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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  September 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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could this not be -- could this not be the moment where he pivots to presidential and unifies the nation during its time of crisis? >> only if he goes into trump tower, locks himself in, sends out a different person that isn't donald trump, maybe whose name is donald trump but who is a completely different person and then maybe that person could pivot and become the president we need. he is this guy. and he isn't going to become
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presidential. he's donald trump. >> welcome back to a.m. joy. a second chance to make a first impression offering presidential comfort to texas and louisiana on saturday. even taking selfies with some of the victims of hurricane harvey. for trump the focus was less on the death toll of 42 but on whether trump could pass the presidential empathy test, a test that many felt he failed the first time around and he had to give it a second try. you normally don't have to give it a second try. the second time must be the charm because trump's this time around caused the media to swoon. there he is engaging with real life americans at the massive shelter in houston. military men in uniform, distressed parents and babies. babies. babies. joining me now is conservative
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commentator. ceo of endeavor stretagies. thank you guys. you were forced to watch me two times because my team insisted. i guess the point is there is this tick that is in my profession that is in the media where people really, really want donald trump to fit into the box of normal president. so whenever he does anything that looks like it is in the normal president box there is a rush to say this is the moment where he has become president. he is comforting people. what do you think that tick is about and do you think that donald trump will fulfill this need in the media? >> donald trump is the queen sursy of american politics. even when he is emoting human
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emotion like empathy he went in a room like this is what human people do. when he went there we heard him say what a great crowd. i know the media. i don't know why you are fixated on trying to get donald trump to be presidential. it doesn't matter. i can tell you we will never forgive donald trump for his racism, bigotry and sexism. he can shake every hand in texas. this is president 101 going to place of disaster, showing empathy, how to go back a second time. this is a man who to us there is nothing that whill change it. i don't know why his numbers are so high. not one instance will change it. he will be the donald trump that we saw and i won't forget it and most of us will never forgive him for it. >> there was this thing that happened among some on the
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right. you had dr. gorka tweeting pictures of donald trump like picking up a black child and this like you will never accept. if you took the pictures and added audio the things he was saying as he is picking up the brak child and doing the pictures giving you presidential pictures people want is things like they're happy in houston. listen to donald trump on saturday. >> really i think people appreciate what has been done efficiently and well. we are happy with the way everything is going. really happy with what is going on. it's been something that has been very well received even by you guys it has been well. so the focus there again is on it has been well received. people are happy almost as if it is a show about donald trump rather than a tragedy.
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a couple more quotes. have a good time, everybody trump says to reporters touring houston shelters. have a good time, everybody. he said i hear the coast guard saved almost 11,000 people by going into winds the media would not go into. that's not normal. >> it's not. it's difficult because he is the marketer in chief. if you look at his lifetime, his career and what he spent doing it has been driving controversy. it has been creating scandal. it can be difficult for someone in a lifetime of doing that to totally switch. this is kind of a lose-lose situationism president obama in trying to stay away and make sure he wasn't taking away from the rescue efforts during hurricane katrina. he was criticized for being too cool and aloof.
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president bush was criticized for the way he -- people are going to find ways to criticize mptd the fact we mains that he needed to show true empathy here focussing on highlights the incredible number of heroes who went out not just first responders but average people who went out to help fellow friends, neighbors, pets survive that really should have been the focus. i think he missed an opportunity to really go beyond his comfort zone. >> barbara bush who otherwise was pretty popular as a first lady, she got dinged in 2005 for saying when she went and toured the astro dome where people had been evacuated away from hurricane katrina. many people are under privileged so this is working very well for them. that is a quote that sort of stuck with her.
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george w. bush's response stuck to him. i wonder if conservative media is going to try to rehabilitate donald trump based on the pictures without the sound of what they were able to get out of his second time to texas and whether you think that will help him in some way. >> i think you saw in coverage where home page, front page, pictures of donald trump comforting those in houston. there is certainly an effort to promote that image and not point out the words. the reality is he is expected to announce his decision on whether he will keep or dump the daca program. the situation unfolding with north korea. i think on some level when you have a storm in the magnitude of houston that would be the only story we would be talking about. in this presidency there are
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three, four, five things unfolding that are very important that warrant that type of attention that i think will play much more of a larger role in how conservative media and american people evaluate this president. when i think about donald trump in houston it is almost like out of touch person going to the museum and viewing people almost as an exhibit. so far removed from what they are going through. such a fundamental just not able to connect and understand and comprehend suffering going on. when he walks through these places i feel like i am watching someone at a museum watching these people. >> and i think i have the same sort of gut reaction to it, jennifer. you also saw the staffing at work. they traded the flotus hat for texas hat. donald trump had his hats for sale in his hand but at least when he got there he took the
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hat off and took selfies with people. you can see them handing already made meals. the food was made just passed from the hands of melania to the hands of donald trump. they just got the optics of looking like they handed someone food. maybe it's just that i am cynical by the way washington works, why does that obvious optics work so well on the media? >> i have no idea. i think it is ridiculous. for these are people who never volunteer. they never do charity. they don't spend their own money. this is a completely new experience for them. in the past when we have seen people like michelle obama, when we have seen people like really both bushes, they talked to people. they empathize. donald trump is happy, happy, happy because he thinks this is helping his presidency.
