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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  February 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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that's not factory saying we're opening or hiring 10,000 workers that's enthusiasm based on promises. yet to see actual policy. you can hear the market close, cheering. listen, we're in a strong market. but a strong market is often based on effervescence and enthusiasm, the question is where's the beef? >> you're throwing out all kinds of '80s references, where's the beef? and i graduated from college -- >> there you go. >> go ahead. >> i'm going to point out that tomorrow, tomorrow, opening the bell here at the new york stock exchange. it's the new ceo of exxonmobil, he took over for rex tillerson who is now secretary of state. as enthusiastic as the boys on the floor are today, after i feel tomorrow morning is a bulled up morning. >> thanks so much. i was about to say i graduated in the middle of thatecession in 1987, i remember it. that does it for me this hour. up next, handing off to steve kornacki, hey steve.
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>> where's the beef. that's a famous political line too. it's day 40 of donald trump's first 100 days. we're hours away now from his first zraesz to a joint session of congress. will there be a change in tone? >> i think i get an a in terms of what i've actually done, in terms of messages, c or c plus. >> how are you going to change that? >> during the speech. >> a rare moment of self-criticism from the president. he says his tone could use some work and he hints that that tone may get a change in tonight's speech. also on our agenda. speaking to the republican party. >> i see him as a chairman, president much like many
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successful presidents where he gets people around him or detailed people to execute the plans. >> top issues the white house is focussing on rights now. immigration, federal spending, repealing obamacare. meanwhile, the house speaker, paul ryan, and his fellow republicans, they are looking for a starting point tonight on those issues. what are they listening for? what will they hear? rounding out our agenda, the opposition party. the democrats. >> when the public sees what these choices are and how they actually diminish our strength as a nation, do you think that the president can sell increasing of the military budget? >> the democratic base has been very clear telling lead terse wants them resisting trump at every turn. will thi be a turning point tonight? two members of congress, one republican, one democrat, they will both join us in just a few minutes to give us a preview of this major speech tonight. we begin though with our top story.
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it is a question of tone. just under four hours from now, donald trump will walk down that aisle at center aisle in congress and he will deliver his first address to a joint session of congress. the white house calling the focus of tonight's speech a renewal of the american spirit. while tonight's speech is not officially a state of the union address for all intensive purposes, you can consider it one. this is the first as we say, major speech. let's take a look here at donald trump's political standing as he delivers this speech. first of all, the headline we have seen this week, 44% approval rating. the lowest ever for a first term president at this point in his tenure. however, what is striking about this 44-48 approval disapproval split? think back to the election. think back to the numbers we saw. trump, 46% on election day. hillary clinton, 48%. you look at those numbers, and you say, it's not so much that the country is turning on trump, it's that the country never gave him a honeymoon in the first
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place. maybe he didn't have for a honeymoon, try for a honeymoon. what else did we see in the campaign? intense party polarization and you're seeing it now. look at this, among democrats barely any approve of donald trump's job performance. the exact opposite, barely any disapprove. just stark partisan polarization. that is part of the backdrop as we head into tonight's speech. of course the president i interviews this morning giving a bit of a preview. he expressed, it seemed a hope that he could begin to increase that approval number and do away with some of that polarization. the president may address the issue of immigration and call for some sort of bipartisan compromise on that. hallie jackson is standing by at the white house now. hallie, that is a very interesting tid bit there. what do we know about what the
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president might be saying on immigration tonight? >> reporter: well, steve, i think there is still some us is spens surrounding whether or not he will issue this call to congress on putting together some kind of an immigration bill. a senior white house official tells reporters that the time is right for such a bill if there can be compromise surrounding it. and so the president apparently now still weighing whether or not he's going to in fact talk about that publicly in his speech. if he does, we expect it to come in the latter half of his remarks. this will be certainly significant and if the president went after for example marco rubio on the campaign trail. a big like that wasn't the way to go. so you've got kind of take it in smaller chunks if you will. there has been, we heard from the depu press secretary today, not on camera, buthis reiteration of the belief that the esident believed the immigration system is broken and must be fixed. this is certainly kind of now
