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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 1, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. sean spicer is taking the podium. he's been going over a couple developments from over the weekend and scheduling for next week. let's take a listen. >> the small business week awards program later this afternoon. back to the president's schedule. after speaking with the community bank members, the president had lunch with vice president mike pence, secretary tillerson and secretary mattis as well as general mcmaster before meeting separately with secretary tillerson. i also want to add that fema held a call for the remaining threat of continued severe weather over parts of the southwest to the mississippi
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valley, which has already killed five people in texas. secretary of homeland security kelly participated in the call and the white house is in contact with local governments in these affected areas. we'll have those communities in our thoughts and prayers and encourage everyone to follow the directions of their state, tribal and local officials to stay safe. finally let me run down for what we're expecting for the president's schedule this week. tomorrow he'll present the commander in chief trophy to the air force academy. one day the president will host the palestinian authority for a visit, and thursday he'll host a national prayer event and then attend a commemorating event for the battle of coral sea or the u.s.s. intrepid. i'll continue to update you for the schedule throughout the week. with that, your questions. jo? >> i want to go back to the promise the president made this week on "face the nation" about
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preexisting conditions. he said there would be a mandate that preexisting conditions would be covered. was he talking about a bill that's already in there? >> an amendment ensures that preexisting conditions continue to be covered. again, obviously, as this bill hopefully passes the house this week or whenever it does and then goes through the senate and the house, this is an issue that is important to him. >> how does he ensure, though, that those people actually are treated affordably? there was an estimate from aarp if you were in the high risk pool, the premiums can be as high as $25,000 for somebody. what is he doing to ensure that doesn't happen? >> there's two things i think he mentioned in the same interview. just to be clear, right now under obamacare, as it collapses on its own weight, people who have preexisting conditions are
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the most vulnerable. if you have insurance that is no longer able to provide care to those who need it, you have a card without coverage. what the president is doing is ensuring going forward, as we attempt to repeal and replace it, that preexisting conditions are at the core of that. that is something that he has ensured is in the current bill and will continue to push for it to make sure going out of the senate it's there as well. john? >> what do you say to conservatives who feel they didn't get a whole lot out of this spending bill? there was no money for the wall, no money for sanctuary cities, planned parenthood was maintained. what do you say about that? >> the president got a lot out of this bill. most specifically, $21 million to help rebuild the military. that was something he was very proud to campaign on and it's delivering on. that's probably the biggest thing. with respect to border security, he got $1.25 billion.
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under the current language that's posted, i think that's significant. remember, keep it in context. we're talking about 2017 funding, right? this is something that most presidents would walk into office and that would be done. because the last congress didn't do this under president obama, we have an opportunity to get some of the president's priorities infused for 2017. that's a big step forward and something he'll continue to fight for in 2018. when the fiscal year starts the end of september, we will have an opportunity to really infuse the president's priorities. but i think there is a lot there. and there's also d.c. school choice was something we felt very strongly about making sure was back in. there is no obamacare bailout. the coal miners is something the president felt very strongly on, making sure they got taken care of. that happened. so there is a lot in this bill that i think of tare the priori he put forward.
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>> he had to give up on some things. >> the planned parenthood thing in particular. remember, this is 2017 funding. this is something he normally wouldn't even have had a shot at because it normally would have been done, so putting it in the 2017 budget cycle is a big deal, to have it for the remaining five months. this is a down payment on border security, it's a down payment on his ability to rebuild the military and repealing and replacing obamacare will address a lot of the other health care issues. >> on the pending visit of duterte from the philippines, he said president trump is giving human rights abuses. what's the white house's perspective on duterte? >> i think it is an opportunity for us to work with countries in that region that can help play a role in diplomatically isolating
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north korea. the interest of the united states, the safety of people in the region are the number one priorities of the president. mike? >> i want to ask you about tax deductions. the white house has talked a little bit about that as a way to curb big tax breaks for the rich. are you looking to any other policy changes when it comes to limiting breaks for the top 1%? >> we're at the beginning of this process, but i think you saw from the briefing i was giving you the other day, the focus on this is really lower and middle income americans. it means a family of four -- right now they're getting a $24,000 deduction, which means in a lot of cases you're going to see a family pay zero cases at the lower end of the economic scale. that's really a big deal for them to help put more money back into their pocket and take care of their family. >> on health care, there seems
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to be a renewed optimism from the white house. how confident is the president that he will get a bill this week? >> i think the president made it clear he's not instituting a timeline. we feel confident the direction this is going. we see more and more members come on board. a lot of the changes were made make the bill better and we feel good about it. >> on north korea, today the president told bloomberg he was open to meeting with kim jong-un if the conditions were right. how does the president define the right condition to have this meeting? >> there are a lot of things that go along with that. "under the right circumstances," i believe, is the phrase he used. that is something to keep consistent with respect to mr. tillerson as well. we have to see provocative behavior ratcheted down immediately. there are a lot of conditions that i think would have to
