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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  May 1, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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south and the midwest over the weekend. following the developments, we have kay scasey hunt and kriste welker and betsy woodruff. good morning. casey, let's start on capitol hill. what's in, what's out on the spending bill and what's the timing for a vote? >> reporter: we're waiting on the final timing depends on the. we can expect the house to vote early in the week before it heads to the senate by the end of the week to avert the government shutdown. this is something that's likely going to move through because we have people on both sides of the aisle and both ends of congress praising this deal. so what's in it? we are overall spending levels for defense higher, up $25 billion over last year, including $15 billion in new spending for defense.
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there's also, we should point out, chris, no money for the border wall in this bill. that of course is something that the democrats were very focused on. there is border security money but it is not explicitly for the wall. there's also no language in this bill that says that sanctiuary cities won't receive funding and nothing has changed regard planned parenthood. we had been expecting a deal like this to come together. they had hoped to get it done last week but there was again, a flap over that border wall. so at this point we expect, barring unpredictable -- you know, something from the president. but we have heard the white house praise this as well. so leaders here are feeling good about getting this done this week. >> kristen, what is the white house saying about this? obviously the wall is message that the president wanted but he had already signaled it might not happen until later. what are they saying about that where you are? >> reporter: they're trying to
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paint this as a victory for the administration were for the president. a senior administration official stressing the fact that this bill does include additional funds for the military. obviously a key priority for the president as well as border security. so that's what you're going to hear from this white house. this is in essence, a down payment starting the construction of building the wall. but of course the counter to that is the language. the fact that the word "wall" is not included in the language. press secretary spicer is going to brief on this later on today and will likely get some questions about that, did the president give in on this key point and the fact that it includes funding for planned parenthood. still this was a compromise that the white house felt it was worth making to get the spending bill down. >> without a doubt they wanted to show they were making progress. i want to play new sound released this morning that was
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released from an interview with the president this morning talking about his overall frustration in dealing with congress. >> it's a very bureaucratic system. the rules in congress and in particular the rules in the senate are unbelievably archaic and slow moving and in many cases unfair. in many cases you're forced to make deals that are not the deal you would make. you'd make a much different kind of a deal -- you're forced into situations that you hate to be forced into. >> so betsy, is this part of growing pains or are we haerk th hearings the stirrings of a president that wants to push congress to do something beyond what we saw with the supreme court in terms of changing the way they operate? >> i think the latter is certainly possible. the reality is that trump has gotten the bigger win by getting rid of the nuclear option when it came to supporting the
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supreme court pick. that was a big win for him. he knows he's sort of comfortable breaking from protocol and tradition, that can put the points on the board for him. >> i want to talk a little bit about the health care issue. kristen, there have been conflicting signals about whether preexisting conditions will indeed be covered. what does the white house say about that and whhow are they feeling about a vote? >> reporter: president trump in over the weekend said preexisting conditions will absolutely be covered. the reality is that the amendment being floated on capitol hill doesn't necessarily require coverage for preexisting conditions. up stead it sets up high risk pools, allowing some states to opt out in certain scenarios. this is going to be a messages problem moving forward. republicans want to get on the same page with the white house in this regard. what you're going to hear is that it provides the possibility of coverage for preexisting conditions for all of those
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essential health benefits. but of course those are the things that moderates really care about. if they don't see it in writing, it could be tough for them to get the votes. do they have the votes right now? gary cohn in an interview today said yes, they think have the votes. casey is the person on capitol hill tracking all of that. but at this point in time the white house behind the scenes saying they're sure of the results, expressing confidence but saying this is still a wait and see. we want this to happen but we're not 100% sure it's going to happen. >> well, what's the betting money on there? are the votes there? >> reporter: you'll know when the votes are here. there will be a vote on the house floor. if there's no vote, it's because there's not 116 votes. the problem now is with the moderate members of the republican conference who was concerned about what you were talking about with kristen,
