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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  October 9, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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new york. craig? >> what happened to your hat? i saw your hat in the commercial break. >> i was told we didn't have time. >> oh, we always have time for andrea mitchell in a nats hat. go, nats. >> go, nats. thank you, craig. >> good afternoon to you. craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york city. uncorked. president trump versus bob corker. the respected tennessee congressman from his own party. corker says trump is endangering
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the country. why this is more than just a presidential twitter spat. what this fight with corker could mean for things like taxes, health occasion iran, and a relationship with a party and their president. world war iii? president trump warning only one thing will work with north korea. what is that thing? is the president pushing, poking, prodding north korea forward a military confrontation? and tinseltown titan toppled. harvey weinstein ousted from his company days after those bombshell sexual harassment allegations against him. why some now say this is bigger than weinstein. was there a cover-up. we'll get to those stories in a moment. we start with the biggest public rift today in the republican party and ma wha it means for a party that desperately needs unity if it's going to pass an already divisive big-ticket agenda. this time it's the president versus top republican, once considered a possible vp or
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secretary of state. tennessee's bob corker, the relationship has frayed throughout this year, leading to this weekend when the president doing what he is prone to do, erupting on twitter, bashing the head of the senate foreign relations committee. the senator responding two-fold. on sunday he tweets this. it's a shame the white house has become an adult day care center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning. and then in an extended phone interview with the new york tooimdz, he continued with this. president trump was always treating his office like a reality show with reckless threats toward other countries that could set the nation on the path to world war iii. again, it's from the head of the senate foreign relations committee. we start with two reports. nbc's chief whout correspondent hallie jackson and garrett haake is on capitol hill for us. hallie, let's start with you. any sense the white house is at all concerned about setting yet another gop bridge aflame?
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>> reporter: not from president trump, craig. i think he's made that clear by what he's talking about online, on twitter. a real reversal from the president's prior attitude back in 2016 and even earlier this year towards senator corker. burning bridges, that is nothing president trump has ever been afraid of. setting aside whether that's legislatively smart for him to do. whether from a strategy perspective that's something he would want to be doing. i will tell you that privately, there's not a lot of push back when you talk to white house officials acknowledging it's not great for tax reform. but the strategy so far has been, turn the fire on corker, instead. point to, for example, what he did on the iran deal when that was happening under president obama. tried to drive a wedge between the base, donald trump's base and senator corker and make this a political issue, essentially. the white house, according to public statements that top
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advisers have made even today, seems to think that's the way to get around this corker issue. there's a lot here, though. when you look at what the president said online about bob corker that was part of the impetus for this. senator bob corker begged me to endorse him for re-election in tennessee. he dropped out saying he couldn't win without my endorsement he also wanted to be secretary of state, i said no thanks. hence, i would fully expect corker to be negative voice and stand in the way of our great agenda. a lot to unpack in that series of tweets. let's start with president trump begging bob corker to run. bob corker saying, nope that's not what happened. instead, the president called him and asked him to reconsider not running and even said he would endorse him. you're hearing two very different stories. one from the president and one from bob corker about how that conversation unfolded.
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you have corker himself talking to "the new york times" saying some of what the president tweets is not true. everybody knows it. which is to say a sharp rebuke from a senator is not to put it in play in english. you also have the idea that bob cork, as the president says, is largely responsible for the horrendous iran deal. and talking about wanting to be secretary state. bob corker did sort of have a little vp audition, you could say, and was in the mix as somebody rumored to be secretary of state when you think about the context of this relationship, craig. i remember back in april of 2016 during the campaign when president trump gave his first major foreign policy speech. bob corker was among the first senators to come out and publicly praise then-candidate trump, now president trump, at the time. that carried some weight because he's head of the powerful foreign relations committee. it's been, needless to say, a roller coaster for these two. you're already hearing some push back over on the hill from a lot of this, craig. >> let's go to the hill now.
