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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  December 13, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> this i'm happy to see midnight edition is the victory. a special live >> here is some of doug jones' historic victory speech. >> we have come so far, and the people of alabama have spoken. they have said -- [cheers and applause]
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they have said to each other that this, i have said from the very beginning. this campaign has never been about me. it's never been about roy moore. it's been about every one of you. >> despite the al alabama secretary of state already saying tonight that he could see no way to change the outcome of this election, including a recount, roy moore refused to concede. >> when the vote is this close, it is not over. part of the problem with this campaign is we've been painted in an unfavorable and unfaithful light. we've been put in a hole, if you will. what we've got to do is wait on god and let this process play out.
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>> joining us now, msnbc's steve kornacki. the drama of the night is watching you on the last tour, what we thought was going to be "the last word," taking us through those numbers. we kept coming back to you throughout the hour, the drama unfold the on your map. recap for us that hour and what you saw happening in that hour. >> yeah, it's every election junky's dream to see it that close in that stretch of time. we saw that was the hour when jones started out behind and ended up the next senator from alabama. so what happened? what went right for jones? virtually everything went right. if you are a democrat and you are winning by 20,000 votes to a tiny margin, but you need everything to break your way, he got three particularly big things. that's not what was supposed to happen. let's call that back up. first of all, he got not just overwhelming support from
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african-americans but huge turnout from african-americans, these are the heavily black counties in this strip of the state right here. we looking across the state to see how turnout compared to the presidential election last year, and what we found consistently across the counties here is that the drop was a lot less in these counties, than they were up here. these are heavily republican, heavily white rural counties and down here, heavily republican, heavily white rural counties. so the trump base from '16 in these parts of the states, a lot more of them dropped off and didn't participate today than you had here in these heavily black counties. that's number one. but that wouldn't be enough. number two for the democrat is they needed to make inroads into some of these traditionally republican suburbs. this is a trend we've been seeing. we talked about this in the virginia race. this is the catastrophe of the night i think for republicans. shelby county, outside birmingham.
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this is the highest concentration of people with a four-year college degree in the state of alabama, a place where mitt romney won 80% of the vote, trump got 73. roy moore, a very meager 56% of the vote. if you are a republican, this is where you're supposed to be wracking up your biggest numbers. instead, less than 10,000 is the margin here. this is big problem in this trump age. these are the types of voters in alabama and across the country, the white, educated suburbanites where democrats think they can make inroads. and number three, the third thing, younger voters, think of recent college grads. they have two big college towns in alabama. this is lee county, auburn university. this is a place donald trump won last year with about 60% of the vote. look at this now, 41% for roy
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moore. we got absolutely blown out here. huge movement here. and if we go across the state, the arch rival, the alabama crimson tide, tuscaloosa, donald trump was winning easily. tonight roy moore barely cracking 40%. we saw huge movement in the college counties. you add it all together and that's a 20,000 vote win for a democrat. the last democrat to win a senate race in alabama, he didn't even stay a democrat for his full term. it didn't take. this one i think probably will, though. >> that was richard shelby who switched parties a couple years in after that reelection and is now the senior senator from alabama, republican, and he said publicly, he would not, did not vote for roy moore. and it sounds like voters in alabama, if they were listening to anyone, they listened more to senator shelby than they did to donald trump. >> it's interesting when we talk about that turnout difference, that's what i was thinking of
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when we were seeing those meager republican turnout figures, i'm thinking of richard shell by. you didn't have republicans in these counties going out and switching parties and voting democrat. you just didn't have them coming out at all. they weren't turning out. they weren't energized, and in the democrat areas, yousa the -- saw the often sit.
