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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 10, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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we just can't imagine how powerful that mud is, how the rocks coming through, there's two trees in our house. our rooms are gone. everything is gone. just wiped out. >> deadly mudslides in southern california, rescue crews have been working around the clock after heavy rain and mud wiped out homes. overtime, the end to the daca vote, it comes as the lawmakers try to reach a bipartisan agreement. and steve bannon out of
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breitbart, stepping down after slamming the president in the blockbuster book. good morning, everyone, it's wednesday, january 10th, i'm ayman mohyeldin with yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. california was reeling from a record-setting wildfire and now the area is being hit once again with heavy rain and mudslides. authorities say 13 people have died after flash flooding sent mud and boulders sliding through neighborhoods. cruise have been sliding through mud, making multiple rescues including this 14-year-old girl, rescue workers looked for her for six hours to dig her out of the mug. her home had been reduced to a pile of rubble. >> to be able to have her come out safely and as unscathed as she was, it's pretty phenomenal,
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and it was -- it was also amazing that it was just -- it was so hard to hear her. you know, we could have very easily taken two more steps and wouldn't be able to hear her at all. >> joining us from montecito, california, gadi schwartz. videos of images coming out of there, unbelievable to see and see that girl pulled out as that guy said and so unscathed from it. what are you seeing on the ground there, gadi? >> reporter: yeah, such a remarkable rescue. that 14-year-old girl thought she had died when they pulled her out. all of his hit around 3:45 in the morning. most people were sleeping in houses like this. they wake up, their neighbors, alarms going off, they're surrounded by what, they get in the car, try to hunker down in their home. and this was the type of debris
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field going through this area. in fact, let me show you right here, it's hard to see, but that white thing right there, that is a car that's basically wrapped around a tree and completely crushed. this debris is a small part of a debris field that stretches into the town of montecito. it is the area that's now become a search and rescue mission. there are crews throughout this area, going through these piles, listening as you heard, four people that may be trapped inside. they've rescued quite a few people. and neighbors have been out here as well. after the storm hit. after this wall of mud swept through. we understand some neighbors actually found a little baby. they say the baby was inside of that rubble, they pulled out mud from its mouth it started breathing. they took it to emergency responders. they took the baby to the hospital. they have no idea where the parents are. >> unbelievable with the recovery there, after the needed rain and then it gets rain and
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this is what happens. >> we'll talk to bill karins about that in a little bit. >> gadi schwartz, thank you. in a rare public event president trump put in full display the bipartisan negotiation over a deal to protect thousand of undocumented immigrants. reporters were in the room as the president promised to sign a bill to extend the daca program if congress was able to reach an agreement. nbc news peter alexander has more. >> reporter: inside the west wing -- >> if you don't have the world, you cannot have security. >> reporter: for merely an hour. >> you have created an opportunity here, mr. president. and you need to close the deal. >> reporter: a remarkable televised negotiating session. >> what about a clean daca bill now? >> we don't want to be back here two years later. we have to have security. >> reporter: president trump seemingly taking nearly over controversial position he's had on immigration, even giving democrats what they want, a bill
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to protect 800,000 undocumented immigrants, so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers, with no strings attached. >> it shouldn't be a auburn bill it should be a bill of love. >> reporter: the president could include a path to citizenship that many of his hard line supporters fiercely oppose. >> you're not so far away from comprehensive immigration reform. if you want to take the further step, i'll take the heat, i don't care. >> reporter: andy border security, including at least some form of the wall that the president made a signatures of his campaign, ending family-based chain migration. cancelling the visa lottery and daca. and a paramedic from houston, jesus, brought here by his mom when he was 6. what's it feel like to be in limbo? >> i feel like honestly, i have an expiration date on my head. >> what does the president say to 24-year-old jesus contreras?
