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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 15, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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of people i've seen. i appreciate the way reporters are starting to backstop. i think it is bringing the white house press corps together which is like herding cats. >> oh, i know. >> i think people are starting to understand it. i think it is time for whoever the next press secretary, is if there is one, it might be sean a very long time, to take seriously the public. >> thank you for being here myself thanks to former congresswoman, ned price, and that does it for this hour. i'm nicole wallace. "mtp daily." >> hey, i see you got red dress symmetrical memo. if it's monday, the white house hits the pause button on any secret tape talk. >> tonight could recordings
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actually exist? the demand for answers grows louder as the white house shuts down questions. plus, shaking up the west wing shake-up talk loux is in and who is out of the inner circle? and later, the global hacking attack. how are cyber ransomers getting away with this international crime without getting caught? this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. >> good evening. welcome to "mtp daily." there are bipartisan call for the white house to come clean about secret recordings. there's talk of a potentially massive white house staff shake-up. there's overwhelming public support for a special prosecutor. the ousted fbi director wants to testify publicly as the
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president moves to pick his replacement. and the republican party is now in the mid-term danger zone. is this a tipping point? we've got a ton to get to so let's dive right in. president trump created a firestorm after ousting james comey with secret, quote, tapes of their conversations. lawmaker on both sides are pressing the white house for answers to such an explosive charge fwufl white house dodged multiple attempts pr reporters on get any answers starting with whether or not they complied with congressional requests. >> is the white house intending to cooperate with those requests and furnish that information as reque requested? >> i think i made it clear the white house has nothing further. >> does that mean the pleasant deny any requests? >> i think i said i was very clear the president would have nothing further on that last week. >> are you saying they would
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defy the request? >> i made it clear. >> why won't you just explain whether or not there are recordings? >> the president has made it clear. i understand. that's what the president's position is. >> given that you've refused to deny or confirm hour, is anyone supposed the feel comfortable having a conversation? >> the president has made it clear. >> how has the president made it clear what his position is? >> i've answer that had self times. >> so that's his position. he said that he has nothing further to add. there's nothing further to add. >> mr. trump says he fires comey in part because of what mr. trump called the russia thing. which includes an fbi probe, potential coordination between russia and trump's associates. he said he asked comey for information on the investigation. was he trying obstruct comey's investigation or intimidate him? our "wall street journal" poll
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shows an overwhelming had number of americans, 78%, say they want an independent commission or a special prosecutor to investigate russian interference in the election. not the republican controlled congress doing it now. the new poll shows an historically bad job approval rating for a new president, at 39%. for perspective, george bush's approval rating mit in 2005 and in 2006 democrats won back control of the coming. barack obama's approval rating hit 40% this 2014. and you guessed it, republicans won back the senate. we begin with kristen welker, first question, why is this administration dodging questions on the times? >> they're trying to punt this discussion. it is not clear if sean spicer
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knows wlornl there are actual recordings of the president's conversations wrgs those including the fbi director. but clearly this is a growing political problem. >> did you say it's not clear whether sean spicer knows whether or not there are times? >> even the president was very clear that his staffers may or may know 100% of what he's thinking. so we can't expect 100% accuracy. that's what the president tweeted last week. it is not clear what the strategy is beyond trying turn the page. the resalt you saw in the briefing, these questions are not going away. they are only mounting. it is becoming a major distraction. the president wants to be focused on his domestic agenda including health care, tax reform, and then of course he has that big foreign trip. his first big foreign trip of his administration. he is hoping the turn the page. excuse me. there are a lot of allergies out here. he is hoping to turn the page in
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a major way when he heads overseas. he can't shake these mounting questions. and that i think look, sean spicer repeating the same answer over and over again isn't helping the president to achieve what he wants politically. to sort of move beyond this. so i think at some point the answer to those tough questions will have to change. >> get a drink of water, take claritin. do what you have to do. >> thank you. >> i'm joined by patrick leahy. his committee will oversee the next fbi director's nomination. thank you for joining me. >> i sympathize with miss welker on the allergies. >> you're getting it done in washington. it hasn't quite moved up here to new york quite yet. the president, as i'm sure you know, suggested last week that he might have tapes of the conversation that he had with the former fbi director james comey.
