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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 14, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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ed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at >> good day, everyone, i'm alex witt. it is high noon here in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west and it is day 115 of the trump administration. new polls, the latest gauge on how the public views the president and some of the latest moves. >> i'm not sure how this president makes lots of decisions so i honestly don't know but i do know we are in the midst of a civilization warping crisis of public trust. >> including some high profile republicans asking whether james comey should have been fired the way he was. you're going to hear more of that plus -- >> it's the line between service to the president and service to
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the country, sir, for you? >> in light of the comey firing, our owe officials in the trump administration looking over their shoulders, new reaction from rex tillerson and the search is on, eight fbi director candidates already interviewed. who is the front-runner? north korea launches another missile, this time a success and travels for hundreds ever miles and lands where you might not expect. reaction next here on msnbc live. we begin with new reaction from secretary of state rex tillerson when pressed by chuck todd on why he wasn't hasn't brought up the issue of russia's infeerns in the election with lavrov. >> many require our attention. if we bring it back to a relationship that is necessary for the security of the u.s. -- >> mr. secretary though, this is fundamental, interfered with our
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democracy. i just don't understand how this is not a top issue for you to deal with with them in order to essentially start with a clean slate. can't start with a clean slate until they own up to what they did or we punish them in a way that they are not going to do this again. >> chuck, i think it's important to understand, we're not trying to start with a clean slate. terms like having reset are overused. you cannot reset or erase the past or start with a clean slate. we're starting with the slate we have and all of the problems that are on that slate, we don't dismiss any of them. we don't give anyone a free pass on any of them. >> meanwhile, new reaction from president trump on whether he'll ever support an independent investigation of russia. this from a new interview last night. >> i want to get to the bottom if russia or anybody else is trying to tamper or play with our election. to me that's very important.
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>> get it out of the white house. do an independent commission and then you can get your agenda. >> i'll tell you what, you have it before the house and senate. i know some of the people on those commissions are highly -- they are very ethical people, very talented, smart people. i think let them just do it. >> a new nbc/wall street journal poll finds that 78% of americans want either an independent commission or special prosecutor to investigate russia's involvement in the 2016 u.s. election, just 15% say congress should continue its investigation. also new today, republican senator lindsey graham talking about what the president told him after he fired james comey and what graham wants to see happen next. here's what graham said on qu"mt the press". >> he call me about the firing and referenced about how bad it was, that's all i know, but i think it's time to call the fbi
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director before the country at large and explain what happened at that dinner, if there are any tapes they have to be turned over. you can't be cute about tapes. if there are any tapes of this conversation, they need to be turned over. i doubt if they are but we need to clear the air there also. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer ramping up pressure on his republican colleagues to call out president trump on the handle of the questions surrounding russia. >> there's a crisis of credibility with the president. we need our republican colleagues not every day, but on the occasions when it's necessary, such as for a special prosecutor, such as what's happened in the last week, to speak out because this is country. this is an issue of country, not party. >> let's go now to the white house and nbc's kelly o'donnell joining us on this sunday with a good day to you, my friend, we have a lot of talk about the comey firing and whether that act suggests interference on part of the white house into the russia probe. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, alex, good
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day to you and happy mother's day. the issues of the coming firing persist in part because this is the first opportunity that people who have opinions have been able to sort of explain some of that on television this morning. so the sunday shows really sort of brought together a lot of opinion. and part of what we're talking about is the abrupt nature in which it was done and president talking about the fact that he had this dinner, russia had been in his thinking, then his tweets and all of that together is what is raising questions. the president also acknowledging in his interview with lester holt that he had asked director comey if it were okay for him to know was he under investigation. you take all of that together and today the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee mark warner of virginia was asked about this and said some of these threads do suggest concern but it is not a clear picture. >> do you believe the president fired comey to interfere with
