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tv   For the Record With Greta  MSNBC  May 1, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the candidate has said he submitted all the paperwork and no hearing date has been set. >> the hearing is scheduled tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. we will keep you posted on how that goes. that will do it for me tonight. for the record starts right now with greta. hello, katie. tonight, admitted killer headed to the white house,. no, not jumping the fence. headed there from a presidential invite. fill minnow president rodrigo duterte has led a crackdown that human rights say has killed 7,000 people in less than one year without trials. >> what's the white house's perspective on duterte and him coming here? >> i think it is an opportunity for us to work with countries to play a role diplomatically
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isolating north korea. >> does the president support the killings in this country? >> obviously there's a human rights component that goes into all of this. it's a balance. we want to make sure our people are protected. this isn't a simple situation. >> to give you an idea what he is like he bragged about personally killing criminals when he was mayor. >> in davao i used to do it personally just to show to the guys that if i can do it, why can't you. i go around on a motorcycle or big bike, just for those looking for trouble. >> the president says he is willing to work with duterte to ramp up pressure on north korea. president trump told bloomberg
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if it would be appropriate for me to meet with him i would absolutely -- i would be honored to do it but under the right circumstances, i would do that. the white house saying the conditions for the meeting are not there but this came after the praise for the north korean leader and the words, smart cookie. we sent a robot in. there were two individuals, both deceased at the time, one we believe is a suspect. what about duterte coming to the white house? philippines duterte, no angela merkel, no teresa may, he killed thousands of people after the took over less than a year ago. now invited to the white house? yes, i know, go figure. the ranking member on the house foreign affairs committee. good evening, sir.
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>> good evening, greta. >> congressman, you had very harsh words for the president inviting duterte to the white house. why do you think this is such a bad idea? >> as you point out, duterte is a murderer, unbalanced, he called president obama's mother the nastiest of statements. i don't think this is the kind of person we should be coveting and thinking he can somehow help us with anything over there. i realize from time-to-time the president of the united states will meet with people a little distasteful to us. this particular individual is way beyond the pale. i think now he's even saying he's not sure if he's going to go. it's sort of poking the president in the eye again. i can see no reason to meet with him. he certainly, when it comes to north korea, can play no role, virtually no role. i don't understand what the rush was to try to invite him and
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give him a good stamp of approval. >> i must admit i sort of gasped at the thought this morning he invited duterte to the white house. on the other hand, kim jong-un is no success and had no success with the third party talks and china hasn't been able to bail us out, is it worth a shot even though it seems remote to the two of us, is there something wrong with the president trying to have duterte help us with him? >> i don't think so. i think the united states stands for freedom and justice. doesn't stand for someone just deciding at a whim he's going to kill somebody because they're a drug addict. there have been thousands upon thousands of people killed in the philippines and president duterte is encouraging it. i don't think we want to be part
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of it. when you sleep with dogs you get fleas. can't see it. the kim jong-un is another story. he's a bad guy, too. we have a crisis with north korea. if the president wants to try to diffuse it, that may mean and exception. but duterte, i can't see that at all. >> how do we reconcile the fact they have erdogan of turkey, a nato member we deal with him constantly or al sisi of egypt, that's a change in the obama foreign policy to the trump foreign policy. as you noted earlier, we deal with these people all the time, people we find do the most disgraceful things. >> we deal with people because we fill -- feel they can be helpful for they're countries helpful because of a long ranging policy. i don't see how duterte can be
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helpful in anything. he won't talk to kim jong-un. he's a crazy die who wants to see people dead and likened himself to hitler, hitler killed 3 million jews and it was 6 million and he feels he can kill 3 million of his own people and he came and said that. >> you have someone like president chi of china. look at the human rights violations in china going on, yet we're practically begging china to help us out with north korea. >> yes. i'm not saying we should never meet anybody we find unpalatable. there are lots of countries in the world we disagree and systems we disagree. i think duterte is beyond the pail. i don't see anything positive. you can deal with people that may be distasteful if you think something positive can come out of it. i don't know what duterte could have that would be positive or how he could help us in any positive way. i think he's a killer, murderer, a thug and belittles the
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president of the united states to meet with him. you know, greta, what i really object to, it seems president trump just kind of makes foreign policy up on a whim. it's not well thought out and i can madge his people get heart takes after it and try to find a way out. we don't have the state department filled. we have many many jobs not filled in the state department. the president is talking about cutting foreign aid and the state department by a third. there seems to be this disdain for professionals at the state department. i think it's fly by the state of your pants diplomacy. and that's what i object to. if he had vetted this with his
