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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  December 8, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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departures following the president's first year in office. just 20 miles away from the alabama border, just four days before alabama voters go to the polls. trump tweeting this morning "the last thing the make america great again agenda needs is having a democrat in senate where we have so little margin of victory already. we could hear about a new piece of evidence in the sexual misconduct claim that's threaten roy moore's bid. part of her proof, a year book, that she says was signed be the republican candidate. to a sweater and more beautiful girl i could not say merry christm christmas. they say it is suggested she
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forged it. >> beverly, he signed your year book. >> he did sign it. >> and you made notes underneath? >> yes. >> i have a team of reporters with me covering ever angle of this story. let's go to pensacola, florida. i want to talk about dina powell, we just learned this key advisor is stepping down today. what can you tell us about that and the significance to this administration? >> that departure by dina powell is set to come early next year according to statements we just received in the last couple minutes here from the white house including on the record statements. it comes from one of her closest allies, jared kushner. she will continue to work on the
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peace process, but leaving the specifics up in the air. why does it matter? think back to how this year has unfolded. powell positioned herself, when she came in, part of that wing or faction in the white house. jared kushner, ivanka trump, but since then working to build rips with people like h.r. mcmaster is someone that the president trusts and looks to in some of these big settings and high profile moments. and she has influence here in the west wing. that said there have also been questions about her own sort of positioning or the rumors or speculation of where she wanted to end up. she was widely rumored to have wanted to get back to new york. her family is still there. which is obviously potentially part of what plays into this. but i would note just a couple things here. number one this may be just the start of what we're now seeing
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of people departing this white house after their first year of the trump administration. someone else long rumored to be leaving or on the chopping block and that is gary cohen. we know he was unhappy, for example, over the summer. wanted to stick around for taxes. part two of all of this is the way this departure is happening. i have been here for several of these high profile leaving. but rarely do you see this kind of coordinated response from the white house. >> thank you so much. we're going to come back to you hallie jackson. i want to go to you after a press conference that was held by gloria allred. she was upset because he said he didn't know her or these women. she produced this year book.
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she says some of the people that are his supporters say it was not signed by him, in fact she forged it. and now a handwriting expert says the signature in the year book matches roy moore's and they compared it to other public documents. is that likely to change any minds as we come down to the wire here after the final four days of this critical campaign? >> i think this is important to note. the fact is they are not suggesting that the signature itself was forged there. but when it comes to the campaign, what they focused on is that it is a conspiracy. they have been focusing on that
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year book calling every day in twitter. calling into that yearbook specifically. there is room to question the voracity of beverly young nelson's reports. it doesn't push aside the fact fact that there is eight other women out there. there are people that are questioning the women's stories. so one, i guess one little piece of this story that doesn't add up and is now walked back okpen up some questions here. people want to vote for roy moore. and the question that i will be asking is if this opening gifts them an opportunity to go back to roy moore. >> set the stage for tonight.
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i understand the campaign has been encouraging supporters from alabama to come to where you are for the president's rally tonight, is that right? >> yeah, just about 15 miles down the road. the media market here. 12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sds tuscaloosa
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county. he lost to the democrat in that county. we are seeing requests for those absentout sesentee ballots. i think in the next few days we have been looking at a little polling that has been all over the place and it is really tough to determine where we are. >> so i guess a question that a lot of people are asking is can the president sway the race. >> a lot of what we heard already on twitter, online when he has been talking about this, and i want to pull up a couple tweets, just ahead as he looks to going to look at some of the tweets, i will note that the president will be departing. he play stop and answer questions from reporters that
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gather on the white house. again, the president reemphasized again today, and is almost tern to do so begun tonight. as you see the president talking about here, there are officials that say this is a make america great again rally, that said again that may be a distinction. the president will be asked about and i think he will be asked about the opening tomorrow. i think it is a very busy weekend for trump. >> we'll talk about this later on in the show. joining us now to continue the conversation is the washington political reporter.