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the fbi investigation into russian interference in the election and a possible link to the trump campaign? >> the president's actions and his statement lends to that appearance. >> as far as i'm aware, he's fully cooperating and he's willing and eager to see this investigation, follow all the way through. mccabe said under oath there's been no effort to impede our investigation. i take him at his words. >> reporter: one of the interesting things about the issue of an independent counsel or outside prosecutor, especially whether you're talking about public polling, i would be curious to see if the questioners also asked those people who answered, it could take years longer. it could cost many millions of dollars, one of the reasons you see some resistance in washington for an outside body is you almost start the clock all over again. you've got the senate
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intelligence committee doing its work and not the senators themselves doing the investigating, they have a professional staff on the intelligence committee that does the nitty-gritty work, same thing on the house side. effectively you start the clock over. if people are feeling the weight of the russian investigation, four months into the presidency of donald trump, it would extend well into next year or even the year after that, likely if there were an outside counsel. so that's part of why you see some resistance from that from official -- there's a lot of public interest in seeing that happen. >> you reported yesterday the president saying he could name a new fbi chief within days. how is that process coming along? >> reporter: the surprise of yesterday was the number of individuals who are being interviewed by the attorney general went from 4 to 8. they decided to power through this saturday, almost an 11-hour day of interviews and there are eight individuals who have legal intelligence, law enforcement and some cases political experience and they have been interviewed by the attorney
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general and deputy attorney general and we expect the president will do some interviews himself in person. we don't know how many yet. today advisers say he's taking calls and doing meetings, he's at his golf club in virginia and we don't have any indication there are any face to face interviews today. it is mother's day and it is sunday. but he is working on this we're told because it is possible he could have a decision before he leaves for saudi arabia on friday. >> kelly o'donnell, comprehensive report from the white house, appreciate it. let's bring in democratic congressman john gar mandy of california, frequent guest on the broadcast. let's get right to it. you heard senator lee earlier saying he doesn't see obstruction, senator mark warner suggesting the comey firing whifs of obstruction. >> i think he's clearly obstructing justice. you look at the people he fired blgs not just comey but the
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attorney in new york city that was investigating money laundering with the russians. and then you go down through the entire list, yates another one. three major players in this process are now off the board. and by his own words and own interview the president said he fired comey and linked it directly to the russian situation. so i think there's something going on here. i think it clearly needs investigation and absolutely has to be done independent of the administration and frankly independent of congress because it's just too political and obviously the justice department is clearly tied to trump and to russia. >> this rises in your mind to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors? >> absolutely, we need to investigate this. we have to come to that conclusion. if what is seems to me to be obvious, is in fact a fact, yes, absolutely, it's a high crime
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misdemeanor, obstruction of justice. that's what nixon was charged with and we'll see where it goes here but -- >> we heard the president, sir, bringing unthe specter of the tapes, you mentioned nixon and it brings to mind conversations with james comey. if tapes exist, what would be the path to having congress get a hold of them. >> similar to what happened in the nixon days, they could subpoena the tapes. senator graham spoke to this issue, if they exist, they absolutely have to be presented to a special prosecutor. if there is going to be one and certainly to the investigating committees of congress. >> mike rogers, republican, former congressman, intel committee chair as well, received endorsements of the fbi association. were you in congress with him? and do you think he would get swift approval? >> i think anybody who is nominated to become the fbi director is going to be a very serious vetted individual.
