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tv   MSNBC Joy Reid  MSNBC  August 12, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts and i'm reporting from msnbc headquarters in new york. we continue our coverage of the deadly day in charlottesville, virginia where we company coming up this hour any moment the governor of virginia to be holding a press conference about the incidents that took place today, not only the violent crashes and then those counter protestors but more so about the deadly incident, the act of terrorism that happened when a vehicle charged down a side
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street where counter protestors were on foot and slammed into them, knocking them into the air, flying people into the air and knock approximating two other cars, causing a schan reaction. then the car reversing to flee, injuring more people. we know that the police in charlottesville say that they have one driver in custody. we don't have any further detail about how many people were in that car or what the driver was doing or thinking at the time, but many people believe that this was nothing more than an act of terrorism, a driver intent on trying to cause panic and mayhem and at this point someone was killed. we can confirm that one person has died. there were 35 other people that were taken to the hospital. and we also now have new reporting in that there was a virginia state police helicopter that crashed in the 5:00 p.m. hour. just outside the southwest area of charlottesville into a wooded area. this would have been one of the helicopters reportedly that was
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on patrol for incidents today. we have no word yet on what caused this crash and whether or not that there were any injuries or fatalities involved. hopefully we're going to get more information on that from the governor coming up in a moment. nbc's mie ra rodriguez has been on the scene all day in charlottesville covering the events on the ground there. and a lot of news to go over there especially with this latest news we're getting about the helicopter from the virginia state police department. but bring us up to speed the sites of what we're seeing now of how thighs streets have cleared out after what was a horrific day. >> it has just been such a tragic day here, thomas. and you're right, things have quiet down immensely since they first got going early this morning. we saw at least in the hundreds of people around emancipation park during the beginning of the unite the right rally. had that rally was set to start at noon. it basically got going before that with people showing up
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around 9:30, ten. those protestors and the counter protestors getting into it in the middle of an intersection, throwing water bottles at aech ear, chanting, throwing all kienlds of projectiles. at one point there were some smoke bombs, some what appeared to be tear gas being lobd from one side to the other. things got out of hand. eventually police did step in, cleared out the park, cleared out all of the protestors and as the counter protestors were making their way in this area, that incident with the car plowing into the crowd occurred. and we had, of course, 19 people injured, one person killed. and from what we're hearing from hospital officials, that wasn't the extent of everything that happened today. really there was a total of 35 people injured today because there were those clashes back at the park. so they have been dealing with all of that. and then we're hearing about this voo state police helicopter
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that went down by a golf course about 7 miles from here. i can it will you that we saw a helicopter hovering over the rally and this incident all day long. i mean, um there for hours. whether it was this particular helicopter or not, we just don't know. hopefully the governor and the officials during this upcoming press conference will be able to enlighten us as to what exactly happened with that helicopter. thomas. >> i think another thing that has gotten the attention for a lot of people, not only the images of the violent clashes that happened today and certainly the deadly images of that vehicle speeding down a street of crowded on foot pedestrians, but those people that showed up today with virginia being an open carry state that showed up today brandishing weapons and using those as some type of intimidation for the counter protestors. did you see a lot of people on site today with firearms, open and exposed as if they were going to use them? >> in fact, they were some of the first people to arrive at
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the scene. we saw what i can best describe as an unidentified ma lil sha. people carrying their women's. they came dressed in fatigues. they sort of checked in with state police in a parking lot. police basically told them this is the park, this is where the rally is supposed to be held. they made their way over to the park and formed a line along the perimeter of the park. sort of creating a barrier between themselves and the people that were going to be part of the unite the right rally behind them. counter protestors on the other side of the street. so we did in fact see that. we did hear from some counter protestors who said, you know, we find this intimidate being but again like you mentioned, it's not illegal here in virginia to carry your weapon that way. >> all right. mia, keep us posted about what we got on -- in terms of from the police about this pepper that they do have in custody. i do want to make sure everybody realizes if you're just joining us as we follow this breaking news, we do have the governor of
