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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 23, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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where the attack occurred killing 22 people and injuring as many as 59. the big question here going forward is whether or not there was an accomplice. the police have already accomplice. the police mentioned they know the identity of the perpetrator but they're trying to see if there was someone else who might have helped him or if this was, as is so common here in europe, one of these lone wolf attacks. this is kind of following the same playbook as what happened with the westminster attack several months ago. police knew the name of the perpetrator but they were waiting for several hours to release that. we'll have to see in the coming hours whether we'll be getting details on his identity, where he's from, why he might have committed the attack and most important of all, whether there will be a claim of responsibility from a major terror group like isis. >> let me ask you about the reaction coming out of the british prime minister and others. we heard from the chief constable there. what's been the reaction from
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theresa may and other leaders in the united kingdom? >> reporter: it's been condemnation. came out and said strongly they con item these attacks and call them appalling. amber rudd for her part said this was targeting the most vulnerable segments of society. this is a very volatile moment for this -- for this attack to have occurred. there's a nationwide election for parliament in about two weeks. that's when theresa may, who's also the former home secretary, she's going to be coming to the british public with a message she is -- the law and order candidate that she'll be able to impose restrictions on society that will allow for police to do their work without creating a stifling environment. that's the message we've been hearing from british authorities here. report what you see, but don't try to promote chaos, don't try to promote hysteria. it's a subtle message, a stiff upper lip from british
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authorities telling their public not to worry, not to become hysterical, but condemn these attacks to make sure you're vigilant and report anything unusual you might see in the streets. >> matt, for people that haven't been to that arena, which is a lot of people that are watching right now, give us sort of an idea of the size and scope of the arena, the security that was in place during a concert like this, how many exits you see during the time that you've been there, considering the attack and how many people had to get out, roughly 20,000 or so, after the attack took place. >> reporter: well, that's right, yasmin. that's an interesting question. this is a 21,000-seat arena. this is one of the large st concert venues in england. the bombing occurred on the opposite side of the building next to victoria station. of course, the big question going forward, and there's a lot of big questions, but one of the
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questions is going to be how many people were killed in the stampede that followed the incident. the people i spoke with, they said this wasn't the main point of egress for so many people who were fleeing the concert but there were still thousands of, especially young girls and their parents, running down this road. we heard from a father -- there was a father speaking to the media last night. i can send you that. take a listen. >> we were the last moment, people started streaming out. next thing is a big flash. didn't really hear the bang until afterwards. a big flash and then a wash of air. just thought, what the hell was that? and then the smell in the air. and then i thought, what's that? and i looked back where the explosion was, where people lay down on the floor. >> reporter: i've been speaking to some people who are still in
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the neighborhood who said it was just a terrifying and devastating attack. again, as amber rudd said, attacking some of the most vulnerable members of society. we don't have details yet on how many minors were among the 22 people killed, but in the coming hours, we're likely to hear some very terrible stories about young lives lost. yasmin? >> it makes it that much harder to know so many children were attending a concert for somebody they were set to enjoy the night with. nbc's matt bradley, thank you very much. it's important to note as well that political parties in the united kingdom have suspended kaeming today. they're about three weeks away from a critical important general election. also going to see if this has any impact on the candidates running for that general election. wheer following the latest president trump's visit to the middle east. president trump was joined by palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. in addition to condemning the
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manchester terror attack, president trump discussed has hope for peace in the middle east. >> i would like to begin by offering my prayers to the people of manchester. and the united kingdom. i extend my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack and to the many killed and the families, so many families, of the victims. we stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the united kingdom. so many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters. because they would like that term. they would think it's a great name.
