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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 6, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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administrator scott pruitt he had to do. but it appears he waited until the very last second to let anybody know that he is actually doing it. watch this space. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again here on monday. msnbc live is next. good morning, everyone. i'm dara brown in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it's 7:00 in the east and 4:00 out west. here is what's happening. the future of the health care bill, will it face major surgery or die on arrival? plus, the members of congress most at risk after placing their controversial vote. it's all ahead. president trump's pick for army secretary withdraws amid heavy criticism over controversial statements in his past. and election hacking, this time it's in france. a candidate calling a document leak is a bid to destabilize tomorrow's presidential runoff. we begin with politics and new details on president trump's outgoing national security adviser, mike flynn, and his tie
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toes russia. a former obama administration confirms that the washington post and the associated press reports that trump transition officials asked for the cia profile on russian ambassador sergei kisliak. "the washington post" says senior members of the president's team warned flynn that his conversations were being monitored by u.s. intelligence agencies. nbc learning last night that the obama team was so wary of the trump campaign tie toes russia that it gave them only hours notice before retaliating against russia for the election interference. the news comes before sally yates testifies before a senate panel investigating russia's interference in the u.s. election. meanwhile, the white house is throwing its weight in montana's special election later this month to replace secretary of interior ryan zinkiy. vice president mike pence will be campaigning there next friday for the state's house senate in
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the u.s. house of representatives. and president trump is spending another weekend away from the white house this time at his new jersey golf resort and putting pressure on the senate to pass the health care bill. now here is part of his weekly address. >> it will be great health care and your premiums will come down and your deductibles will come down. so you'll have better health care at a lower cost. and now i'm calling on the senate to take action. >> and the bill could be face ago big battle as it heads to the senate. key republicans are saying slow down as they want to craft their own health care replacement plan. peter alexander has the latest. >> it's the republican health care plan going under the knife. >> you'll have better health care at a lower cost. and now i'm calling on the senate to take action. >> but the house health bill faces an even tougher slog in the senate where republicans can only afford to lose two votes. >> the senate will write its own
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bill. my goals would be to rescue the people who are likely not to be able to buy insurance next year. >> among the flash points whether to end the expansion of medicaid that could cost consumers their coverage and funding for planned parenthood. heading home for a week long break, house members are likely to face backlash for their votes, punctuated by that rose garden celebration. >> it's kind of like george bush going up on top of the aircraft carrier saying mission come lished. the idea of high fiving and spiking the ball in the end zone is i think is dangerous. >> republicans now facing the same kind of attack they once lobbed at democrats. >> i don't think we should pass bills that we haven't read that we don't know what they cost. >> as many as 20 house seats could swing in democrats' favor after the reports. >> republicans were set up for a tough midterm election, but this bill just throws gasoline on the fire of an already volatile
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cycle. >> the president raising eyebrows by praising australia's mostly government funded universal health care system. >> i shouldn't say this to our great gentleman or my friend from australia because you have better health care than we do. >> mr. truch trump's explanation, of course the australians have better health care than we do. everybody does. >> thabz's peter alexander reporting. >> a nonprofit group with ties to house speaker paul ryan has launched a $2 million ad campaign to thank lawmakers who voted for the health care bill. let's bring in jonathan allen, coauthor of the new book shattered inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign. also joining me, kevin robilard, reporter for politico who covers races. thanks for joining me this morning. >> good morning. >> you have a list of about seven lawmakers whose jobs might be in jeopardy as a result of voting in favor of the health care bill. is it too early to tell yet? >> it is a little too early to
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say specific members of congress are going down, but the number of lawmakers this puts in danger are far greater than 20. there are 23 lawmakers sitting in districts where hillary clinton won. pretty much all those lawmakers were already in danger and most of them voted for this bill, which is probably going to the add to the danger they're facing. >> so, kevin, who sticks out as the most vulnerable here? >> so you look at someone like carlos carbello in florida.. he comes from a district that voted heavily for clinton. it should be democratic leaning. it's heavily hispanic. he's managed to hold on for several cycles there. it's a district with a lot of elderly and poorer voters. those people are most likely to get hurt by this plan and his district is one of the districts that could see a lot of coverage losses by 20206. so he's really one person who sticks out a lot as someone who is most likely vulnerable. >> jonathan, ahead of this vote, you spoke with freshman congresswoman rohana who told us
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now it's time for democrats to capitalize on president trump's inability to institute real political form. how much is thursday's vote an opening for democrats to help them regain power, not just in congress, but governors' seats, as well? >> i think you've got governors related to this because of the questions about medicare -- medicaid expansion and also because of some of the questions of the federal government giving more power to the states to determine benefits. so naturally, if this were to become law and even if it doesn't now you've got this sort of on the books as a statement by the republican party. you've got governors races that can be affected by that. it's a huge opening, as kevin says. he's got smart analysis there. there are a lot of republicans who are in deeper trouble today in their re-elect in the house than just a couple days ago. you had a populist renaissance in thi country over t last few years. and the response was to do a bill that gives tax cuts for the very wealthiest americans at the same time that it's going take
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health benefits away from the very poorest americans. >> and, kevin, which senators will you be watching as they come up with their own plan here for health care? >> i think one person to keep a close eye out for is ohio senator rob portman. he comes from a state that expanded medicaid, has made a lot of noise that he's not fully comfortable with repealing medicaid particularly because medicaid plays a large role in dealing with the opioid he dem ek. a majority of the people addicted to opioids are using medicaid to pay for their services. so rob portman is someone to watch. he's a person who is generally respected by his colleagues. where he comes down on different provisions might end up mattering quite a bit. >> and i mentioned earlier about vice president mike pence. he's heading to montana to lend his efforts in this special election. is this how worried they are about losing seats in red states? go ahead, kevin. >> oh, sorry. i think it definitely is a sign that they're very worried.
