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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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poured millions of dollars into this race in the last two weeks to try to keep this seat in republican hands. but look at that. ossoff up by one. oh really? watch this space. that does it for us tonight. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." good evening, lawrence. >> how long can a nail-biter be a nail biter? you're not supposed to start biting your nails now for a june 20th election. >> that's why you have to grow your nails really long so they start curving around on themselves. >> boy that is a tight poll. we'll be watching that one. thank you, rachel. well, michael moore will be joining us tonight. he has a question for president trump. and what we will not be covering tonight is the looming budget crisis that could create a government shutdown by the end of this week because last night in the quietude of of a sunday night in washington when no one was looking, republicans and democrats agreed on an extension of current spending with a few increasing here and there and none of the drastic budget cuts
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that president trump wants and not a single penny for the trump wall. and after a negotiating defeat like that, president trump said today that he, he could have negotiated a way the civil war. >> you knew damn well i was a snake before you took me in. >> it's clear that for our president, the campaign never really ends. >> they are gathered together for the white house correspondents dinner without the president. >> i think because he can't take a joke. >> media outlets like cnn and msnbc are fake news. fake news. >> i just wish someone had told me that all you have to say is fake news over and over again,
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you know? >> president brush, i never thought i would pray for the day that you were president again. >> let's rate the media's 100 days should. we do that? they are a disgrace. >> the president goes after us because we're a easier target than kim jong un. >> nobody is safe. we're probably not safe over here. >> it's one long stream of consciousness. >> why was there the civil war? why could that one have not been worked out? >> this is crazy that the united states has this ignorance. it's crazy. >> i want to know your opinions. you're the president of the united states. >> that's enough. thank you. thank you very much. >> president trump now thinks that choe have negotiated away the civil war. this is the same president who failed with his first big bill in congress, repealing and replacing obamacare. no president has done that, failed to pass his first major agenda item.
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and none of those recent presidents, who were able to pass their first big agenda item ever said that we could have been spared the civil war with better negotiating. today at the white house press briefing, sean spicer was asked to clear up the confusion about whether everyone with preexisting conditions will be guaranteed health insurance under a new trump health care plan written by the most conservative members of the house of representatives. it is a plan that makes it optional for states to coffer preexisting conditions. yesterday in the television interview, president trump left it unclear as to whether he would change that part of the bill and make it mandatory instead of optional. so sean spicer was asked about that today. >> was he referring to something he wants to push to include in the bill? was he talking about the language that is already in there? >> i think both in the sense that mcarthur meadows amendment
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to ensure existing conditions continue to be covered. but obviously as this bill hopefully passes the house this week or whenever it does and then goes through the senate and the house, this is an issue that is important to him. >> he was asked whether the president supports the current language of the bill, which does not make the coverage of preexisting conditions mandatory, or does he support trying to push that language into the bill? which is it? sean spicer says i think both. it can't be both. that's what makes governing so hard. to govern is to choose. and the choices are never easy. and if you choose to make coverage of preexisting conditions optional for the states, then you will pick up some more of those extreme conservative members of the house of representatives. but you will surely lose other members of the house. and if you push to include in
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the bill the coverage of preexisting conditions as a mandatory guarantee, then you will lose those conservative members. i want to make it optional. no. it can't be both ways. you can't have both. so no. sean spicer doesn't have an answer to the question. he doesn't have an answer to the governing choice that the president wants to make on this. and that governing choice is stunningly simple. just tiny. tiny. compared to the issue that drove us into the civil war, donald trump is the first republican president who doesn't lavish praise on abraham lincoln. it seems that donald trump may have only recently discovered that abraham lincoln was a republican. here he is in march, reading a teleprompter about abraham lincoln to a room full of professional republican politicians, all of whom know that abraham lincoln was a republican.
