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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  August 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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relationship with a direct chain down to the pentagon. >> understand. appreciate both of your expertise based on years of service. that's "the beat" today. you can always find us on facebook and twitter. "hardball" starts now. j just like nixon. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. every step that donald trump takes now is into the path trod by richard millhouse nixon. first the break-in, then russians hacking to the dnc. first the effort to get the fbi off the case, then trump's effort to get the fbi off the case. first came nixon's retiring and
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his firing of the special counsel. then spoiler alert. where do you think trump is headed right now? i'm getting ahead of things. the latest troubling revelation in the russia saga come from the "washington post." it involves donald trump jr.'s initial misleading response in reports he met with the kremlin linked lawyer during the campaign. according to the "washington post," it was the president's he words that were put out in that statement. quote, trump personally dictated a statement in which trump jr. said he and the russian lawyer discussed a bram the adoption of russian children. when sarah huckabee sanders was asked whether that report was true. let's watch. >> the statement that don junior issued is true. there's no inaccuracy in the statement. the president weigh in the as any father would based on the limited information he had. this is all discussion of no consequence. there was no follow-up. it was disclosed to the proper parties which is how "the new
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york times" found out about it to begin with. >> can you clarify degree to which the president weigh in the? >> he certainly didn't dictate. he weigh in the and offered a suggestion like any father would. do. >> like any father. senators both said if the story is true that the president addiction fated statement inaccurately, dishonestly, let's watch. it's troubling. >> i think the president is still viewing this as a little family problem, a p.r. problem. it's not. it's serious. >> do you think he's put himself in some sort of legal jeopardy? >> i won't go that far but i can't believe any worth while prosecutor can ignore this. this is a reality. poor judgment on the president's part to inject into this conversation about his son's meeting. facts which had no basis. >> it sounds like the president was trying to cover up the truth about that meeting. >> if that's true, that was a bad decision by the president which would make us ask more questions. when you get caught in a lie
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about one thing, that administration it hard to say, let the other stuff go. >> from the beginning, president trump has dismissed the significance of the story about the meeting in trump tower. shortly after this story broke, the president said his son did nothing wrong. let's watch. >> i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have 15 meeting. i've had many people call up, oh, gee, we have information this factor or this person or frankly, hillary. that's the standard in politics. politics is not the nicest building in the world but it is very standard. in the case of don, he listened. i guess they talked about, as i see it, they talked about adoption and some things. adoption wasn't even part of campaign. but nothing happened from the meeting. >> i'm joined now by the "washington post" who broke this news that the president was behind his son's statement. susan page and malcolm nance.
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carol, i want to get to you. here's the president of the united states, under investigation by a special counsel and two congressional committees for collusion. and now it seems his son was meeting with russian representatives including from the russian government that they had some dirt on the rival, hillary clinton. sbeegs the meeting form purpose. the president puts out a statement and said that wasn't what it was about. he said it was something about russian adoption. as if the campaign people including his son was somehow interested. in subject. a nonsensical cover-up story and i don't see how anyone can't see this to the question of collusion. your thoughts. >> i look at it as central to bob mueller's investigation of obstruction. it is not advisable for the president of the united states to, without the benefit of lawyers on air force one
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conferring with his family, overrooming them and dictating a statement that conceals facts and information when it is about his campaign's meetings with russians. he left out important information and he emphasized this was quote/unquote not a campaign issue. but indeed, more details trickled out after the president helped his son issued a statement that showed that not to be the case. this was as an e-mail to don j. said, part of the effort in the campaign. to not be forth coming about that and to concoct a story that misled will be something bob mueller will be looking into. how did they come to this idea and why, what was motivating the president and his family to not be forthcoming? >> that's my question to you.