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the headline as we look ahead to the speech which just begins in hours from now over on the hill, steve. >> all right, hallie jackson over there at the white house. hallie, thanks for that. for more, adam schiff, democrat from california. he's the ranking member on the house intelligence committee. congressman, thanks for taking a few minutes. let me ask you about the headline again. obviously very sketchy here in term what was we know, at least a hint is in the air that the president might address immigration from a different standpoint that we've seen him talk about it before potentially. potentially teasing some sort of bipartisan compromise. could you see potentially compromising with this president on immigration? >> well, it all depends on what he has in mind. if he does offer some kind of a compromise, it'll be the first time that he's made any outreach to the actually the majority of americans that didn't support him in the election, that would be welcomed, but i have to say, the actions that we have seen thus far are not encouraging. they've been heavily focussed on deportation on building a wall. those are pretty much
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non-starters, mass deportation or a wall. it's hard to imagine what he's going to propose tonight. i think based on what they're saying about his speech, it's going to be dmimpbt tone. that alone will be welcomed. i'm seeing this news about immigration. the famous cliche, only nixon could go to china. he's the only one who could sell the idea of an opening with china to that hard line anticommunist base. do you see the makings of that potentially on immigration with somebody like trump who has done so much to get the hard line sort of cracked down on immigration of folks into his camp that only trump could make that kind of compromise and sell it to them? >> i would love to say that i see that coming, i don't. everything we've seen during the campaign and since has not been not nixon going to china, nixon
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going to his base and the most rabid part of his base. and it's -- it would be such an about face for him now to cast off all the die hard supporters that are chanting build a wall and who's going to pay? mexico. is he prepared to cut them adrift. it's hard for me to picture that. count me as deeply skeptical. count me frankly as deeply skeptical that he will do more than use rhetoric that is perhaps a little bit different. maybe he'll take the advice he should have gotten for his inaugurati inaugural address but use good speech bringers. it'll be interesting t see if we see a different donald trump tonight. i'm highly skeptical of this president's comparety to change.
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>> i'm also curious what the perception will be from you and fellow democrats. one of your colleagues from california, maxine waters. she'll not be at the speech tonight. reporting that in a closed door meeting she suggested he might be so upset she wouldn't be able to contain herself sitting in the room. we think back to joe wilson, the south carolina republican who shouted you lie at president obama a few years ago. could that happen tonight? a democrat shout something toward donald trump at a speech? >> i would certainly hope not. that's not an insult to the president, it's an insult to the office of the presidency. i don't to want see either party engage in conduct. i think you're likely to see democrats have very little applause for this president or what he proposes because frankly he's given us very little to applaud anything that he has championed thus far. i imagine it'll be a much more subdued state of the union or joint address to congress than we've seen in the past.
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but people ought to show a basic respect for the office. even if they strongly disagree with this president as i do. >> let me just ask you, thinking to the very beginning of that speech, donald trump comes there, he's going to deliver the first lines ever to a joint session of congress. is there something he could say, is there a theme that he could put out there early on in that speech that would get some goodwill going from your side of the aisle? >> well, i would love to have him say what he should have said frankly in the inaugural address, i realize i didn't win a great many of the american people in the campaign. here are areas where i want to show you i'm serious. it can't just be the words alone. he has to back them up with deeds. and agai no evidence of his willingness or the people around
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him to do that. everything from the cabinet choices that he has made who have been among the most extreme nominees i think we have seen at any time, certainly within generations. nothing is giving us any reason to believe that he's going to do an about face or a 90 degree turn. we can always hope. at least for a few more hours until we hear what the president has to say. >> all right. congressman adam schiff, thanks for the time. mitch mcconnell is calling donald trump's plan to pair back spending on the state department and foreign aid programs quote, dead on arrival in the senate. that is being echoed by lindsey graham. >> it's dead on arrival. it's not going to happen. it would be a disaster. if you take soft power off the table, then you're never going to win the war.