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what is your reaction? >> if he has tapes, let's hear what he said. if his conversation was with mr. comey that i want you loyal to me, not to the rule of law, then that's a very serious question. >> do you plan on asking to subpoena? asking for a subpoena for those tapes? >> if there are tiapes, they should be turned over. if not, we have what they did during nixon years west subpoena them. >> how do you get confirmation on if they exist? >> well, apparently you're not going to get it from the president's spokesperson. he sounds more like he's trying out for "saturday night live" at the press conference. has the far more serious thing than a comedy show. this is extremely serious.
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i cannot imagine all my years here the president asking the chief law enforcement officer, i want to you pledge your loyalty to me. no. his loyalty has to be to the rule of law. he has to be willing to fly rule of law whether it hurts republicans or democrats. i kncannot think of a thing tha has shocked me more coming out of white house from either republican or democratic administrations. >> senator, there's a lot of talk about a special prosecutor and democrats potentially saying no to any fbi director. to any pick for fbi director until a special prosecutor is appointed. is that something you would sign on to? >> well, i think it makes a lot of sense. the special prosecutor doesn't answer to the president or the congress. he answers to the american
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people. and he or she can find out what happened. how involved was russia? and what collusion might there have been with our own government? >> i don't know how an fbi director nominee could come before the senate and say, yes, i'll be independent, knowing that the last fbi director who said that was told, you're either loyal the me or you're loyal to the rule of law. if you're loyal to the rule of law and not to me, you're fired. so i think we do, whoever is nominated, we do them a favor by having a special prosecutor say, i'll be willing to cooperate with a special prosecutor. they will make a decision whether there's been collusion with the russians or whether the russians are trying to hamper our democracy. if there is either collusion or if the russians are trying on hampler our democracy, it is one of the greatest threats this country has face in the my
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lifetime. and we need not to have a twitter feed. we need to have a real answer as to what happened. >> senator, do you think that democratic senators can find three republican senators to agree with you on that? say yes, there needs to be a special prosecutor? or we will not confirm an fbi director? >> i think republican senators and democratic senators should say what's best for the country? what's best for the country is to make sure another country like russia is not interfering with us. and to make sure that nobody within our government is cooperating with russia and the interference of us. that goes way beyond partisan politics. we have to step back and say we took an oath to upheld to constitution. if we do that, they will join together and say the let's have a special prosecutor? once we have that, we can go forward. >> in your confirmation hearings
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for a new fbi director, are you going to and the former fbi director james comey to come in and testify in front of the senate judiciary committee? >> i think it would be helpful if he did. that decision will be made by senator grassley and senator feinstein. why would it be helpful? >> just to find exactly what was said. i think if he, i know that director comey will tell the truth if he is asked. >> finally, the last question i have for you, there's a lot of talk about, growing talk at least about impeachment within your party. you have congresswoman maxine waters, congressman al greene, are gabbert, all talking about impeachment. you're he told thor statesmen of your party, one of them. what do you say about that in. >> well, impeachment has to start in the house and the house
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had has been almost slavish going we know what what mr. trump has wanted. whether he is cutting back health care for women, cutting back environmental protections or anything else. they've gone lock step and said yes. they're not going to move for impeachment. what i want is to get the american people, tell us accurately, not through a partisan look. tell us exactly what did russia do? when did they do it? and then who knew what they were doing? and anybody in our government koomtd with them and are they cooperating today? let's get those questions answered in a nonpolitical, nonpartisan way. and then we can decide where to go next. how do you feel about members of your party talking about impeachment? >> every member of the house and senate republicans, democrat, have a right to say what have they want. i can only speak for myself. i speak as the decent of the
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senate. having seen so many of these issues come through. i have not seen anything that worried me as much as having russia involved, or as general clapper, the director of the national intelligence said this weekend having our own government cooperate. if you have a president who says we can't trust our courts, congress is going to start doing exactly what i say, we should start imposing limits on the press, and oh, by the way, let's have a religious ban. if that becomes the norm. if that is second, god save america. we won't be the country that we have been in the past and that we should be in the future. as a senator, as a parent, a grand parent, that worries me more than anything ever has.