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he makes a remark where he says this is just wonderful. no it's not wonderful. it's horrible. he is happy because it is all about him. so i think his personality is a narcissistic one. i will leave it to others to say whether it is a political condition or not. he is incapable of putting other people first and feeling human emotion. his emotional outlook here, what he was demonstrating to us is completely at odds with his surroundings. these are people who are suffering and lost everything. he is grinning ear to ear. >> one of our producers said if you think about donald trump his ethical base is good for trump, good. bad for trump, bad. it kind of shakes down that way. if you look at pictures of joplin, missouri when president obama went to joplin there is sort of maybe it's because he has younger children and a father or because he drew grew
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up in difficult circumstances and can relate to want i don't know what it is but there was something very different even at george w. bush who grew up very privileged you can see humanity there. i don't know. >> i think it is lack of humanity. when president obama came to new jersey after superstorm sandy and hugged people, the emotion that he had for people everyone felt it. besides the optics i wish the media would have called on donald trump's hypocrisy in his budget which would cut the fema budget for grants for the next city. he brings ben carson down there. ben carson is here, we are going to rebuild these places. $3 billion in grants. in trump's budget he cuts every penny for low income housing to be rebuilt after disaster. there are policies donald trump is advocating which so the hypocrisy of the big smile.
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>> you also do have for the republican party a moment of truth. you have had we have highlighted the deregulation that republicans have done in texas. talk about hud being dismantled. how does the republican party then turn around and try to show itself? the political calculus is changing in washington and forcing people to say we need to work together to find common sense solutions to things we need to increase bipartisanship as well as climate change. we know that climate change increases a stronger, warmer storm and more devastating hurricanes. just from an economic perspective. i think the thing here, too, is 30,000 foot view politically donald trump wants to keep the focus on him and knows he is slipping. general approval ratings around 41%. in the past week he dropped seven percent among
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conservatives and nine points among whites without a college degree. the sort of big change that donald trump was supposed to have brought to republican politics was this populum. how do you square that if he is going to just deregulate and cut taxes for the wealthy? is the base for the republican party that is really open to getting government services going to be like we need populism here meaning money for people who are struggling? >> i think they realize they have been sold a bill of goods. donald trump may talk like a populist but his policies only benefit the wealthy, elite, privileged people like him. there is such a disconnect between what he talks about and what the real substance of the policies end up being. the epa, person running it has been put there to destroy it and cut the budget by more than 25% and what do we have right now? a situation where epa is
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importa important. the epa is not there on the ground. why is that? there are human consequences to the policies that trump is making that will hurt the people that he is posing for pictures with. >> indeed. we will watch it unfold. thank you guys. coming up, trump's tax plan. go get a cup affcoffee. thanks for loading, sweetie.
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this job done, and i don't want to be disappointed by congress. >> this week, donald trump kicked off his push for tax reform in springfield, missouri, birthplace of route 66, commonly referred to as main street of america. offering a populous pitch he says will slash the tax rate for companies and be a boom for lower and middle class americans. we haven't seen specifics of who would get those besides the very rich, how much they would be, and how to pay for it all. instead, all we have seen on trump's plan is a bare bones, one page outline that leaves it to lawmakers to fill in the blanks. back with me, ali velshi, and arthur lapper, former economic adviser to president ronald reagan. thank you for being here. looking forward to this debate all morning. >> that i think, joy. >> art lapper, i am going to you first on the plan. here it is, you probably can't see it in the monitor, but it is a one page plan. its goals are grow the economy, simplify the tax code, provide
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tax relief to american families, especially low income families, and lower the tax rate from one of the highest to one of the lowest. do you see how that gets done? >> yes, i do. first of all, i don't want to be against ali velshi. i have been on a number of shows with ali, i think he is wonderful. i think we all sought the truth, beauty and the american way all the time. so yes, one thing that's really important, joy, is cut the corporate tax rate. what he says specifically time and time again is from 35% to 15%. that to me is enough specifics for the president to put forth to create jobs, output employment and production, the whole goal we all have, the best form of welfare is still a good high paying job. america needs economic growth badly as ali said in the last segment, and i think he's right, and i think this is the way to go. cut corporate tax rate to 15%, let the congress deal with all the other stuff.