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i will call them from now losers. because that's what they are. they're losers. and we'll have more of them. but they're losers. just remember that. i also firmly believe that if israel and the palestinians can make peace, it will begin a process of peace all throughout the middle east. and that would be an amazing accomplishment. >> so, later this morning the president and the first lady will travel to jerusalem and lay a wreath at the holocaust memorial center. the visit has sparked some controversy with initial schedules indicating president trump will spend less than 30 minutes at the site. he then heads to the israel museum before departing for rome for part three of the journey later this morning. president trump visited the
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western wall yesterday, first sitting president to do so. he said a prayer and place aid note between the rocks. he said he was deeply moved and it left a lasting impression on him. speaking alongside netanyahu saying although it's one of the toughest deals of all, he hopes they get there eventually. in one of the only unscripted moments of the president's trip so far, trump and netanyahu both addressed the recent controversy regarding the president's decision to tell russian officials intelligence decisions which reportedly came from israel. >> mr. prime minister, are you concerned -- >> the cooperation is terrific. >> thank you, guys. >> just so you understand, i
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never mentioned -- just so you understand. i never mentioned the word or the name in consideration. they were all saying i did, so you had another story wrong. never mentioned the word israel. >> how is the visit so far? >> it has not been reported or alleged that the president ever identified israel as the source of the information. in fact, national security adviser h.r. mcmaster has said trump actually never knew the source of the information he gave to the russians. joining us live from jerusalem host of "andrea mitchell reports," andrea mitchell. what did we learn from the president's remarks there? what does it mean for the rest of his trip that he had this incident with the russians overshadow his meeting with the israeli prime minister? obviously, the media asked him about it, but do you think it came up privately? >> reporter: i don't know if it
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came up privately, frankly, but i think it was something that the israelis had hoped would not be mentioned. the last thing they wanted was to draw more attention to the incident itself and his mentioning, it his bringing it up was clearly a flub. you could call it a rookie mistake. he's not as familiar with intelligence and how to handle intelligence and how sensitive that intelligence was. and why mentioning it was israel would only be the first official confirmation that it was israel that was the injured party here in terms of the israeli intelligence having been the source of that information -- the sensitive information about the laptops and potentially coming from isis. and the fact that it was israel, we had widely been reported, lavrov, the foreign minister, but the fact the president would then bring it up and say, that was another wrong story you
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wrote because i never said it was israel. well, no one ever claimed he said it was israel. what they claimed is what was reported and confirmed and not denied by the white house is he discussed it with the russians. and it was israel's property. it was israel's intelligence to disclose. and when intelligence is shares, as you well know, sensitive intelligence of this nature, crown jewels of counterintelligence, it is shared only with your closest allies, with a small group of nations you absolutely trust. in this case with the united states, it's the kind of relationship the united states has with the brits, french, israelis, but only with very close allies. as the recipient of that very useful kind of intelligence, its not something you want to disclose to the russians. >> and then you have netanyahu saying we're in a good place, our intelligence agencies are in a good place. how in step is israeli intelligence agency and cia? how in step are their operations? >> reporter: well, they've always been in step at the
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operational level, but there was a furious argument reported by my colleague bill neely and others in the print press as well based on his conversations with current and former leader myself when i arrived here in jerusalem who said they get over it because there have been breaches before. yesterday ambassador michael orr and former israeli ambassador to the u.s. said, look, there have been breaches before where israel was harmed. he was thinking back to, i believe, in 2007, when -- 2007 or 2008, when israel intercepted some illegal arms shipments in syria, iranian arms shipments, and it was widely reported in the u.s. and clearly a leak from american intelligence. >> we'll check back in with you later in the hour. former national security adviser michael flynn invokes the fifth amendment as a senate