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president trump seems to be learning that abraham lincoln was a republican from his teleprompter. >> as president, lincoln signed the law that built the first transcontinental railroad, uniting our country from ocean to ocean. great president. most people don't even know he was a republican, right? does anyone know? a lot of people don't know that. we have to build that up a little bit more. let's take an ad. let's use one of those pacs. >> pretty insulting to that audience to ask them if they knew that abraham lincoln was republican. that fact appeared earlier in the president's teleprompter. and then he had this kind of delayed surprise reaction to it. it was a national republican congressional committee event. they know. everyone in that room knows that abraham lincoln was republican. donald trump's favorite president wasn't a republican. but president trump believes if his favorite president had been
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president in 1861 instead of abraham lincoln, we wouldn't have had a civil war. >> i mean, had andrew jackson been a little bit later, you wouldn't have had the civil war. he was -- he was a very tough person, but he had a big heart. and he was -- he was really angry that -- he saw what was happening with regard to the civil war. he said there is no reason for this. >> andrew jackson didn't see what was happening with regard to the civil war. he was a southern slave owning president from tennessee 24 years before the civil war. he died 16 years before the civil war. white supremacists and many southern politicians who are not white supremacists, but remain bitter about the civil war don't like abraham lincoln, and they do like andrew jackson. steve bannon is a big andrew jackson fan. and now doubt turned president trump into an andrew jackson fan.
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in order for president trump to negotiate away the civil war, he would have to know why the civil war was fought. jon meacham who wrote the definitive biography of andrew jackson said to "the new york times" today "the expansion of slavery caused the civil war. and you can't get around that. so what does trump mean? would he have let slavery exist but not expand? that's the counter-factual question you have to ask." so in the next trump interview yes, only hope that the interviewer will ask president trump how he would have avoided the civil war. how much slavery would president trump have been willing to allow in the new territories of the united states? that's another version of today's question, easier question of are you for making coverage of preexisting conditions mandatory or optional? the governing outcome is always in the details. always.
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so as jon meacham is insisting, you cannot say you would have negotiated away the civil war without telling us exactly how, exactly how you would do that, without telling us what your position would have been on allowing slaves in the territories, and how that would have convinced the south not to commit treason and not secede from the you know and wage war against the united states of america. the civil war shamed the south for two reasons. first, because the confederacy lost the war. and second, decades later and a century later, when slavery was no longer even remotely morally justifiable, the south was shamed by the reason that it fought the civil war -- slavery. and so southerners 100 years later changed the reason. in the 1950s, segregationists started calling the civil war
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the war of northern aggression because they could not admit that the south was fighting the war to preserve and protect the institution of slavery. the south could not have been clearer about it at the time. they put it in writing. mississippi called the, quote, the institution of slavery the greatest material interest of the world. louisiana said they were fighting the war because of their, quote, determination to preserve african slavery. texas politicians have always footnoted their policies as coming directly from god. and so texas justified the confederacy this way. the servitude of the african race as existing in these states is mutually beneficial to both bond and free and is abundantly authorized and justified by the experience of mankind and the revealed will of the all mighty creator as recognized by all christian nations. president trump thinks a better
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president than abraham lincoln, a president like, say, andrew jackson could have negotiated with texas. over slavery and over the divine word of god as it pertains to slavery. or maybe he doesn't think that. because perhaps president trump thinks the civil war was not about slavery. perhaps he thinks it was all about northern aggression. all abraham lincoln's fault. we're going to have to wait for the follow-up interview on what the president meant. and that is the question of the day. what did the president mean? north korea is wondering what the president meant tonight. when the president said, unlike any other president before him, that it would be an honor, his word, an honor to meet with the murderous dictator of north korea kim jong un. if you're wondering what kim jong un has to do in order to have a meeting with the president of the united states, the answer is we don't know
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because the president won't say. we don't know what he means. that means kim jong un doesn't know what he has to do to get a meeting with the president of the united states. and so we enter the second 100 days of the trump presidency with a preexisting condition. no one knows what the president means. will the president sign the health care bill that allows states to make coverage of preexisting conditions optional? no one knows. how does the dictator of north korea have to change his behavior to get a meeting with the president of the united states? no one knows. least of all, kim jong un. and how would president trump, who has been unable to negotiate the passage of a health care bill with his own party in congress, how would that president have been able to negotiate a way the civil war.
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joining us now, washington columnist for "the boston globe." she is with the pointer institute for media studies. also with us charlie sykes, editor-in-chief of right wisconsin and an msnbc contributor. indira, the press briefing every day involves a series of questions to essentially what did the president mean when he said or what does the president mean and where does he stand, and every day as sean spicer offers no more clarification of wherever the president had left the confusion point. >> well, in this case where you're talking about trump's position on authoritarian leaders, this is something where president trump has been pretty consistent even since he was candidate trump. he has been consistent in the words he used about himself. remember at the rnc, at the republican convention when his big line was "i alone can fix it."