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and the reporter and columnist. in a column you wrote, you sited a poll that found that six in ten women are likely to vote for roy moore. what do you think of the latest? and yet it turns out that the woman in the case admits to adding some notes. >> the signature was never the determining factor for what side of the finish they fell on. so foes that want to believe, perhaps the accuse r. perhaps that's will be something for them to couch their vote on, people have made up their mind, many of the women on the same side as roy moore are on it
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because they are conservative, they have traditional values in the areas of abortion and traditional values. >> i also want to bring in a gop strategist. 53% of white women helped elect donald trump over hillary clinton. at the time, trump faced more than a dozen allegations. is this just an issue that republican women are not concerned about? are we in a very different time in our acceptance of what we're willing to put up with from our candidates? >> i feel like this is a very different time and since trump was elected to the me too movement, it changed yet again. i think the tolerance is really on -- with -- basically women on either side of the isle, i don't think they are excusing it.
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i think -- >> even if you're not excusing it, could they be saying but i will still vote for him. this is not the determining factor for me? it was the factor for many women that voted for trump. >> it is unfair that he is even a candidate in the first place. >> right, here is what you're asking a woman voter to do. you're asking a woman gop voter to get in and vote against the platform or the republican party that roy moore is representing and vote for someone that is pro choice. this is a big deal. it is an evangelical community. this is what they're having trouble with. unfortunately roy moore is campaigning with jesus. this is the unfortunate part. you have all of these allegations, it looks horrible. he is probably going to win.
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the problem of it is that i don't think the -- what you asked me i don't think the gop, the woman voter in alabama, is excusing roy moore. i think they have been put in a position to choose between which platform they like. and he just happens to represent the platform. i think it is horrible. >> i was going to ask josh. he lives in alabama, he has been a long time political reporter there. i want you to weigh in on both of these things, is your sex important to how you vote or don't vote for roy moore? is gloria alred more of a help to him than a indrans. how do you see the next few days playing out? >> i think all of those things
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make a difference and you know, first i will say that roy moore is not really campaigning with jesus, he just likes to think he is. . >> who is they? >> a lot of times you'll -- the conservative news media, facebook groups, things like that where people get their information from, and you hear awful stories from people about what they read on facebook or the news sources they have chosen here. a lot of that misinformation is playing into that situation as well. they have a reason to doubt some of the allegations and you have a set up where they have to choose between the democratic platfo platform, the republican flat form, and it boils down to one issue only and that is abortion. and that has been made the primary platform here and
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slapped on doug jones, that he wants full term abortions. so a lot of these women are having to choose between someone they believe is for full term abortion and this other person who they would not ordinarily vote fir -- for. senator cory booker coming in this weekend, john lewis we're being told is scheduled to be at a rally on sunday, could that make the difference? >> they're certainly hoping so. we're seeing black lawmakers that hold a lot of significance coming down later than you would have expected someone to bring political stars to the elector rate. the reality is we're past the voter registration deadline and some of the people they could have motivated to go out to the
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post now cannot because they have been brought on so late. i think part of the reason they were brought on so late is the campaign was banking on hoping to flip wide moderates or people disgusted with roy moore. it could cost them in the end. thank you to all of you, much appreciated. make sure you catch "meet the press daily." he will speak with voters ahead of tuesday's election. and we have some breaking news next in the russia investigation. what we just learned about bob mueller's next move that has to do with paul manafort. a power p. this is tim barckholtz. that's me! this is something he is researching at exxonmobil: using fuel cells to capture
