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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 19, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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a very good sunday to you. i'm richard lui here in new york. president trump could name a new national security adviser very soon, this after two big names withdrew themselves as candidates over concerns about the role's independent inside. meanwhile, the fbi wretches up the intensity on veries on russia and the resignation of mike flynn. who knew what and when. plus a new executive odd on
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immigration is expected this week and demonstrators are gadhafi iring in new york and other places for a multiethnic show of support for muslims. first off, president trump is in florida meeting with four individuals, you see there, all in running here to be the president's second national security adviser. general david petraeus reportedly taking himself out of the running because the president would into the let him choose his own national security council staff. kelly o'donnell joining me with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. there is high level help wanted sign out at the president's home in palm beach where he is conducting interviews we're told with at least four candidates to replace his fired national security adviser michael flynn, that very important role which would advise the president on issues around the world, be leader at the national security
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council. the president trying to fill that and decision could come within a few days. so that is part of what is happening. advisors also say that he is on tap for three foreign leader phone calls. we've been reporting on those where he took office where the president can have conversations with leaders around the world, this of course as mike pence is overseas on the first trip for mike pence to represent the new trump administration in europe. he is there dahere today. and wie're told the president i working on plans for obamacare replacement, having a conversation with two of his top key players in the cabinet, tom price and mick mulvaney. but the vacancy at the national security council is a significant role. one thing that reince priebus was asked about when he appeared on sunday shows, would they this
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new person have too inherit the michael flynn hiring decisions. priebus says the new person would be able to bring in their own team, but that has been reported whether or not some of the key figures in the trump white house have say over their immediate staff. so we expect to hear more. the president also made a visit to one his golf clubs in the area and we expect we'll get more information when one of the top advisers plans to give us a readout of the day. >> thank you so much for that. t latest on the naming of the national security voadviser. and congress is expanding its investigation no n. to russia's investigations into the 2016 election for include mike flynn's call with the russian ambassador. also according to reuters, the fbi now has at least three probes related to alleged russian hacking of the u.s.
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presidential elections. right now for you, the senate and house intelligence committees are investigating russian interference. senators feinstein and grassley have requested a briefing. and republicans on the house oversight committee have asked the doj to veinvestigate leaks classified information. and this as the white house denyings reports of contact between trump associates and russia. chuck todd asked john mccain whether a republican controlled congress can fully investigate the president on this issue. >> can americans be confident that a republican controlled congress can investigate this president 240r othoroughly if necessary? >> i heope so and i have to believe so. more hope than belief. >> joining me now gabe deben
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debtity, adolfo franco, and jessica ehrlich. thank you all for being here. the last time we talked, adolfo, i want to start off with you on this one, so more hope than belief. this is your guy. john mccain is saying that. what is your thought here? is russia the dividing point between congressional republicans and the white house, or will it be something more grass roots like the upcoming tax plan? >> no, i really think it depends how we approach this russia issue. i absolutely believe as senator mccain has said that there is a role for congress to investigate any type of espionage activities the russians have been involved in. i mean the hacking and so forth. we shoouldn't be surprised that they would be involved in gadha
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gathering information and trying to use to their advantage. that is different than the narrative used by some democrats that this has influenced the results of the theelection. that i reject. so i think it depends on the scope and agenda. this is washington, and other guests will say other things. there is a political element to all of this. democrats will try to do everything possible to discredit and hurt president trump. i think some republicans will circle the wagons. i think people like john mccain want to get too the bottom of what really happened. and not use this as an agenda against president trump. >> speaking of other guests, let's go to jessica. democrats wanting a select committee or be a independent commission here on russia, but it will take two to tank ggo he. is it enough to get it done? >> i'm concerned and i think many around the country are concerned that it won't be given the fact that republicans are controlling the senate and the