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staff they would have certainly told him not to invite due tar tai. >> -- duterte. >> nice to see both of you. market, first to you, president trump said, if it would be appropriate for him to meet with kim jong-un i would be honored to do it if it was under the right circumstances. he kept going back to that. when he said it, what did you think? >> what? he knew he was making news. look, the preface of the question was, you take a lot of pride in your negotiating skills, right? you have through business and the presidency think that can make a difference in things. is that something you would consider doing with the north korean president. i didn't actually think he would say yes though he totally did. you heard sean spicer walk that back and said under the right
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circumstances, which are not now. president trump didn't make or emphasize that point which led me and jennifer jacobs who we did the interview together in the oval office. why? was he trying to send a signal to kim jong-un or president chi in china? who was he talking to or loosely, here's the carrot if you change your behavior or was he trying to signal something different? >> what do you think about this? the thing about duterte, sets him apart from ed wan and el sisi and others, he brags about the killings. >> as much as i admire eliot engel, there's actually a theory here. it's not totally seat of the pants. as margaret says, donald trump is analogizing world affairs to a real estate deal in new york. he's trying to get everybody in the room however much he dislikes them, however much it's the unions he didn't like or politics he had to donate to or whatever, he's creating in his
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own mind a legion of dictator superheroes of some kind because he thinks it's a jungle out there. he was put off by bo's overleaning idealism and he will go in just the opposite direction and he will literally go to every bad actor in the world. erdogan, shutting down the free press in turkey and one i missed, what about the fact that vladamir putin shut down the leading opposition today an closed all their offices, do you, sean spicer, have a comment? no comment. putin, el sisi, duterte now. he thinks he's creating, will get all the bad guys in the room at the same time and somehow cut a deal. that's his mentality. it's radically different than anything we've ever done and goes against the grain of the idealism of american policy,
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creates two policies, one is global where we're supposed to stand for something and one is in america where you can't sell foreign policy unless the people agree with it. americans happen to be pretty idealistic in our role of foreign affairs. >> duterte seemed to be saying he believes essentially in terms of north korea, maybe outweigh the need for the u.s. to make a public point about human rights issues inside the country. >> which is not something -- in all fairness, we looked the other way on a lot of people. i gasped when i heard it, i admit it. >> we looked the other way is, donald trump, if you want to give him credit for rough honesty here, i suppose maybe you can, under the surface of american foreign policy over the decades we've dealt with a lot of rough customers. donald trump seems to literally be seeking them out. instead -- he's also picked fights with australia, with
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canada, with angela merkel, like he's picking fights with the quote small d democrats in attempting to embrace to try to do deals with every bad actor in the world. >> what's it like at the white house, margaret, in the pressroom? give me an idea what it's like when he's saying all these things, spicer and talking about this. >> i think he was making news for a lot of folks in his administration and the public in terms of the length he went through in our interview both in north korea and in terms of our policy, if i were to draw a line connecting everything, he not only is not afraid to but actually seemed to take pleasure calibrating an out of the box message that took the u.s. ahead on not just north korea, possible gas tax, breaking up big banks, the possibility of all of these things, going there, when we asked him if he would go there and talking about
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the possibility of these things. >> he said kim jong-un was a smart cookie. >> i believe he said that. he raised the boss in the same interview. in a meeting with the boss on wednesday, i know you think that's not as big a deal. he sees all one and the same. even the theoretical potential of sitting down with kim jong-un as well as the invitation to duterte and the actual visit of mr. abbas. correction abbas. in the same bounds. >> i say buckle up. we don't know where it's leading us, thank you, both. stunning news in the white house saying it could have been china who hacked the election, not russia. did you see that awkward interview with president trump? we have it on tape. erin brockovich, she's back on her new fight and mission. >> there's talk of a biden-trump
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p we are about to learn a lot more about who knew what about russia and the 2016 election. brace yourself. tomorrow, james comey and mike rogers both summoned to capitol hill to testify before the house intelligence committee. next week, former acting attorney general yates and former dni james clapper both testify in an open judicial subcommittee. remember, this was about the obama wiretapping claim. president trump was asked about those acquisitions and let's say it did not go so well. >> you saw what happened with surveillance. i think that was inappropriate. >> what does that mean?