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we have some major breaking news at this hour. bob mueller issuing new
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warrants, financial records that have been obtained. let me bring in nbc news. it was first reported as i understand by the new york times. tell us what we know. >> now that paulman fort and rick gates have been diindicted robert mueller has to turn over all of the investigation. there was a court filing today describing their efforts to do that and it gives us insights into the scope of the investigation and the volume of evidence is just norm, so they have turned over more than 400,000 documents in total including 2,000 items they consider particularly important to the defense, and it includes bank records from exotic locations like cypress in the caribbean. it underscoring the scope of this white collar fraud investigation. they had to go through all of
11:20 am
this stuff and make sense of it. . >> so let me go back. i kind of stopped at 400,000 that kind of blew me away frankly. what do we know again about the break down of those documents and is this normal? >> you know, experts say it's not abnormal. complex white collar fraud, they get everything. they get every last document. that's how they make these fraud and money laundering cases. this seems like a lot, frankly, 400,000 documents. but i think what experts would tell you is that this is the way these complex white collar investigations work. lawyers i have talked to are particularly impressed with the way the muler team is going after this. they say the fbi agents are some of the best in the world and
11:21 am
they're being comprehensive in how they approach these cases. >> domestic financial records totaling more than 116,000 pages, and the government with 189,000 items on a hard drive, where does it fit into the investigation. >> we know what the fruits of this were. it was a multicount indictment accusing these men of very serious crimes. this is the financial records, the e-mails, the statements of these men, everything that mueller has got that goes into proving this case. the defense has a right to look at, go over, and understand the scope of it. >> i think it is worth reminding people that the team put together by robert mueller has a lot of lawyers who are extremely experienced and are extremely well regarded in terms of these exact kinds of complexion gumts,
11:22 am
putting the pieces together to understand what they mean, right? >> yes, and they have the vast resources of the united states intelligence committee that was overseas. i have spoken to lawyers that took clients through and stunned with what the muler team knew about their clients. >> an a couple sources, and this was part of the new information on the russia investigation before this story broke. two sources with direct knowledge say an e-mail was sent to donald trump as a candidate and don junior before the election offering access to the hacked documents. what do we know now about this e-mail, who sent it and it's significance. >> he tells it was sent on september 14th, one day after a big dump by wiki leaks. he is claiming it pointed to stuff that was already public.
11:23 am
right now there is a lot of americay ne-- americmerkiness a this. >> thank you so much, we really appreciate it. that story we just told you about with all of these documents first reported by the new york times, he has gotten to a camera now. and also msnbc political analyst and a msnbc national security analyst. ken, first of all big scoop. what is your big headline here? >> i think ken covered a lot of it, talking about the kple hen sieve nature of muller's
11:24 am
evidence gathering if is a step that shows the defendants what the prosecutors have. that's what they're doing here. some of the interesting nuances here, images and copies of the hard drives that were gathered in that dramatic predawn raid that was the beginning of the escalation of this case as it pertained to manafort. some of the folks around them i should say are upset they feel like the government is still ev evesdropping on him through his associates. we saw this case made by the government in opposing the bail package. they say he was working with this russian associate of his that is believed to have ties.
11:25 am
how did they find out about that. it appears that the manafort associate is being monitored and that's how they were able to gather more information even as they are presenting what they knew from seizing information from manafort to even more lawyers. they're still collecting more. >> so if you're inside this investigation, you have 36 of these electronic devices. nine seized as you said in that dramatic predawn raid. how would you divide, when you look at 400,000 documents, are there categories you can lay out they fit into? >> yes, certainly. i mean a lot of it has to do with the work that paul manafort did representing this pro russian ukrainian government.
