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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 9, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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that will do it for this hour of msnbc live. right now, andrea mitchell reports. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" red flag, the former acting attorney general explaining why her alert was so urgent. >> not only did we believe the russians new this, but they likely had prove, and that created a compromised situation where the national security advisor could be blackmailed by the russians. you don't want your national security advisor compromised with the russians. back to combat, they back a and will president trump now sign on? >> first of all, in afghanistan
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we're up against a determined enemy. >> and the kimmel test. outrage over the voters back home over health care, jimmy kimmel follows up on his emotional monologue on pre-existing conditions like his instant sun. >> i saved health insurance in the united states of america, thank you. >> what's in a? i didn't? i didn't save it? they voted against it anyway? i really need to pay more attention to the ws. and good day, everyone. i'm anda mitchell in washington. a possible increase of more than 3,000 u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan after he spent years calling on his predecessor.
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and mr. trump is delegating more responsibility to the dprls for troop deployments. first to you, walk us through this, how many troops, will it be a combination of u.s. and nato and how close are they to making a decision? >> i'm being told that no decision is final, and that trump raised some questions about this proposal from the pent gone. it is more the direct. inheriting a war and potentially escalating it. when obama when through it, the numbers were much bigger. we're around 3,000 mere and some of that may be nato forces as well. it is important to think about what the troops might do and the policy is so important.
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it is a train in advise and assist. this will not be troops going out there looking for the taliban on their own. there is a separate component, defeating the terrorist networks in investigation and the whole region, andrea, there is some 20 different extremists organizations. some of those go across the border to pakistan. one of the questions is what will the regional approach be? how will pac stan play into all of this. andrea? >> of course that is a question that president's and commanders have been asking now for more than a decade because that is one of the biggest problems, the taliban that is based in pakistan coming over to afghanistan and the pakistan taliban. let's look at what happened in a hearing today where senator
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ckworth who is a veteran of iraq and an injured one at that. >> it seems like the president, the command er in chief, is shifting the i think he needs to feel his job as commander in chief. >> that is a key thing her, he is delegating more authority to the commanders on the groung. >> we have seen that in somali and yemen. the best example we saw was the decision to drop the mother of all bombs, that was not walked up the pent gone or tagon or thy or white house. some has to do with troop levels. find the strategy and find the troops that match that strategy. i think what a lot of them would
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say is if you give too long of a leash to the pentagon, you have endless war. not just for the pent gone, but the local partners, the afghans and iraqis as well. >> let's go to sally yates and the tweet storm from the president grabbing pieces of clapper and yates testimony and putting it in his own narrative by the facts are the facts as yates and clapper testified to them. >> yes, the president trying to paint this as fake news, something that is overblown. the allegations of wiretapping that is unfounded. sally yates testified that she wo warned the white house in three separate occasions, twice in
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meetings, once during a phone call, about then national security advisor michael flyn she believed flynn misled t vice president and other top officials with his kmen communications with the russian ambassador and potentially could be blackmailed. she was fired for not upholding the president's travel ban, but there is a couple reasons that is significant. one is that sean spicer said that ya trkyates merely gave th heads up that they should look into him. what she said yesterday suggested something much more than a heads up. and then we go back to the central question. why did it take another 18 days for president trump to fire mike flynn. so did the white house council in fact raise the red flag as
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loudly and significantly as sally yates did for him. it is among the questions that continue to shadow the administration. >> thank you to kristin welker and hans nickels. thank you, senator for being with us. the questions also about what happened when yates went initially to the white house council, an unusual situation done in the security of the white house to discuss the sense of question that let me play a little bit of her first conversation about where the council was. the first thing we did was to explain that the under lying conduct that flin engaged in was
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problematic itself. and we felt that they were entitled to know the answers. >> senator, are you going to follow up about what that under lying conduct was? >> as you know, i asked sally yates yesterday what that under lying conduct was, and she said she could not tell me in an open and unclassified hearing fwbecae to do so would reveal classified information. potentially lying to the fbi when they interviewed him, but she was very careful not to be specific about what it was.