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i guess it is a report he's question. motive. here we have the president basically covering up the name of a meeting. it was about a campaign issue. do we have something on the point, hillary clinton. we all know that. the president was saying it was some effort to help people get, document kids from russia. i doubled down by saying, that's what i talked on putin about at the g-20 after dinner conversation. ears clearly focused on covering for his son. what the motive is, in the covering, whether it is legal or not to lie to reporters, it certainly tells bob mueller, this guy is into a cover-up. >> yes. and it also, it certainly suggests that there is some sort of guilty conscience or motive to cover. we don't know all the facts here though, chris. when i look at it from the perspective of a prosecutor's eye, i don't see evidence of a
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criminal conspiracy yet to coordinate with the russian government or emsarissaries wit the russian government. bob mule her probably get a little deep entire this as i'll sure are we in the media. what you're worried about here, if you're the lawyer for the president, he's now stepped in it. he has now made himself an actor concealing information, and why. >> that's the question. why? if he wasn't involve, if you do this, i'll do that. we consider it a bribery climbed of thing. he's an helicopter are mom helping with the homework. >> i think there are other people he may be trying to protect. he might be trying to protect his son or his son-in-law. he may be concerned about what
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happened in his campaign at his behestest put his lawyers in a terrible spot. he's had his lawyers out there lying about this saying he didn't have a part in drafting the statement. that's not against the law to have your lawyers lie to the press but it does undercut the credibility this white house needs to have going forward when they're asked about this. >> to a sniffing hound, it's blood on the trail. i mean, not to be too imaginative with my metaphor, when you smell blood, you keep sniffing in that direction. the hounds chasing the president now know he is covering up, they don't know what reason but they know he's covering up. >> you're correct. i say this all the time. he does not seem to understand the severity of this investigation. this started off, now we're at the special prosecutor. this started as a national counter tense.
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he gets on this point where we find some information that is clear and documented. that there was an attempt to gain information from russia, which could or could not, at some point, we'll be determined, criminal. and then instead of becoming transparent, he decides to use interrogation resistance techniques. normally you want to be believable, logical, consistent. his story was unbelievable. we had documentation. it was illogical, it was inconsistent, and now there's month flexibility. the he flips around and says did i that because i was helping my son. this won't help him in the long run. >> it was like after fired comey, he said i did it because i was thinking the of the russia investigation. yesterday was just the latest in a long line of actions.
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are there were reports the president asked the director of national intelligence, dan coates, he them it was about the russians. he criticized jeff sessions for his part in the russian investigate. he discussed with it his lawyers, his power the grant pardons and his legal team combing through, looking for conflicts of interest. i'm sorry. it looks like he doesn't want to us get to the truth about his contacts with the russians. the old money trail, follow money, the woodward bernstein thing. he wants to kill this investigation and i'm going to say at the end of the show. this is my judgment. he is headed toward sessions. he wants to force him out, put him in homeland security.
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he sees mueller as an existential threat to whatever, certainly to his presidency. >> the president has not exactly minced his own words. he wants it to be over. he thinks it's silly. many of my colleagues, the advisers have said to us, said to me. this is a president who doesn't believe he's done anything wrong. go there no evidence in his mind to collude with russia. so this is a pr problem that he will solve. what is infuriating to his advise sxors surely to his lawyers, he is not walling himself off from this probe. he is going in a full throated way with both hands out at the
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investigators, at the attorney general. at anyone that he thinks he can get on fall in line. he doesn't see legal jeopardy to himself so he will be his own publicist and lawyer. >> on msnbc today, diane feinstein twarnld president not to terminate his attorney general diane feinstein. >> if the purpose is what many of us think it is, to stop the investigation of bob mueller and his team, that will not work. because i believe that will be something that none of us can condone. and it could well be the beginning of the end of this
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short presidency. >> susan? >> i think if you're looking for an existential crisis for the trump presidency, it would be getting rid of robert mueller. it wouldn't just be democrats like diane feinstein. you would have republican senators like lindsey graham who sometimes has the president's ear saying that would be unacceptable. it would dav what happened. >> if you are the president and you hear that, you say it's a bad couple of weeks. he really does get the dirt on me. going all the way back to my business dealings. more time for you next time. thank you for your expertise. coming up, the effort is case rt, a republican is putting his political future on the line. nobody in the republican house has been as tough as this guy on
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this president. conservatives stood idly by with the nativism and demagoguery. senator flake joins us next. he you know the romanovs, they're all around still. eric trump wants the party to stand up for his dad. but after months of attacking john mccain, lisa murkowski, why would they be nice to him? finally, trump watch. you have this time it's his turn.