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>> ali velshi, your witness. >> so the flattery gets art everywhere, he is fantastic and i love him, too. >> thank you. >> i have a goal to get from 195 pounds to 180 pounds. i had this goal several years, but it remains a goal and an aspiration. there isn't a plan, it is not as easy to get there as i hoped and it will cost me to get to that point. that's what this looks like to me. the only difference between my plan and donald trump's plan, i am honest about weighing 195 pounds. there's not many companies in america paying 35%. depending how you measure it, it is 27 or 28%. i don't disagree with art it would be even better to lower tax rates, everybody wants to pay lower taxes, businesses and individuals. let me say it this way. companies so profitable in america and have so much money that generally speaking, particularly large companies can't expand if they wanted to. they have the ability to access credit or cash to build another plant, employ more people.
5:21 pm
there are reasons why they don't do that, and they're complicated reasons, it is not a given by reducing taxes they will suddenly do that. what you may end up with is a hole. collect less in tax money and it doesn't stimulate the economy the way the president and art hope it would. >> art, let me ask you that question. if i am a corporation and you lower my tax rate, why wouldn't i just pocket the money or use it to pay more dividends to the ceo, who is paid mostly in stock? >> let me respond to ali's first comment about the effective tax rate, which he is completely correct, he overestimates the effective tax rate. they have it down to about 13 plus% as the effective tax rate. >> why do they need to lower it? >> they use loopholes, shelters, tax evasion, different corporate forms, keep money abroad. when you lower the tax rate, shelters become less attractive, they decide to pay their taxes. the numbers are very clear if you look at the academic
5:22 pm
literature, if you cut the tax rate, shelters go down and revenues go up as do jobs. >> that's the part we're missing, the sudden where you make that connection to suddenly they'll use that to hire more people. isn't the experience in the economy, give the corporations more money, they simply pocket the money. they don't hire more, they pocket the money. >> in 1986, we cut the highest rate from 46% to 34%. >> can you compare that to marginal tax? let me let ali answer that. >> go ahead, ali. >> why don't they just pocket the money? >> one of the great examples i love to use with art, he is so smart, been around a long time, the idea is it would take tax rates down and create jobs. former governor sam brownback said it would be four years, they would see 100,000 jobs. they lowered taxes on art's advice specifically and a state
5:23 pm
of about 3 million people created just 28,000 jobs between january of 2014 and the same time in 2017. we are a year short but way below that. over in nebraska which has a yet smaller population of 2 million people, didn't cut taxes, job growth in the same period was 35,000. i don't know, there's no evidence if you cut corporate taxes that it results in job growth at this level. art very wisely cites 1986 and much bigger cut. that's not actually what we are talking about. i want to point out, art, we are old friends, i don't know why you didn't take issue with how fat i was. i appreciate you not discussing that. >> what can i say, a chubby ali is a very nice ali. >> he looks great. i want you to answer his question. if you look at the experience of kansas, they did what you said, they cut the corporate tax rate and it did not result in job creation. what happened? >> kansas is an example of itself, they have a lot of other
5:24 pm
things, it was a small cut. but i don't want to do that. if you look at all the states, stop doing just anecdotes, look at all of the states, states with the lowest tax rates have the best economic growth. >> california and new york. california and new york have phenomenal economic growth. >> look at california and new york. look at also florida. look at nevada. look at tennessee. let's look at all of the states together. >> did you know florida has a better economy than california or new york? i don't think it does. >> of course it does, has much better growth. so does nevada and tennessee. tennessee compared to tennessee. i did a book called the wealth of states that looks at all 50 states in the last 50 years. if you look at it, it is unambiguous, states that lowered tax rates are doing better, those that adopted the income tax have done worse. >> ali? >> so art is good at this. he lives in tennessee, he is from california. he likes to make the comparisons. let's go back, i used to point
5:25 pm
out that mozambique has the best growth in the world. 17%. right? but mozambique is a tiny country with tiny gdp. when you take new york and california and add in florida and nevada. >> texas. >> you said kansas, you don't like that example because there are other things going on, this isn't necessarily apples to apples. >> yes, it is, you can do apples to apples, ali, please, if you go to my book, it is 400 pages, i try to across the board look at the last 50 years. it is clear. yes, there are examples go one way or the other. look at illinois, connecticut, wisconsin, michigan. >> but before we go, it is a wash. >> it is not. >> i don't see the evidence of it. i want to get to quickly one quick thing we have to talk about, too, the other thing donald trump is talking about is getting rid of the estate tax, would definitely benefit the trump family. you see that benefit the super rich. how do you justify the idea of
5:26 pm
cutting that kind of tax on 400,000 very rich people, including the president himself? >> because you get him to stop using tax shelters and pay their taxes and not stop working. i am 77 years old, joy. as of a couple days ago. i work for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. that's why i work. you take away that ability of me to give money to my grandchildren, i'll just quit and you lose a lot of revenues, well, not a lot. >> i don't think i will live to see the day art quits. when the president made a speech, one of the first thing he said i am going to enact laws that hurt me, help other people but will hurt me, it is clear getting rid of the estate tax is very beneficial to the trump family. >> i am going to rule from the chair that both ali velshi and art laffer look marvelous. i appreciate you both being here. great debate. thank you very much. we will bring you back.
