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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  April 20, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the cost of e dendefense. together, we can address many challenges including of the greatly affected of both of our countries, those of large scale, migration and international smuggle smugglers, maintaining strong borders of any security policy and a responsible approach to refugees is one that seeks the return of refugees, to their home countries so that they can help to rebuild their own nations. finally, i want top say how much i look forward to visiting sicily for the g-7 as we seek to force cooperation, not only in matter of security but also science, commerce, health, and technology. our two countries have shared interest and shared values and we can make great contributions
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to the other. mr. prime minister, i want to thank you for being with us and being our true friend. italy is a spectacular place. i know it well. i love the people of italy. we have 18 million italians living in the united states. people originally from italy and it is a great honor to have many of them as my friends. thank you for being here. >> thank you, for hosting us here. honored to be here at the white house today. i am now switched to italian. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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>> translator: this friendship is also a sign of 18 million italian americans who have such an important role in our country, in this country. and, this friendship witnessed by the fact that italy is the second choice for american students who study abroad. we are very proud of this. this confirms the importance that the united states gives to the cultural dimension of our country. the president himself just said, this friendship is based on a common commitment against terrorism. this commitment -- is commitment is in which we are both very active.
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our country is active in iraq and afghanistan and i think the stabilization work will be decisive of the work of barack obama after the military defeat that we are expected. we know the action against terrorism must take place within our individual countries, europe, with the social and cultural commitment against radicalization by cooperating with islamic communities. italy contributes to peace and stability in the mediterranean. in syria, where i believe the u.s. of choice to react to the use of chemical weapons, bashar al-assad, and where the negotiation solutions is
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necessary than ever. in libya and we discussed this in our meeting where we need to work against the division of the country in order to stable siil it. >> this is a decisive task if we want to manage the flows without giving up on our values, and our humanitarian principles. we need to contrast the horrible traffic of people and refugees. ita italy commits of its relationship of trans contine continental -- and the goals that were identified in 2014 and the commitment on military expenses and the contribution that each country must make towards collector security. we are proud of our
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contribution. finally, italy is a country dialogue, we are proud because we succeeded in keeping an open doors and difficult prizes, dialogue can be useful even in russia without obviously giving up our unity and our principles, without giving our strengths and our values. i also told president trump that we have confidence of this difficult moment. we have confidence in the future of the european union and certainly in the importance of the relationship between u.s. and italy. these are the two pillars that the transit relationship are in of great part and freedom of the
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world. we are going through a difficult time but i have confidence that the european union will continue to be a positive response to this. finally, we are expecting and i look forward to the president's visit to the summit and i trust that this will be the opportunity to show him the unity of our leaders and of the principle free economies because right now we really need this unity. once again thank you mr. president. >> thank you, very much. thank you, i appreciate it. i will take a few questions. john roberts of fox? >>. >> i hope you will forgive me for asking you a three part question. it is been a while. the last few minutes, i believe while you were meeting with the prime minister, there was a
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shooting in downtown paris described as a potential terror attack. i wonder if you have anything on that. and of the big trouble spots that you are dealing right now of north korea and iran. do you believe that kim jong-un is mentally unstable and is he a man he can be reasoned with and on iran, do you have reasons to expect they are cheating. to nato, your contribution lightly less than 1%, will you commit to 2% of the gdp to the alliance going forward. >> first of all, i love the question you asked the prime minister. i look forward to his answer because i am going to be asking him that same question. [ laughter ] first of all, our condolences from our country to the people
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of france. again, it is happening and it seems as i saw it as i was walking in. that's a terrible thing that's going on in the world today. but, it looks like another terrorist attack and what can you say just never ends. we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant and i have been saying it for a long time. as far as north korea is concern, we are in very good shape. we are building our military rapidly. a lot of things have happened over the last short period of time. i have been here for approximately 91 days. we are doing a lot of work and in good position and we'll see what happens. i cannot answer your question on stabili stability, i hope the answer is a positive one and not a negative one. hopefully that'll be something that'll be taken care of.
