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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  September 14, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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be allowed to say. hold on. republican leadership pushing back. listen to what we heard about a pathway to citizenship. >> without looking at citizenship we're not looking at amnesty. we're looking at allow people to stay here. we're working with everybody. republican. we're working with dell. i just spoke with paul ryan. he's onword. everybody is onboard. >> i do believe that there is an understanding that down the road there is an eventual path to citizenship in the dream act and that overwhelmingly the american people support that. >> first off, there is no agreement. the president and the chief of staff called me from air force one today to discuss what was discussed. and it was a discussion. not an agreement or negotiation. >> okay. so whether it was a discussion, or an agreement, the fact of the matter is the two sides are
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talking. that much is clear. it's showing bipartisanship. that could mean decisions on the border wall and immigration coming up in the very near future. start today with our reporters in the field. kelly o'donnell at the white house for us. garrett hake on capitol hill. equally confusing. start with kelly. the president's had a few chances to talk about this. he's tweeted about it. he does seem to imply there's some kind of an understanding, use that word and throw it out regard stream of consciousness rolling conversation today talking about different parts of all of the attention that has come to this deal, agreement, conversation, discussion. however we want to frame it. but whatever came out of the dinner with senator schumer, leader pelosi and the president is certainly getting people's attention. the president is suggesting there's wide agreement to try to do something to give protected status to the dreamers or the -- those who fall under daca. those who were brought to the
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united states without documentation. have lived here their whole lives. what would that be? he's saying, not citizenship. the dream act provides for citizenship. a discrepancy there and the president deferring in consideration of a border wall until a later time, but talking about extreme, massive border security. border security is something democrats could get onboard with, short of a wall. so is there a way to find a compromise here? certainly seems to be ingredients for it but then you get the republicans who have all of the control over what is or is not presented as legislation. that's something where they get to exert power and you heard it in a subtle way from paul ryan. who talked about the president calling him from air force one. kind of, the timeline if you will, saying, there is no agreement. mitch mcconnell today also talking about the fact that the daca issue should be part of a broader discussion about illegal
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immigration and what to can do in the longer sweep of these issues. it's didn't complicated for a long time. there's been a lot of pressure politically to try to resolve the issue involving the daca young adults now, many of them. the president saying he has heart for them. even after being one of the most vociferous anti-illegal immigration candidates we've seen in the modern era and the president risking, angering, even sort of inspiring and inciting his base by talking about this. so the president tried to cool it off a bit today saying, no amnesty. it really will come down to how to people define this if a deal is in the making. seems like progress in the discussion, conversation -- however they want to describe it. something is cooking here, ali. >> you've done an excellent job, you always do, about straightening this out and removing some of the confusion. so now just to balance things out, take it to the u.s. congress, or garrett hake is standing by, where it appears on this issue of daca confusion
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reigns. >> confusion is the word of the day. a whole spectrum of response to this news. particularly from republicans on the hill, from the most conservative, many refuse to stop and discuss the issue with me, as they were leaving town today, to paul ryan, seems to be splitting hairs on this. you heard him talk about this isn't a negotiation. it's a discussion. ask him to fine tune what turn as discussion into a negotiation, i think that might be a difficult thing to answer. on the senate side, there seem to be -- republicans seem to be taking a little more pragmatic approach to this today. i heard over and over from senate republicans i spoke to was, sounds like this is a deal to make a deal. an agreement to negotiate in good faith towards something. and by and large, republican senators i talked to were supportive of that idea. so long as they don't get boxed out of it. remember, republicans fought very hard to become the majority party in both of these houses and want to make sure they're writing the rules, they're the ones driving the bus here, to
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change metaphors. here's senator john kennedy from louisiana talking about this earlier this morning. >> i'm comfortable if it's a -- if it's something that republicans would support. in louisiana when we negotiate, one side gives up something. the other side gives up something. i mean, we can make deals all day long if we just agree to whatever our friends on the other side of the aisle want. but that's not a deal that would be good for the american people. i'm not saying that that's what the president has done or would do. it doesn't bother me a bit that he is, he's reaching out to our democratic friends. i think that's very healthy. but it's got to pass muster for those who might disagree with the final deal. >> reporter: the last part is key. kennedy likely speaking for
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other republicans there saying, look, it's perfectly okay for the president to reach out to democrats. his job. end of the day, it's our job, republicans in the senate to write and produce the bill. what they intend to do. >> thank you both. appreciate you both, but appreciate you particularly today, because this has been very hard for me to navigate. thanks to both of you. an inside perspective on this. congressman roger marshall is a republican from kansas who joins me now from capitol hill. congressman, thank you for being with us. i appreciate this. you got unique insight into this, because your district in kansas, i understand, is one of the biggest agricultural producing districts in the entire country, and it does rely to a great degree on some of the people who might have been these daca recipients? >> that's right, ali. we have some 80,000 open jobs right now in kansas. and a lot of these are immigrant-related situations. we have maybe 12,000-some daca