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particularly preexisting conditions. you do have the conservative freedom caucus on board. they've been more problematic for the leadership in the house. so in some ways they've solved their biggest problem. but again, they still have this other issue. so we've heard from both conservatives and moderates so far this morning on msnbc about where things stand. take a look first after jim jordan and then charlie dent who is a moderate republican. >> and i think it will pass later this week. it's close but i think it will pass. >> we conservatives feel this is the best bill the get out of the house but there is definitely more work to do. >> all i can tell you is that the amendment that has been offered does weaken protections for people with preexisting conditions because states will be able to opt out or waive out of it. i think that's a very big concern for many of the center right members with whom i'm affiliated with in the republican main street coalitions. >> reporter: if they change that bill if any way, they risk
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losing the group of conservative freedom caucus members. that is something they couldn't recover from. now the question is can they get creative and offer the moderates a solution that will let them web when they have to go back to their home districts and defend this say they defended people with preexisting conditions. the people on the spot now may be at risk of losing their seats in 2018. it's difficult political calculous at this point. >> when you talk to people about preexisting conditions, that cuts deep. jonathan swan, what are you doing to be watching over the next 24 to 48 hours to see where this is going. >> it's all about the moderates. and my understanding from my sources in leadership and in the white house is that they're not really considering any significant changes to the text at this point. the text is the text and they've got the freedom caucus guys on board, that's has a really big
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deal. you change anything you lose those guys, the whole things falls part. >> doesn't the white house think part of the problem has been that they sort of outsourced it to paul ryan. >> 100%. this has really changed. the first time around -- i've heard this from senior officials. they say it privately but they're open about it. the big e mistake we made was outsourcing to paul ryan and tom price. but they sat back, let the caucus figure this stuff out. there are a lot of moderates upset feeling they weren't involved in this process. it wasn't heavy handed from the white house or leadership. leadership has been cynical all along. and the shift has been in the last i'd say 72 hours when my sources in leadership are actually saying don't put this on the record but i think this could happen. i ak kmul hi think this could happen. there's an optimism. >> but they don't want to put it on the record.
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>> no. >> i want to talk to you both about something that i'm going to go back to kristen weller about at the white house. there was a phone call and the president has been making a lot of phone calls to world leaders. in this case, the president of the philippines. but he goes off script. it's causing some consternation. tell us what happen. >> reporter: he invited the president of the philippines to the white house. this is a big break from the obama administration. remember, president obama wouldn't meet with him particularly after he criticized him in sharp and very personal terms. now why is he such a lightning rod? why is this so controversial? because he has been widely criticized for human rights abus abuses, a brutal crackdown on drug suspects. this is getting backlash. some in the administration were surprised by the invitation to the white house. could the president not have had
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one of his top aides reach out to the president of the fe philippines. the reason for the phone call was multipronged. one, they're reaching out to allies in this region to try to apply pressure to north korea. we've seen them do this with china and japan. they're expanding the outreach. but they also see this as a way to check china. there's concern that china has been emboldened in the south china sea so. this is an attempt to reassure the philippines that the united states is still having a close eye on that situation. and because the president has been in such close contact with the leader of the china as e he deals with this crisis in north korea, there have been rumblings among the other nations in the region that that are too focused on china. those are among the reasons that the white house is giving for this phone call. but this is going to continue to make waves throughout the day and coming weeks. because some within the
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republican party are concerned about this outreach. >> he's killed thousands 0 people in this drug crackdown. he said profane things about president obama when he was president. he said home to beid homophobic the u.s. ambassador. he went off script. are you hearing as we have heard state department caught flat footed on this, his senior aides caught by surprise on this? >> that's the public reporting. the thing to remember is yes, we have -- the u.s. has a strong military alliance with the philippines. there are bases there. th it's an important relationship. that doesn't mean you need to put out a statement that gives this guy a free pass an all of the human rights abuses that he's done. that's the real concern that we're hearing from the state department. >> and remember that president obama actually canceled a meeting with him in september. they were planning to get together, have a conversation with person but the white house called that off in part because
