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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  December 26, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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very happy boxing day. the holiday may be mysterious to us but the way you celebrate it makes perfect sense. to that we say, carry on. that's all for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." "the beat" starts right now. >> how was your christmas? >> it was lovely. i got a flame thrower for christmas what do you mean? >> i don't know. it is a torch for the creme brulee. >> in my mind, it is a flame thrower and i think it is very cool. >> there's no greater piece than the piece that comes when you first crack that flamed sugar dusted top of a claim brule. >> i thought there was nothing greater than peace in the middle east. >> ahh, we've moved on. our story tonight is one of unintentional revelations. sometimes donald trump exposes more than he means to. while christmas weeks could be a time for the president to just
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chill or focus on his tax bill, donald trump appears to be showing signs of anxiety. lashing out today at the fbi. in new comments, he calls the fbi tainted and he cites a fox news report. it comes right after he took time on christmas eve which you may have understandably missed to attack the number two at the fbi by name. note that trump is getting very close to cross go the line his legal team has set for him. please don't antagonize bob mueller. but donald trump seems intent on pushing, trying to undercut the rush probe. the idea as the wash post explains, to undermine mueller directly. in this account in the post, it tracks the effort which has moved from the fringe to much of the conservative main stream. that's the context where donald trump's seemingly odd holiday
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tweets. in fact, the tweets this week. we checked. this is first time he's mentioned the fbi on twitter in three weeks. here's part of the fox news sellingment that triggered him. >> it looks pretty shady. >> there is a possibility that the dossier is true. why would they do that unless they have some vested interest in it not being complete nonsense. >> the dossier is bogus. the question is how was it funded? that question has not been answered yet? that asserts the fbi has not verified claims in the russia/trump dossier. >> i don't want to discredit him. i would like to see the directors purge it say we have a lot of great lawyers. those are the people i want the americans to see. not these people had are the deep state. >> the deep state.
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this is strategy now. a coordinated effort to discredit the mule probe. this is an effort rachel maddow recently warned about. >> it sounds nuts but they are really working on it. increasingly since mike flynn pled guilty and we learned he was cooperating two weeks ago, we have seen a whole lot of red flags flying. we have seen the increasing anti-fbi, anti-mueller growing fever pitch in pro turn conservative media. we have seen in it comments from white house officials who have started to say things like, the fix is in against the president. >> that warning is proving prescient and that is the statement of fact. let me give you a legal view. there are two ways you can view this newly aggressive public strategy. one, it could reveal that people closeett to the president, the rush probe, are getting nervous.
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maybe they know something that is pushing they will to dial up attacks to mueller. or two, this could be something like an insurance policy. mueller may not be any closer to finding wrong, we don't know. and they may want to undermine any future attacks on mueller. and the evidence for door number one comes in the one place, if you think about it, where republicans and democrats actually overlap in this issue. think about mark warner laying down that unusual marker last week saying he thinks something may push trump over the edge. and then look at the overlap. because the red version, if you will, the conservative version of that same belief, that mueller is moving up the chain, is demonstrated by these attacks and mueller. the evidence for door number two
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comes from the media juggernaut of right wing outrage. but note that both of these doors, whatever strategy you think is going on, are about politics, not about justice. i want to say this to you tonight as the year 2017 draws to a close. we still live in a republic. that means everyone does have a right to their political opinion about the fbi or anyone else. those opinions do not decide who broke the law. that is investigated by, yes, the fbi. and if there is a crime, it is then charged by, yes, the doj and then a jury has the last word. let's be clear. for the russia probe, that means the first step is the fbi. and the second, the charging decision, is mueller. so no coincidence the attacks are heating up on the fbi tonight. and that gives us a strong clue about where the attacks are headed next.
