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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  May 26, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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said to germans about specifically trade. you saw gary cohn try to walk that back a little after spiegel reported that the president said of germany, they're bad, very bad. cohn said today, he was talking about trade specically and not about th nation itself or about chancellor angela merkel. the president talked before about wanting to say tax cars m imported from germany. this is not necessarily unusual for the president but of course at the g-7 focused on the economy, any comments about trait are going to be look at closely. you've had the president of the european council predict this will be the most challenging g 7 in years frankly that is because of president trump's presence here. he is not in president obama. and in the first part of his trip that was actually a good thing. this part of the trip not so much. you're already seeing headlines, one today said heaven and hell
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and it was a picture of president obama and angela merkel and a picture of president trump and angela merkel. on the front page talking about how darcht these two men are and how different they're perceived here in europe. the other big sticking point is what happens with climate change here and specifically what kind of language will come out of the g 7 when it ends tomorrow. will it be the tough talk that the european leaders want to see or is it going to be a nod to president trump, something a little less aggressive given that this is air n area they dot see eye to eye. he won't decide what to do until after he gets back. let me mention one final point. gary doan cousin asked today about russian sanctions as well, whether that would continue under president trump. cohn declined to answer. we'll expect to hear from him in a couple of hours for another briefing and we'll bring that news to you when we get it. >> extraordinary.
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just give me a sense, is hope lost at all in terms of other g7 leaders. when you look at the president's conduct, his ease when he was in places like saw day arabia where he said i'm not going to lecture anyone and then clearly he did among nato allies yesterday. there's a lot riding on this g7 meeting in sicily, specifically around climate or around trade and the economy. is there any hope lost after yesterday? >> reporte you know, i'm not sure based on our repoing, i don't know that folks would go to say hope a lost. but i don't think all of their concerns were alleviated. you had specifically over these last 48 hours here leaders hoping that the president would come out forcefully on, for example, the article 5 commitment to nato, that an attack on one is an attack on all. the president declined that do that. he's not making these overtures that leaders hear wanted to see as opposed to what we saw from him earlier in the week when he said we're not going to lecture
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and he did that in brussels. some of the body language here, we walked as president trump walked into the g7 with lang a merkel, tw two of them laughing, smiling and talking, you're not seeing the body language you expect to see if a chill had descended and frozen the relationship. we're waiting to report how the meetings are going. the president is going to head to this theater, this sort of stunning spot and we'll see both him and first lady melania trump there as well. we're keeping on eye on the developments here in sicily. >> peter alexander at the white house, fill us in on what's going on around jared kushner and what it means for the investigation. because it's very important to delineate the difference between jared himself being investigated or they're just having more questions. because it's to be expected jared would know a lot. he's been standing next to the
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president for the last 18 month as he's the guy that was close to michael flynn. jared met with the head of the russian ambassador with flynn in tow at trump tower during the transition. >> reporter: what we do know is multiple u.s. officials are telling nbc news that investigators believe that jared kushner has significant information relative to their inquiry. he's under fbi scrutiny right now. it does not mea tha think suspect him of a crime or intend to charge him. why it's significant is this investigation is now reaching right next to the president. kushner is the only kurnt white house official that we know to be under scrutiny. the officials say his situation is different from the situation that former trump aides paul manafort and michael flynn are facing. they're both formerly considered subjects of the investigation. what's important to know here is
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it is not clear precisely what about kushner's investigations has drawn the fbi's interest. you were talking about the contacts with russians. in december he met in new york with sergey kislyak. we know last year that he met with a man by the name of sergey go gore kof. he's been the subject of u.s. sanctions following the annexation of crimea. we heard yesterday from jared kushner's lawyer who tells nbc that he has previously volunteered to share with congress what he knows about the meetings. they say he'll do the same if he's contacted in connection with any other inquiry. i have spoken to the white house. they are not commenting further. they're deferring all comment right now to jared kushner's attorney. jared himself i'm told is back here in washington, d.c. after traveling with the president on
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the first legs of that foreign trip. >> i want to bring my panel in. former yurnd secretary for public affairs rick stangel, shelby holiday from "the wall street journal" and nick from the "the new york times." nick, i want to share what sean spicer said back in march specifically about jared kushner's role. take a look. >> throughout the campaign and the transition jared served as the official primary point of contact with foreign governments and officials until we had state department officials up. you're acting as though there's something nefarious about doing what he was tasked to do. >> doing what he was actually tasked to do. jared kushner has been tasked with leading the office of innovation, peace in the middle east and leading all things between the u.s. and china. he's tasked with a lot. but jared's job is to talk with foreign governments. now that he's part of this fbi inquiry, can he conduct his day job? >> well, he has a lot of conflicts like everybody in the trump allah gar ki orbit.
