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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  May 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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but churchhill and orwell, can't wait to read it. looks absolutely fantastic. >> thank you. >> willie geist, final thoughts of the morning? >> it was all said here about montana, the votes a lot in early, but we'll see if there's impact and see what it means for donald trump and if it's a reflection on him. that does it for us. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage. >> happy anniversary. good morning. i'm stephanie ruhle. much to cover, body slammed the republican candidate in a house race in montana accused of attacking a reporter. >> speak with shame, please. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. the last guy that came in here you did the same thing. get the hell out of here. >> that was for real. while voters head to the polls today could the democrat come from behind and win. there's a strained alliance overseas, the president meeting with european leaders right now, amid reports that the british are no longer sharing
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intelligence about the manchester bomber because too many leaks are coming out of the u.s. >> i will make clear to president trump that intelligence that is shared between our law enforcement agencies, must remain secure. >> plus, new details on the russia investigation. attorney general jeff sessions failed to report his contacts with the russian ambassador on official forms and a new report that russians had planned to use trump allies to sway his opinion. we're going to begin taking you to montana, where that special congressional election turned upside down last night after that alleged assault was caught on tape. that is one of several developing stories i'm going to be covering with my team. this is the audio many voters are waking up to. republican candidate gr greg gianforte assaultly assaulting guardian reporter ben jacobs. >> you were waiting to make your decision about health care until
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you saw the bill and it just came out. >> we'll talk about that later. >> yeah, but it's not gonna be time. i was just curious. >> speak with shame, please. i'm sick and tired of you guys. the last guy that came in you did the same thing. get the hell out of here. get the hell out of here. last guy did the same thing. you are with the guarden. >> you just broke my glasses. >> last guy did the same dam thing. >> you body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> get the hell out of here. >> you want me to get the hell out of here and i would like to call the police. can i get your names? >> hey, you got to leave. >> he body slammed me. >> you got to leave. >> that happened in the united states of america last night. msnbc's garret hake is live in bozeman. what is the candidate saying and how are people reacting? >> hey, saftephanie. it didn't just happen in america but in this campaign office last night. this is the last place, the last
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time greg gianforte has been seen in public after this event. he was taken in and questioned by police about this. he has not spoken publicly about it, but his campaign issued a statement shortly after this happened in which they basically placed the entire blame for this incident on the reporter ben jacobs. i would like to read you a portion of what the gianforte campaign says today. or last night. they wrote and i quote, tonight, as greg was giving a separate interview in a private office, the guardian's ben jacobs entered the office without permission, aggressively shoved a recorder in greg's face and began asking badgering questions. jacobs grabbed greg's wrist and pun away from greg pushing them both to the ground. it's unfortunate this aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist created this scene at our campaign barbecue. that's not what we hear on the recording. jacobs have disputed that as have other witnesses in the room. this story has exploded nationally and here in montana.
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overnight, three of the state's biggest newspapers, which had all endorsed the republican gianforte, who was leading in the polls here, they had all endorsed him previously, last night three newspapers rescinding those endorsements. montanaens will wake up to that news. in bozeman you might have woken up to this headline the entire front page of the local newspaper dedicated to the assault allegations. it's mind boggling to think it's not like montana voters would have been waking up to read the garden's story about the cbo report this morning but this confrontation is national news and really probably the last thing a lot of montana voters are hearing before they go to the polls. but i will say one caveat, a huge percentage of people in montana vote early and so many of them have already cast their ballots before hearing about this. >> this is extraordinary. i want to bring my panel in to react. matt welsh, editor at large for the reason, and jason johnson, at the and msnbc
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political contributor. what's your reaction to this? >> it's astonchishing a guy with 24 hours left before an election lacks the impulse control to not assault a reporter. >> hold on. take the election out of it. is it not astonishing a human being would do this to someone else? >> yeah. and there's cameras there. there's a fox news team who's reporting, too, from there, has been pretty stunning. they said he put his hands around ben jacobs' neck -- >> i have the quote. >> i want to share the quote. this came from that fox news crew that was there. ready, gianforte grabbed jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him. faith, keith, and i watched in disbelief as gianforte then began punching the reporter, to be clear at no point did any of us who witnessed this assault see jacobs sho any form of physical aggression toward gianforte. that's a powerful statement. and it's from a fox news reporter.