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i'm joined by nick ackerman, the special prosecutor, and don edwards, and halle jackson where else? mar-a-lago. nick, as prosecutor, you can walk us through how it all works. your view of the import and the risk posed by those who would undermine the way the fbi is supposed to find facts in an investigation. >> i think it starts with what we said. it reminds me of the children's game hot and cold. it seems the me mueller is getting hot and that means donald trump and his emissaries, including fox news, are stepping up their attacks on the people who stand between them and an indictment or charges. so i'm not surprised by the attacks. what i'm surprised by is the lack of response by the republican leadership in the house saying that this is
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inappropriate in our system. so i'm waiting for that. >> and i'm going to nick on the breakdown. first for some reporting on the context of all this, i go to halle jackson in what i said. you are in west palm beach. >> i am mar-a-lago adjacent. >> okay. perfect. walk us through what you're hearing. what are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah. listen, i have to say that the sound bite that you played in your introduction, the congressman, the member of congress calling for a purge of the department of justice, talking about the deep state. i interviewed him. that came from my show earlier today where he started the conversation. the part you didn't hear, calling the department off the rails. so that's where this discussion, where the discourse has come to. in certain republican circles. i will say there. that's not the kind of language that i hear reflected in my
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conversations on capitol hill and elsewhere. so it is not as if that is official gop line. however, you are hearing it increasingly if the president's advisers. people very close to the president. his closest allies are people who want to be close to the president. and then you're hearing it from the president himself. i think there's a couple of pieces to the puzzle. you have those, who, for example, not just coming out and saying these thing about the department of justice and the fbi, but also about the republican who's are saying nothing. and i think where you'll see this story go, if i had to guess over the next couple weeks, an increasing call for people who have been side line to speak out more forcefully about this language. the united states law enforcement agencies. you're right. the president is obviously agitated by this. he seems to take this very
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seriously. i think this is something that hasn't been drilled down enough with donald trump, why he feels so concerned that the fbi. i will also say, there are people in republican circles who are truly concerned about this fbi agent who was demoted off the mueller probe because of those apparently anti-trump text messages and other text messages, who have a concern they view as legitimate about that but they are not spreading it, like he said. >> there is nothing unusual about taking issue with this or that member of an agency or the whole federal government. but that's not what's going on. there seems to be an effort to really go at the entire fib. the irony of course, the conspiracy theory, they had open
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probes. it turns out of boof both of th. jim comey talked nonstop about hillary clinton. the other,er er inever disclos before election day so it is hard to get your head around. >> christopher ray, talking about the fbi earlier in a hearing. >> there's no finer institution than the fbi and no finer people than the men and women who work there and are its very beating heart. almost 37,000 men and women with a fierce commitment to protecting the american people and upholding the rule of law. men and women who face the darkest that life has to offer with unyielding integrity and honesty and dedication. >> i don't want to put too fine
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a point on it and you know i try to be fair and not bombastic. those agencies are out risking their lives. is it too much to ask that he risk his relationship with donald trump? >> no. i think he should. i agree with it 100%. i worked with hundreds of fbi agents over the ten years i was a federal prosecutor. politics never came up. these people did their job. they're dedicated. they were out there uncovering what they had to do. this whole idea that you go attack the fib is a bit absurd anyw anyway. when you come down to it, the fbi is the investigative function of the department of justice. they don't decide who gets charged. they don't decide who gets indicted. they really don't have much input other than to freeway pros quurts the facts. in a case like, there you have an active ongoing grand jury and you have prosecutors running the investigation, in some ways, the investigation is run more by the
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prosecutors than the fbi. >> they're making the big calls. exactly. so where do we go from here? i think in this coming week, i'm going to look for the republican leadership to stand with the men and women of the fbi. what we have is potential witnesses. people who corroborated stories against donald trump and within this rush investigation, and so it is incumbent on the leadership to stand on the side of the men and women of the fbi. and that means that they have to say to the president, both publicly and privately, that his attacks on the fbi and on those men and women who serve are unprecedented, unjustified, and they have to stop. it becomes an attack on the rule of law. >> and you put it so well. before we go, you know how to
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take a curveball. let me slow throw one at with you new years eve coming. donald trump has liked the price to party with him, up to $750 to go to mar-a-lago. does he really need to sell tickets on party with him? >> reporter: he's an unorthodox president and this is apparently another nontraditional move. >> very untraditional. that's what we call a tease in television. i have a whole lot more on the ticketing for new years eve. and nick, we can see about getting you a ticket. >> that's what i wanted. absolutely. thank you all and a very happy holiday week. up ahead, donald trump meets president trump. seeing you this is classic
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conman behavior. and as mentioning, the profiting of the president. a new report about all the ways donald trump has profited this year and how much time he spends promoting it. and the infamous both sides spouting off on charlottesville. we've heard from comedians trying to make essential of a year like any other. comedian todd berry joins me. it is a holiday week and it is a special show. you're watching "the beat."
