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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 29, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. hi there. good morning. on this memorial holiday we have a lot of new music to break. defending jarred. the white house circling the wagon around the president's son-in-law. plus is corey lewandowski coming back? going alone. german chancellor announces a gigantic shift that europe can no longer depend on the united states. fallout from the president's trip this morning. another test of north korean missile. another test of america's
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patience. >> a conflict in north korea would be probably the worst kind of fighting in most people's lifetimes. >> begin today with the president's son-in-law and top aide jared kushner laying low after one of two punch media report. first bombshell he's under scrutiny, not investigation, by the fbi. the second that he tried to set up a secret back channel communications line with moscow before trump even took office. we are in luck. have a great team here to break it all down this morning taking you first to nbc's kristen welker at the white house. give us an update. >> reporter: good morning to you. president returned from first foreign trip and bracing for battle after "the washington post" reported over the weekend son-in-law jared kushner tried to set up a back channel to communicate with the russians in december. kushner now a focus on the russia probe, but not the
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subject of it. source familiar with the thinking inside the white house is a few people have suggested that kushner should lay low for a while. as for kushner, he is focused on work and eager to cooperation agreement -- cooperate despite any buzz about him laying low, no indication the president shares that viewpoint. told the "new york times" quote, he's doing great job for the country. total confidence in him. respected by virtually everyone and working on programs to save our country billions of dollars. in addition to that and more importantly, he's a very good person. president lashing out on the media on twitter. no surprise there. writing, quote, the fake news media works hard at disparaging and demeaning my use of social media. don't want america to hear the real story. as for the streenl, the white house setting up a room to respond to the russia controversy and the president expected to hit the road. planning to hold rallies and try to refocus domestic agenda.
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talk about things like taxes and health care. as for today, president will try to keep focus on memorial day. lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery and deliver remarks. >> bring panel in here. princeton professor, matt welsh, editor at large. and freelance journalist who previously worked for the russian news channel. let's start with the big question. why would jared kushner want to have a secret back channel. >> i think it's a good question. i think a lot of people are asking why would jared kushner be entrusted in doing something like this. if you are the incoming administration. you're going to try to be working on your transition. it's not unusual for there to be secret back channels of different countries. it looks skeptical. puts russia in the middle of a huge scandal. question of whether or not russia interfered with the u.s. election. don't forget jared kushner has been trusted with resolving
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middle east peace and justice system in the united states. also giving our federal government a refresh and so i think that this just shows the many questions of surrounding confidence of the trump administration and many of those instances are issues to make. why do they keep, you know, doing things where secrecy is being questioned and the coverup. this is just one more of those examples where doesn't necessarily seem like common sense. that's more than we expect from this administration. >> competency and wrongdoing are two different things. i myself have spoken to people inside the white house who said, they don't know whether or not there's wrongdoing on jared's part here, but the fact he has no government experience during the transition maybe he was asking for things or doing things he didn't realize were wholly inappropriate. is there a chance that's the case and putting a cart before the horse here. >> absolutely there's a chance.
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think about every single new incoming administration whenever the white house changes team. ronald reagan's team was engaged in back channel investigations that are spectacular in 1980 and '81. trump's people are almost uniquely inexperienced. drawing from a pool offal ent t here. 36-year-o there isn't a big trump foreign policy team to work with. you have inexperienced people who have a lot of self confidence. at a time when everybody is ready to pounce on every step because of russia and also because the media and the national security people are all set like this against trump for good reason, for understandable reasons. i think it's very possible he was trying to get trump an early win, a transition win, and he colored outside the lines and
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acted. >> then it's sort of i feel like matt is painting a picture this is an incompetent rodeo. that is far different from resident evil which is what we're hearing over the last few days. >> i think we're somewhere in between. i think it's the case that what makes this is a the reports. their established that russia had interference with our election. why didn't we report it. why does this have to enter the public domain in this way. which heightens suspicious. second thing we have to determine whether this is a diplomatic initiative or something else. that's going to require an investigation. to my mind, it goes back. before nixon was elected. two back channel efforts. one had to do with soviet union and other had to do with vietnam. the first was typical. wasn't illegal. it was probably improper, but it wasn't illegal.