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garrett haake, senate out all week. the house out for today. i understand the trump/cork feud is quite the hot topic, nonetheless. what are you hearing? >> reporter: it is the hot topic because it's been bubbling up for so long, craig. when "the new york times" story posted last night, first you heard nothing, then pushback from folks in the white house taking aim at corker. this afternoon we started to hearing from some of the president's allies on the house side of the hill taking their shots at corker. mark meadows, chairman of the conservative freedom caucus, who's aligned himself with the president, essentially said, yeah it's easy to be bold when you know you're not coming back, as corker said he's not going to run for re-election next year. what you're not hearing is criticism of corker from anyone in the senate. democrats and republicans for the most part really like bob corker. they think he's smart. they think he's careful. they think he makes an effort to work across party lines. republicans sort of across the spectrum do respect he's also
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someone who has tried to work with president trump, including campaigning for him back in 2016. here's some of what corker had to say about president trump when he was candidate trump. listen closely. i want to explain why i think it's so interesting on the back side of this. >> his instincts on foreign policy are, obviously, very, very good. >> the rallies that i have back home aren't quite like this. >> pretty good. >> pretty cool, yeah. this is unbelievable, isn't it? >> the fact that he's challenging some of the status quo, it is causing these countries to think a little differently about the u.s. >> reporter: you hear that language there. it's unbelievable. he's challenging the status quo. it's not quite like this. bob corker is a very measured speaker in his compliments and in his attacks. i think that's why you're seeing
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republicans who may disagree with him, maybe even holding their fire because they know the criticism from him does not come likely. i think there are a lot of senate republicans who are very glad they are not in d.c. this week. they do not want to get asked to pick a side in this fight. >> hallie, before we let her get out of here, we understand the president may be reversing yet another obama-era rule. this time one related to clean power plants. what can you tell us about that? >> clean power plan put in place under president obama. this is according to what the head of the epa scott pruitt said in kentucky today according to the the associated press saying the war on coal, as he phrased it, is over. basically this week, tomorrow the expectation is he will announce a new rule that undoes what president obama -- then-president obama had put in place during his administration. it's a significant move. the trump administration has long tauted the fact it has
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rolled back a lot of obama-era regulations put in place. this is one of the talking points you'll often hear from white house officials, even president trump, when they talk about even though they haven't had a major legislative win with the collapse of health care several times over the summer and early fall. this is something pruitt in particular has been fighting for since he was back in oklahoma, is the attorney general there. it came up during his confirmation hearing when he was named as president trump's pick to leej this agency from those on the left who were concerned that this very thing would happen. that essentially the trump administration would work to roll back some environmental protections that the obama administration put in place. the trump administration, pruitt today, framed this as an economic issue, talking about the importance of coal issues in this country as well. >> thank you. national political reporter for bloomberg, alan gomez covers immigration policy for "usa today," and kirk is a political
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strategist also a former spokesman for breitbart. he also runs quite the country music website as well. >> the question is if corker believes the president of the united states is a danger, what will he do next? >> craig, i think senator corker is giving voice to what a number of his colleagues feel in the senate, republican and democrat. the thing i've heard from several members privately about this is they worry there's a disconnect between the sort of tillerson, mattis, yell wing in the white house when it comes to foreign policy, who they view as meticulous, thoughtful and wanting to make these difficult tradeoffs. and president trump tweeting habits they see as disconnected from that and a lot more dangerous. a lot of members feel the way senator corker is speaking now, now that he's politically
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liberated. as a political strategy, it's hard to see what the possible end game could be for president trump to alienate him. corker is one of the most important members of congress for the agenda. chairman of the foreign relations committee. he holds the key to things like the iran deal and changes the president wants to make. securing confirmation to nominees for high-level posts such as the state department, potentially rex tillerson will be replaced, corker will have a say in that. he's also a crucial vote on tax reform. he's laying down some stiff red lines on things like it cannot add to the deficit. without corker's vote, it's hard to see how the president gets this through. he's been tweeting about how he's not happy with corker on health care, taxes, the iran deal. he'll be senator for the next 15 months. if the. the wants to get an aden again da through, he'll probably need senator corker. >> i want to read another snippet from the interview with the "times." he concerns me, this is senator corker on the president of the united states.