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welcome back to "hardball." the main responsibility for a new white house chief of staff john kelly, a retired four star general, will be to restore order to a white house that seems to thrive on chaos. among his biggest challenges, managing the president's relationships with two unusually close advisers, his daughter ivanka and jared kushner. on monday, she indicated she's looking forward working with john kelly, saying, looking forward to serving alongside john kelly as we work for the american people. senator huckabee was asked. >> apparently they said they
4:19 pm
look forward to following general kelly's lead. when it comes to the people who have access to the president, will that conduit be narrowed down now? >> the president is giving full authority to general kelly and he'll make those determineations. >> if jared and ivanka are reporting to general kelly, he'll have a lot to sign off on. as senior adviser to the president, jared's responsibilities are reform criminal justice and vets care, diplomatic liaison, fight opioid addiction, streamline the federal government and brokering middle east peace. ivanka is pushing a nationwide family leave policy and childcare tax credit, she is also advising on workplace development, high school trafficking, child change, lgbt issues, we will's health issues and education. eugene ronls says, ivanka is
4:20 pm
also said to have supported the defense of reince priebus in favor of john f. kent as chief of staff. it is true that priebus didn't do a very good job but that's mostly because he wasn't allowed. to she is one of many aides. if kelly is not allowed to function as gate keeper, he too will fail. >> ron reagan is an it's msnbc political analyst. i got to know you, we got to be friends a long time ago lt i never saw you standing behind your dad during cabinet meetings looming like ivanka. she has great poise and i have no problem with her being there but i wonder why. and jared is always sit go next to her perfectly grouped. why? why are they there except because of nepotism? your thoughts. >> jared kushner isn't exactly
4:21 pm
robert kennedy. you wonder why these people with no relevant experience are where they are with security clearances and this is one of the challenges that john kelly is going to face here. he is supposed to be the boss of the white house in a way. all things are supposed to flow through the chief of staff, john kelly now. with y but he has a boss too. the president. his biggest problem is not so much ivanka and jared, although they are an issue. his biggest problem is donald trump himself who is the prime agent of chaos in this white house. how is he going to control him? >> you're giving a lot of thought here. i agree, the two kids, the son-in-law and the son. first of all, jared kushner has been given the portfolio of bringing peace to the middle east why. check with the chief of staff? he'll be dealing with heads of state. he doesn't have to deal with some staff guy. the other thing is trump.
4:22 pm
you have to get up at 6:30 in the morning to catch his first tweets. is general kelly going to be up that early to stop him? hold on, mr. kelly. >> well, i think the point is, and ron alluded to it. first of all this administration has to pivot from the campaign to govern. they need to look outward. not inward. these telenovellas need to stop. >> he's a different cat. >> as he bit unwieldy. he wanteder to had a different points of view. >> did you ever go in a back room and say bill, cool it. you're wasting our time. stop it. did you ever say you're wasting your presidency? >> several times. let me say first of all, while i referred to governor clinton as bill in private, when he was elected as president, i always
4:23 pm
called him president, even in the back rule. every chief of staff has to have the kind of relationship to speak very candidly and directly to the president and to frankly offer criticism in the right respect. and the president to feel that will not be leaked or reported. and we talked about that before i accepted the role. and it worked well. bill clinton accepted criticism well. >> you know, one the of things about your dad. i was on the other side politically as i'm proud to say oftentimes. >> me too. >> i know you are. i'm sure that was more troubling than me by any standard. the thing about reagan was he went in with all these things he read in reader's digest, he cared about all the social causes on the right which you disagreed. with he said no, we're here on the economy. we're here to cut taxes, to do the things got you elected and we're staying off the right wing stuff. i don't think trump is willing to give to the general he a list of things he won't talk about. he wants to talk about lgbt,
4:24 pm
transgender. he goes off to wacky land pretty often. nothing seems to be planned. some things are not only day on theic and unplanned, but right to the line of illegalality, perhaps. the ivanka/jared issue is a problem. you have two classes of employees in the white house. two of whom are family members and they can have access to dad any time they want. and that puts them in a different category as everybody else. think about what happened on that airplane. the "washington post" is talking about drafting this false statement about the russian meeting. what if general kelly is in on a meeting like that. what does he do at that point when something of dubious legality or ethics is happening right in front of him? or is he excluded because everybody in the trump family says, he's one of those straight arrows who doesn't do this sort
4:25 pm
of thing. that's another issue. >> when trump is pretending to be helicopter mom and whelming the hole work when he is drafting a his honest statement on get dirt on hillary clinton. this is not helicopter mom time. this isn't late night hole work wars. >> it is a serious issue what would the four star general say, he says, excuse me, sir. that's a dishonest statement. >> i think -- >> do you think he'll do that? >> you have to. you have to do it. ufl to do it in the right way. you have to do it in private. this is really a highly questionable judgment decision. you ought not to do it. and i think frankly, if he then goes around and you does it covertly, at some point you can't continue to serve. >> the ron, it is always great to have you on. we'll never accuse you of being one of the romanovs, you aren't
4:26 pm
roaming around the white house. you may have come for a sandwich in the middle of the night. thank you. up next, the republican senator who is standing up to his own party over president trump. so you miss the big city? i don't miss much... definitely not the traffic. excuse me, doctor... the genomic data came in. thank you. you can do that kind of analysis? yeah, watson. i can quickly analyze millions of clinical and scientific reports to help you tailor treatment options for the patient's genomic profile. you can do that? even way out here? yes. even way out here.