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i want to take a look right now, a little bit more of doug jones before we go to david from. doug jones' acceptance speech tonight, victory speech we should call it. >> this entire race has been about dignity and respect. [cheers and applause] this campaign, this campaign has been about the rule of law. [cheers and applause] this campaign has been about common courtesy and decency, and making sure everyone in this state, regardless of which zip code you live in, is going to get a fair shake in life. [cheers and applause] >> and we are now joined by david from, senior editor, and maria theresa, to hear a candidate standing up there in the achblg trump, this campaign has been about the rule of law. it's been about dignity and respect. it's been about common courtesy and decency. those are all notes that could not be sounded by donald trump.
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>> and it was back talking about the values that this country represents, and i think that's what the alabama voters today not only were able to demonstrate but they were able to prove that in a state where donald trump won by 28% almost to the day last year, he failed miserably. he's losing influence among his base. they were completely suppressed, as steve kornacki said earlier, but he also acknowledged in his acceptance, the value of bringing in a diversified group of voters to the voting booths. he acknowledged african-americans, the power of the latino vote, he acknowledged the power of the youth vote. and this is where the democratic party, if they want to continue this wave, they have to pay attention. the only way they are going to be able to bring in these voters is bringing in candidates such as doug jones and investing in the leadership of these communities to prepare for 2018 and 2020. lawrence, we are expecting 12
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million young voters to reach voting age by 2020. two-thirds are voters of color that doug jones talked about tonight. >> and mitch mcconnell had his big "i told you so" moment tonight. and he did not wait for nbc news to actually call this election before it was officially called by us, it had been called by one or two other new the organizations. mitch mcconnell's leadership pacs were putting out statements, the republican senate campaign committee, and mitch mcconnell's pac putting out statements condemning roy moore as an unfit candidate for senate, pretty much the same language that chuck schumer used in his statement when he released a statement, saying that roy moore never should have been even a candidate for the united states senate. and so it's this odd moment where the republican leader of the senate is having a "i told you so" moment about this terrible candidate, about steve bannon pushing this terrible
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candidate. >> this is an earthquake for the politics of the country. i'm sure mitch mcconnell was very glad to see the back of roy moore. he's got no room maneuver. they're moving this tax bill through. the senate version is extremely sloppy, so it will have to be redone and redone with a smaller margin even than last time. but the politics of the country, the thing that is such an earthquake about this, if you listen to doug jones, that statement he gave tonight, it wasn't a highly ideological statement. it was about decency, courtesy. he could have said, this is about sexual abuse. this puts the issue of sexual abuse really now at the top of the electoral agenda. and who is the most visible sexual abuser in the office in the united states? the president. just today the president's
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spokesperson, sarah huckabee sanders tried to dismiss it as yesterday's business and of no interest to anybody. republicans just lost alabama on this issue. if they can lose alabama, they can certainly pennsylvania, wisconsin on this issue. >> is it better for worse for donald trump that roy moore won't be going to the senate? you could make the argument that it would be better for donald trump if roy moore were going to the senate because the senate would then be consumed with accusations against roy moore. those accusations now won't be going to washington. washington won't be considering those. there is now clear aim at the president for sexual assault. there's nothing else in the way, nothing else to discuss except the allegations against donald trump.
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>> today what we have to do is thank the bravery of those women who came forward and broke their stories after carrying that for so long. they finally, they stepped up and said this is what happened to me. this is what this person, roy moore, what his real values are. and we need to applaud their bravery, because they took big hits nor coming forward. now donald trump is going to have a reckoning of his own. they can no longer look at roy moore's record. now because the voters of alabama came out with a resounding rejection of him, now donald trump is going to be in literally the cross hairs of folks saying the me too actually applies to you as well. >> when a new administration comes in, and they are considering appointing members of the senate to the cabinet, you always look at the state where you might be taking the senator and say, well, what
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happens? do we, will that seat switch parties? you look at alabama, and you think, of course we can make jeff sessions attorney general. of course that's going to be a republican seat forever. and that is jeff sessions' seat that is now a democratic seat, and this is thanks entirely to the age of trump. >> look. there are very specific series of miscalculations that republicans made, more than one that delivered the seat up to the democrats. they had their own state scandal which is what luther strange certainly would have won this race. if we played this hand a little less incompetently, we would have won the seat. the harder question is why did the republicans play this hand so badly? why this terrible series of mistakes. if you lose the easy games, what happens when you have to play the hard games.