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he concerns me. he would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation. also, i know for a fact that every single day at the white house, it's a white house of trying to contain him. i don't know why the president tweets out the things that are not true. you know he does it. everyone knows he does it. but he does. what's going to be the reaction from corker's fellow republicans in the upper chamber? i can tell you, no one's beating down the door here at msnbc to go on tv and talk about it. >> well, they're thankful they're not in washington this week. they hope by the time they return something else will have captivated everyone's attention and they won't have to answer questions about this. i think the reality is trump loves nothing more than when he's in a fight. doesn't matter who it's against, democrat, republican, the media. he's never more comfortable than when he has an adversary. he sees how his agenda hasn't moved, obamacare is the law of the land, tax reform has stalled, immigration, daca, the wall.
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i think he's setting himself up to say, it's not my fault, it's the republicans' fault and we need to make big changes in the next election to bring in the republicans i need into office so they'll advance the agenda he ran on. a lot of these republicans in the senate don't want to speak up because they'll face a lot of pressure from the right. steve bannon is ratcheting up to take on every single senator running next year. they're caught between a rock and a hard place because they either have to alienate their base and face political consequences or speak out against the sitting president. those are not good options if you're a sitting senator. >> let's talk immigration for a moment. the white house last night putting out its demands, if you will, for a daca fix. certain to gain zero democratic votes. here's the list in part. construction of a southern border wall. amend the law to allow removal of, quote, unaccompanied allen children. block some grants for sanctuary
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cities. hire 10,000 more i.c.e. offers. end extended-family chain migration. you've written about this. you assert this dashs hopes of a compromise all together. why do you think that and not that it just might be an opening negotiating tactic? >> it would be an opening negotiating tactic if this is what they put out several months ago. the president has already been negotiating with chuck schumer, nancy pelosi. last month they met for dinner and they thought they had come to sort of a deal. yes, they would get protections for the d.r.e.a.m.ers, the young undocumented immigrants brought to the country as immigrants, in exchange for some things republicans want, increase enforcement of immigration but short of the border wall. they thought they reached a sweet spot. thought everything was rolling along pretty well and, boom, the administration comes out with this 18-point plan that is a laundry list of every single sort of hard line immigration
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enforcement proposal that they've talked about over the last couple of years. they've thrown the kitchen sink in with this. there's a complete overhaul of the legal immigration system as to how many people can enter the country. everything is in there. it's hard for them as they thought they were negotiating, moving along, getting to a place where they can reach a compromise. all of a sudden the white house says, we're going to start with everything again. >> meanwhile, a bit of irony yesterday. the white house is involved in criticism they blame the nfl players. vice president pence left because, quote, the action disrespects soldiers. president trump tweeting before the game the two talked about doing that. meanwhile, our guy on the ground there, vaughn hilliard, one of our producers traveling with the vice president said, quote, a staffer told the pool that vice
10:16 am
president may depart the game early. was this not political grandstanding? >> of course it was political grandstanding. it's an egregious waste of taxpayer dlrz to fly out the vice president, with the security taking a vice president to an event like that so he can leave early and make a political statement. remember, this comes after a week in which president trump is being debated whether he's a moron or not by his own cabinet. every time something like that happens in the news cycle, he pictures this culture war. he goes back to what worked for him, when he tried to distract away from the alabama senate race. he went back to the nfl. there's nothing going on in the legislative front, so he needs to throw them some type of red meat to sew them he's fighting for the values and that's why he's doing this.