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has to leave. he said they're willing to talk on north korea they stop the nuclear program. the u.s. is test launching an intercontinental ballistic missile on wednesday. shares of apple climbed. the revenue clocking in at $45 billion. back to "hardball." welcome back to "hardball." with the publication of the new book today, senator jeff flake of arizona has quickly emerged as the most outspoken republican critic of president trump. and he makes it clear he blals his own party for president trump's rise to power. his new book is called conscience of a conservative. a rejection of destructive politics and a return to
4:31 pm
principle. conservatism has been compromised by a decidedly conservative stew of celebrity and authoritarianism. flake is call on conservatives to stand up for their values and challenge president trump, personally. it comes as the president's son eric trump says the party needs on protect president trump. >> he said a couple weeks ago in a tweet, alley going to have to carry this whole weight on my shoulder? when are some of the people in my own party going to start protecting me? i want somebody to start fighting for him. he is the best fighter in the world. he will do a better job fighting for himself than all of them will do but how much weight does he have to carry by himself? >> i'm joined now by the author,
4:32 pm
conscience of a effort is. there he was, eric coming out saying it is you guys' fault. what do you owe donald trump as a party? >> well, obviously, he is a republican. >> is he the leader of the republican party? >> he's the president of the united states. >> you're not answering my question. >> is he a leader of the conservative movement? >> the president of the united states is usually the leader of that party. >> do you accept him as the leader of the party? >> yes. as the leader of the republican party but that doesn't mean that i agree with everything he does. people forget, when i came to the congress in 2001, mike pension and i came together. we both ran conservative think tanks. >> would pence be a better president? >> i'm not going on answer those types of questions. >> you brought him up. what's wrong with trump? what's wrong trump? >> i talk about it in the book. barry goldwater in 1960 thought
4:33 pm
that the conservative party, the republican party had been compromised by the new deal. so he wrote conscience of a conservative. i think today we've been compromised by other forces. protection protectionism, populism. it is not -- >> you skipped demagoguery. knits your book. is trump a dem going to? -- a demagogue? >> i think we fwar responsibility as elected officials to stand up more than we have. and i talk, this problem isn't just this administration. it came long before. i talk a lot in the book my time in congress, 2001 to 2012. in the house of representatives. we became a decidedly less conservative party. and we jetsonned. we were the limited government party. then we started to argue on
4:34 pm
thing like flag sgurng the wedge issues. and then we lost the majority in 2006 and we deserved to do so. then we lost if 2008. i fear this majority the republicans think is here to stay won't be here very long if we continue down the path we're on. >> what is the nature of the republican party? 87% of self-identified republicans like trump's position on everything and they like him? that explains why there's been such party loyalty to this guy who is not really a republican. what explains that everybody down the line refused to do what you're doing? challenge him? >> i think you see it on both the republican and dratic side. >> but this book is about your side. >> it is. on our side, i started to say, when i got to congress, i opposed president bush's no child left behind. i opposed for eight years his cuba policy. yet two months ago he came to
4:35 pm
arizona and did a fund-raiser for me. i was with him on most things. that's how it used to be. wasn't just shirts versus skins on everything. now we think we can only pass something on the senate if we do it with 52 votes. ? it is getting this book a lot of publicity. i'm fascinated with how tough you are on donald trump. not this general critique you're offering here. this book is very hard hitting. very hard hitting on trump. demagoguery is the word you used. you used all the tough words. you don't think this president is good for the country, do you? >> i'll talk about what i talk about in the book. >> okay, good. >> i say in the book i've agreed with him on many things. supreme court justice. great cabinet picks. i worked him on regulatory reform. where i think that he's profoundly unconservative is on things like free trade.