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of his miserable human rights record. the fact that trump is bringing this man to the white house, i think it's hard to find an example of a bigger shift. >> let me bring in msnbc contributor and editor at large for the atlantic steve clemmons. what are you hearing about this and how long do you think the blowback is going to continue? >> i think it was huge shock that donald trump would just so casually invite a mass murderer, though he is president of the philippines. he's basically overseen the killing of more than 6,000 people. it's prema it's remarkable. that said, president obama said he would engage with the leaders of the world and there was a wide derision of paresident obaa at the time. he said he would talk to issues important to the u.s. the trap that donald trump seems to be falling into and it's making some of his republican colleagues and members in
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congress crazy is that he personalizes every relationship. it's true that president obama did not meet due dare taye the next time around but every element of the u.s. government came out and talked about how vital the relationship was. president obama regularly met neaten netanyahu. donald trump is interested in wh he thinks the president of the fill phon philippines is good guy or not. >> well, we just got this from the "the new york times" and we don't have independent reporting on this but they say that the president of tphilippines responded to the invitation saying he might be too tied up, too busy of a schedule saying i can't make a definite promise adding i'm supposed to do to
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russia and israel. what do you make of that in. >> he's playing a game with the united states. he's already said in a statement, and i quote, the u.s. has lost. i'm aligned with china. and he's tried to put the philippines up for grabs among other super powers and play this cat and mouse game with the region as to where the philippines affections lie now. and particularly with china, while we have a strategic relationship, a military relationship with the philippines, he's not serving it well and he's basically over a lot of the issues that the philippines was at otds with china now, he's become more of a china advocate and not tending to america as what the philippines was doing before was a vital counter balance within the vie job. the philippines has become an unreliable partner. he's orchestrated that because he wants to, celebrated and chased by all of the parties in the region. >> when we look at this in the
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big picture, there are a lot of human rights groups upset about this, part of the statement that the white house released, they talked about the war on drugs essentially in the philippines, not saying that people who are involved in drugs are among the people who have been killed. chris murphy says we're watching in real time as the american human rights bully pulpit disintegrates into ash. what do you make of that in. >> i think chris murphy is right. i think america has always been a nation that pursued our interest but also tried to be the beacon on the hill, tried to elevate issues about human rights, hebeas corpus, these sort of important issues of the rights of the minorities in various countries. and what donald trump is showing is he's willing to go clobber on an ad hoc basis a foreign leader or some issue. but he really wants nothing to do with the dna of that other country. and right now what we've seen in
7:16 am
the "the new york times" is that they've looked at a lot of cases in which donald trump, you know, essentially dishes people who are important democratically elected fair and balanced leaders while he has a seeming fetish for thugs who have murdered or shut down universities, the press, thrown journalists in jail and engaged in behaviors that are outrageous. he respects at some level the efficiency of that kind of power. and i think chris murphy has nailed it. >> steve clemmons, thank you so much. my panel is staying here. up next, from declaring that he would act unilaterally against nerk no now saying he's not sure how he would respond to another nuclear test. is president trump sending mixed messaged to the most volatile region in the world? can i get some help. watch his head. ♪
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new this morning, cia director mike pompeo made an unannounced visit to the capital of south korea for meelt itings. this is coming days after north korea conducted a failed ballistic missile launch as the nation threatens to test a nuclear weapon, something is president is not taking lightly. >> how is north korea weighing on you now? >> well it weighs, but we have to prepare -- be prepared for the worst. we have to be prepared to do
7:21 am
what we have to do. we can't allow this to go on. he's been threatening, she's very -- saying terrible things and people can't do that. >> nbc's hans nichols is at the pentagon for us. there's word of movement in the pacific today. what can you tell us? >> a japanese destroyer is escorting a ship in the sea of japan. normal hi there are a lot of operations that take place. normally it's not that big of a deal when the navy is doing operations. it's not like they're out there waiting for the sun to go down. they're always doing operations. but when you overlay it on some of the rhetoric coming from the white house, it takes added significance. and the white house made very clear over the weekend that they have military options. >> we have to do something again with partners in the region and
7:22 am
globally and that involves enforcement of the u.n. same-sexes thsame-se sanctions that are in place. it means being prepared for military operations if necessary. >> as far as preparations go, the u.s.s. vinson is in the sea of japan. before it has had been the philippine sea. there was a lot of back and forth about that. it arrived over the weekend. one final note an the anti-missile batteries. those will be operational in the coming days. white house also sort of backpacking and back pedaling over the weekend saying they will pay for them under an existing agreement. one final thing on operations in what's taking place. some b-1 bombers flew up from guam over the weekend, stayed within the korean peninsula and then flew back to guam. >> one thing for sure is there's continuing to bepeninsula.