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i have great respect for the president of china. we had a great summit in florida and palm beach and got to know each other. i can say from my standpoint, i like him very much and respect him very much. he's working very hard. i can say that all the pundents have said they have not seen china working like now. some unusual moves over the last two or three hours, i really have confidence that the president will try very hard, we don't know whether or not they're able to do that but i have absolutely conferenidence he will be trying very, very hard and one of the reasons that we are talking about trade deals and all of the different things but we are slowing up a little bit. i told them, you will make a much better deal on trade.
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we'll see chaps and as far as iran is concerned, i think they are doing a tremendous disservice to an agreement that was signed and it was a terrible agreement. it should not have been signed or negotiated the way it is negotiated on all four agreements. that's as bad as i have seen negotiated. they have not living up to the spirit of the agreement, i can tell you that. we are analyzing it very carefully and we'll have something to say about it in the not too distance future. iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement. if they have to do that, so we'll see what happens. thank you very much. >> thank you mr. president. >> translator: first of all, allow me to join president trump's words for what happened
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in paris. these words condolences and closest to the french people and this is a delicate period for them. as far as the question is concerned, the commitment has been made, it is made during a nato summit. we are used to respecting our commitments. we know that this will be a gradual process and it has begun and we know that italy has certain limitations when it comes to its budget. despite this limitations, it is very clear, as i said earlier, i am very proud not only of the progress made in our financial commitment but also proud of the contribution that we give to the
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security of the alliance and so many areas of the world. we talked about iraq and s afghanistan but we can talk abt the baltic sea and tof all of these areas, you will see the presence of italian forces in the alliance. we are proud of that. >> first for you president gentiloni, we saw a new type of policy of the international sea of different of what we had in the past and one of the last operations that was carried by president trump was in syria following the use of chemical weapon by the bashar al-assad e
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regi regime. my colleague from fox new news -- first of all, about the union of the brexit, it was a great team and you think that all the country will follow. you know that italy is an important and supporter of immigration. do you believe that actually a strong europe is important for the united states and also looking forward at a french collection. a second question, you said as you are looking forward to come to the g-7 and i want to know if it is going to be possible to meet both friendship during your meeting. >> translator: syria, we
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immediately assess the operation that was ordered by president trump. and decided this is a motivated response to the use of chemical weapons. we added that it is up to everyone to consider negotiation as the road through which we hopefully can put an end to this dramatic war and come to peace. italy is not directly in involved in the operations and military operations and in syria. other than marginal aspects but it is not our plan to change this attitude. >> yes, a strong europe is very important to me as president of the united states and it is also in my opinion and my strong opinion, important for the
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united states, we want to see it and help it be strong and it is very much to everybody's advantage and i look forward to meeting them. fabian of the hill. fabian? >> yes, thank you mr. president. some people on capitol hill believe that you can get one of two things next week. a vote on healthcare or a vote on a government funding bill. my question is which one is more important for you to have? mr. prime minister, i want to get your thoughts on a referendum in turkey that occurred last week. you spoke about democratic values and european continents, are you concerned of the result of the turkey results of referendum. >> okay, i want to get both. are you shocked to hear that,
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this is a great bill and this is a great plan. this will be great healthcare. it is evolving. there was never a give-up. the process reported that there was a give-up. we started. it took obamacare 17 months. i have really been negotiating this two months or less than that because we had a 30-day period where we did a lot of things. this has been two months and it is a continuation. the plan gets better and better and its gotten really, really good. a lot of people will like it. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week but it will be, i believe we'll get it and whether it is next week or shortly therefore. as far as keeping the government opened, i think we want to keep the government open, don't you agree? i think we'll get both. thank you.
