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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 2, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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single largest increase in border security, funding in ten years. so we have more money now for the border than we have gotten in ten years. the democrats didn't tell you that. they forgot in their notes. they forgot to tell you that. with enough money to make a down payment on the border wall. i think they will go back and check their papers. this includes swiftly replacing ineffective and failing fencing and walls with an unbreakable barrier. so we are putting up a lot of new walls in certain areas. we are putting up a tremendous amount of money to fix the existing structures that we have, some of which we can keep into the future. they are in good shape, but we have to bring them back to the highest level. we'll be doing that with this payment. make no mistake, we are beginning to build the wall and
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we will keep out the gang members, criminals, drug and human traffickers that threaten our citizens and that threaten our security. [ applause ] any member of congress who opposes our plans on border security, and i know these folks didn't is only empowering these deadly and dangerous threats and we will not put up with it and the public won't put up with it. this bill also includes important health care resources for our great coal miners who have not been treated well, but now they are being treated very well. and continues to make funding available so inner city children here in the nation's capital can go to the school of their choice. choice is so important. after years of partisan
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bickering and gridlock, this bill is a clear win for the american people. we brought lawmakers together from both sides of the aisle to deliver a budget that funds the rebuilding of the united states military, makes historic investments in border security, and provides health care for our minersnd school choice for our disadvantaged children. very importantly, there is no long-term bailout for the insurance companies that the democrats desperately wanted to subsidize, donors, the badly failing obamacare. do you know what a donor is, guys? you'll learn when you get a little owner. you will learn about donors. i used to be a donor. used to get everything i wanted. this is what winning looks like. something that you folks really know a lot about. what a record. the falcons had ten wins and
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only three losses. a tremendous achievement. they played tough, tough teams. they played teams that were slightly larger, right, coach? >> oh, yes. >> coach says, boy, they're big. but you beat them, right? he beat them. he knows how to win. just spoke to bob craft of the new england patriots. he gave you a pep talk and he's a fan, too. as good as this coach is even he says he's not replacing belichick, right? some place else. you're going to stay where you are. stay right where you are, coach. right? [ cheers and applause ] he better never leave us. and the falcons finished very strong. you ended the season with six
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straight victories including a win in the arizona bowl which is a big deal. who did you beat? south alabama. good team, too. >> you see the president in the rose garden claiming victory on that budget deal, the temporary spending extension until september at least. but nbc's kristen welker is live at the white house and nbc's mike vicara is on capitol hill for a reality check. kristen, first of all, what the president got from the hill is basically a mixed blessing. he got nhi for the wa he got $2 billion set ade in defense spending which cannot be used until he submits a plan for isis and for dealing with bashar al assad. he didn't get planned parenthood taken out. so where is the victory for the white house in this temporary spending agreement? >> well, andrea, the messaging is the focus today at the white
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house to counter the narrative that they didn't get the win, that the president had to compromise on a number of key republican priorities. as you point out planned parenthood, funding for nih. that all stays in place. it is true the democrats didn't get continuing subsidies they wanted for obamacare. but the president did have to compromise on a number of different points. i can tell you there's been a real attempt to try to drive the narrative here at the white house. yesterday omb director mick mulvaney held a briefing with reporters. he did again today to try to cast it as a victory. it is a subtle acknowledgment that the narrative has gotten away from them. it is bothering the president that he isn't looking like he came out on top of the key issues. today you have the president coming out himself in these remarks we learned about rather last minute which would include talk of this budget.