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welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news on the terrorist attack in the united kingdom. at least 22 people, including children, killed, dozens more injured in an attack at manchester arena following an ariana grande concert british and u.s. law enforcement officials say they believe they have identified the attacker but are withholding his name. trump's former national security adviser mike flynn says he will not cooperate with congress. >> and alleged to have lied to federal investigator about payment he received from russia when seeking a five-year renewal of his security clearance. congressman cummings, ranking democrat in the house oversight committee, released a letter claiming they have, quote, documents that appear to indicate general flynn lied to
2:16 am
investigators who interviewed him back in 2016 as part of his renewal. cummings cited the 2016 report in which flynn allegedly said he was paid by, quote, u.s. companies for his december 2015 appearance in moscow alongside russian president vladimir putin. when the actual source of the funds was rt, identified in the director of national intelligence as hacking report as, quote, the kremlin's principle international propaganda outlet. a u.s. official tells nbc news he left blank a line on his security form asking him to disclose any business relationships or transactions with foreign entities. flynn said on all of his trips he had only insubstantial contact with foreign nationals in conflict with his dinner next to putin. flynn's lawyers informed the senate intelligence committee their client will not cooperate with a subpoena for documents in their probe into russian meddling in the 2016 election. invoking his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination and repeating his request for
2:17 am
immunity. senate intelligence committee will meet today to determine their next steps on flynn. new jersey governor chris christie, the one-time head of trump's transition said he advised him against hiring general flynn. >> i think its safe to say general flynn and i didn't see eye to eye. and that i didn't think he was someone who would bring benefit to the president or to the administration. and i made that very clear to candidate trump and i made it very clear to president-elect trump. fy were president-elect of the united states, i wouldn't let general flynn in the white house, let alone give him a job. >> strong words. congress will hear from two of the nation's top intelligence officials who new reports say were asked by president trump to refute the fbi's investigation into russian meddling into his campaign. "the washington post" was first to report in march president trump asked director of national intelligence dan coats and director of the national security agency, admiral mike
2:18 am
rogers, to publicly push back after james comey, quote, can we ask him to shut down the investigation? are you able to assist in this matter? one official told "the washington post" about the line of questioning coming from the white house. according to "the post," trump's conversation with admiral rogers was documented at the time in an internal memo written by a senior nsa official. nbc cites a former intelligence official confirms rogers and coats exchanged notes about the conversation with the president. the former official says the two men did not believe they were being asked to do something illegal but they were sufficiently concerned that they took care to write it down but not sufficiently concerned they actually reported it. now, the white house told "the post" it will not confirm or deny unstash shated claims based on illegal leaks from anonymous individuals. coats and rogers will both testify on capitol hill in
2:19 am
separate hearings today. so much going on overseas and in washington. we're also watching developing weather. meteorologist bill karins standing by for us. >> the southeast is a concern for us. we get a break in the northeast. middle of the country looks fine. all the heavy rain has been in the southeast. we've been concerned about potential flash flooding. heavy rain but no flash flooding now. we updated these numbers. we added much of north carolina to this. 27 million people at risk either under aerial flood wash from new orleans through the carolinas. that's where the heavy rain will be today. to the south of this region, we're not expecting flooding because they've been very dry. remember all those fires in southern georgia, northern florida but under severe weather risk. large hail, damaging winds, not too many tornadoes today. south texas from victoria, corpus christi to lor raaredlar. the northeast dries out. not a ton of sunshine but dry. as we head towards tomorrow, we're still watching the
2:20 am
southeast for the heavy rain from atlanta to tampa to florida. this is good. they've had a drought developing over the last couple months, so they'll like this soaking rain here. you dry out beautifully in texas tomorrow. it looks like a nice day tomorrow. not a lot of sun but at least temperatures very comfortable from about washington, d.c. northwards through new york and into boston. the biggest concern is everyone in the southeast. of course, when you get the thunderstorms and heavy rain, we'll see a lot of airport delays including areas like atlanta and if orlando gets hit later today by thunderstorms too. >> a lot to track. still ahead, the trump administration is set to unveil its 2018 budget proposal. we're taking a look at what's in and what's out of it. more on the president's trip to israel and west bank.