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the second was different. we had to figure out is this a diplomatic mission or something else. the reason folks are moving to something else is because of how it happened and the context. >> let's parse this again, those who are saying jared kushner needs to step down. he can't sit at his post at the white house, wouldn't that be what un-american. they've got investigations across the board here. they've got robert muller in his seat doing everything he possibly can. since that is the case and we don't know that jared did anything more than what's been reported, wouldn't it be fair say he needs to step down. >> likely the people saying he needs to step down steve bannon. he's been fighting with steve bannon this whole time. the leaks that make the biggest fake news and maybe that's the wrong terms to use. the leaks that don't turn out to have a lot behind them are persnelights in the white house. one team against the other team trying to influence the
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outcoming events. the people calling for kushner's head are ideas the white house. >> you've seen members of democrats. >> of course they would. they're democrats. you have to be careful with this. avoid trying to get too partisan. too cared away. too swept up in every headline. every time you read a couple paragraphs down, it will say, by the way, the fbi says for now jared kushner is only under scrutiny. >> we are a country of laws. we need to respect those laws. i want to share what homeland security said about jared kushner on "meet the press" yesterday. >> a lot of different ways to communicate. back channel. publicly. with other countries. i don't see any big issue here relative to jared. any time you can open lines of communication with anyone, whether they're good friends or not so good friends is a smart
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thing to do. >> secretary kelly in the hot seat here in large part because jared kushner is the son-in-law to the president of the united states. no one is going to go back on jared or ivanka while donald trump is the president. what does it do whether it's secretary kelly, general mattis, hr mcmaster, all spoke over the weekend. we saw mcmaster andoh not getting outside their lanes. if you are secretary kelly, is this a risky proposition for you. >> yes. i think it is. it's the reason why we're skeptical in the first place. you find yourself in these situations. i'm really interested in the silence of rex tillerson. we haven't heard a word here. we think about -- we hear what kelly is saying. tillerson hasn't said anything. >> because why would he. he's a business guy. businessmen are great at risk management. from a risk management
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perspective, he didn't know donald trump come november. he certainly didn't know jared kushner. my wife made me take the job. why would rex tillerson put himself out there. >> it demonstrates how clearly, how clearly limited rex tillerson's capacity is. at least to me it does. >> i think all of it demonstrates like you said inexperience on the part of this administration and this is what happens when you put a bunch of people who are used to running businesses or real estate empires playing by their own rules into positions of political power. they start making very questionable moves like this and they're not used to having any type of brains or restrictions placed upon them. i do think this will be a good test for donald trump. he's willing to turn his back on anybody, but his family. that's what we believe. "new york times" is reporting this morning. maybe he's been cooling towards jared kushner a little bit recently.