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so i anticipate when we hear from sean spicer in the briefing that gets under way an hour and a half from now, you will hear him reiterate what the president is trying to say. on the border wall, you heard the president say it will include funding to start construction of the border wall. based on what we heard yesterday there is not going to be any bricks or mortar. you might see the very beginnings of trying to lay the groundwork so that construction can ultimately begin, for example, fixing up roads and fences to pave the way, if you will, for construction that may or may not take place down the line. you will continue to hear this strong spin out of the white house throughout the day. >> it replicates what he was saying in the harrisburg speech on his 100th day saturday night. even as the deal was being consummated by negotiators on the hill he was talki about the victories on the wall, planned parenthood and other things in the campaign-style
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rally. here's a tweet from the president today which raised a lot of eyebrows. he said the reason for the plan negotiated between the republicans and democrats is that we need 60 votes in the senate which are not there. we either elect more republican senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. i think he means 51 votes. the country needs a good shutdown in september to fix mess! on capitol hill, mike, when you look at the map it's not just the senate he's facing. he's facing so many divisions among his own republican caucus that paul ryan and republican leaders in the house had to partner with democrats on the house and with democrats in the senate. >> right. >> to create a coalition to keep the government open. >> when you talk about the lack of message discipline coming from the white house, it's really driving gop leaders crazy as they try to whip the votes
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just today and yesterday on behalf of the latest effort to pass a republican version of the health care bill. vice president pence was in the capitol last night. he's back again today meeting with members, trying to twist arms. doesn't appear to be making much headway. fred upton of the senior republican caucus from michigan has chaired the energy and commerce committee in past years. he's told local media in michigan he would be voting against this. charlie dent, of course, the moderate republican from the philadelphia counties met today down stairs just below me here with the vice president. he, too, delivering the bad news that he won't be changing. it is clear now they do not have the votes. on the spending bill, a game within a game here, andrea. yesterday the democratic leader of the senate, chuck schumer, the democrat in the senate pat leahy sticking, trying to get under the skin of president obama. telling reporters that this is a huge victory.
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nancy pelosi said the same thing. president trump not getting anything he wanted on the border wall. getting half of what he wanted and even that not for construction of the actual wall but for detention beds and hiring more personnel. hiring for equipment to conduct intelligence surveillance along the border. things of that nature that everyone supports. still, only getting half of the $3 billion he wanted to begin with there. half, as long as we are at it of the $30 billion he wanted to plus up for the department of defense. he had $15 billion for that. the democrats trying to let it be known that president trump was not involved in negotiations. according to chuck schumer, didn't hear a peep from him during this. not so on the health care bill. we know president trump has been on the phone. lou barletta from pennsylvania telling us down stairs outside a closed door meeting of republicans this morning he had spoken with president trump,
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billy long, a long-time supporter of repeal and replace of obamacare, the affordable care act. changing his mind over the controversy over pre-existing conditions in the state waivers. he got a call from president obama but he, too, isn't going to budge. he's a firm no. >> from president trump. >> i'm sorry, president trump. it's been a while for me. >> and for a lot of us as well. making that mistake. thank you, mike and kristen. let me play a little bit of paul ryan on the health care bill today, ducking questions on whether they've got the votes which would mean they would be calling a vote. >> we are excited about the policy. we are making very good progress with the members and the president has been instrumental in that. thank you. [ shouting questions ] >> thank you. >> so he doesn't have the votes yet because he's not scheduling a vote. joining me now are msnbc
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contributor charles sykes and ron cline, former chief of staff to vice president biden and a key player on health care. charlie, the president claiming victory over the continuing resolution but the reality when you look at where his caucus is and the tweets, maybe we need a shutdown in the fall and blaming the democrats. that tells a story. >> i was looking at my in box. i had a dozen e-mails from the speaker's office touting the victory. that obviously has ominous consequences. right now he's being beaten up by conservative media. people like rush limbaugh are pounding on him. we won the election. how come the democrats are scoring the victories? he's getting it in stereo. you have the democrats spiking
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the football saying they won and conservative media, of course, saying this is the perpetual outrage machine. this is the tiger he rode into office. he's finding it's turned on him. >> and on health care, where do we stand on the health care bill as the negotiations are proceeding? >> i think they are in a teeter-totter. they add a conservative, lose a moderate. try to appease the moderate and lose conservatives. what they are trying to do is unpopular with republicans. that's the problem. president trump is blaming the democrats, but he's losing republican members. a senior republican like fred upton getting off bills in significant size. if they had the votes they would take the vote. if they aren't taking the vote it's because the votes aren't there. >> in fact, that's why paul ryan persuaded the president the first go-round not to go to the floor. i want to play for you something that's been extraordinary. it is on this subject but it is
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from a different venue. it is jimmy kimmel saying his son needed heart surgery and people without his resources would be facing issues if this went through. let's see what happened last night. >> on friday, april 21 my wife molly gave birth to a boy -- a baby boy. his name is william. he appeared to be a normal, healthy baby until about three hours after he was born. they did an echocardiogram a found he was born with a heart disease. and on monday morning dr. starns opened his chest to fix one of the two defects. he opened the valve. the operation was a success. it was the longest three hours of my life. [ cheers and applause ] before 2014 if you were born
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with congenital heart disease like my son there was a chance you could never get health insurance because of the pre-existing condition. if your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to it shouldn't matter how much money you make. that's something whether you are a republican or a democrat or something else we all agree on that, right? [ applause ] >> charlie sykes, that's such a powerful testament on the question of pre-existing conditions. >> it is. this is a reminder that health care is an issue unlike other issues. not like the bond market, not like interest rates or the deficit which is cerebral and policy-oriented. this is a gut check. this is an emotional issue. that's a shot across the bow of the republicans messing with this. the problem with the health care is not necessarily just internal. it's that what they are trying to do isn't popular.
