in the "the washington post" last week about you and omorosa.
7:24 am
do you have any comment you want to put out there? >> i wish her well. >> all right. we'll leave it at that. up next, donald trump's deep ties to mother russia. stay with us. [ sighs ]
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understood, brake bias back 2 clicks. giving them the agility to have speed & precision. cause no one knows & like at&t. >> can you say whether you are aware that anyone who advised your campaign had contacts with russia during the course of the election? >> well, i told you general flynn obviously was dealing so that's one person but he was dealing as he should have been. >> during the election. >> nobody that i know of. >> so you're not aware of any contacts during the course of the election. >> how many times do i have to answer this question? >> can you just say yes or no? >> russia is a russe. i have nothing to do with russia. haven't made a phone call in russia for years, not that i wouldn't i just have nobody to speak to. i have nothing to do with russia. to the best of my knowledge, no person that i deal with --
7:28 am
>> donald trump's says he has nothing to do with russia. hasn't made a phone call to russia in years. then it might be quite a coincidence that his inner circle has so many ties to russia. first there's general michael flynn, the one time paid contributor to russian propaganda from rt who resigned this week after less than a month after national security adviser over his failure to disclose phone calls with the russian ambassador. that's paul manafort who was campaign manager at the time of the wikileaks dumped who resigned that he turned up on a list of people that are paid by the form ukrainer prime minister. this is carter page a former investment banker who worked in moscow. and is the guy thought to have changed the ukraine plank in the
7:29 am
republican platform at last year's kwek he left the campaign were investigating whether he communicated with russian officials about lifting u.s. sanctions and he's denied those allegations. there's roger stone a long time trfrp consillariry. but at the time he bragged that he was in contact with wikileaks and tweeted in advance that wikileaks was going to drop a bomb that would destroy the clinton campaign. >> then there's boris epstein a russian born american. according to media, he has financial ties to the former soviet union which includes consulting and moderating a russian sponsored conference in 2013 on investment opportunities in russia. trump secretary of state rex tillerson which has strong
7:30 am
financial ties to russian state owned oil company. he's been called the american with the closest personal ties to putin, and he's a former recipient of russia's order of friendship award which is not a common thing for an american to receive. in 2008 donald trump's son traveled to russia looking for deals. he said, quote, we see a lot of money pouring in from russia. trufrm daughter ivanka say long time friend of putin's girlfriend. last but not least there's the donald himself. throughout the years several projects abroad. many of them involving russian money and his personal affinity date back to the late 1980s. trump also took the miss
7:31 am
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>> and i can tell you speaking for myself, i own nothing in russia. i have no loans in russia. i don't have any deals in russia. >> you definitively say that nobody -- >> i have nothing do with it. i have nothing to do with russia. i have no deals there. i have no anything. >> it took reporters three tries before donald trump finally answered that question. his answer they didn't. well, not to the best of his knowledge. joining me now to discuss this are scott dworkin. the staff writer for the a columnist for the daily beast
7:35 am
and the author of the making of donald trump. so let's go through really quickly. i'll start with you david, donald trump says he owns nothing in russia, he has no loans in russia and has no deals in russia. is that true? >> well, he may not have any businesses in russia but he's lots of business with russians. if donald trump's deal for the land near mar-a-lago had been done by a city council because in a market where donald trump said real estate is falling away to nothing he got more than doubled his price in a little over three years. we will publish shortly the new nonprofit news service a series about a whole area of russian connections that hasn't come out anywhere else yet and the public record on his connections is so extensive that jim henry's article which i edited and wrote for the interest magazine is 10,000 words long. no connections, just enough to write 10,000 words. >> good point.