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happen with respect to its behavior and showing signs of good faith. clearly the conditions are not there right now, but i think the president has made it clear, as secretary tillerson and i did the other day, if the circumstances present themselves, we'll be glad to, but they currently are not at this time. >> picking up on health care, it's believed possibly that republicans may be down just a handful of boats away. here we are at 2:00 monday afternoon. is this the closest that you think you've gotten? i know you don't want to talk about timelines, but is this maybe close to getting to that 216 number you talked about? >> sure. once we get to 216, we'll stop counting. i think the speaker gets that. as i mentioned to trey, we're getting closer and closer every day, so i assume today we're closer than we were a week before. but we're not there yet, and that decision is going to be
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wholly between the speaker as to when that will be up. >> he said, i'm looking at that right now. there are people who want it, and we're potentially breaking the bank. is this something he's looking at or something that's a preference to him. >> he's looking at a 27-inch glass steel. he mentioned this on the campaign trail. it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody, but it is something that's currently being looked at. >> reporter: you said he's not confident that the bill was lined up behind the health care bill. this morning when gary cohn said the bill was ready to go to the house, did he misspeak? >> we have a good count. we feel good about where we are and where it's headed, but u
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ultimately the speaker calls the vote. when the vote gets called, we figure it will be the best. >> they raised alarms about deficits, his spending bill through the end of the school year. does it include any of the offsets that the president included in this year's budget? will the president sign this agreement that does increase the federal deficit? >> i think we got a number of the president's priorities, including the cr, when . when we are at the final point, the president will make a decision, but right now he's pleased to see the number for the military, he's pleased about the d.c. scholarships. there's a lot he's pleased about, and as i mentioned to john, we're getting a shot at the 2017 funding which should have been done last year. >> there's a call for keeping that balance. >> i understand that, and this
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is something that required 60 votes in the senate. we couldn't have our entire way on this. but we're five months from having a 2018 budget and i think this will be reflected on that. >> he made comments about nafta, saying the journalists are not exempt from assassination. does the president know about those comments and the record extended to him in the white house? >> the president gets a briefing, but i also learned that it's economically -- when he does what he's doing, he has -- i'm not going to tell you everything that's in his brief, but he's well aware when he speaks with a leader, he gets
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briefed a lot about what they're doing, what they've done. that's all part of the brief. >> just about the future of work ethics, can you tell us why he's leaving the white house? >> i have no reason to think he's leaving the white house and we wouldn't talk about personal matters at this time. >> when the president talks about a guarantee for preexisting conditions, insurance has to sell to people with preexisting conditions and they can't get more than what it costs in the area. is that what the president wants? >> on the community ratings, the bill would allow or waive states to waive obamahawk, not pre
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creas creased, save the premium. that's the goal, to get those premiums down. the idea is they would create a high-risk pool. the idea is to create a system where it gets the premium down for them as well. >> but high-end schools could still charge them so much more. >> you're right. the whole goal of this is to give the states the flexibility to get lower premiums. that's the goal all around, to make sure the system is lower. >> the president said israel is going to build 50,000 new homes in east jerusalem. does he think netanyahu is sn snubbing him? >> i'm sure we'll continue having conversations with the prime minister. that will be something that the
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president will continue to discuss. john? >> let me go first. >> that's quite a negotiation. we may need you. >> i wanted to ask you about some news the president made this morning in an interview with bloomberg. in that interview he talked about the possibility of raising gas taxes to pay for the infrastructure spending, and of course the president has put forward the idea of a trillion-dollar infrastructure spending plan. can you talk a little more about this possibility of raising gas taxes? >> what the president said in that interview is folks in the industry had come to them and expressed them that goods and services around this country, and that they had expressed a
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willingness to see something like that as a way to repair the roads and bridges, and he said, out of respect, that he would definitely listen to it and consider it. >> as it relates to this idea that the gas tax in america hasn't gotten raised for some time, what makes the. . he did not express support. he expressed that a group with him, there's no support of it, he was just relaying what another industry group had shared with him about how to pay for the roads and bridges that need to be impaired and the impact that deteriorating roads and bridges are having on their ability to operate and deliver goods and services. and frankly, the costs it is having on their trucks, on their infrastructure. >> you have not foreclosed this
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possibility. >> people ask the president all the time, please consider the following policy, and he has an open mind. there are people on both sides of the aisle, different backgrounds that come in and see the president and ask him, will you please consider this, will you keep an open mind on it? frankly, i think that's what the president was doing. >> john izzy. >> thank you, sean, thank you, john. i have a question on foreign domestic politics. last wednesday the kremlin out lawed the open movement, moving the regime to russia and the town of moscow and other places. do you have a statement on this? >> i do not. i would refer you to the state department. >> my second question is, on
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sunday congressman ileana cross announced her retirement. her statement comes on the heels of a similar announcement by congressman chaffetz. and before that, jenkins from congress. that's three respectable councilmembers all calling it quits. >> respectfully, i would say there are two groups of folks. in the case of congresswoman judge lightman, she just decided it was time to retire. in the case of chaffetz, i don't think there is any belief you have to stay here for twenty.
