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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  July 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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please understand that civil servant are there as you said through administrations to try and keep the ship of state going. it doesn't turn on a dime so they can take a little comfort there. but speak out. >> we have to have your back. >> absolutely. >> joel clement, thank you very much. ari melber, we'll be watching the premiere of "the beat." ♪ we got the beat >> anand, thank you so much. that does it for us this morning. >> good morning. jared kushner set to be grilled by senate investigators in one hour and a statement leased. how does he explain all those russia contacts? how about some friendly fire? president trump attacking republicans on twitter after
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congress forces a russia sanctions bill to his desk. >> my guess is he'll make a decision shortly. >> and a bill coming this week but what bill? >> we're going to vote to repeal and replace obamacare. the question is not a question of if, it's when. jared kushner, live pictures of him leaving his hole. in one hour from now p the president's son-in-law will be sitting down with staff of the senate intelligence committee. but first he is going public with his defense releasing a statement that insists he did not collude with the russians and he opportunity know anybody who did. i have the best team to break it
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down starting with garrett haake on the hill. jared kushner put out an official statement before going into this closed door meeting. what are the key bullet points? >> reporter: the key point here is that kushner ends with the statement that he did not chud with russia in any way. he lays town a marker in bold print. we can read to you from end of the statement. it's kind of important. he says, "i did not collude nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded with any foreign government. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector. i have tried to be fully transparent with rard to the filing of my sf-86 form, above and beyond what is required. hopefully, this puts these matters to rest." stephanie, he goes line by line through several different scenarios and alleged contacts that he has said to have had with russians during the campaign and the transition, trying to lay out in as much detail as he can why they
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weren't as big of deals or perhaps weren't things that happened at all compared to what we've reported. he talks about two meetings with the russian ambassador. he talks about that meeting with don jr. and russian attorney basically calls it a waste of time. that portion of the letter is particularly interesting because of the details he includes. he even says he september an e-mail from the meeting to his assistant basically saying call me and get me ot of this meeting. that's important because he lays out in that snacenario amend several ores paper trails, e-mails, phone calls, supporting documents that could potentially back up his claim and some of those documents are things that congressional investigators will be interested in this morning as well. this hearing is behind closed doors, not with the senators themselves, although some may be there. it had been conducted by staff and kushner's not under oath, but that doesn't mean he can lie. it is of course illegal to lie to congress. >> sure like to hope he doesn't. i have to bring my panel in here. we have a great one. jeremy bash, sefshged as chief
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of staff for the cia and the defense department. now an msnbc national security analyst. christine quinn, vice chair of the new york state democratic party and a former new york city council speaker. and rick tyler, an msnbc political analyst and republican strategist. rick, imgoing to start with you. before we get to jared kushner, i wanted to focus on guess what we got, a tweet from the president. not on american heroes week, not on jared kushner. i'm going to share this one. "so why aren't the committees and investigators and of course our beleaguered a.g. looking into crooked hillary's crimes and russia relations?" rick, please. >> doesn't that fit the theme of the week? >> extraordinary to me. how much more is he going to call out jeff sessions or congress? what's going on here? >> want to get rid of jeff sessions, who now would replace him? what respectable attorney or someone who would be suitable for that job would go into the administration seeing how donald
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trump is treating his own a.g.? >> isn't that extraordinary? i have to talk about the jared statement. jeremy, let's dig into this. i want to share a part that stood out to me. "the record and documents i am providing will show that i had perhaps four contacts with russian representatives out of thousands during the campaign and transition, none of which were impactful in any way to the election or particularly memorable." okay, jeremy. fine. four meetings out of thousands. i've taken thousands of exams in my life, but if i really cheated on one of them i'll still get kicked out of school. >> i've been going through his statement. there are so many things that are interesting. first of all, i was astounded he did not at all address the firing of james comey. he was a senior white house official advising the president and he didn't answer a single question that has been raised about what his role was, what did the president talk to him about. second is i thought it was very interesting he did not at all address the december 29th phone