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>> i know impeachment proceedings start in the house. but have you considered it? >> i am focused entirely on getting what the facts are. i was a prosecutor for eight years. people say, are you going to charge the or that person? get me the facts. let me look at the facts. >> i and that because you're not telling your fellow democratic colleagues to step off the gas there. >> i have learned, you can't really tell other people what to do. but what i want, give me the facts. when we know exactly what the facts are, i guarantee i won't be shy about speaking out. >> senator patrick leahy, thank you for your time tonight. let's bring in the panel. steve kornacki, susan is a republican strategist and my best friend on mondays, and with
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sirius xm. steve, let's start with you. senator leahy, not telling his democratic colleagues what to do but as someone so senior in the potter, it's a big deal. >> it is where the energy is in the democratic party. not just, oh, we're concerned about the trump presidency. it needs to be resisted. so talk about impeachment is probably going on naturally grow. i think he is being responsive toward energy in his party. but yeah. it is not a question in terms of actual movement. it is a question of, if the yats to take back the house in 2018, a question of how much, how prominent will this be in the 2018 campaign? will you have democrats running for the house in 2018 actively saying, lebt me, electricity us and we'll do that? or disavowing it?
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if you're on the trump white house, a republican with the white house, you're saying, hey, donald trump, you may have a problem. you need to be more invested in the mid terms because a democratic house could cause some serious problems for you. >> senator leahy did walk back and say he just wants the facts. i think anyone staying president should be impeached at this time is doing it for phrasings purposes. it is a great way to raise money. >> why is it not a special prosecutor? >> i don't think you necessarily need to go into a criminal investigation on what has happened with -- >> americans want to see it. >> i think they say or independent commission. i think that would be a better way to go if they wanted to get any support from republicans along the way. but right now, the president, the trump administration needs to come clean on these times
2:17 pm
more than anything. that's what started to really spark this impeachment talk. yes. there was some noise around the center. between the firing of james comey and these tiapes that may or may not exist. >> you're right. there independent commission or special prosecutor, 68% of republicans say that. >> i mostly agree. i think i think the talk increased when you saw this interview with lester holt saying i was thinking about russia when i fired the fbi director. something in and of itself that is worthy of a serious conversation around impeachment. not in terms of criminal proceedings, but the constitutional definition of impeachment and high crimes and misdemeanors. certainly we've haul an
2:18 pm
education this week about richard nixon and one of those charges being obstruction of justice. so when you have the president saying this in an interview, the conversation is the natural next step. >> of course, richard nixon resigned before he could be impeached. they're still not denying there are tapes. what is worse? >> there are two interpretations. hey, there could be tapes out there and that's its own story. it is consistent with the pattern of a president who is incredibly thin skinned, incredibly impulsive, incredibly blunt in how he lashes out. he tells his communications team, by the way, you can never back off anything, that you're retreating from anything i said. even if i tweet out impulsively and say -- you're taking literally raises all sorts of dark legal questions, even if i do that, you the can't back down
2:19 pm
from that. even if it means embarrassing yourself. i've never believed the cover-up is worse than the crime. if there is a president who could be guilty of cover-up and no underlying crime, could it applausebly be donald trump. >> that's where things were heading with firing comey. a lot of people didn't believe that trump was personally involved with russia. but after the lester holt interview, after the tapes talk. >> we have a packed show and i've been told i have to stick on time. we'll come back and talk a lot more including what house potential democrats, wannabe democrats need to do win in 2018. is it health care or talking
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and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to president trump's travel ban faced a new court test. on whether to hold an earlier judge in hawaii that blocked the most recent version of the executive order. lawyers arguing against the ban are still trying to use the president's words from the campaign against him. they went beyond the new ban's actual language to try to challenge president trump's intent. specifically bringing up his campaign proposal to bar muslims from entering the united states. that proposal stayed on the campaign website until last week. the lawyers defending the administration say stronger evidence is needed to prove any kind of intent to discriminate.