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house. it just doesn't look like they have any appetite or interest. even with jason chaffetz, there is little interest in getting for the would tbottom of what i on. regardless of some saying there needs to be keeper investigation for the future of our elections going forward. they refer to also possible hacks by china and other nations. but we know that it was russia this time, that russia has an agenda, they're doing it also in france, in other of our western european a partners and allies. it's continuing to go on. we have another midterm election that is going to be coming up. we need to make sure that we remain as independent as possible and not swayed by other governments. i mean it's just shocking that there isn't more outrage of this. >> and gabe, your piece that you wrote talked about that, that democrats really want those who
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have been out 3rprotesting to me from the word impeachment to investigations. which is really the theme of what congress wants as well as the fbi. more investigations. >> that's right. you see a lot of democrats recognizing that their voters are talking to representatives both republicans and democrats in these town halls and while a lot of these folks are saying you have to impeach the president right now, a lot of the democratic leaders are saying we have to find out more. so they say please pressure republicans to do more investigating because the idea then would be if you can get these investigations done, more information will come out and to democrats on the hill, the most important thing right now is more investigations are needed and the more bipartisan the better. >> and speaking of other republican leaders, i want to go to senator graham who assisted the munich security conference today. take a listen. >> to our german friends, you're
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next. to our friends in france, they're coming after you. and to my friend mr. lavrov, i hope you finally suffer some consequence of what you and your regime have been doing to democracies in 2017 will be a year kicking russia in the ass in congress. >> you heard him not mincing any words. he wants international help. france, you're also in the crosshairs, germany you're also in the crosshairs. if i g if he gets that help in congress, does that help going after russia? >> secretary kelly of course who has homeland security appointed by president trump last said that this is a very serious matter. if there is russian interference, whether europe or here, we all agree on that. nikki haley denounced russia very forcefully. the twist is and i have to say a
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little word that gabe used here, when referring to democratic members of congress, and there have been members like maxine waters who called for impeachment, gabe you said we're not there yet or quoting democrats. we're not there yet. that is reflective of the agenda. they're interested in frying to destroy president trump. i hope the investigations include the clinton foundation, uranium sales to russia. i hope that -- >> that is our next conversation. in the minute i have left here, i want to get to gabe as well as to jessica. thursday and saturday, presidential press conference, campaign 2020 rally, quickly to you, are these diversions from russia? >> i think certainly, but what it's shown and what we saw yesterday in florida is trump is continuing to campaign and still
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using the same messages even in his tweets. different from what lindsey graham or nikki haley is saying. trump has not altered one iota from the campaign trail. he even still focuses on hillary clinton and how much he won over and over again. we're not seeing the focus on policy and the things presidential out of him. but his followers turned out in droves yesterday as did the protesters. >> gabe, you know how it works in d.c. put it out there, we'll cover that for a while? >> it was one of the ideas, but russia is just one of the topics that he doesn't want to talk about right now. what we've been hearing about is president trump clearly draws a lot of energy from these rallies. these been beat up in d.c. people saying how could he start his presidency with so much controversy. so of course he will talk to his voters sfw voters. >> and quite a show.
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thank you all three for being with me. i want to take a live look now at what russell sim son ons is calling a i am a muslim, too. jooifrks
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say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. . president trump's immigration policy is inspiring protests across the country. here in new york city, times square is the site of a pro muslim rally. adam reiss joining us. what do they want? >> reporter: it was a chance for hundreds of americans to do times square and stand in solidarity with muslim
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americans, a chance to say that diversity is what makes america great and that we're stronger together and that in fact muslim americans could be part of that fight against global fricterror. and if you're going to talk them, you are talking all americans. lots of speakers today, people from all walks of life. the mayor just finished s speaking. here's susan sarandon. >> it is no longer possible to be neutral. if you are silent, then you are complicit. we will not be a cog in the machine that is dismantle willing our constitution and our our bill of rights. >> the headline here really is to fight those misconceptions and those misperceptions about muslim americans that we are all one here in america. it was not a hate rally or a fear rally.