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i know that i'm going to escape answering your question. now that there's an investigation we should let the investigation take its course. but the idea that you would have the president's son-in-law dealing with foreign leaders, that's something that the saudis would understand and the sunni sats and all of these autocratic governments. it's unusual for american democracy that that's happening. >> is this when the paradigm could become complicated? the "the new york times" reported saying jared being in the white house is going to cause serious conflicts and distractions. we know that the president is not going to go bad or distance himself in his own family. but we've seen people close to the president get burned time and time again when it's lewandowski losing his job, paul manafort, chris christie, rudy giuliani lost credibility in defending the president in the way he did.
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what does this mean for the white house and jared in a leadership position when the questions are being asked? >> it probably elevates the bannon faction a small amount if jared has to spend time prepping for interviews with the fbi. i think it helping the bannon faction. this is the world that they bought into by keeping their business relationships and their fortunes and not really divesting, not unwinding those investments and changing those family businesses. this is politics and family business which is not how it works well in america if you try to do both things at the same time. >> we have a lot of questions about jared kushner's financial background. he has his hands in a lot of differenbuckets. he had issues not disclosing a stake in a tech company th. he also disdisclose a billion dollars in loans from 20 different lenders. there are questions about his business relationshipans and th
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meeting he had in december. we don't know if he was talking about sanctions or if it was a kmoetly innocent conversation. he was tasked with meeting with world leaders. there will be a huge problem in the white house in the sense this will be a time suck. we already hear that steve bannon and reince priebus have come back to washington setting up a war room and they're going to spend a lot of time trying to pushback. but right now they're all on their heels. >> talk to us about the palace intrigue that could be returning with the president. i'm guessing that the administration with you in europe would say this has been a huge win for them. but before you all embarked on this foreign trip it was a difficult situation. there was talk there was going to be a shakeup, the president was barely speaking to many members of his senior staff following firing james comey. and now when they return and guys like gary cohn who want to get down to business, talk
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economy, talk tax reform, are they ever going to get to the republican agenda? if you remember last thursday when the market took a dip, it was the fear thinking are we ever going to get to this thing. >> reporter: right. so let me take that in a couple of parts. first on the palace intrigue. i think our guidance with the white house unit for msnbc news is that if anything was going to happen it was going to be after the trip if at all. on the communications said we have reporting from multiple sources that the president was considering maybe changing that day to day face, having sara huckabee sanders take on a larger rule. when the president gets back from this trip, he's diving back into the domestic crises that consumed him. thgs that peter alexander just talked about, the russian investigation from the fbi, james comey, his fired fbi director is going to be testifying on capitol hill at
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some point after the president lands at joint base andrews. those are the issues that are going to confront him when he gets back. this has been a time for him to perhaps lead in a little bit of a different way. i imagine his advisers are saying this is what happening -- he was getting good headlines earlier in the trip when you don't tweet, stay off of twitter and you don't have is the shadows hanging over the administration when he's overse overseas. i think it's interesting to see what shakes out when we get back. as far as the other side of it, the agenda, the white house would respond saying we're implementing the president's agenda. we're working on the budget that was just rolled out. we want to hit tax reform. what i've heard from sources on the hill they want to do something before the august rece recess. they'll talk about health care, letting that marinate over on the senate side. but there are some questions about what this summer is going to hold, whether it's a summer shakeup, a push ahead on some of the agenda items as well. still though the president has another day to get through in
