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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 15, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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another president doesn't do what i'm doing. they really don't. i'm not saying that in a bragging way. another president will sit in the oval office and do plaktically nothing all day. i'm doing every minute of the day. i'm doing something. president trump looks to turn focus away from firing of james comey. damage control amid fallout of the move. democrats digging in and preparing for fight of comey firing this monday. top leaders in the party doubling down for calls and special prosecutors on the matter. tip of the iceberg.
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new warnings over massive cyber attack. crippled hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide. good morning, everyone. it's monday. may 15. we start with rl firing of james comey. president trump declaring he did not ask the man to pledge loyalty to him, but it would not be out of bounds if he did so. >> apparent apply the "new york times" is selling that you asked comey whether or not you had his loyalty was possibly inappropriate. >> no. i read that article. i don't think it's appropriate. >> did you ask that question. >> no, no i didn't, but i don't think it would be a bad question to ask. loyalty to country. loyalty to united states is important. depends how you define loyalty.
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number one, number two, i don't know how that got there. because i didn't ask that question. >> meanwhile president trump's cabinet got in line behind him slugging off the firing of the fbi chief over the russia probe. >> the firing of fbi director comey shake your concerns about whether how much independence the president will give you. >> not at 5all, chuck, i have a great relationship with the president. i understand what his objectives are. when i'm not clear, we talk about it. i'm devoted to helping the president achieve objectives. helping him be successful. i understand have i have to earn his confidence every day with how i go about those a fairffais the president is ceo of the country. he did hire and fire whoever he wants. whether you agree with it or not, trump administration the truth. were there better ways he could
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have done that. that's for v else to decide. >> this all happening as "the washington post" sites anonymous sources saying across washington, trump's allies have been buzzing about the staff's competence and state of mind. one about whether trufr was in the grip of some kind of paranoid delusion. the president exprex expres surrogates on friday. axios reporting that friends and advisers of the president say he is considering a huge reboot. that could clear out top west wing staff. axios suggesting here he could remove chief of staff reince priebus, steve bannon, white house counsel and sean spicer. "new york times" reporting that president trump kept supervisor out of the loop in dismissing james comey until the last possible moment because he feared the commune staff might leak. the times also reports that trump has raised fox news
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kimberly to analyze. in an interview with weekend, said satisfaction with communication staff is not what is driving desire to cancel press briefings. >> 100 years we've been doing that. >> there's never been action like this. this is crazy. we're getting higher ratings on press conferences. >> would you seriously consider stopping press sessions. >> no. we do it in the a different way. through a piece of paper with a perfectly accurate beautiful answer. i'll give you an example. they're asked 50 questions or 20 questions and if they get one out of 50. just a little bit off. 5%, 10%, 20%. it's the next day it's a front page story in every newspaper. >> when will you make that decision. >> over the next couple of weeks. i tell you what, they'll will unhappy because they're ratings reasonable degree so high. i don't know what these networks are going to do.
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start to cry. >> they get ratings because of me and yet they don't treat us fairly. >> new reporting the white house will not deny cryptic warning. the comey saying there are tapes of conversation which the white house and president will not elon ra elaborate on. >> what about the idea you said there might be tape recordings. >> i won't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be honest. i hope he will be. i'm sure he will be, i hope. >> are there recording devices in the oval offices or residence. >> as i said for the third time, nothing to add on that. >> does he think it's appropriate to threaten someone like comey not to speak. >> it's not a threat. the tweet speaks for itself. >> witnessed trump taped phone calls in trump tower before he was president. according to the report, trump
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had one or more recording devices that he used to tape his phone calls from his office. three people said all are former high level employees who worked for trump over a span of three decades. they said they saw devices in use when recording calls. he knew trump had recorded a phone conversation with him because it was later entered into evidence in a lawsuit. in a state michael cohen said in the decade i have worked for trump, i have never seen a recording device attached to phone. nor aware of any conversation he taped add conversation. the president's conversation the tape exists cause agreement across the aisle saying he would need to turn them over to congress. >> if there are tapes they have to be turned over. can't be cute about tapes. if there's any tapes of this conversation, they need to be turned over. i doubt there are. this tweet has to be answered. i would advise the president not to tweet or comment about the investigation as was go forward. the russians did interfere in our elections.