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kids as well. these are just, just aren't numbers on a newspaper article. these are real kids. these are friends of my children. these are brothers and sisters of the kids i've delivered over the past 25 years. >> one of the things that -- that gets to people is some of the characterization, not just of these people, but what their effect on the economy will be. i want to show you this from breitbart a little earlier today. it said, daca recipients currently hold upwards of 700,000 u.s. jobs. and ultimately end to the program with daca recipients not getting amgsty resulting in a 700,000 job stimulus for american workers. this would amount to nearly 30,000 new u.s. job openings for american workers every month once the program is officially phased out. that is tantalizing, sir. how do you respond to that, to people who say get these guys out so that americans can have these jobs? >> ali, doesn't make much sense
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to me. i spoke to dr. ben carson about a month ago and he said we have 5 million open jobs across the country right now. and the problem we have in country is actually a lack of skilled labor force. that's the problem. so there's finally open jobs. if these 700,000 people are not in the job pool, 550,000 open jobs in the country now. we have a shortage of work supply right now, of lab arers. >> can you tell me for those not as familiar with it across the country, how immigrant labor works in to the kansas economy ask what are the jobs they do and why is it that it requires this sort of labor to get those jobs done? >> sure. first of all, the fastest growing dairy in the country. dairy, milking cows is very, very labor intensive. and people don't realize this. we have to milk our cows two or three times a day, seven day as week, 365 day as year. a labor-intensive situation. i visited dairy in kansas, they
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deliver about 30 bull steen calves every day. maybe five or seven workers for that particular part. when it comes to feeding cattle, big feed lots in kansas as well. also very labor intensive. out in the general farm work, whether it's planting wheat or harvesting hay, we need lots of laborers as well. >> obviously we cover politics a lot on msnbc. the stuff i talked to kelly and garrett about, how this it playing out on capitol hill is intriguing. do you as a republican particularly care that this is something that's being worked out with both republicans and democrats, or that the president is talking to democrats about it? >> you know, i'm a very much a laser-focused person. i want congress to do their job. look in the mirror and figure out a solution that the president has given us six more months to figure out daca. i think it can be done and am very happy the president is bringing it to everyone's attention and making us talk about it. happy bipartisan discussions are going on.
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great discussions in the freshman class on the house side about immigration issues. talking stab a program with a simpler labor force visa program for agriculture as well. it's a prudent topic now and i'm glad we're talking about it. >> appreciate the time you've taken to be with us. roger marshall is a republican congressman from kansas. thank you, sir. >> thank you. all right. the daca story has been a hot button issue for conservative groups. bringing in joe pollock, senior editor at large at breitbart news. thank you for being with us g. to be with you. >> i want to read again the thing i just read to the congressman. from breitbart earlier today where it talked about, let me read it again bp daca resilients hold upwards of 700,000 u.s. jobs and ento the program not getting amnesty results in a 700,000 job stimulus for american workers. nearly 30,000 new u.s. jobs once
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the program is officially phased out every month. i've read it twice. it's well written. i think if i were going to make that argument, that's how i would write it. the fact is, joel, the u.s. economy is more dynamic than that. right? we know we create at least 150,000 job as month, 180 or something the last couple of years. it's not really an apples to apples comparison. get rid of 700 or 800,000 daca, there are that many new jobs? >> that's correct. illegal aliens in cases are competing with american citizens for jobs and the president promised supporters in 2015 and 2016 he would take care of that problem. there are many trump supporters who might be willing to accept some kind of deal on daca, but it would have to be in exchange for a border wall, and verify employers aren't cheating the system and for the act changing our immigration system to focussing on skilled immigrants
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and not unskilled family chain migration. so there really is a question here of where the president's priorities are, and i think that question is an open one. >> look at some polling on this. using politico's polling. no matter who's you look at it's not too different. if you look at everybody in america, about 58% think that they should allow people to stay. democrats 71%. republicans 46%. independents 56%. even if you look at the number of people who think the daca people should be deported, even among republicans, it's at 24%. a narrow slice of the republican and conservative side. isn't it worth a horse trade for the president? >> well, asking the question in terms of deportation is setting up a straw man. difficult deporting these people. another question is should these people be allowed a path to citizenship? >> put it back up. as you're talking kpepeople cane
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t. over the last decade as we've seen congress struggle with the issue. one, most americans want some of the people here illegally to have some ability to stay in the country. at the same time, most americans want there to be a sequence. we have border security first. before there's any legalization of people here illegally. the problem with the terms of the deal or deal about it a deal that was discussed by democrats and the president last night is it puts those things on an equal playing field. has them on the same timeline. daca gets passed with border security measures. worse than that, the wall comes later. >> yeah. >> that's the reason the gang of eight bill was rejected by republicans in 2013. because it didn't have the proper sequence of security first, legal status later. >> go to border security. understood. you can actually get democrats behind. but that's not a wall. is that a -- because i think, look at the headline you had on breitbart today. amnesty done. trump caves on daca.