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which is not the kind of a line you would have heard from ronald reagan or george h.w. bush or other well-known republicans. it's the kind of line you would hear more from a suharto or a fidel or some other authoritarian leader. so i thought it was very striking during the campaign, one of the most interesting polls was one out of the university of massachusetts that showed that the single most clarifying reason people were likely to vote for trump in the primaries was not income, race, religion or anything like, that it was actually whether they had a more aauthoritarian mind-set. so i think that goes some way to explaining the president's warmth towards, for example, sisi of egypt and the things that he sa about duterte of the phippines and kim jong un. that one is quite surprising, i have to say. and i bet there are some people within the trump administration who are knocking on his door and wanting him to resay that a
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different way perhaps tomorrow. >> i want to go to something else the president said yesterday. and charlie, i think this is going to come as a surprise to a lot of your republican wisconsin friends about the president. he said that he's willing to give up certain things in trade negotiation with china in order to get their cooperation with north korea. he never mentioned this during the campaign when he was talking about how tough he was going to be with china. he never said, you know, maybe i'll go easy on them on trade in exchange for something else. let's listen to this. >> and if i can use trade as a method to get china, because i happen to think that china does have reasonably good powers over north korea. now maybe not, you know, ultimate, but pretty good powers. now if china can help us with north korea and can solve that problem, that's worth making not as good a trade deal for the united states. excuse me, right?
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>> charlie, it's worth making not as good a trade deal for the united states. >> it's almost as if he is making it up as he goes along. >> almost. >> what a dumb time to be alive. in one day i think we've achieved peak trump ignorance and incoherence at the same time. and part of it is that you have a president who obviously is functioning without any fixed principles. he will blow which way the wind blows on personality. and obviously his knowledge of the details of public policy, whether it's health care or trade policy is limited. and of course he's more than willing to share his ignorance about history as well. i mean, this is exactly what america needs right now, right? to relitigate the 1830s. >> and indira, the truth is that the way these negotiations are done generally with most countries, with trade and with issues like helping us out in another foreign policy arena that. >> tend to be very separate
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things. there tends not to be an overlap. but if there is in a country like china, that's completely understandable. he is right now. he is actually right that it is understandable that if china is invaluablebly helpful on north korea, that might soften a united states position in some spot in trade relations with china. but that's not a level of complexity he ever admitted to a voter who he promised to label china a currency manipulator and beat them up on trade. >> yes, you're right, lawrence. it is absolutely true that we always make deals with foreign countries. and we give a little on this. and they give us a little on this. and then we give them a little on something else. and it was common, for example, under the obama administration, russia helped the united states with the northern distribution network to get supplies into afghanistan to resupply the u.s./afghan effort at a time when we couldn't good through pakistan, and we were softer on russia on some other things.
10:18 pm
we were softer all the time. it's not something that candidate trump ever talked about or admitted to. and it surprised me that trade would be an area he is willing to give on since that was one of his areas during the campaign. >> he caved on the wall this week. think about it. in the last week he caved on the wall. and now he is caving on trade. those were the two most consistent themes of the entire campaign. >> a quick one, charlie, before we go. donald trump has said less about abraham lincoln than any other republican politician i've ever listened to. it's not something i've really noticed until today. and i kind of went back in my brain and said wait a minute, here where is all the praise of abraham lincoln. is that a steve bannon calculation? >> yes. and also, there is a strain of conservatism. the paleo conservatives who have always been somewhat hostile. they think of lincoln as being a big government sort of tyrannical figure.
10:19 pm
but that was always kind of a fringe element on the right. and i think you can tell that donald trump's been spending some time in that particular swamp. because most republicans are going to be talking about abraham lincoln, not how a genocidal figure like andrew jackson would be so much smarter and tougher than that lincoln, that dummy who got sexual abuse a civil war. >> charlie sykes gets the last word in this segment. charlie sykes and indira lakshman, thank you for join us. what people are saying, is he sane? if you've tried every pill on the shelf to treat your tough nasal allergies... ...listen up. unlike pills that don't treat congestion, clarispray covers 100 percent of your nasal allergy symptoms. clarispray. from the makers of claritin. we can'twhy?y here! terrible toilet paper! i'll never get clean!