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call between mike flynn and the russian ambassador. that was the phone call, of course, that led the fbi to begin investigating flynn, that le flynn to lie to the fbi on january 24th, and then when acting attorney general sally yates went to the white house counsel and said, hey, you've got the national security adviser here who can be blackmailed they left him in the office for 18 day, jared kushner again, senior white house official, did not address that at all in his statement. then two final things, stephanie. one is that meeting with the russian lawyer, he basically said it was waste of time because she didn't deliver the goods, meaning had she provided opposition research from the russian government i would have been very interested. that's kind of incriminating and concerning. finally there, he did confirm in december 1st he did suggest to the russian ambassador setting up a secret communications channel using russian government equipment at the embassy. i think that's something he'll have to explain today. >> christine, the point jeremy made about the meeting with the russian lawyer, he didn't really want to be there, and he uses a defense that he e-mailed his assistant during the meeting,
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call my cell, get me out of here. that's irrelevant. he went and to say i didn't know what the meeting was about, i didn't go down the thread, in the subject line of the email that don junior had it says, russia, clinton, private and confidential. hello. >> exactly. first of all, a bizarre defense for someone so senior in the white house and in the campaign to say i went to a meeting but i didn't know what meeting i was going to. it just doesn't make any sense. someone at that level should always be vetting their meetings and know with whom they're meeting. but beyond that, i think once you see the word russia in a meeting you're going to take particularly during the campaign, nonetheless in the header, you should stop in your tracks. i mean, it is just not something that one does when you're running for president of the united states, meet with nation-states that are, in fact, our enemies. it just doesn't hole up to any credibility that this was okay. and let's not forget those
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reports of jared a.g. sessions meeting, sidebaring during the republican national convention many the mayflower hotel preceding or during the first foreign policy speech that jared says he, you know, orchestrated. i mean, all of that is just so inappropriate and during moments that one of our enemies should not even be in the room or relevant to the republican national convention. and lastly, you know, the trump administration seems to forget that intent matters. going into this meeting believing you could get bad information about hillary clinton. >> from a foreign adversary. >> who's not our ally, right, at all, whether you got it or not is, in fact, irrelevant. you sought to do it from an -- and receive it from an adversary. that is enough in my opinion. >> is it even possible, jeremy, to explain away the possible
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back channel with russia? i mean, he tries to y s ties to away, but this is a nation-state many consider an enemy. how do you explain that? >> he said in his statement kiselak said to him, hey, do you have at the transition offices a way to communicate securely with our generals? and kushner said no. by the way, that's not true. i worked on transitions. there are secure communications attrition offices. jared turned it around and said however we can go to the russian embassy and speak on secure communications channels with your senior officials in russia with those who have responsibility for syria. again, i don't know why he would do that. if he wanted to communicate government to government he would use u.s. embassy facilities or he would use the transition offices. so there are a lot of questions about that secure communications channel that were not answered in his statement today. >> your take, rick? >> i think it's not comforting either, but i think kushner's
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probably inexperienced here. take the meeting with the russians alone. >> okay. i'm done with useful idiots. >> me too. but -- >> do you know what happens with useful idiots? they get fired because they're idiots. >> exactly. because all the security concerns, the form he fills out to get clearance, he shouldn't have any of that clearance. the fact he was discussing going to the russian embassy, that should disqualify him outright. i agree with that. i don't think that jared kushner -- there's a conspiracy with jared kushner to collude with the russians. i don't actually believe it occurred. i don't think it's comforting what did occur. because look at the meeting itself. you had -- the meeting was interesting because no presidential campaign would take a policy meeting. >> right. >> let's agree with that. there was something else there and don junior seemed to think it was about getting dirt on the clinton, which i have to raise a