7:36 am
scott, you have also written probably more than 10,000 words at this point about all the various trump's business connections. you tweeted out yesterday, a very interesting sound byte. this is a flash back to david letterman october 17th 2013. let's take a look. >> have you had any dealings with the russians? >> well i've done a lot of businesses with the russians. >> they're smart and they're tough and they're not looking so dumb right now, are they? >> vladimir putin have you ever met the guy? >> i met him once. >> now you have donald trump back then in 2013 tough guy, i met him once so which is it? >> well, he has. he's done extensive business. i think we need to limit the in russia part of things. i don't know if that matters because he's done a lot of business in the united states with russians. keep in mind that people like
7:37 am
have been here doing business since 1996, him specifically. he also specifically last night we found but last night we found multiple articles where he commented on the record during the campaign that he was directly in touch with trump and the campaign. helso said that his son came to the united states to meet with the trump folk during the campaign as well. >> and who is this person? >> amean ogla rorks v. is the person that came over here. who gave $20 million to him for that. he's a billionaire that's based in moscow. >> i guess one of the questions a lot of people have is what sort of brought donald trump to these afinties with russia? the speculation is when we got into financial trouble in the late 1980s it was russian money that bailed him out. does that bear out for you? >> i don't know that it would have been in the 1980s. russia didn't have much money at
7:38 am
the time. it was kind of the soviet union was becoming bankrupt. i think it would have been later if it happened. we still need evidence of this stuff. that said, if you're doing real estate in new york and florida in the 2000s and later, you are going to be doing deals with some really shady russians just like you're going to be doing deals with some really shady chinese people. people looking to park their money and russian have traditional parked their money in real estate, in london and new york and florida because it's just a way to get money out of russia which is really unstable. you can -- the fcb can decide it wants your business at any point. you can come under political attack. this is way way to find a more stable place to park your money in a volatile and unstable country. as for why trump loves putin so
7:39 am
much, i don't know. we still have to -- it seems like putin was throwing in for trump during the campaign. and also i think he just has an afinty for this kind of -- this strong man tactics. ere's something deeply undemocratic about both of them and i think there's this kind of adolescent idea of masculinity that appeals to him. they like action movie stars. >> and scott you were nodding at that part about the russians like liking to park their money in the united states. in trump tower there are quite a few sort of russian nationals living there so there is that economic connection. talk about the connection that goes beyond donald trump to his children. we mentioned wendy dang who is prends with his daughter ivanka, i think former girlfriend of vladimir putin. so this is not donald trump, it's also his family. >> correct. donald trump junior actually spoke ten years ago at a russian
7:40 am
real estate conference as the keynote speaker. the conferences are called the adam smith conferences. they are run by putin's folk, it had to be approved as well. then you follow into 2008 and him trump and michael cohen set up an affliction. they were trying to do a reality show based in russia. that had to be approved by putin even just to move forward in the initial stages. so there's no way that this guy fe dorks re who is a fighter of those would be able to fight or consider to fight if putin did not approve it. so if you have these different links to people, especially with trump junior, i think, you're either a terrible businessman or you're doing something involving oil or gas, going over there six times and not closing any business deals. i'm pretty sure that after the second time trump senior would have said stop going there. it's nonsense to think they're not making any money over there
7:41 am
or they're not actually doing any business deals. i think redefining the basic sense of he's making this money -- another thing i want to touch on, the person who bought the florida state for $100 million also bought a new york city penthouse for $88 million from him. and i believe that was from his daughter but in the florida estate he wasn't going to live there ande didn't rent it out for at least a year so parking his money is spot on. >> can i just -- i'm sorry to interject. can we just -- let's not overstate also putin's power and control. i don't think he has to personally approved tv shows. i think -- >> i think with that -- this he did because they had a background with him where they had a fight in new york city so if he has involvement with trump i think that putin absolutely had to be involved. there's no way he's going to be involved in a business deal internationally with trump and him not having a hand with it.
7:42 am
>> that's not necessarily. >> on the issue of the russians here, putin may not have personally approved these things. the russian have their money only so long as they are in the good graces of vladimir putin and the easiest way to understand their behavior is that they are a state sponsored network of international criminals who have been trying to interfere with other democracies, to lute the wealth particularly through iceland and britain. donald trump has been deeply involved with many of these people and the reports we're going to public shortly will open up a whole new vein. >> thank you very much. coming up in our next hour, thousands of people will be flood willing the streets of los angeles to protest donald trump's draconian immigration plan. but first, pulitzer prize leonard pits responds to donald trump's war with the media right after after the break. what on earth
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>> see, i know when i should get good and when i should get bad and sometimes i'll say wow that's going to be a great story. and i'll get killed. i mean it's story after story after story is bad. i won. i won. >> donald trump's intolerance for scrutiny by the press was on full display in his rather odd 77 minute press conference on thursday. it was a performance that only proved the point made early in
7:50 am
the week. leonard pitts issued, if you were a smart guy with unimpea unimpeachable integrity for the benefit of all human kind, you'd still be subject to sharp scrutiny from news media, oversight from congress and public opinion. and you, of course are none of those things. he joins me now. i'm sitting here looking at your column, sir and first of all, you know, you can see it here, i don't know if people can see it with donald trump sitting at the resolute desk with andrew jackson in the background when they see that guy there. i'm going to redo this. you said you become president you get snappy is a lieutenants, you get a nice plane and public housing but you're not entitled to do whatever pops into your furry orange head and then you go on to say you and other
7:51 am
members of the of the fourth right have difficulty understanding this. >> too subtle you think? >> too subtle? you should tell us how you really feel, so tell us how you really feel? >> i really feel as if we are in a crisis in this country, a crisis of pretty much unprecedented proportions in a lot of ways and i think it's incumbent upon us to speak truth to power and speak truth plainly. i don't think there's been nearly enough of that from those of us with access to the public mega phone and the means to do so. >> as often happens whenever you write a column, you get -- you always get a pushback. this has about 1,400 columns and counting. a lot of the detractors of yours who responded to your column said to you who do you think you are and why are you essentially being disrespectful to the president? do you not owe him some respect? >> my answer to who the heck do i think i am has been very simple. i am a citizen of the united