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it's also, to a certain extent, there's a few games in town going on right now so they can afford to sense pence to montana. clearly this is a seat they're worried about in hospital. montana is a very cheap state so they're really able to flood the state's air waves with that. add to go their worry, yesterday the "new york times" caught the republican can candidate there sort of saying one thing to a group of republican lobbyists in d.c. about whether or not he supported health care and a different thing to the general public. >> and, jonathan, real quick, do you think the democrats can win in montana? >> it's certainly possible. it's a state where democrats have won statewide at times. you think of john tafter b, the senator now, max bachus, the former senator. but it is an uphill climb for the democrats to win in what is a red state, generally speaking.
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>> monday, sally yates is testifying before a senate panel. and this, of course, columbus on the heels of reports of mike flynn in addition to the letter of the senate intel committee sent to carter page asking him to turn over contacts with russians.. how much do you think sally yates' testimony will shed light on this russian investigation? >> we think the expectation here is that we're going to find out a lot about what she told the white house regarding mike flynn well in advance of the time that the president pushed mike flynn out of his job. and that won't look good for the president and it won't look good for the white house. i think the question will be to some degree what detail she gives on exactly what she said and exactly what she knew. but this is going to be a big moment. >> and jonathan, real quick, i want to get your reaction to hillary clinton starting a political action group which could launch as early as the coming week. what do you know about it and how much does this buy her with resistance against president trump? >> she certainly, it looks like,
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wants to be part of that resistance, as she said. she wants to get back into the political game and be part of the upcoming campaigns in 2018. but it's interesting she decided to form a political action committee after a cycle in which, you know, i think she was seen as more political, obviously, because she was campaigning and her trust numbers and her approval rating went down. >> jonathan allen, kevin robilar, thanks so much for your time this morning. >> thanks for coming on. >> are russian hackers trying to help the far right win the presidential election? me revelations exposed a day before the voters head to the polls. and the comparisons made to last year's u.s. election. nitrites or artificial preservatives. now it's good for us all. like those who like. sweet those who prefer heat. sfx - a breath of air and those who just love meat. oscar mayer deli fresh. sweet! ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
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killing laws of all.. it's called obamacare. perhaps you've heard of it. the house bill is a plan that will save americans from this disaster and replace it with more freedom for american families. >> that was president trump highlighting what some say is his biggest policy success to date pushing through a bill to repeal the affordable care act. kelly o'donnell is in branchburg, new jersey today. good morning. can you tell us what happens there? >> good morning, dara. there are those that deal that health care bill which means there is still a big step, the senate has to deal with it. and then, one of his picks, the secretary of the army has withdrawn. it came suddenly and it really
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is the result of a campaign of public pressure. but it comes as a result of other things that are changing, as well. forced out by controversy. >> it is tough to run for office. >> mark green, president trump's nominee for army secretary withdrew under pressure friday. accused of bias by the lgbtq community for comments like this. . >> if you polled a psychiatrist, they're going to tell you that transgender is a disease. >> the human rights campaign that made this video organized to block green, a tennessee state senator, green is a west point graduate and, doctor who treated iraqi dictator saddam hussein. in a statement, green said tragically my life of public service and my christian beliefs have been mischaracterized and attacked for political gain. the trump white house has another job opening. >> folks are going to arrive this way. >> after the abrupt departure of
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chief usher angela green appointed by president obama, reed was the first woman in history to manage the white house residence. officials said reed left on good terms and suggested replacing the chief usher was routine. however, that rule has typically not changed with a new president. >> it's not uncommon that you might have a transition of staff when a new administration comes in and it's simply nothing more than that. >> the president has spent seven weekends at the white house, eight in florida, and now his first at his bed minister new jersey golf resort. respond to go criticism of his high travel costs on twitter the president made this claim. rather than causing a business disruption in new york city, choosing his new jersey home saves country money, cheaper than manhattan, but still an extra financial burden on taxpayers. >> and saturday, the president signed into law a big spending
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package that included additional funding dealing with security for himself and his family. and that's about $120 million. some of it for the secret service, but some will go to local communities like new york city and palm beach that have had so much additional costs for their local police departments and so forth when the president has traveled. of course, we're here in new jersey because the president is spending his weekend at his bedminister, new jersey, home. it seems the president will be doing a lot of summering in new jersey. dara. >> kelly, thanks so much for that report. and new this morning, the front-runner in france's presidential election is targeted by hackers. centrist county emmanuel macron says a number of real .false documents have been placed online. a mere two-day long blackout is under way during which the politicians and journalists stop talking about the race.