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>> translator: the turkish referendum is a fact that we must take note of. leaviing aside and how it can take place of how the vote took place. i believe european leadership have taken note of the vote. the consequences will depend a great deal on how the turkish government and president erdogan will take into account half of the populations, expression of a different opinion. will there be an inclusive approach or confrontation in this product of turkey? this is be very important. for us in the european union, the other thing that's going to
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be important is to, is a respect of a certain fundamental principles. we are members of the atlantic alliance and italy contributes to turkey defense with its own military assets. we believe that among our countries should be a cooperation. and hopefully and we trust that this cooperation will have among its consequences, the solution of the case concerning the journalist who's been detained over the last few days in tur y turkey. >> translator: you have focused
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a lot on the leadership in order to stabilize medilibya. what do you expect and what is necessary in this process in this relationship cooperation of russian. >> translator: america has played a key role. first of all to prevent the consolidation of an important basis for terrorism while the defeat of iraq and syria, there
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were operations that were sustained by the u.s. again against -- now, the commitment must be political and therefore, in the corporation between u.s. and italy and other key partners in the region, the goal is to broaden the spaces of the consensus for the chief of the government which is recognized by the international community but which must be able to count on a broader consensus. i believe that one clear goal should be this. we need the region and we need countries like egypt and tunisia and we need a stable and unified, divided and country and conflict would be, would make
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stability worse. the u.s.'s job -- u.s.'s role is very critical. >> i do not see a role in libya. i this i the united states has right now has enough roles. we are in a roll everywhere. i do see a role of getting rid of isis. we are effective in that regard. we are doing a job with respect to isis that has not been done anywhere near the numbers that we are producing right now. it is an effective force that we have. it is a horrible thing to say but we have no choice. we are effectively ridding the world of isis. i see that as a primary role and that's what we are going to do whether it is in iraq or libya or anywhere else. that role will come to an end at a certain point, and we'll be able to go back home and rebuild
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our country which is what i want to do. thank you all very much, i appreciate it. >> in keeping with format, that was two and two, two questions to the italian journalist and two to the american. lets recap a little bit here. president trump said right off the bat to a question looks like another terrorist attack in france that we have not been comfortable calling that or reporting that but we'll have more reporting upcoming. north korea, we are in good shape, hopefully, that'll be something that gets taken care of. he says about the mental stability of north korea's leader, kim jong-un, he said, "never seen china worked like they are working right now." he talked about developments over the last two or three hours, we are not sure on that. on healthcare because of today's report where they like to get a
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healthcare vote in under the wire at the 100-day mark. he said the press sort of reported there was a give-up. there is no give-up. they never give up on healthcare and moved on. they were moving onto tax reform. so, certainly sounded like on march 24th of a give-up on part of the white house. he said we have enough roles, meaning military roles. our political director, host of meet the press, chuck todd, listening and watching along with us. what were the headlines to you? >> well, i think you went through the headlines as far as what we said. i thought it was interesting. that was the president determined not to make a lot of news. he was to me very disciplined.
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he did not take the bait on that mental stability question about kim jong-un. he praised on china. all about positive efforts but clearly they agreed on a strategy and there he was, he stuck to it. candidate trump, i think we all know might have taken the mental stability bait that he was given there. on healthcare, the word this morning was, he wanted to vote next week. he ramped out expectations, ill like both, it would be nice. maybe next week or the week after, that after, that's the signal of saying we know you cannot do it next week. the white house is perfectly fine with the decision of just keeping the government open next week and worry about that vote but lets keep trying to do healthcare. and then i am with you, the on thing on the what's going on in
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paris, you know, always a dangerous time to be -- the coverage is gettinghead of the fact. the president was referring to what he was saying he's watching on television, you wonder are people taking what he said some idea that he knows something more than anybody else does. if you recall, even in his answer, oh, i just saw that as i was walking out type of thing. but overall, this was a president showing discipline and determining not to mess up his news cycle. >> chuck, the last part on healthcare of this phrase, the press sort of reported there was a give-up, there was no give-up. it was the president who said it is time to move on. >> yeah. >> just to be clear. >> thank you chuck. >> it was the president. i can tell you this.