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wants quick amnesty for 800,000 illegal aliens. are you on the right going to turn against the president if he gets much of what he wants, better border security, in exchange for daca? >> there are three deal breakers for trump's base, when it comes to a daca deal. the first is path to citizenship. there can be no citizenship for people who are brought here illegally, even if they were children. maybe some kind of legal status, maybe even permanent residency but no citizenship. for a variety of reasons. one, we are being unfair to legal immigrants including myself and my family who came here legally, if we allow this illegal status to be legalized. another is, once the daca children are citizens, through no fault of their own they were brought here. why allow them, then, to legalize their parents? the people whose fault it is? citizenship is a deal breaker. two other points. the border wall has to be in the deal and come from any legal
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status for daca recipients. can't get that wrong. republicans did not reject the gang of eight bill only to have president trump pass what president obama couldn't do. finally, there's the issue of the wall itself. has to be funded. can't separate these two issues. trump seems to think, well, we're going to do this in a separate budget aappropriations process. once you have daca passed you've lost all your leverage to get the democrats to come onboard in that operations promise and can back out of their promise, lucy pulling the football away. and the three deal breakers. if trump allows any of those three to be whatever part he's coming up with you will see a big revolt by his supporters. >> just quickly, ask you what does that revolt look like? you can see breitbart, can't make sense of it hearing steve bannon and the president say they're working together and steve bannon criticizing the president. what does a revolt look like? the pages of breitbart filled
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with things that attack the president? >> well if you want to see what it's starting to look like, look at the alabama senate race. trump backed the candidate luther strange losing to the conservative candidate roy moore, who's got a lot of backing from trump supporters. you're going to start to see that conflict shape up. more broadly, i think you could see the emergence of a primary candidate from the right challenging donald trump. the idea that bill kristol and some of the never trumpers have they can come up with a centrist primary challenge to trump, they've worked on a long time. but these ken tryst challenges don't work. the only that had affect, ones that come from the party's base to punish concessions or capitulations. you can see it from the right. >> we'll continue this discussion. joel, appreciate you taking the time. you've dropped a lot of nuggets here we have to pick up on and will continues continue that. senior editor at large at breitbart news. a turn here and look at live pictures right now of president
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trump arriving back from his trip to florida. he has been to fort myers and to naples visiting with first responders and government officials to determine how best to move forward in that response. now, nbc news has confirmed now at least 69 deaths due to hurricane irma across florida, georgia, south carolina and the caribbean. new video shows nearly 20 tons of relief supplies headed to the british virgin islands, an area seriously struggling to get food, water, first-aid and most notably electricity. residents there say they're starting over, from the ground up. my co-host on "velshi and rhule" caught up with one of those residents just moments ago. stephanie ruhle. >> no electricity. no water. my estimation, about 95% of our electricity gone. whether in town, whether on the ground, but all head lines that
12:18 pm
connects villages, it's gone. it's gone. >> wow. all right. stephanie's granted access by a mobile communications provider digicell to tour with specialists and engineers. stephanie talking about it. until you got there how does what you're seeing on the ground square with what we thought happened? the amount of damage in a place like bartola? >> reporter: so much worse. devastating is not the answer. from the time we arrived, first, the airport was completely empty because it was closed except for a few rescue planes coming to really bring aid. within minutes of arriving the u.s. embassy put out word they were bringing in a e relief plane so people could evacuate and suddenly the airport was packed with people and we saw military officials looking for american citizens, and the roads were crowded with people trying to get to the airport to get out. now, on those roads, every car i
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saw, the windows were gone. the windshield was gone. and then we made our way in and the main city in tortola, it's decimated. this is hurricane season. just two weeks ago the mountains were all green. it's completely burnts out. it looks like there was a massive fire but it's across the entire island. everything is twigs. there's not a leaf to find, and then you look behind me. this is the moorings, a marina common to anyone who p ever vised the virgin islands and almost looks like a boat graveyard. boats sunk, catamarans one on top of another. i was with a local boat builder. noticed not many boats were in the water. had people pulled them out? no ma'am. either sunk or blown so far on to dry land or out to sea we'll never see them again. something i want to point out, every person who i sat down and talked to, you know, they were working. they were cooking, cleaning up. i assumed they're houses were
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okay. wow. you must feel really lucky you're okay. every person i talked to said, ma'am, i've lost everything. my house, my car, but everything that counts. every person i spoke to. they said, i have my luhave my . communities are coming together. the telecommunicationsky put together an ngo, turned offices into a shelter, distributing food. you don't see much military. when i speak to people around they said the other thing they're missing and part because there isn't much cell communication, they said information. they haven't heard from local officials, but this is going to be a lot more than just bringing aid here, bringing tarps. what you said earlier, they have to start from zero. it's beyond. i saw a few schools, unrecognizable. i spoke to parents, they said they didn't think schools would reopen for one to two years. another point to make. you know it had been reported the virgin islands, 60% of the gdp from this region comes from
12:21 pm
tourism. from the people i spoke to, they laughed at that number and said it's more like 90%. based on looking around, i cannot imagine how you are going to see the hospitality and tourism industry come back anytime soon. every roof i can see is gone. >> wow. >> you can see metal roofs folded up. they look like metal tissues across every road there is. i mean, it's -- it's devastating. when people said it looks like a war zone postapocalyptic, ali velshi, they weren't kidding. >> stephanie what do they need most and do they feel they're getting it in terms of actual supplies, materials, expertise and help? >> reporter: they don't. at this point, the people i've spoken to honestly, from the outside world, they feel forgotten. people i spoke to said, don't forget us. these virgin islands, british virgin islands, u.s. virgin islands i will be there tomorrow, they feel their
12:22 pm
communities, neighbors are coming together but don't feel they've received a lot of aid yet. part of it is it's really hard to get here. for us, we're going from british virgin islands, to u.s. virgin islands, lost five different boats today who were supposed to bring us over, because all the boats are gone. or there's no fuel to be had. this isn't like the continental united states, people drive south to virginia and louisiana. we're on islands that are very difficult to get to. there's portions of the bbis as well as u.s. virgin islands they haven't even gotten to some communities yet because as many islands as there are, some are quite remost and not many people on them, but every life counts and we've got to get to them. it's not just about relief in the immediate term, which is how we're thinking in the continental u.s. it's long term. you do not have and you and i talked about this. you don't have steel or concrete. 200 poles ordered to bring cell towers and three months before they get here.