7:52 am
states of america protected by the first amendment and my freedom of speech and frankly obligated as a citizen of the united states of america to protest and to complain when i see something going wrong particularly when its going as wrong and dangerously wrong as it's going right now. >> so i think the donald trump sort of reacted to the media on two separate streams. one is this sort of whining why won't the press conference be nice. i would be your biggest fans if you just write something nice. there's that piece of me why are you being mean to me and then there's this side. donald trump tweeted about the media. the fake news media failing "the new york times," nbc, cbs, cnn is not my enemy, it's the enemy of the american people. that's something more ominous than whining. what do you make of that? >> i think that's dangerous. the interesting thing, though
7:53 am
that i'm seeing and this is all anecdotal so take it for what it's worth. i'm hearing a lot more from my readers than i once did that they look to the news media as the final bull wark between donald trump and this awe tock rasy that he seems to want to put into effect. i'm a newspaper journalist and our profession news people in general, we enjoy about the same affection and respect orderly as your average used car salesman or divorce attorney. i'm not used to being liked but there seems to be a backlash to these things that are coming out of trump's mouth that the news media are my representatives in the corridors of power. they do represent me and ask the hard questions and thank god they are there. >> you also have this other phenomenon that there is already a siloing of information that people on the right could just get their information from right wing leading news outlets and
7:54 am
block themselves off from unpleasant information about the president. and donald trump definitely seems to be feeding that. he tweeted on saturday, don't believe the mainstream fake news media. the white house is running very well. i inherited a mess and in the process of fixing it. there's so much about that that he didn't inherit a mess. he came into a country that was literally burning to the ground and saved it in 28 days. does it sort concern you that there is a certain portion of the aman public that only gets the news from him and believes what he's saying? >> that sort of thinking kerngz me now. it's concerned me frankly for years before donald trump ever made it on to the national political scene. the thing mr. trump and the people who sort of believe this stuff fail to take into account, you can craft all the alternate realities you want, realities is still reality and at some point
7:55 am
reality will reassert itself. the analogy that i use is that i can say all i want that gravity has been cancelled, gravity is fake news but if i walk off a high ledge, gravity is going to prove itself very clearly. the question is as americans are we willing and ready to walk off that high ledge. >> absolutely. you as myself, somebody who is associated with florida are familiar of course with trump's fellow palm beach resident rush limbau limbaugh. trump is now returning the love to him on friday tweeting. one of the effective press news conferences i've ever seen. essentially trying to take people like rush limbaugh and put them on the same par as something like cnn or msnbc as a
7:56 am
news media. is that just -- is that just constituent service or is there something about that that's dangerous? >> that's been going on for a very long time as well. trump is not -- did not create this, this atmosphere. trump has simply exploited it to a degree that innovamost of us thought possible. we've been seeing this stuff for years. i believe it was in 2005, 2007 that stephen colbert coined the word truthiness. it's jt that trump has exploited it and used it to ride to the presidency. >> absolutely. you've been covering following politics. have you ever seen anything like this? it's only been 29 days. >> i've not only been following politics, i've been reading history for a long time and nowhere have i seen anything that remotely reminds me of this. >> i think you speak for a lot of people, my friend.
7:57 am
thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. >> up next the latest on ice raids and the linked memo that sent a chill through millions of americans.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> doca is a very difficult subject for me. you have these incredible kids in many cases not in all cases, they were brought here in such a way, it's a very, very tough subject. we're going to deal with daca with heart. >> good morning and welcome back to a.m. joy. immigration officials have arrested nearly 700 people in multi-city raids and operations across the country. prompting protests all week including a national day without immigrant strike on thursday. the protests continue today a few hours from now in los angeles, tens of thousands of people are expected to gather
8:01 am
to call for an immediate halt to the i.c.e. raids and to donald trump's travel ban. the president suggested on thursday that he is working on a compassionate way to deal with immigrants covered by daca that allows some undocumented immigrants who arrive in the u.s. has miners to attend school and to work without fear of deportation. already one men protected under daca is facing deportation. arrested 23-year-old daniel rarms last week. justice department say he has gang ties and is therefore eligible for deportation. a claim his attorney says is false. as he fights for his release the fate of some 750,000 other dreamers remains frighteningly unclear. also on friday the associated press reported that it obtains an 11 page draft memo that outlined what appeared to be a trump administration proposal to mobilize as many as 100,000 national guard troops to round
8:02 am
up unauthorized immigrants. now the white house is vigorously denied the report and the department of homeland security said the memo was a very early draft for an idea that was never seriously considered. and joining me now is activist and actress rosy perez. and former republican congressman of arizona j.d. heyworth. thank you all for being here. i want to go to you, congressman, donald trump ran on the idea of deporting essentially all undocumented immigrants from the united states and now you have raids taken place across the united states that are really terrifying people. how can the republican party justify going after at least at this point one daca recipient as part of those raids? >> good morning to you, joy and a friendly amendment to the introduction. obviously i am a recovering member of congress now gainfully employed by news max as a host. i know joy in the television
8:03 am
business we want to put our affiliates out there. let's unpack it. number one, i think what we have to come to grips with is the notion, are we going to enforce laws? and with reference to the situation in seattle, let's let the judge review the facts of the case. you laid that out. i think it's important to understand this is just as elemental as we all live in a apartments or in homes. we have locks on the door. if anyone came in unauthorized, that would be considered breaking and entering without your permission and just as we all search for personal security, we have to understand that immigration and the question of who comes to our question lawfully, remember, immigration say term of law. when you abandon it you're not talking about immigrants, you're talking sadly about something else entirely. so i think it's important that the laws are enforced.