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we're not going to -- this is going to be done by the senate, not by the house, but clearly there will be very intense vetting and what i really find curious is these interviews, are they asking for loyalty? if so, loyalty to whom, to the administration? to the constitution? to the rule of law? the president danced around that issue. but apparently there's some indication that he was asking fbi director comey to be loyal. he then said well to the constitution, to the people, to whatever. but i suspect the real issue of loyalty is loyalty to the president and that the -- and so i want to know what the questions are being asked of these advise. >> with regard to mike rogers specifically, do you think he would engage the russian investigation with necessary thorough vigor? >> i would hope so. i would hope so. but let's understand there's going to be intense pressure on
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whomever that individual is. we know already that the top of the justice department is quite willing to write a dosier on the fbi director then used as some excuse for firing. that was from the very, very top asked to put together a dossier on comey, we know there's going to be intense pressure on the fbi director, whom sever it may be, mr. rogers has a great representation. could he withstand it? it's not about the president, it's not about the attorney general, this is really about america, about our constitution. about the rule of law and about getting to the bottom in extraordinarily important situation that is russia meddling directly into our national election. and there's plenty of evidence that men from the trump campaign
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were engaged with russia. and how in the world those two characters got into the oval office at the request of putin, i'm going, what's going on here? what is this relationship that mr. trump -- president trump has with mr. putin? this is something that we need to understand completely and fully because let's be very clear, russia is no friend of this nation. >> this is all certainly a lot more to come on this topic. i want to get into health care with you. here's what the president said on fox news last night. take a listen, sir. >> i think we're doing well with that now that's that before the senate and i think the senate will come up with really, really great additions and changes and we're going to have a plan that's going to be really great. aetna just pulled out, the big insurance company just pulled out and we have to come up with a plan because obamacare is dead. >> is it that obamacare is collapsing under its own weight
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or are we now seeing the effects of the trump administration's efforts to dismantle it? which one is it? >> it's the latter. the affordable care act, obamacare is not collapsing. everyone wanted to talk about iowa and the insurance companies pulling out of iowa. well, you know why they are pulling out of iowa? because of the passage of that awful piece of legislation in the house of representatives that literally pulls the plug. right now the insurance companies are putting together their policies and their pricing for next year. they have to have that ready to go in november during the sign-up period and so they are saying we have no idea what to expect and we do know that congress pulled the money out for advertising and so the nature of people being able to understand what's available to them, it's not there, there's no advertising available. california is different to be sure because california decided they do their own advertising even though the federal government pulled out. but clearly, congress is pulling
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the rug out from under the affordable care act. obamacare and causing the insurance companies to be very unsure about what to expect next year and therefore they will pull out of the market because they don't know what the subsidies are going to be and where medicaid is going to wind up and if there's going to be the kind of support that is in the affordable care act and whether it will continue. >> you're giving that as the explanation for why a name brand health insurance company, a huge company, aetna, they are pulling out of everything by 2018. that's it. >> they have no idea what to expect. you've got to understand from their point of view, i'm no friend of an insurance industry. i was the insurance commissioner in california for eight years over a 16-year period of time and we fought them every single day. they have to understand the nature of the market and there's no way for them to do so.
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just heard the president a moment ago talking about great and wonderful things in the senate. he saw the great and wonderful things with that awful bill that would leave 25 million without insurance and made horrible reductions to medicare and the greatest transfer of wealth from the working men and women and the poor to the wealthy. that was the tax provisions in it. in any single piece of legislation that's been passed by congress in anybody's memory. the president loved that bill and now talking about loving another bill that's going to be written. bottom line, the house of representatives and the senate is posed to do an ee advice race of the affordable care act which provides 20 million americans with insurance. they want to do a new bill out of the house to tax seniors, 50 to 60-year-olds, seeing a
9:17 am