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red flag because we know that secretary clipton, there's nothing left to know about her. ran for president twice, secretary of state, u.s. senator, come on. to have the russians sit there and take a presidential campaign's time on a policy issue is ridiculous. this lawyer i would think would know better. why would you meet on a serious issue? the whole thing was set up by the russians for sure. >> say that's true. >> not comforting. >> if that's true, then either the trump campaign fell for it, which is bad enough, or they were happy to be a part of it, which a lot of the communication from don junior indicates that they were. useful idiot, i love that phrase, i'll be using it often. the issue, we have mike flynn who lied to them, jeff sessions who didn't give the correct information about all his contacts, jared who didn't fill out his disclosure forms correctly. there's just a series of
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disregard for how the level of the federal government and what it means. and i think they were in inexperienced is no excuse. >> okay. let's say they were experienced -- hold on -- nine months ago, jeremy bash. yesterday anthony scaramucci, who was put into the position on friday, when asked about russia hacking, i want you to hear what he said. >> somebody said to me yesterday, i won't tell you who, that if the russians actually hacked this situation and spilled out those e-mails, you would have never seen it, you would never have had any evidence of them, meaning they're super confident in their deception skills and hacking. >> i don't know who this anonymous perp is that said if the russians had done it we wouldn't have been able to detect it, but -- >> how about it was the president, jake. >> okay. >> great. surprise, surprise. the president says maybe it was a former gorilla who did it.
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are they only digging themselves deeper? >> i'm not sure what was more surprising, the fact that scaramucci gave up the president or a source or that the president was fundamentally wrong in his assessment. >> are you calling the president an anonymous source? we know they don't like those. >> one key fact that again in the context of the kushner statement needs to be examined on october 27th, 2016, the national -- director of national intelligence and the director of homeland security put out a statement saying it was the russian government that engaged in hacking. so after october 7th, all the meetings that happened in november, in december, through the transition, they were on notice that russian government officials were working to undermine the election. i think that really raises many questions why were they working with russia after they knew that. >> and at the end of the day, after the inauguration, the president could have said there was a lot of funny by that went on there, let's get these sanctions in place, let's double down, let's look into it. instead, could have been anybody. well, it's going to be an
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exciting day for jared kushner. we'll take a quick break. you just saw jared kushner leave his home and any second now he will be arriving on capitol hill. but next, right here on msnbc, president trump taking aim at members of his own party. this always blows his mind. never goes after his family, but no problem going after republicans, calling them out, well, telling them they nead to get in line on health care. before we go, this one's amazing. you know i'm a huge fan of his. olympic swimming champion michael phelps, talk about celebrating "shark week," races a great white shark, unfortunately for all of us, not only was phelps not side by side with a real shark but the 23-time gold-medal winner was soundly defeated. he's only human. (vo) dogs have evolved,
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jared kushneren his way to capitol hill to face senate investigators. in a statement he leased this morning he denies any improper contact with russian officials. matt is the chairman of the american conservative union. in jared kushner's new statement he offers a lot of justifications -- he didn't read the full e-mail from don junior, his assistant set the security form too early, he couldn't remember the name of the russian ambassador. i didn't read all of it but at this point i almost feel like
6:19 am
the dog ate his homework, including this was a frantic time. like, this is a tough one to swallow. >> yeah. i read it and i felt differently. i felt like i was glad that there was no additional substantive information on contact with the putin government. for a lot of people who have been out there fanning the flames of some kind of conspiracies around all of this, what you really realize was with the kushner statement is that, you know, what we know is what we already knew previously and there's no new revelations, no new meetings, no new intrigue here. yes, you can find all kinds of ways to say they should have done this or that better, but nothing substantive, no proof of collusion, so i think for most trump supporters this is a good day. >> why would one believe at face value this is all there is? he's continuously having denied any russian money in his byes but we keep learning more about hi businesses that he hasn't disclosed. over the weekend, 77 other