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i don't think they changed the outcome. have no evidence of collusion, but the president needs to back off here and let the investigation go forward. >> if in fact there are such recordings, i think those recordings will be subpoenaed and probably have to turn them over. >> if there are tapes, will you try to subpoena them. >> absolutely. may be appropriate for a different committee rather than the intelligence committee, but first of all we have to make sure these take place if they exist don't mysteriously disappear. i've asked chltd. others have asked. >> congressional democrats looking to turn up the pressure over the decision to fire james comey as fbi director. speaking on "meet the press," senate minority leader chuck shoo schumer expressed disappointment. >> the silence of my republican colleagues on this issue is sort of deafening. this is not an issue of party. this is an issue of country. foreign interference in the
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elections is a very, very serious, serious thing. and we should get to the bottom of it. two of the leaders calling on ros rosen ste ros rosen resin stein to resign. rosen stestein ever changing narrative for that move. one house democratic taking the matter even one step further. congressman of maryland has introduce add bill to create a mission to determine whether the president is unfit for office. the legislation would invoke part of the 25th amendment to determine whether the president
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is capable of doing his job. so far the bill has gained 20 co-sponsors all democrats since first introducing the bill last month. >> joining from washington. axios, jonathan swan. good to talk to you. all hands on deck for the democrats. what can we expect from them in the coming days. they're going to make the it shall of appointing a special prosecutor nonnegotiatable i assume. their strategy outlined bid a senior democratic senate aide yesterday is to make this the key test for republicans. remember, they're actually going to make this a condition of voting on the new fbi director. and one argument is okay that's fine. rchls c s republicans can ram it through as a partisan vote. you saw it in footage earlier, lindsey graham, really concerned about this and what answer. the democratic strategy is to
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pressure waivers republicans and make this a key issue. i think down further down the track. you can expect to see chuck schumer play hard ball with all of this and potentially obstruct the legislative agenda to try of the demand the russia probe. >> staying on the idea of james comey saying no, no closed congressional hearing, i want to be in public. i want people to hear me. you make a note in your note on sunday. sneak peek that hey, now that he's no longer the dwek terror. he can say more. it was such an insightful sbrf. long time friend of gym comey entered an interview and said based on knowing this guy for a long time, he said he expects that comey will at some point explain himself fully in public probably in a impressional
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setting and he said the big mistake that miscalculation that donald trump smaed that now gym comey is out of office, he's allowed to taung about a lot more things than he was in office. lk about a lot more things than he was in office. launched northwest of the town. the missile flew over about 450 miles before crashing in the sea of japan. north korea's state run media says the test of of a surface to surface mid to long range rocket meant to carry large scale heavy nuclear war head. quoted bid the media saying if the new missile -- thrl missile
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launch poses no darnger for the federation. set to convene tomorrow to discuss is the test. still ahead. a massive cyber i taattack. cripples computers around the world. may just be getting started. live with the very latest. the golden state warriors. pull off historic comeback against the san antonio spurs. western conference finals get underway. plus a check on the forecast including the risk for some of you out there to severe weather we we come back. got it.