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donald trump is using his holiday vacation this week to promote his private interests, golfing in florida. something he's done twice a week all year. something he complained about. >> obama it was reported on, played 250 rounds of golf and
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he's going to be in hawaii, did they say, for three weeks? how can a president -- for three weeks. i don't have time for that. he played more golf than tiger woods. >> he plays more golf than people on the pga tour. it's true. >> he's played more rounds just about than people that play professionally on the pga tour. i mean, this guy. >> you need leadership. you can't fly to hawaii to play golf. >> that could be simple hypocrisy but a man who knows trump pretty well are said when trump attacks others, he is often revealing stuff about himself. >> when he reads his tweets, almost invariably he is describing himself. and that was the case in the book. now, of course, he hadn't yet decided to run for president. but that notion that he's a con
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man, believe me, that's deep inside what he knows himself to be. >> a con man. if you've seen dirty rotten sko skoun dorells, it is not enough to just con. he wants to celebrate the con and have it appreciated and maybe that's why trump couldn't take a win on the tax bill. he said that while it hurt rich people and him, he told a group of rich supporters, the bill helps the rich. >> the president told them that this bill would be personally bad for him sflflt the president said, he is going to get killed financially by the gop bill. >> the president walking into dinner last night seeing a few friends and said, you all just got a lot richer. >> you all just got a lot richer. that's cbs news citing two
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anonymous sources. also on bench the mid terms. they don't want the gop to say, we lied. and virtually every district showing optimism about taking seats in deep red areas. congressman, your party -- >> this will be a very competitive election. wee have an opportunity to compete all across the nation. and this fraud of a tax bill and donald trump's willingness to expose it for what it is through his own words will allow to us continue the narrative that donald trump and the republicans continue to try to jam one raw deal after the next down the throats of the american people.
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>> do you think he said that? >> i absolutely think he said it. it is obvious if you look at the four corners of the bill, who it benefits. 80% of the benefits of the tax scam go to a small part of the country. >> does he think -- >> it is nothing more than a ponzi scheme. we're going to shoulder our children and grandchildren with $1.5 trillion in additional debt to provide massive tax cuts to millionaires, billionaires, big donors to the republican party. and he will try to sell it as something that benefits everyday americans. >> he said so many shocking things we forget, we now have a president that talks like a mob boss. we're all going to get richer. he's telling his friends, you'll
3:22 pm
all get a take. he sold it as a middle class tax cut. it is a massive corporate tax cut. i think the last-minute insertion of a real estate deal that helped bring bob corker on board and will give him probably $11 million, as you discussed, that will be key. it will galvanize voters. now people know trump lies but now there's a very, very clear element of the tax bill that directly benefits the tax family. >> i think you make such an important point, who is he like on? when he lies on the press. i hear this because my job is to report the facts. a lot of people don't care or like it. and i've been at trump rallies and i've met some of them. him lying on the press and lying on the politicians is different than what you're outlining, lying on the average american
3:23 pm
taxpayer. the working class taxpayer. if you're working at home and you don't make a million, you'll probably lose out. >> he no longer uses public speech as the bully pulpit. it is verbal wish fulfillment. it makes him feel good to say it. it is political speeches opioid. it makes his base feel good. he'll say one thing to the public in terms of my base, my affluent friends will be sad. then later he'll say i'll give you a taste and you'll do quite well. >> you're saying his political rhetorical style is like an opioid. and that raises -- >> it makes him feel request and makes them feel good. >> that races the ten commandments. does he actually believe the lie? >> and i think there's a way in which he is so engaged in a process of wish fulfillment that