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remember the first bill had a 72% approval rating before they started watering down the pre-existing conditions. this is a warning. i think it's one of the reasons they don't have the votes yet. a lot of republicans would rather this go away at this point rather than have to go into the 2018 election having to deal with a vote like this. >> ron, it doesn't help that the president in his interview with john dickerson on cbs didn't understand the details of the pre-existing condition and the opt out. there was an interesting column written this weekend saying as someone who worked in three republican administrations that to be president of the united states you need to study the issues, have a vision, be able to lead. and he wrote, this republican, long-time staff pers,hat donald trump has none of those thin. it's clear to those republican negotiators on the hill that he doesn't know the details of his own proposal.
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>> he either didn't know what his plan did for pre-existing conditions or lied about it. either one is bad. you can't be an art of the deal president if you don't know what you are dealing on. that's what happened with health care. he left the republicans on the hill to figure it out on their own. he makes statements from the white house that are untrue or misinformed which makes the situation worse. i agree with charlie. unlike a lot of other issues, health care is personal. seeing jimmy kimmel say that, he might be the only person with a late night television show that can deliver that message. but there are millions of stories and they are calling congress saying don't make my insurance more expensive or make it harder to get insurance. that's what the trump health care proposal will do. >> ron klain and charlie sykes, thank you so much. coming up, moscow calling. president trump will be talking to vladimir putin. how will he handle this call after setting off alarms by saying he would meet with
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notorious dictators in north korea and the philippines? >> this is a dramatic departure from the kind of approach to foreign policy and human rights that i admired ronald reagan so much for and one of the reasons he was one of the most successful presidents in history. de n' seek.) ready or not, here i come. ♪ anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us.
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moments from now president trump is scheduled to speak with vladimir putin. the first time since secretary rex tillerson had a tough meeting in moscow. today putin said talk of russia hacking the u.s. election is just rumor. this while the u.s. is accused of pushing the korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war. ned price is a former cia analyst deployed at the national security council. spokesman for the obama administration at the nse. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> a lot of foreignless policy. what a 24, 48 hours it's been. >> it's been a whirlwind. >> let's talk about putin saying it was a rumor. that's what trump said to john dickerson. it could have been china.
9:22 am
this runs in the face of all of the evidence from our intelligence communities. >> it was absolutely a gift to the kremlin. it is worth reminding viewers that donald trump has been there before. this is not the first time he cast doubt on this high confidence assessment by all 17 intelligence agencies that moscow was behind this meddling in the election last year. in the third debate in october of last year president trump just casually dismissed the findings and said who knows? it could be the work of a 400-pound hacker on his bed. over the weekend he reiterated that saying erroneously if you don't catch a hacker in the act you never know. that's false. if you talk to anyone who knows the forensics of the craft. >> let's talk about north korea where the secretary of state was trying to deploy diplomatic tools at the u.n. security council on friday. the president was talking about a military option. very, forcefully talking about
9:23 am
the possibility of going to war with korea. this is what he had to say yesterday on fox. >> i can say this. he's very threatening. he's a big threat to the world. nobody's safe. who's safe? the guy's got nuclear weapons. i would like to say they are very safe. these are great brave soldiers, great troops. they know the situation. we have 28,000 troops on the line. they're right there. so nobody's safe. we are probably not safe here. if he gets the long range missiles, we are not safe either. >> i'm not sure how all of this is playing in the region. i know china and south korea are talking about wanting talks. but at the same time in the last 24 hours the president talked about meeting with kim jong-un and others like john mccain say he doesn't deserve a meeting. this elevates him. you can have talks at the diplomatic level but not with the president of the united states. >> he doesn't have a clear
9:24 am
message. we have mixed messages. the president understands the power of military might. he he's used military force in yemen, syria in his first 100 days. what he doesn't understand is the power and authority conveyed by the presidential bully pul t pulpit. we have seen messages all over the map as you said on north korea. it has left our friends in the region confused and it's left, i would imagine, the north koreans confused. the president said he would be honored to meet kim jong-un. he said it within days of pyongyang releasing a propaganda video depicting the white house in a bull's eye and the capitol being blown to shreds. how the president can make this statement and say he would be honored to meet kim jong-un really strains credulity. >> there was another note of discord. the secretary who was at