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sicily. and as he's holding these meetings we expect to get more information about what exactly is shaking out here. >> you know the president well and you have just said well you know they're limiting his screen time, he's staying off of twitter. it's been possible because on that overseas trips he's busy. now that jared is firmly in this center of these headlines and you've got a leaky white house, do you believe that the president can maintain that level of self control? we know that he does not like to get hit where it hits were his own name, his own family. do you think the president will come home and return to the trump that we know and simply let it rip? >> reporter: so i sadly steph did not bring my crystal ball on this particular trip with me. >> i saw one in saudi arabia. >> reporter: wasn't mine, girl. i will say that based on what we've seen from the president in the past, when it comes to the way tha he receives
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information, negative headlines, for example, h attacks the media. so i wonder -- and again, this is just based on what we've seen and his pattern of behavior before when difficult headlines come out it could be problematic for the administration. the response is to go after the publications that came out with the head line, not necessarily the issue itself but the coverage surrounding that. we know that the white house is very frustrated with the attention being place odden the russia investigation. here's the thing, in june that's what we're going to be talking about because that's what's going to be happening on capitol hill a hill. >> whether it's jared now in the headlines, the president's very tough talk at nato, the president seeming to be very warm when he met -- when he was in saudi arabia or having a relatively -- a positive meeting with erdogan saying nothing when erdogan's body men attacked peaceful protesters. what could the foreign leaders
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be thinking right now and especially ifs as as it relate if jared is the person they're supposed to interact with. putin is thinking right now, baby. but the rest of the world. >> putin is thinking all i was bargaining on was somebody to reduce sanctions. when you're president of the united states there are lots of things that are optional. it's optional to do the sword dance in saudi arabia. it is not optional to go to brussels and not endorse article 5. nato created, the greatest alliance in all of history to protect against russian aggressi aggression. >> it is popgs noptional to nott and defend the united states constitution. >> what's the fallout? >> the jalofallout is the people looking at ms. merkel and other places, they're looking at china where the investment bank is
7:15 am
going to dwarf anything they were going to do in asia was we withdrew from tpp. they're looking at a world order where the united states is not at the center. >> guess who wanted world order, steve bannon who has said let's tear it apart. could steve bannon be sitting in the white house going yep, this is what we were looking for. >> absolutely. look. i think the handling of the president's trip to nato is certainly an expression of the world view. we've seen steve bannon elaborate and talk about. the destruction of the atlantic alliance. the end of the rules based international order and a return to what russia and china want which is spheres of influence. to me i just think that the cost of the american alliance, the atlantic alliance to us which the president is harping on is very tiny. we pay a small price to be the dominant super power in the
7:16 am
entire world and i'm not sure why the president feels it's important to unwind that but clearly he wants to. >> we've got to take a break. >> dang. >> thank you. hallie, we're going to talk to you later in the hour. nick and shelby are going to be with me throughout the hour. next, president trump's response to republican greg gianforte's win in montana special congressional election and he wasn't even being asked about it. plus, why his victory may not be a vikt fi for the republican party, you know the party of family values going forward. ♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here.
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great win in montana. >> president trump of course a couple of hours ago during a photo op at the g7 summit in sicily. he's talking about last night's closely watched special election in montana won by republican greg gianforte. the win came one day after gianforte was charged for manhandling a body slam is what it was, a reporter who asked him a question about health care. nbc's garrett haik is working overtime. steve kornacki joins the table and we're back with the panel. it's extremely unusual for a victory speech to come with an apology for throwing someone down on the ground with your
7:21 am