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they wanted to emphasize this really was a love rally. richard. >> adam reiss there for us in new york city. thank you so much. president trump could announce a new revised executive order on immigration and refugees as early as tuesday. according to the "wall street journal's" review of the state department memo. the revisions could include some of these potentially. first, removal of the preference for religious minorities which many critics saw as a preference for christians over muslims. second removal of ib definindefn of syrian refugees. third, specific language not include green cardholders. and fourth those in transit with proper papers would be included into the united states despite the new rules. dhs chief john telly says accommodating those in transit could make for a smoother implementation. ghoechlt lawyers are also reportedly requesting a 7 to 14 day pause after the executive
1:18 pm
order signing before implementation all consistent with keld ly's statement. but new today, two dhs memos on immigration policy and we'll get to those in a bit. first straight to ari melber. so these potential changes, anything in it that attorneys general might say i can still attack this? >> there is still plenty left to attack. there a fundamental question over whether this is a geographic security plan as the administration has stressed or whether it is an attempt to discriminate based on religion by other means. that will be a central fact you' ual or moral bee ddebate. but the remove of the language seen as a nod to affected countries speaks to a basic backtracking. this is a president who is very
1:19 pm
lewd lo loud and brash and said see you in court. the reality is a backtracking in response to some of the early round losses in court. >> and the word also is that the plan is to rescind the original immigration ban and then put out this new revision. how important is that to rekrscd the original one? >> huge sticking point. this is a big question. because there is supreme court precedent that basically said the government doesn't have a get out of jail free card. so the issue here is will this new order come out in a way that completely retracts the old order which is the white house saying my bad, we did it at least somewhat wrong, or does it fry try to split the difference.
1:20 pm
because there would be lawyers rushing to continue the old cases. >> so let's go to the two new draft dhs memos that question got a view of here. they outline policy implemench tags earlier. in those memos, they occur these. prosecuting parents helping their children to enter the u.s. illeg illegally, those trying to cross illegally could be returned to mexico to a wait legal proceedings, also part of the memos, hiring of thousands of additional enforcement agents, speeding up of deportation hearings and finally enlisting local law enforcement to help make arrests. so the white house by the way objecting to some of the language in these draft memos which is the process that they're going through as they are looking at this dhs memos. your thought. what stands out? >> on the process it stands out
1:21 pm
the white house has repeatedly declined out good or factual information about some of this stuff. they seem more intend on trying to attack the press. to the extent we know what is going organization tn, it looksa sd bolsters enforcement. the last democratic strags did a ton. the question is are they going to use this guidance to open the door to deport a wider class of individuals than they normally would. we don't really know the answer to that yet. we don't know whether this will fall more into the cat xwoefrd the obamacare effective order or whether it will look notice like ultimately the travel ban or orders that drastically tried to alter it. >> at 6:00, ari melber will dig
1:22 pm
deeper and i think up the texas attorney general on your show. >> that's right, we'll be live here, russell simmons and roger stone and i will go head to head and the texas attorney general, i will interview him, as well. >> all right. next, nba all star in new orleans. the mess differents moved out of charlotte because of the so-called bathroom bill. now the nba and nfl are warning texas about a similar fate if they pass a similar bill. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be.
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panera. food as it should be. the nba has opposed the bathroom bill in texas. the texas bill would force transgender people to use restrooms based on the gender listed on their birth certificates.