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>> how do washington republicans view steve bannon when they wake up tomorrow morning and see who the incoming senator is from alabama? >> they start saying in public what they've been saying in private. >> and that would all be negative about steve bannon, i take it? >> that would be negative on a scale, and a lot of the stuff that has been only, we talk about, i don't know it to be true but that has been whispered about him, i think that may also start to be said in public. >> thank you for respect being the economy of language needed when we are approaching the commercial break. coming up, donald trump's endorsement did not persuade a majority of alabama voters today. it was a big loss for donald trump and for steve bannon. we now have the first video of steve bannon's reaction tonight.
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get out and vote for roy moore. do it, do it. [cheers and applause] >> i couldn't vote for roy moore. the state of alabama deserves better. >> donald trump gave alabama voters a direct order, do it, do it. and alabama voters paid more attention to their republican senator richard shelby than they did to president trump. in an editorial, the "new york times" tonight says a triumph for decency and common sense in a state that seemed for a time at risk of abandoning both. mr. jones' win narrows the majority and issues a rebuke to donald trump.
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joining me, john pierre, and former chief of staff to president obama. and maria theresa kumar. this is a deeply deserved rebuke to donald trump. >> it is. it is a big smackdown to donald trump indeed. and it's not once but twice, as we know he was, he had supported luther strange. who was corrupt. and even when he supported luther strange, you kind of had that feeling that he really wanted to be with roy moore, the bigot. and he had his opportunity to do that and went out and campaigned for him, even though it was in florida, he was still campaigning for him. it was clear what he was doing, did robo call as we heard, and it was a smackdown once again, twice in a couple months in alabama. and let's not forget what happened in virginia and new
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jersey a couple weeks ago. and we don't, we have to remember alabama's a ruby red state. he won it by 28%, 28 points last time around. and this is where we are today, what voters saying no way, no how. >> ron klain, a big surprise. the self-admitted sexual assaulted endorses the accused child molester, and the accused child molester loses. i thought that's the way that equation was supposed to come out, and it did. >> i think it's a huge loss for trump, for the reasons just stated, for the obviously loss of a senate seat and putting the senate in play in 2018. but i think most of all for the reason i just mentioned. i think the fact that roy moore was a predator was not a factor that kept trump from endorsing him. he thought today he would be able to say, see, the voters decided this doesn't matter. see, shut up, stop talking about the women who are accusing me.
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the voters put a child molester in the senate. and instead of putting this to rest, the rebuke that we got, that that movement got, that idea, trump idea got, and the sixth most republican state in the country is a wake-up call. this me too movement has huge momentum, even in red states and there's a reckoning coming for president trump on this issue. >> we now have the video of steve bannon tonight, his first reaction to this huge defeat for steve bannon personally. and we're going to show it in just a second. and the only hint i have for you, before you see is steve bannon is speechless. let's take a look at this. >> mr. bannon, this is a huge defeat for you. >> now we don't have ready to go all that video of steve bannon standing up with the microphone, doing his stand-up routine in
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alabama, having more to say about this than he knew. but maria theresa, there he is tonight getting into the escalade and doesn't have a word to say. >> well, because he lost famously. he went to alabama more times than president trump. he thought this was a slam dunk. again, president trump won alabama a year ago by 28 points, and this was literally the alabama voters saying that not only did they not like the brand of steve bannon, but they did not actually like the brand of donald trump. and let's not look at this in the vacuum. the fact that the president also lost in a bigly way in virginia and new jersey, there is a wave coming. and the person who's going to wake up with heartburn while mitch mcconnell today said, you know, i told you so, tomorrow he's going to wake up with heartburn, because now the senate is definitely in play. look at nevada, look at arizona where you have a large group of
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latino voters coming their way saying we're not going to support this type of presidency or the type of brand that steve bannon claims to be of the republican party. >> i think alabama and the country deserves to see steve bannon one more time in his reaction tonight, because it is so quick. and also because this is someone who went to alabama to spread his particular brand of poison. and tried to elect this accused child molester, and he looked as though he felt so victorious on those stages with that microphone, but let's take one more look at steve bannon tonight after he was crushed in this election in alabama. >> mr. bannon, is this a huge defeat for you? >> karina, i want to let control room know, if you want to just run that in a box in the corner for the rest of the show, that's okay with us.