9:25 am
mar-a-lago. he said because this all happened during the dinner, of course, with the chinese leader he said it was in lieu of after dinner entertainment which struck a lot of people as odd, to say the least. it was odd also to see this dinner table conversation, missiles being fired. for the cabinet secretary to be in the meetings, to be in the war room or the sit room watching the whole thing unfold as they took a break from dinner and say this was after dinner entertainment. how does that strike you? >> i think it has striking parallels to what president trump said in his first sit-down interview after the strikes. first he forgot the country in which he had launched missiles. he said he launched on iraq. he was quickly corrected by the interviewer. he talked more about the beauty
9:26 am
of the chocolate cake presented to himself and to president xi over which they had the discussion. for commerce secretary ross to make this flippant comment is outrageous but fits a pattern of the administration that doesn't view with the solemn responsibility the authority it has, that president trump has in terms of his role as commander in chief and the force with which the united states can act all over the world. they were not befitting a president or of the secretary of commerce. >> ned price, to be continued. thank you very much. also, is the not so friendly skies now the new normal? with the nation's top airline executives in the hot seat on capitol hill at a hearing a wild and disturbing airline incident caught on camera. two passengers throwing punches at one another. actually having a fistfight aboard an all nipon flight from tokyo to l.a.
9:27 am
the man in the red shirt was apparently allegedly drunk, was asked to leave the plane after acting in an unruly manner. the man resisted and chaos ensued. he's been charged with assault. the leaders of the airline industry are on capitol hill talking about passenger rights. coming up, going rogue. more on why president trump's praise for controversial leaders is troubling republicans. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. ray's always been different. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water.
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this morning senator john mccain sent a stern message to president trump about his suggestion that he would meet with kim jong-un and host the philippines brutal leader at the white house. >> the statements and the comments obviously fly in the face of everything that i have stood for and belved in all of my life. consistency has got to be a fundamental pillar of the conduct of national security policy. i wish that the president would consider much more carefully his comments particularly in praise of a north korean -- worse than a dictator. he's a despot.
9:32 am
>> washington post columnist david ignatius joins me now. david, thank you very much. what was your reaction when you saw the president proposing a meeting with kim jong-un and freelancing an invitation to duterte from the philippines without the guidance or advice of the secretary of state, state department, national security adviser? >> andrea, initially like all of us i was surprised, even shocked. last weekend we had trump warning about a major conflict with north korea. we have had subtleties of saber rattling, threats of war. i have to say for the president to open the way toward possible peace talks with the north korean leader to address the denuclearization of the korean peninsula which is the goal he's brought in china as his partner in pursuing, i don't think
9:33 am
that's the craziest idea in the world. flattering him, calling him a smart cookie, it's so much like trump. he's been on a flattery tour recently with xi ping, duterte, kim jong-un, a phone call with erdogan of turkey. he operates in hyperbole, bragadocia of himself and flattery of others. would it be useful for the north korea and others to talk with china, russia, japan presumably as the partners in guaranteeing the talks, the answer is yes. that would be a good idea. >> sure that would be a good idea. that's been done before. but for there to be a summit level talk between leaders. i was talking to john mclaughlin you know from his days as the deputy director saying you don't
9:34 am
reward kim jong-un with a presidential level meeting and you don't have that kind of meeting unless there is an agreement to be signed. leaders sign agreements, they don't have niece meetings. >> the question is how you set the table for a period of diplomacy that would follow this period of sharp, potentially military confrontation. my own feeling would be initially the way to frame this would be korea to korea. confidence building measures between north korea and south korea, not direct u.s. talks. >> exactly. >> you are holding out as a future prospect american endorsement of the process. what trump has done again is to kind of shake up -- shake things up and open the way toward things that might otherwise not be possible. this is how h operates. the are big dow sides about
9:35 am
it. i have written a column for tomorrow in which i go through the down sides. the basic question, is it useful in a period of high tension to hold up the possibility, there could be diplomacy. we have to concede that's not a bad thing. >> in fact, diplomacy was exactly what rex tillerson was suggesting when he talked about the possibility of conflict. >> precisely. they go in every direction. if you don't like the policy, wait a half hour and it will change. i agree. >> the other thing that was raised today on the front page of your newspaper is why the embrace of strong men. what is his affinity for putin, dete duterte, praising kim jong-un saying he was 27, his father died, he took over and at least he got rid of his uncle and the rivals. well, he got rid of them by executions and other acts we wouldn't normally endorse. and duterte, an invitation to