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there are many who decided for a number of reasons to go back ho home. to some degree that's a healthy part of it. sean, the president did not want to continue the tradition of an easter day breakfast. what was the thought pros with. >> wepd him to do the freezer fair. i don't know how far back it went, but each president is going to have their own traditions, and i think this is one, there's a lot going on. it i see hi of standing minority backgrounds here at the white
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house. >> as you imagine, the president's comments are getting a lot of attention on wall street. can we just be very clear about this? does the president favor breaking up the big banks. >> this is a 20 by 20 by 28. he is actively looking at options rgs considering things. we're not in a position to make any offers on this at this time. >> any steps toward to ponder. we have nothing to announce at this point. >> so it raises the question just, is it not an emergency anymore, to build this.
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>> make no mistake, the wall is going to be built. the president has made it very clear. we have five months left in the 201. we have a lot of things that happen before the wall is built in terms of planning, technology, gates. there are a lot of things they can do to prepare for that wall being constructed. our bake -- this was a down payment for 2617, and as be get red did for fiscal year. . i know the president wants it done as quick as possible. there are bids, but the timetable for a lot of that. as we move through the planning phase, that's definitely a consideration but the president
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wants this done as soon as possible. jonathan? >> coming back to north korea, the president didn't just say that he would be open to getting kim jong-un to meet with him, he said he would be honored to meet with him. this is someone who has starved his own people, who has threatened the united states. just last week he put on a video showing the capital to visit the president and others. how could he be honor. he will do everything necessary under the right circumstances torque. . there is a lip lo makt piece in this. right now about optimistically and diplomatically to take the threat down.
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that is his number one priority. >> he he went over this in an interview. a lot of the to lead a country forward. despite the follow a country that has nuclear weapons. that set aside, i think the president recognize the today that you stability of the region. on with korea, what was the president's. you seem to be making the offer that swekd. >> again, i think the pea.
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and those circumstances do not exist now. this is consistent with what secretary tillerson said the other day. but i think if north korea continues down a degree of provocative behavior, then those circumstances will never be there. but we want to hold on the serious about completely dismantling its. they expressed to the region and to us that there is always the possibility of that ip curling. we're so far. >> when you asked to say the effort here is to isolate the philippines from north ka.
11:25 am
are you suggesting there is some kind of open op. there's an economic piece to this as well that's of the reason why i think the president wants to met with me. already other ways, not just the fell play a role both diplomatically, economically or otherwise to help drigt. >> again, i'm just going to let the president -- you'll have an opportunity to speak with him at those op tifz. >> you just described kim jong-un as someone who led his country forward at an early age. the president was invited to
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erdelow erdelowan. does the president have a thing with these tattle way these guys conduct themselves? >> the president, as i said, understands the threat that north korea poses. someone having the potential nuclear capability to strike another country, and potentially our country at some point in the future, is something the president takes very seriously. so the idea that he is doing everything diplomatically, economically and militarily to consider every way to prevent that threat from taking on the united states -- >> what about the full package? >> i understand. those are the countries in the region, those are the countries that can be helpful as we move forward to try to prevent the threat that they pose.