8:04 am
as i recall mr. trump did not run specifically on deportation, but he did run on law enforcement and i can tell you, joy, in my own situation what i have seen in arizona is when local jurisdictions were enforcing immigration law, people were obeying immigration law. so it's important to remember, when the laws are enforced, people follow the law. if you want to change the law -- >> he ran on having a massive deportation force -- he did. >> again, let's correct this. the deportation force if you want to call it that exists. immigration, customs and enforcement. the united states border patrol, again, it's within the framework of existing law and you know, i think there's a way to end all the hiss ter ricks and all the name calling on this, let's follow existing law and let's perhaps find a way legislative to deal with people who are brought here as youngsters through no-fault of their own
8:05 am
and if people step up, in the hollywood left would step up with its own personal resources and personally sponsor those who have come here, if that can be made a provision of law but if we return to the notion of sponsorship and responsibility and knowing who is coming here, i don't believe that's unreasonable. >> you also no there's limited tv time. i want to let everybody. >> but you're asking so i was happy to challenge that. >> i'm going to go right to the member of the hollywood left. >> first of all, i'm not a lefty. i'm not a liberal. i'm a democratic conservative so i take offense to that, sir, with all due respect. >> good it's good to hear from you. >> good to hear from you too. i still don't agree with yo that's fine. >> he did run on deporting immigrants, undocumented immigrants and what have you. but to say that it's up to the hollywood elite to fix this problem is insane.
8:06 am
that's why we have a government. >> why? >> we have government and we have lawmakers to address this problem. that is your job. that is your job. >> first of all -- >> hold on. one person's talking. >> sure. >> i've respected you and was quiet so please offer me the same respect. now, our job not as hollywood elite but as an american citizen is to speak up and have our voices heard and you cannot quiet us because -- that is our constitutional right. so people telling us hollywood actors to sit down and be quiet. if you're applying that to us, then apply it to yourself as well. >> that's precisely my point. >> no, it wasn't your point. your point was that we should take on the responsibility of our elected officials. so therefore that's what you were saying. we're not going to go -- >> no, that's not what i was saying. no. >> we're not going to go into
8:07 am
every undocumented person and help them out. we are doing that, by the way. i am personally doing that, by the way, but. >> are you sponsoring immigrants? >> hold on a second. j.d., we're not going to divert in a conversation about whether everyone should sponsor them. i want to come to we do have people who are responsible for fixing these problems they're called members of congress. several of them participated in a meeting with a immigration and customs enforcement and came out of that meeting believing that all 11 million undocumented people in the country are now at risk of deportation but there were some hispanic democrats were not even allowed in the room. several hispanic democrats were denied entry into the meeting with immigrations and customs enforcement, congressman guz was one o them. he tweeted about the fact that members of congress kept them out of the meeting. do you have any reporting on why
8:08 am
that was? how could it be that members of congress were not allowed in? i. >> i do not have reporting on that. i can tell you in response to what former congressman j.d. said. to say that there's a hysterical and we all need to calm down, with all due respect, you can say that because of your position of privilege, excuse me as a white man. >> oh, my goodness. i'm being attacked. i'm being tacked. >> you can respond in a minute. what happened you need to listen because you will not be stopped and questioned at any point as to whether or not you have papers or legitimatesy to be in this country and what has happened from the members of congress who tweeted that out, for example, castro who said i believe now that every single undocumented immigrant is at risk. so of course myself being an immigrant who is not born in this country and as i'm looking at that and getting on the subway, so exactly what is going
8:09 am
to happen here? are all of us who are not white going to be asked to show our papers? that is what this president has done. he has created a situation where you can sit back and say that we're being hysterical but i ask you, when have you spoken to an undocumented immigrant in the last three days, four days to ask them what it feels like to be ter rised in their own country. you have not done that. have you? have you? >> i will tell you what's happened -- >> how many friends of yours are undocumented immigrants. >> you're setting up a false premises. >> hold on. >> you've already played the politics of division. look, i know it was going to be three against one when i agreed to come in. >> we're not going to filibuster. >> no we're not i'm going to ask the question. >> one's person going to talk about a time. >> it can't be only you. >> are you going to let me talk? >> here's the question, the likeliod that you would be stopped and asked to show that
8:10 am
you are documented as an american citizen is very low, the likelihood that maria would be stopped or that rosy would be stopped or that i would be stopped is much higher. so i think that is a valid question to ask. >> can i answer it? >> you're not at that kind of risk. >> can i answer it? because i've gone through questioning by the border patrol when i was moving from cincinnati and maria understands this, when i was moving from cincinnati to arizona and driving along our southeast border i have been stopped by the border patrol. i have been asked if i was a citizen. my car has been examined and the same thing has happened in southern california, if you go down south to san diego everybody has had a situation where there has been traffic stops for border security. >> have you ever been held by immigration? >> it's fascinating. >> have you ever been asked to present something beyond your
8:11 am
driver's license? have you been -- >> you bet i have. not by immigration but by federal law enforcement. not by immigration but by federal law enforcement. i've been asked for my date of birth and my social security card. >> it's not the same thing. >> of course it is. if it's law enforcement. now this is fascinating because you want your from being a national of law. >> let me just ask you something, sir. >> this is very instructive. this is very instructive. >> you have to let other people talk. you can't be the only one speaking. when you were pulled over and you were questioned, did fear strike your soul? did fear strike your soul? >> it was somewhat disconcerting. >> am i going to be arrested or taken in? were you afraid? were you terrified? >> it was somewhat disconcerting. >> that's not terrified. >> i understand the greater good. i understand the greater good of national security because it is not a question of ethnicity.