4:36 pm
that's something that we can't abandon as republicans. we are decidedly less conservative if we do so. and also, being conservative on policy is just part of it. you have to be conservative in demeanor as well. >> is he? >> no. conservative foreign policy ought to be measured and deliberate and sober and that's not what we have. >> i think it is a tough written book. i want to keep you to it. it focuses on conspiracy theories and fake news. you criticized the false notion that barack obama wasn't born in the u.s. saying what a conspiracy theory becomes a litmus test. you say giving away one's agency to such confusion of fact and fantastic when with unhas power, well, that's truly dangerous. to me the original sin was saying obama was born in kenya
4:37 pm
or whatever. saying he was a conartist. that was racist in its nature. to make fun of his documentation to say he was an illegal immigrant. i think you're dead right on that. i don't understand why your party went along with it. >> not everyone did but more of the party should have said, hey, this is baloney. let's get off this kick. some of us did. more of us should have. because we didn't, we allowed people to move forward spouting that stuff. and then it gets worse. and you come to a point where today, i saw a poll last week that half of all republicans believe that president trump won the popular vote. he won the election. he is the president legitimately. but he didn't win the popular vote. that's an objective fact. if we can't have shared facts like that, then how do we tackle real issues? >> are you going to run for
4:38 pm
president? >> no. >> never? this is "hardball." i have to do this. >> how far can you go? >> i'm waiting to see if she has an attitude. >> with the last name flake, how far can you go? >> with a name like smuckers, it has to be good? flake is all right. i think it is great you came. on it is a tough, hard hitting book. it is very compelling. and everybody will talk about this book. i read the first one by barry goldwater. this one is a little different. senator jeff flake of arizona. up next, eric trump complains the gop is not fighting hard enough for his dad. why should they defend someone who isn't even a member of the republican party?
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the president's son eric appeared on fox news and demanded the republican party come to his father's defense. >> i want someone to start fighting for him. he's the best fighter in the world. dole a better job fighting for himself. how much weight does he have to carry by himself? >> loyalty is not something donald trump showed to the republican party. the one time registered democrat spent months attacking his one-time rivals, even linking ted cruz' father to the jfk assassination. you can't do worse. let's watchful. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald being shot. the whole thing is ridiculous. what is this, prior to his being shot and nobody brings it up. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people weren't captured.
4:43 pm
i hate to tell you. >> so lindsey graham says to me, please, please, whatever you can do. what is this guy? a beggar? he's begging me to help him with fox and friends. he gave me his number. and i found card. i wrote the number down. 202 -- [ bleep ]. >> now when he needs him the most, trump seems to have trouble even associating with the gop. here's the republican president talking about his colleagues in the senate as if they weren't a part of same political party. >> one of the things that should be solved but it probably won't be, the republicans and democrats don't get together. and i'm open arms. i don't see that happening. they fight each other, the level of hostility. and by the way, this isn't just trump. this has been like this for years. >> i can tell you the republicans won't own it.
4:44 pm
>> floofrt seven years, the republicans have been united in standing up for obamacare's victims. remember, repeal and replace. repeal and replace. they kept saying it over and over again. senate republicans have not done their job in ending the obamacare nightmare. >> let's bring in the round table. the editor for the daily beast. and eliza collins, and jonathan capehart. you first. this rernference to the republicans as if they're over there. we picked up on this. he is not accepting leadership. or even membership of the republican party now. >> i don't think he particularly thinks of himself as republican. he hasn't always been a republican. i think culturally, he probably associates more with democrats. he's rubbed elbows with these cosmopolitan --
4:45 pm
>> he probably associates more culturally with "access hollywood." >> from a political standpoint, the health care is a great illustration of how uncomfortable he is. you do not -- it is expected mccain msnbc might vote against your bill when he mocks your military service. >> they all get different jobs to do. here's eric who is not heard from too often. he is like a missing marx brother. he is out there begging the country and the republican party to come to daddy's aid. talk about whiney and weaky. >> trump said, i carried all the republicans on my back. baunlt last week? and they are not defending me. a lot of the senators. so i think that's not a new idea. the fact people are surprise that had president trump is not in line with the republican party is not a surprise, if we remember the campaign.