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i think it will be an interesting way to tell whether the unpredictable president can go so far to flip on family. >> we need to be careful. we have to be very, very careful. getting ahead of our skis. putting the cart before the horse. i think we need to be careful here to see what is actually happening. so that we can pay attention to what's really happening. >> we had heard over the weekend that potentially the president was going to have a team of lawyers and vet all his tweets before he put them out. the lawyers didn't come home with him to the white house. he's been up running on the twitter. one thing we've heard is fake news, fake news. watch out for fake news. given we know russia tried to interfere with the election and the amount of fake news out there, is the president putting himself at risk if after these
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investigations we see an enormous amount of fake news in his corner that russia has been pushing so much to help him. he still won the election despite talking about grabbing women's we all know the words. it also shows he manages to get away with it every single time. his supporters are there every time. even if you look at tweets, his attitude he has towards the press. that's what is dangerous about it. now you have reporters being body slammed by candidates running for office. i was covering the election last year. i would go to trump rallies or other republican rallies. we all heard and saw t-shirts. things that insinuated potentially doing damage and other types of violent acts towards journalist. you have a president here instigating and i think creating this type of environment really
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being anti-press and unfortunately he takes away the legislate concerns that might be there about public faith and this institution in the media, but to get to you point, i think he's not really taking a risk for himself because his supporters like him no matter what. his supporters are the people we need to be worried about because then you get this type of hostility and it can be very damaging. >> with the exception of vladimir putin being entertained by this. if he's trying to create chaos, he's created chaos. they're not going anywhere any time soon. if president trump were to lift anything, he would look absolutely guilty. so from a winning or losing perspective, how is putin winning here. >> there hasn't been any diplomatic moves done by this administration to lift sanctions which is what russians wanted. right. people are always questioned why
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it is that donald trump has such great popularity in russia during the election. because russian citizens knew that hillary clinton ve. then you had a new candidate coming in. this is hurting people living in the country. hurting their bottom line. nothing has actually happened on the part of the trump administration maybe because they're being careful. maybe because he didn't actually mean any of it. and that's what vladimir putin and the russian public are learning now too. this is not somebody you can depend on. i think whether we're talking about russia or saudi arabia or anything this administration has, you have to think first and foremost, this is a real estate mogul who is a billionaire who cares about his egomore than he does about being the president of the united states. we need to question everything based on this kind of financial
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perspective and aspects of it. ultimately, he's somebody who wants to enrich himself. he's doing it while occupying the white house. we're taking a quick break. next fallout from the president's first foreign trip. saying europe can no longer depend on america. the president tweeting this morning also honoring the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to america. home of the free, cause of the brave. and before we go on this memorial day, you are looking at a live shot of arlington national cemetery where later this morning president trump will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. today is not about barbecues. it's about honoring our servicemen and women. always on the lookout for patterns and connections to make everything work better. i call it the internet of everything, but it's really the internet of everyday life.
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc. if you thought relations between president trump and german chancellor angela merkel were already weak. check this out at a campaign in munich on sunday. merkel suggested europe can no longer entirely rely on the united states after president trump's tough talk with germany, nato last week. merkel said the recent meetings were a wakeup call. added europes must take their des any into their own hands. i want to bring in washington editor at large for the
5:20 am
atlantic. let's start with you steve, angela merkel said germany is still committed to strengthening transatlantic relations. i want to get you take of what she had to say at the campaign event. >> i think it's an incredible inflection point is terrorically. here we have angela merkel telling the world they can't count on the united states anymore. this becomes palpable. it changes everything for germany. everything for allies of the united states. they don't feel they can count on the united states in their dark time and their dark moments. it's a huge huge shift. people will hope it's not going to be this way or jim mattis
5:21 am
will change the day. >> is the united states going to come to the defense of another nato ally if they are attacked in any way, shape, or form, including cyber attacks. we have not heard a straight answer from the president on this. everyone around him seems to think so and at the pentagon been hearing very short statements from secretary mattis, all trying to apiece themselves as military usually does. military relationship between these countries like usual often are nice and smooth, pretty steady. even between the united states and turkey. let the politicians talk back and forth and figure something out. this is new. the white house won't come out
5:22 am
and say what everyone was hoping they would say. >> why? what would president trump's motivation by? >> i won't guess his motivation. he's pressing on the 2% gdp payment issue. that's the thing he's hanging his hat on. and trying to hang out a carrot. and we're not coming to your aide. had a little phrase. the united states may soften, soften their support for nato. and everyone went, well, what does that mean. there's no softening. so going to defend them or you're not. >> steve, if this is so concerning, worrisome to so many, why do you think whether it's the president and his team or guys like bob had said it was a win across the board. could there be a belief that maybe this could inspire nato allies to put more money in, do more. >> you know, it's a strategically reckless strategy
5:23 am
if that's what they think it is. this is a corridor around donald trump are afraid to say the emperor has no clothes. it is ridiculous to go to countries like saudi arabia, get a gold medal put around his neck, call that the sort of an incredible pivot or a boost for this administration. and, you know, do back slapping with sergey lavrov and ambassador of russia in his office and kick our allies in the teeth. this is crazy. and there is no logic to this. nato is about as much more than just the spending. it's not just him calling for these nations to contribute 2% of their gdp which barack obama did by the way, robert gates did. this is not a new theme. they've all been on a trajectory for the most part of moving in that direction. it's the offensive thing he said to those allies at the nato meeting. you owe us all the back money as well. owe us. it's a ridiculous and
5:24 am
embarrassing situation that now has nato allies wondering about the solvency of their relationship with the united states. you're going to have a strategic class of people who want to pretend america's deeply involved joined at the hip, we can't separate, but we're seeing something very unusual. and that's donald trump basically telling our closest allies in the world, maybe we don't need you. while at the same time he's been in sort of a hug fest with vladimir putin and russia. this is something people need to take stock of. it's dramatic. an inflection point. america is becoming smaller and less powerful because of it. >> can i jump in. follow the money in some stories. follow the troops here. the united states in the last year and a half or so has done a lot to increase the presence of america and other nato allies. weaponry on russia's border along eastern parts of europe.