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welcome back. wanna cry. malware locks the computer and demands payment via bitcoin to release your data. officials saying the attack used tools stolen from the nsa earlier this year. was only stopped after british malware researchers was able to temporarily halt it on saturday after he accidently triggered a kill switch. live from london, security experts including hutchens saying friday's attack could be just the tip of the ice burg and possibly to expect more in the coming days. what more are you hearing about this. chinese authority haves now detect add new version. wanna cry 2.0. car maker nissan and hi attach
2:17 am
chi saying they both appear to be affected. japanese government down playing this. saying the impact is minimal so far. no so in china where they say they've detected the new version and say it doesn't have a kill switch and it may spread even faster. around the world. some 200,000 systems have been affected in 150 countries including the u.s. the virus first attacks through the bad link in e-mail. very quickly throughout an entire network freezing computers, encrypting files. demanding usually $300 in bitcoin to unlock the files. if you don't meet the demands within a certain amount of time, the threat is all the files will then disappear. over the weekend the pair of cyber security researchers were able to activate a kill switch
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in the first version. appears as though the second version is now out there. experts say really the only way to protect yourself is to make sure that your microsoft operating system is updated. >> that's definitely a good tip right there to update all your systems no matter what. thank you. >> the researcher by the way, 22 years old. who did that and found the solution. a scary scene over the weekend in charlotteville virginia. torch wielding monogathered in a park protesting the statute of robert e lee. chanting this. all white lives matter and no more brother wars. led by white nationalist richard suspend or is. participates said they were protecting white heritage from charlotteville to remove the statue. once a counter-protest supporting the removal arrived. no arrests were made. no reports of injuries. the city's mayor has condemned
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the protest. >> let's get a check on weather now. nbc meteorologist bill karns, are we out of the woods yet. >> a lot of people complaining. don't get a spring. it's like cool and miserable and will summer comes in like that. this week, you're right. it's getting holt in a hurry. eventually make way towards sourks city, minneapolis and water loo. this area. 6 million at risk of severe storms. gusty winds. i don't think the tornado threat is high today. one or two: the southeast has been warm. florida showed you the picture of the fires over the past couple of days. we get up to 81 in d.c.
2:20 am
91 in atlanta. new york getting up to 80. boston 75 will feel very warm. the only issue on tuesday is dealing with other severe weather threats. minneapolis all the way down. doesn't look like any big tornado outbreaks this week. the big story, washington, d.c., wednesday and thursday, mid 90s. >> whoa. >> that's like very quick like whoa. walking into the sauna. >> we have these series about cold weather, hot weather, we're actually correct. >> this time you are you. >> for once. still ahead, honoring one of the greatest to ever play the game. derek jeter. commenting place in team history. lewis has that and all the other highlights in sports when we come back. happening right now? happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats.
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spurs off to a hot start. looking dominant. before things came crashing down in third quarter. leonard left the game after injuring ankle. incident sparked controversy. whether he intentionally came down at the shot. capitalized after that. using 18-0 run behind 40 points
2:24 am
scored by steph curry. outscore the spurs by 25 after leona leonard's departure. game two tomorrow night. turning now to stanley cup playoffs in game two of nhl western conference final. anaheim after falling in game one on saturday the duction even up the series against the predators. game a piece. anaheim erased a goal. first period deficit as richie scored the tie breaker in the second. net one more for good measure and defeat nashville 5-3. turn to major league baseball. number two is officially retired in the bronx. >> i learned that time flies, memories fade, but family is forever. and i'll be internally grateful to be a parking lt of the yank . can't thank you guys enough. thank you very much.
2:25 am
>> there he is. mr. november. celebration on derek jeter night. unveiling retired number two. 14 time all-star. five world series championships over a 20 year career without a losing season jeter is a jew in. chapman on a ten day disabled list. rotator cuff inflammation in throwing shoulder which could keep him off the mound for a month. split a doubleheader against the astros yesterday. in toronto. blue jays and manner in er i ma the bottom of the inning. sgll nobody on at the bottom of the ninth. >> swing and drive. get up, get up and down. >> and that's gone. toronto's kevin pilar histories a home run.
2:26 am
he is always clutch. >> i miss derek jeter on the new york yanks. fantastic player. still ahead. president trump works to contain fallout of firing james comey. new details when we can get the take on the matter. new poll numbers on where the americans stand on president's decision. >> trump administration blasting north korea's latest ballistic missile test. the very latest on what officials are saying may be a step by pyongyang towards launching a large nuclear war head. play? play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before.