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it's rare to see a political strategist go in such, we've never seen a political strategist who claims to be a political strategist to go in this direction. mitch mcconnell said this guy was going to destroy the party. and if, if there's a republican left who doesn't think mitch mcconnell's right, i don't know who that could be. >> i mean, steve bannon wanted to, as he has always done, wanted to stick it to mitch mcconnell and the republican party. that's what this was all about. i mean, look, steve bannon is a blow hard. the only thing he's ever won was clearly last year with donald trump, and he didn't even run that campaign. he was not the campaign manager, but he came in there with his toxic brand and tried to prove that he was something that he's not, which is i guess a deal maker or a deliverer or a real strategist. and right, what we saw is the
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emperor has no clothes, not that i want to see that, but it is indeed what is happening with steve bannon. >> we're going to have to take a break here. there's a pretty shocking exit poll result about president trump's approval rating in alabama, which we're going to have when we come back. we're going to have much more ahead about doug jones' stunning and truly historic victory for a democrat in an alabama senate race. but, before we go, let's just take one more quick look at steve bannon's glorious moment tonight after this election. >> mr. bannon, is this a huge defeat for you?
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tonight is a night for rejoicing. because as dr. king said, as dr. king liked to quote, the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice. [cheers and applause] tonight in this time, in this place, you helped bend that moral arc a little closer to that justice, and you did it, that moral arc, not only was it bent more, not only was its aim sent it right through the heart of the great state of alabama in being here.
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>> that may be the very first time that a victorious senate candidate in alabama quoted martin luther king jr. >> that would probably be right. i mean, it's also been 20 years since a democrat has been, has been a u.s. senator in the state of alabama, even senator shelby, he was a democrat and switched over in '94. i mean, this is really huge. democrats have no business really being competitive in that state, but you had a, a, a great candidate like doug jones and a horrible candidate in roy moore, a pedophile, a bigot, a homophobe, an islamphobe. and the people came out and spoke. i think what we saw in november after the virginia and new jersey election, we saw that the resistance was electoralized and
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the me too movement was electoralized. the women were electoralized and that's the result of this evening. >> as we saw in the previous segment, the humiliated and crushed steve bannon is literally speechless tonight. could not say a word to the press, as he slipped into his car to disappear from alabama. he may be speechless, but his aide, andy sorbin has responded this way. after doing everything they could in their power to throw this election to a liberal democrat, the mcconnell establishment should expect the very same of the movement in 2016 to be out for their blood in 2018. and ron klain, it is as if some evil genius in the democratic party created these people who
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call themselves republicans who are out for the blood of the republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> you know, if we had created him, people would say that wasn't the believable character because they were too evil, too incompetent and too heavy handed to be believable as villains in some television comedy. and, you know, it's funny, and it's not funny. i think the kind of hatred that steve bannon and his allies represent is old force in america and has been reinvigorated and come back to life in its most extreme form. roy moore didn't run as a modern right-wing person who did a bunch of racial dog whistles around confederate stat use. he was the unvaurnished thing. he said america was last great when slavery was legal in our country. this is a great win for the "me too" movement. we shouldn't neglect the role that black voters played in
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this. they came out in force. they delivered this, and this was a stinging rebuke by black voters to someone who really wanted to turn the clock back 100 years in alabama. >> let's take a look at the exit polls, begin being with the simplest, the male/female break down in the exit polls. in that, you sigh something very simple. and that is that the women won this race for doug jones. it was very simply women versus men in this election. and the women at 57% go for doug jones. 56% of men go for roy moore. and the winner is doug jones. let's go inside that women's vote for a moment here. and look at the, we can see within white women and black women, in white women, jones lost white women, 34-63.