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what's most disturbing about the cut in the state department's budget, it shows a lack of understanding what it takes to win the war. it's a budget proposal that will probably meet the same fate as obama's proposals. i think president obama's budget in seven, eight years got one vote. >> we will talk more about this with our panel coming up. also ahead, one of the crucial areas that handed donald trump the presidency. michigan's midland county, voters who helped swing that state from blue to red in november say to the president's big speech tonight. stay with us. >> you have to give the person a chance. he is our president of the united states. we have to give him a chance. >> i think that's one promise he can deliver on. bringing the autoive jobs back. >> well, i hope you stay with us, i'm still here and here to tell you, we're going live to the town of bay sympathy michigan, residents will be closely watching the speech. much more ahead. the countdown continues. presiden donald trump's first address to a joint seson of
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i think identify done great things, but i don't think i've -- i and my people, i don't think we've explained it well enough to the american public. i think i get an a in terms what have i've actually done, but in terms of messaging, i'd give myself a c or c plus. >> how are you going to change that. >> maybe i change it during the speech. >> president says he wants to inspire unity and cooperation with his first address to a joint session of congress. again, that's just a few hours away now. also learning more about the big
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story, a potential olive branch from donald trump to the opposition. according to his senior white house official. the president is open to legal status. jake, let me ask you, what do you make of this news? it's sketchy. there are a lot of false starts when it comes to reporting on donald trump. but is this as potentially big as it potentially looks right now? >> i mean, this is the story of donald trump's presidency. he proposed a budget with $54 billion increase in defense spending, $30 billion in increased spending this year which is going to get him in trouble with the right. he tries to get good with the left by doing legal status for illegal immigrants, allegedly, he's going to get in more trouble with the right. his brash talk and executive
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orders gets him in trouble with the left. so he's walking a narrow line here. i really do not believe there are -- he has the political goodwill inside the republican party right now to pass something like legal status for undocumented folks in the country who have not committed serious crimes. it's a huge problem and if he says it tonight, it's a week of soul searching within the republican party. >> we've seen on the republican side how this issue animates the base so much. what about the democratic side? if this were to be the case, legal status, this is not apparently citizenship, not a path to citizenship, so a distinction there, is that something democrats would potentially be open to? would he get any cooperation there? >> well first of all, i would remind the viewers that we've gone down this path before over the course of the campaign. there was hints he was opening up to some sort of comprehensive immigration reform deal only to have him deliver a barn burner speech in phoenix, i believe, or somewhere in arizona. let's pump the brakes a tiny
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bit. now in the hypothetical situation which he does come out tonight and suggests something along the lines of an outline, little appetite to operate and work with donald trump. one because it rejects himself. there will be no republican support for it, why would they run the voice to someone that has chance of passage. and two, donald trump has poisoned the well. just this morning he was riffing on nancy pelosi and how crazy she is. what is the incentive structure for nancy pelosi to lend donald trump the votes? now you might say that's very sort of personality-driven, that the substance of it should come before the personality, maybe so, but like you mentioned, this isn't a path to citizenship, it's a path to legalization. we have to see the detail first. >> in terms of republican base, you're skeptical he could deliver much, again, if, this is obviously a huge if right now, we're just getting this reporting here, unnamed source aench, we're putting all that out there, but if this was the direction he was going to go. has he through the posture he's
1:20 pm
taken over the last year and a half, through the executive order he issued to start his presidency, through all news we've had about i.c.e. going after undocumented folks, much more than we've seen in the past. is there an argument to be made that he has brought trust and goodwill from the right that other republicans haven't had in the past. >> sure. i mean listen, it's different as sam said, it's difficult to analyze because we're not working within a typical incentive structure on capitol hill or with the president. but that being said, there was always some sort of, i call it not a conspiracy theory, but always a grand notion, hopeful notion that donald trump could use beefg up the border to get republicans on board to a broad immigration package. now, again, we're talkingbout tax reform, health care repeal, and replace, infrastructure package. i mean, there's not enough time to get this stuff done. there's a debt ceiling that needs to be lifted, government funding runs out. we're talking about three or
1:21 pm