3:24 pm
one wonders if he actually believes it is a middle class tax cut in the same way he believes that obama is not a citizen. >> i will show you the president's christmas eve message. he used it as a time to step back from the politics and the need bashing. let's put this up on the screen. christmas eve. he posted a photo retweeted of him that says winning. he has a media organization, it happens to be one of our competitors, under his shoe. a new low for a christmas eve message? >> well, first of all, do i appreciate you quoting biggy smalls, frank white, from life after death. much appreciated back at home. in terms of of this message, what we've seen from a please has authoritarian tendencies, that he constantly goes after
3:25 pm
independent entities that can critique the things he's been doing. so he's done it with respect to the media in this instance. in an egregious fashion. we've seen him do it by label go so-called judges, who are part of the article iii fabric of our constitution. he's doing it as it relates to the zpib the special prosecutor. individuals that can hold him accountable for possible criminal behavior connected to the campaign. this is just par for the course. and i have to believe the overwhelming majority of the american people, particularly those who would come out for the mid-term election, will see this. >> thank you for coming on "the beat." up ahead, the profits and the presidency. how fast time donald trump is spending on his own properties. farm to table on a blockchain,
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donald trump's business was on his mind from the very start of his administration. his very first press conference which he made all about his company how he just learned no law prevented him from running a company from the white house. >> over the weekend i was offered $2 billion to do a deal in dubai with a very, very, very amazing man. a great, great developer from the middle east. i turned it down. i didn't have to turn it down. as you know, i have a no conflict situation because i'm president. i didn't know about that until about three months ago but it is a nice thing to have. i don't want to take advantage of something. >> then trump turned to a classic ploy. the double condition at word muddle also known as lying. >> so i could actually run my business. i could actually run my business and run government at the same
3:30 pm
time. i don't like the way that works but i would be able to if i wanted to. >> if he wanted to. that was trump saying he wasn't involved in his businesses. new reports today, he thikd price for spending new years eve with trump. dubbed fees at mar-a-lago as soon as he won the election and revenue there followed, spike go by $7 million. i'm joined by former governor howard dean. and leo, a harvard professor. richard painter, this is not normal. it might be legal. is it ethical? >> it's normal for donald trump. this is what he's been doing cynic day one. it is about self-promotion and promotion of his businesses. he is flat out wrong when he says the president cannot have a conflict of interest situation.
3:31 pm
he can. there's one particular criminal statute that does not apply to the president and the vice president. but other lies apply including the emoluments clause of the constitution. and the bribery and gratuity statutes. he is making a lot of money off the presidency. it is not just the $600. the people going to that party are either members of mar-a-lago or guests and friends of members of mar-a-lago who paid $200,000 to join mar-a-lago. i believe they doubled it as soon as he was elected president. >> they did. >> so a lot of rich people are hanging around the president and enjoying their tax cut because they got lion's share of the tax cut. and i hope they have a good new years eve celebrating. >> i wish everyone a happy new years. >> he said has the totally
3:32 pm
normal new years eve party. what do you mean? most people don't get a chance to auction off access. here's his vacationing during the first year according to travel. which i think shows two things. i'll curious what you think. he doesn't work a lot. if you don't want to be effective, maybe you welcome that. but number two, he is constantly promoting his own properties. >> the promotion is really something. there hasn't been a president in my lifetime who has done this. the emoluments clause, you're not supposed to take foreign money to influence your policy. i thought it was a far flung argument. i'm not an attorney. it is clear his staff are shaking down foreign government who's have moved their events to his hotel in washington at somebody's bequest in order to get favors. do you know this guy? i've said it a long time.