11:26 am
that is a lot of the financial records, based on what they did with that money. a lot of the allegations about violating lobbying laws, but there is also a whole separate cat dpoir of wh-- category of wt paul manafort did on the campaign. but that is the universe of stuff that mueller is looking at. it's a big universe, and as we see now there is a whole lot of evidence. >> if you can stay with us, jeremy bash, give us yourceps of these categories and these kinds of documents. the turning over of them as has been pointed out, very normal, maybe even the number of them is not strikingly abnormal, but how important could they be from your perspective? >> i think this is very significant, kris for two
11:27 am
reasons. it shows the strength and comprehensiveness and thoroughness of the investigation. they have a lot of data from them. it will put pressure on them to do what mike flynn did, plead out to a lesser charge were and potentially steph against them. second i think the data could show us information as it comes out at trial or any of the pretrial motions about the methods the russians used to seal funds and off shore bank accounts. that indictment had not just words and paragraphs but an excel spreadsheet. any time there is a spreadsheet in your indictment is not a good day. it shows wire transaxes. off shore, sicypress, and other
11:28 am
locations, that can indicate a way russians try to conceal money and it can help financial sleuths. >> if you're one of these differents, and your lawyer last just gotten this enormous document dump and they have to keep them calm, don't panic, we will handle this, what do you say to them? >> we see if there is any information they collected that is misunderstood or improblemer, but with this indictment for experience against the united states and the underlying conduct being money laundering and tax revaevasion, i think itl be difficult to do it without facing some conviction here. >> we think this will all wrap up very quickly. we know the president's lawyers
11:29 am
tried to give him that information. tried to calm him down in situations like this. what do you imagine is going on in the white house and with the president's lawyers right now? >> there is rising tension on the legal team about the strategy. and we're looking for changing in strategy and the legal team itself. the army of outside advisors and a plies are sounding the alarm and taking aim at bob mueller himself. blaming him for taking too wide of an angle on this and looking at too many things they don't believe were supposed to be part of the initial investigation. so you're seeing everybody start to melign bob mueller to protect the president from more
11:30 am
indictments and bad news for the investigation. >> that could be a successful strategy, right? the people prone to believe that donald trump didn't do anything wrong and the media and bob mooulerer l mueller are liars and they will continue to believe that. that is members of congress. many are lawyers and know and respect bob mueller. is that strategy likely to have any real world impact? >> i think it could. i think we have seen already that when this administration, this political operation decides to say something and press a case, it doesn't matter if it is true or false, they will say it over and over and over again. and it will sing in, catch on, and change public. perhaps. we thought initially if there was a conversation a few months ago, will they fire mueller, and they said oh, no, reallies really like him. he is beyond reproach and they could never do that.
11:31 am
this week we saw republicans questioning the cia director and trump criticized the fbi and you had allies starting to insinuate that the fbi is corrupt. that mueller's investigation is corrupt. rather than rallying to bob mueller's side. we have seen they are carrying the administration and the president's water and that is interesting because that is something that maybe people on the hill, people around washington for a long time that know bob mueller know how respected he has always been on both sides of the political aisle. >> thank you, congrats on a big scoop, we thank you for being with us right now. a quick programming note, join my colleague rachael maddow for a look at the donald trump dossier. what we know to be true tonight
11:32 am
on msnbc. >> and three law marks stepped down this week. but in alabama, an accused pedestrian file could be sent to the senate by this time next week. a look at the politics of misconduct after the break. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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at president trump prepares to essentially campaign for roy moore, an accused pedophile,
11:36 am
trent banks becomes the latest to step down. it comes as they said they are opening an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct by the freshman. what do we know about the allegations against him. >> we heard that franks was resigning last night. and that is when the ethics committee announced they would be investigating him for sexual harassment. it is very much unlike the other harassment stories. talking about his family's struggles with infertility, and he said that our family
11:37 am
struggled with infertility and that it was two conversations with women in his office about s surrogacy. they said his best course of action would be to resign and that's what he decided to do last night. >> the lethics committee said they're empaneling a committee that settled a claim using taxpayer money saying he would pay it back, what happens now? >> the ethics committee has been, at least on paper, investigating since 2015, but in their own statement, he basically said he welcomes this investigation, he hopes it will clear and this accuse ere that has now come forward will speak to the committee and potentially
11:38 am
this could be put to bed, but they are also taking a little criticism because they're office and the taxpayers did pay out the $84,000 settlement in this case. most republicans have backed him including one of his colleagues from oklahoma earlier today. take a listen. . >> should the representative resign despite those allegations? >> that's not for me to determine. that's why we have an ethics committee. we can point out as you did only republicans in recent days but john conyers retired and senator franken announced he will resign. this is not a party problem as some might see it portrayed. >> but it may fall to the party to make this an issue. we have seen two republican come out and say he should resign as with the franken case it took