bare hands. >> reporter: well that was the second unusual response to this incident. a tale of two responses. first the campaign put out a statement saying this is all the reporter's fault, he got aggressive and the candidate had no choice. then after the victory, minutes after the race was called, gianforte came out and had a completely different tone. > >> i'm not proud of what happened and i should not have responded the way that i did. i'm sorry. >> you're forgiven. >> reporter: offering a public apology for the incident that threatened to redial his campaign. >> i should not have treated that reporter that way. and for that i'm sorry, mr. ben jacobs. >> reporter: the hotly contested campaign between geeian forday and rob kwis blew up last wednesday when a reporter's question to gianforte about the house health care bill landed
7:22 am
the report in the hospital and the candidate in political hot water. >> he immediately got defensive, i tried to follow up one time and next thing i went i went from not being vertical to horizontal. >> reporter: gianforte's campaign originally offered a different version of the altercation saying it's unfortunate that this aggressive behavior created this seen. after the sheriff charged gianforte with misdemeanor assault, speaker paul ryan said that he should apologize but he'll welcome to the white house. >> the choice will be made by the people of montana. >> reporter: in the end, gianforte's supporters rallied behind him, his campaign taking in $100,000 a day after the incident. so that apology might make the political issue go away at least for the time being but he still has a legal issue to deal with
7:23 am
sometime between now and when he gets sworn in june 6th, he's got to appear before a judge here and face that misdemeanor assault charge which is not going away. >> i can't say -- i've got to state it one more time. after the incident. after he threw the reporter down he raised a quick 100 grand. steve kornacki, clearly it's all about politics. tell me what this means. >> yeah, take the incident with the reporter out of it. we were already looking at this race as a test of donald trump a few months into his administration, is there slippage. so look, donald trump won montana by 21 points. that was the margin last november. you see if you're a democrat, the good news you take from this, the silver lining they say, it was trump 2 is points in november, we knocked it down to six, that's a swing of 15 points in our direction. >> and he was replacing a republican seat. >> this is one that the republicans have held since 1996. but it does elect democrats from
7:24 am
time to time and democrats thought this is the kind of climate with the republican president who's controversial, maybe slipping a little bit in the poll there would be an opportunity. what lessons can it tell us? a couple of things jumped out at me. trump country, we're talking about the counties where trump got 80%, 90% of the vote, we've wondered is his base slipping a little bit, would they not turn out in those numbers and support him. no, they did. you see on the map, the whole red side, that's trump country, they were there in the same numbers frs gianforte as they were for trump. one of the areas where there was growth on the map for the democrats, there are two white working class blue collar cou y counties around the buthe area. they broke toward donald trump last november. they moved close to 30 points in the direction of the democrat in this election. those are the kinds of voters that the democrats lost to trump in places like wisconsin, places
7:25 am
like pennsylvania, maybe a little in butte, montana. they did win some of the voters that they needed to win back just not enough of them. >> why trump country didn't change, trump country and ryan country are not necessarily is same thing. aefr every day we're monitoring what is the gop going to do, how are they going to respond to the president. i want to share a bit of paul ryan's statement this morning where he said quote elections are about choices and montanians made their choices selecting greg gianforte to represent them in congress. he's an outsider with real world experience creating jobs in montana. he will bring that experience to congress where he'll be a valuable voice within the house republican conference. he's carefully choosing his words. he's the jobs guy. may not be the family guy or the
7:26 am
integrity guy but he's going to bring back jobs. is that what paul ryan is trying to do here? when and if president trump doesn't deliver those jobs, then what? now you've got the party that represents family values backing somebody that slammed a reporter -- in my opinion -- i'm not going to say in my opinion, this through reporter to the ground and is now charged with a misdemeanor assault. >> it's huge problem for the gop. and paul ryan should be having the easiest year. he has republican majorities, republican president, the republicans are winning the special elections even though they're not doing as well a as they should be. instead he has to make comments like this. i was at the town hall two weeks ago for congressman mcarthur and republicans are angry at the fact that their republican representatives are not distancing themselves or holding president trump and others like president trump accountable at this time. so you can see it on the ground. you can certainly see the frustration, the anger.