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watch ali velshi on weekends, 24 hours a day on msnbc, but specifically at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., you must watch. that's at 12:30. every day here on msnbc. today on msnbc. coming up, donald trump declares this a national day of prayer. but some religious leaders might need to brush up on their scriptures. it's sunday. that's next.
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i just want to thank you all for being with us today because we're going to be signing a day
5:34 pm
of prayer and that will be on sunday. that will be a very special day. i don't know when this was done last, but it has been a long time ago. is that a correct statement? >> that's correct. >> we know. following his proclamation, many churches are likely united in prayer as we speak for those effected by the storm. the victims of this hurricane need money and housing. several local faith leaders answered that call, opening up houses of worship, including local mosques to shelter victims. one houston pastor waded out to check submerged vehicles to make sure no one was trapped inside. but wealthy megachurch pastor joel osteen came under fire this week for giving various excuses for keeping doors to his church which could hold more than 16,000 people closed. he only opened to evacuees after initially not offering anything but prayers by his twitter
5:35 pm
account. joining me, frank schaefer, author of why i am an atheist who believes in god. and mark burns, pastor at harvest praise and worship center, member of donald trump's evangelical council. i want to start by asking the idea that donald trump feels like he innovated national day of prayer, that's not true i take it? >> that's not true, it started under president eisenhower with billy graham, that started in 1950 or '51. >> happens every year, annual day of prayer may 4th, that's the day there's national day of prayer. my great team, president barack obama named memorial day 2016 as national day of prayer. so it happens all the time. donald trump didn't make that up. one of the reasons we wanted to talk to you, you wrote a piece in response to the joel osteen kerfuffle in which he did not
5:36 pm
open the astro dome. 16,000 people it can fit. until he was dragged on social media and in the media for not opening his church. wrote the cheap prosperity gospel of trump and osteen. their brands are rooted in success, not scripture. hurricanes and floods do not providing winning narrative crucial to keep adherence chained to prosperity gospel thinking. that's why it is easy for both men to issue platitudes instead of empathy. they lack compassion for people that are not prosperous because they didn't follow the rules. why link donald trump to prosperity goes well with osteen? >> it is important to say what that is so listeners understand. it is a belief rooted in capitalism that uses scriptures to say you can become rich if you follow god's word basically.
5:37 pm
the reason you add donald trump to prosperity gospel, most of those people are prosperity gospel people. paula white, other followers behind him that are prosperity goes gospel. the ones he calls for prayer are prosperity gospel people. if we remember during the election, joel osteen said he was a wonderful man but didn't endorse him. i thought it was important to put the two of them together because they have similar backgrounds, both inherited their father's businesses, both of them are the 1%. both of them actually sell themselves as a way to show to be successful, you must do what i do. i think it is important at this particular time to think about the people of houston, think about what they need and what their needs are because i am a house tonian, i am worried about what it did to the city i love.