11:27 am
>> on sunday chief of staff priebus talked to this gentleman right here and said respect the laws, talking about printing out articles. how that gets executed and whether it's going somewhere is a different story. is that a project currently being worked on at the council's office? the status of that, who is pursuing that? >> i think they made it clear it's something they're looking into substantively and figuratively. >> just to clarify on north korea, were those conditions that you laid out to the earlier question, are those conditions that would have to be met before there was any meeting, i.e., that north korea would have to agree to totally disarm its
11:28 am
nuclear program, stop threatening the neighbors. is there a whole host of them that the requirements have to be met. we are so early in this process that i don't see this happening any time soon. under those circumstances, they are present today there would have to be significant change for that are. the united airlines will be on the air tomorrow. does the president think there should be any laws passed with the passenger dragged off? should there be something more done having contact with passengers on the airplanes? >> they said they're taking a look at how they're handling a number of issues in that both in
11:29 am
terms of condensation, who are on planes. there's an individual component to sdaddress is in a legislativ way. >> the president said, i don't stand by anything. how is the american public supposed to digest that, supposed to trust what the president says when he himself says, of his own comments, i don't understand buying. >> this was in a cbs interview with john davidson in the oval office. >> i need more context. >> he was asking if he still believes obama is a good guy? >> i think he clearly stands by that. it's something he made clear if you look at the entire back and
11:30 am
forth. >> first, is president trump comfortable with additional killing of human rights in this country? >> obviously human rights are a concern. we want to make sure our country is in north korea that possesses a nuclear weapon. i think the president understands that the number one priority, so it's not just a question of either/or. she talks to these leaders in private about. i think you saw that case in egypt where sometimes that. not just for our people but for their people in discussing the human rights issues. but i think it would be a
11:31 am
mistake to assume that the president, because we don't put out statements, public, means that the president is not understands the value, but he understands the balance. a and. >> end the type of dip loam a i think it's a balancing act, but the president is getting real results. cheryl? >> there are three open packets, one from trump trying to get trump patented. two, i vaughn a drunk beyond her closing line. >> i think the president and obama have done everything in compliance and i would refer you to the trump organization.
11:32 am
>> is there a possibility the president would not sign this spending agreement. let's wait until it's presented to him, but he's obviously very pleased with how his priorities were addressed in the cr, and i had every attention that he said would sign it. there you go, leaning down on me again. >>. i want consult with dr. mulvaney. i want to first skgs you're expertise and help with the evening, and secondly, are they still going to go to george.
11:33 am
. that's obviously the goal and the discussion he had with the palestinian authority approximate r that in that region between i see hail. >> the president haub. he talked about maybe taepg it to the reconciliation pact for health care, he talked about maybe doing that. is that still very preliminary in its invention ".
11:34 am
-- >> well, economic and policy team, but that week last week but it is clearly still up doctor on the priorities week. he has been very clear that that infrastructure package is something he wants to get done and get moving. this year. i think for this week, ver an-- and maybe getting it done as as soon as tomorrow. thank you, everybody. >> sean spicer at a monday morning briefing. he was asked about health care which he says he's confident about. the budget which he said they were able to get many of their priorities on it. and also asked about north korea and kim jong-un, and donald
11:35 am
trump saying earlier today to bloomberg that he would be honored to meet with kim jong-un. not surprising considering he said the same thing on the campaign trail. what was surprising for many was the use of the term "honored." sean spicer asked about that and he, multiple times, also asked about donald trump's affinity, it seems, towards authoritarian leaders, and he came back to the same talking point chls clearly understands the threat that north korea poses, even when he was asked about president tuterte to the white house. duterte has been accused of a number of human rights and the suspended drug dealers in his
11:36 am
country. we have a lot to break down. we have former congressman matt walsh to talk about it. guys, he is walking a tight rope out there, and going out and using words presidents tip coal don't use. an honor to talk to a dictator. these are not things we're used to seeing considering the u.s. tries to take the moral high ground when it comes to upholding human rights around the world. >> right. >> does he do an adequate job of trying to rein the president in, rein the president's comments in, spin them in a way to make it sound like, you know, maybe he is trying to find -- an area to get success on, equal footing. >> sean spicer is trying his best to try to spin the
11:37 am
president's words isn't -- there's a dark cloud over all of us. there are still things not present in terms of businesses he has in the philippines. it was very unusual for him to say anything kmoen taer or the witch's end over it. i do need the conflict of human rights violations. it doesn't seem the pat maine for a number of different policy chajz. it's very disturb lg. it will continue to gbe disturbing and i don't think anybody can talk the president out of it. >> what do you think he means when he says he would be honored to speak to kim jong-un, he's a very tough cookie. sean spicer saying he's done a lot to move the country forward. what do you think of us talking to a dictator like that.