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matt, good morning. what has been the rehabilitation of this and hokd this potentially sway the election? >> good morning. it's not clear how this is going to actually throw the election in either way. but it does appear to be strategically timed, as you mention. it came just moments before a two-day long media blackout when politicians can't discuss politics and can't defend themselves. >> today, the presidential race that rattled france rattled again late last night. news of a last minute hacking attack, 9 gigabytes of data, thousands of e-mails and documents all stolen a few weeks ago from the front-runner emmanuel macron. this as the media enters a pre-election two-day media blackout. macron's campaign says it's meant to cause doubt and intimidation. suspicion is focused on are russia. a japanese cyber security form
4:19 am
says security hacked the campaign. moscow denied that charge. >> we have 100% secure that this is focussing on opposition to the russian government. >> the hacks are mostly trif kral, restaurant negotiations, talk of the weather, a few expenses. but macron's campaign says fake e-mails are mixed in with the real ones. france's presidential campaign is looking a lot like americas. marine le pen is a far right populist. she's anti-immigration, wants out of the eu and is an admirer of vladimir putin and donald trump. trump returned the favor and on thursday, becky quick endorsed macron. >> and just this morning, french prosecutors confirmed to nbc news that they've arrested a former soldier who they said have pledged leemgance to isis,
4:20 am
so more last-minute tremors shakinging this already volatile election. back to you. >> and, matt, has there been much reaction to this hacking? what are you hearing on the streets? >> well, we're not hearing much of anything. the fact is that the media can't talk about this as much as the politicians can't talk about this. so we haven't heard much at all. the french public through, of course, that the russians or someone hacked the macron campaign because news of this had come out several weeks ago. so this isn't exactly a bombshell. but coming so close to this election, with nobody knows exactly what's going to happen here. this could end up damaging le pen more than macron. >> and, nat matt, if you would, tell us about this blackout. i know for two days, media, jurchblists, there's no news about this. this is not something our country is used to at all. how do they deal with that in france? >> it's a really foreign concept
4:21 am
to americans because, obviously, the the media just -- especially during the height of an election, the full froth of an election piles on the pressure and only talks about elections. but here in trans, and actually throughout europe, this happens in italy, as well. there's a media blackout which means that it's by law and technically ordinary french citizens aren't allowed to discuss politics, either, or the presidential race. they could be prosecuted, as well. all of that, obviously, very difficult for an investigator or police officer to come down on an ordinary citizen for discussing politics in public. but it is very different from the american system in that accepts. >> interesting concept. matt bradley, thank you so much. up next, the big honor for a form onner president this weekend. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a coupe soup. [woman] so beautiful.
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sounds like a guy who didn't get a joke, take my life, please. >> just for laughs and political satire, late tv comics are having a field take taking shots at president trump. a new study shows he's likely to become the most lampooned president by late-night hosts ever. president clipt job holds the all-time record amid the monica lewinski scandal. president trump's first 100 days late night hosts have targeted the president more than a thousand times. stephen colbert leads the way with 337 jokes over trevor noah, and he's not too far wind with 13 anti-trump jokes. jimmy fallon's third with 231 trump putdowns. and while president trump has been busy working on his agenda, he's been getting sued far more than his recent predecessors, as well. a boston globe analysis finds
4:26 am
the president has been sued 134 times in federal court since taking office. that's almost three times the combined number of lawsuits faced by president obama, george w. bush and clinton at this point in their administrations. tomorrow, former president barack obama will receive the profile and courage award. the ceremony takes place at the jfk library in mass ps. kennedy's daughter, caroline, and grandson, jack, will present the this award. >> i think president obama really brought in a new generation just like president kennedy did. and certainly the generation that was inspired by my father transformed this country in civil rights peace corps, space. and i think the generationing that president obama brought into public life, my children among them, are going to go on to do great things. >> be sure to check out msnbc's special coverage of the event. chris matthews will have special guests to provide analysis of president obama's
4:27 am
speech .explore his lasting legacy. watch the award beginning tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. own on msnbc. at the top of the hour, the future of health care, what could happen as president trump bill heads to the senate. that will do it for me. your business up next and thomas roberts picks it up at 8:00 eastern. f 32 nfl teams. be there for america's toughest and help, when help is needed america's #1 isn't a status earned overnight. it's earned in every wash, and re-earned every day. tide, america's #1 detergent ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to good morning. coming up on msnbc's your business, we kick off national small business week with linda mcmahon. she tells us how the administration is working to help small and medium sized businesses and talks about the president's new tax plan. also, what you can learn from the creator of makeup geek who turned her youtube tutorials into a fast-growing brand. get an early start on the competition coming up next on "your business."