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she was clear that russia, having succeeded in our election will be emboldened and that we need to follow up with actions that would impose greater costs on russia. also likely in our 2018 and 2020 elections if we don't take a stronger stand. >> there has been focus on general clapper refusing to answer a question because it is classified and it could affect the investigation. a question about the president's business investments. the trump company investments in russia, are you rooking into that? >> this s something that needs to be followed up, i'm also going to be pursuing answers to
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the questioning, but the senate intelligence community is the most capable of doing it. they are continuing to pursue this on the judicial yry hearin. >> the president keeps saying it is fake news. and saying that sally yates released classified information. >> my conclusion is that she a career leader, she did her job as she saw fit and did it appropriately. i'm struck that after she went
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to the white house twice to offer detailed aroundings about flynn, she was fired and he wasn't. it took 18 days before a national security advisor was fired. i don't know why it took 18 minutes. >> do you understand the reluctance of the white house to deal with the security issue. sean spicer keeps saying he was cleared by obama, a professional military clearance when he got a renewal last spring of his security clearance, but general clapper testified the clearance, the vetting to be national security advisor is much more intensive and aggressive. do you understand why the white house keeps insisting it was all obama's fault? where did they drop the ball, stopping him from becoming national security advisor.
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>> frankly the fact that general flynn was a paid guest at putin's celebration. that he was paid hundreds of thousands and failed to report that as a foreign power, that is all of the information that we need. they vetted their new national security advisor. why he was allowed in the white house, let alone in the situation room, and why he was allowed to continue to participate in very high level national security conversations for 18 days after a specific and detailed warning was delivered to the white house is beyond me, and i think it deserved further investigation. >> we know there is a plan that the president has not yet approved to add thousands of troops in a combat roll and also to delegate some of the short to
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t -- authority to the generals on the ground. there is a plan from the president to arm the syrian kurds, can you address those issues? >> it is possible that i will support his initiatives, but he has to articulate the strike that i did. i uerstand he has more responsibilityt t combat level for tactics,ut i don't understand or support understand his handing off responsibility. setting troop levels, articulating how he thinks increasing our troops in investigation will get the taliban back to the table, articulating why he is choosing to arm the kurds rather than other potential partners. >> what do we hope to achieve
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that has not been achieved in 16 years. >> that is something that they have to bear in terms of explaining how they think a few thousand more will get the taliban to the troops failed to do so in several years of active combat. the train and equip mission, that i believe secretary mattis is hoping to bolster strikes me as a prevention of the collapse. i am struck that his secretary of defense are calling for increased troop levels and they are proposing a dramatic cut. it was secretary mattis that said you need troops in the
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field and you need resources for i did blom si and dwobment. >> senator, thank you very much for helping us on these big issues today. >> coming up, home tweet home. celebrating for a new round of town hall backlash. that is next. liberty mutual stood with us
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less than a week after the white house victory lap, house
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republicans are facing angry voters back home. rob blum had a particularly hard greeting when he walked out of a tv interrue. >> would you still take donations from a republican in iowa city? >> i'm done. this is -- >> we haven't even started. >> this is ridiculous. you think i'm going to just sit here and be badgered. >> we asked why you wanted to do the interview, that was it. >> kacongressman, come on, take seat. congressman, i insist. >> just hours later, he faced a riled up crowd at his townhall. >> if you're getting your health insurance through medicaid, nothing is going to change.
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>> joining me now bill crystal and stephanie cutter. welcome both. stephanie, you have seen this movie before, but it was 2009 and it was town halls in the summer of 2009, democrats getting attacked everywhere they went over obama care. >> it is true. and the ironic thing is we were looking to expand care, not restrict it. you know republicans are basically hiding out in their offices and not going because they know what they will face. it is so bad that now democrats that were in border districts with republicans are going to the republican districts to hold townhalls because republicans won't. >> and we see in new york, a neighboring district, going to congressman fasso's republican
9:21 am
cricket a district and seeing the voters there where the democrat is addressing people in his neighbor's district. >> i'm representative sean patrick maloney. where is your congressman? when i heard they were not doing town hall meetings, it didn't sit well we me. it became a thing when i watched this bill. he should not be on a milk carton, he should be here. [ applause ] . don't take this the wrong way, i have my own district, i should not be here. i love you all. ly wave to you as i drive by to my district. >> so, he described this as a new buddy system. >> yeah, john fasso is a very able freshman congressman. i think he can do as good as
9:22 am
anyone. >> lindsey graham is sort of the gold standard of going and stating the music and disarming people with humor and facts. >> yeah, tom cannototton is knor it as well. the president and his hearty control congress, and they have to jam through something that is problematic. >> you vote on something and you won't face your constituents over it. >> and jimmy kimmel certainly fired it up with the comments about his son and he returned to the stage last night. >> as a result of my powerful words on that, republicans in congress had second thoughts, they realized what is right is
9:23 am
right and i saved health insurance in the united states of america. thank you. what's that? i didn't? i didn't save it? they voted against it anyway -- >> i would like to apologize for saying children in measuring should have health care. it was insensitive. offensive and i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. >> what does the senate do now, bill? mitch mcconnell has 13 men, that has been pointed out they're meeting at this hour. we have seen them arriving. none of the five republican senators -- they have to decide what to do about pre-existing conditions, about medicaid expansi expansion, and things that are -- i think that happened a bit with obama care. i think that is much more likely so that might help the house guys a little bit.