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what's floating around getting conservative votes on healthcare, what's floating around is not going to win over moderate votes on the republican side and healthcare. i think that's why you did not -- he knows this and which is why he did not put the pressure on the vote next week. >> 535 members on the combined senate and the house. they all just been home. >> yes. >> they all heard from the folks back home. >> i think that'll play apart of it. >> chuck todd, we'll look for you coming up in half hour from "meet the press." kristen welker, in the room, what would you fill in based on your experience sitting there and witnessing that. >> reporter: i want point his comments on iran and the fact that he said iran is doing incredibly a disservice to the nuclear deal. we did not hear him go all the way and say he's prepared to pull out of the ordeal. that remains the unanswered
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questions. i was hoping we'll get a question to be able to follow up on that very point. a lot of people are wopdenderin what he's prepared to do. again, not going as far as we heard him on the campaign trail and saying he's going to rip up the nuclear deal. i think we can under score his comments about healthcare enough, we started the day with this real momentum thinking that there is going to be some language that actually came out on healthcare that this could start moving forward. he really did try to tamp down the expectations. it is an indication that he's more measured and learned from what happened from the first time around with healthcare. he reiterated something when he said to me when i had a chance to talk to him in the oval office for a few moment, he sees this as a broader negotiation. president obama worked at healthcare for seventh months. we how old like to have
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something to tell by the end of his 100 days. one more point, brian, you heard the italian prime minister talked about nato. the fact that president trump is asking all nato members to pay 2% of their gdp, you heard the italian prime minister says yes, it is a priority but there are limbs. i am told based on my conversations of senior administration officials that a number of nato countries have said the same thing. we want to meet our 2% commitment but we have to be realistic. the white house says that answer were not good enough. there were a number of headlines here this afternoon, brian. >> thank you very much for that. >> review on what we have just televised live of the remarks and the q&a for the president. our 26 years veteran, a man served under three presidents
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and ambassador, here we are again looking at news on two fronts. the comments from two world leaders, both g 7 members from the white house kind of spanning the globe and north korea have been on our mind and the split screen showing the scene o f the blue strobe lights of paris, elysees. the president says "it looks like another terror attack." we are not comfortable reporting it that way. it is obviously, a leading theory when police officers are killed in a standoff with armed men on elysees and ambassador, what have struck out of you in the last hour of our coverage? >> first oconn north korea, the president is doing the right thing by pushing china publicly.
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if the president continues to invest so much public hope that china is going to solve this and china is working hard, i am not sure if chinese can meet that expectatio expectations. as you know very well, brian that chinese my prefer the status quo to weaken north korea. i am just not sure if the ch chinese can fulfill the hopes. on iran, i know they're trying to fulfill the campaign. the rest of the world agreed with this. the state department says iran is living up to its agreement and to its responsibility. the president says they're not living up to the spirit of agreement. i am not sure of the distinction and i wonder of the wisdom of trying to unravel the nuclear deal and questioning the nuclear deal now that it is a fact and having a north korea crisis at
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the same time. i think they have to worry about sequencing here. i focus more on north korea than iran. >> what does he meant when he said about stability of north korean leader, hopefully that'll be something that gets taken care of? . i' i have no idea what he was referring to. i know this. this north korean regime presents a major threat to the united states in the long-term and the administration is right to focus on it. kim jong-un seems to be firmly control of that country. >> on paris.
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your size up of the situation we are watching there. again, the latest media report from the french interior ministry say police officers were deliberately targeted in this paris shooting. >> well, what a tragedy for the french. the french have had a repeated terrorist attack as you know, brian, very well, islamic state inspired some of them and the french on the verge of some of the major national presidential election. marie le pen, the right wing may possibly win verses a collection of candidate who may want to keep some of them. so we just don't have enough facts to go onto call it a terror attack at this point. >> because of the country we just discussed of the political players, when you sit back and if you have any ability to take in the full scope of it and have
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any perspective, what do you this i the world is going through if there is one thing. >> we are seeing instability. we are seeing the continuous stability of four felt states in the middle east. we are seeing north korea emerged, it is the most important national security concerned of the immediate turns of the united states to contain this problem to try to get shiner to do something about it. the president has a lot on his plate and we have to hope he's going to succeed here. i will say this, when he's with these european leaders with theresa may and angela merkel and he's very be grudging. yes, i support the european union but not in the way of
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president kennedy or reagan or president obama supported the european project. he's the leader of the west. he needs to support on all these countries on these crisis. he needs to in habitat that role. we >> were you surprised the two leaders did not include france. i wrongly predicted that they would both mention it or begin in their earlier statements. >> i was. there is been spuuspicion? t -- there is a real suspicion in europe that part of the administration might be behind these established democratic governments that are of the greatest allies of the united states. this election in france, this sunday, the second, two weeks from sunday. the german elections, the
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european nees need to feel that united states opposed to right wing. people like marie le pen, we are not hearing that. >> ambassador nick burns. thank you for being apart of our coverage. >> jeremy bash remains with us. he's been listening and watching all this with us. jeremy, knowing what we know about paris, witnessing what we just witnessed. your thought s? >> the president is quick to declare it is a terrorist attack. if it turns out that it is not terrorism, the white house will have some explaining to do. lets wait for the facts to determine whether or not the president's assessment is correct. two other things strucking me,
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seems like regards to korea, he was looking for a way out. he wanted to let a lot of air out of it saying it is taken care of and going well. don't you worry, china got it under control and doing a great job and we are rebuilding our military. bracket that. i am not sure what it means. look elsewhere at iran though, instead of looking for a way out, it seems like he was looking for a way in, a place where he was saying deliberately. they think they practice it saying they were violating o f the spirit of the deal because he wants the square and assess from his own state department that iran was compliant of the nuclear deal with the second paragraph of the let other of secretary of state saying "we are going to revisit whether or not we want to impose pansancti or other measures of iran."