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black women jones won 98-2. so maria theresa, on what ron was just saying, it is very clearly the women and you could say specifically, the black women who delivered this election. >> yeah, absolutely. and what you're seeing is this is what happens when you actually use the opportunity to build the infrastructure and do the hard work, which is back to basics, talking to voters, -- they are the ones that are going to change the country. not only did he point out the black voters but talked about the youth voters, recognizing that our country right now, donald trump's election was based on generational lines, and that is only going to get deeper. and as you start moving more toward the west coast you have a younger generation of young voters and african-americans and latinos coming of age who just do not like this president. that is where steve bannon is missing the calculations. demographics is not destiny.
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you have to make sure these people come out, but the fact that you had someone that as ron just mentioned was for slavery, did not believe in a disenfranchised voter. this is what the african-american community was able to do despite some of the strictest voting rights, disenflan chiezment that we see across the country. people came out and actually built the infrastructure to share with them and ensure that they were getting out to vote. >> and karine, there hasn't been a close senate election since 1986 when richard shelby won his first election as a democrat. jeff sessions, the seat that we were filling tonight was jeff sessions' seat. the last time that seat was up for election, 2014, jeff sessions won that seat with 97% of the vote. 97, the democrats could not even come up with an opponent to jeff sessions.
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this is how far they've come in that same seat tonight, where the republicans won 97 the last time it was up. the democrat wins. >> that's exactly right. just to tag on to what everybody else was saying about the black vote. black women are the backbone of the democratic party, and i hope that the democratic party sees that and really invests, because what alabama did do is they put together the largest, getting out to vote operation that they've ever had, at least democrats have ever had. they put it together, had the candidate, had the message. put it out there, the infrastructure and the money on the ground, and really reached out to voters, and it paid off. >> it was a night of two huge surprises in alabama. one, a democrat wing a senate -- winning a senate seat, and two, a tweet from donald trump.
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we'll have that after the break.
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as the drama in alabama unfolded here earlier tonight at msnbc we all looked to steve kornacki and his magical map. >> it's sketchy, it's early as you can see here. about a quarter of the vote in. this is a narrow race. it's a question, is it going to be just enough or just short for democrats. jones has taken the lead. where else could moore get votes? he's now behind. every single red county has 100% of the precincts, i'm trying to give you a moore scenario, i can't find one. >> and msnbc is calling jones the apparent winner in this special election in alabama. >> i was wondering when that was going to happen. so there you go.
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>> and back with us, maria theresa kumar and karina, it was fun to watch kornacki, because i knew he knew where it was going, and he couldn't say because we didn't officially have the call. so it was fascinating to watch him come up with different ways of saying it's impossible for roy moore to win. >> it's always fun to watch steve kornacki on election night. he always brings it. i guess, i guess for me, for this night, we are, you know, lawrence, we're living in unusual times. we have a president, donald trump, who is divisive, and hateful and obstructing justice. and what we've been seeing these last two, especially the last two elections is in this year i'm talking about november and now today is that we're seeing a movement, the resistance movement that is really stepping up, speaking up and being electoralized as i mentioned earlier, and they are not taking this anymore, and they're
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rebuking what, the hateful things that donald trump is doing, what the gop is trying to do. and i think this is a great sign for 2018. it's a great boost for the democratic party. and i think we're going to continue that. i'm hearing that mitch mcconnell, i think he made a statement about not seating, it was regards to whether it was going to be doug jones or roy moore, not seating doug jones and letting luther strange sit until the end of the year. in 2010 when scott brown won in massachusetts, harry reid decided to hold all major votes, including health care until scott brown was seated. and he took, he waited 16 days for that to happen. >> and maria theresa, there is some question as to how long it's going to take alabama to certify these results, and there are estimates that they can't