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welcome back. president donald trump's 2018 bunl plan will be released later this morning. the proposal has sweeping cuts while boosting defense spending. it proposes it become law creating a $250 billion savings. the administration also calls for slashing medicaid, spending by $800 billion over the next ten years. another $190 billion from the federal food stamp program s.n.a.p. mick mulvaney says the plan looks to eliminate the deficit in ten years while avoids cuts to social security and medicare
2:24 am
benefits. >> down the list, yes, yes, no, no, no. >> what were the nos? >> and the nos -- well, that's what's in the budget. the nos were social security and medicare. that's it. he said, i promised people on the campaign trail i would not touch their retirement and i would not touch medicare and we don't do it. i honestly was surprised we could balance the budget without changing those programs. >> the white house plan boosts defense spending by $54 billion and adds another $2.6 billion for border security. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have suggested the president's plan is unlikely to find support. republican senator john cornyn told reporters, almost every president's budget proposal is basically dead on afshal. democratic senator tester called the plan especially cruel, quite frankly. >> before we take you to top headlines in sports, and there were some impressive ones n san antonio, warriors complete a four-game sweep of the spurs
2:25 am
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin on this business tuesday morning. president trump meeting mahmoud abbas. >> we'll have more on that throughout the morning. the president is responding to breaking news overnight from manchester that at least 22 people were killed in a terrorist attack at a concert in that city and its arena. here's the president earlier this morning talking about it. >> so many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by eefl losers in life. i won't call them monsters because they would like that term. they would think that's a great name. i will call them from now on
2:30 am
losers because that's what they are. they're losers. and we'll have more of them. but they're losers. just remember that. >> joining us live from manchester, england, nbc news foreign correspondent matt bradley. bring us up to speed on the investigation. let's talk about where the investigation goes forward. more importantly, what are authorities saying this morning about the potential for any other attacks? do they have the situation under control? are there other concerns that something else may be imminent? >> reporter: well, there's always those concerns there could be another attack that would follow this one or just another attack that's just separate. this has been a country that's been almost under siege for the past several years as terrorist attacks have proliferate add cross europe, often in this lone wolf vein police are suspecting might have been the case here. remember, the westminster attack
2:31 am
a few months ago, that was the first time britain had been bitten about this terrorism that's been sweeping across europe the past several years. it's hit nice and paris, brussels, all of these european capitals have been affected by this. it's caused a chill to spread over the continent. yes, there are quite a lot of fear there is could be a follow-up attack. right now police are focusing on trying to find out if this man, this unnamed perpetrator, had any accomplices. that's created a nationwide investigation, a worldwide investigation. indeed, there were u.s. officials who came here to this site according to u.s. government, last night to accompany british officials and provide their own intelligence and own expertise to help with the investigation. there have been huge mobilization of police throughout the country. there were some 400 police officers who were called just last night to converge on this area. so, that investigation is ongoing. one big missing piece here, if you remember, isis has not yet
2:32 am
claimed responsibility. there's been a lot of chatter on twitter among jihadis but we haven't heard from the semiofficial isis news agency or other isis-affiliated channels formally claims responsibility or saying the perpetrator did this inspired by isis ideology. ayman? >> as we await a public statement from the prime minister, what are we hearing from the leaders and sentiments? how are they reacting? are we hearing any reaction to what president trump said and president abbas said abroad about the attacks in manchester? >> reporter: the statements from president trump and from mahmoud abbas were very recent. we haven't heard any reaction. most of the reaction we have heard from home secretary, amber rudd, the mayor of manchester and officials here, and they're just so harshly condemning this attack. amber rudd had some of the strongest language saying this was an appalling attack that was clearly targeting some of the
2:33 am
most vulnerable members of society. indeed, that's part of the outrage that's been going on here. this was clearly meant to strike teenage girls and their parents, young women and families who were out enjoying just a pop concert. there can be nothing more innocent. ariana grande is a star from nickelodeon. her fans are just young girls. so, that's why this is just so disgusting for so many people. just beyond what would normally be -- the normal outrage that would follow a terror attack. >> in so many ways, the target itself, this venue fits the profile of what we've seen in previous attacks, what they are identified as soft targets. matt, let me ask you, we've been serving the social media video coming out from people that were there. it looked like a chaotic scene inside and around the arena. i know you've spoken to some eyewitnesss that are still nearby. how are the eyewitnesss describing the attack? >> reporter: well, just to lay out the scene a bit here, amyma.