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>> he said exactly as he did in that room, let's work together. >> our thanks to peter alexander. president trump promised to be a dealmaker president and he told the bipartisan gathering yesterday. take a listen. >> our system lends itself to not getting things done. i hear about earmarks, the old earmarks system how there was a great friendliness with earmarks. maybe all of you should start thinking about going back to a form of earmarks. because this system -- this system -- no, then he should do it. >> and that's another big story that's playing out on capitol hill. senator dianne feinstein, the top democrat on the judiciary committee defied republicans when she decided to release the august testimony of fusion gps
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chairman simpson. we know the firm hired christopher steele to do research on trump which became the infamous steele dossier. among the takeaways from the testimony, simpson said he was interested in finding out information about trump's business activities. testifying that trump had, quote, made a number of trips to russia and talked about doing a number of business deals but never actually did one and that struck me as a little bit odd in calling for an explanation. so in june or may of 2006, simpson said he hired steele who he described as, quote, a lead russianist for the british secret service. according to simpson's testimony in september 2016, steele told an fbi contact that he believed donald trump was enthralled with russian intelligence. and that he believed russian intelligence was cooperating with the campaign. steele passed the information on to the fbi more than a year ago.
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and according toe simpson, the bureau said it had already heard something along those lines. we now know the information that the fbi heard came from an australian diplomat who according to the "the new york times" told the fbi that he had drinks with trump campaign aide george papadopoulos and that papadopoulos had e-mails that would of course hillary clinton. >> now, to the process of how this information became public, a spokesman for chairman grassley told totally confounding would release the testimony unilaterally, claiming it would jeopardize the judiciary committee. here's senator feinstein defending her actions. >> reporter: why did you decide to that? >> because, i think people are entitled to know what was said. and the lawyers also, i snee problem with releasing it. >> but senator feinstein,
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senator grassley said you jeopardized getting certain witnesses like kushner. your reaction? >> i don't think so. that's been difficult. >> why do you think they referred steele to the justice department, potential investigation? >> to my view, to my knowledge, there has not been a single fact in that report that has been proven to be incorrect. that it's really the muddying of waters that create a problem. you know, steele brought this information out to the fbi. and it's quite amazing that we get punished for providing information. >> that sounding very forthcoming there. >> yeah. >> while grassley is blasting the decision, there are republicans on the committee who support finestein's moves. senator john cornyn said he thinks it's a good idea, adding,
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quote, i respect senator grassley. but i think it's important. what i do want is for the public to see. meanwhile the president's lawyer michael kohn is now using buzzfeed over that. we'll have more on that. breitbart announced that bannon would step down. in the controversy that sparked backlash from the president. "the new york times" reports that bannon was and bannon's position at breitbart grew untenable as associates described him as unable to grasp the severity of the fallout at the white house. over the weekend, bannon had backtracked on his reported comments telling his radio show listeners that he expected to
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stay on at the news site. and that he supports the trump agenda. now, bannon is leaving breitbart, but not expected to leave politics. citing a "washington post" report, bannon has told associates that he plans on creating a 2018 political operation. and a source close to bannon tells nbc news that bannon believes president trump is transactional, and that they will have a relationship once again. >> joining us is deputy news editor for axios, dave waller. give us what you think is there do progress, with the sticking points with the president saying i'll take the heat for it, if we want to make changes here. what are your take-aways? >> two big takeaways, first, president trump is in a really good place in terms of his rhetoric. he said he wants a bill of love.