3:18 pm
>> you can figure it out yourself. >> you stand by that claim? >> i don't stand by anything. you can take it the way you want. i think our side has been proven very strongly. >> you're the president of the united states and you said he was sick and bad. >> you can take it any way you want. >> i'm asking you. you don't want it to be fake news. i want to heart from president trump. >> you don't have to ask me because i have my own opinions and you have your own upons. >> i want to hear it from the president of the united states. >> that's enough. thank you very much. >> president trump abruptly ending the interview. now to the new healthcare bill, the president bragging about it. >> preexisting conditions are in the bill. i mandated it, it has to be. we have now preexisting conditions in the bill. we set up a pool for the preexisting conditions so that the premiums can be allow to fall. >> president trump insisting preexisting conditions are in the new gop bill and premiums
3:19 pm
will go down for those americans. that's not the whole story because under the new plan, states can price gouge those with preexisting conditions, so it does appear president trump does not know everything that's in the bill. he might want to shoot a text to speaker ryan and talk to him about the bill about this one. then the russian hacking, 17 intel agencies found the russian government is behind the hacking of the election. what does president trump think? >> if you don't catch a hacker, okay, in the act, it's very hard to say who did the hacking. with that being said, i'll go along with russia. it could have been china and a lot of different groups. >> the president is ambivalent about it, not ambivalent, just not sure. >> we have to find out what happened. >> find out what happened? isn't the cat out of the bag on that one? and where did china come from. the president is popular
3:20 pm
with these groups and maybe don't get how washington works and even if washington does work, it may not work. first to you, steve, the president's fans, his fan base, according to april 17th and the 20th, do you think supporting him was the right thing to do? 96% of his people are still very passionately behind him. >> yeah. part of it is there may be something bigger going on here than the question, what is being proposed on capitol hill, what is or isn't passing congress. part of it is you look at the votes for trump and the idea of sending a shock to the system. a lot of people had that idea of being totally fed up with washington, totally fed wake up the political system and even if a lot hasn't happened, no major achievements, if you're watching the news and paying casual news,
3:21 pm
it sounds like a lot is happening. you have the entire democratic party up in arms. all sorts of pop cultural figures up in arms, protests in the streets. if you're a voter out there that wanted to send a message to the system to shock it a little bit, if you're looking at the news from afar, it sure seems like the system is shocked right now. that might explain why there is less regret than maybe some people were expecting. >> a lot of it is 90% think the media is picking on him. listen to what the president said about kim jong-un, he would meet with him but only if the circumstances were right and we in the media says he's going to meet with kim jong-un. >> there's definitely an element of his pitting himself against the media and his supporters really liking it, what steve is talking about, this idea he is sticking to it the establishment, a vote for him
3:22 pm
was like a cultural statement, you don't like the cultural elites and the media is part of that. he used that very effectively any time the news cycle turned against him as as a result of those quotes played in the intro, he turns it against the media and i think is why his popularity is so high among his supporters. >> he says if the healthcare bill is passed it has preexisting conditions and states can charge higher prices so they can't get insurance, i think that's when you may see that 96% number drop if indeed that all plays out like that. >> very interesting, looking at the politics, ultimately what's best for donald trump's approval rating or republican prospects in the 2018 mid-terms, if you can make a case when that first version of this thing collapsed the end of march and they pulled
3:23 pm