12:23 pm
i can tell you, we came over with engineers ready to be camped out sleeping on floors to work to get these cell towers working again. so people are trying. it is a massive massive undertaking. i cannot express how tough it is and how much work they're going to have to do ahead. >> my buddy, i'm glad you are there showing us these pictures, that you went through that effort to get there so we could actually see these roofs crumpled up like tissue on the street and the work and the money and the effort that's going to have to go into rebuilding. >> ali before we go, take a close look. anyone lucky enough to visit the virgin islands. i want you to see the waters. unrecognizable. boat after boat. look at the trees. truly, this looks like it's burnt out. just a week ago, they were bright and tall, leaves everywhere. it's unrecognizable. >> unbelievable. stephanie, we'll keep in close touch and you'll be back with us tomorrow from the u.s. virgin islands. stephanie ruhle in the british
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virgin islands today. coming up, donald trump goes all-in on tax cuts. not much to double down on. a tax code yet to be written. what we know about this plan after the break. and following breaking news out of fort bragg, north carolina. at least eight soldiers injured during a train exercise on the military base. no details on the causes of the explosion or the extent of injuries but we'll bring you more information as we get it. we'll be right back. you're watching msnbc. starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and.
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you hear it naucoften in politics. oh to be a fly on the wall, to hear fit ltered conversation. here's a clip. >> the president, set aside -- sometimes step left. if you step in one direction, you're boxed. he gets that. it will make us feel productive, too. >> a little hard to hear. put captions on that but just bring in garrett hake. what was going on? what happened there? who was he talking to? how did that happen? >> reporter: we know. that conversation with chuck schumer and an unknown second person happened just after they opened the senate this morning around 10:00 in the morning. we think he was talking to mitch
12:29 pm
mcconnell but it's impossible to tell, because they're not actually on camera during the conversation. so short of mitch mcconnell coming out and saying, yes, it was me, we have to leave that port to conjecture. you can't quite make out in that tape, chuck schumer describes this meeting at the white house last night. he said, look, he likes us, or at least he likes me, joking about the president's fondness for him personally. and the clip you just played, also says this idea of, this is going to help us. make it easier for us to get things done. he says, i told the president you can't just go right all the time. sometimes it helps to go left. the person, whoever he's talking to, much more interesting if it's mitch mcconnell, seems to agree or at least not interrupt and break that off there. so a couple reasons why this is interesting. number one, schumer says essentially what he's been saying in public, look, what the president said is exactly the way we described it. here what we told him. how we got to that point. you get the sense he not only thinks he's having a private,
12:30 pm
unfiltered conversation, what he believes happened in that dinner last night is what he had said happened in that dinner last night. second, an idea there's a cle h collegial tone here. talking to republicans. look, this is going to help us get more done, help the set in get more done if the president thinks he is woe terribly make deals with democrats as well as republicans. ali i think that comment could be triggering to people on the far right who might say, uh-huh. more evidence that the president's sort of captured by these democrats, but a unique look at the mind-set of one of the key players in this deal, or not deal, last night, who's going to be a big player in the months he'd? saying, look, i think ivy a personal relationship with the president and here's the advice i'm giving you. >> wouldn't be the craziest. not out of character. schumer and mcconnell fancy themselves dealmakers, can bob and weave. the idea chuck schumer said that, even if mitch mcconnell said something like that, it's not a weird out of character, my
12:31 pm
god, you said something i could never imagine a guy like you say saying? >> reporter: exactly right. two leaders of conferences if indeed it is mcconnell. when you listen to the further part of the tape you hear mcconnell's voice later on suggesting that might have been who schumer was talking to. their whole job is make deals, not just for their conferences but what should be done even when people in their conference might disagree. that makes it interesting. >> twice in one show. getting spoiled. garrett hake. capitol hill. and a u.s. military spokesperson confirms that an american citizen fighting for isis has surrendered. hans nichols is following the latest for us. i don't know if i got that part right, hans, because this is so strange. >> reporter: well, this is happening in a part of the world we don't have great access to. in a town along the euphrates river in syria and an american citizen, ali, fighting with isis. now, what we have confirmed from a u.s. military official is that that individual, that american citizen, surrendered to the sdf.