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this afternoon our own hallie jackson repeatedly pressed sean spicer over whether the president would disavow the campaign proposal. spicer did not answer. >> right now the president is making sure that we make the appropriate arguments to get ban in place. erce deliveries to homs than anyone else in the country we never forget... that your business is our business. the united states postal service. priority: you can we at least analyze customer can we push the offer online? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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this and it's also a story about people. and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country we never forget... that your business is our business. the united states postal service. priority: you attribution can be difficult here. i don't want to say we have no clues as i assistant here today. i feel best and brightest are working on it. >> that was tom bossert briefing white house report orders the biggest cyber attack in history. the malware doubled wannacry has hit the hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe. it encrypts files and then demands a ransom to get your data back. the vulnerability was made public when hackers stole it from the national security agency last summer. sometime nsa doesn't tell the
2:25 pm
public about holes that make it vulnerable to hackers. joining me, the former filibuster executive director and the chief officer from crowd strike. if these headacackers are demana ransom yrgs is it so difficult to track they will down? >> well, first of all, they are using bitcoin, an online currency. and it is very, very difficult to track it. everything can be done anonymously and that's one of the ways we can track hackers. there are other ways as well. and there's analysis being done of the code, of the way it has been launched. and those may tend to identify who these actors are. but it will take some time.
2:26 pm
>> could there be more code out there that the nsa has not revealed that hackers could use to their advantage and exploit more people around the world, more systems, more health care systems, potentially hospitals? beyond that? >> you referred to this being nsa code and there's a group called the shadow brokers that has identified or stated that they got this from a government agency and released it. that it had been stolen or hacked into. that's not clear. that said, there are consistently these zero day vulnerability that's are identified, exploits written to get access through vulnerabilities and they constantly create a risk for organizations. and company have to make sure they've got the most current patch of their operating system. and most importantly, they have to use detection software that's not based on signatures. it is based on the actual processes being used. because they will consistently
2:27 pm
change and if that's the only way you're blocking, you won't block it with 100% accuracy. >> tom bossert was at the white house press briefing today. he took podium before sean spicer. here's what he had to say. >> is there more out there that you worry about that could lead to more attacks in the future in. >> i think that the united states, probably more than any other country, is extremely care wfl their processes, how they handle any vulnerability that's they're aware of. that's something we do when we know of the vulnerability. not when we've lost it. >> does it sound like homeland security has a hoonl this investigation? >> the interesting thing is the nsa does stockpile vulnerabilities. in this case, they confirmed that this was a vulnerability the nsa was aware of and had not revealed to industry to. microsoft or anything else until it learned about this hack. then it exposed it to microsoft
2:28 pm
so they created a patch. in cases where the software is outdated or running had old systems, it is more difficult to patch. the nsa relies hoarding vulnerabilities so they can use them in their foreign spying system to hack into computers abroad. but american tech companies complain and say, when you find a vulnerability in our software, you should tell us immediately. it shouldn't save it for your own useful that has been an ongoing debate. >> and there is a new potential explosive reporting from the "washington post." nbc news has not been able to confirm this but they're saying that president trump revealed highly classified information to the russian foreign minister and the russian ambassador last week during a meeting at the white house. the meeting happens after the president fired fbi director james comey. according to the post which cites current and former u.s. officials, the president