8:12 am
it's a question of security. >> so here's. >> i know you want to spin this false narrative this morning rather than look for solutions. >> so you get to determine what is false. >> we're not going to allow -- >> i understand what you guys are pulling and it's very instructive and i appreciate the chance to come be with you. i'm accused of privilege and i'm accused of all these things -- >> so let me ask you a very specific question. there was an arrest of an immigrant who went in to seek domestic violence protection. this was somebody in el paso county, texas and it was a hearing from -- order to unprecedented last week when half a dozen immigration showed up a a courthouse where an undocumented woman was seeking a protictive order. she left under arrest. do you have any discomfort that somebody showed up to try to get protection for domestic violence and was instead swarmed on by
8:13 am
six i.c.e. agents and arrested. >> i have a greater degree of discomfort with latino on latino violence where a 15-year-old was savagely attacked by ms 13. i have a greater concern about law breaking and violence than i do about a situation where people disobey immigration laws. >> you talked early about false narrative about a specific with an attempt to talk about latino and latino violence. essentially you're trying to ascribe violence to an entire race of people ethnicity. >> no, i'm not. >> i'm simply using pay descriptive term. >> that is not an answer to my question. it was -- >> the msnbc script is to have a conservative on and treat them as the evil one, tell them to be quiet. >> we don't tell you what to say. if you come across poorly it's because of what you said. >> for example, i thought it was very you asked maria about congress rather than asking the congressman.
8:14 am
i can tell you exactly what went on. >> that's because you took too long to answer the fst question, sweetie. >> fine. it's very -- >> you've been talking the whole time. let's give you a chance to answer the specific question by congress. why would specifically be denied access to a meeting particularly when these were members that were specifically concerned about this and we're the ones who raised those concerns. why would they be kept out of the meeting? >> here's what i would offer as conjecture. i was not there but i have been in plenty of security briefings where there is a list, where you work to put yourself on a schedule. and my friend luis apparently was not put on the list to come in for the briefing as were others and so -- >> but they are the ones who are asking the questions. you're saying that you don't find it odd that only latino democrats were kept out of that meeting? you don't thinking that that's strange. >> i don't believe that narrative is exactly the case.
8:15 am
i think there's probably -- >> it is according -- >> we'll take it out -- we'll take it out of the ethnicity although that's tough when you take a look at the stunt that elizabeth warren pulled -- >> what does elizabeth warren have to do with anything? >> can i just tell me something we're going to end here, but sir, you've talked about strong but twice you've answered questions with that have some sort of ethnic base to them. now you've gone after elizabeth warren's native american heritage. >> she has not. >> i think we're done with this segment. you literally answer a questioned that's incredible offensive. >> i understand. yes i'm a white man with privilege. god bless you all. thank you so much. >> what an odd exchange. >> no it's absolutely pertinent. >> wow. i'm going to give you a chance to respond and i know you have an organization that we also want to talk about as well. >> what i want to respond to is this, is that although it's
8:16 am
trite and people call it rhetic but it's true. we are a nation of immigrants. we are a nation that has been built on the back of immigrants and where is the heart of america? this is what's really scare kw with this new administration. the heart of america is disappearing and here's this -- the simple fact that this elected official that was on, he kept talking and talking and talking and pivoting and pivoting and we're not addressing the issues, right? what's going on with hopefully it won't go through with national guards coming in and gathering up all undocumented people is insane and also what really bothers me is that still to this day, people compare the immigrant situation, the undocumented swagt here in america solely as a latino issue. it is not. it is not. there are people here illegally
8:17 am
from the uk, from africa, from asia, from india, from haiti, from canada. they're all over but yet we get stigmatize pedestrian and it's very insulting and it really needs to stop. it really does. i just really want to concentrate on the kids, on the daca kids for them to have a moment in history of relief of not being afraid because legislation was passed to protect them and then that be in jeopardy now. i work in a charity that i cofounded urban arts partnership we'll talk about later. students are afraid. they're terrified. they're terrified. students that once were in the closet and came out of the closet and we were trying to help them to find a way to come -- be here legally. they ran back inside. and that creates a problem. it creates a humongous problem.