12:32 pm
the syrian democratic forces. those are the forces with which u.s. special forces are embedded. they're fighting isis. they are coming down from the north. from the south you have the regime, syrian regime, assad, working with russian forces coming up and meeting around the town of darzure, one of the last strongholds of isis. this individual, american citizen, don't have a lot of information but he's surrendered and don't know whether or not he's in u.s. or kurdish custody right now. u.s. officials are saying they're not commenting on that aspect of it. we hear from the sdf side is they've been handed over to american forces's if that's the case, ali, that poses a challenge, poses a test to press donald trump on where to try and where to bring this american citizen back home. >> hans, thanks very much for this. hans nichols for us as the pentagon. we'll stay on that story as we get more information.
12:33 pm
heard a lot about immigration and dreamers program but could soon see movement on another huge republican goal. tax cuts. leaders on the hill are expected to release early proposal in the next couple of weeks. the president met yesterday with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to talk about it. here's what the white house has said it wants. one of the goals, simplify the tax code. reduce the number of tax brackets to three from the current seven and eliminate the alternative minimum tax and the estate tax. other goals, reduce rates for individuals and businesses, grow the economy and not add to the debt and deficit. the white house has released few specifics on how to do that and as a guy who studies economics i'm not sure it's possible, but among specifics they want, talked about, doubling standard deduction, cutting the corporate tax rate to the 15% from a statutory rate of 35%. virtually nobody pays 35% but it's on the books at 35%. extending reduced rate to small
12:34 pm
businesses. treasury secretary steve mnuchin said that 15% corporate tax may just not be possible. i'm joined by a man in yesterday's meeting with the president. texas representative henry quare represents the san antonio area. senator, thank you for being with us. i got to tell you. it's not partisan to me. i look at numbers and i look at proposals. i cannot look at the stuff that the white house put out there and even bring myself to call it tax reform. it's tax cuts that would be deficit financed except saying they don't want to add to the deficit. the math doesn't add up. what kind of conversation were you having? >> i mean, that's exactly the way you said it. he said he wants a reduced tax rates for the corporate and, of course, corporations, individuals, simply phi everything you said is what he said. we also as the blue dogs, i also emphasized as blue dogs we don't want to add to the deficit, and
12:35 pm
at that time he did not commit to that. he just basically said without answering, said that the growing the economy was going to take care of that. so, you know, again, we don't -- we do not want to add this to the credit card but we do want to focus on especially the middle class and the small, medium-sized corporations, because those are the ones that create the jobs. >> but you just put your finger on the one thing. if you ignore everything else about tax reform, the one thing to remember is that if you cut taxes you got to find another way to make up for that money, and this concept of economic growth. we run at about 2.2% a year in gdp growth. it's been that way for decades. this president is talking about growing our way out of this debt. paying for these tax cuts by growth. that is a very -- that's a tough proposition. >> it is a tough proposition, and this is why we the blue dogs have been emphasizing that
12:36 pm
particular part itself. so, again, at the end of the day, you know, my friend kevin brady, chairman of ways and means, known him since days in state legislature in text. it's going to be up to democrats and republicans to sit down. if we don't, keep in mind, if it's not done in a bipartisan way, they think they'll do reconciliation and run over democrats, it's not going to work. this is one of the reasons i think, why the president is now doing this new strategy. reaching out to democrats. because the old ways of trying to run over democrats trying -- it hasn't been very successful and we know where we are at this time. >> so two of the things the president really wants. it would make up, perhaps, for not being able to repeal obamacare, get some sort of, something that looks like tax reform. again, congressman, not ready to call this tax reform. seems like tax cuts. to get tax reform and get that wall. is this daca conversation that we've been hearing very
12:37 pm
conflicting information about for the last 24 hours is that all part of the strategy or part of some dealmaking that if he can get democrats to say i can give you daca, if you can give me these things? what's your sense of this? >> you know, again, we can talk about tax reform, but when it comes to daca and linking that with the wall, it doesn't work for us. i live on the border. i want to see strong border security. but i think i heard one of your prior guests, he said, if we don't get the wall, then we have no border security. two parts. first of all, we are going to spend about $21 million, $22 million per mile on a wall. just give me $100 and i'll buy awe good fence that can take care of that wall. again, the wall is a 14th century solution. why are we going to the past to secure our border? finally, the last part is this -- even if you put the most "beautiful" wall. keep in mind, 40% of undocumented persons here in the u.s. came in through legal
12:38 pm
permit or visa. put a wall, somebody's going to fly, drive through a bridge, on a ship. it's not going to work. got to be smarter how we secure the border. get away from this 14th century solution. >> got it. congressman, thanks very much for this. appreciate it. congressman henry cuellar a democrat representing texas. i want to just play you something the president said on air force one about susan rice. let's listen to this. >> -- record. the president back -- >> on the record. >> on the record, but no camera? >> one question -- on camera? . >> why? because you -- [ inaudible ]. >> then why? is that why? go ahead. >> i'm wondering, mr. president, susan rice finally come in and said she did unmask officials at your campaign and -- >> not supposed to be doing that. she's not supposed to be doing that. what she did was wrong and we've been saying that. that's just the tip of the iceberg. what she did was wrong.