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>> you would think that this would lead to an immediate arrest but it hasn't. it took a while, a couple hours. the local sheriff has donated to gianforte's campaign and that may be one of the reasons why, you know, he hasn't just been brought in already. i think the larger issue is you mentioned it, what kind of world and society do we live in where a candidate thinks it's okay to choke is somebody. he didn't push him out of the way or slam a door in his face, he threw the guy down. you can't have this job if you don't have that degree of self-control. >> i want to know what does this mean for the white house? mike pence went to montana, backed this guy, rode horses with him, donald trump jr. did and the president himself put out a robo call. listen. >> vote for my friend, republican greg gianforte for congress. he's a wonderful guy. he knows how to win. he's going to win for you. i'll tell you what, the people of montana are going to be happy. >> does this put the president
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and mike pence in the hot seat, if elected, they sort of have to answer for this? >> actually yes. it does. paul ryan will be faced with the decision -- >> pac raised $2 million. >> will he seat him? i mean, the speaker of the house has discretion about seating new members and if enough people are angry with that and think that you can't have -- you're in congress, you're going to get microphones in your face every day. >> every single hallway. >> paul ryan could say, i think you're unfit? >> yes. he has that discretionary ability to do that. the broader context beyond it in terms of the politics and the trump administration is just that the pendulum is swinging back against republicans right now, the generic republican against the generic democrat in congressional races is under water in ways we haven't seen in a long time. if a democrat wins here it looks bad. if the republican wins this is the face of your party rageaholics who have no impulse control and want to beat up reporters. >> 70% of the votes are in. that can't be changed. does he win?
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>> there's same day voting and same day registration. we don't know. montana is not that big. it's right before the holiday weekend. i don't think anyone there knows. but here's the thing, stephanie. to not know in a district that trump won by 21, in and of itself is dangerous for republicans. this should have been a slam dunk,s no pun intended for gianforte. the guy ran for governor last year, he should just be far ahead. if he ends up losing this is a huge blow. winning by 1% or 2% it's a hot potato. >> but if he loses, republicans can quickly dissociate themselves and say it was the body slam, not us. >> but then they're facing the series of special elections in which their candidates have vastly under performed expectations. >> all right. >> in georgia and in all these other places it's going to look like this tsunami of democratic resistance going against them. this is not the kind of race they want to lose. >> let's go somewhere else, overseas where president trump
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is meeting with european leaders right now. he met france's new president but one of the toughest meetings may be with uk's prime minister theresa may amid reports the british are going to stop sharing intelligence with the u.s. after information about the manchester bomber leaked through u.s. officials. take a listen. >> i will make clear to president trump that intelligence that is shared ween our law enforcement agencies, must remain secure. >> i want to go live to brussels and kristen welker. what is the white house saying about this? because to be clear, as far as information being leaked around the manchester bombing, this isn't the president and the accusations around his sloppy behavior, this is members of in the intelligence community leaking to the press? >> that's right, stef. but it adds to the mounting tensions here. a white house official tells me they are working on a statement and reaction to all of this, but it's already overshadowing some of the president's agenda. as you pointed out he was
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meeting with the newly elected president and reporters asked him at the end of that meeting, if he could weigh in on these new reports. he had no response, was silent. what he did focus on in the meeting was congratulating macron for his victory saying he is preparing on working forward with. nato secretary general, his agenda was to call for an increase in intelligence sharing and going into this summit, there was a lot of skepticism about president trump for that issue that you raised, the fact that he revealed intelligence that u.s. officials got from israelis to russian officials when he met with them recently in the oval office. so all of it adds to a very tricky diplomatic backdrop here. of course the president has his own agenda. he wants to call on nato countries to ramp up in the fight against isis and also to increase their spending in defense. they are supposed to be spending 2% of their gdp per country, right now only about 5 out of 28