five-fold increase in the cost of their insurance, the insurance industry unsure what's going on. they are creating chaos and blaming that on the o affordable care act. they are the ones creating chaos in the marketplace. >> we're talking about what's in the house bill and we'll see what comes out of everything once the senate gets a hold of it. john garamendi, good to talk with you. >> happy mother's day. >> what drove president trump to keep secret one of the biggest decisions of the first days in office and may be seething over leaks. as the only way to get their baby to sleep. so when their windshield got cracked... customer: we can't drive this car. tech: ...they wanted it fixed right. so they scheduled with safelite. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliable bond, every time. at safelite, we stand behind our work. bye, bye. because the ones you love, sit behind it. (parents whisper jingle) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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the difficulty and i look at this also as a former prosecutor, can you prove obstruction when we don't know whether we can believe this president? >> that was adam schiff,
9:21 am
appearing on "face the nation." joining me now, molly hooper and jeremy peters "new york times" reporter and msnbc contributor, big welcome to you both. start with you first, jeremy, is the president looking for independence or loyalty in the next fbi director? what are you hearing? >> well, the selection process as he whittles down the list alex is going to be driven i'm told by a desire to pick a candidate who is independent of the president. you look at the list, the people who are rising to the top of it are not trump cronies, there's nobody on their white house official pointed out to me today, like a giuliani or chris christie, these are people who do not have much of a relationship with trump, barely know him at all if they even met him. the need is two fold, not just to restore some credibility here, but also to help improve
9:22 am
morale at an entity that has really kind of suffered lately because of all of the upheaval. >> molly, we had eight candidates interviewed yesterday, and association of fbi agents is endorsing mike rogers. who do you think is the front-runner? >> mike rogers is definitely -- i think he would do well in the senate. keep in mind, first must get senate confirmation and this is not one of the fights that you want to be partisan. mike rogers was criticized by some republicans when he was house intel chair for not going after the benghazi investigation, you know, more vigorously and in fact that could help him with democrats in the senate if his name is put forward. also, mike rogers, a former fbi agent. he knows what it's like to be in the trenches and to dig -- get his hands dirty and i don't think he's afraid of zsh afraid of pursuing issues that may be countered -- that may not be
9:23 am
very goodnessly for the white house. at the same time, i'm not sure if he would also be the kind of person who would go out and give testimony in front of congress, the kind that probably led president trump to call former fbi director comey a quote, showboat. >> well, on the heels of that jere jeremy, let's list to what the president said about firing comey. >> i thought this would be a very popular thing i did when i terminated comey because all of the democrats couldn't stand him. but because i terminate them, they say we get political points we'll go against trump. >> okay, is this manufactured outrage? are democrat s going for cheap political points here? >> i think that's part of it. i do think though that they have the moral high ground when they are talking about how a president is dismissing the head
9:24 am
of an agency that is investigating his campaign activities. it's not entirely out of bounds for democrats to be critical of this decision, however, the hypocrisy on both sides is pretty stark. you have democrats who are on record numerous times saying comey ought to go and you have republicans saying how wonderful he was and it's just -- the whole thing is really kind of a case study in how when it's to your political advantage to twist and distort the facts, your party is going to do that. >> nmolly, there's a new "washington post" article which suggests white house systems failed with comey's firing but trump pushed the button, the presidency suffering from self-inflicted wounds. what is driving this? >> he's been pushing a lot of buttons. he ran on being a button pusher and i think that it's partially
9:25 am
washington, d.c. doesn't understand this, this snisn't pt of the establishment, he's acting like an outsider and he is an outsider and jimmy carter acted like an insider and there are far legals made in that article to how the jimmy carter administration got off and running to how the trump administration is getting off and running. but you know what, the problem is that president trump needs to work with congress and when you have republican senators -- i mean the house is out of session last week but when you have republican senators kind of going oh, i'm not sure he should have fired tcomey at this time, they weren't aware what was going on until the last minute. that's not a great signal for your administration and how things are run. in addition to which, you do have an organized democratic party like chuck schumer who is out two hours after the announcements practically on television giving a press
9:26 am
conference. and the white house wasn't prepared to deal with that messaging issue and that's something that seems to be trumping them a little bit. >> jeremy the associated press says the president is seething over leaks and held the comey decision back from key staffers until the very last hour. do you think this strategy back fired and where are those leaks coming from? >> well, this is -- there's a great irony here of course, because nobody has benefited more or been a willing participant more in the leak process as president than donald trump. he picks up the phone and calls reporters constantly. so it does have a whiff of hypocrisy to it here, he is somebody who is deeply worried about betrayal and loyalty has always been an important value to him. let's not forget, part of the reason why jim comey had to go in president trump's minds, he
9:27 am