7:23 am
i want to play something thaels the president had to say. he's talking about the leader of north korea. take a listen. >> people are saying is he sean? i have no idea. he was a young man of 26 or 27 when he took over for his father when he father died. he's deal with obviously tough people, in particular the generals and other. and at a young age he was able to assume power. a lot of people tried to talk that power away, whether it was his uncle or whoever else and he was able to do it. he's a pretty smart cookie. >> is he doing outloud what a lot of people do over dinner parties, trying to unprofession mal . what do you make of these comments, what we've heard in the past, they're dangerous, unstable and we can't trust them.
7:24 am
>> this is a weird way to talk about a dictator who tortures and starves his own people. it's not normal. this isn't the way american leaders generally talk about our geopolitical foes. trump is very comfortable with breaking with tradition and protocol. touching on what hans was talking about, i think one thing to keep in mind, president trump is interestinged in increasing the military presence in that part of the world. there's a decent chance based on a conversation i had this morning that we'll see a permanent active military presence in south korea, ships as well as pers until. i think that's likely that will be happening at the same time that trump is talking about these issues in a way that's untraditional. >> the facial expressions you've been making through this -- >> when donald trump was a young kid his dad, his father, fred, used to say two things to him. he said you're a killer, you're a king. you're a killer, you're a king. and donald trump when you read biographies of him, he's always
7:25 am
had this kind of strange respect for brutality. usually it's brutality in business. the highest compme esest compli trump can pay to his colleagues is you're a killer. it's clear. the famous interview he did with bill o'reilly when o'reilly said about vladimir putin he's a killer. he said we've got plenty of killers here. when he heard the word killer, he thinks, yeah, all right. >> msnbc is hearing from an administration official that sebastian gorka may be on his way out. mcmaster may be influencing that to some extent. >> i can't confirm that he's on his way out but what i can tell you is that people inside the white house don't think he has much influence. his world view, islam is not a religion, a political energy that leads to violence.