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nato countries actually meet that benchmark. those are the issues he wants to be focused on. instead today he will be facing tough questions and a tough conversation when he meets with the prime minister of the uk. stef? >> thanks, kristen. i want to bring in terrorism analyst malcolm nance. malcolm, what is your take on this? how big of a deal is it with regard to uk/u.s. relations and is it just a counterterrorism issue? >> it's not just a counterterrorism issue. this is a vote of no confidence in the administration being able to keep secrets. as we've seen, we've seen a lot of leaks, but the leaks that have been the most damaging have come out of the mouth of the president of the united states. this did not come out of the mouth of the president of the united states. it came out of the law enforcement officials at the department of homeland security, and the fbi perhaps, and was immediately leaked to the press. showing a great amount of detail. >> couldn't president trump say to theresa may, right on, i agree, i hate all the leaking? i mean the people who leaks this
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or the organization that did, president trump has been going after for months? >> well, that's true. he could say that. but again, this appears to be sort of a shout across the united states' bow that this -- the buck ends at the president and she's going to make it eminently clear he's responsible for anything given to u.s. officials. >> to malcolm's point, this get your house in order, president trump on that phone call with the president of the philippines saying oh, by the way, we've got some nuclear subs off the waters of korea he himself is doing it. what needs to be done in terms of clean your house? >> there has to be -- first off we can't believe this administration when they say they're going to be careful. we don't believe them when they need more people and they're endangering all of our intelligence. there is no greater country to our concerns when fighting terrorism in europe than england. we have to trust them. james bond can't call the u.s. then clearly our special relationship is frayed. this is bigger than trump saying
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theresa may, i'll be more responsible. this is about him getting the respect of the intelligence agencies he's lost going forward. i think part of the reason this happens because he's been attacking these agencies and they don't care how this looks for donald trump and the u.s. >> but what does that say about the intelligence agencies snen this isn't a knock on president trump. we saw the police chief in manchester talk about how damaging this was and hurtful to those families. how does the intelligence community win doing something like this? >> we have a different tradition of freedom of press here than in england. they want to tamp down and suppress this. we have a natural amount of leakage that happens at "the new york times" that is actually from my point of view a good thing. we should have discussions and should see grizzly pictures to remind us how awful this stuff is to place this on trump and the philippine story, some of that infortion w publicized alrey. we're seeking patterns that aren'tecessarily proven to be there completely. >> all right. >> stef faneny if i could make a point -- >> malcolm, yes?
6:14 am
>> i was going to say these aren't leaking from the intelligence communities. they're leaking from law enforcement agencies. that's two entirely different things. >> what's their motivation, though? >> well, their motivation is just to get information out and, you know, they don't have the level of secrecy that we have in the intelligence community. >> all right. we got to take a break. next, new surprising developments in the russia investigation. why didn't attorney general jeff sessions disclose several meetings with russian officials during his security clearance. but, before we go, after president trump met with the pope, comedian and noted catholic stephen colbert was a little unimpressed with trump's thoughts on the pope. >> trump visited the vatican. visited the vatican. that's exciting. afterwards when asked for his impression of the pope, trump said, he is something. the pope is, indeed, something. as jesus himself said, blessed are the vague, for they shall
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you're watching msnbc. we're following several surprising developments this morning in the russia investigation. including three new bombshells. one, the justice department confirming attorney general jeff sessions did not disclose meetings with russia officials during his security clearance as required. two, new subpoenas for michael flynn.