5:25 am
that hasn't changed yet. no withdraw to soften something for russia like you would expect if he's really trying to reach out to russia or pressure the other nato allies to do more. he just keeping harping. one thing to talk about. 2% thing like steve said, obama called for it. the 2% thing. quick history. it's not a binding thing. it's a nonbinding resolution the heads of state adopted two years ago at the last summit and before then didn't just kind of a goal amongst nato ambassadors. now it's an official resolution. nato members went back to countries that got budgets that are just coming due. trump comes home and says we see the money pouring into nato because i was elected. it's simply factually not true. all the things to hang your hat on. doesn't make sense. like steve was saying you have strategic goals and allies who ledged their lives for
5:26 am
everything we're doing. not just europe, but afghanistan, we didn't hear a word about through the entire summit. goes nowhere for the larger question that we started out with which is can europe rely on the united states in case of an attack of any kind. >> all right. gentleman. thanks so much. we have to take a break now. appreciate your time. next, a story of heroism. a devastating one. two men were fatally stabbed in portland, oregon after standing up to hate speech. one of the girls they were defending speaks out next. who has not spoken yet is the president on this. president trump i sincerely hope you will make a statement on these two fallen heros. liberty mutual stood with us
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everything you need to know to get you day started. later this morning. president trump will arrive at arlington national cemetery since taking office. he will also lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. 35-year-old man has been arrested in mississippi after
5:31 am
fatally shooting a sheriffing deputy and seven others saturday nightly. being treated for a gunshot wound. u.s. navy seal died sunday after parachute malfunctioned during a fleet week event. landed in the water near jersey city and immediately recovered by the coast guard. i want you to take a look at this terrifying moment caught on camera when a young boy flew from t bottom of a three story water slide. ten-year-old boy only walked away with a few minor scratches. that is an awful image and a mom's worst nightmare. finally we have a new indy 500 champion. first japanese winner sunday after passing a three time victor with five laps to go. now we have to turn to north korea. far more serious news. launched yet another short range
5:32 am
ballistic missile. believed to be ninth test this year alone. president obama warned president trump, north korea, that is the big risk to worry about. today's launch, flying for just a few minutes before crashing into the sea of japan. nbc's blake mccoy in london for was the latest. where was the missile launched from. does it tell us anything about how their nuclear program might be developing. >> reporter: well, good morning. u.s. officials say this is one of those short range ballistic missiles north korea has tested before. this one flew for six minutes and 250 miles before crashing into the sea of japan. the japanese don't believe it hit anything. it's the third missile test in three weeks. tensions in the region are already high. over the weekend. north korean state media released photos of kim jong-un overseeing new military exercises. seen one of the biggest national security challenges facing the trump administration. hoping for help from china to
5:33 am
reign in neighbor north korea. president trump tweeted in the last ten minutes, north korea has shown great disrespect for their neighborhood china by shooting off another ballistic missile. there's that tweet, but he says china is trying hard. this morning, japan and south korea are vowing action. listen to their language here. japan prime minster says he will take concrete action. south korea says the north will face strong punishment from our military. the u.s. has vowed to support those allies. you can see how this can spiral out of control quickly. war according to u.s. officials is the last thing they want in that region. defense secretary said war in north korea would be catastrophic. probably the worst kind of fighting. that's from secretary james mattis. we'll continue to follow this. >> thank you. we have to move on to another story that is crushing. tomorrow, 35-year-old germany christian, the suspect in the deadly stabbing attack on the
5:34 am