it from the floor and tumble at that point said basically, we will walk away from this a long time now, you can make a case politically, that's where they should have stayed. that comes into a clash there between the political logic of doing that and the desire this white house has and a lot of republicans have in general to put a win on the board intraadditional sense. you have republican control of the house, the senate, the white house, the trifecta, republicans have been talking about for years and then you get to 100 days, what have you got to show for it, we've been talking about repeal and replace and we can't get it done with this combination, if they get this through they own it in the same way democrats owned obamacare in the last seven years. >> what's interestingly we're such a divided nation and is there so much passion, i think there is very little in this healthcare preconditions that
3:24 pm
could peel off votes from the president and his voters to the democratic side. take that discourse with the cnbc where it abruptly ended. if you don't like trump you thought he was rude and thought that was a terrible ending. if you do like pump, why did he keep pummeling him. no one changes their mind at this time in this town. >> the healthcare issue could change people's mind and why it was so difficult for him to kolb the votes within the house and republican conference, there are members from areas of new york where they know and republicans know their constituents would have been adversely affected by the legislation that was proposed. there are moderates who think it went too far and conservatives who want to see it further. the reason why there are diverse opinions is because this is such a sensitive issue and everyone knows when you touch it and break it you buy it. >> it's yours.
3:25 pm
thank you both. coming up, is former vice president joe biden already crafting a strategy to run for president. is a famous tech ceo thinking about taking on president trump. you heard right. erin brockovich will talk about her new fight. the customer app will be live monday. can we at least analyze customer traffic? can we push the offer online? brian, i just had a quick question. brian? brian... legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday?! yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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even though i know it causes a lot of speculation, guys, i'm not running. i know it caused a lot of speculation. no. look, look -- >> former vice president joe biden hitting the road to new hampshire and telling everyone he's not running for president. but not so fast. "politico" is reporting the former vp staff is quote planning a strategy with a roughly 118 month timeline so if he decides he will be ready. he sounds like a man still in
3:29 pm
the arena. >> i continue to do everything in my power to support the democratic party, elect democrats at every level across this nation. ask yourself the rhetorical question. what made you a democrat in the first place? not a joke. not a joke. made you a democrat. why did you choose to be a democrat? >> if you think it's too early to preview a biden-trump showdown. check this out, president trump's re-election campaign already out with an ad. >> donald trump, sworn in as president 100 days ago, america has rarely seen such success. a respected supreme court justice confirmed. companies investing in american jobs again. america is winning and president trump is making america great again. >> i'm donald trump and i approved this message. >> get this. there is one more name to watch. facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg telling his staff to identify democrats that voted for candidate trump and he hit the
3:30 pm
road traveling to ohio to have dinner with them this weekend. a writer from the weekly standard and reporter from "the boston globe," first you, biden, in or out in 2020? >> who knows? i think it's, one, a sign of how democrats still haven't really found their footing after the surprise election of donald trump. the field is wide open. the speculation is wide open. the other is that, you know, the bench is not that deep. the three most prominent names you hear are joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, will all be over the age of 70. biden would be 77 in 2020. there's a bunch of other younger democrats but they're not ones anybody out there knows. >> i think it's unusual bernie sanders who doesn't want to be a democrat would run as a democrat. for some reason i have never figured out why they haven't
3:31 pm
thrown him out of that club until he at least joins this. this is my wild card addition to the list as a possible democrat in 2020. governor terry mcauliffe from the state of virginia. anyway, biden running or not? >> i think he's keeping his options open. i don't see why he can't. he doesn't have to commit to two terms. he will be 77 and trump will be 74 and will make him the oldest major party nominee. it's not that much of a difference. biden, i think he would have connected in these swing states at the election. pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, you had a republican senator saying joe biden would have won this election in a blowout. biden has to look at this. he has the experience. age is a factor. he can commit to running one term and see how he feels if he wants to run for re-election. >> mark zuckerberg of facebook fame he is running around throwing his name out as a