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>> before we get out of here, a report that surfaced before the broadcast began. this report similar to a lot of other reports we've heard, a lot of hot seats in the white house. rex tillerson, obviously, but gary cohn, steve mnuchin, if tax reform goes nowhere. there's question about how long john kelly wants to be at the center of this circus. what are you hearing about a possible mass exdouse? >> krashgs i think we've all heard rumors for a while that gary cohn is mainly sticking around for tax reform. he pretty much confirmed that after charolettesville when he had this up and down relationship with the president. he was said to be on the outs. he gave a press conference to reporters talking about the plan they put out saying, this is why i'm here. this is a once in lifetime opportunity to do something for people's economic pocketbooks. think about this for a minute. the trump administration already doesn't have a health and human services secretary. they already don't have a department of homeland security sect. they have two other secretaries
10:18 am
for the use of private jets. now rex tillerson possibly may be at some point in the foreseeable future being replaced. it's extraordinary how addition you know, what kind of chaos there could be if you have this mass exdouse. especially john kelly, seen at least making efforts to control the kind of information that's brought to the president, compared to his predecessor. that would be an extraordinary thing if we see this. >> thanks to all of you for being with me on a monday afternoon. >> thank you. president trump once again ominously hinting at military action against north korea. why some are now suggesting the commander in chief may be deliberately pushing the rogue regime to the brink. and the president's lawyers seem to have abandoned that scorched earth strategy in dealing with the special counsel's russia inquiry. why? i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think our recent online sales success seems a little... strange? na. ever since we switched to fedex ground
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institute weekend war of words between the president and senator bob corker raised some real world warnings today. the senator telling "the new york times" the president's recklessness could provoke world war iii. the president stepping up his social media rhetoric on north korea writing cryptically on twitter, only one thing will work. this morning again the president tweeting, our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with north korea for 25 years, giving
10:23 am
billionless of dollars and getting nothing. policy didn't work. past tense. msnbc national security contributor and "new york times" washington correspondent michael schmidt with us and so is joel ruben, former deputy assistant secretary of state under president obama. a big thanks to all of you. michael, where do we stand right now? what could be the net result of the brinksman ship between north korea and the white house? >> the president seems to have undercut his secretary of state. he seems to be going at his own on this, sort of pushing his own narrative here that doesn't necessarily add up to his other administration. he's being aggressive to the regime that closely watches the united states, obsessed with everything the united states says about it. it's a very unusual situation. i think it has a lot of folks on capitol hill a bit concerned. >> and missing in all of this back and forth is any mention of the state department. the president this weekend saying he, like secretary of
10:24 am
state, he would like the secretary of state, quote, to be a bit tougher, be a little tougher. has the secretary of state, rex tillerson, been rendered irrelevant by the two of them? >> this is a theme -- >> go ahead. >> certainly on the question of north korea, rex tillerson and diplomatic effort that he has tried to lead had already sort of been pushed aside. i mean, when the president cut him off at knees a little more than a week ago by saying, you're wasting your time, rex, like hours after he had gotten back from a diplomatic trip to china where the main goal was to get china on board for a tougher and more direct pressure campaign on north korea, that was clearly a signal that the state department-led effort to try to tell jim jong-un that he has the option of talking rather
10:25 am
than building up his missile and nuclear program really is not something that sits well with the president of the united states. then have you bob corker essentially cutting off the idea that a lot of people on capitol hill have sort of hoped was true, that this was a good cop/bad cop routine saying yesterday, it's not a good cop/bad cop, it's simply the president disagrees with that strategy. >> the pit claiming diplomacy hasn't worked for north korea for 25 years, doesn't he have a point? was president trump handed a bad situation? >> certainly he wasn't handed a good situation. diplomacy over the years has slowed down north korea's nuclear program. when the agreed framework deal in 1994 was put forward, it slowed down north korea's ability to manufacture plutonium for weapons. so, it has borne fruit but it has not been a perfect deal,
10:26 am
certainly. clearly what the president is doing right now is creating panic on capitol hill and i think this whole corker/president trump episode demonstrates a real fear we're provoking through his words north korea. and military -- >> deliberately. >> dlibltly. >> that doesn't end well. military action is not going to somehow stop a north korea nuclear program. these taunts, in fact, have the opposite effect where they're encouraging north korea to accelerate the development of their program and pushing away our allies. there's really no strategy here that demonstrates how we're going to get to an end state that prevents advancement of their nuclear program. this is very dangerous territory. >>. >> why would the president. united states deliberately try and goad a country into war? >> i think there's a complete misread on benefits of military action. it's this fantasy idea.