2:29 pm
revealed the islamic state's use of laptop compute orders on airplanes. >> this is an incredible story by two very credible stat security reporters. and according to this report, this came through another country. the information about the islamic state laptop bomb methods. and it was so sensitive, it hadn't even been shared with our ownal size and the "washington post" is alleging donald trump shared with it the russians. and this is such a problem in the government the white house had to call the nsa and the cia and manage this. as a matter of law, the president can declassify information and share with whoever he wants. it is his intelligence agency and his intelligence. if true, this will cause a series of ripples around the government. >> the "washington post" saying that after trump's meeting, senior white house officials
2:30 pm
took steps to contain the damage, placing call to the cia and the nsa. nbc news the has not been able to verify this reporting. we've reached out to the white house for comment this story. we'll comment when we do hear back. thank you very much for your time, guys. still ahead, why this week's missile launch in north korea could be the most troubling yet. stay tuned. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪
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welcome back. as president trump prepares for his first overseas trip since taking office, chuck spoke with the secretary of state rex tillerson, previewing the trip which will take the president for saudi arabia, israel and the vatican. secretary tillerson said the president wants to bring a message of unity to muslims, christians and jews of the. >> i think it is a very important trip on the president's part to call upon all people of faith in these religions to stand together for peace and stand up to this face of terrorism wherever it shows itself anywhere in the world. >> the issue of moving the embassy, tuesday embassy to jerusalem, it is reported that it won't happen and then it has been retracted. when is the final decision, or is this going to be one of those things that we're always going to contemplate moving it but it is a moving target for a while? >> well, the president, i think
2:35 pm
rightly, has taken a very deliberative approach to understanding the issue itself, listening to input from all interested parties in the region and understanding, would such a move in the context of a peace initiative, what impact would such a move have? as you know, the president has the recently expressed his view that he wants to put a lot of effort into seeing if we cannot advance a peace initiative between israel and palestine. i think in large measure, the president is being very careful to understand how such a decision would impact a peace process. >> so this could be a while. if the peace process is active, he will hold off moving the embassy. is that a fair interpretation? >> well, i think it will be informed by the parties involved in those zpauks most certainly israel's view on whether israel views it as being helpful to a peace initiative or perhaps a distraction. so i think the president again,
2:36 pm
i think he's being very measured. >> you can see more of that interview on our website. up next, why north korea's latest missile test is like nothing the country has done before. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and. tech: when your windshield trust safelite autoglass.. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliable bond. at safelite, we stand behind our work... because the ones you love, sit behind it. (parents whisper jingle) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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welcome back to "mtp daily." north korea is boasting about another missile test over the weekend. it land about 60 miles from russia, prompting the white house today on call on china as well as russia to do what they can to resolve the escalating threat from north korea but speaking in china, vladimir putin said they need return to a dialogue and stop scaring it. putin did condemn the test saying any expansion of nuclear powers is harmful and dangerous. the government is claiming this test was of a new type of ballistic rocket capable of carrying a heavy nuclear warhead.