6:20 am
assets he inadvertently omitted from his disclosure forms. now, i get it. he's a successful guy, but just that, given how successful and wealthy he is as a businessman, wouldn't you think he would share all of that information? i mean, the guy's father went to jail, a white collar criminal, a felon, and to say, well, that assistant of mine -- come on now. >> i've been politics a long time. i'm an old guy. i'll be 50 this year. i've been involved in campaigns that had to refile these forms. i was involved in a white house where people had to refile these forms. the reason we know about these 100-plus contacts with representatives of foreign governments is because kushner realized immediately -- >> it wasn't immediately. >> it was. let me tell you why. what you are going to disin this process is that the day that they misfiled his forms with the fbi, they contacted the fbi and told them that they had filed
6:21 am
too early and that they had to amend it. so it's actually -- the reason you'll snow all this to be true, including why he pulled himself out of that meeting with those interesting russian-type people is because you will have e-mails surrounding all this. bob mueller will see all of the conversations around each one of these decisions so you will know that what he's saying was true. >> all of that being true, then, does it concern you that congress had to go around the president to pass this very tough russia sanctions bill? it almost seems like they didn't trust the president to do it himself. >> this is a -- stephanie, a fair question. i will tell you as chairman of the american conservative union we have people like john bolton and gordon chang and others who are foreign policy experts. they all worry about russia and think there might be times for russian sanctions including now, but most of them believe for congress to levy if the sanctions is problematic. we might agree on the policy needing to hold russia
6:22 am
accountable but congressional action on this front is probably good politics and the president might very well sign it because it indicates that he's going to be tough on russia. but most of the foreign policy experts i talk to say it's better, just like with president obama. he had the ability to change sanctions on iran. i disagreed with him on the policy, but i think there are times when the president should have that authority. >> why wouldn't the president want to go so hard on russia right now? it's not what he wants to do. >> i don't think that's right. if you look at the geopolitical question -- once again, i'm not a foreign policy expert, but experts i talk to regularly tell me the big problem we have on the globe, our adversary is china. russia is an adversary but we can't fight both china and russia simultaneously so, just like hillary clinton and barack obama tried to do at the beginning of their administration, if we can at least get on the same page with major questions with russia and train our coalition activity against the chinese menace, that is where i think the trump
6:23 am
administration is focused because china, we need china to help us with north korea, which is another huge problem. the world is really in a state of real mess, real chaos. >> then how about getting on the same page as your own intelligence agencies? anthony scaramucci over the weekend again said, well, the president's still not sure about who possibly hacked the election. come on now. whether or not the trump campaign colluded or not, we know they tried to spinterfere. why not simply state that? >> i don't think anybody denies that russia tried to interfere. >> the president. >> the question is specifically what did they do and i don't know if i know or you know exactly what they did do or didn't do. but i don't think anybody disagrees that russia on a regular basis tries to disrupt our society -- >> you believe president trump has clearly stated that russia attempted to hack our election? you think he has said that? >> i believe that president trump has -- agrees that russia tried to influence this and many other elections. i'd say several elections in the
6:24 am
past, cia director mike pompeo said. look, stephanie, i don't think donald trump is a stupid man. he knows what russia is trying to do. he is simply trying to get alignment with russia on some very key geopolitical questions. that's what hillary clinton tried to do when she brought that red reset button over to russia. every administration post the cold war has tried to figure out how do you deal with the russian bear? i don't think we should criticize presidents for trying to get along to the extent we can. >> we'll agree to disagree on that. something you know a lot about is politics. kellyanne conway continues to refer to the fact that some of is the special counsel's team have donated to democratic campaigns in the past by calling them, quote, mueller and his band of democrats. this is what i don't get. jared kushner has donated more than $200,000 to democrats. anthony scaramucci, $130,000 to democrats.