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that's not something you'd expect from a president who ran on a hard line immigration policy. he also wants to have a deal on daca. you take that aside, you think, okay, maybe we're in a position to get a deal. the problem is there's four big issues outstanding on immigration alone in terms of border security. chain migration, visas and then daca. we're not really any closer on those four issues and we're coming up on a deadline january 19th for a government shutdown. democrats say we can get deals by then. that seems like a long way to go in just a short period of time. >> dave, let me ask you something that came up yesterday in the meeting because the president that actually brought this up and kind of struck people. the idea of bringing back ear marx or pork barrel spending as it's pejoratively known. what are the pros and cons of bringing this type back into legislation, or dealmaking? >> yeah, this is something that was being discussed in kind of hushed voices, right. president trump, that's not his
2:13 am
strategy. it's a politically toxic issue. the idea that members could have little giveaways for them, in order to get their votes on a bill. it's something that voters have kind of, obviously, turned on. it feels like the swamp, something that president trump wouldn't necessarily support. although it does make close votes a little bit easier to pass. and we've had a lot of close votes under trump. so, there is a case to be made that maybe you could pass more bills if you're able to give these little perks. >> there are certainly some audible reactions in the room when the president brought up the idea of bringing back earmarks, that is for sure. >> for sure. i think it's a controversial issue, dave lawler, we'll check back in a bit. le following the diplomatic talks between north and south korea, and why president trump is actually getting some of the credit. and arizona ex-sheriff joe
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welcome back, everybody. south korean president moon jae-in said he's open to meeting north korean leader kim jong-un kim jong-un in person. moon stresses holding talks for the sake of holding talks cannot be the goal. and that his country will never accept a nuclear north korea. his comments come one day after historic high-level talks between north and south korea centering around north korea's participation in the upcoming winter olympics. the two sides also agreed to hold talks to ease tensions on the pnc. president moon said that president trump deserves great credit for instigating those discussions. that comes after trump lavished praise on himself several times this week for his role. we will have a live report from
2:18 am
seoul. and a earthquake struck the coast of honduras before 10:00 p.m. eastern time. on the coasts of mexico and central america, but no tsunami actually materialized. there were also no reports of earlier reports of serious damages or casualties on land after the quake struck. last night's earthquake was one of the largest, believe it or not to hit the caribbean in history. the 2010 earthquake, the magnitude of 7.0. let's get a check of weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, we had gadi schwartz on from california. he saw the power of the mudslides. is there more rain on the way? >> well, they've dried out. here the worst fire in history for total achae a acreages burne
2:19 am
only had one fate targllty. you saw trees just the inkrenn force of that water raging through that region. again, recovery today. that was just tossed there in the middle of that wash. the storm itself has now moved into arizona. it's providing a little bit of rain. it's still a threat to the inner mountain west. ski areas are getting snow at higher elevations. it's going to plague all of us, some areas getting rain, some snow and some ice. for today, tomorrow and tomorrow, winter storm watches for minneapolis, omaha. so the central plains today into tonight that we get some of this snow. not a huge ordeal. it looks to be 1 to 3 inches across the area. this area of blue, could be as
2:20 am
much as 6. rochester, virginia, maybe ames gets more than that. a lot of snow in iowa, you will be plowing or shoveling come tomorrow morning at this time. as far as the snowfall forecast through thursday, and then as far as the ice goes, this is going to be thursday afternoon. into friday. and this looks like the possibility of an ice storm, quarter inch to a half inch, all of the ohio valley, kentucky. even portions of tennessee, back to pittsburgh, guys. a messy storm. hey, california, it's going to head all the way to the east coast as we go throughout the weekend. >> bill, it's not record rainfall, or abnormally high inches of rain that's falling, right? it's the combination, that you're saying, fire, and the mud and everything that was beforehand with that? >> well, it was the combination of the late fire. that fire -- almost never do we get fires this huge in december. and then the vegetation had no time to re-establish itself. re-establish the roots. >> right. >> you know, someone was making
2:21 am
the comparison to like, you know, a late season or hurricane or even an early season hurricane. it just happened kind of out of season that fire. and then with the huge wet weather, big storm behind it. this was a big storm. san francisco had one of its top 20 rainiest days in history. yeah, it was a big storm on the heels the fire. >> and that combination. thanks for that, bill. still ahead, with the college football national championships in the books, the focus turn to the hardwood. one of the stars breaking records before the games even starts. sports is next. on, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette.
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that's what really drives me to- to save lives. welcome back. time now for sports. last night, the college football season ended. now, let's focus on some college basketball, because march maddingness is on our door step. number 21 kentucky up by one with four seconds misses the free throw. texas a&m with a chance. but the ball is thrown out of bounds. a controversial no call with the kentucky hold. kentucky escapes this one with the win. moving to number five, purdue in danger of being upset by michigan. a missed free throw again. michigan is unable to connect for deep three. purdue hangs on 70-69. right now to 9112, kansas squaring off against iowa state. kansas up by three. the jayhawks steal the ball. malik newman with the slam.