7:26 am
that's very much at odds with some of the people. >> you are staying with me. a deadly outbreak of tornadoes and floods ripping through the southwest. all we're getting here is wind. dozens of lives at risk, dozens of people injured, 15 dead. threat of injury, far from over. we're going to have much more on that coming up. over hereno!ver here! (dog barking) whoever threw it has to go get it. not me! somebody will get it... ♪ (dog barking) anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. from the b-2 to the upcoming b-21,
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back now with a look at this morning's headlines, police in san diego today trying to figure out what motivated a man to open fire at an upscale apartment complex killing one woman and wounding seven others. police shot and killed the suspect who witnesses say never left his pool side chair when she started shooting people at the outdoor birthday party. he's identified as a 49-year-old who is white. his victims were six black and one latino. 25 people were hospitalized today after their plane hit severe turbulence. check out these pictures. prior to land in bangkok. it was a russian flight departing from moscow. marches for international
7:31 am
workers day are taking place around the world today but here in the u.s. is crowds are expected to be larger than usual for what's known as may day. the day traditionally promotes worke workers' rights. check out the cool launch of a top secret spy satellite from the nasa pad at the kennedy space center. but it's actually space x's first mission for the national reconnaissance office. nothing has been devulged about the unmanned falcon 9. and this hour thousands of people across this south and midwest are recovering from violent weekend storms that claimed 15 lives. four tornado ripped through eastern texas. the trail of destruction stretching for 35 miles in one county alone. rescue crews this morning are scrambling to reach trapped
7:32 am
residents. >> there are more than 5,000 addresses that are impacted this these tornadoes, which shows the urgency that we have today to make sure we get to all 5,000 -- really there's about 5100 of those location to find out if theris anyone who remains in danger. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez is live in fruit vail, texas. what are you saying there? >> reporter: a scene of absolute devastation. this home was 0 blit raided. you 15 deaths across five states. four people killed in texas. as we take a look around here, we can take an overhead look from our drone. this home was destroyed right now to the foundation. a husband and wife were here inside this home. they huddled together and barely managed to survive. the husband is now recovering in the hospital. and we saw this play out over and over again over the weekend. this series of tornadoes roared
7:33 am
through saturday evening. we spoke with some residents yesterday, that they were trapped inside a barn where there was a high school prom about to get under way in less than an hour. if this tornado had struck an hour later in canton, texas, 70 to 80 high school students would have been inside that building. we're also speaking with other good samaritans who managed to rescue a toddler from a car that had been overturned. a dramatic story of survival. and you mentioned that this severe weather system damaged several states. it was parts of missouri are dealing with flooding threats, there's a search for two missing children swept away by flood waters in arkansas. but again here in east texas, a scene of udder d-- utter devastation. the power is starting to be restored but there is a massive cleanup effort that will be under way.
7:34 am
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7:38 am
making a splash releasing a new ad highlighting the first 100 days. >> america has rarely seen such success, a respected supreme court justice confirmed, companies investing in american jobs again, america becoming more energy independent, regulation that killed american jobs eliminated. >> and it isn't just the republicans in campaign mode. democrats are getting restless too. here's a moment from just yesterday in new hampshire. >> guys, i'm not running. okay? i know i caused a lot of speculation. no. >> all right. joining me now to look at the next 100 days and beyond, democratic pollster mayor gi o'mara and chris wilson. what struck me looking at that little clip was that it said we've rarely seen such success. donald trump might actually say we've never seen such success. in is this kind of a only speaking to the base, only
7:39 am
preaching to the converted. and even if that's the case, isn't important to keep them fired up? >> of course it's important to keep them fired up. his opportunity to pass legislation moving forward is all about keeping the base excited. if at any point the trump vote s tax returned out are no morning supporters, he'll see his agenda collapse. it's certainly the right thing for them to be doing. i hope they're running it down in georgia because there's a special election coming up in the atlanta media market that that sort of messaging is important. you see republican base get depressed and not turn out, democrats will win the old newt gingrich seat and that would be a strong message to seen. >> and we've seen people who have dropped out over the weekend. on the alternative, you saw what
7:40 am
happened with joe biden. it's as if the democrats are chomping at the bit to have an opportunity to think of a world where donald trump isn't president. but there's a lot of time between now and the next election. so what should we be watching for if on the democratic side the next 100 days? >> you see democrats across the country increase egli excited about other political participation, whether that's voting or political action, the marches like the climate change march that was in washington this past weekend, and the science march the weekend before that. you see a lot of folks on the left -- some people running for office, record numbers of candidates running across the country. and all of that is a reflection on what people are seeing with president trump in his first 100 days. i'm not surprised he's running an ad talking about his accomplishments and trying to make it seem that he's accomplished a lot. that's one of his biggest vulnerabilities in the polling.