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what people are saying, is he sane? i have no idea. i can tell you this. and a lot of people don't like when i say it. but he was a young man of 26 or 27 when he took over from his father, when his father died. he is dealing with obviously
10:22 pm
very tough people. in particular the generals and others. and at a very young age, he was able to assume power. a lot of people i'm sure tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else. and he was able to do it. so obviously he's a pretty smart cookie. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a coupe soup. [woman] so beautiful. [man] beautiful just like you. [woman] oh, why thank you.
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10:24 pm
these are great troops. and they know the situation. we have 28,000 troops on the line. and they're right there. nobody is safe. we're probably not safe over here. if he gets the long-range missiles, we're not safe either. >> the president refused to specify how he would handle north korea. >> i don't like drawing red lines. but i act if i have to act. >> what would it take? would it take a missile launch into south korea, conventional or nuclear? >> i've been pretty well-known for saying nothing when it comes to the military. >> joining us now, gordon chang, columnist for the daily beast and author of "nuclear showdown: north korea taking on the world." and also jim walsh, massachusetts institutes of technology security program and one of the handful who have traveled to north korea for talk with officials. and jim walsh, i want to go to the technical capacity first of all. the president there saying we're probably not safe here. what could he mean by that?
10:25 pm
and because we're seeing these missile tests just, you know, not even get close to leaving north korean airspace very much. >> he is talking about whether north korea has an icbm, something they could launch from north korea that would reach the united states. now my own view is overestimates the threat and underestimates it at the same time, which sounds crazy. it overestimates it because i think they are quite some time from this. we've had predictions they would have this capability. the prediction dates have come and gone. we don't have the wait for this to be a real deal. the president rightly points out. we have thousands of troops in south korea. thousands more in japan. i think north korea could probably get a weapon to both of those places. if they incinerated 28,000 american troops in south korea, i think that's a big deal. so it is a threat. and we don't have to obsess about the icbm to take this seriously. it's serious right now.
10:26 pm
>> well, let's listen to what the president said in this interview with bloomberg news today. he said it would be appropriate for me to meet with him. i would absolutely be honored to do it if it's under the right circumstances, but i would do that. and gordon, he doesn't say what the right circumstances are. >> no. and clearly at this point, he wouldn't be able to do that. i think the right circumstances are once he gets kim in the right position where kim feels he has no choice but to give up his weapons there has to be sanctions first and kim may be more amenable. but the point right here saying he would be honored to meet kim, this really is wrong. >> what does that communicate to both the south koreans and the north koreans? >> the north koreans, it legitimizes their ruler. to the south koreans, it's a real problem. it help ones of the candidates in the may 9th election. that candidate is very anti-american, very anti-u.s. alliance. so trump should not be saying things to help people who don't
10:27 pm
like us. and also in that thursday reuters interview, he said two things that helped the moon jae-in, the anti-u.s. candidate. he said the south koreans should way $1 billion for the anti-missile system and threatened to terminate the u.s.-south korea free trade agreement. those are things which undermine u.s. interests at this time. >> and then he had to reverse himself on those of those things? >> yes, he does. let me push back on my good friend gordon chang. i agree with him his critique about the things about south korea. that's the wrong thing to say about an ally. and then earlier said i don't stand by any of my statements. again, adversaries and allies are listening. that's not a good agreement. but we've had sanctions. lots and lots and lots of sanctions. what do we have in a north korea that builds more missiles and test morse nuclear weapons. if we wait until the very end to have a negotiation, that will never happen.