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greg abbott appeared on glenn beck's radio show. >> we don't care what the nfl thinks and certainly what their political policies are because they are not a political arm of the state of texas or the united states of america. >> tonight's nba all-star game you might remember in new orleans was moved out of charlotte, north carolina after that state adopted a similar bill last year. joining us now is a texas reporter. what is the latest reaction from the state lawmakers that you're hearing? >> as you 4i7b9you hinted out, defiance. they're trying to make it a don't mess with texas issue by firing back and saying that they should not get involved in state politi politics. obviously there are republican lawmakers and republican leaders who are against the bill, but right now the conversation is dominated by both the lieutenant governor and the governor for the very harsh remarks that they
1:27 pm
have had for both the nba and the nfl. >> and we're talking texas and football. i mean, this is a state that has hosted three super bowls, three all-star games, we all know about the cowboys. what has been the reaction from businesses swellinas well as fa this dustup? >> the texas association of business got way out ahead of this bill months ago, they commissioned a study that said that the state could lose up to $8.5 million almost 200,000 jobs if it were to go ahead with in kind of legislation. so they have gotten out ahead of time. now, the republican leaders and even politifact said there were problems with the study, but study is hanging over all of this. and it's been defiance. they believe this is the right thing to do and they really at this point are not really swayed
1:28 pm
by the arguments be made by the business community. >> where do you think this will go? will it go by what we saw in north carolina, it will just leave the state? >> well, right now politically where it will go, the biggest hurdle is the texas house. the speaker has made clear that he does not like this bill. he's very concerned about its impact on texas' economic climate. so i think the conventional wisdom is it could encountered fatal opposition in the texas house. >> as we look at hot beds of diversity, houston is one of them certainly. are these spaces where there is energy that may turn this around? >> i think as it works its way through legislative process, it's still very early on. i think you will see more organized opposition from democrats, from lindsey graham ed lgbt advocates. so plenty more activism to be had.graham
1:29 pm
lgbt advocates. so plenty more activism to be had. >> patrick, thank you so much. we'll be watching along with you. next a stunning surprise for people in a new jersey neighborhood as a small plane crashes right on their block. plus president trump is promising to cut taxes. but how and when? thank you! imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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welcome back. i'm richard lui. right now something they're watching outside of new jersey, a small plane crashing on a residential street not far from new york city. no word on what caused the crash. the pilot is a 56-year-old man, the only person on board. a hospital spokesman says he is stable and alert. no one on the ground was hurt, but power lines were pulled down and one car damaged. you're probably watching as tax season upon us and tax reform could be by the. president trump is promising to roll back regulations for american businesses and lighten
1:33 pm
the tax burden for the middle class. he's also promised a major tax announcement in the coming weeks. but there is a good chance an overhaul should be months away. joining us now is ron, good to see you. i'll start with this because you had an op-ed that came out. on friday he wrote if the administration should be compromised by the taint of foreign assistance, the financial markets at home and abroad are ill prepared for the storm that is brewing. what is the risk? >> the risk is that if indeed there was some political upheaval that would delay everything that the market has rallied in advance of, tax reform, deregulation, infrastructure spending, enhanced military spending, then the mar gket is overpriced. if we see tax reform, it's problt that t probably that the market is cheap. but if it gets disrupted, then
1:34 pm
you have problems on wall street. >> are the markets doing well right now? why are investors so confident right now? >> a lot of this is already written. paul ryan's better way program is much in legislative language. there are some disagreements with border adjustment tax and some other elements of tax reform, but they don't seem to be irreconcilable. so to the extent this can move quickly through the reconciliation process, then that is why people are discounting this as having the potential to be a very speedy set of initiatives that would directly benefit wall street if not main street down the road. >> potentially speedy would be business taxes 35% to 15%. who does that benefit more? >> if you have an llc, a partnership or s corp, you would sben fit because this is the we
1:35 pm
you'd file in the future. the rate yet to be determined. by and large the nonpartisan analysis that has been done of either budget proposal either coming from the white house or congress, the we would any will disproportionately benefit and will be a notable difference between the two. >> all right. ron, thank you as always. appreciate it. president trump continued his attacks on the media. you may have seen this yesterday during a rally in florida. take a listen. >> the dishonest media which has published one false story after another. >> we'll fact check some of the at the same tim statements that the president had with the help of politifact. what on earth are they fighting here? whatever it is... it's hunting.
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the great wall. rated pg-13.
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we're here today to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
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i hear your demands. i hear your voices. and i promise you i will deliver. >> that was president trump promising to tell the truth during his rally in florida last night. that comment came after he fwlased tfwla blasted the media once again. but did he tell the truth himself? joining me now to fact check his statements, katie, thanks for joining us. something that has made a lot of news today is his claim about sweden. let's listen to that first. >> you look at what is happening in germany, you look at what is happening last night in sweden. sweden, who would believe this? sweden, they took in large numbers, they're having problems like they never thought possible. >> katie, sweden? >> we're not really sure what he's talking about.