3:33 pm
i think that's what bob mueller is on the track of. >> you look at this as a part of. >> he is shaking down, look what the bill did. the bill, there were 14 republican senators who voted for a bill that made them between $1 million and $35 million. a clause put in by orrin hatch who himself benefited from the bill. that's crookedness. that's crookedness. that can't be legal. in the senate and vermont, you're supposed to excuse yourself from voting on bills like that. this system broken. the republicans are the party of corrupti corruption. >> so profess or, for the wider view you often brings us. what happens when you have this situation and it is unprecedented. and no other president tried to run a bill from the white house. you couldn't have a law if i recall or give speeches.
3:34 pm
what happens to our political and civic life when this goes on year after year with donald trump? >> it goes up in flames. the white house clearly has a very loose relationship with ethics. what they have a very close relationship with is money. and to put it in ferms our audience can understand, the motto of the white house seems to be, cash rules everything around me. the people on the hook for rid the taxpayers. they look around and say why isn't congress doing anything about this? why are the american people getting fleeced? it increases polarization, partisanship, and really, it is part of what we see is the breakdown of modern democracy. it is not good.
3:35 pm
>> what do you say to people who feel disspirited? >> we should have focused on this before election. if people had bothered to find out who donald trump was. i was practicing law in new york 25 years ago and he ripped off a lot of people in town. nobody trusted him and that's why he's borrowing his money overseas. that's why we want to find out if fritz foreign governments. i hope bob mueller is on that as well. he's been lying since day one of the white house. at this point we have to figure out how to get rid of it. i don't think he will change. we've given him a year and it is not working out. he's been obstructioning justice, lying to the american people, this attack on cnn. i know they're your rival, but going after cnn and then anti-trust case against time warner, really retaliating against cnn. that's unconscionable.
3:36 pm
that's the kind of thing happens in a dictatorship so we'll have to get rid of him if we with an't to keep our democracy. >> i appreciate your attention on detail. and i'll note, we covered the potential retaliation at issue in the trump administration's targeting of cnn's parent company. yes, i happen to compete against them every night. i don't care. this is bigger than that. and we appreciate you raise go it. up next, donald trump and race relations. how he fwrenlt birwent from bir the both sides attack. y friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well fitting dentures let in food particles just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles
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it's no steekt year 2017 had enough racial controversy for a decade. the author of how to be black is here to tell us. >> whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots. >> i was very strong in the inner cities during the campaign. >> you want to include the congressional black caucus -- >> i would. do you want to set up the meeting? are they friends of yours? >> we are going to do everything in our power to stop long simmering racism. this represents a turning
3:41 pm
point for the people. we'll have to build the promises of donald trump. >> i think there's blame on both sides about it. i have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either. but you have people that were very fine people on both sides. george washington was a slave owner. was george washington a slave owner? so will he now lose his status? wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say good him off the field right now. >> the congresswoman stood up. >> the character assassination that he went through to call me out of my name. >> i think they've gotten better. look. they've been afraid for a long time. and you can ask president obama about that. >> what are your thoughts? >> yeah. you can ask president obama
3:42 pm
about that. the same president who powered the trump campaign through claims of birtherism and otherness and this idea that a very american person is definitely not american. this has been a painful year. a year of people drawing baselines who is american and who is not. by people, i mean those with all the power. the republicans in congress who have co--signed on to a white supremacist agenda. a president who wants to embarrass himself in front of native-american people and push aside their sovereign rights. everybody who is not his mediocre white guy who is decemb destined for a court ship. >> when i report on these issues, sometimes i hear different flings different people. imagine that. one thing that i've heard from many people in the civil rights
3:43 pm
community, this all started with birtherism. when i was at a trump rally in new hampshire, if anything it was played down more. but here was donald trump way before he ran for president when he started to say, i'll be a counter weight to barack obama in 2011. to him it was all about birtherism. you are not loud to be a president in this country. he may not have been born in this country. >> you have people down in hawaii? >> absolutely. and they can't believe what they're finding. all i want is this guy's birth certificate. perhaps it will say hawaii. perhaps it will say kenya. >> what do people hear when they hear that? and why mass turned out to be something that is different? >> i hear racism. i hear a loud dog whistle. i hear fearful i hear someone who lost position. i hear someone who sees equality as injustice.