10:28 pm
i think there is a possibility here that we could have some talks, and that would lead a freeze. and believe me, i would take a freeze over them building their capability and being able to reach the united states. and yes, it was sort of awkward to say the least to say all those nice things about kim jong un. but a guy who has been to north korea, been to iran, had meetings with awful people, you don't lead into if meeting by saying you're a murderous regime, i hate you. if we're trying to prevent a nuclear war, then we're going to have to say some things that make conversation possible. i say hold your friends close. your enemies closer. we should be talking to them. this is a dangerous situation. we could get a war that no one wants because of miscalculation. my complaint with trump is not that. my complaint is the messages and signals are all over the place. every day it's a different message. >> well, jim, i think i can agree with a lot of what you have to say. and then i think we get into exactly what is the language of
10:29 pm
dealing with north korea. and do you say it's an honor, gordon, to meet with him? do you call him a smart cookie? do you need any of that language here? >> no, you don't. even if we thought that having -- sitting down with the north koreans now was a good thing, and you know, that's arguable. we tried freezes before. we have done all that and it doesn't work. but the point is you don't need to say these things about what really is the worst despot in the world question. have good diplomacy with the north koreans without actually reg jit mizing a regime that doesn't like is. >> gordon chang and jim walsh, thank you both for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, michael moore has a question for donald trump, and we have questions for michael moore. that's next. (microphone feedback) listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies
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this afternoon, republican congressman billy long in missouri announced he would vote against the new house republican attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. quote, i have always stated that one of the few good things about obamacare is that people with preexisting conditions would be covered. the mcarthur agreement strips away any agreements. saying president trump did call congressman long today, and they discussed his position for being a no vote on the ahca. congressman long wants preexisting conditions covered, and that's why he won't support this bill. the president tried to confuse a
10:34 pm
television interviewer yesterday about what exactly is in that bill. sean spicer tried to confuse white house press corps today about what exactly is in that bill. apparently the president could not confuse congressman billy long what is in the bill that he has read. joining us now, michael moore, an academy award-winning filmmaker who announced today that he is going to broadway. he will star in a one-man show on broadway this summer called "the terms of my surrender." michael, it's your broadway debut, first of all. >> it, yes. >> that's a big deal. >> yes. >> and you're going to go to broadway. >> yes. >> to surrender to president trump because he's gutting it right on health care. what are the issues you're surrendering on. >> no, no. no need to go because you already know i have given it up. i think the terms of my surrender are slightly different. the show is -- it's a piece of
10:35 pm
satire that i've written. and i've always wanted to do something live on the stage. and i thought -- actually, i've been on a bit of a creative tear since, well, last summer when i saw the train wreck that was coming. and i've been doing a lot of writing. and approaching this from various fronts. so the first salvo is going to be -- i want to do something here in this city, frankly. the global headquarters of corporate america, wall street, the epicenter of the media. and the home of that great bastion of free expression, the american theater. >> you -- will your script adjust to things that happen in the course of, say, sean spicer's day? >> yes, yes. it is scripted. but if we need to bring in chocolate cake on any given night, we'll be able to do that, yes. >> today was so fascinating. you saw sean spicer which we
10:36 pm
played earlier in the show trying to pretend that it was very clear what the president's position is on preexisting conditions in this new bill. well, there he was on the phone today with a republican congressman who is saying i'm voting against it because it doesn't guarantee coverage of preexisting conditions. apparently that congressman's very clear about what's in it. >> yes. trump doesn't understand that literacy is still alive and well in this country. people can still read. and this particular congressman from missouri knows what they're planning to do, because he read it. you don't have to go much deeper than that. but, again, part of the propaganda machine, which again, we like to laugh about here, but actually it's not very funny, because they think they're getting away with it with tens of millions of people if they just say something enough, often enough and just repeat the lie,
10:37 pm
enough people will believe it. >> well, that is working for most of the people who have already voted for donald trump. >> yes. >> and for no one else. >> right. but because trump ran an election that ended up being benefitted, he benefitted from the fact he was appointed by the electoral college, it doesn't matter what the majority of americans think right now. what is the good news is we are the majority, myself and my fellow americans who didn't vote for him. and we have raised a ruckus on so many issues in these first few months that i think we've kept him very busy. and people are attacking this on all fronts. i came on your show right after the election. i said we have to operate on four fronts here. well need citizen mass action. we've seen that, right? we need our lawyers to go to court and get injunctions. we've had that. we need to run people who can win next year.