2:25 am
and an alley-oop kansas wins. number two west virginia up by three, baylor inbounds. the court there, open shot, no good. the mountaineers survive that one 57-54. seton hall was the only top-25 team who played last night who did not escape. they lost handily 84-64 to big east rival marquette, thanks to marquette senior andrew rousey. let's switch gears going to the nfl and the head coaching carousel. the oakland raiders roll out the black carpet to the new and returning coach jon gruden. gruden coached the raiders 1968 to 71. and then for the buccaneers. gruden was let go by the bucs in 2008. he's not coached next. he's worked as a broadcaster for
2:26 am
"monday night football." i'm sure he'll be missed there. he's reported to have signed a ten-year contract with the black. mikaela shiffrin is making history with a victory in last night's slalom event in austria. the 22-year-old is now the first skier to win five straight world cup races. shiffrin matches the record of most world cup wins before turning 23 earning her first victory. shiffrin is favored to win three gold medals for team usa in pyeongchang. guys, i cannot believe she's not even 23 years old. >> yeah, a lot of interest building around her and the u.s. team in south korea. >> for sure. >> that's basically how i leave the gates when i get there. >> is that what you did, jackson hole when you hit -- still ahead, more on the capitol hill reaction to president trump's reaction to reach a bipartisan deal on
2:27 am
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♪ welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the top stories. authorities in southern california say at least 13 people are dead after flash flooding caused mudslides and
2:31 am
debris to come crashing into neighborhoods there. the flooding comes after the first major rainstorm in the quake of a record-setting wildfire that has left the area without vegetation to soak up the rain. s the massive earthquake hit off the coast of hond nduurahon. tsunami warning were kished for the hawaiian sides and south america. thankfully no tsunami materialized and there are no reports of injuries or casualties. and senator die nan finestein has leased the testimony of fusion gps glenn simpson. and chris stouffer steele to do opposition research on donald trump which later became the infamous dossier. grassley is blasting the decision. other republicans on the committee are supporting finestein's move. meanwhile, donald trump's personal attorney michael kohn
2:32 am
has filed two separate defamation lawsuits, one against phusion gps and other against buzzfeed for public issue willing the document. one claimed that his wife is russian and that her father is a leading property developer in russia which allows that relationship with the russian government. the lawsuit said cohen's wife is ukrainian. and that her father has only been to russia once. buzzfeed published it last january and says it plans to fight the lawsuit. ben smith the editor-in-chief will speak live with joe and mika later this morning. the fallout from steve bannon's comments in a new book exposing the chaos inside the trump presidency is worried that he's leaving his post at breitbart news. >> it's the twist in a stunning week of what has caused the president to get elected. hallie jackson has more.
2:33 am
>> reporter: a breitbart bombshell for steve bannon, stepping down less than 48 hours after trying to defuse his verbal grenades published in a tell-all book. his explosive comments slamming the president and president's son-in-law, igniting responses from donors and from his former boss, the president himself nicknaming him sloppy steve. >> who breitbart part ways with steve bannon after the comments in the books? >> i certainly think it's something they should look at. >> reporter: bannon left the white house in a sudden shake-up this summer, resumed his role as the breitbart chairman said i'm proud of what the breitbart team has accomplished in such a short period of time building that news platform. it's a controversial platform, too. with bannon, the lightning rod telling "60 minutes" -- >> i'm a street fighter. >> reporter: he's also the enemy of established republicans who were nearly gleeful after his
2:34 am
fall from grace in the eyes of the president. and in the eyes of some conservatives who did not back bannon's preferred pick in the alabama senate race. >> he has presided over the freak show wing of the republican party. and that legacy of his is one that will continue forward. >> reporter: bannon, self-styled as a shadowy mastermind, keeper of the nationalist fling. but sources close to him telling nbc news tonight he's ready to move more into politics. hallie jackson, the white house. president trump had to clarify his position on what is the signature issue of the 2016 campaign, you may recall the border wall with mexico that mexico pays for. after an hour-long on-camera bipartisan meeting where both republicans and democrats tested the president on what would be his core issue, trump said he would accept their recommendations, watch this. >> what about a clean daca bill
2:35 am
now? >> i have no problem. we're going to come up with daca. we're going to do daca. went we'll start immediately on phase two which would be comprehensive. >> you need to be clear, i think what senator feinstein is asking, when you talk be daca, we have to have security as the secretary would tell you? >> i think that's what she's saying. >> what do you think i'm saying? >> i'm thinking you're saying daca without security. >> you know, i would vote for the path to citizenship which isn't very easy for me, but i would do it just as an effort. but there's certain things that we've got to guarantee that we're going to do. >> that's got to be brought up. i really believe that will be brought up of part of what we're talking about. it's incentive for people to do a good job, if you want to know the truth. that whole path would be incentive for people to work hard and do a good job.