3:44 pm
who sees leveling the playing field as cheating entitled people out of what they're entitled to. i see someone who is afraid to fight on a level playing field. he can't win in a fair fight, in a fair election, a fair debate, he can't win in a fair understanding of the history of this country. so it is not enough to just succeed barack obama. you have to dismiss him as legitimate. and that's the position for someone who walks and talks so loudly, big empty barrel a lot of noise. he didn't have a lot to stand on. >> i didn't know you would be flipping the script in this discussion. >> neither did i. but john kelly is an inspiring figure. >> you probably didn't know that omarosa would be involved in this. here she is. >> there were a lot of things
3:45 pm
that i observed in the last year that i was very unhappy with. that i was very uncomfortable. >> such as in. >> i can't expand on it because i have to go back and work these individuals. when i get to tell my story, as the only african-american wol in this white house, as senior staff in the white house, i have said things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and have affected my people. it is a profound story that the world will want to hear. >> that's quite a move. she's saying i don't need you, black people, i'm good. i've got the white house. oh, black people. some stuff went down. racism. made me uncomfortable. i have to hand to it her business-wise, it was a smart move. she's in scarce supply so that
3:46 pm
increases the price. i think she was get go paid like $180,000 a year. that's market forces. now you'll have a harder time coming back to the community that you so shunned, so flag randally to embrace this hateful person. >> as always, you raise a lot of very interesting points to continue to think about it. and i suppose the last thing to end on a lighter note is would you do a fallback friday with omarosa? >> if i could tell her to her face to fall back, i guess i would. but i'm really not interesting in normalize go, shining the light on, or undermine the very tenets of democracy. that's not my thing. if you had somebody else, that would be preferable. >> baratunde thurston. thank you.
3:47 pm
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. it has been quite a year. how do we make sense of it?
3:50 pm
we rely on experts and government officials to explain what it all means. the novelist charles argued, in simple thing in a hard way. an artist says a hard thing in a simple way. amen. and this year we've relied on some funny artists to get to the heart of everything like when comedian billy eichner explained you don't need an investigation to figure out if trump colluded, just listen to his bumbling denials. >> the minute trump said that there's no collusion, that's what tells me there's collusion. he's an idiot. he's so obvious. you know, people are like he's a master manipulator. no, he's not. please. he couldn't even convince dionne warwick to man a cash register on "celebrity apprentice." i remember the good old days. he's a terrible, corrupt misogynist, racist person. >> def comedy jam legend d.l.
3:51 pm
hughley also kept it simple saying you can understand trump by remembering he lies all the time. >> donald trump is by far known to be a liar, a pre var kator. he lies a lot about a lot of things. he lies when the truth will do. so you have jared kushner, who lied. you have don jr. who lied. you have manafort who lied. it's hard to find a person who told the truth. >> and when richard lewis from hbo's "curb your enthusiasm" dropped by, he even gave a comedic tribute to how trump's scandals have elevated a new cast of ethics warriors. >> richard painter to me now is elvis. this guy is the most ethical human being. i saw trump's daughter eat a snickers bar. we paid for that snickers bar. i want that 22 cents back, put in the treasury in sacramento within 12 minutes.