9:36 am
the white house for this man who other presidents have not even wanted to visit the philippines. >> from the standpoint of values-based foreign policy where we stand for values such as human rights, opening the way to leaders who really are blood-stained is a bad thing. from the standpoint of a competing viewpoint of foreign policy, interest-based policy, those issues are important but should be put aside in the calculation of what makes sense in the strict definition of u.s. interests. usually analysts say we should be somewhere between the two. with donald trump we have swung sharply toward policies toward ignoring human rights
9:37 am
violations. i just got back from the middle east. i saw a sense of, gosh, we have an american that's our ally again. they have our back. it bothers me a little bit. those are countries with real human rights violations. i see benefits for the united states of countries saying we have a reliable friend that's not always lecturing us. the question is how to use them for a better world. can trump do that? haven't seen the evidence yet. >> that's the difference between strategy and tactics. we are looking for coherence and consistency in pursuing the strong strategy. >> absolutely right. >> to be continued. i look forward to reading your column. >> to be continued for the next four years, i suspect. >> indeed. thank you very much for coming on today. coming up, the cleanup act. top white house officials trying to defend the president's dizzzying day of interviews. bloomberg's jennifer jacobs
9:38 am
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9:42 am
he will do whatever is necessary under the right circumstances to protect our country from the threat they pose. >> how could that be an honor? >> i guess because he's still a head of state. >> joining me now jeremy peters from the "new york times" and msnbc contributor. and jennifer jacobs, bloomberg white house reporter who interviewed the president. jennifer, what was it like sitting with the president and hearing him say he would be honored to meet with kim jong-un. >> we were a little surprised to hear him say that. he wanted to say it. he was expecting the question a little bit. he made that clear. before he started speaking he paused. he said, north korea is causing all manners of serious troubles. then he paused for a full seven seconds and said, if it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, i would be willing to do that. then he went on to say we are breaking news, aren't we? he knew he was saying something shocking. he said something about i know
9:43 am
my political advisers wouldn't want me to say that. he believes in his negotiating skills and that north korea is a pro and if he could improve that in a person-to-person meeting would do something to solve it he had confidence in his skills. he had plenty of caveats saying if the circumstances were right. >> that said, there's been criticism even from ambassadors whom i speak with who say they bring in their prime ministers, other leaders and that he's acting on his own. he believes so much in the art of the deal that he's not -- he's freelancing, not doing this on advice from the state department. jeremy, you know him from having covered him all those months during the campaign. he has confidence in his own personal powers of persuasion. now he's probably on the phone with vladimir putin. we can only imagine. >> exactly right. i think what's key to point out about what he's doing is he's doing what he would want other foreign leaders to do to him --
9:44 am
flatter him. trump is all about flattery, accepting it and basking in it. he's all about giving it. as jennifer knows when you sit down with him he immediately starts in with the few sieprais. you look great, what a great story you wrote the other day. he hopes kim jong-un responds to the same cues he does. i think it is worth pointing out though. could you imagine how those who protest on the right if this were a democratic president. remember the flak obama took for engaging with the regimes. >> for saying during the first primary debate against hillary clinton that he would without preconditions meet with these people. south kor south carolina, i think. he got a ton of abuse on that. >> they basically called him a traitor. to watch the right's response now is intriguing. they seem to be rather accepting of it. >> not john mccain. >> well, john mccain is an island unto himself. >> john mccain had dinner this
9:45 am
week. he and lindsey graham had dinner with the president -- or last week. >> this is what i was saying before with trump's charm offensive. he tries to meet with the people, engage with them. i don't know. i don't think he has many accomplishments to show for it, at least on capitol hill. >> what's your view of what happened on capitol hill? the president was tweeting today against the deal at the same time praising the deal in the rose garden and he's clearly lost control of his own house caucus. >> he was annoyed that the democrats declared victory on this spending deal. he didn't like that. >> schumer knows how to get under his skin. >> yes. and we weren't doing any touting. don't forget he had his budget director doing are briefings, another this morning and he's been talking about how they got money for border security and things like that. it's not like they haven't been doing any touting. he was clearly annoyed.