12:39 pm
not supposed to be doing that. you know. unmasking and surveillance. and i heard she admitted that yesterday. it's not right. okay. let's -- let's go, folks. >> what did you think of the trip today? >> i thought it was terrific. i think the governor's done a great job. i think the federal government working with state and local has really done a terrific job. the keys are -- we've just gotten -- word on the keys. that was just wiped out nap got -- a hurricane 5 hit it. but we're getting tremendous amounts of supplies and medical and -- a lot of other things out to the keys. but most, for the most part, the electric is going back on. it's already on in certain locations, like miami. but it's going back on on a daily basis. we have masses of -- massive amounts of electricians. massive amounts of electrical workers all over the state. they came from all over the country. they came from canada.
12:40 pm
some as far away as canada. there's never been a mobilization of electrical workers like swe have in the state of florida and going on rapidly. much of it is already on. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i'll be going to the virgin islands this next week, you know, with united nations. and i'm going to be virgin islands and puerto rico sometime the end of next week or the following week. i spoke to both governors. we've got it very well covered. the virgin islands was really hit. they were hit like -- about as hard as i've ever seen, but the virgin islands were hit, but i'll be going there at the end of the week or the beginning of the following week. i'll also be going to puerto rico, same time. >> and the [ inaudible ] -- >> review of what? >> the [ inaudible ] tell about the -- [ inaudible ]. >> you'll see what i'm going to
12:41 pm
be doing very shortly in october. but i will say this. the iran deal is one of the worst deals i've ever seen. certainly, and at a minimum, the spirit of the deal is -- just atrociously kept, but the iran deal is not -- is not a fair deal to this country. it's a deal that should have never, ever been made. and you'll see what we're doing in a couple of weeks. it's going to be -- it's going to be in october. >> and [ inaudible ] major action? >> you're going to see, but -- we are -- not going to stand for what they're doing to this country. they have -- violated so many different elements, but they've also violated the spirit of that deal. and -- you will see what we'll be doing in october. and it will be very eminent. >> mr. president what are you -- when seeing republicans, and talking with democrats saying what's going on? >> many republicans really like it. you know i was with a great republican representative just now who you know very well, and,
12:42 pm
two of them, and they are very, very happy with what i'm doing. and i'm a republican through and through, but i'm also finding that sometimes you get things through, it's not working that way, and -- you know, we've got very poorly treated on the health care plan and now you see what's happening, where people are going single payer. exactly what i said would happen. and single payer a terrible thing for our country. so i am -- my relationship with republicans is excellent. many agree with what i'm doing. you just saw, too, mario you know who i'm talking about, we just met with two great republican representatives who love what i'm doing. but we have to get things passed, and if we can't get things passed then we have to go a different route, but we have to get things passed. you've covered my statement very accurately on the dinner last night and they cannot obstruct for a wall because we definitely need a wall.
12:43 pm
i just spoke, by the way, to the president of mexico, and as you know, it's been impossible to reach him because he was in the mountains, where they had the earthquake and there was no cell. we spoke yesterday but the connection never got put together because he had no access to cell, but we just had a good talk. just got finished with him, and -- that whole earthquake is terrible. it's just terrible. so -- we paid our respects. he likewise also paid his respects with respect to irma and harvey. >> and what -- what's your response to [ inaudible ] agency government plane andi -- >> i don't noi anything about it. >> is it inappropriate? >> i doubt he was -- i've known him a long time. he is a very straight shooter. so it could be that he used a plane and paying for it. i don't know anything about it. i really don't. just heard about it, too, by the way. >> and [ inaudible ]. >> total confidence. i've known him for a long time. he's a very honorable man.
12:44 pm
>> how about gary cohn? >> i have confidence in him, too. >> and [ inaudible ] back on the hill, reporters there [ inaudible ] frustration about the way you -- handled the [ inaudible ] charlottesville, and [ inaudible ] senior ranks -- were those things discussed? >> they were. we had a great meeting. tim scott has ban friend of mine a long time. i've ban supporter are his when a civilian. one of his earliest supporters and supported him when he ran and we had a great talk yesterday. i think especially in light of the advent of antifa, look at what's going on there. you have some pretty bad dudes on the other side, also, and essentially that's what i said. now, because of what's happened since then, with antifa, you look at, you know, really, what's happened since
12:45 pm
charlottesville, a lot of people have actually written, gee, might have a point. i said, very bad people on the other side, also, which is true. but we had a great -- >> what did he -- [ inaudible ]. >> we had a great tofrconversat and he has legislation i actually like, the concept of which i support to get people going into certain area s building, constructing, people people to work. >> and -- [ inaudible ] african-americans to the inner circle, to the -- >> we did talk about that, yeah. >> make any -- >> by the way, it's something i do, but something i certainly would continue to do, and we did talk about that. >> and [ inaudible ]. >> i would do it. i told him i would do it. and he knows me -- let me tell you, he knows we've already done it, but i told him, and i told him very strongly, i like that, and i also like very much legislation having to do with jobs. in certain areas. >> -- [ inaudible ] for a
12:46 pm