10:38 pm
we need to take back the house of representatives. and if we keep our democratic senators, it means we only need to remove three republican senators next year we need to do that. and the final thing that i have pushed is we need an army of satire. we need everybody to use their sense of humor and their comedy to bring him down. because his skin is so thin, he gets so upset at, you know, all melissa mccarthy has to do is keep appearing and alec baldwin on "snl" and, you know, basically, i and others, we formed this larger group of discombobulating him with humor, ridicule, satire, to -- we want him up at three income the morning tweeting. the more he is doing that, that's the less he is doing to hurt the country. >> he does appear to pay more attention to you and alec baldwin and melissa mccarthy and everybody at "snl" than he does
10:39 pm
to even the constituents of republican congressman billy long, who have impressed upon this republican congressman you can't vote for this. and so you're right about the number of fronts that need to be manned here. >> the thing is too, like you just said that, and we just admitted. i just announced what the strategy is. >> yes. it will still work. >> let's say he is watching right now. i think over at fox during this hour, there just a test pattern. so he has flipped over here and heard the strategy that is still he can't control himself because there is a disorder afoot here. and we want to keep him busy with that disorder. not busy in the way where he is launching more tomahawk missiles necessarily, but to where he just is chasing his tail. it's our version of wagging the dog essentially. >> when you go to broadway, you will be it seems to me preaching to the converted to a great
10:40 pm
extent as opposed to your documentary where you took the cameras, went right out into the heart of trump land, which was a completely different world to talk to. talk about the advantages of each one of those audiences. >> well, who says i'm note making a documentary? >> oh. >> listen. i said i'm on a creative tear, all right. this is salvo number one. why broadway? because people on my side of the political fence need to start reaching the people who go to see "cats" and "the line king." so i'm planting my flag in a place where middle america shows up. >> in the summer, that's true. >> and that's why i'm doing flit the summer. and we need -- we need -- we need to sponsor nascar things. we need to see climate change things on the hoods of chevys that are racing around the track, you know. we need -- i did consider the ice capades or disney on ice perhaps. i'm just saying -- i'm being funny, but i'm not.
10:41 pm
because i really do believe that we need to reach people where they're at. 8 million obama voters voted for trump. i probably can't convince the vast majority on the way on the right. but i think we can hold our hands out to the 8 million obama voters that voted for trump. remember, it was just 10,000 visits in michigan, 2,000 votes per precinct that we lost. well can do this. and going on broadway is one way i'm going to attempt to reach out to middle americans. and the pricing of the seats, i got the producers to come there for like 25 bucks. >> and discounts for trump voters. >> if trump voters want to come, i will probably actually buy their ticket. >> jun 20th or july 20th? >> it starts on july 28th. only for 12 weeks. and next time i come back on, we'll go back to our show tunes that we used to do. >> boy. you were singing during the commercial.
10:42 pm
i would invite you to sing us out, but we're in a big hurry. michael moore, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, sean hannity says it might be the end of fox news as we know it. he is very worried about what's happened there today. i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find.
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introducing new depend silhouette briefs. featuring a comfortable sleek fit. as a dancer, i've learned you can't have any doubts. because looking good on stage is one thing. but real confidence comes from feeling good out there. get a free sample at another day, another big shake-up at fox news. less than two weeks after bill o'reilly was force outstanding out of fox news, bill shine is out as fox news copresident. suzanne scott will be the new president of programing for the fox news channel. last week when reports hinted that bill shine could be the next to go, sean hannity tweeted i pray this is not true, because if it is, that's the total end of the fox news channel as we know it. now as politico reports, many fox insiders said the network remains a wash with speculation about hannity's future in the wake of shine's resignation.
10:46 pm
joining us now haddas gold. haddas, sean hannity tweeted something last week saying somebody high up and inside fox news channel is trying to get an innocent person fired. this -- he gives this bill shine situation an intrigue that, you know, becomes incredibly powerful if it also involves some link to sean hannity. >> exactly. sean hannity and bill shine go back a long ways. in the mid-'90s it was sean hannity who recommended bill shine to roger ailes to bring him to fox news. he was sean hannity's producer for some time. shine is pretty well liked within the network. his departure today while not completely unexpected because of those tweets that sean hannity sent, and a lot of people saw that as sean hannity very close to bill shine, that he knew something was happening, it's still shaking up the network.
10:47 pm
it's another big change for the network that has had a year of tumult. >> what are you reporting that women at fox news felt about bill shine? >> bill shine was named in a couple of lawsuits as somebody who was aware of sexual harassment allegations and either didn't do anything about them, or in some cases some women are actually alleging that he in some way helped sweep them under the rug. so there was a feeling at fox news that if the murdochs were so committed to changing the culture, why were so many of these people still in power? and a lot of them are still there as well, despite the fact that bill shine is gone there are other people who have been named in other lawsuits who are still executives at fox news to this day. a lot of people at the network are still wondering is there more to come? this isn't the end of it possibly. >> hadas gold, thank you very much for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, lisa bloom who brought some of the most important lawsuits against fox news that started this whole turmoil going a few weeks ago.