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iran is the one place that i suspected others have suspected since the beginning o f the administration that this team wants to do more, wants to get tougher with iran or something. it is something they heard from their allies in the region as opposed to in asia if the president can be seen as diffusing the crisis, he's going to take the pressure for. we may see a nuclear test from kim jong-un in the coming days. he's still perfecting his capabilities with a war head on top that can hit the united states. that's nowhere being close to getting solved. of course, in iran, we declare that the iran deal was being violated either in sprirt or letter. that would cause a crisis there in the goulf.
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we have to figure out what is our next move and are we talking about trying to disarm iran and using military reaction. >> jeremy, one quick follow up. when he says we are in good shape in north korea. when he says o f the portion of the question about instability of the leader in north korea, 33-year-old kim jong-un, hopefully that'll be something that'll gets taken care of, what does it mean? >> who knows, brian, it could mean something specific that the national security team is working on with allies and partners in the region. that would pave the way for a regime change, i would doubt that. it shower sounded loo i cike tha possibility or a musing of the president who likes to put a gloss on things in the same way he says of relationships on russia. don't worry, i will look forward
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to a day that the relationship is getting better. doves will be flying and rain w rainbows will be filling the sky. i cannot tell you if this is something of a prayer or a dream and unrealistic wish. >> jeremy bash, you can see north capital street in washington, d.c. thank you for being apart of our coverage. you can see the other half of the screen we have devoted to live pictures and a look at the contrast in this picture of the f f ferris wheel on a beautiful spring night and yet in the foreground, police fired and an unending seen of blue strobe lights of emergency vehicles having responded to the shooting. we have various reports on what is happening here various reports on the death toll beyond the initial report of one dead
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police. duncan crawford is with us. a former of bbc reporter living in paris, duncan, where are you in relation to the scene o f the sho shooting and what have you been able to learn there? >> reporter: i am at the edge of elysees. you can see some of the flashing lights and security and vehicles. th this is the heart of paris. around two hours ago, an attack took place, two police officers i can tell you were shot and both have died according to the police. a person has also been shot dead by the police, believed to be the gunman police hoelicopter i the sky. about half an hour ago, just
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from the street here on the side, there was a rush of police officers in full body armor with their guns drawn and shouting out "getting out of the way, get back." they are facing tense situation at the moment. police are treating this as a terror attack. they are investigating it as a terror attack. we spoke with an eyewitness about half an hour or so. his name is alec, he's a father and frenchman who works at the champ elysees. this is what he had to say. >> reporter: tell us what you saw earlier? >> i am working here at champ-elysees. we were standing and i was talking to a customer and from there, the three guys coming down and shoot the police and killed one o f the police and one is injured and everybody run
1:42 pm
away. they killed one police guy and the police came and killed the other guy that shoot him. >> reporter: well, that was alec telling us there of what he saw. obviously, france is under a state of emergency at the moment. there is been many terror attacks over the last few years. inde indeed, just a few years ago, two men were arrested on suspicion of planning an attack back in february. a man was shot dead by two soldiers after trying to attack them. it is extremely tense at the moment. huge security operation ongoing. don't forget there is election taking place on sunday of the first round of the french presidential election and out of all 11 candidates have been holding a tv debate tonight. one of the main issues they would be discussing is terrorism. we don't know if it is
1:43 pm
investigated at a terrorist incident. >> thank you very much. on the left happened side of the picture we are watching, you see the little markers on the gro d ground, not just from watching cop shows in this country, those are marked where they find eastward rounds or spence shells. they appeared to be concentrate lg ing on the open door of a police car. we saw some civilians ushered through wearing armed bands. that could be the way they have cleared people to go in and get their cars to go into their apartments or stores. this appears to be apart of the scene getting a lot of attention. duncan mentioned that two police officers have been lost in this. we are unable to match that reporting. right after french officials