2:40 pm
the u.s. officials are still trying to determine how successful the launch was but officials tell nbc news, the missile was the same type the country test in the mid-april. the united nations security council will meet tomorrow to discuss how to respond but this is just one more test for president trump and it came just days after south korea elected a new president who was called for a friendlier stance toward neighbor in the north. joining me, christopher hill, an msnbc diplomacy expert and served as ambassador to south korea. thank you for joining me. what is different about this test? >> well, first of all, it is clearly one of these new generation of solid fuel missiles. it is larger than some of the previous ones so hence the idea that it could carry a heavier halo. namely a nuclear weapon. it is interesting, it bent 450 miles but it was sort of toward
2:41 pm
russian coast. i don't think we should make too much of that. the fact is, it came just a couple days after the south korean elections. and for the south korean president who campaigned very hard on the idea of more dialogue with the north koreans, it is a slap in the face to the guy. >> so how important is it for to us get on the same diplomatic page when it comes to north korea? both with china, we know that, but also with russia? >> well, yeah. we need to work with russia. and putin, he did condemn the missile launch. but then i think he made comments that were aiding and abetting the north koreans by saying we need move to dialogue. >> stop scaring them and return to dialogue. the problem is the north dreenls want dialogue but they want to talk to us as a nuclear weapons state. i think president putin knows that and i think he should have found a different formula to
2:42 pm
suggest we're scaring the north koreans and somehow the north koreans the innocent in this matter. >> so why are the north koreans celebrating now? >> they've done more missile launches but that i think has more to do with their military testing program. they're clearly getting some success with these solid fuel rockets. and that's important. because then it takes away the option of maybe shooting them before they take off. directing some kind of koirnlt missile fire when it is still on the ground, as they're fueling up with liquid fuel. so this will be a tougher target. if they have succeed in the puttinggate nuclear, some kind of nuclear device on board, then game's up. they have a nuclear weapon. so i think time is running out for us. i don't think we're going to have that long. i think before long, president trump is going to have to explain to the american people
2:43 pm
that there's a new threat and i don't think he is going to easily be able to say, this is all president obama's fault. >> so what happens when north korea does have a nuclear ben they can attach to a ballistic missile? >> well, a lot of people have suggested that north korea needs this for regime survival. i think what they're trying to do with this is to put the united states in a position where a president of the united states has to think very hard about coming to the aid of the south koreans where there is a conventional war on the peninsula. the point is the north koreans could hold us hostage. and then the american president has to say, well, if they attack us and we will over blitz rate north korea and then he who is the consider whether that's a good idea. >> so south korea has a new president. they are considering a more diplomatic approach. something askin to the shown position. is there any chance the united states and the international
2:44 pm
commute would follow south korea's lead, get rid of sanctions, walk back and talk diplomatically with north korea even as they start developing bigger and better weapons? >> first of all, it would be regarded by north korea as their victory and an act in our case, it would be looked at as an act of weakness so i think that's a wrong way to go. i think to understand what south korea is talking about, we run into the narrative that many south koreans who voted for president moon have. somehow the great conspired to deep korean people apart. so i think we have to be careful. i think we need to be absolutely firm on the issue of north korea and its nuclear missile development. you noticed president moon was pretty clear that he very much
2:45 pm
condemns the north korean missile launch. i think they have look for ways to start that dialogue. the dialogue involves separated families, issues like that. and i think twoe tread very carefully before we are conceived as keeping korean people apart. >> ambassador had chris hill. thank you for your time. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people. and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes
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the supreme court made you news by doing nothing. they decleaned to hear the appeal of a lower court ruling that struck down the stringent requirements. the requirement and reduction many early voting deliberately targeted african-americans with, quote, almost surgical precision. but passing on the case, the supreme court leaves the earlier ruling that struck down the voter i.d. law in place. the court offered no reason for denying to hear the case but chief justice roberts issued a statement noting a dispute with who represents the state. the newly elected governor attempts to withdraw appeal 2 general assembly kept up the suit. you will see the confusion there. we'll be right back with the lid and that blockbuster report from the "washington post." i take movantik for oic,