7:41 am
even with his own base he's dropped with getting things done and keeping promises. we found out in our own poll he's dropped 20 points with his own base on whether people think he's getting things done. gallop and others have shown similar drops across the board, not just with republicans, wu democrats, independents, you name it. i'm not surprised he's trying to shore up that vulnerability. there's a perception that he hasn't gone anything done. >> there are thing beyond his control, the ongoing investigations into rush shap m -- russian meddlinmeddling. >> you believe that? >> that i don't know. >> you don't know or you do know. >> vii have a problem. you can podesta with a company in russia, hillary's husband makes speeches in russia, hillary did a uranium deal in russia. if you don't catch a hack near the act, it's very hard to say
7:42 am
who did the hacking. with that being said, i'll go along with russia. could have been china. could have been a lot of different groups. >> she's talking about something that no one else is talking about, virtually every other responsible member of congress has talked about how it's clear that russia tried to meddle in the election. what do you make of that and will it matter? >> well, i don't think it matters. and the challenge is if you read the book that's sort of the autopsy on the clinton campaign, it shows that coming out of the campaign the clinton staff had to have a message as to why they left. they couldn't say we lost because we had a bad candidate. they had to find a reason. they got together and decided they were going to push out this russian hacking story. >> house and senate committees are not doing this investigation. the fbi is not doing an investigation because the hillary clinton put out a narrative. >> well, i think if we look at an e-mail that had an effect on
7:43 am
the election, it was the e-mail that was taken from anthony weiner's laptop when the fbi was investigating. that's what james comey was talking about the week before the election. you can make an argument that that had an impact. i'm not going to argue that hacking did take place from russia, i don't have that knowledge. but i'm going to sate had see yo zero immarket pact on the elect. the whole idea that the russian hacking affected the election is simply a narrative being pushed by the clinton campaign that lost and it's unfortunate because it's distracting from an important investigation into the russian attempted hacking and influence on the election. but it really mhad zero impact f what happened in november. >> one of the criticisms of the trump administration is that he tried to take on too many
7:44 am
things, that there wasn't a sharp focus and that now he needs of a more sort of defined plan about how to move forward. there is a lot going on. you have the russian investigation. you have the growing concerns and anxiety on pacific coast. would. democrats will well-served to focus their attention elsewhere, lit the fbi do their business and focus on policy? >> well when it comes to russia and modelling in our election, this is really the corner stone in our democracy. that's not just my belief. that's what polls show, a unifying bipartisan belief. and i think it's really disgraceful that there are folks of any party in any part of the administration or in any part of to political dialogue who are
7:45 am
trying to muddy the waters on this saying it doesn't matter. this has been in the public dialogue well before the election, it came up in the debates. it was being discussed months before the election. it's something that we need to get to the bottom of. of course there are other issues to discuss but for us not to protect and defend our elections from international threats, how can we not all unify behind that. >> let's go back to joe biden because there was a lot of enthusiasm for him and now he's speaking from a very different place. here's something he had to say yesterday. kind of advice for members of his own party. >> ask yourself the rhetorical question, what made you a democrat in the first place. not a joke. not a joke. what made you a democrat. why did you choose to be a democrat. there's three core values that are actually missing today. the first is dignity, the second is thinking big.
7:46 am
i don't think it takes a long time to do great things. and the last piece is optimism. so many people are walking around, whoa is me. give me a break. >> in so ways do we think that perhaps this is a message for congress overall, a group that is less popular than the president who is at historically low levels, they need to think big and get things done, that's a message forward looking forward 2018 and either side making progress? >> biden is right. if you look at the party that's represented optimism in the past, it's the one that wins. i would argue that's reagan's shiny city on a hill. one of the reasons bill clinton did so well and george w. bush. and there's in question that barack obama represented optimism. the message out of the last
7:47 am
election was optimism, stronger together and make america great again. that's the reason he won. biden's message is one that should be heard by both par parties. whoever goes into 2018 representing the optimism, that's the party that's going to be successful in the next election cycle. we can argue all day about issues, repeal or replace oba obamaca obamacare, all these are important debates to have. but i think joe widen's message should be heard by both parties. thinkty more interesting aspect of it is that the democratic party is a party better represented and they get excited about a past vice president rather than someone should be a future leader. >> all of the democrats are going to be 20 years from now going to be excited to see joe biden. thanks to both of you. after the break, holding hollywood hostage. a hacker releasing the new season of the hit netflix show and threatening other networks that their shows could be next.