5:38 pm
i was appalled at joel osteen and the way donald trump said yesterday not empathetically, looks like everybody is joyful and having fun. how are you having fun sleeping on the couch and everything you own is underwater. yeah, this is about empathy. >> mark burns, i think what a lot of people look at donald trump but his evangelical circle around him, paula whites, joel osteens, franklin graham, there's a sense that when you read the plain word of jesus, it is about loving the poor, about welcoming the stranger, about tending to the needy, the widow and the orphan, but on the other side you've got these evangelicals for donald trump that seem to be much more about sofling the wealthy, criticizing people that are poor being their fault. how do you square that as a pastor that is for donald trump. >> joy, i can tell you i agree
5:39 pm
with you wholeheartedly, jesus did speak about feeding the poor, jesus did speak about loving those that are unfortunate and for me again i'm no prosperity preacher. i hate that term that's been coined. i preach the gospel of jesus christ, that includes feeding the poor, helping the disenfranchised, also includes the same word jesus said. jesus said i've come that you might have life and have it more abundantly, that there is principles of jesus that if we follow the blessings of god are conditional. the love of god is unconditional. there's a responsibility for those of us who preach the whole gospel, meaning including hell and sin. >> wait. did you just say if you follow the word of god, there are financial remuneration that will
5:40 pm
come from that? >> it is important to understand that i think it is important to understand it is not just about a financial reward because god wants your mind first before he ever blesses you with money. god wants your heart first. he wants to make sure those who do follow the rules and plans of the holy scriptures, that your heart be sold out to jesus first so when you are in a place of authority, when you are in a place of blessing that you don't just push others down, but you're in position to turn around and help people out. >> do you think he was right to keep it closed until he was forced to open it? do you think he was wrong to keep his church closed? >> i think the critics of joel osteen, i am appalled at the credits of joel osteen. the critics of joel osteen didn't show up to help the flood until they first saw water. joel osteen and his family has
5:41 pm
been in houston, helping families for decades. they didn't start showing up when the water showed up, they have been in that community, helping people for years. let me say this. he doesn't pack up that dome with 20, 30,000 people because he is hurting people. he packs it out because he has been helping people, and that's a testimony by itself that he obviously has been a major player in blessing the poor, blessing the needy, helping people that are disenfranchised. you put any critic against the record of joel osteen's record in reference to helping people, i'll take joel osteen's record any day. >> let me let frank schaefer into this. you come from this background, this world that your father was very much involved in in terms of this sort of prosperity ministry, this kind of evangelicalism. what do you make of the joel osteen affair here? >> it's interesting you bring up my dad, the theologian, francis schaefer.
5:42 pm
i grew up with my parents in a small mission, back before he became a religious right leader, before he got famous, before mom started hanging out with the presidential families, the bush family, jack kemp, who was a vice presidential candidate and so forth. long before that, we were in a small mission. one of my dad's big points was we don't ask for money and people that think god only blesses you if you're good or if you follow him or if you give money to certain ministry, dad had a word for that, that was heracy. their bottom line is success in the capitalistic material terms. old fashioned evangelicals like my father, god bless him who i agree with much of his religious right stuff these days and moved beyond it, harsh critic of the evangelical movement, here's a guy without a secretary. worked on the edge of his bed in a rocking chair saying the money
5:43 pm
we bring in has to go back into the lord's work to help people. joel osteen lives in a 10 to $15 million house. he is one of these con artists like so many in the evangelical world, all about send me money, god will bless you. when they talk about themselves, look how god blessed me, the trouble with houston or all catastrophes, it doesn't fit in with the osteen trumpian view of look at me, look how successful i am. you can be like me if you go to trump university in terms of trump's con game, if you come to my church in terms of joel osteen and other evangelical guys. i am missing church with my grandchildren, i am not religious, i am not evangelical any more, but osteen and these people in terms of the old time evangelical gospel are heretics. they preach of jesus that hasn't come to minister to the poor,
5:44 pm
did not say blessed are the poor and the meek. osteen and trump come from the capitalist american idea of success. their gospel is the gospel of blessed are those that triumph other others and get rich. this is not what jesus preached. i am no longer evangelical. if my dad were here, he disagrees with a lot of what i say these days, he is dead, but if he was here, he would be totally on board with what i'm saying here, so would any evangelical who comes out of a past that was about actually minimum sterg to people and not raising money from them, not conning them into this success idea of what life is supposed to be about. >> i wish we had more time for this panel. i am going to remain for us, we want you guys to come back. thank you for being here. appreciate everybody. coming up at the top of the
5:45 pm
hour, this morning donald trump was asked by reporters if he was going to attack north korea. his response, we'll see. alex witt will have more on that. next on "am joy," the potential danger in the air unleash by harvey. stay with us. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
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donald trump believes climate change is a hoax created by the chinese. do the recent floods in texas change his minds? do texans have a right to know the toxic chemicals that were unleash by the storm? we'll discuss. who are these people?