6:19 am
and three, new reporting about with russian officials boasting about their links to trump aides. back with me, malcolm nance, matt welsh and jason johnson. malcolm, the justice department says sessions failed to share the information he met with russian officials. this isn't necessarily a surprise. this is the reason he had to recuse himself two months ago. so what's the big ah-ha here. he didn't think it was an issue then. >> it's a question of documentation. we actually -- they actually have a copy of the sf-86 or confirmed the s-86 -- sf-86 security floor he deliberately withheld. that is immediate grounds for dismiss in most circumstances. sessions with his contacts with russia going from suspicious to sinister. people have to understand why these people are hiding their contacts from russia months ago.
6:20 am
not in real-time. >> what if sessions can prove he says the fbi person working on this told him you don't need to disclose this, this was part of your normal senate activities. >> it will give him protection for his job. as a senator meets with a lot of people and i'm sure it's not justhe russians he didn't disclose contacts with. it was everybody. we're all so russia focused and he answered questions about this, you know, skeevishly in the past so there is reason to want to -- that's a word. >> it's a word. i'm not sure if it's the right word. skeevish. like skeevy is probably not the right one but i will give it to you anyway. jason, talk about mike flynn's subpoenas piling up. how are things looking for him? >> the gee keeps saying i would like immunity, to be covered here. it seems clear if he's not going to give up information and doesn't want to give up his document theirs gaeg to go after his businesses at some point he has to tell the senate intelligence committee there's something i can give you that's big enough, bigger than me, please give me immunity.
6:21 am
they're going to nail this guy to the wall and he needs to come forward. it's not going to work with these subpoenas. he has to offer them something. >> do you agree, malcolm? >> yeah, i agree. mike flynn is now under a waterfall of activity and believe me, this is the least of what we're going to be finding out about mike flynn. it appears the fbi has an enormous quantity of information, the intelligence community has information, and they're going to, obviously, they see him as a linchpin that could probably break. >> is that why president trump in your opinion, matt, doesn't break with mike flynn? mike flynn knows so much information. time and again people are saying, mike flynn, let's try to isolate it, bad hire, and the president not making that statement. he is not someone afraid to turn on a friend. >> this is true. i think part of it is mike flynn is not just a silo within the entire trump organization, he brought in a lot of -- >> carter page. >> people like sebastian ghorka, people who have been part of the foreign policy, steve bannon, they know each other and come from the same universe of policy
6:22 am
an thinking out there, so maybe, if you try to go after him you will see a domino effect of people in the administration. >> that policy and thinking is not traditional conservative thinking. it's destabilizing. i want to share that new "new york times" report out saying last summer russian officials were discussing, even boasting and joking they could influence then candidate president trump through his advisors, namely, campaign chairman paul manafort who since sean spicer has described him as, you kn, as volunteer, part of our campaign a short time, as well as mike flynn. what does this reporting tell you? >> malcolm? oh, you're asking me. sorry. i was quite shocked by this report. i know that about nine months ago, i said at some point, one of our eastern european nato allies will drop some very critical intelligence off a truck in front of the "new york
6:23 am
times." i didn't know it would be a report like this. this is keys to the kingdom level intelligence. whoever the source was for this, whatever the original source, if it's true, because i'm not sure that it's true, whoever it is that source is burned. however, we got this information. but going right to the content of it, this is utterly amazing because it's an internal discussion about people who these russians believe are their intelligence assets who they believe that they can discuss or key in or play the finger strings of these two particular puppets and influence donald trump. this story is going to get a lot more traction. certainly if it can be corroborated, you know, but i don't believe this came from u.s. intelligence. i think this came from someone else's intelligence and that they have an interest in making sure that donald trump is, you know, is exposed for whatever it is that they believe it is. >> is there a way then, matt, for president trump to distance himself in any way? because the two people named, paul manafort and mike flynn, are not part of the