2:34 am
i'm standing in front of the manchester arena. the actual attack occurred on the opposite side here, right where the exit to the arena sort of joins the entrance to victoria station. that's a major rail station here in northern england. that area is where this bomber was able to move into the crowd as they were exiting the concert. it seems they would detonate themselves in the foyer or vestibule to this major 21,000-seat arena. that seems to have allowed him to make maximum casualties without having to go through security. ayman? >> matt bradley live for us in manchester, england, this morning. we're following the latest from president trump's visit to israel and west bank. earlier this morning president trump and mahmoud abbas delivered marks following a private meeting. president trump discussed his
2:35 am
hope for peace between israel and the palestinians. more importantly, what it could mean to the region as a whole. >> later this morning the president and first lady will travel to jerusalem and lay a wreath at the holocaust memorial center. the visit has sparked some controversy with initial schedules indicating president trump will spend less than 30 minutes at that site. he then heads to israel museum before departing for rome for part three of the journey. joining us live, chief foreign correspondent, andrea mitchell. we've seen the president meeting with both mahmoud abbas and benjamin netanyahu. how is it if the president wants to achieve a peace agreement, what steps need to be taken going forward in order to possibly try and get there, at least get closer? >> reporter: well, there were some steps this weekend when the israeli cabinet over the objections of some of the cabinet ministers approved some
2:36 am
easing of economic measures, very minor measures, one would say, from the outside, but some steps taken to try to make it easier for palestinians to get through security checkpoints and get to work. the economic disaster that has been the west bank communities, to say nothing of what happens to gaza under hamas, is really extraordinary. israel would argue it's because of security that is the fault of the palestinian leadership, not controlling their own people. palestinians would say they're being disadvantaged and unfairly imprisoned by walls, security walls erected by israel. it's interesting mahmoud abbas today mentioned the wall and prrtd did not. we know his affection for walls. in fact, the other day when asked about walls, he said -- and the wall he wants to build on the southern border, he said, walls work, just look at israel. so, he's an avowed supporter of the wall israel has erected but
2:37 am
that's one of the key flash points here. one other point i wanted to fact-check following the leader of esteemed fact-checker of "the washington post" who just tweeted he doesn't understand why the trump white house claims theirs was the first flight from riyadh to israel. there was one. it was a pretty notable one. it was may 16, 2008, george w. bush, after meetings in riyadh with then-king abdullah flew to israel for meetings with perez. in the era of fake news, it would be great if white house would get their facts check and we do a better job of fact-check them. >> it's hard when the white house touts it as an historic
2:38 am
trip, and which in itself is highly symbolic, but somewhat benign in the fact they got it wrong. andrea, let me ask you quickly about -- >> reporter: let me just say in the interest -- just to paraphrase ronald reagan in a different occasion, we should trust but verify. maybe not trust. i'm sorry, i interrupted you. >> no, no, not at all. let me ask you about the mechanism for negotiations going forward. you talk about them trying to alleviate some pressure with some measures the israeli cabinet approved. you know, a small drop in the bucket, perhaps a gesture for president trump's visit. but do we have a sense of what, if any, mechanism for negotiations is going to emerge? i know, you know addition i remember you covered annapolis when they brought over israelis and palestinians to jumpstart six months, search months of intense negotiations followed by some face-to-face contact back in israel and the west bank. is there anything to indicate we're going to see something like that announced? >> reporter: i don't think so. it would be very interesting. it would be a real breakthrough.
2:39 am
there haven't been talks, direct talks n a number of years in any official capacity because of palestinian objection to israeli settlements. if there were direct talks, maybe that would be a step in the right direction, except direct talks haven't led to anything in the past. when the peace process fell apart in 2014, we haven't seen anything. i can't imagine there's anything other than shoveling back and forth. as the president said, its up to you. we will facilitate, but you participants, you neighbors, have to do it yourself. he said that to both president abbas in the white house and he said it to prime minister netanyahu in the white house. that's certainly the message being delivered here now. >> nbc's andrea mitchell in jerusalem, on a busy day. thank you for your insights and perspective. to the president's problems at home, "the washington post" reports two top intelligence officials were asked by president trump to refute the fbi's investigation into russian
2:40 am
interference in last year's elections. in march trump asked dan coats and director of national security agency, mike rogers, to publicly push back after james comey disclosed the existence of an ongoing investigation in a house intelligence committee hearing. reportedly saying, quote, can we ask him to shut down the investigation? are you able to assist in this matter? one official told "the washington post" about the line of questioning that was coming from the white house. meanwhile, other developing news. president trump close to selecting outside counsel to help him amid these ongoing investigations into russian meddling and his campaign. "the washington post" reports trump and his advisers have four. the paper notes trump prefers to have a team of attorneys rather than a single lawyer represent him. one of the purported finalists, attorney mark kasowitz, who
2:41 am
represented him in numerous cases, including allegations of fraud at trump university. another possible finalist is theodore olsen, who represented george w. bush in bush v. gore in 2000. the outside team would be separate from the white house counsel's office. much more on the terror attack in manchester. theresa may expected to make an on-camera statement any moment now. you see live pictures of 10 downing street. president trump leaving israel for rome later this morning. our breaking news coverage on this very busy tuesday morning continues after the break.