3:32 pm
possible candidate. let me throw another into the mix, a person who can do town halls better than any other candidate. oprah? >> i find oprah a much more compelling candidate than mark zuckerberg. there is a movie how much he isn't likable. i don't know about that. the "new york times" had a story over the weekend someone i think is interesting from my home state, seth mollton, very compelling, in his 30s, a veteran shown a snack for raising his profile this year, out there calling trump a draft dodger. he's somebody i think to watch. >> i think you're seeing the trump effect in the democratic party where donald trump unthinkable this reality tv star host guy who worked in real estate would ever run for president without any experience and win. talk about age, mark zuckerberg is right now constitutionally
3:33 pm
ineligible because he's 32. he won't be 35 until 2019, the age you have to be to be president. mark zuckerberg i don't see him having a natural constituency within the democratic party, not really an issue or charisma. maybe if he runs as a no labels third party candidate. imagine it's bernie sanders and donald trump as the national populists and bloombergy third party candidate, zuckerberg or somebody else. >> i'm not cutting hillary clinton out in 2020. are you? >> i would be surprised if she got back in and i'm not sure the voters would be able to deal with it. i don't think she'd make it past the primary next time. >> i agree she wouldn't make it past. i'm done making predictions after 2016. >> after all the predictions, i
3:34 pm
don't think anyone in the business predicted donald trump. donald trump predicted donald trump and almost the only one right on that one. thank you both. two people have been shot in dallas. we're learning the manhunt is now over and we're live in dallas next. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me
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the five hour manhunt for an
3:38 pm
armed and dangerous gunman in dallas is now over. the suspect was found dead inside along with another dead body. when the police arrived they were fired at. one paramedic critically wounded, so was the other resident. >> we sent a robot in and we were able to see inside the house there were two individuals, both of them believed to be deceased at the time. one we believe was a suspect. we haven't confirmed anyone's identities at this point. a law enforcement analyst for nbc5, our dallas fort worth affiliate. tell me what happened and who are the people involved in this? >> the initial response that we understand the fire department took, it was a suicide call. the fire department beat the police department to the scene and found someone out in the street that they believed was the victim of a suicide. when they exited their ambulance, they were under fire
3:39 pm
from someone near the house. the police department pulled up, grabbed that injured firefighter, threw him in their car while they, too, were under fire and fled the scene. >> what happened after that, the person they believed was doing the shooting, found shot dead. was he shot and killed by the police or what? >> that's what we're trying to determine now. we understand police may have returned fire from the front of the house. unclear whether they did strike him at the time. he retreated into the house and at the time the police did not know that. a massive manhunt was under way, a 2 mile perimeter hoping to find him and they made entry into the house and used a robot to identify the shooter and another person inside the house, both deceased. >> i missed the most important question i should have asked you right off the top, i didn't, houthis paramedic that was shot,
3:40 pm
the most important question tonight. >> no worries. i understand he is now in the intensive care unit. he spent several hours in surgery earlier today and sent to the intensive care unit for recovery now. our prayers are with him and expect him to make a recovery. >> indeed, the whole idea the paramedics, first responders run trouble to help us and to have them get shot for doing it is beyond the pale. thank you for joining us. ahead potential tox ic contamination for military families and has their families very worried tonight. erin brockovich with me next. where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire?