2:36 am
that could very well be brought up. >> it seems to me not much has actually changed here in terms of your positions? >> i think it's changed -- i think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up. i'm very much reliant on the people in this room. i have a lot of respect for the people on both sides. and my position is going to be what the people in this room come to me with. i have great confidence -- if they come to me with things i'm not in love with, i'm going to do it, because i respect them. >> republican surrogates went out to re-establish their policy demands to go along with daca. and then the president tweeted about his top priority, quote, as i made very clear today, our country needs the security of the wall on the southern border which must be part of any daca approval. but president trump set an expiration deadline for daca of march 5th.
2:37 am
democrats have set a different day for action next friday, january 19th. this is the need to process applications with the expiration dates. according to homeland security secretary, they must take place. ace federal district court judge in northern california ruled that the department of homeland security mutt resume accepting applications which the trump administration halted. the judge ruled that dhs does not have to consider new applications and called the government's defense to halt the program arbitrary and capricious. switching to politics, former arizona sheriff joe arpaio has announced his bid to run for jeff flake's position. the 85-year-old was pardoned by
2:38 am
president trump last year after being convicted of federal misdemeanor criminal contempt. he tells nbc news that age is not a concern. revealing, quote, i'll gun anybody. arpaio adds, quote, it's time to get fresh blood in washington. arpaia who was maricopa county sheriff for years. flake and arpaio have been open about their mutual dislike of each other and yesterday, flame responsibilitied with this. >> i'd be much more concerned if he's in it for the long haul. i don't think he is. there has not been one election cycle since the early '90s where joe arpaio has said he's thinking about running statewide. >> you're not taking it seriously? >> no, i don't think he's in it for the long haul. i think by this time next month,
2:39 am
he may not be in the race. i cannot see supporting joe arpaio. i don't think he'll get very far. and kelly ward who announced her candidacy, who said in an august statement, she woks arpaio into the race. and the editor for axios dave lawler, as we heard from flake, interesting words from arpaio, not necessarily taking the bid seriously. and arpaio saying he wants fresh blood in washington. >> he'll outgun anybody. >> yes, but he's yes years old. not necessarily seen as flesh blood. do you think the senate bill has the potential to revive the republican party, kind of in the same way roy moore's did? >> the potential is there. i think we need to be a bit more kau cautious, because i personally would not predict that joe arpaio be the republican nominee in arizona.