9:46 am
we talked to him in the oval office and he said, i think both sides are happy with the deal. he was calm, peaceful about the deal. he said, i assume i will be signing it. sounded like everything was going well. today, something irritated him. >> i have a theory. >> trump was responding to criticism from the right. especially social conservatives who said the bill still funds planned parenthood. conservatives who felt, climate change research. >> endowments. >> sanctuary cities, nih, yes. >> trump is all about promises kept. he kept a lot of them signing off on budgets and conservatives expected him to keep. >> thank you so much, jeremy y peters and jennifer peters. history lesson.
9:47 am
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bit later you wouldn't have had the civil war. he was -- he was a very tough person, but he had a big heart and he was -- he was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the civil war. he said there's no reason for this. people don't ask that question, but why was there the civil war, why could that one not have been worked out? >> there's a reason people don't ask the reason why was there a civil war. president trump creating political whiplash after a series of alarming comments including those we heard about andrew jackson. what historian douglas brinkley called the most bizarre 24 hours in presidential history, joining me is historian professor jon meacham author of "american lion andrew jackson in the white house." to just try to put this in some sort of context, can you give us a history lesson? >> sure. jackson fought for the union in
9:52 am
1832/33, south carolina was causing problems, they wanted to pick and choose which federal laws they wanted to obey called nullification. it was seen as a pretext for about a future battle over slavery and i think what -- you know, the president, like all presidents or most presidents, sees as he wishes to be seen. that is, he looks back to history for inspiration and -- but more often look for sanctioned for a given moment and if you listen to what he said there and what he said in the past about lincoln, jeffson and others, he is clearly in a way talking about himself, a tough guy with a big heart, at least his vision of himself. and so i think whenever a president talks about a predecessor, it's important to put on a pair of x-ray glasses and try to figure out are they really talking about how they
9:53 am
hope we all see them. >> jackson, correct me if i'm wrong, was a slave holder. >> yep. >> and was not about to stop -- he died 16 years before the civil war, but to suggest that there is any doubt about why the civil war was fought, and that the civil war could have been avoided, is to turn history upside down? >> it is. you know, there were compromises in the air in what's called the succession winter of 60/61. lincoln drew a line slavery could not be expanded. he was willing to allow it to exist in the states where it was but would not allow it to go out below the missouri compromise line. at that point the south believed that walls were closing in and they decided to make the break. you know, the idea that my own personal view, is the idea that the war could have been completely averted is wrong, as william see ward said it was an
9:54 am
irrepressible conflict, it had bedevilled us, the united states, since the revolution, the constitution as you know was drafted to take an implicit notice of slavery, slaves -- enslaved people count as three-fifths of a person. so slavery had been in the manner of our original sin, as a country, it had been totally embroidered into the fabric of the nation and it was going to require tragically, a violent eruption to ultimately to expeate that sin. >> and trump then tweeted, quote, president andrew jackson, who died 16 years before the civil war started, saw it coming and was angry, would never let it happen. >> what the president is talking about there, is the nullification crisis which is 30 years before. he's talking about jackson wanting to, as he put it, hang
9:55 am
john c. calhoun who had been his sheriff's department. politics has been rough for a while. sohat's just a conflation of two different moments. jackson was, to go to your first question, jackson was a slave owner, unapologetic, no sign whatever that was he rethinking the economic and cultural and political order that produced his own wealth, own comfort, own rise. at the same time he was a ferocious defender of the union. what we don't know because he died in 1845, is where would he have ended up 15, 16 years later as abolitionist sentiment grew and as the south became ever more defensive and reactionary. >> john meacham, as always, a great pleasure to have you on. >> thank you so much. >> and more ahead. we'll be right back.
9:56 am
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thanks for being with us. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports". follow the show on-line at facebook and twitter @mitchell reports. craig melvin is up next on msnbc. >> hey, andrea. good afternoon to you. craig melvin live at msnbc headquarters here in n yor on a busy tuesday. strong armed tactics. president trump on the offense with tweets and a speech going after congress and democrats. what's behind his latest attacks? also, russian connection, the president speaking with russia's president vladimir putin on the
10:00 am
phone in the past hour. what their conversation could mean for the growing tensions between the united states and russia. and hillary speaks. the former democratic nominee making a very public appearance any moment now. when it happens, when she starts to speak there, we will bring it to you live. but we start with president trump's speech just a few minutes ago, it was a deeply political speech, using the armed forces as a backdrop. the air force football team came to the white house rose garden in recognition of its most recent winning season. they were the recipients of a commander in chief trophy, however the president used this display to tout his own record and attack democrats, including it seemed former president obama's record on military spending. >> this week a republican team had its own victory under the radar. we are taking care of our military and we're not going to go back tot