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as a micro-biologist i ensure that dog chow leads with high quality ingredients. this scarf all that's my left to rememb... sayonara. what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. welcome back. we continue extended coverage of terrorist attack in manchester, england, killing 22, including children, injuring dozens more as an ariana grande concert as >> british law enforcement say
2:45 am
the attacker, a man, is among the dead. they believe they know who he is but has not released his name. its also worth noting the display of unity and compassion by mancuians. one tweeting how strangers were inviting them in for beer. taxi companies stepped up by offering rides by announcing their meters would be turned off in order to get people home safely. we've heard about the families that were separated following the explosion. one hotel in manchester reportedly took in dozens of children who lost contact with their parents. the identity, though, of the person or people responsible for last night's attacks, they remain unknown. meanwhile, president trump condemned the attacks during joint remarks with mahmoud abbas. it happened at the presidential palace in bethlehem. later the president and first
2:46 am
lady will travel to jerusalem to visit the holocaust memorial and museum in jerusalem. joining us, a fellow at the israel policy forum, nimrod. we saw president trump and muhammad abb mahmoud abbas. a spirit of warmness between the two this morning. what is the step going forward. how do we get this from the ceremony to actual substance? >> i think that administration has demonstrated to all parties involved that they know what they want. and i think that the parties are stepping up faster than most of us had assumed. i mean, you had sunnis and gulf partners suggesting unprecedented steps of normalization, vis-a-vis israel, provided israel delivers. you heard the israeli prime minister last night saying for the first time in his lifetime
2:47 am
he sees a change worth exploring and his cabinet has already made an initial, somewhat stingy, decision to deliver for the president for that purpose. you hear palestinians talking about the need for them to get their act together. so, i think that all parties involved demonstrate that they take seriously the new sheriff that showed up in town and the sheriff himself, president trump, last night seemed to suggest that he has a more sober approach appreciation of the situation by saying it's going to take time, but eventually i hope we get there. >> in hearing the outlines from abbas, from your perspective, your expertise, do you think something could actually get done? also considering whether or not abbas and netanyahu have the support they need in order to get things done there? >> i think the administration is very sober about that.
2:48 am
inc. they know bringing the two leaders together prematurely is a prescription for failure. therefore, i believe they're trying to change dynamics in the region and on the ground before bringing them together. hence, the three menus for the expect of the arab quartet, so to speak, what they expect of the palestinians and what they expect of israelis. i think that both netanyahu's statement basically suggested that he internalizes the fact that not only trump but the regional development create a moment for opportunity he cannot allow himself to waste. so, i think that they are bracing for what it takes, and i think that if, indeed, the administration works out sort of a three-dimensional zipper of mutual steps from the arabs to israel, from israels to palestinians and so forth, they can bolster the confidence of abbas and maybe, maybe bring netanyahu to the moment where he
2:49 am
makes a choice between coalition partners and president of the united states in historical opportunity. >> give us your perspective going forward. what do you see as the priorities here? i know you've been working behind the scenes with others to change the realities on the ground, to create a certain condition on the ground that can maybe pave the way for negotiations. are these just drops in the bucket or is there something substantive there that can actually change the dynamic in favor of peace? >> i would say that if, indeed, the menu that was leaked to "the wall street journal" from the arab quartet of what they are willing to do in order to encourage the process, what will be their contribution. remember, these people have been on the sidelines since 2002, declaring their interest in dynamic israeli/palestinian process but have made no concrete contribution to it. some regional changes with iran and isis and so on prompted them, and the trump opportunity as they see it, prompted them to
2:50 am
come up and say, all right, we're getting into the field and we're willing to play. i think we're going to see an effort by the administration to synchronize mutual confidence-building measures between confidence-building measures between the two parties before launching negotiations. >> 25 years since the oslo accords, 50 years since the occupation and 70 years and the conflict has not been resolved. time is not on their side. we'll see what happens going forward. thank you for joining us from tel aviv. >> talking a lot about the west bank and israel, but gaza always being the outlier. any measure that's been made with the west bank, then there's always gaza. >> still an issue not resolved. >> still ahead u.s. futures are pointing to a higher open this morning, but what about the european market after last it in's terror attacks? we'll get a live report from london coming up. s every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that.