10:27 am
we had this before the iraq war where if we're going to invade iraq. the united states military is very strong. we can do anything and it will all work out fine. we saw how that ended. it did not end well. iraq is still dealing with the consequences as are we in iraq. so this misreading is very dangerous. when one gets in mind military power and push options off the table like diplomacy, economic pressure, working with our allies, they're setting ourselves up for a failure. president trump is conversely boxing himself in and kind of putting himself into a rhetorical position where he's leaving himself very few options to get out and to fix this. i'm sure our military is very concerned about where this is heading. >> turning to iran, you wrote most recently, the president, quote l de-certify the international nuclear deal with iran saying it is not in the national interest of the united states and he will, in turn, kick the issue to a reluctant
10:28 am
congress. if the president does, indeed, do that later this week, what happens next? >> that's what we expect him to do. no one can say 100% for sure what he's going to do until we see him do it. what would happen next is congress would have 60 days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions that were lifted under the deal. and what we think is going to happen is interesting here. the white house is likely not to ask congress to do that. so that means the underlying iran nuclear deal, which is not a treaty but an international agreement, united states, iran and several other countries, that deal would not be broken by the united states unless it reimposes sanctions. so, it would exist in limbo for a number of weeks or, perhaps, months, while congress and the administration decide what to do next internally and while the united states and those other
10:29 am
countries, presumably iran, figure out the next step for the deal itself. in the meantime, the president would be able to say accurately that he does not believe the deal is in the united states' national interest and he wants to negotiate a better one, which has frankly been his position all along. >> michael, before we go here. new developments today in the russian investigation and the extent of russian efforts to use social media platforms like facebook, like twitter. as ann's paper reported tens of thousands were spent on ads by russian agents to spread disinformation across google's products, including youtube and advertising with google search, gmail, the double-click ad network as well. has the extent of social media involvement surprised the folks who are investigating russia's
10:30 am
role? >> yeah, i think so. and i think the interesting thing here is this is where capitol hill really could have an impact on the investigation. unless there's some real criminality here and they can show some direct link between some of these postings and americans, it's probably going to be a question of how the russians did this and the way they were able to exert their message and influence on the united states. that's an area where folks on capitol hill could make a difference in their investigations and bring that issue to the forefront and say, hey, look, this is what happens and try to unwrap it for folks but also provide ways the government could stop this in a future election. this is not necessarily something mueller would concentrate on. he's looking at the direct criminality, questions of collusion and other things that have gone on in the administration. that's the thing and that capitol hill has taken the lead on it. the question now, will they release any of these ads and make them public and shed more light on this and give people a
10:31 am
sense of this misinformation going on by the russians. >> joel, michael, anne gearan, we have to leave it there. thank you, all. we are learning more this afternoon aven afternoon about the gunman that killed 58 in las vegas and the millions he made in gambling. could his victims now have any legal rights to his fortune? also, my consideration with some of those directly impacted by the shooting. >> i start running to the back to get away from everybody, the crowd, you know. and i start calling my mom. and she just said, meet me at the mgm. i said, i'll be there,s mom, i promise you. >> and then some growing outrage that many in hollywood knew about the sexual harassment allegations against harvey weinstein and chose to remain silent. was it a cover-up? ♪
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this afternoon las vegas police are still trying to figure out why precisely why did that shooter kill 58 people and leave nearly 500 others hurt. many of them critically. according to the las vegas review journal, investigators
10:36 am
questioned the shooter's 57-year-old brother over the weekend. las vegas detechtives also say they found stacks of magazines, monitor, electrical equipment and a note with calculations in the gunman's mandalay bay hotel room. while reporting from vegas last week, i had a conversation with folks from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom were directly impacted by the shooting. among the things we talked about, how we stop this. >> i was there in front of the stage. and my buddy to my left got shot. the night was pretty much saving his life. >> you're a hunter. what is the purpose? >> i live in alaska. guns are part of our life. honestly, this has not changed my view on that. >> my son and i both attended the vest fal. >> you don't think there's anything that could have been done to prevent what happened here on sunday? >> aim sure a lot of things could have been done. don't walk.