12:43 am
get it certified until after christmas, around the 27th. and then you're pretty much at the, you are at the end of the, beyond the end of the calendar year for the senate any way. it's hard to say how to say that's going to work. >> the alabama secretary of state said they're not going to contest the vote, even though roy moore wants to. and i think that puts a good place forward for mitch mcconnell to do the right thing and make sure that doug jones is seated, representing the people of alabama. but this also puts a lot of pause in mitch mcconnell. because many were expecting roy moore to win. now they have to take a step back, are we really going to be able to pass this tax bill that the majority of americans believe is bad for them. this gives breath into immigration reform so they can perhaps pass some piece even the
12:44 am
d.r.e.a.m.ers. it makes sure that the democrats have more leverage and the republicans have to stay put. and if i were the president, he must be incredibly concerned about what the senate is going to look like by the end of 2018. and if i were members of the senate that are running, that supported roy moore, like ted cruz, when he was asked whether or not roy moore should be seated, and he said sure, why not, those are going to come back and hurt him in a texas primary. the fact today that the texas democratic party said they were going to contest every single seat is a demonstration that not only does the democratic party believe there is a wind in their sails but more importantly that the american people are paying attention, that they are participating that the best thing coming out of a trump presidency is that the american people recognize the importance of their vote, the importance of participating and making sure that they are heard. and i think that what we saw in virginia, with the slate of candidates also represents the
12:45 am
diversity of what the democratic, the progressive movement actually is, and the democratic leadership has to take a step and recognize that people, when they choose to run, we have to ensure that they are being supported appropriate limit there is a sea change. people have to buckle up and make sure they're paying attention. >> thank you both for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. coming tweeted reaction to doug jones' victory. that's next.
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i have this challenge to my future colleagues in washington. don't wait on me. take this election from the great state of alabama -- [cheering and applauding] let me finish. take this election, take this election where the people of alabama said we want to get something done. we want you to find common ground. we want you to take.
12:49 am
take this opportunity in light of this election and go ahead and fund that ship program before i get up there. [cheering and applauding] >> that's senator elect doug jones already trying to affect the senate's legislative agenda. tonight the president in an uncharacteristic tweet tweeted this about the election. congratulations to doug jones on a hard fought victory. the write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. the people of alabama are great, and the republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. it never ends, exclamation point. and we are joined again by david from and ron kevin kline. first of all, david from, it seems impossible that the president could have written that tweet, both the sentiment and the correct punctuation, spelling, sentence structure. those are all uncharacteristic
12:50 am
qualities in a trump tweet. what do you make of it? >> the absence of rage as well. what i make of it is that republicans are persuaded themselves that somehow they can use the fact that doug jones only has a two-year term to discipline him. that's the hint at the end of that message. and doug jones knows that as well as anybody. i don't think he will be the liberal dream boat senator that many people are expecting tonight. he will be a senator for alabama. he will be ambitious. but donald trump -- if donald trump is thinking that he's got impeachment insurance from doug jones, that may be a big mistake. >> ron, i read it as donald trump's lobbying of doug jones as a possible tax vote in the senate. >> i read it, my friend tonight said i read it as if donald trump's lawyer got hold of his twitter account and tweeted on his behalf. i don't believe that's donald trump and i'm anxious to see what the morning donald trump tweet looks like on this.