commuter train will be in court. the attack left two men dead. one injured. witnesses say the three men intervened as the suspect yelled anti-muslim hate speech at two teenage girls. this morning, one of those girls is breaking her silence. nbc has more. >> he was amazing. he saved the life of two muslim women. >> a serge of emotions marked by fresh tragedy. the portland community coming together. two men killed and another injured on board a commuter train. we lost two great humans. people willing to put themselves in harm's way just on their daily commute. >> 53-year-old army veteran died along with 23-year-old. remembered by his sister through tears. >> everything that he did in his life, he had purpose. >> the brutal train attack
5:35 am
happened friday during the afternoon rush. when a passenger, identified as the jeremy christian, suddenly went on a hate filled tirade. spewing anti-muslim remarks at two young women. the rant prompts three men to confront him who police say pulled a nice. >> they lost their life because of me and my friend and the way we look. >> this morning an interview with fox news 12. one of the teens targeted by the hateful words expressing gratitude for the men who came to their defense. >> i just want to say thank you to them and their family. that i appreciate them. because without them we probably would be dead right now. >> her appreciation now echoing across an entire city. >> remembering the men and women who served this country. also i think about the heros who lost their lives over a
5:36 am
devastating story. a call to action in terms of hate speech. we are hearing more and more across the country. it needs to end. it needs to end now. coming up, he was once fired by president trump nearly a year ago. now he's back. former campaign manager lewandowski being considered for a white house gig. interesting given his not to sweet role with the trump family. i'm talking about jared and ivanka who weren't big fans of cory. things are getting serious. he may be coming back. what it is and why now.
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ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. we're back. reports are swirling this morning about an impending staff shakeup. former campaign manager whom he fired, corey lewandowski is not ruled out for potential role to oversee a so-called war room to deal with a barrage of controversy, specifically russia. >> haven't spoken to the president about a job in the white house. let me be very clear. it's fair to say i've been a loyalist to this president. if he were to ask me come in and help him in a limited capacity, i would clearly look at that. >> loyalist to the president. my panel is with me.
5:41 am
as it relates to jared kushner and russia, we don't know. he wasn't part of the government before. maybe he didn't know any better. corey lewandowski is someone we've seen runs fast and lose and will defend the president no matter what. is that the right move for the president to yet again possibly bring in someone who has never shown a steady hand and a steady measured hand is exactt he needs. >> no. >> in a rd, no. >> not at all. what's interesting, he is the same guy who physically assaulted a reporter. same guy who made "the washington post," ran a piece about avenue strategies. didn't register himself as a lobbyist. and in some ways to trump administrators. how is he going to settle matters. seems to me in terms of character and disposition and temperament, he may well. >> trump has a ongoing personnel
5:42 am
issue. he's having a difficult time filling spots in the administration. not many people trumpy out there. corey lewandowski is a loyalist. how many people are donald trump loyalists to begin with. it's not a huge group of people. you don't see a lot of people being purged in the white house. what happens when you get to sean spicer. who do you have on the bench? only so many people going to take that abuse from the president and lewandowski is part of the shallow pool of people who kind of agree with whatever we knee object trump's ideology and foreign policy. he was the reason. he's part of the bannon team out there. makes sense from a personnel point of view. he's a completely anchor bearer. he's super intense and lashing out. seems very combustible idea to put him in the white house. >> the president needs someone
5:43 am
who will defend him on anything at any coast. i mean, i go back to this weekend watching hr mcmaster and gary speak. they both spoke on behalf of the white house and the president. those two were careful to stay within their lane. hr mcmaster talking about things that relate to national security and gary cohen talking about things, trade and economy. those are big names and titles there. i'm not absolutely sure. does bringing somebody like cory signify the president saying i just need somebody who is going to say the president is right at all times no matter what. i'm with him. >> exactly. it's a good reminder in the white house the trump administration the biggest liability is the president himself. you constantly hear reports and see leaks coming out about everybody trying to get him to put his phone down and not tweet. of course this is a president who needs somebody who is going