11:39 am
more pressure than that, but it sounds like he will have a primary challenger in the spring. he may be forced out by the voters if the party doesn't do it themselves. >> thank you for that. there have been people who have asked in the last day or so and lots of op-eds on this topic today. did the punishment fit the crime and was there due process. with the grotesque picture of hem groping a woman's breast. franken paid for their sins and the alleged bhasins of others l
11:40 am
clinton. . here with me in the news room, liz blank, executive producer of divided states of women. . i hardly know where to start. maybe were we in a place, and i guess in some way, shape, or form, all of us knew this, where somebody seems surprised by the fact that social security not okay to go to a subordinate and ask them to become a surrogate. >> now we're coming to terms with how creative different types of sexual harassment can look like. this is the most strange case that we have heard. it is interesting also that it is coming from a party that doesn't always support women's reproductive choices for a boss
11:41 am
to ask a subordinate to carry his child and not know that is inappropriate is bafling. and the democrats are taking a stand on this issue. sure the problem of sexual harassment is not a party problem, it's across parties, but the solution and the big word in taking a stand against it seems to be in the democratic field. >> it is one thing to take a stand and i believe, you know all of the folks who came out and called for al franken to resign, they feel very strongly about this issue. many of them have a long track record on those issues. having said that there is a second part of this. they want to take moral high ground. and the argument that ruth marcus made that maybe the democrats under reacted for bill
11:42 am
clinton and are now overreacting for al franken, what's your thought on that argument? >> my thought is that the democrats saw themselves at a cross road. they had to make a decision as to how they were going to move forward and with senator franken's resignation, now it will impel current politicians to look at their track record and what they have done in the past and see if they are viable to be elected officials and self assess well, i have done things in my past that are no longer acceptable. instead of thinking well, i will be protected by my tripe, they will know they may need to no longer move forward. >> the problem with this is that so far nothing in terms of changing the process in congress really has happened, and nothing has happened legally. we have women in the house and the senate who are supporting legislation, but no legislation
11:43 am
that has got p any, as far as i know, support on the republican side. and so i wonder if you think this is a real change that is happening or is this for show? >> there is two pieces to fixing the problem in congress. the first is real repercussions when people abuse their staff members, harass them. also creating a -- >> when we saw this in the public sector, many people in a matter of days or less lost their jobs. organizations, companies, they said we did our internal investigation, we believe the woman, this guy is gone. in the congress, these are long, long processes. about how convoluted it is.
11:44 am
it favors the person being accused. many of them felt like we're going to be punished for coming forward. they will be revictimized. i guess there is a real question here about is the process in congress not only unfair, but does it have to take long? or maybe some of these men who were let go after a day or two investigation, did they not get due process. >> so in congress, you know, we seem to be able to pass a tax bill. a overhaul in two months, but it takes years to investigate a relatively straightforward harassment claim. so i believe the ethics needs to be overhauled. the process they have to go through to insert their rights. spears and gillibrand from a bill that has been dropped. it is not moving as quickly as
11:45 am
next week because republicans need to get fully behind this and revise this process. it will not fix the problem. it will not provide options for staffers. they need to step up and no longer just do slaps on the wrist. they have not found any evidence of will they do this hard or fast? this is something that can happen quickly. >> we're starting to see men fight back. variety is reporting that the actor jeffrey rush is suing a newspaper. harold ford junior saying he will file two lawsuits have being fired from morgan stanley over a single allegation of misconduct. one against morgan stanley, one against his accuser. and ford has denied any wrong doing and he is an msnbc political analyst and he will
11:46 am
not be a guest on this network by mutual agreement until the legal matter is settled, it is a new maize in this me too movement. some men are saying no. >> yes and no. we saw donald trump react in the same way a year over year ago. he said the first thing he would do is sue the women that have been accusers of his. >> he didn't do that been he is the president, this is a classic response for men in a go after men and the media. but this many indicatiocases we say they're really verifying their sources here. not to say that every news story should not necessarily be verified and no one has recourse when it comes to something that might not be true, but we have
11:47 am
to reiterate how amazing the media has been in the way they investigated these cases and that they are creating now units, you know exclusively, to handle this kind of stuff. so we should be looking out for those stories and respecting and believing that they are verified. >> unfortunately more to come. thank you. al alexsis, thank you to you as well. and the president going after john lewis because the congressman says he refuses to share a stage at the dedication to the civil rights movement. ( ♪ ) this time of year is all about family. and we'd like you to be part of ours. so our chevy employee discount is now available to everyone. this holiday season, you pay what we pay. and not a cent more. we're so happy to share this with you.