9:24 am
you do have to defend it. jimmy kimmel has insurance. many people are covered -- >> not if you're cutting medicaid, you're throwing $10 million off. >> no, you're not, down the road they may not choose to fully fund med case. it's not a great bill, but there is plenty that could be said and you're better off saying something than nothing. >> there is more money to be cut to fund the tax cut. >> right, this is all going to be exposed. the legislation is written, it's voted on, it's public record and it will all be exposed. states could choose to keep the medicaid expansion in place, but states are not usually budgeted to do that. there is such a large share of that funding which is how we
9:25 am
have been able to cover so many people. and the problem in the senate is they have 13 white guys on this community, and not including senators from states that expanded medicaid. not including states with large populations, older americans that will see their premiums go up. >> many are trump voters. >> i know that mitch mcconnell is always talking about his political acueman. he picked a group of people he knew could come to an agreement, but he always thought no one would speak up and buck him. it is a mistake, bad legislation that will come back to taunt him. >> thank you so much. coming up, 18 days, why did president trump wait nearly three weeks to fire his top foreign policy advisor after they were warned he was
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general clapper, in your
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investigation of all things russia, did you ever find a situation where a trump business interest in russia gave you concern? >> umm, not in the course of the preparation of the intelligence community assessment. >> sense? >> i'm sorry? >> at any time? >> i can't comment on that because it impacts an investigation. >> james clapper with a whoa moment on capitol hill saying he cannot comment about president trump's business dealings because it would affect a investigation. joining me now is my panel, welcome both of you.
9:31 am
you worked with sally yates and you understand what can and cannot be said. is this because general clapper was not briefed on the fbi? how much do we read into his saying "i can't comment on that. >> in the questions that sally yates said, she was not trying to imply that the answer would be yes. i don't think we can read into jim clapper's answers. especially when you look at his first answer, he was very deliberate. he said not in the course of the assessment. she saying there is something else i have that i don't want to say. lindsey graham says he now wants to investigate trump's business ties to russia. >> nick price, an investigation into the president's business ties takes us in a whole different direction than the
9:32 am
information question of hacking. >> yeah, as he said, this avenue was not included in the intelligence community assessment released in january. this is something that probably would not be in intelligence channels, something more in lawsuit channels. something that if there is a special prosecutor would be right for his or her prosecution. above all else, something that we could learn a lot about if president trump was to release his tax returns. >> you worked with sally yates in the justice department. she was a career pros crew tor first nominated in 1989. there has been a lot of tweets, and implications, there was a moment with ted cruz when he
9:33 am
tried to nail her on politics, let's watch. >> a final very brief question, in the 200 years of the department of justice history, are you aware of any instance in in which the department of justice formally approved the legality of a policy and three days later the attorney general directed the department to not follow that policy and deny that policy? >> i'm not, but i'm also not aware of any situation where -- >> they said it is what she was fired, not enforcing the executive order. >> i think one thing is there might be bipartisan agreement on is watching ted cruz come to the hearing. i think what sally yates show
9:34 am
social security what those of us that worked with her have seen for years. she was a career prosecutor. putting corrupt politicians from both parties in jail. she was a rock star of the justice department and that is why she rose from being an assistant u.s. attorney to deputy attorney general. she is fareless, she is tough, and not afraid as she showed when she stood up to president trump, she is not afraid to say what she means and put her actions behind it. >> and this from mike rogers from the nsa, about the whole question of unmasking, which is disclosing the names of people who have been part of surveillance or caught up in it this was some testimony with lindsey graham. >> we authorize the unmasking only to that individual. if we unmask a report that went to a particular individual, we
9:35 am
don't unmask it for everyone that got the report, just the person who unmasked it and they're told not to share it. >> the issue here that has been raised, when he did this, it was routinely part of his job and there is a record of it. >> you had them focus on a core issue, which is the trump team and those in russia. they were focused on a grab bag of issues from e-mails to unmasking and you saw exasperation from jim clapper saying unmasking is an important issue, but not what we should be focused on. i'm here to talk about the influence of russia on our 2016 election. >> he is as concerned about leaks as anyone, but the fact is
9:36 am
that the real concern he has is the threat of russia and he described it in catastrophic terms. >> yes, it is the gravest national security securithreat e face. if we don't, they will be back. they will be back the say way they were in 2016, in france on the weekend, if we don't take it seriously, we do that at our own pea peril. >> i should point out that lavrov will be at the state department to meet with rex tillerson. all of this is in a broader context of russia and the relationship, and the president calling this a witch hunt. thank you so much. boiling over, violence at a florida airport after a series of spirit airlines flight
9:37 am
cancellations. more on this wild scene coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports." ♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here.