11:38 am
>> as a trump supporter, i do my best not to pay attention to what he says for every nail -- to say that you would be honored to meet with kim jong-un is beyond offensive. he's got the most difficult job in the world. that's an easy one to slope honored. . . thaet not what the president meant. that's really troubling. >> congressman, fussed you have to try to ignore what the president says, why are you a trump supporter. >> katy, it's not an easy job. i'll be he seems to have an
11:39 am
affinity tm. it's a dance of trying to stay supportive of what he's been trying to do. >> we've been talking a lot about the talking point sean spicer is using. he said he clearly needs a net when he said he would be honored to speak. >> i think what we were seeing was a dance by sean spicer here. as this administration trying to keep with its domestic policy ways in which they can, in effect, overlook some of those human rights violations and still condition with this policy. the conversation here today among health care and where it does as republic rnz to remove a
11:40 am
resdples about obamacare. we heard from the president basically. port of the most recent bill, the most recent amendment that's being floated around capitol hill does not do what he seems to suggest it would do, but as anybody else in this negotiation they few this as a negotiation. it isn't clear. they can't agree that some of those folks would be paying as much as they pay now or less. it may be as states are allowed, effectively, to opt out of dwunt. preexisting conditions or other issues in their biography. that's a significant headline we'll be focused on. the what house not wanting to set any artificial deadlines right now even though we heard from economic advise or over
11:41 am
there. >> kasie hunt near mtv. is there one that is describes like the bun. essentially this does basically switch the system back to the way it was before the health care law was implemented. the major changes were prodly. he's already come into office with the priority of the health care law overall, but someone were previously able to be provided with insurance with similar conditions. now the concern these moderate members have is what donald
11:42 am
trump's team couldn't get right. they said, this will change if you are somebody who, say, has chronic, high condition ut. you will be able to continual -- that has members of congress quite concerned. the majority went into this saying they weren't going to touch preexisting conditions, they are clearly making changes to it. they said that could be states, there are likely many states where things wouldn't change because they wouldn't opt out of this particular requirement. but again, it all kind of throws it into question. i do think there is an important thing here, though, to remember, which is this bill is likely to be changed dramatically in the senate even if it passes through the house of representatives. all these things we're talking about may never become the law of the land, katy.
11:43 am
>> peter, quickly on the budget, the white house didn't get their wall, they're not getting any more funding for ice, planned parent hood is getting funding but not as much as they would have liked. how are they trying to spin this? >> reporter: the way sean spicer and the white house is focusing on this spending bill provided the president signs it through september, they got a lot of things they want particularly on the military. beyond that border security, while there is no mention on the wall, while they did very little with the epa, they do this as an opportunity, not a vulnerability. they think they have made some real progress where they have suggested this is a budget. basically they wouldn't have the opportunity to tinker with it, but because of a lot of these crs, continuing resolutions, they were in a position to do some of the president's priorities and there are others they plan to focus on in the future. >> peter, thank you.
11:44 am
let's get back to the topic we started with, which is north korea and donald trump's seeming affinity towards authoritarian leaders. glenn thrush, who is also a white house correspondent, i want to play that exchange. >> you just described kim jong-un as one who led his country forward in early years. the president put out a statement after erdogan won his referendum, congratulating him. he said kind words about putin and the campaign, he said kind words about saddam hussein. does the president have something for these totalitarian leaders? >> the president clearly understands the threat that north korea poses. having someone with the potential nuclear capability, and potentially at some point,
11:45 am
at our. sean spicer not quite answering the question you asked, glenn. >> i don't know which one he was trying to answer. we've seen these veryie fus sieve statements about these leaders, and spicer himself earlier in the exchange when one of my colleagues asked him a question about this described kim jong-un as a young man who had, quote, led his country forward. i think there is a lot of people who would disagree with that. this isn't parsing words. this isn't us sort of holding them to account unfairly. this is a real pattern of discussion. we've had the president very pointedly criticize kim jong-un in the past, but he's also criticized people like justin trudeau, he's criticized angela merkel. i'm not the first person to discern this pattern. it is an interesting question and i think one the president will ultimately have to answer. >> how unusual is it, glenn, in
11:46 am
your experience to hear a leader of this country, the president, talk in such a positive way, even a little bit, about an authoritarian leader, someone like president duterte, someone who called the former president something i can't say on television and kim jong-un saying he would be honored to talk to him? >> it's extraordinary. we also talked about president erdogan a couple weeks ago when he won the referendum which was largely considered to be, if not rigged, certainly influenced by the government. the influential parties were shut down. the president congratulated him for that. when we asked that same question, sharon huckabee, i believe, is the one that answered t she essentially gave the same answer, he's more concerned with terrorism than he is human rights. president trump is not the first american president of either party to do deals with unsavory
11:47 am
foreign leaders. what is different is he's stripped away even the slightest ve veneer of human rights. what are those groups in those countries who are attempting to pressure those leaders in order to get press freedoms, in order to have the right to demonstrate these that we have an example of. reince priebus said he would look into unraveling in some way the first amendment. i asked sean today whether or not that was being done in the white house. he wouldn't tell me where that was being done, but he told me it was something that was being looked at. >> significant. that's all i can say. glen thrush, kasie hunt and peter alexander, thank you, guys. we will be right back. across the state. new roads and bridges.