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welcome back, everybody. lewis is also with us. let's start with morning's top stories. >> security experts warning that new variations of the wanna cry ransom ware attack are bound to pop up today on this monday. users that did not open the original from friday could still trigger it today. friday's attack impacts across 150 countries. demanding payment of $200 worth of bitcoin to unlock the data. >> plans to unlock for a meeting tomorrow that could get awkward. first meeting since president trump agreed to arm kurdish rebels. erdogan opposes the move and
2:31 am
wants to use turkish forces instead. now to new wall street journal poll. 29% of americans approve of firing of james comey. 28% disapprove. opinions are sharply divided as well along partisan lines. 58% of republicans approving. 66% of democrats disapproving. most independents have no opinion of that fire, but more disapprove than approve. 36-21% there. president trump searching for new fbi director and senior administration official telling nbc news that the president has not conducted any in person interviews and is expected to only meet with a few candidates. president suggested head could make decision before foreign trip later this week. >> we could make a fast decision. >> before saturday. >> these are outstanding people that are very well known. highest level. so we could make a fast decision. >> before the trip next week, do you think possibly. >> even that is possible. almost all of them are very well known. you know, they've been vetted
2:32 am
over their lifetime, essentially. >> eight candidates interviewed by the justice department on saturday. including acting director andrew mckabcabe. fellow republican lindsey graham disagreed with that. take a listen. >> john cornyn is a wonderful man under normal circumstances would be a sur person choice to be fbi director. these are not normal circumstances. we have a chance to reset as a nation. the president has a chance to clean up the mess he mostly created.
2:33 am
james comey has declined to testify tomorrow. according to "new york times" he is willing to testify, but wants it tote be public. perfect timing for lindsey graham who said this on chuck todd, meet the press. >> need to have comey come before the judiciary committee and clear the air. did the president ever say anything to the director of the fbi that would be construed of trying to impede the investigation. the president called me about the firing and referenced the comey testimony last week and judiciary committee about how bad it was. that's all i know. it's time to call the fbi director before the country at large and explain what happened at the dinner. >> the dinner is significant considering it happened just two days after acting sally yates warned the white house security adviser michael flynn was being dishonest about conversation with russian ambassador and might be compromised as a result. president trump also cited former intelligence tweet to dismiss when james clapper
2:34 am
himself and virtually everyone else with knowledge of the witch hunt say there is is no collusion, when does it end. the president was referring to former director of national intelligence says on march 8, he was not aware of evidence showing the trump campaign's collusion with russia. statement which clapper says predates james comey revealing that an fbi investigation was underway on march 20. it's not surprise accideing abnormal i would not have known about the investigation. or even more importantly, the content of that investigation. so i don't know if there was collusion or not. i don't know if there's evidence of collusion or not. nor should i have. in this particular context. >> clapper had more to say about president trump firing the fbi director and blasting the russia investigation as a quote, witch hunt. >> i think in many ways, our institutions are under assault, both externally and that's the big news here.
2:35 am
is the russian interference in our election system. and i think as well our institutions are under assault internally. >> internally from the president. >> exactly. >> joining us from washington yet again, national political reporter from axios, good to talk to you again. want to talk again about fbi director james comey. reporting he's willing to testify in public. congressional mall hearings. meaning if the president's story is not straight. comey could do some real damage here. >> it wouldn't be out of character for james comey. there's a fascinating interview with one of his long time friends, benjamin. and it's with him he says, look, based on what he knows about comey. not on any inside information, he inspects that james comey at a time and place of his own choosing, probably in a congressional setting, he will tell his full account of the story. and he's done this before. this is the patent of james comey. whether you agree or disagree with his decision making, he's
2:36 am
always been to a fault very full in his public explanations of what he did. >> jonathan, you know, democrats as you've been reporting wanted to appoint a special prosecutor here. we're talking about that last week to investigate russia and the russian question. lindsey graham t senator saying that's not what he wants right now. let's take a listen to that first. >> right now, s rk, it is a cou intelligence investigation, not a kremlin investigation. you don't need a special prosecutor. i trust the attorney general to do this. if he gets to the point he can't do it and it become as criminal investigation, we'll have a special prosecutor. >> you have called for special counsel a number of times for the obama years for the clinton e-mails. >> yes. >> for the department of justice targets reporters, leaks, white house leaks of investigation. the idea that joe might have got an job offer in exchange. my point is, why did all of those meet the test for special
2:37 am
counsel, but this one doesn't. >> this is a counter intelligence investigation. we're not investigating a crime yet. there's a process in place. i'm not worried about polling. i'm not worried about anything other than trying to equity the right answer. the russians did it. they need to be punished. trump is not a target of investigation yet. leave this investigation alone. congress is doing a good job in my view. if it gets to the point we can't, we'll take it outside of congress. >> january thwe've got lead dem the senate saying hold on a second, you're not going to get that vote until we get a special prosecutor. >> that piece of tape you played is very important because lindsey graham isrobably the republican senator that trump white house is most concerned about. and very significant that he's setting this marker laying down this marker of him saying, well, seemingly that he's comfortable with donald trump appointing a new fbi director.