5:44 am
to be calling for lewandowski, how you described him, a loyalist. who else is going to be willing to take that job and try to be in a position to help when you have someone who is really unpredictable at the reigns and most likely will take your advice. >> what's going to happen to be honest with you, we're not going to be able to pay attention to what betsy devos is doing. we're not going to be able to pay attention to what's happening with health care. we're not paying attention to the devastation that these policies, tax policies domestic policies generally will have on everyday working people. because we'll be paying attention to the nonsense coming out. >> for even those who don't think the policies are devastating, let's lead to though who might actually like the policies. aren't they going to be just as angry. we're never going to get to them. eddy said earlier, where is secretary state rex tillerson. we're not hearing much.
5:45 am
the president tweeted about his tax reform plan. let me remind you. it was no plan. it was about 200 words top on one piece of paper i could have written on my way home. large font on my way home. whether you think that the policy recommendations are good or bad. we're never going to get to them. >> we're not seeing much in the way of tax reform. if they do any kind of tax cut, it's going to be limited, corporate tax and temporary. it's not going to be a permanent thing. health care repeal is not going to happen at least in the current form it's in rights now. no domestic agenda. the biggest thing that is happening and the president has impact on is regulation. we're seeing a pretty large deregulatory slowdown effort from this president in a way. and it's not being covered very much. there is so much other stuff. >> poverty is a state of mind. >> important to note that tax reform really is a tax cut.
5:46 am
so that tax cut is really dependent on trickle down economics and three percent goal, this ideal and while it's add mismirable to hope they canh 3%. it's a goal. up next, a decision this week, will president trump stick with the paris climate agreement. a look at the impact if he doesn't, still ahead. before we do head to break, though, i want you to look at the vietnam memorial. veterans and soldiers pay respect to the fallen on this memorial day. i do want to correct myself. earlier i said memorial was about honoring those that served. it's served and lost their lives for this country. fast! it's not how fast you's how well you mow fast. they're not just words to mow by, they're words to live by. the john deere ztrak z345r with the accel deep deck to mow faster better.
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[ music and cheers get louder ] the travel rewards credit card from bank of america. it's travel, better connected. welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you're watching msnbc. we're talking climate. the way the u.s. tackles climate change might soon be changing. president trump promising a decision this week on america's future in the paris accord. candidate trump promised to cancel it if that happens the u.s. would be just one of three nations not participating. with me now, andrew steer, president of the world resources institute and former special envoy for climate change at the world bank.
5:51 am
eddie, matt and elone na are with me. i want to start with you, during the transition, president trump met with al gore. clearly someone who has been an advocate in front of addressing climate change. ivanka trump met with him as well. many have said let's just wait. let him go to the g7, let him speak with other leaders, he's going to learn a lot here. gary cohn said this was a learning experience for him. now, if the president does pull out, what does that mean? what's the immediate impact? >> well, it's bad for the world and it's probably worse for the u.s. economy. but what we heard just yesterday from angela merkel and what we're hearing from china and india and many other leaders around the world they're certainly not going to go slow. one of the truly striking things has been the role of china who has said look, we deeply regret if we no longer have a soulmate in the white house on climate change, but we're going to go ahead.