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>> another day, another incident involving an airline. this time not on a plane, but on a terminal. cell phone videos posting the wild scene at the spirit airlines ticketing desk after some nine flights were canceled. it erupted in chaos. emotions boiling over, fights breaking out when the cancellations left hundreds of travelers stranded. >> i cried, i'm not going to lie, i cried. >> it came during an ongoing labor dispute, they blame it on a work slow down from it's own pilot's union. spirit that fired a lawsuit against the pilots says the backlog was caused by a lack of crews. they say we're shocked and saddened to see the videos of what took place at the airline. these pilots have put agent
9:42 am
their quest for a new quest over the consumer's travel and the safety of workers. tell us more about this lawsuit, tom costello, those pictures are really extraordinary. an airport that we all travel through all of the time is amazing. >> here is the lawsuit right here. the airne is suing the pilot's union and accusing them of engaging in a legal work slow down. according to the airline more than 300 flights canceled in the next week. 20,000 people missed their flights. just a short time ago, we got a video statement from spirit airlines. take a look. >> this action that the pilots are taking is unlawful and it is adversely affecting our customers, so we felt we had to
9:43 am
file this lawsuit, and we did so reluctantly. we felt this was something we had to do, and yes we just heard a few minutes ago that a temporary restaining order has been granted. >> that is the headline right there, telling the pilots union cease and desist. here is what the pilots union just said. the pilots association are not engaged in a job action, rather they're essentially doing everything they can to restore company operations that restored problems over the past several days. the union is not engaged in a slow down, but a judge is now issuing a restraining order. so it seems to be a disagreement. 300 flights canceled in the last few days, 30,000 people affected and andrea, i just checked, today another 38 flights
9:44 am
canceled. if you're flying spirit, you need to check and see if your are affected. >> the customers are affected the most. thank you tom costello. coming up, family ties, a kushner in hot water after name dropping in a pitch to chinese business investors. it is time for the "your business entrepreneurs of the week." breaking up was hard to do, but reuning feel sos good. the owners are bk together after a two-year break. jeff was running the business solo, but now that nate returned their growing faster than ever. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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and the white house pushing back on new questions over ethics conflicts, possible conflicts, after a controversial sales pitch from jared kushner's sister, dropping her brother's name while courting investors. they issued an apology after urging chinese to invest in their venture in new jersey and fast trafficking their immigration to the us. jared kushner, who divested from his family firm, had nothing to do with this. nicole wallace joining us, her
9:49 am
new show debuting today at 4:00. i don't know how you do it all. >> look who is talking. >> you're going to become the -- every hour, it's terrific, the kushner sister, investors in u.s. properties get to jump to the head of the line, and i guess the main question is people who know asia know that in china and japan and other countries, that even the us of a family connection is enough forpeople to think they can get an inside track with the white house. >> in the walk up to the meetings with china, there was a lot of reporting about how comfortable the chinese were dealing with jared kushner to prepare for the meeting because it most closely resembles some domestic politics in their own country. i'm told by folks that helped
9:50 am
jared and ivanka is that this was sort of a sin of incompetence, not one of his sister trying to family connections but the optics are terrible and on going. the most unexpected outcome will be deep scrutiny from people who may not have focused on this is a expect of immigration reform. i think the program will come under scrutiny and it has an interesting and not necessarily partisan divide people like chuck schumer of new york who likes bringing investment to new york city support this visa program and other people in his own party who think it's a bit of a scam. >> it was just reauthorized as part of the legislation, the continuing legislation last week. jonathan capehart, there's been bipartisan support for this but it does seem unfair that wealthy people can jump to the front of the visa line.