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our panel is back. let's talk about this "washington post" article. we're all getting up to speed on it. donald trump may have given over it. donald trump may have given over highly classifieder for russian foreign minister and ambassador while they were meeting with him in the oval office the day after he fired fbi director james comey. steve, it's not illegal for the president to disseminate classified information because he is the president. he can unclassify it. >> we have the report in the "washington post." we're still reading it and processing it. we will hear a lot more about this. this is a guy who came to office campaigning against somebody who had been in that e-mail scandal about did hillary clinton share any classified information that wasn't encrypted, all of that. donald trump made that one of the central issues of his campaign, hillary clinton was
2:51 pm
unqualified to be president because of that. >> reckless. >> paul ryan speaker of the house said anybody as reckless with that information as hillary clinton was should not have access to this information. we will see what we learn here. one report from the "washington post." i am still digesting it. the back drop what donald trump is accused of in this article is what he ran against. nbc news has not verified this report yet, we have reached out to the white house for comment and have not yet gotten that although reporters were trying to pepper h.r. mcmaster about it although he turned around and walked out the door at the white house. the issue is it seems like donald trump was talking about this new laptop threat, this ability to use laptops to make explosives, something the islamic state is doing and in the news a while and according to the "washington post" he
2:52 pm
shared it with the russian ambassador. susan, what is your reaction if this ends up being as the washington report is reporting. >> the only way to move the discussion off the tapes is leaking classified information. it is extremely disturbing. if the president comes back i chose to do it because he can give any information he wants, any classified information to anybody. i would argue he should also give the classified information that indicates president obama -- as donald trump claimed there was wiretaps from president obama, he could declassify those. this is yet another disaster for this white house especially as it embarks -- >> how many can they survive? >> they're going overseas, we will find out potentially. that will be a very difficult problem especially when one of the u.s. diplomats didn't consider one of the places in
2:53 pm
israel part of israel and said that's not necessarily what we're going to call it. >> another part of this article in his meeting with lavrov, trump seemed to be boasting on his intel information. i get great intel everyday. i have to ask you, susan, you are our republican at the table. how do republicans react. >> you said, if true. >> if this is true, what are republicans supposed to do? >> you will see some republicans -- you will see what you've been seeing some republicans like a senator mccain and lindsay graham -- >> they will -- >> i won't defend this if it is true. this will take a huge hit on president trump's numbers, you start seeing him going to 32%,
2:54 pm
you will see a lot of republicans running away from him? >> 39% is not high enough. >> my prediction is once he goes under 30 they will jump ship. we have to talk about the context. he allegedly revealed classified information in a meeting with the russians which happened the day after he fired the fbi director and admittedly said it was about russia. kislyak was in the meeting and we know about it because of the photographs the russian photographer took not because any information was given out before the meeting. no one knew kislyak would be in the oval office meeting until the pictures came out after the fact and the u.s. media not let in the room. this has to be contained in the context and big picture. >> one other thing to take into consideration on this. as we know, president trump announced he would seek to broaden the laptops. if they can travel from not just
2:55 pm
from certain country, he wants to expand potentially to europe. i would not be surprised if this was donald trump saying, hey, i got this intel, we will start to do this next just off his cuff because that's what he typically tends to do. >> white house reporters who ran into h. rmpt mcmaster, ran into a gaggle of reporters, said this is the last place in the world i wanted to be. we will leave this discussion on hold and we will be coming up all throughout the night on msnbc. appreciate it, guys. after the break, why paul ryan has georgia on his mind. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
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sunday, may 21st eight seven central only on abc. in case you missed it, national republicans are going down to georgia looking for a win and they're not running into their democratic counterparts. the nation's most expensive congressional race in history got even more action this afternoon. house speaker paul ryan is campaigning with karen handle the upcoming nominee in the georgia special election. this has been a republican district for decades. president trump who fund raised for handle last month only won there by a point and a half. a new poll shows the high profile race is in a dead heat. while handle is side by side with ryan today, we are pretty unlikely to see the same image on the democratic side. house minority later nancy pelosi has no plans to appear with the democratic candidate
3:00 pm
jon ossoff. republicans have ran ads trying to tie her to ossoff. it looks like the gop would even pay for her to fly there. greta, i hear you have greg miller, who broke this big "washington post" news story. >> it is an incredible story, katie. it is breaking right now and it is a potential bombshell. the "washington post" reporting president trump revealed highly classified information to the russian foreign minister and ambassador last week. president trump went off script and began describing details about an islamic state terrorist threat and abuse of laptops. this jeopardizes a key source


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