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virginia, terry mcauliffe who is fwg to be giving a press conference coming up in just a second. also with local agency officials. and what they described as addressing this afternoon's vehicular incident. this was their language, calling it a vehicular incident. a person was murdered today in charlottesville, virginia, a person that was struck by a car. and there are 35 other people that were taken to the hospital that sustained injuries from this. and we're still waiting to get confirmation on the type of severity of injuries for those that couldn't be triaged on the scene. but you've seen the video yourself. you've seen how fast that car was going, the type of force that it provided in not only throwing people into the air, but then rear ending another vehicle, then causing this chain reaction into the sberkds, throwing those vehicles into the part of other people on foot as well before tearing off and taking out of there as fast as it could, knowing that it had
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inflicted incredible harm. and as some witnesses on the scene have reported saying that the car was traveling roughly about 40 or 50 miles an hour before inflicting that damage, using its vehicle as a weapon. the president has tweeted several times about the incident from charlottesville today, but he also addressed the cameras from his bedminster property, where he remains on vacation. take a look. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious splay of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides. it's been going on for a long time in our country. not donald trump, not barak obama. this has been going on for a long, long time. there's no place in america. what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent
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lives. no citizen should ever fear for their safety and security in our society. no matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are all americans first. >> the president and his statement earlier, but joining me now is mel own from the hill. let's just start in on the president's statement, melanie. is the president hitting the right tone here? respect to not only the images of the violence, but the images of that vehicle and knowing that a person was killed today? >> well, i think his critics and even members of his own party would say he completely missed this opportunity to strongly condemn the white nationalists and white supremacists who had a role in this event today. i mean, not only did he not condemn them, but he said there was bigotry on all sides and he
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didn't specifically mention the tragic loss of life that we do know about. so i do think there was a missed opportunity here to sort of temper the tensions that are flaring right now and i wouldn't be surprised if we do hear a little bit more strong error statement from him at some point. we already saw at least one other tweet come out sijs that initial on camera statement. >> and we are, again, awaiting for the governor of virginia, terry mcauliffe to come out and address every win about the different questions, along with local and state agencies there, especially to the other breaking news that we have with knowing this virginia state police helicopter has crashed southwest of charlottesville. this would have been an aircraft that was being used today to patrol the incidents. so we're waiting to get more information about the cause and if there are any injuries or fatalities involved with that
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accident. when we think about the description in this press release from the governor saying vehicular incident, vehicular homicide is described as the crime, the death of a person other than the driver as a result of criminally negligent or murderous operation of a motor vehicle. i think that a lot of legal people would look at this and say that it would be safe to assume that police are looking for the suspect of that vehicle to consider the potential of charging them at this point with vehicular homicide. for the tone we're looking for out of mcauliffe at this point, it's probably not going to be something where we expect him to do any trump bashing, but as we were hearing from melanie there, for a recognition of the fact that this was white supremacists run amok on a liberal college town that were then confronted by counter protestors and they didn't like it. >> well, i think when it comes to the death by vehicle that happened, it's really important to let the police do their job, find out the details.
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the driver could have been drunk, he could have been high. you know, either way it is very tragic, but it's really important to find out the facts. and so i wouldn't be surprised if terry mcauliffe is careful in the language that he uses. but this whole thing is really, really striking because of the politics involved in particular. with president trump, for instance, not being very specific in who he is condemning, none theless seen a lot of republicans come and speak out and actually condemn white supremacists very specifically. so in a way they're breaking with the president too. so it's a very important moment politically and i think that you might even see terry mcauliffe mention trump. you just don't these days. >> and you're right about marco rubio saying it was very important for the nation to hear potty us describe the events in charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by white supremacists. >> melanie, do you think, though, as more information and facts do come to light in the investigation conditions to