9:51 am
>> sure and given that we've had a national conversation about illegal immigration and people -- whether folks who have been in this country undocumented, whether they get to jump to the front of the line ahead of people who have been going through the process, going through the legal channels the idea that if you have thousands of dollars to invest in a company and you can automatically jump to the head of the line and get a green card, i think a lot of people would find that appalling and particularly people who voted for president trump because he was so hard on immigration to find out that, yes, he reauthorizationed this as part of the continuing resolution but a lot of people should ask the question, what are you going to do to fix this glaring loophole. >> and going back to things that bubbled up at the end of the campaign in the beginning of the administration, the travel ban, the executive order had a hearing in court yesterday and the muslim ban was repeatedly
9:52 am
raised by one of the judges saying how can you say it wasn't aimed at muslims which would make it unconstitutional if the president repeatedly referred to it as a muslim ban. >> absolutely his own words are not only coming back to haunt him, they were cited in the decision to knock down the first travel ban so both courts on the west coast and east coast are looking for intent, using his campaign rhetoric to find it. it was interesting when sean spicer was asked if this is not a muslim ban why does the president's campaign web site still call it that? and they immediately removed that. >> we have that exchange from sean spicer's briefing. let's watch. >> reporter: why does the president's web site still explicitly call for "preventing muslim immigration" and it says "donald trump is calling for a complete and total shutdown of muslims entering the united states." >> i'm not aware of what's on
9:53 am
the campaign web site. you have to ask them. >> reporter: once again though, disavowing the use of the phrase "muslim ban" if the president's words are being used against him in court today, is it worth you clarifying that once and for all? >> yeah, i'm trying to figure out why -- i've been very clear. i don't think i need to clarify what we have said or what the president said. >> nicolle, this goes back to that iconic moment between spicer and glen thrush which was memorialized on "snl." this keeps coming back to haunt them. then, of course, it disappeared from the web site afterward. >> i remember the one branded on my brain and one of the more titillating moments of the campaign was when donald trump came out and read about himself in the third person when the headlines broke and said "let me read this to all of you, donald j. trump today announced a muslim ban" and he doubled down. his reports -- he said this is not wrong. this is what i'm running for.
9:54 am
he had surrogates defending this. even after the election i remember rudy giuliani getting in heated exchanges and it's only after two courts have thrown it out that they seem to have any appetite for distances themselves from what they have all called it. now they push back and say it's not a muslim ban, it's a travel ban. well, we didn't name it, they called it a muslim ban, it was an applause line in every one of his campaign speeches. so now they're in a legal conundrum and they would like to rebrand it, something donald trump is known for in business but we'll see if that has any currency as president. >> nicolle, it was after san bernardino he rolled that out and it became one of his most popular applause lines. >> that's right and they never walked back from that. it's important to note that when they rolled out a temporary travel ban the first time and they saw the way that they
9:55 am
talked about it as a campaign was presenting legal problems for them because judges were seeing intent to discriminate, that was the only impetus or motivation for them t try to remp it. >> and jonathan it came up at sally yates' hearing with ted cruz when he said is there any precedent for an acting ag within three days dismissing something as unconstitutional and she said no, but there's no precedent for the acting ag not being informed by the office of legal counsel that this is happening. the muslim ban. >> right. and also in -- i think it was in that exchange with senator cruz but also with senator cornyn when they got into the tussle over is it your job to disagree with policy or your job to follow the laws and she had this great thing and she said "i didn't say i wouldn't follow a lawful law, i would not follow something that i deemed to be
9:56 am
unlawful." and that's what she thought this was about. >> jonathan capehart, gene cummings and nicolle wallace. her new show "deadline white house" premiering at 4:00 eastern on msnbc. we'll be watching. congratulations, nicolle. we will be right back. what shall we call you? tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations! two of my girls are toms. i work for ally, finances are my thing. you know, i'm gonna go give birth real quick and then we'll talk, ok? nice baby. let's go. here comes tom #5! nothing, stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. whoo! look out. p3 planters nuts, jerky and ally. i like a variety in my protein. totally, that's why i have this uh trail mix. wow minty. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein.
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thursday night, friday morning on "today" and then here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc on friday for the highlights. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." craig melvin is up next. good afternoon to you. craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york and another busy tuesday about president trump weigh whether to send thousands of u.s. troops to afghanistan going back on a previous position that we should "leave afghanistan immediately." also this afternoon, blame game. the president taking to twitter to deflect attention from sally yates' testimony about trump ties to russia. and bubble burst, former president obama sharing a long list of things he does not miss about the presidency, including living in what he calls the bubble. but let's start with president trump and afghanistan. thousands more troops potentially headed for a combat role in america's longest war. one of