2:40 am
he'll be running in a pretty crowded field. but he's going to have a platform because he's known nationwide. you know, it's hard to imagine a more toxic candidate, well, other than roy moore, perhaps. and so, you know, the more he gets up in front of the camera, the more he's going to make mitch mcconnell and people who are trying to keep the republican majority in the senate nervous. but, you know, let's talk in a year and see if we're waiting on arpaio. >> i think the more he gets in front of the camera, the more he's likely to make controversial remarks that will put more media and spotlight on him. let's switch gears, your colleagues have been reporting on a number of gerrymandering cases being heard by the supreme courts. very important decisions in front of them and federal courts. tell us about those and the potential impact in 2018. >> a big decision last night in north carolina. a federal judge ruled that the map there, the controversial map drawn by republicans was overly
2:41 am
partisan and unconstitutional. and threw it out. so they're going to have to draw new districts. there is a case going in front of the supreme court dealing with wisconsin, and that could really be the big one. because if the supreme court decides that wisconsin's map is overly partisan, they could set new guidelines for how you determine what is a fair congressional map. and if that happens that would be a landmark decision. and it would change what we're looking at in terms of even balance of power going forward because we have a whole new district map in several states, probably. >> incredible. >> dave lawler live for us in washington, d.c. thanks for that. and president trump has weighed in on the possibility of oprah winfrey jumping into the 2020 presidential race. take a listen. >> yeah, i'll beat oprah. i know her very well. i did one of her last shows. this is before politics, her last week, she had donald trump
2:42 am
and my family. it was very nice. no i like oprah. i don't think she's going to run. >> however, the treatments of the 2020 matchup between trump and winfrey may be short-lived. on monday, a source close to winfrey told nbc news she has no intention of running. now, this isn't the first time that trump has praised winfrey, trump quoted her name in 2009 and 2015 as a potential pick. >> i heard from cbs the other, she said that oprah is inintrigued by the idea of running for president. there's mixed messages in there. >> he seems confident he can win. still ahead, while the trump administration strikes a deal with one state over the fight to drill off of its waters. president trump planning to meet the world's elite economic leaders. it's taking place in switzerland. this story and much more. bill karins is back with us, with a check on the forecast, when we return. i work overtime when i can get it.
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welcome back, everyone. the trump administration announced yesterday that will not allow offshore oil drilling off the coast 6 floridof florid. it's a drastic change that the federal government at least six days ago revealed an drilling program. and interior secretary ryan zinke said that florida was, o quote off the take for drilling with the governor. and several governors and states opposed the planning including larry hogan, south carolina's larry mcmaster and massachusetts' charlie baker. let's switch gears and get a check of the weather with meteorologist bill karins. a lot of people waking up to the aftermath of the storms moving
2:47 am
across the country. what more are you seeing? >> nothing even half as bad as what we already experienced but this storm is moving across the area with snow and ice and a lot of rain, returning to cold mind it. there goes the storm. spinning into the snow in the four corner regions. this comes into the plains. 10 million people under wind advisory, winter storm watches. again, it's going to be a minor event in the plains, one, two, three inches of snow. here's how we're going to time it out, 10:00 a.m., snow through rapid city, billings. one to two inches, nuisance type stuff. tomorrow morning, rochester, minnesota, minneapolis, by 6:00 p.m. thursday, this is where the storm gets messy, the backside cold air is going to wrap in. freezing rain in missouri. freezing rain breaking outside towards illinois tuesday evening and a band of snow. all rain ahead of it.
2:48 am
and a lot of fog ahead of it, too. as far as the snowfall accumulations, i mentioned bun to two inches. the snowfall in higher elevations in jackson hole, you'll pick up 6 to 12. here's the nasty stuff into friday. here's the ice forecast. quarter inch of ice, half inch, ohio valley, illinois, as star south as tennessee, possibly west virginia and pittsburgh, too. one of the problems with this big fall, you guys, falling ice from skyscrapers. you have seen the pictures from soho and lower manhattan yesterday? this is from 20 stories high. big chunk of ice crushed the roof of that suv. no injuries reported with that. >> with fire escapes on buildings, i've seen those as well. got to watch out. >> not only that, you have to worry about slippery, but look up and make sure you don't get hit. the white house as announced
2:49 am
that president trump is planning to attend the economic forum in davos, switzerland. sarah sanders made that announcement yesterday saying in part the president looks forward to promoting his policies to strengthen american business its and workers. representatives have gone to davos, with presidents often declining to attend. the decision marks a shift for president trump who tap into anti-global sentiment to win the white house. the economic forum in davos is seen as an economic gathering of globalists, financial elite. but an official tells nbc that the president was always more moderate than given credit for. adding almost everything with exceptions that he's willing to deal. maybe he's willing do a little skiing there in switzerland. maybe that's the reason he's going. still ahead, could a meeting between the leaders of north and south korea be on the horizon following this week's high-level