5:52 am
the same week that president trump announced the evisceration of climate policies here china announced another $360 billion for renewable energy which will generate 13 million jobs and india, too, under prime minister modi has said we're going to go from three gigawatts of solar power to 100 gigawatts by 2022. he's not doing that because he's a member of the sierra club. he's doing it because he believes it's good for his economy and the world. what he understand is modern economics, more than the cur admistration does here. >> i want to stay on the economic angle. as you just said, it would have negative immediate economic impact from the united states. and we know that president trump has said, i'm the business guy. so help me understand, why wouldn't the president want to stay in it? >> well, the president is getting very bad advice. you'll remember that on his 100 day speech he said that if they stayed in the paris deal, it
5:53 am
would cost the economy $2.5 trillion. where did he get that from? he got it from very old-fashioned economics that assumes that technology will stop improving today, that there will be no further improvements in the costs of technology and the assumption that american business is very slow and storagy, can't adjust. modern economic analysis, and there's lots of it by the way, shows that is fundamentally wrong, actually staying in the paris deal will do several things, its promotes more economic efficiency, uses resources more effectively, new technology, opens up export markets. i mean even the current paris commitment from other countries alone, will provide more than a trillion dollars every year of opportunities for exports. the real risk is the united states is stayiaying, actually, don't believe in tomorrow's economy. we believe in yesterday's.
5:54 am
the smaignal is being sent to large investors in this country and those that might want to invest in this country saying we're the one country along with syria and uzbekistan that actually doesn't believe this stuff. and so quite frankly, there's a real risk that u.s. business will be excluded from those incredible markets and because sort of at the moment businesses don't know do we have a high car bonn or low carbon future so they're straddling in the middle so investment is lower. what we desperately need is clarity as to long-term business signals and this administration is doing the opposite, because every business knows that over time, we've got to move towards a cleaner economy. coal is not going to come back. it's yesterday's view. >> i want to talk about one of the businesses, if we didn't know better we would say president trump is trying to work with the big, dirty businesses, yet exxon, exxonmobil, the new ceo, remember the former ceo rex tillerson, now secretary of
5:55 am
state, but the new ceo put out a letter urging president trump to stay in this -- in the paris agreement. why would exxonmobil want the president to do such a thing? >> you know -- >> well i -- >> i'm sorry. >> go ahead. >> andrew? >> well, look, there are 1,000 american companies that wrote to president trump saying please, please, stay in the paris deal, including as you say, the oil majors. and the reason is, that businesses crave consistent, predictable policies and what we're having at the moment is being jerked around at the moment and so even exxon, which, by the way, has an internal price on carbon, so all of their own decisions at the moment have to take into account assuming there is a price on carbon, assuming there is a carbon tax, so, you know, we've crossed the tipping point in terms of people understanding the issue.
5:56 am
>> well, then the hope is that the president will take some more time, listen to some more people and stay in it. andrew, thank you. thank you to my panel, matt, eddie, elona. thank you so much. the president speaking out about jared kushner, expressing total confidence in him. his son-in-law. as new reports allege jared kushner tried to set up secret back channel communications with russians. look closely. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing. the microsoft cloud helps the pga tour turn countless points of data into insights that transform their business and will enhance the game for players and fans. the microsoft cloud turns information into insight. can lead to sleepless nights making you feel helpless. take control of your sleep with unisom® sleeptabs. you fall asleep 33% faster
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welcome back.
6:00 am
on this memorial day. i'm stephanie ruhle. you're watching msnbc. there is a lot going on this holiday monday. starting with total confidence, the president comes out strong for his son-in-law and adviser jared kushner amid reports he tried to set up back channel communications with russians. >> any time you can open the lines of communication with anyone, whether they're good friends or not so good friends, is a smart thing to do. >> white house staffers publicly defending him, but we have new reporting on what some inside the administration are really thinking. and the hunt for the leakers, the president vowing to root out those who passed on the british intelligence about the manchester bomber. we've got the latest. plus weakening ties, german chancellor in a stark change of policy, europe can no longer depend on the united states. our 70 years of diplomacy about to dramatically change.