7:27 am
but you also see in that apology speech that greg gianforte supporters weren't cheering loudly when he apologized. they didn't necessarily support the apology enthusiastically. the base is divided and you walk a fine line angering one part of the base and then keeping the other. >> look, i don't know. i think that this race, it's hard to call bell weather. it shows improvement for democrats. but it shows that the democrats can't win back the house with slightly flakey candidates, without enough money in deep red country. montana is not the reddest of red states. but i don't think the road to the house for democrats runs back through places like montana. it's going to run back through the suburbs and through a message that says the democrats are a better plan for you and your lives and not necessarily just on a trump backlash. >> steve kornacki, thank you. up next, police conducting more raids in manchester trying to prevent another terrorist
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back now with a look. we are back now with a look at this morning's headlines. president trump on the final
7:32 am
stop of his nine-day international trip. the president meeting with fellow g7 leaders in sicily while back at home his top adviser and son-in-law jared kushner, that's difficult, now under scrutiny by the fbi. agents focusing on the investigation into russia and the trump campaign. sources say kushner is not a suspect but they are seeking information from him. vice president spence delivering the commencement address today at the naval academy. here's a live look at that graduation from annapolis maryland. the ceremony began 30 minutes ago. in egypt, at least 26 people were killed and 27 others wounded after a gunman opened fire on a bus carrying cop tick christians to a mon stair. this is the third attack on the christians in that region since last month. now to the developments in the manchester terror investigation where the intense
7:33 am
manhunt has led to another arrest. secretary of state rex tillerson met with his british counter part in london where he signed a book of condolences and addressed the controversy concerning the leaking of intelligence in the terror investigation. >> the president has been very strong in his condemnation and his call for an immediate investigation and prosecution of those who are found to have been responsible for leaking any of in investigation to the public. we take full responsibility for that and we obviously regret that that happened. >> let's go now to manchester where there have been more police raids as they continue to hunt for possible accomplices to the suicide bomber. nbc's kelly koeb yay ya is there. this was such a devastating attack. the more we learn about the young vims, what are you hearing about the intelligence hearing between the u.s. and the uk at this point? >> reporter: it sounds like that
7:34 am
flow of information has turned back on this morning. it is happening once again after americans gave the british some assurances that their information would not be leaked if it was shared with the united states. and there is quite a bit of information still going back and forth, still being gathered as you mentioned. yet another raid this morning and another arrest. that brings the number of those arrested to 10. two of those people have since been released. eight remain in custody, eight mean between the ages of 18 and 38, all of them being questioned on suspicion of terrorism related offenses. that's as detailed as the investigators will get us to in terms of why they're being held. what connection do they have to salman abedi, how close were they do him, were they supplying him with materials, with information. those details we simply don't have yet.
7:35 am
we're hearing in the british media today, some outlets are reporting that abedi may have been planning this for up to a year. nbc news has not independently confirmed that. we're also hearing some suggestions of what may have motivated him. his sister telling "the wall street journal" that he was very upset about the sere man civyri war. she said, i think she saw muslim children dying everywhere and wanted revenge. she saw the explosives that america dropped on children in syria and he wanted revenge. that from the sister of abedi to "the wall street journal." another relative unnamed relative telling the associated press that he was also very upset with the way that muslims were treated in this country. but the big questions still today are, was he the bomb maker. how much material did he have. are there other bombs out there. is there another explosive
7:36 am
device out there somewhere in this country. and another target, perhaps coming up on this three-day holiday weekend. and that's why you're seeing the statements from amber rudd, the home secretary who said that the threat level would remain at critical, critical meaning that an attack may be imminent. >> thanks kelly, joining us from manchester. i just want to turn to my panel quickly on this. there's been so much talk about the leaks. we know that teresa may reprimanded the united states, rex tillerson addressed it this morning. but can he address it and actually say we're going to get our house in order. it's not just the law enforcement officials. the president himself, whether he's sharing information with russians, sensitive information we learn from israel, mentioning to the president of the fi philippin philippines, we've got nuclear subs off of korea. can rex tillerson say we're
7:37 am
going to handle this. >> sometimes the leaks are coming from inside the house in this administration from the president himself. i would point out that the amount of leak in this investigation is not unusual. it's not paths that we've seen in past incidents. what's different is the reaction. and there's a real question in my mind as to why the may government and manchester police and the trump administration are making this a big deal right knew and if it has more to do with fitting in with trump's message about leaks in the u.s. than with their actually being a major departure in the flow of information out to the press back in the u.s. >> we're going to take a break. ready for combat. an inside look at how the army trains its recruits and whether they're prepared to protect our country, especially in the wake of president trump's call for thousands of additional troops. hey, the future, what's her problem? apparently, i kept her up all night. she said the future freaks her out. how come no one likes me, jim? intel does! just think of everything intel's doing right now with artificial intelligence. and pretty soon ai is going to help executives
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♪♪ let your reign begin. evony, the mobile game. download now. ♪"my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up...