2:50 am
talks? >> we're going live to seoul. mon jae-in. this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow's important, but, this officially completes his education. spend you life living. find an advisor at and sometimes, i don't eat the way i should. so, i drink boost. boost high protein nutritional drink has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle and 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d. boost high protein be up for it
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2:52 am
. welcome back to the south korean peninsula where moon jae-in is willing to sit down with moon. his country will never accept a nuclear north korea. north korea for its part says it won't discuss talks with the
2:53 am
south since its weapons are only aimed at the united states and not its quote brethren in the south. joining us chief global correspondent bill neely. bill, it seems like the talks can't go anywhere when you have the leaders saying they won't skep e accept a nuclear north korea. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys, president moon has said this before that he would sit down at a summit with kim jong-un. it always comes with the same condition towards de-nuclearization. we know that will not happen. president moon praised president trump yesterday for his huge continuebution to the talks and yesterday was a good day for mr. moon him he will get his peace olympics but an even better day for tim john eun. he will break out next month of international isolation him his team will go to the olympic ex. the world will swoon at his figure skaters. he gets it all for free, no concessions whatsoever. but this was a modest break
2:54 am
through. the talks, there is a new military hotline. the promise of new military talks. this is all limited in time and limited in scope. as you say the money north korean delegate made it clear north korea has nuclear weapons. they are aimed at the united states. so even yesterday hess trying to woo south koreans, break alliance with america. trying to drive that wedge between south korea and the americans. yes, president moon for now is happy to dance with north korea if you like t. worry here and in walk, where is that dance leading? >> yeah, seemingly it seems just for the time being. thank you. coming up next on "morning joe," more on the goings over a deal with daca following president trump's sit-down with the white house. it's the fate of thousands of young undocumented immigrants
2:55 am
hang in the balance. senator elizabeth warren, mark warner will weigh in on whether a deal with get done with less than a week over the democrat's self imposed deadline. morning joe, everyone, moments away. ♪ ♪ keep it comin' love. if you keep on eating, we'll keep it comin'. all you can eat riblets and tenders at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. nahelps protect eyes fromue damaging blue light, filtering it out to help you continue enjoying your screens.
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2:58 am
. welcome back, everybody, before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check of the stories you will hear about ahead. >> we begin at the white house with peter alexander with a look at president trump's day ahead. good morning. >> reporter: louis, good morning. the president will host a cabinet meeting here at the white house later today. he will also take questions from reporters when he hosts the prime minister of norway. president trump may be pressed to clarify where he stands on negotiations with democrats and republicans and president trump seemingly taking contradictory positions in the immigration debate. one of the post-compelling moment, he appeared to embrace exactly what democrats want, a clean bill to protect those nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers and seemingly endorsed a comprehensive immigration deal. despite that conversation, it's not clear the two sides are
2:59 am
closer to the agreement t. daca deadline is approaching, not to mention that deadline to avoid a government shutdown, now just nine days away. >> meanwhile, republican senator rand paul and democratic senator ron weiden will call for reforms of section 402 a under surveillance act. section 702 allows the intelligencing as to conduct under surveillance on any foreigner outside the oungs without a warrant. critics warn this can happen to citizens as well. >> "morning joe" starts right no now. jeb bush didn't like my tone. here's a guy that wastes 100 million, right. he doesn't like me tone. he's very, very, very, think of this weak on the border. remember, they come in people come in as an act of love. you can't have that.
3:00 am
. >> this will be a bill of love. it truly should be a bill of love. >> bush, immigration is an act of love. they come for love. i said excuse me. >> two-and-a-half years ago, i never was thinking in terms of politics. now i'm a politician. >> okay. as one nbc news report describes it last night, president trump seemingly took every contradictory position he has ever had on immigration yesterday, i actually wonder if his staff did this on purpose to expose, i'm not sure. it's wednesday, january 10th. with us we have the editor for the daily beast dan stein and white house reporter jonathan lemire and jeremy peters, nbc host of casey d.c. on msnbc casey hunt and there you go. so, gentleman, i


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