2:38 am
so long as it's not a political appointee like a cornyn or mike ro rogers. as long as lindsey graham doesn't pivot into special prosecutor space. they might squeak through on a bipartisan vote. the democrats are committed to making this an issue for the next foreseeable future. >> jonathan swan. it's a pleasure. thank you. >> now to other big story we're following on thp day. north korea conducting another ballistic missile test. officials say it was launched northwest of the town. flew for about 450 miles before crash into the sea of japan. surface to mid to long range rocket. meant to scary a large scale heavy nuclear war head. joining us live, january nice a day to you.
2:39 am
japanese officials saying this may be a new type of missile due to altitude. also had the wrong direction as well. >> good morning. it was the altitude that analysts and certainly several governments were looking at. they believe it reached an altitude of about 1250 miles. the north koreans say it reached over 1300 miles. regardless, they believe that it's consistent with an intermediate range ballistic missile that analysts say is still capable of reaching u.s. military targets in the pacific, including guam. now, it was fired deliberately at that high angle so it wouldn't hit a neighboring country. dropped into the sea of japan close to russia. all sides, the usual criticism of the north's latest test. u.s., south korea, and japan all criticizing the move. china continuing to urge restraint and wanting to move towards talks. nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says
2:40 am
there's no way president trump is going to sit down with kim jong-un if this weapon testing continues. south korea is now having to plot its next move, new president openly embraced talks. he may run into some opposition and have little room for maneuvering. >> thank you so much. still ahead, 6 million people at risk of severe weather today. plus, it was a big weekend for commencement speeches, including president trump to bill clinton and this funny man. >> i would also like to recognize my esteemed fellow honorary doctrine. great visionary in the field of social work. one of the great actors of our time. dame helen muran. and then there's me. will ferrell. look closely.
2:41 am
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just think of the support you have from this great trojan family. and imagine me literally picture my face singing this song gently into your ear, if i should stay, i would -- >> he could keep on going. we could listen forever and ever. will ferrell concluded commencement speech at university of the southern
2:45 am
california this weekend. as you can tell, a little whitney houston there. >> he sounds like a unicorn. >> he is good. doesn't matter. we could laugh forever and ever. >> what does a unicorn sound like. >> it's from stepbrothers. >> the voice of a unicorn. >> that was just one of the many commencement speeches making headlines this weekend. lewis following the other ones. i don't know who can top that one. >> i don't think anyone can. but the season of college graduation is upon us. the president himself made first commencement address at liberty university over the weekend. urged students to collage the establishment. >> never stop fighting for what you believe in and for the people who care about you. carry yourself with dignity and pride. demand the best from yourself. and be totally unafraid to challenge entrenched interest and failed power structures. does that sound familiar? >> relish the opportunity to be an outsider, embrace that label. being an outsider is fine.
2:46 am
embrace the label. because it's the outsiders who change the world and make a real and lasting difference. the more that a broken system tells you that you're wrong, the more certain you should be that you must keep pushing ahead. >> and former president bill clinton never mentioned the current administration by name, but argued for the importance of diversity in america when he spoke at william smith in california. making an impassioned plea for graduates to speak truth to power. >> we should relish or differences. and we should feel self confident in doing so because from a strictly biological point of view, gee gnomically, we're about 99.5% the same. nobody should be denied the chance to exercise a responsible role. we should each find a way to expand the definition of us.