6:25 am
mnuchin, 82 grand. why does the president's white house continue to push this narrative, those democrats? how about those who cribbed to democrats that are in the white house? or gary cohn, who is a democrat? >> how do you expect me to have an answer to that one? opposition research. one of the conundrums i have. i'm a conservative, but president trump has brought together advisers including people in his cabinet, some of them are democrats or democratic friendly, their ideology is different from mine. i would think this would be a positive thing that a lot of people on the left would recognize. >> why is it that kellyanne conway says it's a huge conflict of interest if shannon mulaire has people who have contributed to democrats but if it's not a conflict of interest if people who have dope the same thing are in the white house? >> fair question. my pushback to mueller, who i have a high regard for, he ought to put together a balanced legal
6:26 am
team. most of the lawyers i have talked to who have worked with mr. muleer, it is curious he seems to have a band of lawyers that are so democrat skewed. it makes him harder to make the political case he'll be fair and balanced in these investigations. >> you don't think that shannon mulaire, given his history and the talent he has, the people he's brought together, are going to be fair and balance? >> i do think they will be faired a balanced. i think at the end of all of this i think bob mueller, although i think there are legitimate questions to raise, i think bob mueller has proven himself to be a fair person and i actually think with the jared kushner testimony today there is a chance that this investigation actually gets wrapped up in a more expedited fashion. the fundamental reason for the investigation was to prove this collusion about the election. and really after all of this, and i know you can find faults here or there, but there's no collusion here. and if he tries to go someplace else to find wrongdoing, i think the american people won't think that's very fair. he was pulled together to look at this collusion question. i actually think he could do
6:27 am
that in a fairly quick fashion. i trust his judgment. i think -- look, he worked in the bush administration. i can't find anybody in the bush administration who tells me he was other than a great lawyer. >> so you're saying there's a chance. matt schlap, thank you. >> thank you, stephanie. >> any minute jared kushner arrives to answer questions. and the senate is poised to vote on a health care bill. so much going on, that isn't even the lead story. think about that. one problem -- nobody's sure what bill they're even voting on. welcome to 2017. she's nationally recognized for her compassion and care. he spent decades fighting to give families a second chance. but to help others, they first had to protect themselves.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. time for your "morning primer," everything you need to know to start your day. we are just learning about an incident involving a u.s. navy surveillance plane intercepted by chinese fighter jets overnight in international waters. according to one official, two military officials are characterizing the incident as, quote, unsafe. a truck driver is in custody this morning after nine suspected undocumented immigrants died after riding in the back of his sweltering hot 18 wheeler in san antonio,
6:32 am
texas, early sunday. nearly 30 other people are at a hospital mainly suffering life-threatening injuries. san antonio police call the incident a human trafficking crime. senator john mccain spent the weekend outside with friends and family after announcing his brain cancer diagnosis last week. he tweeted this photo of himself with a friend at a local creek. his daughter shared the photo saturday of the two on a hike. and thousands of california residents return to their homes this morning now that a massive wildfire nerio semitee national park is 40% contained. the flames burned for more than 75,000 acres and destroyed at least 60 homes. my favorite golfer jordan spieth is the british open champion. what a comeback after lagging in second place. spieth bounced back in the final five holes to take his third major title at only 23 years old. and i'd like to take credit for giving jordan spieth some killer putting pointers right
6:33 am
there. i don't know. i'm going to say maybe i'm the secret of his success. back to politics. we are following several moving developments on herrig right now. first, senate republicans are expected to move forward with their plan to begin debate repealing obamacare this week. the white house says president trump will meet with, quote, victims of obamacare in just hours. third, the president set to deliver a statement on health care later this afternoon. thrive the white house and nbc's chris jansing. chris, the president really getting involved in health care. he's meeting with obamacare victims. he's already said obamacare is in a death spiral, it's the. what is that meeting other than a big show? >> reporter: it is a show to some extent, but the white house would also tell you it is him getting involved in a very proactive way. one of the criticisms as you know of this president has been that he hasn't traveled the country going from place to place to push a repeal of
6:34 am
obamacare. he has not gone before the press and answered questions about the specifics of why he believes what he believes because we don't even know what that senate bill he's asking people to support looks like. in the last half hour, the white house put out a statement about what he's going to do today. he's going to push for that motion to proceed. that's the first step to getting a full bill before the senate. he wants repeal and replace. remember, last week he had gone back and forth about where he really stood on this. but all of this really is about putting pressure on a handful of senators so he wants to change their minds, people who are in states that still support him. his most loyal supporters. he tweeted this -- a warning to congress, essentially -- if republicans don't repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. stephanie? >> extraordinary. i need my panel to weigh in on this one. christine and rick still with me. "the wall street journal" owned by rupert murdoch put out this headline this morning.