didn't feel he could be loyal to president trump. president trump asked him for his loyaltity and comey really couldn't pledge it in a sufficient way that satisfied the president. somebody -- another factor here is something of a nixonian like paranoia going on with trump having a history of bugging his own offices. so yes, i think there's concern over leaks is very real. although, i think ultimately somewhat misguided. >> all right, good to see you both. >> good to see you. >> happy mother's day. >> still ahead, why one u.s. senator thinks we're in the middle of a quote civilization warping cry significance. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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. welcome back, efrp, here's what we're watching for you. we have new today some maps of
9:31 am
the latest missile test that went up just before 5:30 in the morning from the city of kusong. it traveled more than 400 miles before dropping into the sea of japan. joining me now is christopher hill, former ambassador to iraq and south korea and also msnbc diplomacy expert. welcome to you, sir. this one traveled more than 400 miles and missile experts are saying that is definitely far enough to reach some u.s. military bases on guam. how urgent is this situation right now? >> well, this situation has been urgent for some time. clearly they are testing a whole new generation of missiles, missiles that operate on solid fuel, meaning that it would be very hard to hit them when they stand them up, they'll be no time. they could fire them off immediately. and moreover, this kind of ends whatever it was, ten days of day tont where he slowed down this
9:32 am
kind of stuff. we have a big problem. they don't care about this new south korean president who campaigned hard on the idea we need better dialogue with north korea, so much for that idea. it's another in your face move by north koreans. >> i'm curious what you think of this roller coaster period in this way, the president has said he'd be honored to meet with kim jong-un then on thursday a north korean official talked about a cia backed plot to try to assassinate kim and saturday, saying pyongyang would hold talks with washington and now you have a missile test. roller coaster indeed. what do you make of all of this? >> i think you got it there, first of all, when the south korean diplomat, low level diplomat frankly says we'd be prepared to have talks with the u.s. if the conditions are right, what they are talking about, they are saying if the u.s. wants to talk to us as another nuclear state, we're ready. we'll do it tomorrow, today,
9:33 am
we'll do it yesterday. i think they really want that kind of status as a nuclear weapons state but when secretary of state tillerson and president trump talks about a willingness to talk to the north koreans, if conditions are right, they are talking about the condition of north korea agreeing that they have to get out of this nuclear weapons business. so far we're seeing no sign of that at all. so i think fact of the matter is, we're kind of where we've been for some time. the president i think has invested a lot in this deeper relationship with china, pushing aside all of the other issues, we have with china to put this as number one. that is a good approach but don't think he's going to have a lot to show for it any time soon. >> you mentioned china, president xi of china met with russian president putin, you have a new south korean president. our president is trying to help put everything together to help him reign in north korea. here's what former secretary of
9:34 am
defense bob gates said earlier. >> i think president trump has their attention, and my one concern is that he may overestimate how much power china has in pyongyang. >> is there a sense the president has outsourced this problem? do you think former adversaries will come to the aid of the u.s.? i think china is the country best positioned to put additional pressure on north korea. but alone they can't solve it any more than we can solve it. we need a new era of u.s./china relations in order to address this. as for russia, i mean, it's a kind of issue of secondary importance to them, notwithstanding the fact that the missile was sort of directed towards them today. i think to the extent they'll be cooperation with russia in the foreign affairs business is probably going to be in syria. but clearly china can do more in
9:35 am
terms of the sanctions, u.n. sanctions. they can do more to sort of dry up north korea's access to china's financial system, they can do more to prevent china from selling gasoline to north korea. the things they can do. whether it's enough really to get to the point where north korea will cease and desist, there's absolutely no evidence for it. right now north korea is moving as fast as they can to a deliverable nuclear weapon. >> do you expect there will be a negotiated solution here or ultimately this ends in some level of conflict? >> i think at the end of the day there has to be a negotiated solution. i don't think we're there quite yet because the north koreans haven't accepted the premise that they should do away with their nuclear weapons and we will not accept the premise that they should have nuclear weapons. there's a sort of cottage industry of people saying why don't we have some sort of freeze on their task while we
9:36 am
somehow freeze our exercises with the south koreans. but for us to really put those exercises in a freeze or in some kind of advance, is to reduce the u.s./south korean alliance to some kind of paper exercise. that is really what the north koreans are looking for. they are looking to somehow decouple the u.s. from south korea. that's been their aim all along. and i think the u.s. needs to be pretty tough on this. but whether we can find the way forward with china, whether we can find the way forward in terms of retarding the north korean programs and buying some time in that regard, otherwise ratchetting up the pressure, time will tell really. but it cannot be outsourced to china because they can't solve this on their own. >> former ambassador christopher hill. thank you for your time and insights. >> thank you. >> reports of a sweeping shake-up in the works of the white house, who could be on the chopping block? you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me.