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7:42 am
>> he is sticking with president obama's troop levels that are with set obviously under the obama administration. and that is because it is not as easy as one might think to grow this size of the army. that is why i went to basic training to find out what goes into recruiting men and women that are serving in the u.s. armed forces. take a look. this is the culmination of all of this training. is this as close as it gets to real come watt whbat when you'rc training? >> for these guys yes. >> one goal, transform civilians into soldiers. >> all of us here are enlisted during a time of war. >> reporter: you need them to be thinking about it's likely they'lldy employ. >> if they come in here expe expecting not to deploy and they
7:43 am
do, it could destroy a soldier. >> are you feeling nervous? >> of course sir. >> what does that feel like? feels like freedom. going to serve if the army for five years, get out, get the gi bill and become a pilot. >> a commercial pilot. >> yes, sir. >> let's take a look, jacob. what do you think? >> it's nice. >> pretty good, right? >> yes, sir. >> after years of drawdowns the army is in the midst of a droop buildup. president trump called for a greater increase bringing the total active troop number to 540,000. but the army is working hard to hit its current goal of 436,000 this year, spending $300 million just to recruit 6,000 more trainees by october. that's because a whooping 70% of military age people don't meet the physical or mental requirements to serve. why do you think that it is a small fraction of you know eligible americans that
7:44 am
ultimately are qualified to enlist? >> there's a fraction of our society that the physical activity kind of dissuades them away from it. >> i joined the recruits to experience some of the obstacles they're trained to overcome here physically on the ground, mental, 30 feet above ground and respiratory, in the tear gas chamber. i'm taking my glasses off. >> absolutely. >> this is the real deal. >> go! >> take a deep breath. >> the tear gas is coming out of the canister here. all of them are going to have to take their masks off. >> hold your breath. hold your breath. >> eyes open. >> how was that? >> it was worse than i expected but we survived. >> why do you sign up for this in. >> i did it to better my family and my fiancee when i get back home. >> this is worth it? >> oh yeah. >> over a lunch of mres, soldier
7:45 am
trainees get a rare moment to let their guard down. >> i've had people tell any you joined at the wrong time. the election just happened. >> why do they say that? >> they're afraid something is going to happen and we're going to have to be overseas. >> are you afraid? >> it is what it is. >> what's going on with north korea and syria. >> what's going on? a lot of tension and the president is talking about sending people back to afghanistan. you don't hear anything about that in. >> no. we have no phones or computers. it doesn't matter to us. we are in the no zone. >> in the no zone and facing a future that today is in the hands of president trump. these soldiers, steph, it's really incredible to see, including women now at ft. benning are ready for whatever comes their way. less than 1% of all measursh am actually serve in the military because of the fact it is so challenging to recruit men and
7:46 am
women. it's reflected in president trump's budget proposal, the fact that he's sticking with president obama's troop numbers despite his ploms to rairomise size of the military. >> would have been more impact that you had shaved your head too. really shown your commitment. . >> no thank you. that was awesome. good to see you. he's done a sword dance, left a note on the western wall and held an audience with the pope. there's one glaring omission from president trump's first overseas trip since taking office. we'll have those details on the other side of the break. be fix. trust safelite autoglass. for these parents, driving around was the only way to get their baby to sleep. so when their windshield got cracked... customer: we can't drive this car. tech: ...they wanted it fixed right. so they scheduled with safelite. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliable bond, every time. at safelite, we stand behind our work.