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♪ take on the mainstream. introducing nissan's new midnight edition. ♪ welcome back. a look at the top five headlines. we begin in downtown dallas where a smant underway for a shooter. a paramedic was shot about 12:30 eastern time and an emergency vehicle was also hit by gunfire. dozen of authorities are right now on the scene.
11:52 am
in san diego, a sunday birthday party turned deadly after a shooting spree left one woman dead and seven others injured. police are trying to figure out if the attack was a hate crime. the gunman who reportedly downed a beer before opening fire is identified as 49-year-old peter seles. more than a dozen people are dead in the midwest after the latest round of severe storms. four of the victims are from texas alone after that state was slammed with numerous tornadoes and damaging floodwaters. take a look at this video. a groom of good samaritans rescuing a family caught up in one of the floods. the group struggling against the currents as they try to free a father and two small kids. one man as you can see, frantically getting the unit's responsive infant to safety. take a listen. >> give never baby! give me the baby!
11:53 am
miraculously, that baby survived. at least 27 passengers were hurt during severe turbulence on an aero flight from moscow the bangkok. 25 were hospitalized. no life threatening injuries but had some to undergo surgery. the larl pay for their medical costs. and space x just launched a top secret spy satellite. it lifted off this morning from its nasa pad at the kennedy space center. this marks the fourth successful mission and landing. and violence on the streets of paris a short time ago on this may day. police in riot gear used tear gas. dozens of people were wearing gas masks throwing molotov cocktails.
11:54 am
this is six days before the country's presidential election. and in the u.s., hundreds of thousands taking part in marches. it is covering immigrants' rights, lgbt awareness. steve patterson is in los angeles. what are you seeing out there? >> the crowds here reincredibly massive. i want to show you thousands of protesters have come out here to this may day rally. you're looking at just one crowd. what will happen in a few minutes. this crowd will start marching, meeting up with another crowd. and like you said, this is usually a day for labor. a day for immigration. we're talking about black civil rights groups, women's groups, immigration groups, protesting president trump and the anti-immigration policies all combining for thousands of people joining together. the crowd estimates are about 100 to 200,000 people coming out
11:55 am
here. more than 100 groups coming together. we'll be here all day bringing this to you. >> steve patterson in los angeles. thank you vex. we were talking about it earlier but guess who president trump has just invited to the white house? this guy. the controversial philippine president, rodrigo duterte who once preferred to president obama as the son of a w word. but now duterte is showing he is not afraid to throw a little shade president trump's way as well. we'll talk about that. and walk the the ambassador to the u.n., bill richardson.
11:56 am
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more changes are coming to fox news. bill shine has resigned. the memo was obtained directly from a fox news channel employee and confirmed by another employee. suzanne scott will be elevated to president of programming, jay wallace to president of news. bill shine has been at the network for many, many years. his name was often mentioned when you were talking about the culture problem. specifically when you were talking about bill o'reilly or roger ailes. many wondered if he would have to leave the network or get fired or resign. unclear what the reason is
12:00 pm
behind the resignation. all we have is the confirmation memo from rupert murdoch. more news to come out about this. it is part of the job going shake-up of that only the talent at the network but the major players behind the scenes. that wraps things up. >> we'll keep going with that story too. i'm ali velshi. here are the top three stories we're working on. president trump said he would be honored to meet with north korean dictator kim jong-un. this comes hours after chief of staff reince priebus said he couldn't see president trump meeting with the north korean leader. plus we've learned the electrolysis defense system in north korea known as thaad is operational: the deal includes $15