1:40 pm
when we reached out to the white house to describe this comment, they continue gdid not get back. this comment has left many journalists and swedish officials perplexed. shou so we looked at news articles but we can't find anything. so it we rated this comment false. >> and he also made a claim about vetting refugees.t we rat false. >> and he also made a claim about vetting refugees. we rate. >> and he also made a claim about vetting refugees.we rated. >> and he also made a claim about vetting refugees. let's take a listen to that. >> we've allowed thousands and thousands of people into our country and there was no way to vet those people. there was no documentation. there was no nothing. >> this is not a new claim from him, but was he right? >> no, this claim is not anymore right than it was on the came pain campaign. is this a misleading comment about the country's pretty
1:41 pm
strict refugee vetsi ivetting s. refugees go through the screening process that started with the united nations and their information goes through several u.s. agencies including the department of homeland security. the process takes anywhere from one to two years. there a are more restrictions required of syrians in particular. and this talking system is wrong. no system is foolproof, but it's misrepresenting the system we have in place. >> the president has a love/hate relationship with polls. he mentions them a lot. last night it was love when it came to polls about optimism in america. he said a great spirit of optimism, those are his words, is sweeping across the country. what do you have to say about that? >> so we actually did find a poll that supports this point. it's a gallup poll, the economic confidence index. and if you look at the chart, it shows the confidence of americans going up. on the other hand, there are
1:42 pm
other polls that trump didn't mention including his own approval rating at 41% as monitored by gallup which is pretty historic low compared to past presidents. and there is also the poll that asks americans how they view america's place in the world and 57% of americans said they had an unfavorable view. so he didn't mention those. >> he also reiterated snag we heard during his press conference thursday. and i want to play that for you now. >> you've seen what we've accomplished in a very short period of time. the white house is running so smoothly. so smoothly. and believe me, i and we inherited one big mess. >> smoothly and mess. >> well, we did take a look at his statement which he repeated from last week that he inherited
1:43 pm
a big mess. now, we didn't rate this statement because that is quite a subjective tooem term, but we found that the numbers don't necessarily all support that claim. the trump administration did point to slow gdp growth as well as foreign relations with north korea and iran and israel among other situations that aren't going so well that were going on when he took office. but if you look at other americas, especially when you compare where president obama was during the recession, many economists pointed out to us that the economy is in just about the best place that it has been since the recession really took hold. so again, we didn't rate this claim, but there a lot of other things that people should consider. >> all right. katie sanders, thank you so much. the chief executive of under armour is still playing against after sparking a political controversy. kevin plank was at the center of a firestorm after comments he
1:44 pm
made supporting president trump. take a listen. >> to have such a pro business president is something that is a real asset for this country. i think people should grab that opportunity. >> attempting to backtrack his previous statement supporting the president, plank put outen a open letter to the city of baltimore, while not explicitly mentioning trump's name, plank said he answered a question with a choice of words that did not accurately reflect my intent. savannah sellers joining me with with more. >> hey, richard. so, yes, that is absolutely right. we have some under armour issue going on with the ceo made those comments and now we've been seeing a big backlash on social media, lots of celebrities saying certain things potentially most worrisome for the brand is that steph curry who came out and said that he would say that he does not agree with what he said and that he would actually remove the e.t. from asset. famous ballerina misty copeland
1:45 pm
also came out on instragram saying it's imperative that her martners and sponsors share the belief of inclusion. and dwayne "the rock" johnson came out on facebook and was not support of what kevin plank had said at all. so the celebrity-led backlash sparked a social media cam pin to boycott under armour and it seems to be working. i headed out to ask real americans if they would choose other brands and i heard a resounds yes. >> i think votes with your dollars is -- >> so what do you think about under armour? >> i wouldn't buy anything from them. >> and you would have before? >> yeah. >> it's bad for your company in my opinion. >> so a lot of criticism talking
1:46 pm