8:18 am
they can't sit down in a classroom and learn properly. >> you know why? >> because of the stress and rive and their families at home are terrified as well and they're not allowing them to go to school any more. this is a big problem and people -- you better wake up because it's going to volcano and once it does, there's going to be a reckoning. >> what happens is, is that these kids, what they're saying, what they're saying it's nice for us but what about our parents? we can't go to school if we're worried about our parents. it's a much larger issue. there's got to be a heart that involves the entire family. >> absolutely. we are out of time. tell us about the urban arts partnership. >> it's an arts integrated program that services title 1 schools, 150 schools in new york city and los angeles. we service over 15,000 kids a year. it is our 25th anniversary. it's going to be at wall street march 15th please come down and really, really give to education. give back to our kids. >> thank you so much.
8:19 am
i really appreciate it and this was a very interesting segment. thank you guys for sitting through it. >> all right. and maria's going to come back later in the show. are russian leaders freaking out that michael flynn won't be in donald trump's ear any more? coming up.
8:20 am
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d . >> mike flynn's -- i asked for his resignation. he is a man who -- there was a certain amount of information given to vice president who's with us today and i was not happy with the way that information was given. >> the resignation of michael flynn has donald trump's national security adviser is adding to russia's concerns
8:23 am
about its relationship with the united states. the relationship that many in moscow thought it would be all gravy. the kremlin told russian state to dial back on the effusive trump stories out of concern that the administration might not be as friendly as they'd hoped. according to blumberg the russian government blamed the drop in coverage on a lack of viewer interest. joining me now is russian pro-democracy leader author of the book, "winter is coming." malcolm advance and our very friend kirk nikenwalk. you saw this immediate reaction after flynn resigned. they cited chairman of the foreign affairs committee who
8:24 am
wrote on facebook that the action is based not just paranoia but something either worse. they're freaking out. >> absolutely. so we all know if trump told flynn to reassure putin about new sanctions that were imposed by obama or he later told him to lie about having this discussion with russians. the truth may come out only if and when flynn is obliged to testify under oath. but what we know is that putin immediately reacted and despite his tradition of retaliating vigorously to any unfriendly act and he could expel certain diplomatic practice. russian foreign minister has announced putin reversed it and you play the role of peace maker and invited the diplomats to the
8:25 am
christmas party in kremlin, which means there's only one thing, putin trusted flynn speaking on behalf of trump. it means that they are had confidence before and flynn was a trust wore any information going the regular trump. putin wouldn't take any assurance from in the united states but donald trump himself. >> absolutely. kirk, you were tweeting about this the other day about this pattern freakout. you have the member of the russian parliament who tweeted after the announcement flynn was gone. it was not flynn who was targeted but relation with russias. trump will be tamed and act more presidential eventually he also have a pen shon of unpredictability. are the russians now believing that without specifically as
8:26 am
gary just said without general flynn there that they don't have a direct conduit to perhaps donald trump? >> i think the thing we always have to remember is that the russians know that general flynn was saying and they know how whether or not it was serious and so if they're losing that and they're reacting this way it's serious. now we already know that because one of the things people have to understandbout the way these kinds of interceptions are handled is if mike flynn appears on a recording that surveillance where he's speaking to the russian ambassador, normally he's deemed an american person and that kind of information is redact redacted. it's not saved. what happened here is that the analysts concluded that something serious was happening. it was sent to what's called a compartment called rag time abcd or p.
8:27 am
they reviewed it. they determine if it's serious. it then went to the fbi director which is a sign of -- there's something serious going on here. the fbi director then kept going with it. so we don't know precisely what was said in these three communications. we do know that flynn spoke to the russian ambassador immediately after the russian spies were expelled and putin responded in an unprecedented way. he just did nothing and trump went on and complimented him for it. so you have a series of events if you understand how an nsa intercept works, you have a series of events that suggest something very, very serious happened here and then mike pence went out and told a story that was not true. now, the information is that flynn lied to him. if flynn didn't lie to him, that's even more serious.
8:28 am
if he did lie to him, the question is why? >> and malcolm you also have at least the implication that potentially flynn was not honest with the fbi about his conversations with the russian ambassador, although no one really believes that sessions is going to prosecute him. if there's no way to squeeze mike flynn and he's not under pressure and the russians generally do lose him in the ally in the trump administration, what would you speculate happens then? what do the russians do? >> they do have an ally in the white house, they still have donald trump and they still have steve bannon. bannon actually is the steering the strategy that the russians would like to see happen, which is the destruction of liberal democracy and the rise of authoritarian via donald trump in the white house. i'd like to touch on what kirk was just saying a moment ago. i can tell you, i've had some experience in these types of
8:29 am
operations. i think what's happened here with flynn is that the fbi was handed off information from the intercept teams and they realize that they have potential he is pea oj naj or something that comes very close to that. we don't know what was said in those communications, if flynn said don't worry about these 35 spies or diplomats that you kicked out, we'll let you bring those guys back in a another month and it's the counter intelligence people, the spy hunters that are actually handling this. that's why he should be worried. >> there is this speculation that the russians have something on donald trump, at some point do they use it if he's not useful to them any more? >> likely. the way putin behaved, the way he spoke about this dossier tells me he has something because you could see him, you know, beaming with triumphant on the face of kgb agent who got something on the president of
8:30 am
the united states. but also speaking about the flynn situation, yesterday i think there was the classified briefing of the senators and senator had a very short tweet saying it is not small. it sells us there is something happening there and again i hope eventually michael flynn will be obliged to testify under oath. >> do you think he will eventuallye obliged to testify under oath, michael flynn? >>well, he certainly will be as part of the fbi investigation, i would hope. the question here is whether the republicans are going to start acting as americans or a party. we have a very serious situation here. you could've had a spy in the white house and they have to find out if that's what happened. >> absolutely. thank you very much. >> very quickly, the admiral
8:31 am
refused to take this position. >> thank you very much. watergate versus russiagate. is donald trump pulling a nixon. that story when we come back.