6:24 am
administration. sebastian, i think he's out at this point, we know boris isn't there. carter page is gone. can the president distance himself. this morning donald rumsfeld on "today" show when asked about the national security team, rumsfeld said they're top notch. >> many do not come from the flynn world. that is true. it's important to know trump's policy towards russia at this moment is more sort of vigorously mean or, you know, it's not as friendly as the late obama administration was. so the facts on the ground look like this, however he can't distance himself from the story because he keeps tripping on his own long tie whenever he's talking about it, when backed into a corner he usually says or does something that causes a further problem. >> let's be clear, they're not -- this isn't locker room talk. they're not bragging because we were hanging at a party together. the only they would be bragging this boldly because they have something on these guys and that's the thing we need to be concerned about. not just saying this guy is a
6:25 am
friend of mine because we play golf together. it's i got pictures, receipts. >> there can be a genuine. >> if there are pictures to matt's word they're probably skeevy. next two high-profile lawyers join me to explain how serious the, quote, body slamming incident is and how important the recording of the incident may become and do not forget, gianforte will be on with our own chuck todd today on "meet the press daily" at 5:00 p.m. i'm going to hope it's remote. first president obama was at an event in berlin with german chancellor angela merkel. he took a not so subtle jab at one of president trump's biggest promises. >> in this new world that we live in, we can't isolate ourselves. we can't hide behind a wall.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you're watching msnbc. it's time for your primer, everything you need to know to start your day. president donald trump in brussels today, where he met with the president of the european council and newly elected french president emmanuel macron this morning. in the next hour he will speak before nato for the first time after repeatedly criticizing the alliance for months. the congressional budget
6:30 am
office says the american health care act would leave 23 million more people uninsured by 2026 and reduce the deficit by $119 billion over ten years. the bill moves to the senate but republicans say the current version will likely not pass as is. this is a devastating one. at least 31 migrants have drowned after hundreds of people fell from an overcrowded boat off the coast of libya wednesday. a rescue group said most of those who died were just toddlers. and in the latest in the manchester investigation, officials have arrested the suspected bomber's brother and father in libya, officials say they have also ties to the islamic state and were plotting an attack in tripoli. and it was an emotional night for that city in grief. manchester united, of course, the soccer team, won in a thrill victory in the europa league final winning 2-0. and it is the story everyone's
6:31 am
talking about this morning, you think you were going to be talking montana? voters there are heading to the polls in a special election after a violent confrontation involving the republican candidate caught on audiotape. republican congressional candidate greg gianforte has been cited for assault after a reporter says gianforte body slammed him and broke his glasses. here's a portion of the audio recorded last night. turn up the volume. >> the cbo score because you know you were waiting to make your decision about health care until you the bill came out. >> speak with shame please. just -- >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. the last guy that came in here you did the same thing. get the hell out of here. get the hell out of here. the last guy did the same thing. you with the guardian. >> yes. you broke my glasses. >> the last guy did the same dam thing. >> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> get the hell out of here.