to some of the shoppers on the street. but i do want toed a that some are not current under armour customers. >> so with all that happening, have other companies here seen a bit of a bounce here based on this development? >> it's a little too early to say if under armour sales are declining or others are rising in direct relation to this. but one thing to note is the stark difference between the brand perception right now of under armour and nike. nike had just rolled out a new ad that openly celebrates diversity and encouraging positive change. and these two brands are particularly big in the cling outfitting business. under armour flipped notre dame a couple years back. and nike has long been a leader in this space. so different directions could take an effect on that. >> shouo have other businesses n positive effects? >> something interesting that has happened is the major success of ivanka trump's
1:47 pm
perfume on amazon. we reported on that before that many retailers have decided to no longer carry trump branded products, but they were available on am 10azon and doin well. >> all right. savannah, thank you for that. next, 75 years after an executive order cleared the way for japanese americans to be sent away to internment camps, the parallels to events happening these days. ♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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this is executive order signed on february 19, 1942 by president roosevelt. that executive order led to this, u.s. citizens sent to
1:51 pm
internment chaamps. two-thirds were born in america. and while behind camp fences, a number of these juyoung japanese-american men volunteered to fight against japan. the 442nd go for broke regiment became the most decorated unit of its size. saturday never again was the mantra as people quietly took to the streets in new york and around the country. they walked to commemorate the in-tutern internment's 75 respect anniversaanth anniversary about. joining me now, chair of apac and also the jacl. representative chu, i'll start with you, how are the various immigrant communities remembering this 75th anniversary on this very day?
1:52 pm
>> today we hear when so many executive orders, but 75 years ago, president roosevelt signed the worst executive order of all. it took 120,000 japanese-americans, put them in isolated locations around the nation, they lost everything that they had, they lost their civil liberties. so these people walking around today in their marches and in these rallies are saying we should never let that happen again. >> and that's the message. what does this world war ii internment mean today to both old and young? >> well, to the old and especially to those who have experienced or had experienced incarceration directly, it's still a very deep wound, a very gaping wound. i think when any group of people are subject to that kind of systemic racism, systemic discrimination, it leaves a
1:53 pm
really dark scar of trauma that really forces people to be quiet and to be silenced about their experiences and not want to discuss their experiences as being people who have experienced z ththis kind of discrimination. so a lot of older folks in the japanese-american community do not often discuss their experiences with the younger generations. >> got it. representative chu, marches across the country in support of muslim americans, you also mentioned the potential of the immigration order as early as tuesday, all said, are you and the other tri-caucus leaders, are the hopeful on the tone of what legal immigration means to our country? >> we know that legal immigration actually contributes to our country and in fact we know that if the comprehensive
1:54 pm
immigration bill had passed, we would have seen an increase to our economy of over a trillion dollars over the next 20 years. so immigration has truly helped our economy, but it could be even more of a contributor if we could fix our broken immigration system. and so to target immigrants like is being done today would be truly hrm faly harmful. >> when you see the pictures from 75 years ago, also when you remember the idea of the 442nd go for broke regiment, how do you communicate that idea the importance of this in history as the national youth chair of the japanese american civil liberties league? >> one of the things that the japanese american citizens league youth council strives do is to show the images as
1:55 pm
examples of way americans shoi their pay ttriotism in differen ways. we try to encourage young lee d leaders to explore different ways. >> and when asked if president trump would have assumed such a policy that president roosevelt had signed, he did not answer yes or no to that. do you think this could happen again? >> i do think this could happen again unless we speak up. there have been conversations like this from people that have actually said that they thought that the internment was
1:56 pm
successful, such as the mayor of roanoke, virginia who said that it was a success. of course his comments created such outrage all around the country, he was forced to apologi apologize. but there is that thinking out there so we always have to draw attention to how tragic the internment was and what a tr travesty that it was. >> and what are the conversations that you have had with those who are still alive who were in the internment camps? >> their stories are so moving. the things that they had to experience was something that we could not even believe that you could lose all that you built up, your businesses, your homes, all the possessions that you have. and then had guns pointed in at you. this is something that we cannot tolerate in this country again. >> thank you both for spending your time today on this
1:57 pm
important day. >> thank you. and that does it for us here at msnbc. joy reid is coming up at the top of the hour. and have a great sunday. has been a struggle.
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