four or five years of legislative priorities packed into one year. and it's smot surprising donald trump hasn't ever legislated before, and his senior aids have not either. his chief policy advisor was most recently a senate press secretary. this is not -- i could see where they might be getting lost in the details here, but you're talking about a lot of stuff to get done and very quickly we're going to get into an election year where the senate's up for grabs and 435 house members are seeking reelection. >> and ladies and gentlemen, an exciting anounlsment if r you, our super panel just got more souper. >> katie tur, our own katie tur joined us. katie tur, you were out there on the campaign trail with donald trump. this issue, immigration, his signature issue. you saw the response it generated from the crowd. we're talking about how if this is the direction he were to go, some sort of call for legal status, not citizenship. that base, do you think they'd go with him? do you think he's bought enough goodwill or a revolt? >> let's make a big caveat, we have find out what donald trump
1:22 pm
says when he says it. remember, he often speaks to the audience that necessary front of and he was saying this and in a room full of network tv anchors. so it could actually look quite different on stage then what he said in that meeting. but it he were to go in and offer some sort of legal 12 sta tus. some compromise on immigration, would followers go with him? that's a big question. of course he campaigned on this idea of getting all the undocumented imgraduates out and building a wall, but having a big door in that wall and allowing people to come through. but they've got to go out and come back in first. will his base stay? i think they will. whenever you'd ask them about whether donald trump wasn't able to build a wall. if he wasn't able to get out all of the undocumented immigrants as he'd said, they said it was okay. they trusted his judgment on these things. they trusted the man more than they trusted the policies. they felt like if he decided not to do something, and they would blaef it was not a feasible option. i think at the moment, at least,
1:23 pm
his base won't run away from him. it's for them it's really more about is he able to create jobs? and if he's able to make my life better, then i'm going to accept him for whatever he does. >> another issue tonight too is how trump will be greeted in that chamber. obviously republicans, the polls say that the base the republican parties behind donald trump when it comes to democrats, the polar opposite. we have polling saying democrats want basically blanket opposition. here's the message democratic leaders are getting and how it's reflected in their preparation, elliott angle is a long-time democratic member from new york. and he's famous. if you don't know the name, you know the face. he stands in the aisle, every major presidential address in the past, democratic, repuican, he always gets in the tv shot to shake the hand. this year, he's not doing it, and here's why. >> i have a lot of pride in myself in working across the aisle to get things done from my constituents and all the american people. that's what most people want, a government that grapples with tough issues in a constructive
1:24 pm
way. unfortunately since january 20th, the administration has shown no interest in working with the congress own both sides to tackle problems. that's why i've dldsed not to stand on the aisle of the house chamber to shake the president's hand during this joint session of congress as i have done in the past through democratic and republican administrations alike. >> i'm thinking back to the joe wilson outburst in 2009 and i'm wondering if the temperature is so hot here right now that there's a chance we're going to see something like that coming from the other side tonight. >> well, democratic leadership on the hill has been urging their members not have outbursts like that. they want to keep some form of decorum in the hall. they know that's a distraction, doesn't shine well on them if that's the case, but it's impossible not to conclude from this that there is really sharp partnership here, a real reluctance, if not phobia on behalf of the democrats about working with donald trump. they feel he's poisoned the well, and i think about this a little bit, when jake was
1:25 pm
talking about the legislative schedule about what kin of priorities trump chose to go through first off. and whether he made a mistake. whether if he had started with that infrastructure package that he had talked about early on, the trillion dollars in spending, if that would have bought him goodwill from people like elliott angle, that's the type of thing that every member wants. they want their money back in the district. they have infrastructure needs. that might have made a different type of turn on the hill and consider health care reform and comprehensive immigration reform. it's a hypothetical, but it's one of the things i ponder a lot. >> and jake, we talk about immigration, are there any other branches you could see donald trump offer to democrats tonight? >> i mean, he's going to talk about inner cities, he's going to talk about education reform, he's going to talk about a lot of things that democrats, in theory, could like. mostly some inner city work programs. one note on what sam said. donald trump's operating pieces is to put infrastructure at the end of the year, so he could use
1:26 pm
it as a bargaining chip. but, just like sam said also, this is a pack legislative schedule. so if you tried to put it at the front, wouldn't have anything to dangle over people throughout the year. he's really working in an unworkable situation. if he keeps piling things on and on and on for the next couple of months. >> all right, jake sherman, sam, katie tur, thanks to all of you. coming up, what would already be a busy day for the president prepping for tonight. he also signed a pair of executive orders including one on historically black colleges and universities. more this coming up, a break at the u.s. capitol, again just a few hours from now, donald trump would be inside that building. he will deliver his first address to a joint session of congress as president, more on what he's expected to say and what he's expected to hear back, next. [car engine failing to start] [clicking of ignition] uh-- wha-- woof! eeh--
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all right. time now for a check of the headlines at the half hour. a busy day for president trump.