10:48 pm
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of lincoln luxury vehicles including a complimentary lincoln loaner. i know bill shine is a behind the scenes figure but for your viewers it's hard to overstate his centrality to fox news. he was roger ailes's right hand man for years. he was in all of those meetings, intimately aware of roger ailes's culture. the fact that he was not aware of this misogyny and sexual harassment to many is unbelievable. >> joining us lisa bloom, she
10:52 pm
represents women who accused bill o'reilly of sexual harassment. lisa, talk about the importance of people in the management chain willing held responsible for these things. because this is the first instance of that. roger ailes was both management and he was one of the harassers. but bill shine has never been accused of harassing anyone. he is being let go at this point because of his involvement in what became the culture of allowing these things to happen, apparently. >> that's right. he's accused over and over again of being an enabler. instead of doing his job when women complained about sexual harassment, which would have been to do a prompt, thorough investigation, protect the victim, punish the perpetrator -- instead he has been accused repeatedly of simply protecting the guys at the top, sigh lenszing the women by paying them money and then driving them out of the country -- the company.
10:53 pm
as an enabler he is partly responsible according to these accusations for what went on at fox news. i think it's very appropriate he is gone now. he is gone now because of the public pressure and the heat that's been put on fox news. >> one theoryb why bill shine might be kept, fox news is under a federal investigation, u.s. attorney's office in the southern district here in manhattan, about what they were doing with the money that paid these settlements and how they reported that money, and possibly other thing. and there was speculation that as a company fox would not want an executive like bill shine cut loose and available as a witness. >> well, that's true. but also, lawrence, keep in mind that 21st century fox, the parent company of fox news s trying to buy sky tv in the uk, a multiple billion dollar deal. i have sent a letter to the regulator there saying this company does not meet their deisn'tsy standards because they
10:54 pm
don't respect women's rights in the work place. i think part of the reason why they got rid of bill o'reilly and part of the reason why they have now gotten rid of bill shine is they want to present a clean image to the regulator so they can make the billions they hope to make. >> lisa one of the reports from gabe sherman indicates that suzanne scott who is going to be the first woman in charge of running fox news, she was in charge of enforcing roger ailes' mini skirt dress code for women, apparently, according to gabe's reporting. >> yes, there is also their in-house vp and general counsellor who has been accused of being an enabler. there are race discrimination cases pending. 12 or 14 people actually filed race discrimination cases and diane brandy is named in those cases. having known about race discrimination at fox news for many years and not doing anything about it. i think there is more house cleaning to do over there. >> lease audio bloom once again
10:55 pm
thank you for joining us for this conversation. appreciate your time. >> thanks lawrence. coming up, trump versus trump, on china and american jobs.'s how well you mow fast. woooh! it's not how fast you mow... it's how well you mow fast! it's not how fast you mow... it's how well you mow fast. they're not just words to mow by, they're words to live by. the john deere ztrak z345r with the accel deep deck to mow faster, better. take a test drive and save up to 250 dollars on select john deere residential ztrak mowers.
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a lot of people up there can't get jobs. they can't guilty jobs. because there are no jobs. because china has our jobs. >> there are no jobs, because china has our jobs. that was candidate donald trump. and here is president trump today. >> if i can use trade as a method to get china -- because i happen to think that china does have reasonably good powers over north korea. now, maybe not, you know, ultimate, but pretty good powers. now, if china can help us with north korea and can solve that problem, that's worth making not as good a trade deal for the united states. excuse me, right? >> there are no jobs because china has our jobs. and then we want to make not as
11:00 pm
good a trade deal for the united states, letting china keep all those jobs? worth mentioning during the campaign. that is the last word. "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. that is the last word. "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. tonight, president trump says nobody's safe because of north korea. he also said today he would be honored to meet with kim jong-un, having called him a pretty smart cookie. plus an admitted killer at the center of a human rights outrage is invited to the white house. so the question was rais today at white house briefing about the kinds of men who appeal to donald trump. and the president goes deep on a history lesson about our seventh president, andrew jackson. problem is, it didn't match any known history. so tonight, andrew jackson's pulitzer prize winning biographer is with us to clear it up. "the 11th hour" begins now.