1:44 pm
said that the death toll was up to two police officers without explanation. they deleted that tweet. we are only able to report with certainty of the death of one police officer. we'll wait on confirmation and something else that was interesting that duncan mentioned of the russia police officer yelling add the crowd to get back and get away. we showed you live pictures of police setting up what appeared to be a sniper. that would not happen presumably if they had rolled up on a cold scene. something that was in past tense, the perpetrators had moved on and there was a search on. that led us to think well, maybe they had located someone else or maybe there was still something playing out. and i think we are probably hours away from a really good
1:45 pm
explanations of what happened here. we cannot match what the president said at the top of the news conference. he said it looks like another terrorist attack. we have been told since that he had come from a briefing of national security adviser of general mcmaster. we cannot label this terrorism one way or the other. chris dickie is standing by with us, anything that you can add from there? >> reporter: well, you know it is too soon to say definitively that this is a terrorist act. the concern of terrorist attack leading up to the election had been very high. they have been looking for something like this to take place before the vote on sunday. remember a couple of days ago, the two men were arrested in marseilles in the south of
1:46 pm
france, with guns and machine guns and explosives, ready to carry out an attack. it was fortunate that they were arrested. that shows you the level of concern is justified. >> and chris, for viewers just joining us, talk about the political backdrop and what's coming in the next few days and what could be coming for france and the coming months? >> reporter: the backdrop for r the french election all along is one of insecurity. marie la pen of the far right wing, she's been pushing the idea that immigration is a big disease, a plague of french light and france should close its borders not only to immigrant but the rest of europe. pull out of europe and euro. it is an extreme position.
1:47 pm
but she has helped by every terror incident and the flip side of this, isis, the so-called islamic state and other terror organizations, they know that very well, they would like to see her elected because their hole ambitiambition is to society as much as can be done and to incite a civil war. that's the kind of dynamic that we are looking at right now. it is extremely dangerous. we are right on the eve of elections that could put her one step away from tower before the final vote on may 7th. >> chris dickey thank you. beautiful evening. you heard as chris was speaking rather a rare sound for champ elysees. it is a low flying police helicopter. we have seen too many times law
1:48 pm
enforcement forcing fans out throughout paris. we are told they executed an array of what believed to be a gunman's home in a suburbs of paris. we have a crime scene still unfolding. we'll take a break. our live coverage will continue on the other side.
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our condolences to the people of france again. it happened as i have walking in. it is a terrible thing that's going on in the word today but it looks like another terrorist attack and what can you say? it just never ends. >> the president talking about paris. oddly, neither leader included it in their opening remarks or statements of the it was the result of a question from john roberts of fox news. nor can we match the president's characterization that it looks like terrorism. we just don't know enough yet. but having come on the air to televise the two leaders, we have ended up covering largely instead the event you see on the left-hand side of your screen the live coverage, it came in as shots fired on the champs-elysees in paris not far
1:53 pm
from the arc detriompe. there are reports of a second police officer. we are not able to confirm. the french authorities pull back saying that in fact two police officers have died. because of the subjects that came up at the white house today, we have wanted to talk to michael o'hanlon. his concentrations, u.s. defense strategy, military force, national security and among the books he's written, crisis on the korean peninsula. how to deal with a nuclear north korea. that's where i would like to begin. i've asked all our guests this
1:54 pm
when he said on north korea, we are in very good shape. and he said on the instability of the north korean leader kim jong-un, hopefully that will be something that gets taken care of. >> good afternoon. you're right to ask about this. those were striking comments by the president. i agreed with jeremy bash that it was smart to talk down the issue aly, after all the brouhaha over the aircraft carrier and what we might do with the strikes in syria and afghanistan and how that seemed to be creating a sense of confrontation, talk of possible preemptive options. that was just too much. and i think the president is right to be calmer but he is not right to suggest we're now on a good path. i think president obama warned president trump this might be the biggest underappreciated looming crisis.