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busy nig too. the president meeting with state attorneys general at the white house. this between preparations for his first speech to a joint session of congress tonight. and authorities in golf shores, alabama, say at least 12 members of a high school band were injured after they were hit by a vehicle as they prepared to march in that city's mardi gras parade. officials cancelling the parade after the incident. police say they do not believe it was intentional. the fbi announcing this afternoon, it is investigating last week's deadly shooting at a kansas bar as a potential hate crime. witnesses they adam yelled, get out of my country, before shooting two indian men and killing one of them. a third man was shot while trying to intervene. american cancer society reporting today that rates of colon and rectal cancers among younger people are on the rise. people born in 1990 have doubled the risk of developing the disease compared with people born around 1950. the reasons for this increase
1:31 pm
are unclear. michael phelps appearing on capitol hill today. he's testifying before a congressional committee that is looking into ways to improve the international anti-doping system. phelps telling lawmakers he doesn't believe he's always been in competitions in which all of the athletes were clean. and how about this one, google owned robotics firm unveiling it's newest creation. you've got to see this video to believe it. it's name is handle. boston dynamic says this hybrid research robot is six and a half feet tall, travels nine miles an hour, it can jump four feet into the air. companies says it's wheels are efficient on flat surfaces, it's legs can take it almost anywhere. i am afraid that thing is going to rule all of us some day. but for right now, it's kind of cute. ny back to the top story now. president trump heads to capitol hill tonight, he will deliver his first address to a joint session of congress. it is not just about what will be in this speech, it's also about how the speech will be
1:32 pm
received by republicans and especially by democrats in the chamber. kelly o'donnell joins us now from capitol hill. kelly, we have been hearing a lot of heated rhetoric from democrats in anticipation of this speech. they are not necessarily, it sounds like, going into this looking for common ground. >> reporter: well, but there's also a case of wanting to be sure that democrats are portrayed in a way they're going to feel good about tomorrow and days going forward. so while on substance, on issues, on tone, they've had a lot of differences with president trump. we're getting the fwrord senior democrats that they want to be sure that however they express their opposition to ideas or to the president tonight, that it's done in a way that they can feel good about. let me explain where we are. we are in a place known as statuary hall. there are statues representing every state in the union. this will be one of the busiest locations tonight because the cabinet will walk through here. the supreme court will walk through here. just about everybody but the president of the united states will be coming through here. at a time when all of those
1:33 pm
members who are here to listen to the president of both parties, and those who are apart of what it means to have a joint session of congress. the cabinet members and the port and so forth. this is a place where we will try to get reactions later tonight. also a sense of how people feel the president did in his first address. but on that issue of how democrats are going to respond, we learned today from congressman joe crowley who is the democratic caucus chair, they're looking for a respectful tone, but a way for democrats to make their point. >> i think as much as we have nothing in common with the president, we do respect the office of the presidency. i respect the office of the presidencytself. and keeping that in mind, we'll be polite. we'll show very little, if any enthusiasm, at all, for -- i anticipate his speech will be about. >> reporter: and we've seen that many democrats who have an opportunity to invite guests to
1:34 pm
tonight's address, republicans do too, but democrats are inviting many citizens, even noncitizens who in some way, shape, or form reflect some of the policies of president trump that democrats disagree with. so, this is statuary hall, clearly some of the decorations are moving through if you're able to see the big bouquet that's coming, but just this is a hub for tonight's special address. on both the pageantry of a night like this as well as just simply moving people back and forth. steve. >> all right. kelly o'donnell on capitol hill, kelly, thanks. also joining us now from capitol hill, republican congressman, dan donovan from new york, thanks for taking a few minutes. let me ask you about this news with all the qualifiers and disclaimers here, there have been a lot of false starts with news about potential announcements from this administration, but we have a senior source telling us that president trump may be open to legal status who do not have criminal records that some call for a compromise on the issue