6:32 am
>> after a cquestion about the cbo score. >> joining me trial attorney legal analyst ann bremer. a montana sheriff issued a citation for misdemeanor assault against gianforte. how serious is that citation? >> it's very serious, it's criminal and immediate. they interviewed the witnesses quickly and came to the conclusion he committed a crime within the same day, the same evening, and timing is everything, on the eve of the completion of this election. >> now, joe, he's committed a crime and still, this election can go forward? >> sure, it can go forward. he's not been convicted of the crime. that's the difference. there is a presumption of innocence allegedly in this country, so, you know, there's no conviction. he's citizen accused and stands presumed innocent, and the election can go forward now. realistically, whether i think he has a snowball's chance in hell to win is a different story. >> well, if he's convicted, then
6:33 am
what? let's say he wins the election, and he's convicted, then what? >> well, nothing. because he's only charged with a misdemeanor not a felony and a misdemeanor conviction, does not preclude someone from holding office. a felony conviction would. so this is really, you know, i don't think those hypotheticals are in play. the ones in play are, obviously, there was an incident here, the guy lost his mind, which is not really a quality that should be one for a representative of a state. you know,e got, obviously, physical. you know, conversely, by the way, by all accounts, this reporter was doing something he shouldn't have been doing. he was in this guy's room where they were setting up cameras before the press conference. >> we're not actually sure about that. and i want to share -- >> we're not sure. wait wait wait. we're not sure about anything but we're doing hypotheticals
6:34 am
about him being convicted. this is what witness statements are saying. witness statements who don't by the way make this senator, this candidate out to be anything special, and certainly are not excusing his actions, but by all accounts, the reporter was being a little obnoxious to put it mildly throwing a microphone in someone's face. it doesn't excuse what happened. >> to be clear, sir, he didn't throw a microphone. >> i didn't say throw. okay. you want to be literal with me. when i say throw a microphone in his face i didn't mean hit him. put a microphone to his face when he wasn't in the press conference. he asked not to talk about it now, talk about it later, referred him to his press secretary and his reporter didn't take no for an answer and the press conference hadn't started and he followed him into a room. that's by accounts of people saying this candidate attacked this individual. >> we actually have some sound from the fox news reporter who was also in the room. we just got it. i want to share that right now. >> right. >> i myself was standing about
6:35 am
two feet from both gianforte and jacobs when this happened. there was a table in between us. but i did see the whole thing. gianforte grabbed him by the neck both hands, slid him to the side, body slammed him and got on top of him and started punching and then yelling at him and ben jacobs eventually -- >> what's your reaction? >> well, i mean, words alone don't constitute assault. you can't defend yourself because someone is aggressive. that's the bottom line. can't be a war on reporters. the fact is a public place and this tape is absolutely legal, because there's no assertion of privacy, only be used in a courtroom and that's why he got charged quickly. he overreacted had no right to use force. iced apparently -- used apparently a lot of force. that was a fox news crew that saw this and gave statements to the police right away. and then just h own statement in opposite at least from his campaign saying i was attacked, was a barbecue for volunteers, and this was an aggressive liberal reporter.
6:36 am
so you kind of got that bigger war there of like, against the press, you know, in terms of quote/unquote fake news or anything else, from a candidate. so we've got some of the voters now that have voted in montana but there's a lot that are voting, you know, today. like i said, timing is everything but right now it's a charged case and he has a right to self-defense but not in this case on the facts as we hear them right now on the tape and we know them from eyewitnesses. >> last word, joe? >> look, this doesn't look good for him. you know, obviously, there are witnesses to what appears to be a misdemeanor assault, nothing more, nothing less, and if this were two individuals it would be a slap on the wrist type of deal, a misdemeanor assault and no apparent injuries. this is a guy running for an important office and you can't have it. you can't have someone who can't contain themselves in a setting, even if he was justified in getting angry, you just can't have someone representing a community, a state, in such an important position when they can't control themselves.