8:32 am
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8:37 am
>> did you direct mike flynn to discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador prior to your inauguration? >> no, i didn't. >> and would you have fired him if the information didn't leakout? >> no i fired him because of what he said to mike pence. he was doing his job. he w calling countries in his count part. i would have been' directed him to do if i thought he wasn't
8:38 am
doing it. i didn't direct him but i would've directed him because that's his job. >> that was donald trump at his epic news conference on thursday attempting to answer this famous question asked by senator howard baker at the watergate hearings in 1973. >> what did the president know and when did he know it? >> baker asked that question of my next guest. john dean who served at white house council to the destination. dan rather the great dan rather has said that watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime until maybe now. are we yet at the point where we can liken russiagate the trump scandal to watergate? >> i don't think we're at a watergate 2.0 yet. we're hearing echos and everything from the way the president trump is responding
8:39 am
that response that he wasn't asked but had he been is exactly what nixon said when he learned about the aelzburg break in during watergate which was one of the reasons watergate was being covered up. i didn't authorize it but had they asked me i would've. the parallels are always striking when you hear so many identical responses and wraeks reactions. >> one of the glaring differences took place more than a year of the second term of richard nixon's. we're 30 days into the trump administration and we're already here including having donald trump to investigate what he called criminal leaks. that's not normal for our -- >> again, you go right back to nixon. it's exactly what he did. he was plagued by leaks in his first term when he came in and what he did is he called the attorney general i want to find
8:40 am
out who the leaking is going on by. they put in 17 wire taps, newsman, nsc staff and even one of his own speech writers, bill sapphire who forgave nixon for everything except that he wire tapped sapphire. but so, yes, there are parallels again at every level. maybe it's the nature of the way authorityion person responds to being president. >> you've described this as sort of different buckets of this trump scandal. you've got the break in, akin to the watergate break in, the theft of the dnc e-mai and the russian hacking into the election is one piece. you got the michael flynn part where he talked to the russian ambassador and maybe lied about it to mike pence and you've got donald trump's own sort of odd affinities for russia. in those three buckets, which of the three do you see the source of donald trump's ongoing
8:41 am
problem? >> i think for a while all of them until they sort themselves out. the preelection how much was he and his staff, were they involved in the efforts to discredit hillary clinton during -- he sort of passed over the flynn part of the thing where he doesn't really seem to care if indeed gave flynn the instructions. he thinks this is what flynn should have been doing regarding sanctions, but the big issue and maybe the most troubling is if he has been compromised by the russians and that becomes a fact, then we're in a whole different ball game. >> donald trump has spent this past week of demonizing the press and delegitimize the press both of them make the sometimes exclusively and essentially saying everything is fake news if it's not a favorable story to
8:42 am
him. that's nixonion too. >> very. he did it behind closed doors while some of his staff was trying to directly discredit the press. there's a great tape that's circulating out there right now with nixon instructing kiss sin jer that the press is the enemy, henry write it down on a blackboard. remember it. don't ever forget it. so they're very similar in that regard as well and i must say in the long run nixon was not very he effective in dealing wh the president and in discrediting them. >> that is one of the other parallels here. you've said many times have a authoritarian personality to donald trump. it is the incompetence. >> nixon was very wise and very smart on a lot of things.
8:43 am
his revenge, he was not very good at. >> donald trump seems to think that he can get his revenge by isolating his supporters in a bubble of sort of information that only he gives them. you've written about this personality. what do you think donald trump's holds fans so closely to them? they are not shakeable. >> they too are authoritarians. those who jump out in front and say follow me, only i can solve the problem. the far greater number of authoritarians personalities are those who want to be told how to think, what to do, this is daddy, i'll take care of you. those are the people who are the followers. and while some of those would like to be leaders themselves, most of them are just happy to follow. and they don't want to ask questions. they want to be told what to do and how to think. and that's a very scary lot. that's his base, really. >> absolutely. it's always a treat to talk to you and we don't always like
8:44 am
history repeating itself but we like having a smart guy like you to come and help us interpret it. coming up at noon. a rough reception, angry constituents dpronted gop congressman tom reed today over obamacare. and more rowdy town -- are more rowdy town halls on the way? i'll ask my guest the big question, who won the week? whath are they fighting here? whatever it is... it's hunting. the great wall. rated pg-13. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced,
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be sure to join -- tune in to a.m. joy tomorrow when we'll be talking about a pro-muslim rally to be held right here in new york city. russell simmons will be live to discuss that. but up next on a.m. joy i'll ask my guests who won the week? case. same here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double. i've been fortunate enough to win on golf's biggest stages.