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welcome back. there's severe weather out there. >> bill karins has been tracking it all for us. bill, what's the latest? >> this might give everyone a heads up that there is flash flooding that could affect your travel plans. right now, north korea north korea has the heaviest rain, flash flooding reports out of that region and southern alabama all the way towards mobile. we have 27 million people at risk of flash flooding today and tonight and into tomorrow. all the carolinas, central
2:54 am
georgia and into southern mississippi. the setup is going to continue with the humid air from florida south wards. we will get some severe weather out of this. this is partially beneficial. florida has been very dry. a lot of fires this spring season. this will help, especially the big one in southern georgia. as far as the severe weather goes, today's threats are in south texas and areas of georgia where we've got isolated storms from chicago, st. louis, back into areas of iowa. the great lakes look fine. 6 million people at risk of severe storms. i do not expect many tornadoes, if any, columbus, georgia, and also down here in southern texas. for anyone traveling tomorrow, we're okay from d.c. northwards. it's florida and georgia we'll be concerned with. the northeast clears out after a rain day yesterday, guys. the southeast we've got a couple nasty days of weather. >> coming up next on "morning
2:55 am
joe," last night's terror attack in manchester, the uk's second deadliest on record. >> the president set to wrap the second leg of his trip aboard amid reports he asked two intel chiefs to push back against the fbi's investigation into his campaign and russian meddling. senator claire mccaskill is among joe and mika's guests this morning. "morning joe" just moments away. keep it here. you know, in any job, any profession, image matters. i want some gray...but not too much. only touch of gray uses oxygen
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welcome back. right now we're awaiting marks from british prime minister theresa may on the terror attacks in manchester. >> in the meantime, we wanted to check on the european market. caroline roth joining us from london. how are things playing out. >> actually quite positive. sadly it seems people are brushing things off, used to these terror attacks now. what we're seeing is the footsie up 0. %, the cac is up by 0.6%. we had strong economic data out of europe this morning. that may help offset some of those fears. i will say the travel and retail
2:59 am
stocks sector is underperforming. defense stocks are doing a little betterment i will say that looking at futures for wall street, they are indicating a slightly higher open. we take a look at other asset classes. what you'll see is gold has seen a little buying, often seen as a safe haven, but also the japanese yen. when it comes to the pound, sterling, that was down on the day but has now recovered. back to you. >> cbs's carolin roth in london. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. >> the world is watching president trump this morning with america's closest ally under attack and a white house facing striking new allegations of trying to influence u.s. spy services at the highest level. just moments ago on his visit to the west bank president trump reached out to victim in the uk where a terrorist killed dozens of people, many of them children at a music concert in
3:00 am
manchester, england. back at home, new reporting says president trump not only pushed james comey to squash the russia investigation but also leaned on the head of the nsa and the director of national intelligence. joe, a lot of chaos this morning. a lot of chaos for this white house this morng. >> a lot of chaos for the white e. certainly, though, a lot of mayhem last night in manchester. terrorists that are being beaten every day on the battlefield choose instead to target little girls and their mothers last night showing just again the very nature of their depravity and their evil. i think you're going to hear tereheresa may, our allies acro europe and, of course, the president of the united states probably coming out today saying there's no peaceful


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