1:55 pm
i would agree. i would also agree that it is unlikely president xi will solve this problem for us. he may be big to put more pressure but for the very reason they gave, the chinese don't rae want to bring down north korean gee. i don't think they'll take care of it through other means. it will be a combination of a bit more pressure. and then will the united states be abe to take a somewhat different or more flexible negotiating strategy if we can get north koreans back to the table? >> and this carrier issue with the carl vinson battle group or strike group is more than i think a media curiosity and a punk line. the president spoke of this armada when he spoke of it. when his spokesman spoke further about it, they all spoke of it. it was a, steaming in the other
1:56 pm
direction and b, thousands of miles away. in a perusal of some korean newspapers, it was a big issue in south korea where they received it mostly it seems with one of two emotions. number one, i didn't know things were heating up to such an tent that we need carrier battle group offshore. number two, oh, good, our long time ally the united states has our back. the headline i referred to translated says trump's lie. xi jinping must have a good jeer over this one. another paper said duped by trump. the u.s. taunted over contractor vinson aircraft carrier tay. this is foreign policy as no one needs to tell you or remind you, words of consequences. actions in the carrier group,
1:57 pm
not en route, en route. >> it was not the trump's administration's finest hour. in context, that aircraft carrier battle group has about 75 aircraft aboard. we have about more than 100 fighter aircraft in korea all the time and we have at least that number in japan, especially with the ronald reagan aircraft carrier battle group is at home in japan. so this would have been the 20% or 30% we have in range all the time of north korea. it is and not clear what the 20 or 30% would have been able to do. nor is it clear what you would want food would allow something surgical and discreet is that avoid the risk of the all, did out war. so i never thought hit you a that much relevance. it doesn't help when our words are undercut and turn out to be undercut of the. >> and you heard the president
1:58 pm
referring to it as an armada. talking about submarines which we don't talk about having more power than the aircraft carrier, true, as a nuclear launch platform. it was intend asked then back reference bid the administration that's the as a statement. a show of force. >> yes. and the submarine comment was interesting and you hit on the really important point. that was an implicit nuclear threat against north korea. it is not the first president who has made kind of a threat and it is be totally unwarranted since the north koreans make those threats at us all the time. and there was enough subtly that you had to parse to it get to the threat so it was not bad language on balance but it was not a strategy to dewith a north korean test or a miss test. it is what you might do in the midst of an all out war but we won't start that ourselves. if you're looking for a new negotiating strategy, what you need is for the chinese to
1:59 pm
squeeze north korea economically. that's far and away our best hope. but it won't be easy there either. >> in 13 on 15 seconds, what is your greatest concern for europe as we've been concentrating on the streets of paris? >> the end of isis in syria and iraq will make some of the jihadist who's went there from europe try to go hole. and i think the french doing a good job dealing with that on balance. i am impress that had they've limited the terrorist strikes in nice last summer. but that will only continue and maybe even grow modestly in coming months. >> michael o'hanlon, always glad to have your assistance of the thank you very much of that's the scene tonight in paris, france. the city of light. all the wrong kinds of lights. those are the blue strobes of police and fire and ambulances.
2:00 pm
traffic. you see at the base of the arc de triomphe. a huge stretch of the champs-elysees remains closed after a police involved shooting. more coverage throughout the evening. for now, chuck todd takes over "mtp daily." if it's thursday, president trump meets the press. tonight president trump ramps down the rhetoric on north korea. >> as far as north korea is concerned, we are in very good shape. we're building our military rapidly. a lot of things have happened over the last short period of type. >> rhetoric aside, is president trump pretty much following president obama's foreign policy play book? plus, shattered. a devastating new look at hillary clinton's campaign has the clinton campaign a bit fired up. we've got


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