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progress in and of itself that the president could take a decidedly tougher tone on what happened? >> right. well, i do think that more facts will come out, and we will learn more about this incident with the car. a lot of things are still uncertain at this point. you know, also mentioned the helicopter crash. we don't know what's going on. i could certainly see him coming out and saying something additional, whether today or tomorrow, at some point. but i do think it's important to note that his initial statement was the really big opportunity here when the tensions were still high, and his statement was sort of tone deaf. at one point he pivoted to comments about the economy and jobs and just the fact that he was slow top respond initially. even if you don't know the details, the enact that melania was the first voice we heard out of the white house is highly unusual. and it's just another example of him, the president, being a little reluctant to weigh in on these sorts of issues like we saw last week with the mosque and the white house not weighing
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in. >> no, not weighing in. gorka appearing on our air talking about the the president would mows likely make a statement. waiting to find out if this was some time of left inspired attack only to paint the right as looking barred and said to ali velshi and our stephanie rule to hold their horses and count to ten, waiting for him to say something. but in respect to the first lady, you're right. she tweeted before the president and his first tweet earlier today, the president tweeting a couple of times after that. but now we do wait to hear from terry mcauliffe on this and people will probably wonder too if there is any type of, you know, connective tissue to this chopper going down or if that is just a tragic coincidence in what has been a held ashs day for the men and women serving in police forces in
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charlottesville. >> that's true. i mean, you know, again, it's one of the situations where we really need to wait for the facts to be established. but you're right, overall it's been a tragic day on many levels. and for the president it has been in many ways a missed opportunity. after all, president trump is usually quite eager to go after the people that he is unhappy with. he goes after his own cabinet members. he goes after fellow republicans. he certainly goes after barak obama. and he went after brum for not using the term islamic terrorism. but he doesn't seem to want to go after wheat supremacists or neo naz i didn't say or whatever they are. and it's really telling. it's not always just what president trump says. it's also often what he doesn't say. and so it's very, very important to monitor this going forward and see whether this pressure, you know, leads him to take another tack as the day goes on. >> well, and even if the president does not address any of that, any of the undertones of what we saw today, hopefully
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the president will address with compassion and condolences to the loved ones that they lost somebody today. and there is a family that is grooeg tonight while we show ad nauseam these images over and over again of what took place foed in charlottesville, virginia. and we wait for those details that we hopefully will get from the dplorch or coming up. but we should not forget about the family as they mourn somebody we lost today. thank you both for joining me. we're going to continue our coverage of today's events in charlottesville and also coming up in the next hour, 7:00 p.m. our joy reid is going to be hosting a special today hate in violence in virginia, p p.m. on msnbc. i should know. i have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation. so i use restasis multidose. it helps me make more of my own tears, with continued use,
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welcome back, everybody. we continue to wait for terry
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mcauliffe, the governor of virginia. he's going to be holding a press conference coming up here in this hour to address the events of today, the violence in charlottesville and also the tragedy, the death of one person. we are waiting on information about the identity of this person and also about the updates for the others injured. 35 other people were taken to the hospital after a vehicle slammed into a crowd of protestors on foot. this was after a day of violent interactions between white nationalists and the counter protestors on the streets of charlottesville, virginia. we do also have other information coming in that in the 5:00 p.m. hour that there was a virginia state police helicopter that crashed southwest of charlottesville, and we are hearing about the actual aircraft with the virginia state police, saying that there have been two confirmed fatalities. again, this happening in albore more oh county. the crash is under