1:35 pm
may be included in his speech tonight. legal status. not path to citizenship, but legal status. would that cause a revolt on the republican party? >> i hope t, eve, we're not going to separate families. i have said it all along. people who are he illegally, they've had children here. we're not going to send mothers back to their country of origin and lead their children here, that's not what america is about. you're talking about there has to be some type of penalty, but a way to earn your citizenship. and not put those people ahead of the people who have been obeying the law and waiting for this citizenship by following our immigration laws. i was glad to hear this at the white house today saying it all along. we are not a country that's dispassionate about people and we want to welcome people to our country, but we are also a nation of laws. we have to follow our laws. i was very, very grateful and glad to hear that the president's talking in this tone.
1:36 pm
he's talking about what he wants to do for america. tonight how he expects to do that. how does he expect to do tax reform? how does he expect to do health care reform? how does he expect to repair our broken immigration laws. so, my hope tonight is that he tells us how he's going to do what he told us he wants to do. >> how about tone? we put the numbers up at the top of the show. it's like the campaign never ended. he's got his core of supporters, he's got the big part of the country that's against him. we had adam schiff, democratic member on earlier. he would like the president to open the speech tonight by acknowledging the tens of millions of people who did not vote for him. remain confirmed about. is is that that something he
1:37 pm
should do? >> he may, but i think some of what he's actually doing is going to bring the country back together. this announcement about welcoming undocumented people in our country, finding voices and becoming citizens, i think that's inclusive statement. that's telling people that he's representing all of america, and i think the things he's talking about, education, every child has opportunity and deserves an education. he's talking to that, civil right for children. i think he's talking about health care for all americans. so i think his rhetoric has been all inclusive, tonight, we're going to find out what the meat and potatoes of that is. >> one other issue that's likely to come up tonight, this budget blueprint that the administration put out right now. right now the administration, the president sticking by that promise that trump made during the campaign today. medicare, social security, these big entitlement programs. they will not be on the table. they will not be up for any cutting in his budget. of course this is a big break from paul ryan, republican speaker of the house and where
1:38 pm
the republican party's been the last few years, the president talked about it today. take a listen. >> well, i think that paul ryan and his whole group have been terrific. i just left paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, and you know, paul is working hard. health care is a very complex subject. if you do this it affects nine different things. >> so congressman, the message from paul ryan, the message from house republicans the last few years has been hey, if we do not reign in the costs of medicare, the spending on medicare and social security, we are heading towards fiscal catastrophe in this country. if a budget now comes down from donald trump it says we're not going to do anything on the cost of medicare and social security, can you support that? >> i can. you know, i have always said that america shook the hands of americans when they were 18 years old and said if you contribute to social security, if you contribute to medicare, when you reach a certain age, those benefits are going to be there for you. the american people have held up their end of that bargain and
1:39 pm
government has to hold up their end. i believe there has to be some measures taken into account that if we don't do anything, medicare and social security won't be there for our children. i will not ever support changing the benefits of thor near receiving, we have to look to the future to make sure we protect these two systems that people depend on that they're there for our children. and some tweaking is going to be necessary in order to do that. >> congressman dan donovan, republican from new york, thanks for the time. >> thank you, steve. getting ready for the speech tonight, not the only thing on the president's agenda today. donald trump also signing an executive order aimed at bolstering historically black colleges and universities. the order moving a long standing federal initiative on the schools from the department of education to the white house domestic policy council. joining us now to talk about it, april lyon, america urban radio network. april, i just put a bunch of sort of legal lees on the record there. translate this for us.