second. >> say that again? >> come back on making deals. mark schwartz said the other day you heard from the obamacare process you can't count on members of your own party to get your legislation across. >> you bet. >> is that true? do you share that? >> i'll give awe great example. so we had a surprise. from john mccain. and we had the vote and then john mccain he came out of nowhere, and we had a surprise. it was a very unpleasant surprise. and now what are we looking at? we have people now talking about single payers. and that's what we get. so the republicans have to stick together better. they had the votes and then john mccain changed his mind. pure and simple. and if the republicans don't stick together, then i'm going to have to do more and more. and by the way, the republican party agrees with me. the people out there definitely agree with me. if they're unable to stick together, then i'm going to have to get a little help from the
12:47 pm
democrats and i've got that. i'll tell you. for the tax bill i would be very surprised if i don't have at least a few democrats. i have states i won by 30 points and more, and they have people running. frankly, i think, and i get the impression, they very much like the ideas of this tax plan. we'll be submitting the week of the 25th, the detail and everything. most people know about the plan in terms of the details. but we'll actually be opening up a week of the 25th, the week of the 25th and i think it's going to be something that's going to be very successful, and i do believe we'll have some democratic votes. >> and the tax plan, democrats, most democrats said 1% gets a tax cut they won't be against it. can you confirm the 1% will get a tax cut? >> this is not a plan for the rich. this is a plan for the middle class and this is a plan for jobs and this is a plan to bringses 4 trillion back in to the united states that people have wanted to do for years,
12:48 pm
both democrat and republican. for years they've wanted to bring that money back in to the united states. this is a plan to bring, it could be more than $4 trillion. frankly, nobody really knows what the number is. they've been saying for years it's $2.5 trillion but now for four years i've been hearing that. obviously, it's much more. i think anywhere between $4 trillion, $5 trillion. could be more than that. we'll be bringing that back in to the united states. i will have tremendous democrat support and republican support with that. >> and the revenue [ inaudible ]. >> revenue neutral when you add growth, because we're going to have magnificent growth. if you look at gdp for the last quarter, it was 3%. everybody was shocked to see that. i think we would have -- not using numbers, but i think we would have had substantially more than that for the next quarter. in gdp. the problem is we just got hit with two massive hurricanes. likes of which we haven't seen
12:49 pm
before. that will have a little impact and maybe more than a little bit more of an impact, but we have -- we have gdp. if you raise -- if you go up one point in gdp, it takes care of many sins. if you go up two points it takes care of everything. and i think we're going to rocket in terms of gdp, and don't forget. i've been saying for a long time that gdp's going to be higher than you thought. when gdp, when it hit 3%, this last quarter, people, including many of the people here were very, very surprised. they watt 1.7 or 1.8. a lot of it has to do with all of the regulations i've cut, when people can actually go out, build the farm and all the things they want to do, at the same time being environmentally friendly and regulation friendly. i just want to say, including growth, it's a fair question a good question. if you want to include growth, because we're going to go like a
12:50 pm
rocketship, we're going to more than make up the distinction. >> mr. president -- >> yes? >> and the severity of the storms, [ inaudible ] climate change? >> we've had bigger storman tha this. if you go back to the 1930s and '40s, we've had storms over the years that have been bigger than this. if you go back into the teens you'll see storms that were as big or bigger. so we did have two, you know, horrific storms, epic storms. but if you go back into the '30s and '40s and back into the teens, you'll see storms that were very similar and even bigger. >> the federal reserve, are you thinking about the next chairman? do you want to keep chairman yellen or -- >> well, i do respect chairman yellen a lot. i like her and i respect her, but i haven't made that decision yet. i do think the country is doing well. we got hurt by the two hurricanes, but the country is doing very well. though stock market has hit a new high as you see. jobs at a 17-year slow.
12:51 pm
unemployment is in the highest number it's ever been if you look at the unemployment is low and the employment in the country is just about at the highest point it's ever been. we're doing well. and very mrmtly, just to finish, companies are starting to move back into our country. expansion of firms and plants. expansion of different things. even foxconn. it's made by you know who and foxconn is moving into the country for the first time. apple is going to be building massive plants. and the reason happens to be trump. >> it looks like the bomb was bigger than expected. they may be making plans for another blast. you've been reaching out to xi jinping. where are you now with north korea?
12:52 pm
>> we have a very good relationship with chin nad with the president of china. we are working on different things. i can't tell you, obviously, what i'm working on, but, believe me, the people of this country will be very, very safe. i think that a lot of effort is going to be put into this. we're looking at what's going on. as we speak, we are literally looking at it right now. and you will be seeing what -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> i'll probably be visiting. i was invited by the president. we'll probably all be going over as a group some time in november. and we'll be doing -- >> japan? >> japan, south korea, possibly vietnam with the conference. >> what about [ inaudible ]. >> he invited us. we're going to see. >> south korea, china and japan? >> right now, definitely. wooefr been invited by the philippines. they want us to go. vietnam. so we'll -- >> okay.