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investigation. nbc has not independently verified the confirmation of two people losing their lives in this crash. but again, they said this happened shortly before 5:00 p.m. it happened in a wooded area outside of charlottesville, and this report from the virginia state police saying that there are two confirmed fatalities. no one on the ground was injured. and the cause of this crash remains under investigation at this time with state police on the scene. terry mcauliffe, the governor is going to be joined by other members of state and local agencies at this press conference coming up. and we would expect that this situation, this tragedy, will be addressed as we heard that the virginia state police had been using helicopters to patrol the protests and some of the incidents that were taking place today in charlottesville. joining me now is allison a staff writer from charlottesville daily progress newspaper. allison, good to have you with me. let's just begin, any
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information that you or your team at the newspaper have heard about the police helicopter? >> well, we initially had gotten notification through a system that they have here and that it was a potential helicopter down and the address site. so a reporter had gone out there and had talked to a few neighbors who had told him that they did see a helicopter crash and then the state police did confirm it. i haven't heard anything about the fatalities as of yet, if there are any. but we had september someone out there as soon as we heard about it. >> allison, for the area, is it populated or unpopulated, dense or not where this crash happened. >> reporter: it's near a golf course, and i think there's some wooded area in that vicinity where it was crashed. i saw a photo. >> okay. allison, let me have you stand
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by. terry mcauliffe is beginning. >> today was a sad day for our commonwealth. we know now flee fatalities today, in addition to many individuals who have been hurt. but let me start off first by thanking all of our law enforcement officials. this could have been a much worse day today. i want to thank our local law enforcement individuals. i want to thank the first responders. i want to thank all the state police, to the national guard and everybody else who was involved in today's activities. we planned for a long time for today's incidents. i also want to give a special thank you to the clerky who were here today, who helped us on the streets. i also want to thank those gorgeous uva college students yesterday who last evening surrounded the statue of thomas jefferson to protect that statue. and i have a message to all the white supremeists and the nas i didn't see who came into
3:23 pm
charlottesville today. our message is plain and simple. go home. you are not wanted in this great commonwealth. shame on you. you pretend that you're patriots, but you are anything but a patriot. you want to talk about patriots? talk about thomas jefferson and george washington, who brought our country together. you think about the patriots today, the young men and women who are wearing the cloth of our country. somewhere around the globe they are putting their life in danger. they're patriots. you are not. you came here today to hurt people, and you did hurt people. but my message is clear, we are stronger than you. you have made our commonwealth stronger. you will not succeed. there is no place for you here,
3:24 pm
there is no place for you in america. we work here today to bring people together, to unify folks. i remind you all that we are a nation of immigrants. unless you're native american, the first ships that came to james town, virginia in 1607 and since that time many people have come to our great country to unite us. our converse it, that mosaic tile of immigrants is what makes us so special. and we will not let anybody come here and destroy it. so, please, go home. and never come back. take your hatred and take your bigotry. there is no place. and if i could give you a piece of advice, use your time and energy to help people. come with me to a homeless shelter. come with me to help a veteran find a job or place to live. that's what we need help on, to
3:25 pm
bring people together. i spoke to the president this afternoon, and we had conversation. and i told the president that there has got to be a movement in this p country to bring people together. the hatred and rhetoric that has gone on and has intensified over the last couple months is dividing this great nation. we need to work together. i told the president that twice. we're willing to work with you if we can work together to bring people together, but stop the hate speech. stop the rhetoric in this country. we have got to bring people together. but we are a great commonwealth and we are a great nation, and we are even stronger today because of those actions of those people who came with their bigotry and hatred. i'd now like to introduce the mayor of the city of charlottesville, michael significant nor. >> thank you, governor.
3:26 pm
this is one of the worlds truly great cities. we have been the home of a lot of history. we have overcome a lot in our democracy. we've overcome mccarthyism, we've overcome segregation, and we're going to overcome this. this tied of hatred and of intolerance and of bigotry that has come to us and that has marched down with torchz the lawn of one of the founders of democracy, it is brought here by outsiders and it's brought here by people who belong in the trash heap tf history with these ideas. they're going to be in the trash heap of history. this day will not define us. we will define this day by the story that we continue to tell tomorrow and the tomorrow after that, the week after that, and the year after that. there is a very sad and regrettable courseness in our politics that we've all seen too much of today. our opponents have become our enemies.