2:47 am
and shrink the definition of them. because in the end, there's not enough difference to spend our life threatened about it. good luck and god bless you. >> graduates, indeed we have a fight ahead. and it's not a fight between democrats and republicans. it's not rich versus poor or urban versus rural. this is a fight to define what kind of country we are. and it's a fight to determine what kind of country we will be. in these unprecedented times, you must ask how will i serve? how will i lead? so i've got three pieces of
2:48 am
advice on how to answer that question: reject false choices, speak truth, and you don't need a big title to make a big difference. >>, and, of course, harris has been noted as possible contender for 2020 presidential nomination for the democratic party. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist wibill karens. what do you have for us. >> mini heat wave. just got done with a raw chilly time new mexico mid atlantic. above average in the middle of the country. hot in the southeast. air is coming north. 65 in new york. see the split. the exception of the northeast. tuesday t warm starts heading north ward. new york 80, raleigh, 86. still in the 80s and 90s in the middle of the country. southeast where it's been dry, drought.
2:49 am
still going to burn. doesn't look like a lot of rain heading that way. here's the mini heat wave. d.c. 93. official areas like d.c. north wards, three 90 degree days in a row to be an official heat wave. raleigh will be in the 90s three days in a row. new york city very warm. other areas the same. don't want to forget friends from minneapolis to water loo, not too many tornados today. more tomorrow. >> certainly looking forward to that. >> summer in the house. >> i've got to say i'm a graduate of -- and those speeches still inspiring to me. >> they were fantastic. still ahead, latest on massive cyber attack that could wreak havoc this morning. >> from the airline industry, involves jet apply in dispute over birthday cake. we've got that when we come back, -san francisco.
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he became quote agitated, cursed and yelled at the crew. made falls accusations about a crew members fitness to fly. the statement notes the family was fully refunded, but it was the pilots decision to remove them from the plane because the behavior quote demonstrate add risk for escalation. told the new york daily news he wanted the flight attend involved terminated and plans to file a lawsuit against the airline.
2:54 am
hold windows system. however over the weekend, microsoft came out pointing the blame at the government. in fact nsa exploited one of these vulnerabilities. continued developments on front. google self driving unit teaming up. autonomous self-driving vehicles. this could come as a blow to uber, top competitor. also comes as uber has been involved in a legal spoft with waymo when it comes to trade secrets. >> live from london.
2:55 am
thanks so much. coming up next on "morning joe," the continued fallout over trumps firing of fbi director james comey, josh earnest and charlie sikes. council foreign relations richard haass and allied commander retired commander james devidris weigh in on that. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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all right. the stories in the day ahead. >> busy day and week ahead as president trump prepares for another first in his presidency. kelly o'donnell has more from the white house. kelly, good morning. >> as if last week wasn't newsy and busy enough, this week the president has a lot on his plate leading up to his first official trip as president. today he'll speak to national peace officers memorial. that comes at a time wen one of the top law enforcement officials in the united states, there's a big vacancy at the fbi. the president says he'd like to make a addition quickly, perhaps
2:59 am
as early as this week, though he hasn't put a specific time limit on it. also this week the president will deliver his second kmepsment address, this time at the coast guard academy. he'll welcome the president of turkey at the white house. friday off to saudi arabia, the first of several stops. he will visit saudi arabia, israel, italy, belgium, then back to the united states. he'll be out of the country for more than a week. officials here say it is a very high-tax trip. so a lot on the agenda for president trump this week. our thanks to kelly o'donnell for that report. >> president trump's revised travel ban will go before an appeals court today. ninth circuit court will hear it, a federal judge in hawaii blocking the reworked executive order. >> that does it for us this monday. "morning joe" starts right now. the president is the ceo of the country.
3:00 am
welcome to "morning joe." with us we have the president, council on foreign relations author of the book, "world in disarray" and is it, richard haass. i need to wake up my daughter. john heilemann. >> you want john to wake up your daughter. >> no, just the alarm. political reporter. i would never want john to wake up my daughter. >> "new york times" reporter michael schmidt, also starring in the daily. >> yes. >> michael, i've just got to ask you. we talked to you and you're like this. you're michael schmidt, the guy we know. do you hear him on the daily? >> of course. >>


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