12:53 pm
president trump aboard air force one. he is in a chatty mood today. this is a few times now that he's spoken. let me tell you after this last one, i am glad i had a good breakfast because i've got a few things to talk to you about. he started talking about susan rice saying she shouldn't have done what she did in response to reports the former national security adviser called for the unmasking of certain trump associates on the basis of trying to understand why a crown prince from the united arab emirates paid a visit to the trump tower after the election without informing the u.s. government they were going to do so. he talked about the iran deal. said no decision has been made but iran is violating the spirit of the deal and a decision will be made in october. spoke about gary cohen saying he has confidence in him. he spoke about his meeting with senator scott of south carolina. making reference to his comments after charlottesville saying that there are bad dudes on the other side and that a lot of people are saying that trump
12:54 pm
might have had a point when he said there were bad dudes on the other side. he pointed out that john mccain sunk the obamacare repeal effort. blamed john mccain for the fact there's now a single payer movement on the democratic side led by bernie sanders. he said he'll have tax reform proposed by the week of september 25th. i'm not even halfway done. this is quite a little conversation. he said the tax reform is not going to be something for the rich. he said -- now this is where it gets good. it's going to be revenue neutral. revenue neutral means it doesn't cost any more money, doesn't add anything to the debt but he said it will be revenue neutral when you add growth. we are at 3% growth. we hid 3% growth from one quarter. we did that eight times during the obama administration. growth is 2.2%. so donald trump was misleading here again, as he always is when it comes to gdp growth. i'm going to need a few minutes for this. he always talks about 3% growth. we're at 2.2% growth, kind of
12:55 pm
where we've been for a few decades. if you get 1% of extra growth it takes care of a lot of problems. that's simply not true. and we're not going there but he said we're going to grow like a rocket ship. talked about companies coming back to the united states, which i thought was a little puzzling. he referred to foxconn. foxconn made a proposal for an expensive factory tax subsidized going into wisconsin. foxconn made a similar promise in 2013 to build a very big factory in harrisburg, pennsylvania. if any of you are in harrisburg, pennsylvania, please tweet me if you've seen anything about that factory. it's important to know that foxcon, the company that assemble yourself iphones and other electronics. foxconn thinks chinese labor is too expensive. >> lots to unpack there. it's time -- it seems every couple of weeks we talk about another data breach. some of you might have brushed aside or ignored the breach of
12:56 pm
equifax. this isn't like the other ones. this is probably the worst cybersecurity breach ever. here's what we know. 143 million americans could be affected. that's 44% of the u.s. population. probably every adult in america. someone you know is affected if not you. the hackers made off with all kinds of your personal information like your address, birthday, ever car you ever owned, loan you ever tooked. this isn't like the local restaurant losing your information. these are people who have everything about you. just days after the breach, three executives sold nearly $2 million worth of company stock. the company claims those executives are not aware of the breach. at least one state attorney general is suing, massachusetts. many more are investigating the breach on behalf of their citizens. the federal government is involved. the federal trade commission and the fbi are investigating how the breach happened. for more on this i'm joined by massachusetts attorney general maura healy. this is incredible. it sort of -- you can't get your
12:57 pm
head around it on any level. what part of this are you looking at? >> i am so outraged. you're right. we've never seen a data breach like this in history. it's massive. and equifax, as we've learned, every day the news gets worse. they acted in ways thart were s outrageous and reckless. that's why i'm suing and looking to hold them accountable. most americans may not know this but every day, equifax is out there collecting our personal information. >> yep. >> storing that information and then selling that information to banks and credit card companies. now if they're going to hold that personal information, our social security numbers, our dates of birth, addresses, you ma name it, the whole kit and caboodle, they are required under law to take care of and protect and preserve that information. they didn't do it. here's what's worse. we just learned today that the thing that caused this breach, that the cause of this breach
12:58 pm
was something that was known months ago. in fact, government websites had alerted folks about this particular issue with software that needed to be addressed. and equifax ignored it. and so months later they have this breach. what's worse is that they didn't tell us about it. it appears they've waited weeks if not months, to actually share this with the american public. so they screwed up in the beginning by not taking steps to sa safeguard that information, our personal date nad information. they didn't tell us about it when there was a breach. and they've made life really complicated for a whole bunch of folks out there just trying to get relief. my office is not only suing but working directly with consumers to encourage them to get credit freezes in place and to take steps to monitor and protect against potential identity theft. it's a big-time problem. >> i am a little puzzled as a business reporter at the tepid,
12:59 pm
the lack of response from equifax. they are not even doing the right thing now that everybody in the world knows this is happened. >> it's disgusting. this is supposed to be a sophisticated operation. they hold the most vast amounts of personal information and data of anybody in the world and yet they did not even have the basic safeguards in place to protect it. and ever since this news broke, we've seen one failing after another by this company. equifax has to pay. consumers shouldn't have to pay for this. they should foot the whole bill for credit monitoring, credit freezes and the like, and we're going to certainly be seeking big penalties from them. >> massachusetts attorney general, thank you for doing things that are going to protect the interests of americans. something that equifax has failed to do. we appreciate you joining us to talk about it. that brings this hour to a close. i'm going to see you right back here tomorrow. i've got a trifectsa, 9:00 a.m. for ruehl, 11:00 a.m. and then i'll wrap tup at 3:00 p.m.
1:00 pm
eastern. thank you for watching. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. >> it's 4:00. at this point, who doesn't want trump impeached tweeted ann coulter. dinner and a deal with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer on the fate of the 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers currently living in the united states. in return, funding for massive border security was assured by the democratic leaders. notably the wall was not part of the deal, but trump scrambled to reassure his unhinged base that the wall would still be built just not as part of this pact. let's show you some of the dramatic developments. last night after dining on chinese food, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer released this joint statement. we had a very productive meeting at the white house with the president. the discussion focused on daca. we agreed to enshrine the protections of daca into law quickly and to work


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