5:49 pm
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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are the fumes nontoxix or you're not just so sure? >> they're noxious, for sure. the toxicity of the -- you mean the smoke? i don't know the composition of the smoke but it's certainly
5:52 pm
noxious. >> are you going to say -- yes or no. i think it's a pretty important -- >> the smoke is noxious, its toxicity is a relative thing. >> so just how toxics is the smack smoke released into the air after flooding triggered explosions in the arkema chemical plant in crosby, texas. the fema director called it extremely dangerous. with more explosions expected at the plant, crosby residents are left in the dark. arkema is refusing to disclose the amount of chemicals on the site or composition or location of those chemicals or how they were stored. thanks to texas' deregulation of chemicals, companieies like arka are legally allowed to keep that information from the public. thank you for being here. arkema is not telling reporters
5:53 pm
even though they promised they would, they're now claiming terrorism is the reason they won't say it. what we do know that the damage can be caused, small amounts of those peroxides can irritate the skin, and larger amounts can cause liver damage. the company is claiming issue is a combustion event not a chemical release. do you believe that the people that live near there are in danger? >> i definitely do. also our first responders many in instances get very nervous moving in to these situations. >> we also know toxic waste sites were flooded in the houston area. the metro area is home to more than a dozen superfund sites designated by the epa as being the most contaminated places in the country. many are now flooded. is there any way for people to know what the dangers are there if they have -- when it's time to move home? >> there will have to be some
5:54 pm
analysis done. the administration has been cutting the superfund budget. they've been cutting enforcement budget so it's going to make it much more difficult. >> if you have an administration that's cutting the budgets, they are delaying regulations on these chemical plants, a state that as a matter of how says the chemical companies can have whatever they want inside the company and not tell people who live there, what is there that protects a homeowner within ten miles of that plant? >> we need to make sure they're opening up the doors to information. this administration has been trying to close those opportunities for folks to gather information, and that's a very dangerous situation to be in. folks need to know what's happening inside their communities and what they can be exposed to. >> texas has become a chemical mecca. it's become one of the largest corridors for energy production and chemical storage and chemical production in the country. who tends to live near the places where they produce these kinds of things? >> communities of color, low-income and even indigenous
5:55 pm
populations. the amazing thing most folks don't understand, the manchester community in houston, texas. you can go and touch the plants and piping that's right there. it's amazing if most folks knew that existed, they'd be dismayed and they would be very disenheartened at our country. >> is part of the issue that developers are not prevented from creating housing, including public housing that's literally right on top of these chemical plants? >> exactly. the zoning issues are huge. the planning issues are huge and unfortunately with more storms coming, more intense storms, folks are going to be in dangerous situations, and they usually place low-income housing in the flood plain areas because the soil, the land is cheaper in those areas. >> we saw ben carson accompany donald trump down to houston for that photo op with the predominantly black victim base. hud isn't getting a lot of money from this administration nor is the epa. is that combination something we should be concerned about?
5:56 pm
>> it's an extremely delicate situation that they're placing folks in. what you find is the cdgb grants are being cut. >> community block development grants. >> and all these huge cuts at epa are going to create a situation where our most vulnerable communities are going to get double and triple whammies. >> we saw flint go without water two and three years. are you concerned this administration won't do much to rectsify the situation? >> i'm very concerned because they've cut many programs water related at the agency. both drinking water and folks whose superfund sites and other things may have contaminated the wells in more rural areas. we have some real serious situations. i hope this is an opportunity the president takes that he's paying attention to the folks on the ground. pay attention to the folks in the manchester community and port arthur, texas, to make sure their water and air is protected as well. >> if people -- i think we're out of time, but can we get you to tell us for our facebook community and for online, where people can go for information if
5:57 pm
they can't go to the government. >> definitely. mustafa ali, thank you. a.m. joy" will be back next saturday. se what's right for you. woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys." it's home insurance made easy. when i walked through for a cigarette, that's when i knew i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste, plus intense craving relief. every great why needs a great how. ♪
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fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. my dad on the phone told us jenny was gone. >> a house in flames. the body of a woman inside. >> we have a body. i need a med ic. >> but it wasn't the fire that killed her. she was dead before it started. >> accidents will happen. this was no accident. >> who wanted her dead? her boyfriend said he knew. >> there's people after us. >> what does that mean? >> they're trying to get us. >> but police knew


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