9:37 am
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>> why one u.s. senator thinks you're in the middle of a civilization warping crisis and in the next hour, what would happen if donald trump eliminates daily briefings all together. tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed... trust safelite autoglass. for these parents, driving around was the only way to get their baby to sleep. so when their windshield got cracked... customer: we can't drive this car. tech: ...they wanted it fixed right. so they scheduled with safelite. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliable bond,
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and, now, lowest 5-year cost to own. think about what you value most. subaru. we are in the midst of a civilization warping crisis of public trust and need to talk honestly about our institutions that need to be restored and need to have the ability for people in five and eight and ten years to trust these institutions. >> that is senator ben sasse weighing in on state of american politics after a particularly roller coaster week. let's bring in howard dean, former vermont governor and msnbc contributor and susan del percio. >> happy mother's day, alex. >> thank you. is it that are we really at civilization warping levels thanks to president trump?
9:44 am
>> i think our institutions are pretty strong. he would like to warp civilization because he has no understanding of it but i truly believe so far our institutions are in pretty good shape. so far i think the response of the american people of comey's firing is an appropriate and good one. and so is trump a danger to our democracy in yes, do i think he's made lasting inroads? not yet. >> susan, your response. >> i actually agree with the governor. i think our system is strong enough to fight any president since it's based on three parties but what i am concerned about is how government is going to function for the next four years. and who will be there to get the job done and that's a real big concern of mine because right now, if you can't trust the president and the people who he's looking to hire feel they can't -- they can't trust him either, that's going to be a very difficult problem and we're not going to see the high
9:45 am
caliber of people we need in government. >> so in bun way, howard, couldn't comey's firing be a step towards restoring public trust? doesn't it offer some hope of the critics of the russian investigation that now maybe it gets run a little differently? >> well, i've learned not to hope when trump is in control -- >> what are you cynical? >> trump -- comey obviously overstepped his bounds during the clinton investigation. the problem is trump has a problem of hiring people who shouldn't be in the jobs, jeff sessions is one of them, pruitt is another one of the epa, a number of people not just conservatives but not qualified to do what they are supposed to be doing. obviously this appointment is very important but we're going to have no idea if the person he appoints is able and willing to do the job as it should be done. >> so susan, you've spent so much time on the communications side of things. i'm curious of your optics, how
9:46 am
could the president make it think it would look good morning. >> when it would only look negative to fire your fbi director in the middle 6 an investigation and came to a surprise to everyone. it insulted the file fbi people, it insulted people in the white house who thought they should have been given a head's autopsy a up, including the letter that was used to fire director comey which included the comment about president trump wanting to include about him being cleared in the investigations. optically, it was as bad as it can get and what's more disturbing than that is that the trump team didn't think or president trump more specifically thought it would come out well and so his judgment is just so off. that's reflective of a president living a bubble within a bubble.
9:47 am
he's really just now focused on watching tv and seeing how he's being portrayed and are his people coming out better than he is or not. and that is extremely troubling. >> so a bit earlier my colleague thomas roberts asked krystal ball what the public should be doing now. here's her response? >> i hope they will be obstructionist going forward with the russia investigation, they should do everything they can to gum up the works until we can guarantee an independent investigation. it's just hard to overstate how unprecedented and how important this potential collusion and what's going on between the trump campaign and russia -- >> so, howard, do you agree? is obstruction the way to go there? >> i wouldn't have said it that way but we have to have a special prosecutor. this is a man who cannot be trusted to deal with as mitt
9:48 am
romney it turns out accurately identified our most important enemy, you know, russia is the only other country in the world that has a nuclear arsenal that could destroy a great portion of the globe. they are dangerous and putin is something bordering a psychopath and dangerous to the western way of life. i think we need to find out exactly what trump is doing and why he's doing it and we're not going to find that out with a partisan congressional investigation. we have to have a special prosecutor. >> so this morning, the president is considering some sort of sweeping staff shake-up and could include a number or two of cabinet members. does that not make him weak so early in the administration? >> i would not be concerned about that optic if he was doing everything right and people were fighting to be part of this administration. doing this kind of sweeping change there's two problems he faces, one, everyone going in
9:49 am
knows there's only one way to do things and that's exactly the way donald trump will tell you to do it and he will worse be micromanaging. and the second part is, who's going to go in there when they think -- see things like for example, jared kushner speaking to the prime minister of canada without the secretary of state rex tillerson knowing about it. someone like that rex tillerson having his legs cut out from under him on a very important issue. so i think there's a lot of question about the caliber and who will be coming into the administration, which i really didn't have when donald trump was elected. i actually thought he was putting together a very good cabinet. i think that's one of the bigger differences. >> listen, i hope you like trivial pursuit because we're going to play a game. i've got my cards, we'll do this after the break. the question for all of you, can you spot what is real or fake? this is a new game which tests your news knowledge. we'll play this game and speak to one of the men behind the game next.