1:40 pm
what the president did for us today, what does it actually mean? >> what does mean? it means that he's looking hbcus, he's actually going to take out of a per view of the department of education and putting it in the white house, but when it comes down to the dollars, there's no new money. >> so what does that mean? taking it out of the department of education and bringing it into the white house. what does that mean practically? >> so practically what it means is he's going to take it out of department of education, the initiative, the hbcu initiative and build out an office for it here at the white house. those who've been working on this project have said that this happened during the reagan years, and it was in the vice president's office at the time, but essentially this puts a focus in on hbcus and according to to the white house, it harnesses all the resources within the administration. and some of this was done during the george w. bush years, what happens is departments like the department of defense look at
1:41 pm
rotc funding and the possibilities with an hbcu that could benefit or could help bolster what they are in need of. also for things like engineering. i remember during the george w. bush years with hud secretary jackson at the time, he found moneys, you know, for infrastructure building and gave that to morgan state university. it's things like agriculture, research, you know, places like -- and this is just a hypothetical. places like north carolina and are that has an ag department there for research there. so they're likening this to taking resources that could benefit these schools, at any point for research and things of that nature. so it's just still remains to be seen how this plays out, but that is somewhat of the model of what they want to do. >> so when you say, no announcement of money today, is that something that potentially changes with the direct purview
1:42 pm
of the white house. it is part of the charge of this now to go and find the money. is that -- extensively what they're saying. >> yeah, it's -- that's what we heard from some of the leaders from hbcus and the leaders of organizations that support hbcus. they kept talking about a promise of funding and money and talked about putting pressure on congress. but this executive order has zero new dollars for hbcus and hbcus, some of them, the 105, 106 are some of them are dealing with issues of being on the brink financially. they have had to deal with issues of the parent plus loan program that really cut into their numbers of students and also their funding. and also, issues of pell grants. funding is a real issue for colleges. many of them born out of a time when they started building brick by brick because they were born right out of slavery, after slavery, at a time when blacks
1:43 pm
were told they could not read or write. it was against the law. and these schools are safer than the black community because what have they stand for. they are the catalyst, the major catalyst for black middle class status for many african americans in this country. >> all right. april ryan at the white house, thanks for taking a few minutes. appreciate that. quick break, up next, live to one of the key cnts that helped hand donald trump michigan and the presidency. remember, michigan had not gone for a republican since 1988. it went for president obama twice and it went for donald trump in 2016. we're going to talk to folks out there right after this as we continue our countdown to the president's first address to congress. #
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1:47 pm
michigan. went for democrats every year since 1988, and yet, donald trump flipped it. these are voters who for obama twice, every democrat for the last generation, they switched this te for donald trump. what is on their minds as the president spoketo congress in the nation tonight? nbc's ron mott is out there live in bay city. what are you hearing? >> reporter: hey there steve, good afternoon, this victory that donald trump pull ud off in bay county was an eye opener for a lot of people around this county and the state. he took the state, helped them get to 1600 pennsylvania a. no republican candidate for president has done that since 1988, no republican candidate for president's won bay county here since ronald reagan's reelection where he won just about every county in america. look at the results here in november. this is donald trump with a very sizable victory over hillary clinton in november, contrast that with. 2012 when barack obama beat
1:48 pm
governor mitt romney by about six points. this is traditional democratic country. and i spoke to a gentleman who retired from general motors down in saginaw in 1999, he's 80 years young. we talked about a number of things, i asked him what he expected to hear tonight. we'll tell you about that on the other side. this is what he thought the reason came into bay county and took home such a decisive victory, listen. >> i think people were looking for a change. and they gambled on him to make that change. and hopefully they'll be right. and maybe not. we'll just have to wait and see. >> reporter: now even though vince is well out of the job market, again, 80 years old, i asked him when which issues he wanted donald trump to address tonight. it's all about jobs. they did have a bump in the economy here with the autoindustry just about nearly collapsed. he's been out of the business for a long time, but he wants to hear about jobs for his fellow bay county residents here. and he also wanting to hear more