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debate has become intimidation. what denim rallies is about and we know this here because we're the birth place of democracy, it's about deliberation, it's about action, it's about progress, it's about working together and it's about at the end of the day if you disagree with somebody, you don't try to take them down. you agree to move forward. these folks doopt want that. they do not agree with the rules of democracy and they are on the losing side of history. the work of rebuilding. of healing is just beginning today. tomorrow will come and we will emerge,ic promise you, stronger than ever. with that i also want to thank the state government. i want to thank governor mcauliffe for all their help. my colleagues on the council, all four of them are here today. i want to thank the charlottesville police department and their law enforcement partners from around the state protecting their residents. visitors today to the university of virginia, i want to say that our hearts break for the casualties and injuries that people have suffered. and please send your prayers to
3:28 pm
these folks and their loved ones. for that i'm going to turn it over to our city manager reese jones,ible. thank you. >> thank you, mr. mayor. hate came to our town today in a way that we had feared, but we had never really let ourselves imagine. i wanted to start today by thanking the virginia state police and our law enforcement officers and all the first responders who are here in charlottesville today to protect our community. the charlottesville police department and our state partners in the virginia state police were on the scene in our community very early this morning, anticipating large crowds. our law enforcement was on hand before 10 taem this morning. actually began around 6 taem this morning. and unfortunately as we went through this day, we had folks who came here to cause mayhem
3:29 pm
and chaos and mischief, and it resulted in three fatalities here in the city of charlottesville. in the days and the weeks to come, our city will have many conversations in city hall and community centers and our houses of worship, over our fences and at our dinner tables. i would ask that in addition to sharing our grief and looking back at this difficult and extraordinary summer, that we look forward. i would ask that we would consider the question of who we are as a city and who we wish to be. i would ask that we each seek opportunities to seek people who share our home here in charlottesville, but who are outside of our circles. i would ask that we work to build meaningful relationships and foster strong connections. city hall will be working with the community to rebuild our structures and repair damages. and we will also work to provide opportunities for our community to come together to mourn,
3:30 pm
connect and move forward. but city hall cannot build the bonds between neighbors or create new friendships. i'm calling on each one of our residents, not only here in the city of charlottesville but in the charlottesville area, to come together and take all of this into our hearts and our daily lives today. and to begin healing as a community. if we all come together, we cannot fall apart. we will be with you and we will be beside you as together we write the next chapter in charlottesville's history. thank you. >> thank you, mr. jones. chief al thomas charlottesville precipitation. good evening. the premeditated violence that our community experienced today was completely unacceptable. the situation escalated rapidly
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into violence, and we had no choice but to deploy additional personnel from the virginia state police, the virginia national guard to help disperse the crowd and move people safely through the streets. none of the injuries sustained today were due top engagement with law enforcement. as of late this afternoon, there have been at least 35 people treated for injuries by city personnel. 14 people have been treated for injuries resulting from individual engage wants. nine pedestrians were treated for injuries in a three-vehicle crash at the intersection of fourth street and water street here in downtown charlottesville. their injuries range from life-threatening to minor. the crash also claimed the life of a 32-year-old female pedestrian at the intersection as she was crossing the street. we are still in the process of notifying her next of kin. so we will not be releasing her information until that takes place as a courtesy to the
3:32 pm
family. the suspect vehicle that left the scene of the crash was located moments later, and a male driver is in custody with charges pending. we are currently treating this as a criminal homicide investigation. also want to extend my appreciation to the many individuals who witnessed the crash for helping us by providing statements, photos and video evidence. again, the crash remains under investigation. so where do we go from here? for right now we're encouraging people to return home. please let our city of charlottesville, our home, start to recover from this. what the world saw today is not the place charlottesville is. we love our city. let us hael. this is not our story. outsiders do not tell our story. we will tell our own story.
3:33 pm
as is common place, we will be reviewing the events of the day over the next weeks and months p. we are committed to providing our residents with a strong safe city to live in and being partners in our community. thank you. >> governor -- those killed, they were killed after -- >> governor -- all right. so there we have governor terry mcauliffe of virginia along with other agency partners in the state of virginia and the police chief for charlottesville making statements, addressing the situation of what took place today. the governor talking about the three fatalities today. the one person as was described by the police chief, a 32-year-old female pedestrian who was killed in that accident, not an, but what they are