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you have heard of erin brockovich, the environmental activist whose life story mission was turned into an oscar winning film. she's back on a new mission in the front of a new fight aimed
3:44 pm
at protecting men and women in uniform. recent report of epidemic of toxic contamination at u.s. military bases. hundreds of thousands of military bases using this stuff, a firefighting foam contains toxic chemical linked to liver damage and cancer and it leaked into the ground and public water systems. so far the epa has identified 142 contaminated sites and others still being investigated. the pentagon says it has quote spend over $200 million to investigate and cut off exposure to contaminated water and working in concert with regulatory agencies and share information in a transparent manner. join me, erin brockovich and someone who was at an air force base where it contaminated the
3:45 pm
ground. good morning to both of you. erin, it seems from this statement from the pentagon they are working on it. i'm just hearing about this tonight. if this has been an ongoing investigation and chronic problem, why are we only hearing it because you and james and maybe others are bringing it out or maybe i haven't been paying enough attention? >> that's a really good question. i don't know we're talking about it enough or that people want to hear what's been going on. i've been receiving complaints and pleas for help from our returning soldiers for years from at least a dozen bases dealing with this contamination. it's a huge heartbreak and a conversation we will have to have. i'm a military mom and hold them near and dear to my heart and for them to come home and find out themselves and their children have been exposed drinking polluted water is
3:46 pm
asking way too much for them to bear. it's high time we have the conversation about the hundreds of bases and the issue at hand. >> it sounds to me like we're really late having this discussion. let me go to you, james. believe you were contaminated from this foam, consequences of this foam. what are your symptoms? >> i have probably two dozen symptoms i could go over but the main symptoms are i have complete neuropathy from the mid-thigh down in my legs and in my hands as well. i also have chronic liver disease. one of the other one was i was made sterile. >> erin, are there others who have the same symptoms as james? can you give me some idea of this? i don't know how widespread this is. >> that's one thing we are finding out is base after base after base coming together and reporting we are seeing similar
3:47 pm
patterns, whether it be thyroid condition or testicular cancer or kidney cancer and kidney disease. we see it within the military base and off-site within the civilians. there is a similar pattern that's starting to emerge as all these bases come together and we can see the bigger picture. >> is this foam still being used, erin? >> yes, it is. in many places they stopped using it. in many places they're still using it. this is not something that just happened yesterday. this has been going on for a course of 20 plus years. it's been a situation unfortunately again where something's been covered up and it's not been exposed nor disclosed and we're now seeing an end result of many returning veterans and their families who have been affected. >> of course the civilians in the area. james, to you, how has the v.a. responded to you or the military responded to you when you first brought up your complaints? >> i have received no response
3:48 pm
whatsoever. in fact, when i asked the v.a. to test me for chemical contamination, i was told they were not authorized to do this. >> have you, james, been tested? conclusively tied to it this foam at this point? are you contaminated by this? >> the thing is they can't tie to it anything else. as far as conclusions, no. but there are too many people that are suffering from the same things that i am currently suffering from. my old base, we have a group of over 800 people now and it's all very similar. >> erin, when do you think the pentagon first got wind of the fact that this was seeping into the ground and it was possibly causing all these problems? how long ago? >> my gosh, some of the documents show there's issues with the pfoa and firefighting foam from 20 years ago. it's sad to say. i will say it. our department of defense is one
3:49 pm
of our largest polluters and these are issues that get swept under the rug and it's gotten too big now and we have to face it. there's way too many bases and way too many people and now the studies have caught up and concluded the danger of this substance we have to deal with it. >> if they already spent $200 million, it seems like an admission. it sounds like they're admitting it. what's shocking to me this has been going on a long time and they knew about it. and you have people like james, not taking care of it or acting like he's making it up. >> it's a real concern and why i'm sitting here today and really so proud to be a part of this organization getting everyone together so we can learn more. but they have known, there's not any question about that earlier, this isn't something that just popped up yesterday, this has been going on for a while. >> you will be here for an event in washington, d.c. when is that? >> that's may 20th, operation
3:50 pm
stand together. i think it's fabulous, a mission they have, an operation of standing together. they will all come together so they can be heard. >> i hope you come down and join me on the set on or about honor >> james, thank you very much, good luck. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up shocking and humiliating practice known as lunch shaming more on that and the effort to stop it, is next. . to be heard... ♪ to move... with you... through you... ♪ beyond you. ♪
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. this is rotten to the core. i'm talking about lunch shaming. maybe you've heard it. it's school publicing harassing students as parents have not paid their lunch bill. sometimes the schools withhold lunch from the children. they're giving them to establish new policies for helping children who can not afford for their food. half ol school districts engage in some form of lunch shaming. >> in some california school districts like los angeles, a student who can't pay gets half a cheese sandwich. >> this follows a wave of stories where students got stamped, called out or forced to clean lunch tables just to get a lunch at school. >> children don't have enough money for their food or parents forget to pay. then their child's tray gets dumped in the trash right in front of their friends.