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the opening of a museum has sparked a battle between the white house and a civil rights legend. georgia democratic congressman john lewis was scheduled to speak at saturday's opening of the mississippi civil rights museum but he and mississippi congressman said they will not attend the event if president trump is there. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said in a statement, we think it's unfortunate that these members of congress wouldn't join the president in honoring the incredible sacrifice civil rights leaders made to right the injustices in our history. so lewis responded in a tweet -- president trump's attendance and hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum.
11:52 am
joining me here in the newsroom to talk about this, marc morial, president and ceo of the national urban league and former mayor of new orleans. always good to see you. >> good to see you, chris. >> is it appropriate for trump to attend, wrong for congresspeople to say we're not going to go because he is there. he's still the sitting president. >> it's also the civil rights leadership of mississippi. the leadership of the naacp derek johnson who is a resident of jackson, mississippi, who has suggested that it's not appropriate for the president to be the main speaker at this important event. this is not a photo op. this is the dedication of a museum to many civil rights leaders, many who gave their lives, like evers for the cause of civil rights and brings to light the president's policy. is the president going to go and
11:53 am
shut down his voter fraud commission? go and make a strong snatatemen and say that his statements in the past by suggesting that barack obama was not an american citizen were inappropriately, wrong and hurtful? i don't know if that's what the president is going to do, and i think the position of john lewis and benny tompsen and many others is bound to be respected by us. they are not doing this for political purposes. i think they're doing it because it's truly a sincere feeling that not only are the president's policies been hurtful, but this is not the opportunity for grandstanding. >> we also saw a tweet from the president after, obviously, he went after lewis in january after lewis called trump and illegitimate president. the president tweeted, congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime-infested rather
11:54 am
than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk, no action or results. sad. >> personal insults against john lewis are not going to hurt john lewis' reputation or standing and the work he's done for many, many year, and by the way, maybe the president should visit atlanta, georgia a thriving new city which just elected a woman mayor a few days ago and not a city "that's falling apart." i would like president trump to sit down with distinguished scholars like skip gates and michael eric dyson, sylvia silas and sincerely educate himself on the contributions that african-americans have made to the american nation and to the american society. i think if he did that, if he did that, sincerely educated himself, then -- then -- then -- it would send a most important signal he's working to better understand. his policies and his rhetoric
11:55 am
have been harmful and hurtful. >> there are people who would argue that this would be an opportunity for someone the stature of john lewis to, in fact, educate the president and one of the people who decided to go is myrlie evers williams. obviously medgar evers widow. she said i hope if his coming there san opportunity for him to learn something. if god gives me the breath and strength i will address attendance when i stand to speak nchtd and . >> and i think we'll be looking forward to hear what she says. i think it's so important. the reason why this has been so troubling, chris i don't think i've witnessed an american president who in his words has just been contemptuous of our community. in a way that indicates a lack of understanding. donald trump is an educated man. donald trump is a financially successful man, but it's clear that there's a lot for him to
11:56 am
learn. there's more for him to understand, and we're going to resist policies that hurt our community in 291st century. we're going to resist the effort to roll back civil rights. resist this bogus voter commission but always, always, prepare to find ways to move the nation forward together. >> let's just all say that we are glad this museum is opening. i would look forward to making it to mississippi, visiting it, if it's anything like the museum at the smithsonian, which is absolutely phenomenal, i recommend it. thank you so much. marc always good to have you. appreciate it. we'll be right back. a long. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing,
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that wraps up things for this hour. i'm chris jansing. >> ali velshi picks things up. >> good afternoon. just over an hour, president trump heads to pensacola, florida, for a campaign rally. it matters because pensacola is just 15 mimes from the alabama border. it's in the alabama media market where in four days voters will go to the polls in the special senate election. the president is officially backed the republican candidate in that race, accused molester roy moore. this morning president trump tweeted, last thing to make america great agenda needs is a liberal democrat in the senate. vote roy moore p. a woman who accused


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