12:51 am
but, look, i think if donald trump is kidding himself, republicans are kidding themselves if they think the only reason they lost in alabama is because roy moore was a flawed candidate. he obviously was, a horribly flawed candidate. but trump and his policies were also on the ballot in alabama and they also lost tonight. and i think every republican senator has to be looking at that tax bill. it's an amazing accomplishment that you could cut people's taxes and bill one of the most unpopular legislations in history, look at that and ask themselves do we really want to go forward? are we going to take the heat on this? and they have to see in tonight's results a lot of questions about the very partisan way of legislating they've been pursuing, hardball legislation. i think the jones victory ask a rebuke of that and they're going to take note of that. >> david, we see republicans now seeing problems in their tax bill that they didn't, for example, house republicans,
12:52 am
darryl issa now working hard to change something that he voted for in the house bill that hurts california taxpayers significantly on the deductibility of state and local taxes, property taxes, income taxes and also another provision that eliminates tax deductibility of losses in wildfires, which has suddenly to darryl issa's and other republican members of the house in california, become important. why it wasn't important before the wildfires broke out, i don't know. but when you see those kinds of tensions being brought to legislation that people like darryl issa already voted for, every vote counts. and donald trump, being nice tonight to the newly elected senator from alabama, can all be part of the lobbying that he sees that people in the white house know he should be doing to try to win an alabama democrat's vote. >> as vulnerable as the republican majority in the senate is on taxes, i don't think this is the great of the
12:53 am
point of vulnerability. the donald trump administration is planning a big reorganization of american foreign policy. they want to move tillerson out of state, move mike pompeo to state. put tom cotton in cia. that's two confirmation votes. they don't have bob corker's vote probably. the chair of the foreign republican relations committee. that's one down. with doug jones that's another vote down. even if donald trump can get confirmations, he cannot avoid the kind of searching questioning that has been avoided in the past. foreign policy is about to move to a great extent beyond his total control as he cited till now. >> ron from, i was struck by what doug jones mentioned tonight, children's health insurance program. because you know, you worked in the senate not that long ago, it feels to us, ron. when we had half a dozen democrat senators from the south from georgia, oklahoma, texas,
12:54 am
louisiana, and both of the senators from alabama, democrats, they frequently did not vote with the democrats, even on important legislation, and the democrats understood it. they managed to get themselves over 50 without them because they had 57 democrats at the time. and so it is entirely possible that now that we have a democratic senator from alabama, that he will be under more pressure to vote with the republicans than joe manchin is, claire mccaskill, and some of the other democrats who the republicans occasionally target. >> i think that's right, lawrence. but i do think there's two things. first of all, the fact he mentioned chip is a lot of things maybe we used to think of as liberal are now just mainstream, have broad support in the country. there is broad support for relief for the dreamers. there is broad support forefunding children's health care and the extremeness of the republican party is moving off the cliff on some of these issues. doug jones is a reminder of that. i think the most amazing thing
12:55 am
we've seen in 2017, a senate veteran, you worked up there. the democrats in the senate have been united. it's the republicans who are fraying on a lot of these close votes. even mansion, even joe donly, even claire mccaskill in missouri have stood together against trump's agenda because trump is so incompetent and so extreme, it's not a hard vote for them. and if that's what trump keeps doing, i think that's where doug jones will lineup, too. >> ron, david, thank you both very much for staying with us tonight. really appreciate it. tonight's last word is next.
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the three big losers of the night were roy moore, who refused to concede defeat, pretending there was some chance of changing the outcome of this election, and steve bannon who had cheered on the roy moore candidacy, and president trump. those are the big three losers of the night. here's how president trump reacted to being one of the big losers of the night. he tweeted, congratulations to doug jones on a hard fought victory. the write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. the people of alabama are great and the republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. it never ends. of course, for years trump scholars will be trying to figure out who really wrote that tweet. and let's take one more look at steve bannon's reaction to the defeat tonight. defeat >> mr. bannon, this is a huge defeat for you.
1:00 am
>> steve bannon gets tonight's last word which for him is the complete silence of utter humiliation. that's tonight's last word. "hardball" starts now. roy moore is no midnight cowboy. let's play hard ball. ♪ good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington with major breaking news. the man who rode to the polls today on horseback ends tonight dismounted and defeated. the next senator from the state of alabama will be a democrat. according to nbc news, doug jones is the apparent winner in the state. in the end, it seems, judge roy moore proved to be a step too far even for alabama. the victory means a major shift in one of the reddest of the red states. but the implications will be felt here in washington