3:52 pm
>> of course those jokes only work if you get them. which means agreeing on the premise. if you know trump lies a lot, jokes about him lying are amusing. if you deny that fact, you might not like the joke. 2017 is a year where political drama seemed to take over everything and even relatively non-partisan comedians like todd barry, who starred in the hit movie "the wrestler" and has several netflix specials including the new "spicy honey," even he began dabbling in politics when he tossed out a line roasting ben carson last year it became one of his most viral jokes ever. he wrote, "ben carson used to be my doctor. stopped seeing him because he always shifted the conversation to housing and urban development." with me now is stand-up sxheecon and actor todd barry. >> you offered to have me read that myself. i should have taken you up on it. >> you want to do it? put it back up. >> no, actually, you did fine. >> oh, so you're bluffing. >> i'm just poking at you. i'm going to be funny out of the
3:53 pm
gate. >> you are known to be very funny. >> thank you. >> i think you're very funny. >> okay. >> you're not that political. but people are loving your political jokes. what is that? >> i'm not political. i mean, people -- because when you're a comedian especially in the trump era every interview is like so has it changed your comedy? no, it's just not my strength. same reason i don't do impressions, just because it's not what i do. but i do it on twitter. but that's because it's easy and disposable and you just make a little snarky comment. that won't necessarily work on stage. >> here's one on mike flynn where you really dig into these payments, which got him in a lot of trouble. flynn paid $45,386 for a speech in moscow. as a professional live performer all i'm thinking is what's going on with that $386? >> right. we went over that one earlier and you didn't get it. >> what's the joke there? >> did you read it correctly? he got paid. he didn't pay. >> was paid. >> okay, you said that? it's just an odd amount.
3:54 pm
to be like his agents on the phone. the offer's $45,000. >> we need 45,386. it's just a curious amount. >> and that's what you noticed about it. >> yeah. and that's -- i think it got quite a few retweets. >> it got a lot of retweets. here's another one you did that's sort of random. but i love random humor. you wrote, "hey, donald trump. i just ordered chicken teriyaki at a sushi restaurant. guessing you've done that before." >> i think that's a great tweet. >> what is that? >> that's one of the most powerful ones. that's just i feel like -- that really happened when i was at a sushi restaurant. it's just like the thing, kind of the low rent thing to order. i think the tacky like -- >> it's super tacky. >> yeah. it's like going to, i don't know, putting ketchup on a lobster or something like that. >> i want to show you a clip from your crowd work tour which people can see on netflix. >> no, it's not on netflix anymore. >> i saw it on netflix. >> you did when it was on netflix. >> it was once on netflix. >> it's on itunes now. >> so many platforms. >> i know.
3:55 pm
>> but this is so impressive, what you do. and most people would be so scared to do it. you go out on a stage, you don't have material. you engage live with the audience. and you do this thing where you kind of poke at people, you make fun of them, but you're also never mean. here you are asking a guy questions and getting into it from the tour. >> are you in a band? >> yeah. >> what's your band? >> avant abstract. >> avant abstract? >> yeah. >> oh, my god. [ laughter ] i did my business cards in that font. >> who sings? >> no one. >> oh, an instrumental band? it's worse than i thought. [ laughter ] >> how do you make fun of people without offending them? >> i guess it's just the fear of getting beaten up that sort of tempers it a little bit. but i don't know. i just kind of try to dance on the line of poking but not
3:56 pm
really -- because i continent -- it's not going to be joyous to me to actually insult someone or hurt their feelings. >> do you worry you won't be able to think of something? >> what do you mean? >> you're out there interviewing these people -- >> oh, yeah. >> you're supposed to get laughs. >> yeah. am i sweating a lot? i'm kind of rocking back and forth. >> you are swaying. >> i know. howard dean didn't do this. >> howard dean more of a professional tv guest. >> i'm like in my living room. your question -- it's just the risk i take but i kind of like it. i'm surprised also. i'm doing a whole tour now of just crowd work where i do that kind of thing. >> so you live on the edge. >> are we done? >> yeah. we're done. >> oh, my god. >> you're good at picking up the cues. >> i have 20 more minutes to say -- that answer was 20 more minutes long. >> todd barry, the new special is on netflix. >> yeah, it's called "spicy honey." it came out today. >> and up next i have a special word about something i'm going to do about ken starr tomorrow.
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that's our show. "hardball" starts now. jeff flake warns the gop. let's play "hardball." and good evening. i'm steve kornacki in for chris matthews, who is on vacation. donald trump stayed out of the public eye for the most part today. he did send out a pair of twe


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