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it is time to ask our favorite question. who won the week. curt, who won the week? >> strangely, donald trump.
8:51 am
it's all the press' fault. when he got up and was strangely, you know, brutal to the press the way he was, you know, everybody has got to get used to it. this is the way it's going to be. it's the way it's been since donald trump has had any name at all. unfortunately, everybody fell for the shiny object. the mike flynn scandal is huge. if it wasn't, what he had to say would have been destroyed by the nsa. under the law, under the way the structures work. but we got lost from that. remember, donald trump has to know what has been said in that. the question that should have been asked was, you have been briefed. it's an intelligence briefing. does it bother you what mike flynn said? nobody asked that. they ran off and said he's mean. he said bad things to us. his base loves that. it made it better for the base. the loser of the week was also
8:52 am
donald trump. that's not working with the independents. his popularity dropped to 38%. when you go below 40%, that's really bad. and so, yeah, he is solidifying his base. he is showing he can still distract the press with -- by dangling shiny objects. but he is losing everybody else. >> absolutely. the pew poll showed he has almost no support outside the republican base. it's extraordinary. >> taking off on what curt said, to start with the big losers, for me and my heart breaks to say this, the losers were actually our colleagues in the media, the mainstream media, who continue to send our top talent to be completely insulted and disrespected by e president of the united states. it begins to fl like we are in an abuve relationship and that we are putting ourselves out
8:53 am
there to be attacked. i would say once again -- i know this is difficult, a challenge -- can we just get the interns with their note cards to start asking questions to a president who is acting so immature. not in disrespect to the interns. maybe they'll be around the same age. >> you are saying the network should not send the top talent into the briefing. >> i think we should choose. there should be an attempt when there is a press conference call by the president, that no one shows up. the winners. i had a hard time finding winners. because i actually agree with curt. i do think donald trump was, in fact, part of a winner this week. it's my students. my students who are immigrants, children of immigrants, who showed up. the entire week, they continue to show up. and they showed up on thursday because they understand that right now they're doubling down on doing the best that they can do in their work, and their studies and that's what's going
8:54 am
to save them even though, joy, as you know, they are heart broken, terrified. they are scared, they feel defeated. they're worried. i'm hugging so much in class. they're showing up and they're going to run for office! >> absolutely. it has never been a more frightening time i think to be an immigrant in this country. i say that as the child of two immigrants who without immigration i would not be here in the united states. >> my heart sank when the news came out. i am an ingrammigrant and a cit. my heart sank. >> but you fit the profile of the kind of people who would be detained. anyone who is brown or black is subject to being pulled over and detained. that's what our friend j.d. did not understand earlier. tara, who won the week? or a winner and a loser. >> i'm going to do a winner. unfortunately the winner is bad news. the winners are the polluters. scott pruitt became the head of the epa. his nomination was approved.
8:55 am
at's dangerous. i want to tell a quick story about why it's so dangerous. people forget that environmental regulations are here for a reason. they were born out of serious problems. people even dying. when i grew up in new jersey we had a situation where hypodermic needles were washing up on the jersey shore. they were washing up. some of them had literally hiv contaminated needles. because pharmaceutical companies and biomedical companies and hospitals were allowed to dump in the water. there was no enforcement at the time. i remember as a child not being able to go to the beach because the beaches had to be closed. >> yep. >> so people don't understand, when we talk about rolling back environmental regulations, we are talking about going back to a time where this thing was allowed to occur. there are areas in new jersey where people all had the same kind of cancer because of chemicals being dumped. when those areas were addressed, those cancer rates decreased. these are all true things, and
8:56 am
we can't go back. >> i will note today, because i agree with tara on who won the week is the oil and gas industry, the polluting industries won the week. donald trump finally did some presidenting this week and signed two bills. the first bill that barack obama signed into law was a lily ledbetter act to help women get fair and equal pay. donald trump's opening bid, signing ba signing bill undoing the regulation that forced coal miners to limit and to disclose the gunk that they dumped into our streams and rivers. so now they can dump whatever they want to the point that you just made, tara. to big oil's delight he signed a bill that essentially makes it so that big oil companies don't have to disclose the bribes -- i'm sorry -- payments they make to foreign despotic governments. donald trump helping the polluters to pollute your water. making america great again.
8:57 am
sorry we didn't have a sunnier who won the week. we'll go to maria's students. be sure to join us for more "a.m. joy." sheinelle jones has another on the rowdiest town hall. on donald trump's return to, yes, campaign mode. more news on the top of the hour. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it.
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