9:50 am
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so, we're back with this new kafrd game. it's going to test players' knowledge from real quotes. it's a real game called fake news, real news. we're going to debut it right here in a very quick fire round with our guests. i'm bringing in jason, the president of license to play, that's the distributor of fake news, real news. the game of fake news and alternative facts. still with us, howard and susan. they are going to face off in a round of the game. i'm going to try and play, too. before we get to the game, i'm curious how this came about, what inspired it, so talk about the game. >> sure, fake news, real news, is a game for everyone. it will not break up families. it will keep everyone having a good time together. it came up out of the chaos out of the whole news cycle and we thought this would be a great way for everyone to enjoy themselves on this topical
9:54 am
matter. >> i was hoping to play the game. are you comfortable asking the questions here? >> no problem here. >> susan, howard, are you ready? >> ready. >> here we go. >> ready as we'll be. >> read it. >> trump has a healthy respect for the first amendment. >> okay, wait a second. i think that is going to be -- i know who it is. this is who i'm saying. this is my card. ready? who is it? i think it's sean spicer. >> that's a quote. >> it is. it's a sean spicer quote, if i'm not mistaken. >> totally got that one right. >> i got it wrong. >> next one. >> i thought i was supposed to put up fake news here. i got the instructions wrong. >> get with the program. >> did nancy, do nothing nancy pelosi and corrupt chuck schumer, such easy opponents. >> that sounds like donald trump. let me see. >> it is donald trump. that's donald trump. >> i think it's donald trump, too. >> that one is fake news.
9:55 am
we got you guys. >> yet it would have been so easy to believe. >> all right, next one, what is it? >> free trade is terrible. free trade can be wonderful if you have smart people. but we have stupid people. >> that sounds like donald trump. whoever talks about people being stupid, i'm talking donald trump. >> i'll try it again. >> donald trump. >> that's correct. >> yeah! >> all right. >> just missed that second one. next one. >> they say that you can see the great wall of china from space. well, there's one other thing you're going to be able to see from space, trump's border wall. believe me. >> okay, trump always says believe me. >> i'm going ben carson. >> i think we already had two trumps. i'm going to say fake just because. >> i'm going to go with fake also. >> too many trumps. who is it, what is it? >> that is fake news. >> yeah! >> all right, all right, howard,
9:56 am
i think we're not doing too badly. doing okay, susan. >> not as bad as i thought. >> final one. look, i think we all care about our planet, but melting icebergs aren't beheading christians in the middle east. >> someone actually said that? okay, wait a minute. >> i'm guessing somebody said that. >> either ben carson or reince priebus. >> steve bannon. >> i'm going with ben carson. >> you're going with who, bannon? >> yeah. >> i'm going with reince priebus. one of us has to be right. what is it? >> that one is -- >> priebus. yep. >> clearly, i'm the one who's listening, you guys, to everything that's being said. >> or you got the game ahead of time. >> hey now. >> no, no, no. >> just kidding. >> hey, listen, this is very fun and, jason, i think we all need for those of us who have the interesting discussions around the dinner table about what's
9:57 am
being said, fake news, real news, all that kind of stuff. i'm glad this is out here. it's fun. where can we get it? >> right now immediately on, but in the next weeks or months you'll be able to buy it nationally at barnes and noble, hudson news, and other independent retailers. >> it's a lot of fun, you guys, it's a fun card game. jason, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thank you howard and susan for playing the game. >> thank you. >> all righty, have a good one. meantime, coming up, once under investigation by the fbi, what hillary clinton is now thinking that comey -- since comey is out. thank you! imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card.
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...what you love. ensure. always be you. ♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here. hello, everyone, i'm alex witt here in new york and here's what's happening right now. there's new fallout over president trump's suggestion there might be tapes of his dinner conversation with former fbi director james comey. here's congressman adam schiff, ranking member of the house intel committee, on the