3:34 pm
considering to be an investigated under criminal homicide declaration after that vehicle slammed into pedestrians that were on foot, causing a chain reaction vehicle accident and one person lost their life. as he was explaining, nine other people had to be taken to the hospital. there were 14 other individuals that had altercations that needed to be treated. that's the accident i was referencing before where that gray vehicle came racing down the road into counter protestors on foot. one person we know has lost their life. then the governor was addressing the issue of the police helicopter, the virginia state police helicopter that crashed just southwest of charlottesville. two fatalities in that. so in total today, after what took place after hours of unrest in charlottesville, there are three fatalities that that city is now having to deal with not
3:35 pm
only the community of knowing that white supremacists and nas i didn't see came in to cause this type of unrest and one person was killed p but also the police community is in mourning tonight after this helicopter crash, a chopper that had been involved in helping police the incidents for today crashed just before 5:00 p.m. the governor there was talking in very defined and strong language about white supremacists and nas i didn't see that came to charltsville, go home, you are not wanted here and shame on you, you came here to hurt people today and you did hurt people. there is no place for you here and no place for you in america. we are a mosaic tile of immigrants in america, and he said please go home and never come back. also, the governor said that he had an opportunity to speak with the president twice today and wanted to implore him on needed
3:36 pm
changes from leadership in this country to end hateful rhetoric that continues. the police chief we heard from him talking about the fact that he described this as premeditated violence that gripped the city of charlottesville today and called it unacceptable. and went on to talk about the 32-year-old female pedestrian who was killed crossing the street, saying that they are not going to be releasing information about her identity until next of kin has been notified. and then the suspect vehicle, that was found not too long after that tragic incident on fourth street. a male driver has been taken into custody. the police chief referring to this as a criminal homicide investigation with more information of the crash under investigation with the help of other people there with their evidence, either video or photographs or their witness statements. but the police chief went on to
3:37 pm
say that outsiders do not tell our story and also that charlottesville is not going to be remembered for an incident such as heinous as this. i want to bring back into our conversation jim cavanaugh, who is an msnbc analyst and law enforcement expert on this. so, jim, specifically when we talk about how the police chief characterized a criminal homicide investigation, what does that mean? does that mean that this is basically vehicular homicide? >> exactly. it's a criminal homicide. it's a vehicular homicide. it's probably a hate crime, and it could fall under the terrorism statutes as well. so it's all of the above, thomas. and what they're going to do is put the totality of the facts together. if the driver was a chance man, a neo nazi, they'll be able to find all that out if he was protesting, if he was antagonizing. he'll have computer potus, facebook posts. he might be a member of these groups, which would show his intent maybe to hurt the people
3:38 pm
he killed and injured. so they could put that together. the video clips, the chief was praising the citizens they should turn in those videos to the charlottesville pd so they can use that in a murder trial. it could be a hate crime trial, even a terrorism trial. the main point there's plenty of charges to put on this guy and maybe other conspirators involved and they'll have to get their arms around that. >> jim, the other important thing that the police chief, also the governor did not say, but the police chief directly is what he did not say, which was that this was not a drunk driver or a high driver or somebody that was somehow not involved in the different type of interactions that we saw today. they did not distinctly separate this driver from an intent of being involved with being against these protestors. >> right. thomas. well, they know more facts than we have, but we have a lot of facts. we have witnesses you've had on,
3:39 pm
you've talked to the reporters there where the car spun its tires, you know, clearly we could see the narrow street, all the pedestrians, the flags, the black lives matter banners, the solidarity barns. you had to know who it was and you had to see them all in front of you. and if you backed up and spun your tires, you know, a witness zriepgs of that and the video, there's your intent. intent to kill, intent to run over. so they have that and more. and they're going to put all that together. and, of course, they arrested a subject and he could have made some rez jess tie incriminating statements or maybe even made some statements. charlottesville is not out of the woods. this violence that encourages he's guys, you know, you can trace this back in the near term to the mother emanual church where dillon roof murdered pastor pink any and the con gre gants there. that was a hate crime.