10:37 am
let some person bring excessive bags into a room, shouldn't that have raised a question? >> i actually opened the first shot that rented machine guns to tourists in las vegas. i am the godfather of machine gun tourism. >> should one person be able to purchase 33 guns in a year? >> well, they don't if they go through legitimate sources, through dealers. if the government says you can't have something, you find a way to get around the law. >> i want to find in nbc's steve patterson who remains on duty in las vegas for us. he has the latest on this investigation. steve, the profile of the shooter seems to be all over the board. his girlfriend telling investigators he displayed, perhaps, some meblgts health issues. a former friend of the shooter telling abc that, quote, he actually cared about people. cnn gets this 2013 deposition where the shooter said he kept a
10:38 am
doctor on retainer who prescrib prescribed valium. any reliable picture of this guy starting to emerge? >> craig, i can't imagine how frustrating this must be for federal investigators. it's like a house of mirrors. it's in every new report we get about stephen paddock, there's a new stephen paddock, so there's paddock the high roller here in vegas, known to many of the hotel chains. irs records showed in 2015 he took in $5 million from gambling. he would spend millions on gambling. would stay in high roller suites. would have his dinners comped. and dock brother, a quiet guy who just wanted to live his life. then paddock, the boyfriend, speaking to marilou danley, sheelg telling federal investigators they lived a quiet live in mesquite, never neff. they would often go to the same coffee shops, same bars every
10:39 am
week. then paddock, the unstable. the same girlfriend speaking to federal investigators saying she was worried about his mental health as of late. would stay up with night terrors and screaming and telling people different things about what he planned to do or who he is. a different picture for every paddock. the only paddock we really know is paddock, the killer, 23 weapons in that hotel room. some of them outfitted for rapid fire from an elevated position, firing down on those people. the note found in there was actually a series of numbers, the height, range and distance from where he's firing, in effect, making his firing more lethal. >> this lawsuit to try and freeze the shooter's assets. what more do we know about that? >> reporter: a 56-year-old father of six from southern california. his family and their attorney suing to try to freeze those assets. the rightful h eir s in this case would seem to be his
10:40 am
girlfriend, marilou danley, and his brother, eric. the hope is they can prevent that money from going to those folks and it can be distributed to the victims of this shooting. it's interesting to hear paddock's brother, bruce, saying he agrees with that. he would like to see the money go to the victims. >> steve patterson for us in las vegas. steve, thank you. was it a cover-up? one of the most powerful men in hollywood fired from the company he started. but why was harvey weinstein able to stay at the top despite decades of accusations of sexual harassme harassment. puerto rico asking for $4 million after hurricane maria after flash flooding hits the island overnight. we'll go to our newly opened puerto rico bureau for the latest on that story. all of this happening while the wildfires ravage several counties north of san francisco.
10:41 am
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10:45 am
decades. the weinstein company in a statement last night saying in part, in light of new information about misconduct by harvey weinstein that has emerged in the past few days, directors of the weinstein company have determined and informed harvey weinstein that his employment with the weinstein company is terminated. in a statement to the "times" thursday, weinstein acknowledged, quote, the way i've behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain and i sincerely apologize for it. weinstein is a prominent donor to democrats and liberal causes. he started losing support soon after the allegations surfaced. some democratic politicians who have received campaign donations from him have donated those proceeds to other causes. charlesed harder, weinstein's attorney, called the allegations false and defamatory, threatening to sue the paper. nbc news has not confirmed the details of "the new york times" story. let's bring in gabe sherman, special correspondent for "vanity fair," also an msnbc
10:46 am
contributor. always good to have you, my friend. let's start with how this alleged behavior continued apparently unchecked sgit roughly 30 years of accusations. how does that happen? >> i find the contrition by the weinstein board questionable. in "the times" report, an executive wrote a memo detailing the alleged harassment, no action was taken. in hollywood and media circles this behavior was whispered about for years. so the idea they didn't know about this really strains belief. and i think once again we're in a situation where a powerful individual was protected because whether he made money for the company or had relationships and i think the board needs to ask themselves why did they sit on this information for years? yes, they took action but only after it became public in the pages of the "new york times." >> it's hard to believe folks didn't know what was going on.