6:37 am
and that's -- that's why i think this is -- you know, the death nail for this candidate. >> all right. joe, and ann, thank you so much. appreciate your thoughts this morning. next, more smoke in the russia investigation. the only bank that would lend money to trump being investigated for shady ties to russian businessmen. the markets have just opened up 40, now 49, continuing, to be on this tear. remember last week there was a blip, a hiccup. guess what, now up 55. markets are back. (vo) when i brought jake home,
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president-elect trump has decided and we are announcing today that he is going to voluntarily donate all profits from foreign government payments made to his hotels to the united states treasury. this way, it is the american people who will profit. >> that was then president-elect donald trump's attorney outlining his plan to avoid violation of the constitution's clause by donating any foreign profits to the u.s. treasury. the problem, well, msnbc is reporting that the trump organization is not tracking all possible payments made by foreign governments. instead, they're relying on foreign governments to essentially self-report their business. this also comes as bloomberg reports that the democratic lawmakers are seeking information on whether old loans made by deutsch bank, my alma mater, to trump, had any connection to the russian
6:42 am
government. here to help us unpack all of it, contributor to the economist blog brendan greeley and msnbc chief local correspondent ari melbur. you got the scoop on this, tell me more about the trump organization and how they're handling payments from foreign governments. we thought, boom, it would be a windfall for the treasury. >> that's what they said it would be, they would give this money, at least calculating the profits. what we found is they are not doing that. they're not asking people whether they are from foreign governments or diplomats and not tracking the money that way. this is a document that we first obtained and they say quite clearly now, it's not the intention nor design of the trump policy at their properties to attempt to identify individual travelers who haven't identified themselves as a representative of a foreign government. translation, if you are a foreign government lobbyist you could self-identify and say track me, if you don't, and that is the concern, that they might be trying to curry favor, well, then, they're never going to know about it. we spoke to elijah cummings who
6:43 am
said under this policy [ inaudible ] for putin could throw money at trump properties and nobody would know about it. >> they are being sued over a big opportunity, following the money, never had to follow the money of a president trying to run an international business before and no court has ruled on whether this kind of commerce is an illegal gift under the constitution or not. the trump organization is making it easier for critics to move forward in court. a federal case open in new york that poses this question. if they lose that case, this will be a bigger deal. all this money sloshing around, they're going to have to track it and return it. i will read you one more quote, you don't get to violate the constitution and say you're only going to address some instances and not others because it's inconvenient. >> brendan greeley, let's talk about this move from congressman maxine waters and others,
6:44 am
sending this letter to deutsch bank. now deutsch bank is the one global bank that we know has been a lender to donald trump in the past. that doesn't mean it's tied to russia. deutsch is the biggest underwriter of high-yield new issues in the gaming industry. that's what he was borrowing money for. yes, separately, deutsch has been fined, has ties to banks in cyprus, banks in russia, but how do you marry the two? ? >> i think finances complicate it. you know this better than i do, sometimes it's complicated on purpose. what i think is fascinating about this letter is the democrats have gotten smart. somebody on maxine water's staff understand finance, which is donald trump can say i don't have any deals in russia but what does a deal mean? a deal is not just an asset, it's a liability. so i can just as easily say i don't have any deals in the state of new jersey but i own a house and what if my house is cosigned on by awesome corp llc and stephanie ruhle owns awesome
6:45 am
corp llc a known garden stater, i have a deal with new jersey. this stuff is complicated and the specificity of that list of what they're asking the treasury department for is amazing. they know what they're digging for. >> except one of the reasons deutsch could have been the lender to the trump organization is that deutsch had lower standards. one of the reasons you didn't see jp morgan and morgan stanley and goldman sachs as the counterpart to the trump organization, we know deutsch has been willing to do business with more unsavory partners in countries that other banks weren't, so at the end of the day, couldn't we look at this after looking under the hood and say this is how deutsch operates. they may have lent to president trump and gotten the money or offset it with a bunch of european investors those who wouldn't necessarily do business with other banks? >> that's entirely true and look we do know a lot about, you know, deutsch bank's moscow operations, for example, between 2012 and 2014. it has a new ceo. it's clamped down a bit.