6:35 am
senate republicans unsure of what health care measure they will vote on. how extraordinary is that? they're going to sit down to vote and they don't even know what's in there? this is the american people's health at stake. >> yeah. the senate -- well, mcconnell has left the option open to offer a complete substitute and supposedly that substitute would have been negotiated with these senators that he needs. i think they may get the cloture vote to put it -- to get a full vote on it, but i think obamacare is here to stay. that wouldn't be my desire, but i think it's here to stay and will have no ability to repeal it. >> what do you think? >> it's governmental mal practice. it's a slap in the face of the american people that the senate would basically put in a bill that never read, nonetheless, never studied and the results could be 20 million to 30 million americans losing health care coverage and countless low-income, poor people getting -- and seniors cutbacks in medicaid.
6:36 am
it's really -- when i was city coup sill speaker no one ever passed a bill that he wwe hadn' discussed that we looked at. this is one of the united states senate on one of the most important issues in americans' lives, health care. >> last week john mccain said let's get back to normal, how about some hearings. won't be getting that. any minute now jared kushner will arrive on capitol hill to be interviewed by investigators on the senate intelligence committee. what sort of questions will he be asked and what we've already learned in morning from his public statement. before we go, we are six minutes into the trading day, markets down slightly. remember, we are having an extraordinary run when it comes to global markets, but i beg you to remember there's a massive disconnect between markets and the economy. marks are only good if you own stocks. delicious... fresh fruit.
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her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. in just a few minutes jared kushner is expect to arrive on capitol hill where senate intelligence committee staffers will interview him. maybe hear his voice for the first time behind closed too doors about his specific contacts with russians during the campaign and transition. this is him leaving his house for capitol hill a few minutes ago. joining me, a man i will be with tonight at 6:00 p.m. from my home watching temperature, nbc chief legal correspondent and host of "the beat," premiering 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight on
6:41 am
msnbc. welcome, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> let's get down to business. your first reaction to jared kushner's statement. >> his statement tells two stories. one, he was sought after by people all over the world within and from out this campaign because of his can-do ability, his expertise, and two, he is a novice, who knows nothing about how campaigns work, how to read or finish e-mails, how to go in and out of meetings, how to exit a meeting without his assistant. two narratives, one fairly good with regard to the criminal issues in this case but obviously there's some tension. >> if you believe he is a novice and innocent of mind and heart, that for the collusion issue suggests he got mulled in and out of meetings and discussions with ambassadors and didn't really know what was going on. however absurd diplomats in both parties have told us the notion of going to the russian embassy to do communications was, his new statement today suggests that that was an idea that came from the russians, that he
6:42 am
listened to and discarded. in other words, it wasn't his idea and he just didn't know what was going on. >> what do you think senate investigators will push him on today? when i look at this, to say, well, it was my assistant who put my form in too early, someone with as complicated of a business history, someone who deeply understands how complicated business law is, whose dad, i might remind us, went to jail, wouldn't he have his house in order? >> well, you're putting your finger on something very important with regard to one of the most obvious and direct jared kushner problems, which was submitting initial information that was incomplete or inaccurate on this sf form, which is a very serious thing. i mean, people who aren't family members get fired and escorted -- >> jared all smiles and waving as he walks in. this is a big day. i mean, jared kushner, we hear so much about him, very, very few people have ever heard from him directly. so continue, please. >> that's right, stephanie.