1:49 pm
assurances from the president about protecting social security and medicare at his age. those things are very, very important to him. and other seniors like him. steve. >> very interesting that last point who donald trump breaking with a lot of republican tradition on that question of entitlements on the campaign. we see him bringing it up again, interesting to hear how that's resinating out there. ron mott thanks for that report in bay county, michigan. meanwhile from the granite state to the lonestar state. state pride. we are all proud of our home states. which one though, which one of the 50 states is the best? we have a survey that ranks them all. we will tell you whose number one. we will tell you whose number 50. quick plug as we head to break. do not miss the live coverage and anls i president trump's address to congress tonight. brian williams, chris matthews, leading our coverage at midnight eastern, chris will talk to an all-star line-up that includes kathy griffin, bill march, michael moore, and rob ryaner, all of them a special live edition after this speech. stick around tonight. this presidents' day,
1:50 pm
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1:54 pm
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♪ ♪ >> that's a catchy tune. gophers from come from minnesota too. they said minnesota, but guess what, that's a song about states. that one's the title's about rhode island, but they get them all in there. we played it because it takes us to one of my most -- one of the most important numbers of day. i can barely speak. today's most important number of the day is 50 because, of course, there are 50 states in this country and guess what, the
1:58 pm
folks at u.s. news their data team, they decided to come up with a bunch of categories and come up with a statistical ranking, 1 to 50, what's the best state to live in? what's the worst one to live in? we want to show you the results. we'll give you a countdown first, the three best states. what do you think they are? number three, the third best at a time to live in according to u.s. news and their data am minnesota. they said gophers in montana in that song, minnesota, that's the golden gophers. that's their team at the university of minnesota. they think that's number three. who's number two? it is new hampshire. the granite state. you have to pay sales tax in new hampshire. that's one of the big advantages, but what is the number one state to live in? hint, it's where i grew up. i agree with this one. number one in the country, massachusetts. how about that? the best state to live in in the country. and of course if that's the best, it raises the question, what is the worst state? number 50, according to u.s.
1:59 pm
news, who is it, where is it? sorry louisiana, dead last in the u.s. news ranking. they also ranked a couple of these categories, let me show you the fun ones here. which has the best, worst? how about that, indiana, the best government, the best state government in the country apparently. the worst, new jersey. well, i used to cover politics in new jersey. it's certainly colorful. i can tell you that. where do you have the most opportunity in life if if you live there? new hampshire, the most opportunity is in new hampshire. where's the worst? mississippi. sorry about that one. and final one here to tell you, health care, where is the best health care? you get it in hi. probably something to do with the weather. sit outside, everybody feels like a billion bucks. worst in the country? it is apparently in arkansas. this is a very interesting list. again, massachusetts number one, louisiana, number 50. in between, 48 other states. 50 states in the country, all rank, check that list out.
2:00 pm
u.s. news really interesting thing. that's going to do it for this hour, i'm steve kornacki here. up next, again the countdown continues to the president's speech. chuck todd, going to talk to bernie sanders and rand paul, that's mtp daily, and it starts right now. if it's tuesday, president trump is coming to congress. tonight, what will predent trump say? how will democrats in congress react? and can the president begin to restore his administration's credibility? >> i think i get an a in terms what have i've actually done. plus what congress wants to hear. i'll talk to former candidates from both sides of the aisle. senators bernie sanders and rand paul. and why marie is a tomay is the real winner of this year's academy awards. >> my u biological clock is ticking and the way this case is going, i ain't never getting married. >> this is mtp daily and it starts


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