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northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. welcome back. you're watching msnbc. i'm steph knew ruanie ruhle. at the president's g7 summit today, the plight of refugees and climate change are expected to come up. the italian government reported sicily specifically to highlight the migrant issue, as thousands of refugees continue to hit its shores. this as the fourth circuit court of appeals ruled yesterday the president's travel ban likely violates the constitution, setting up a potential battle as
7:51 am
high as the supreme court. nbc's hallie jackson, anchor for this hour, is back with us from sicily. i know there's a lot for them to cover, but any reaction from the administration on this ruling? >> yeah. so this is something that came from, as peter alexander would say, back on the farm, where he is holding down the fort at the white house. let me tell you what a press aide is saying. we are confident the president's executive order to protect the country is fully lawful and ultimately will be upheld by the judiciary. optimism out of the white house. the senior assistant press secretary adding, these are clearly dangerous times, and we need every available tool to prevent terrorists from entering the united states. this is an example, of course, stephanie, of a president traveling abroad, doing not just the work overseas, but also dealing with issues that are coming up back at home. there's a small core of people left back at the white house. you saw about a week ago, actually, a week ago today, basically, the whole west wing emptying out, getting on air
7:52 am
force one. reince priebus, steve bannon, jared kushner. some of the folks are now back home, including preee inreince jared kushner and ivanka trump. they're dealing with the issues popping up back home. on the international part of the trip, the end of it, it is gary cohn who stepped up. the g7 summit is all about his environment, where he is a key adviser to the president. you're seeing h.r. mcmaster here for the duration. he's been at almost all the meetings the president has had. >> gary cohn has gone to the g7 meeting for years and years as the president of goldman. when they return, the fact this travel ban issue has come up again, if jeff sessions is going to say, let's bring this thing to the supreme court, is this going to create yet another distraction for the white house that is going to keep them away from getting to the agenda? guys like gary cohn don't want to talk about the travel ban. they want to talk about the agenda. >> they want tax reform, getting
7:53 am
through health care. they want things done. this is a distraction. it'll be interesting to see how donald trump reacts to it when he comes home. this is largely stayed off twitter, has not commented on domestic issues while abroad. i was looking at my phone yesterday, waiting for a tweet about the travel ban and how it is going. never came. he hasn't said anything. he will decide how much of a distraction it is by his tweets, by his comments, whether he wants to focus on it. it is unclear if this trip has changed his perspective on going after the media, commenting on so-called judges, attacking anyone who stands in his way. he may come home a different president. it'll be interesting to see. >> hallie mentioned the west wing cleared out. wasn't just the west wing. wilbur ross, gary cohn, the economic business minds surrounding the president. yet when the president spoke yesterday at nato and continues to say, i'm going to make these nato allies pay their bills, he's not telling the complete truth. the guys next to him aren't refuting that. >> it's true. look, our allies are paying their share as agreed on.
7:54 am
essentially, there is a thing in place right now where our allies are being asked to up their shared spending and their own country's military to 2% of their gdp. they're making progress on that. if the president wants to say it should be more, it's fine. but they are living up to their obligations. yes, the u.s. spends more in the military, which is why we are the global superpower, right? you can decide if you want that authority and that power around the world, you probably are going to spend some more money on the military. it's a pretty good deal for the american taxpayer, i'd say, just in terms of the global supremacy of the american project. >> the president has been doing a lot of work. he is busy over on the trip. you're there with him. what we haven't seen is a press conference. how unusual is that? >> really unusual. i'm talking with some of my colleagues here from the nbc white house unit who are veterans of these presidential trips, and it is not the norm
7:55 am
for a president to go abroad, to go overseas, and to not hold some kind of a news conference with the traveling press core that's come with him. i hate to get into this because it sounds like reporters are being whiny. it's not people who come on the trip and want access to the president. it is about the president answering questions about his trip. talking about some of the issues that have come up. if he doesn't do the news conference, you're left with people trying to shout questions at him in between bilateral meetings, trying to get in sort of when they can, when they see the president, and it is not a particularly effective way for the administration to be handling some of these questions that have come up. i will say that there have been background briefings from senior administration officials throughout this trip. not as many as reporters would like. we always want to hear more from the administration about this. secretary of state rex tillerson has a couple times come back on air force one and answered questions on camera. that's not the full press core. i think what you'll see are these questions koncontinuing t
7:56 am
build. the president says when he gets back, he is going to talk to members of the media. that's something we've heard before that has never materialized in different situations. there is still a question as to whether or not that's actually going to happen. there have been some reports from former obama administrations who say, hey, we like to hold press conferences overseas because we like to send the message the u.s. has a free and fair press and push that. >> safe trip home. beautiful there. hope you get some time to yourself. >> thanks. >> thank you for joining us this hour. we'll be right back. microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin.
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that is it for me for these two hours and for the day. many thanks to nick, shelby. i am stephanie ruhle. find me on twitter. tomorrow, 12:30. cavaliers superfan is coming up, chris jansing. >> we won't talk about the nba finals. we have a difference of opinion there. right now, under scrutiny. the fbi looking at the president's son-in-law and jared kushner's role during the campaign and the transition. what may have drawn the agency's interest? victory and apology. gianforte prevailed in the special election despite charged with assault hours before. is this a bad sign for the democratic party going forward? and diplomat in chief. president trump in italy this morning for th


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