10:47 am
>> for folks not familiar with harvey weinstein's work, is this a guy who was so powerful, he could make and break careers? >> yeah. if you're -- look at some of the biggest names in hollywood. gwyneth paltrow, meryl sdpreep others. these were celebrities whose careers were made n part, by their relationship with harvey weinstein. he had a knock for creating stars. he got his movies into the oscar campaign and almost through a force of will, he was able to take his movies and make them into cultural phenomenons. this is a man who wielded tremendous power. unfortunately, the burden has been on the women to come forward. i think that's very unfair and a lot of people said, well, why didn't women come forward earlier? this is a story about power dynamics. i look to the bothered of the weinstein company who had power to check his behavior and didn't. >> lauren savin described who ten years ago weinstein got her alone in the basement of a new
10:48 am
york restaurant and performed a vulgar act in front of her. she talked to megyn kelly this morning. take a listen. >> i knt could not believe what i was witnessing. could not believe. it was disgusting and pathetic, really, to stand there and look at this man, you know, more than the disgusting act itself, which was, of course, gross, the demeaning part of it all that just 20 minutes earlier he was having this great conversation with me and i felt so great and flattered by it and then stand there and be quiet a few minutes later. just negated any warm feelings i had. i realized, oh, that's what this was all about. >> waiting ten years to speak out. ashley judd came forward. she was the first one in the "times" piece, accusing
10:49 am
weinstein of harassinger in a hotel room business meeting, roughly 20 years ago. the timing, why do you think now women are coming forward? >> i think complicated and i don't presume to speak for any of the women because it's a deeply personal decision. the culture has changed. this is the post-bill cosby, roger ailes culture where powerful men have been exposed for harassing and bhafing inappropriately with women. that has created a ground swell of sorts. we should note harvey weinstein's power in hollywood has been on the decline. he does not wield the influence and create stars the way he used to, which, perhaps, has given women some confidence that their stories will be believed. again, unfortunately, we're still in a culture where powerful -- if women come forward to question a powerful man and we saw this during the election with donald trump, there is a segment of the population that says, listen, why are you coming forward? we don't believe you. >> gabe sherman, thanks for your perspective. nearly three weeks after
10:50 am
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northern california firefighters are fighting quick-whipped fires. and governor jerry brown issued a state of emergency for napa, sonoma and yuma counties. we learned a few moments ago, they already destroyed at least 1500 homes or buildings. evacuations began yesterday in napa and sonoma. those evacuations are continuing today further northwest to santa rosa. roughly 20,000 people have been revacated so far. more evacuations are expected. some residents are missing, we're told. the napa county fire chief says conditions are so bad on the ground that firefighters are having a very difficult time getting ahead of those flames and they are stopping firefighters progress. man while, in puerto rico, the governor there is asking capitol
10:55 am
hill for a lot more money. governor ricardo says the conditions on the island is so fragile that cash is needed immediately. gabe gutierrez is in puerto rico with more on that. >> reporter: hi there, craig. good afternoon. this is near the convention center here in san juan. this is where some military aircraft is taking off, getting ready to distribute some supplies throughout parts of the island. there have been complaints from several municipal leaders here in puerto rico that some aid is not distributed fast enough. most notably from san juan's mayor who is blasting fema's response. fema's administrator shooting back saying look we are filtering her out. they aren't paying attention to this political noise. the governor won't go as far as criticizing san juan's mayor quite so much but he says there is improvement on this island. 78% of gas stations are now open. 77% of super markets. but craig, major concern here is
10:56 am
the power grid. about 12% of the island is still without power. that's almost 3 million people. 3 million american citizens without power nearly three weeks after hurricane maria slammed into this island as a category 4 storm. nearly a third of cell phone towers, not even a third of cell phone towers, rather, craig, still aren't working. official death toll here stands at 39. according to government officials. but the fear is that number could grow much higher. funeral homes throughout the island are reporting more bodies than have been reflected in these government figures. but again, right now, major concern here in puerto rico is how to rebuild the power grid. several tech companies in the united states and even tesla is now in talks to try to rebuild this island's infrastructure. craig, back to you. >> gabe gutierrez there for us from san juan. thank you. we will be right back. we get a gift for mom and dad. and every year, we split it equally. except for one of us.
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that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. cas katy tur here to pick things up. >> republican senator with nothing to lose is engaged in an unfriendly exchange of fire with the president of the united states. that senator, tennessee's bob corker, once in line to be donald trump's vp. fast forward 15 months later, though, and the senator who recently announced his


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