6:43 am
watching him walk into the building, we know he is not going to the big ornate hearing room we think of when we see these latest russia events but rather to the intelligence room to do this meeting with staff. obviously he's the most interesting notable guest looking at security there. the point we were discussing is he is saying that this incomplete information provided on the security clearance form, which nonfamily member, lesser staff would be fired and walked out of the building for that kind of mistake, he's saying that was because there was an e-mail miscommunication that they thought it was done and it wasn't. well, hey, given the benefit of the doubt if you want to, we've all had e-mail miscommunity cases, what's the committee going to press him on? the staff will say can we see the underlying e-mail, if that was a reasonable interpretation? can we see whether, again, watching this moments ago, watching him live walking him in, can we see whether your narrative is supported by
6:44 am
contemporaneous documentation or not? if not, it's one more story. >> i'm just a regular old girl. you're a lawyer. jared has the best lawyers in the business around him. given how complicated this is, can they really prove intent here? with can they really prove collusion? when an alan dershowitz sits here, he says i don't care about ethics, i don't care about the right thing, i care about the law. will the law be able to prove this doesn't seem to make sense, why would you take these meetings, why would you have these conversations and not dischose this information? >> you mentioned jared kushner's lawyers, obviously watching him live walking in with his team and he seems to be in good spirits externally, all smiles, i think we're a long way from proving intent about any individual person on any of the teams and we know the special counsel is at an early stage. i think what the committees want to do is understand what are people's defenses. you know, there's a version of a defense from the president that says even if this happened it's no biggie. there's a version of the defense from don junior saying who wouldn't want to take this kind
6:45 am
of meeting? the answer is most people. if a foreigner, a felon, you know, someone who has real problems comes to you and says i've got dirt, that's a meeting a lot of politicians and lawyers would tell you not to take. as for the intent question, though, it goes to, okay, what were you thinking and doing during all these times? it may be that some of these situations are explainable. we do not as journalists or the legal community take russian intercepts as stand-alone perfect evidence. they involve all of the subterfuge of what the russians may be saying for their own purposes, but that's another story with regard to the supposed back channel that still has to get investigated. >> we're going to take a break. so much happening today. extraordinary. when we come back, well -- and don't forget, you know what you're going to do today? watch "the beat" with ari melber tonight at 6:00. if you thought the go-gos rocked the beat, forget it, this guy does. any minute jared will be making his way into that room. it will be a major interview. that and a whole lot more. up next, there might be a
6:46 am
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here he is, jared kushner on capitol hill for his interview with senate staffers investigating possible connections between the trump campaign and russia. i want to point out, jared has come voluntarily. he did not need to be subpoen d subpoenaed. let's bring in garrett on capitol hill. what's going to happen inside that room? >> we expect him to be questioned by staffers on the senate intelligence committee. we know one or two senators are planning to be there. this is mostly a staff-led operation here. they'll go methodically through his statements and any paperwork or documents he may have brought and hit him with some of the questions. as you saw him arriving, some of the reporters were commenting on how smooth this operation has been here today. this is somebody who wants to at least project the sense that he's here voluntarily and happy to help and submitted this public statement.