3:55 pm
>> join me state senator who is legislation and these practices was signed into new mexico law last month. senator, i think this is so incredibly cruel, so heartless. i can't believe any adult will engage in this. it's so appalling to me. >> yeah, i grew up in foster homes and all face receiving home, my sisters and i, we said if there was ever anything about some of the stuff we experienced. i was the youngest child and my sisters took me in. they didn't have lunch money for me sometimes. i would go to school and i had to break the tables down and clean the tables, mop so the other kids could eat. there might have been three lines, a full lunch line, half lunch line and line to get a piece of bread with some cheese on it. the legislation is designed to treat the children all the same way and remove the cstigmaizatin of these children. >> i can't figure out, where do you find an adult who is going to take a lunch from the kid and
3:56 pm
dump it in the trash. where do you find these people that are that cruel. i can't even imagine. >> i think a lot of them are actually working very hard. mrs. ortiz and mr. jackson i made them my best friends when i was growing up because i didn't have money to pay for lunch. mexico apple seed is a organization, they brought the draft of the bill to me, while these folks are working very hard, they're doing what they're being told to do. >> i know. i can't take that excuse to humiliate a child whether it's to dump the poofood. i don't care what the law is. i don't care if they've been told to do it by somebody else. there is a common decency for a poor kid. >> i agree. this legislation resets the focus and the priorities of the food services workers on actually feeding every child the same, they go into the second half of the day all on the same
3:57 pm
playing field, with food in their stomach, that's the hardest part of the day to focus on their studies. new mexico faces extreme poverty. one of the ways we'll turn around our economy is improve our graduation rates. i think this is more of an economic issue in terms of how the school deals with it. >> thank you. thank you, sir, for joining us. >> thank you. >> we have just received word that westin lead, age 25 of bluffton, georgia was killed by an ied. days before that, two army rangers, age 22 of bloomington illinois and cameron thomas, age 23, they both died during an antiisis operation in afghanistan. those two rangers may have been killed by friendly fire. i want their families to know,
3:58 pm
we're grateful for their service and mourn their deaths. nearly 7,000 u.s. troops have died. lately these ultimate sacrifices don't get the media attention they so rightfully deserve. when the first members of our military died, the media was all over it, we knew their names, their hometowns, spouses, kids. now the media seems to glos over these sacrifices, almost treated if they're statistics. these are not just statistics, these are one of us. it often seems the wars in iraq and afghanistan are over. these wars are not over. you saw my video from iraq two weeks ago, ie raqi forces aidedy americans battling for control of mosul. grim, not just for a service members, but even for the people of afghanistan, a new report from the u.s. government's afghanistan watchdog report just last year, more than 11,000 conflict related civilian
3:59 pm
casualties in afghanistan. that is the highest number since un mission in afghanistan began in 2009 to record those deaths. and in the first six weeks of this year, already, 807 members of the afghan security forces supported by american troops were killed by battling the taliban in other insurgents. the reporting by all of us in the media about these wars and our service members who die has become spotty, leaving some to think that perhaps these wars are over. they most certainly are not over. they aren't over for the innocent civilians and they're not over for the brave military members and they're not over for their families or even the people who are injured and have come back home. thank you for watching, i'll see you back here tomorrow night. if you can't watch live, set your dvr and follow me on twitter at greta check out my facebook page. check out my instagram account i put out a lot of pictures there, you'll like them, but any way,
4:00 pm
check out my facebook page, follow me at twitter and instagram @greta. "hardball" starts right now. stuck in reverse, let's play hardball. good evening, i'm chris. of wiretapping his phones. he called him sick, a sick guy for doing it. but fbi director james comey publicly rejected the claim, there was no wiretapping, never happened. then came the devon nunes, you remember the midnight ride to the white house and back to the white house the next morning with the news the former chaired the house claimed he discovered new information after that mysterious visit to the white house grounds. president trump said, that vindicated him.


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