6:46 am
if we go back to the money that donald trump owes deutsch bank, looks like about $300 million, it's at a rate that's sort of below prime. 75 basis point below prime. that's fascinating to me. this is somebody, donald trump, so toxic to other banks they won't come up with a price for him to borrow money. they just won't lend it to him. so if deutsch bank is saying we're going to lend you this and at a really good rate, they're not stupid, so what guarantees are they getting from who under what conditions that will allow them to give him this good rate. >> an excellent point and important to know deutsch bank lent him money out of the private bank, they're not in a need for liquidity, don't need to offset things to a third party and maybe they wanted business with the donald. i am happy to hear that maxine waters and others put this letter forward. i want to know what's in there. it's going to be interesting. gentlemen, thank you both so much. next, the cbo score is out for
6:47 am
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certainly i have some regrets that we weren't able to get everyone health care and obviously some of the progress we made is now imperilled because there's a significant debate taking place in the united states but the point though is that for those 20 million though their lives have been better. >> will someone explain the timing of president obama today with angela merkel while president trump is in europe? that was former president obama this morning as i said talking about the new republican plan to replace obamacare. the congressional budget office now says the new plan would ultimately add 23 million more people to the rolls of the uninsured, bringing the total to more than 50 million, nearly one-sixth of the entire u.s. population. i bring back my panel. matt your reaction to this? >> mitch mcconnell before the cbo score came out didn't think he had 50 votes for this bill so i think this probably effectively kills it, at least
6:52 am
in this form for the time being. they already weren't going to take up the house bill. many the people in the freedom caucus who passed the house bill hate it or at least have been running it down saying it's a marginal improvement at best and that the process was terrible, partly because they wanted to beat the cbo score out the door so they could kick the can over to the senate side. so i think this effectively doomless the bill. republicans didn't do the work necessary and didn't have the courage or their convictions to rip things up and start differently than how they did it. >> were they daned either way? if republicans didn't vote and get this through, we'd be sitting here saying, man, you can't get your house in order. so were they screwed either way? >> they had time. first they had seven years to come up with a plan. >> yes, yes. >> but more than that, they didn't have to do this in the first 100 days. they could have taken longer, we're going to lay out the budget, lay out the wall. they wanted to rush it for ego sake and what they created is an
6:53 am
absolute mess nobody wants to mess with. at the end of the day, 23 million people losing health care that is a non-winning form. i don't care how much you want to cut taxes. cutting tax also not save your job next year if 23 million people lose health care. >> what people don't want to mess to the gianforte, the incident there, because we're now getting reaction from republican lawmakers, like it or not, take a listen. >> we didn't have somebody body slamming when i went to school. i missed that course. >> i believe that we should all treat the press with respect. >> the left has precipitated this tense confrontational approach throughout the country in recent months. >> okay. tense and body slam -- i mean, react please. >> the left has done this. what it says, there is a broader context of on tie media an muss.
6:54 am
it's the thing that knits together the nondemocratic coalition. it's not politics, not any of that. >> we're less than two weeks from that fight that went down when erdogan showed up, and his thugs, his security, his goons were beating down protesters. >> the president didn't say anything about and here is the other thing i find fascinating for the pro-trump anti-media people saying the media is full of softies and snowflakes. if you get triggered by a question by the cbo you're not tough enough for the job. the end of the day people will chase you down the hallway, show up at the bathroom. is he going to get into a giant maul fist fight with everybody at the town hall? if you're not tough enough to answer the question not tough enough for montana you need to step back. >> thank you so much. up next, president trump is expected to arrive at the nato summit any minute now. we'll bring that to you live as it happens.
6:55 am
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6:59 am
hour. president trump arriving any minute at nato headquarters in brussels. while he's prepping to meet with german chancellor angela merkel he's in the middle of multiple firestorms. incensed officials from the prime minister to the police accusing leaking to the bombing information. startling supports surrounding russia, moscow's plan to influence those close toast candidate trump and provocative question, did moscow dupe fbi director james comey? and talk about the wild, wild west. the republican running for congress in montana gets physical and on election eve is cited by police charged with assaulting a reporter. our team is here covering it all, kelly o'donnell is with the president, garrett is in montana for us and let's start there, so "the guardian" released audio of this incident between report e ben jacobs and candidate greg
7:00 am
gianforte. he asked for the latest cbo score of the republican health care bill, pretty straightforward stuff but then this happens. >> a spramt reads "tonight as greg was giving a separate interview with a private office the guardian's ben jacobs entered the office without permission, aggressively shoved a recorder in greg's face and began asking badgering questions. jacobs was asked to leave. after asking jacobs to lower the recorder, jacobs declined. greg then attempted to grab the phone that was pushed in


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