3:40 pm
to elm bold enthis white nationalist movement. these guys all say that. you know, i hope my crime, my death will spur the movement. and in fact, it does. it elm bold ens them. and then what happened after that was, you know, good people want to take down the symbols of hate, the confederate stat use or flags. and we saw all that play out in south carolina, kracross the soh in new orleans. that's what's happening there today. the same thing. they're emboldened by violence, strength end by these fights and everything the political leader said there was just right. but the chance man and the neo nazis don't hear any of that. don't think that's going to change them. that's not going to change them. >> you make a great point. when we think about i was on the ground there for what happened at mother he man we will church and the mother emanuel nine and then the actions of govern nikki haley at that time to remove the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds, the type of reaction they got from that but
3:41 pm
also rlt recognition of what that symbolism represents in its root cause and its entirety. and irtst's not just about tryi to give a wing and a nod to history. it represents something much more evil and sinister and about superior ort over other people and a reason to look down upon others. but, jim, this is an intersection now of not only that this young 32-year-old woman was killed, but the police community is in mourning tonight with this chopper crash with losing two of their own. so if the white supremacists and the nazis were trying to make a point today to win some ground, they've made some very strong enemies. not just because of what they stand for, but because of the actions and their intent, the violence that it caused today,
3:42 pm
is going to make them think twice before they show up again, wouldn't you think? >> no, no, i don't agree with you on that, thomas, having dealt with these guys for 40 years. richard spencer tweeted today that it's the government and the anti-fashists that they're against. they hate the government. they hate the police. and they hate the federal agents. and they have shot and killed police officers across the country over the years. they don't care about that. they're not worried that police lives get lost. they want -- they've killed police. and they will kill police. no. this is all their day. they revel in this violence. what america has to do is wake up to this stuff. when it's not condemned by all good-minded people, political leaders, business leaders -- look, there's news sooitsz that indicator to these guys that have advertisement from all kinds of great american companies paying the revenue for those places to exist. why? you don't have to support them when near putting out hate
3:43 pm
against minorities of all kinds. and yet businesses, you know, support those sites. so there's a lot of things america can do and political leaders should condemn this and not half heartedel, not like oh, this is bad and there's a lot of bad sides. no, had that's not a full-throated kems of the hate. >> what we've been having to unfortunately cover today is witnessing homegrown terrorism in live action and the governor there saying that there is no place for you here, no place for you in america. they are taking a strong stand against what this has represented, not onlyel images we've seen today but the life-altering effects that three different families are facing tonight not only from the young am wo, the 32-year-old that was killed there on the streets at fourth and water but also from this helicopter crash because these people were attached to being on patrol for these
3:44 pm
incidents and we're waiting to learn more details about that. jim, stand by for me. allison is still with us who is a staff writer from the charlottesville daily are progress newspaper. and allison, you probably have a lot of interaction with the police chief and probably know the type of force that he runs and knows how he has to address statements of tragedy for the community before. what was your impression about the type of language that he used just now? >> i think it was a good statement that he made. i have been at a few press conferences about the upcoming events, and he usually does speak pretty well and answers questions the best he can. i know there weren't really questions answered at that press conference just now, but i think he did a decent job. >> we're all pretty full floated and in union son, locked arms
3:45 pm
about what it meant today for the community of charlottesville, virginia as a state to deal with the tragedies, the three deaths that have happened in light of the interactions that took place there today. and now we do know that there is this criminal homicide investigation taking place for the death of the 32-year-old woman at the intersection. and we're kuwaiting on more details to find out about what happened with this chopper crash. we're going to be back with much more right here on msnbc after this. stay with me. ♪ and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? ♪ ♪ well it's you girl, and you should know it. ♪ ♪ with each glance and every little movement you show it. ♪ ♪ you're gonna make it after all. ♪ it takes a long time to get to the top... ♪ you're gonna make it after all. ♪ but with america's best ♪ you're gonna make it after all. ♪ bumper-to-bumper limited ♪ you're gonna make it after all. ♪ warranty, the all-new volkswagen tiguan will be there every step ♪ ow!♪ of the way.
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3:49 pm
you are not wanted in this great commonwealth. shame on you. >> sort of a tail of two reactions there separated by about three hours after the events in charlottesville, virginia, today. first the president of the united states during the 3 hour with his address from his vacation in the bedminster estate. and just moments ago the governor of virginia terry mcauliffe giving a full floated rebuke of what happened today, talking about these white supremacists and nazis that came to charlottesville that there's no place for you here, no place for you in merng. the police chief there also talking about the fact that this is now a criminal homicide investigation because of the vehicular homicide that happened with that car plowing into a group of counter protestors who were on foot. that car storming down fourth street and plowing into the back of other vehicles and hitting people along the way with bodies
3:50 pm
flying through the air. the police chief saying that there was a pedestrian that was in the street, a 32-year-old. they have not identified her name yet because they are notifying the next of kin. there are also nine other injuries that the police talked about where they have h to be treated on-site but the hospital confirmed they are roughly treating 35 people. and joining me now, this chopper crash that happened with the state police helicopter, it was one that was patrolling the incident. this is video of what the smoke looked like after the accident scene. this happened just prior to 5:00 p.m. two fatalities with the loss of that helicopter going down. two people killed. so in all, three people have died today after the incidents in charlottesville. do you see a big distinction between the words of governor and the president?