4:46 pm
we saw all the clips. and he wouldn't spore it. it is not new news. >> here's why it is important. it is news because it is unlikely that he will have that personal rapport or question, the republican rank and file. i don't think he did badly getting 48 out of 50 on the health care. it is a tricky issue. it doesn't surprise me. how do you get a united party on that one? it is impossible to say we'll repeal and replace. that was squaring a circle. i think he is complaining too much. i think the party has been very loyal to him. i think he's had very good votes. he got gorsuch in there. he got them to get rid of their filibuster rule just for him. that's bowing to him. he is getting all this stuff done on regulations. >> manning what would have happened if the republican president of the united states
4:47 pm
actually put his shoulder to the wheel, just like president obama did to get obamacare across the line. imagine what would have happened if trump had done that? and separating himself, this is an interesting observation. he is separating himself from the republican party. and it made me think that with membership comes responsibility and accountability. when you actively avoid associating yourself with that party, you can avoid all the failures, all the foibles. >> so he's running against one more institution he can blame for any problems in the country. not just the media but the republicans and the democrats. so he is innocent of all charges. >> it is a swamp. >> the idea that health care failure is a congressional failure. if you look at it objectively. they got 49 votes. they themselves said was a disgrace. it is a remarkable achievement. the fact republicans have stood by this president amidst all the
4:48 pm
scandal. what about the rish response. the de facto response is always, i haven't seen it. they should be bolting more. >> i wonder if they've had the most delicious screw you in history when he put his thumbs down. that was a dramatic sort of, the italian expression is, revenge is best -- a dish best served cold. who is the worst maverick? trump or mccain? >> how about murkowski. she was defended by trump and they threatened her state and said i won't respond to vinegar. she voted on the health care bill. >> i think he's ready to give alaska back to the russians. don't give them any ideas. that's cool. feeling good in slim fit?
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
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pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new fissure between trump and health care. he will likely push for another vote. >> no one knows where he will find success but they're not giving it away. they still want to get there. publics on the hill say you know what? let's talk bipartisan. we'll see two things come to a head here. >> we're talking health care but republicans. joe manchin, a republican, as moderate as you can be. they are close. they talk every ten days. they haven't talked in six weeks
4:54 pm
because trump asked him to support the bill and he didn't and they haven't talked since. >> it is hard to finds progressives in west virginia. >> so sam talked about how there's a renewed effort to do something with obamacare reveal. here's a problem the nation will face. when they come back from recess after labor day, there are 12 working days until the ends of the fiscal year. to not only do obamacare repeal but also, raise the debt ceiling. >> what about cutting taxes some. >> and that. and tax reform. and fill in -- flood insurance. >> the whole market is based on he will cut taxes. a bubble. they don't do it. thank you. when we return, trump watch. you won't like it.
4:55 pm
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trump watch, august 1st, 2017. can you see how with every move he is falling like richard nixonon in in 1972, it was cubans. in 2016 it was the russians hacking into the dnc. new technology, same old principle. sneaking in to find doirt use on the opposition. then endless road to cover up. it was cia trying to get the fbi
4:59 pm
to lay off. it was trying to get the fbi off the investigation and then asking the head of the stroegs get the filibuster off it again. what nixon tried once, trump, trumped him by doing twice. and then pursuing the russian investigation. that's what he told the russians why he did it. nitsch got the attorney general to resign and then got the special counsel investigating him fired. trump is still working on those two steps trying on get sessions to quit so he could get someone in there to do the dirty work. he is heading in that direction. nixon bras in a general as his chief of staff in 1973. trump has just done same thing. bringing in general kelly to settle the ship. but point after point, trump keeps trying to cover up what can't be covered up. he is saying his meeting with the russians was ball adoptions. like nixon. he keeps going back to the seasonable of the crime. two weeks ago, he said it was also about russian adoptions.
5:00 pm
trump can't double down on a story that mr. mueller knows full well isn't true. it smacks hard of cover-up. richard mullhouse trump. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. >> he weighed in. offered a suggestion like any father would do. >> the white house caught red handed. >> the president weigh in the as any father would. >> president trump helped his son mislead the country with attempted campaign collusion with russians. >> it is called opposition ref. >> as i sight, they talked about adoption. >> and the incredible new charges. claiming the president and the fox news channel coordinated a conspiracy theory to distract from russian election interference. plus about, those sanctions. >> has the president