6:51 am
as you can see most of the congressional and washington media assembled here on the possibility that he or any of the senators may come out afterwards and provide any additional information. we expect this to go a couple of hours as the investigators tick through the campaign and the transition now with jared kushner in the building. >> i want to bring in chief correspondent from bloomberg and rick and christine. this is not just an important day for jared kushner and the trump family and legal experts and the media are paying attention. for the rest of those on the hill, gop leadership, what are they looking to hear? to continue to stand behind the president during all of this russia situation, that's dangerous territory for them. >> stephanie, i've spoken with several republicans who are increasingly frustrated with how these investigations have hindered their ability to accomplish the agenda they campaigned on. in the halls of congress when we're talking to members they're
6:52 am
essentially saying leave that to special counsel mueller. but the intelligence committee having this closed door briefing that is one of a series. the staffers will meet with jared kushner. but it all comes as this white house fresh upon hiring scaramucci as the new white house director trying to push back. the president himself tweeting back, why aren't congress and the investigators and, of course, our beleaguered attorney general looking incrooked hillary's crime relations. this president trying to push back on why this investigation is happening. >> rick tyler, how about that for a moment. when you think about who has brought jared kushner in. a republican-controlled senate. they have jared there today. supposedly on wednesday don jr. and paul manafort before a public hearing. is that one of the things that has the president so frustrated and riled up? they don't need to do this in
6:53 am
public, they're choosing to. >> to defend the president for a second here. from his perspective, this is all interfering with his ability to get a legislative process done. >> sir, he has the option to lead with discussing his legislative agenda and this morning you know what he talked about? hillary clinton. i'd love for him to talk about american hero's week. i'd love for him to talk about health care and not just shame republicans. >> for jared's part it looks like jared wants to be transparent and get everything out. the problem is if they discover something that he has not now fully disclosed because of a history of doing this, he could be in real trouble. the people who interview him lawyers of the staff and senate and they'll ask him tough questions. >> i just want to say as it relates to things coming out about jared. in his statement, he says he's had no financial or business dealings with russia. but "the guardian" is reporting this morning many points of contact around business, not the least of which is having bought
6:54 am
property from a russian tycoon who's well known to be a money launderer. so, we're already seeing holes in the testimony. and, look, as stephanie said. if the president wants a message, he should control himself. like the adult president of the united states should be. >> but that's not going to happen. >> it's a disgrace. >> that's what scaramucci is saying. that's not going to happen. >> just on friday anthony scaramucci gushing over the president complimenting his use of twitter. saturday morning, pre8:00 a.m., he goes on a nine-tweet tirade. how does that work? how does that help the new head of communications anthony scaramucci who the president avery much. >> they do believe that the president thinks this is his best way to connect with voters by talking directly to the american people. now, that said, there is a
6:55 am
frustration up amongst republicans in congress that every time he tweet about that, it takes -- tweets about the investigation or tweet an attack on a republican such as this morning the attorney general. it takes away from the focus on other issues, such as health care. he tweeted about health care today and it does take away from the broader policy push. stephanie? >> going on national television and talking about sarah huckabee sanders and how she should stick with that hair and makeup team. i believe that's what the communications did on an all-important sunday show. we'll take a quick break. thanks, kevin. thank you. much more on what jared kushner is expected to say inside that room. plus, cory lewendowski joins us live. whoooo.
6:56 am
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6:59 am
we're in for a very big day, but that wraps up this 9:00 a.m. hour. i'm stephanie ruhle and i'll see you at 11:00 a.m. with ali velshi. right now more news with hallie jackson. already a big morning as we saw jared kushner get behind those closed doors on capitol hill. big smile, big waves and no answers to the shouted questions from reporters watching his every move as he heads in to talk to staffers. kushner says he has nothing to hide. we'll talk about the three crucial things we expect him to tell the committee. out defending him today, the man who was running the campaign during that now infamous june 9th meeting.
7:00 am
corey lewandowski. the new agreement about sanctions against russia and whether the president will support it. plus, what it means if he will not. we have our team set up and ready to go. kicking off this monday with a bang. chris jansing at the white house along with kasie hunt on the hill, as well. chris, i want to start with you, the messaging push has been intense. surrogates all over cable includi including, the early release of the statement we expect to give to members of the senate intelligence committee. walk us through how the messa messaging push is happening behind jared kushner. >> 11 pages long that statement. remember when there was criticism. reports that jared kushner was very unhappy with the way the white house was doing its messaging after it all came out about this donald trump jr. meeting. so, you use the five words that i think describe what all of this is about from jared


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