3:51 pm
>> well, first, i just wanted to say that my heart is really hurting for the families and the friends of the loved ones that were lost today. it is a long day. and a tragic day. in charlottesville and for our commonwealth. i'm very proud of our governor and the leaders in charlottesville and really our leaders in virginia. let me be as clear as i could be and just like the governor mcauliffe said, there was only one side that came to charlottesville with the clear intention of promoting hate and bigotry. and governor mcauliffe was very clear about -- in his strongest words possible, go home. we don't want you here.
3:52 pm
and the thing that i am very proud of over all, too, as a commonwealth, tim kaine said in his statement, we are a commonwealth, we are united in community. and when the chips are down we stand together as virginians. speaker howe and his leadership team today issued a very strong statement denouncing the vile hatred and bigotry of these white supremacist and neo-nazis saying basic i will the same thing, get out of here. get the heck out of town. >> susan, when it comes to the difference in certainly verbiage and language and tone from the governor to the president, the naacp has recently tweeted this afternoon saying that we call on the president to take the steps to remove steve bannon. well-known white supremacist leader from his team of advisers. is there an over all sentiment that the president has surrounded himself with people
3:53 pm
that would support the views of white supremacists and nazis and that white -- that might be why he is reluctant to have a stronger tone against what today is, what it represents and the tragedy that is unfolded. >> well, i think steve bannon's bonafides are very well known but i go back to harry truman and the buck stops here. and i just remember that bull horn moment, that president bush had on 9/11 and you all were talking earlier about the emanual church in charleston when dylann roof executed the parishioners there. and what people want add what they saw with this strong leadership and the comfort leadership of governor mcauliffe and the mayor today in charlottesville, you want to know that your leaders are going to step up and say, one, enough,
3:54 pm
but also be there and also be comforting as well. you have to -- you have to kind of do both. and that's -- there was -- and i just don't know if this is the time -- there was a little bit missing there. i got to say, i was sadly and sorely disappointed, not the first time. but we have to -- look, my uncles, my uncles fought the nazis in world war ii. a lot of them landed on d-day as young boys and were proud, i loved hearing their war stories. i thought those days were over. and i never nout i would have to see i spectacle like i saw in the last 24 hours. >> susan, when it comes to leadership and with governor mcauliffe coming out the way that he did, is it really going to be up to the state of virginia to kind of soothe its own wounds at this point,
3:55 pm
because goodiing to the well fo the president trump to provide that sentiment or comfort has been absent so far and he's prone to retreat images or statements that have ties to what the united right rally was all about. >> well virginia has led the way before. and that's -- and i'm sure other governors would step up -- have stepped up too. but we've led the way before. our country -- our country started here, we have a lot of histories here. not all of it is good. we have a lot of the civil war happened here. but it also ended here. we elected the first black governor in our country, something i'm very proud of. and so we've paved the way on a lot of things and showed leadership and the governor stepped up today and i thought was very forceful.
3:56 pm
and in the middle of all this, we have to remember three families are grieving and others still jurpinjured out there and hopefully this -- this -- the nazis and the white supremacists are leaving. but this is a hard day on the folks in charlottesville but on all virginians. >> there are harder days to come with especially knowing what the these families are going to have to go through with the one 32-year-old woman who was killed and noup the loss of life with these two other police members who died in this chopper crash. susan, i just want to point out to everybody before we go, because i'm running out of time, but the president has just tweeted a short time ago about his deepest condolences for those that have been lost saying deepest condolences to the family and fellow officers of the virginia state police who died today. you are all among the best this nation produces.
3:57 pm
susan sher, thank you very much. i'm thomas roberts here at msnbc headquarters and i'm back at 8:00 and coming up next, joy reid is in with a special report "hate and violence in virginia." that is next. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. "how to win at business." step one:
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possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. it has been going on for a long time in our country. not donald trump, not barack obama. this has been going on for a long, long time. it has no place in america, what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. good evening. i'm joy reid live from washington, d.c. with a special report on the events today in charlottesville, virginia.


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