7:48 am
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a cyber attack aimed at netflix has all of hollywood on edge this morning after an anonymous hacker going by the
7:52 am
name of dark overlord stole and released part of the show "orange is the new black." the hacker or hackers demanded a modest ransom to stop the leak but netflix remained unresponsive. now that the leaks are out, the cyber criminal is promising more. miguel almaguer is on this story. >> reporter: the fifth season of "the orange is the new black" was set to come out june 9th. but hackers using the twitter handle the dark overlord claimed they uploaded the show to the a site over the weekend when netflix refused to pay ransom. who is next on the list? fox? ifc, nat geo? oh what fun we're going to have. nbc has not verified the authentici authenticity. a production surrender used by
7:53 am
several major tv studios had it compromised. it's the biggest hack since the famous sony hack of 2014 when the movie "annie" were stolen and made public. sense then major studios beefed up cyber security, but independent vendors remain a weak link according to experts. >> this move the hackers made with "orange is the new black" is a warning shot and that perhaps we can see more such incidents with other networks and other shows. >> reporter: it appears the hackers may have more shows and movies with criminals posting and to the others. there's still time to save yourselves. our offers are still on the table for now. this morning studios are under attack. and this may not be the hollywood ending they were hoping for. >> billions of dollars are at stake here when you look at the big picture. and you wonder, what is the u.s. and what is congress going to do
7:54 am
about it? >> well, exactly. it is also a huge issue for the doj focusing more and more on their ability for attribution in recent cyber attacks. they talked about the attack on yahoo! in 2014, but this threat is growing. it's a ransomware attack. the fastest growing cyber attack, when hackers see someone's information and try to get them to pay a ransom for it, upwards of 3%, are paying it out. which is a high success rate. the high chance of others being attacked is really high. >> we all remember sony, their security is incredible, but there are so many entities that would have a piece of something like this that someone else could not have the security they do. >> i was talking to someone this morning in the movie business, and they were stunned that after the sony hack they haven't demanded of their vendors, it is not that high, you are a big studio, you pay these people to
7:55 am
do work, you outsource the work, you demand they upgrade their system to have the most effective defenses against this. so it's kind of amazing. >> i heard that name drop. i was just talking to someone in the hollywood movies. >> i didn't drop the name, though. i didn't drop the name. >> i'm going to get it out of you. watch tomorrow, we'll have it for you. meantime, comedian will ferrell reprised his role of george w. bush wednesday night at the not it ha not-the-white-house- correspondents' dinner. here he is talking about the strained relationship with the press. >> the prodigal son has returned. yeah. i don't know what that means, but i know it's positive. you guys would always sneak up
7:56 am
with me on gotcha questions like, why are we going to war? gotcha! why did you not respond to hurricane katrina? gotcha. what is your middle name? gotcha. i just wish someone had told me that all you have to say is fake news, over and over again. you know? that could be your answer for everything. yeah. >> oh, well. we'll have more news after this quick break. it's time for the" your business" entrepreneurs of the week. breaking up was hard to do for jeff and nick, but reuniting has felt so good. the owners of 5 string furniture are back together after a two-year break. for more, watch "your business" on sundays on msnbc. >> brought to you by american express open. visit for ideas to help grow your business. n cardsn help you take on a new job,
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that will do it for me this morning. i'll see you back here at 10:00 a.m. right now my colleague ali vel s v -- velshi. right now on msnbc, a government shutdown looks to be averted, but in a deal struck late last night, congressional lawmakers agreed to a trillion dollar bill to fund the government. now the white house signals it is also expecting a vote on health care this week. plus, hundreds ofhousands marchers hitting thetreets for may day protests across the country and around the world. the annual international workers day demonstrations are expected to draw larger crowds this year with many protesting the poli


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