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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  January 13, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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president trump's physical exam and what we can expect to learn in the coming days. new fallout from the president's alleged remark on haiti and africa. more news today from people inside that meeting room, where it reportedly happened. plus, republicans already bracing for how this episode might damage gop chances in the mid-term elections. and a report about a porn star paid out by donald trump's personal lawyer, buying her silence before the 2016 election. is there any truth to it? we got those details next. but we begin with politics. democrats sending their strongest signal yet in response to the president's alleged incendiary remarks about people from haiti, el salvador and africa. minority leader nancy pelosi released a statement last night saying democrats must insist on a clean a. they want to censure the president as a result of his comments. some of president trump's strongest supporters continue to come to his defense. anthony scaramucci who of course only lasted ten days as the
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white house communications director tweeted potsus not a racist, far from it. perhaps the least racist. well the president is spending the weekend at his home in mar-a-lago. kelly, good morning to you, my friend, how is the white house dealing with all this increasing fatherout over the president's alleged remarks? >> reporter: well, they are pushing back in some ways and also trying to explain the context for how this all happened. of course the president won't get a break from this over the long weekend because of the volatile nature of the conversation as it's been described by people worn in the room and the largest political context. this is not just a situation of comments that are considered divisive on their own. it comes amid a negotiation related to immigration, where specific programs, that's why certain countries were a part of the discussion that certain programs are on the table, if you will, for possible changes in an immigration bill.
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that makes this all the more a volatile situation and a political one, so you have both republicans in many instances being hesitant to critique the president for these comments, also democrats seizing a moment here, where they believe they can make a larger point and they want to call out the president for what he is accused of saying. the president, of course, is also dealing with a separate matter and that's his own health, having his very first physical exam while in office and fitness is one of the questions that's been coming up. >> reporter: the political stress test. president trump returned to the comforts of palm beach friday night after his first physical exam in office, conducted at a military hospital. when he landed, the white house released a comment from the physician, a rear admiral. the president is in excellent health. but his political condition is not as clear. tense questions about race as
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the president paid tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. >> we pledge to fight for his dream of equality. >> but dr. king's friend congressman john lewis implored the president. >> stop putting people down because of their race, their color, or their nationality. >> reporter: a defense from a former trump campaign manager. >> oh, he's the furthest thing from a racist. >> reporter: the president claimed he used only tough talk but not racially offensive comments attributed to him at a thursday closed-door meeting on immigration policy with lawmakers. >> he said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly r. the white house pushed back. >> the language was not used and it is very clear this is the democrats trying to derail this process. >> reporter: in current talks for an immigration bill the president wants to reduce certain programs for poor and disaster-ravaged countries, including haiti and some in africa. few prominent republicans
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criticized the president's words, house speaker paul ryan was low key. >> the first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate, unhelpful. >> reporter: and this morning the president is tweeting obliquely referring to the situation here, saying the democrats are all talk and no action. they're doing nothing to fix daca. >> that, of course, is the program for certain young immigrants who qualify for how long they have been in the united states, brought here without documentation, a great opportunity missed claims the president. too bad, he says. the politics of this is that certainly democrats want to see an extension of legal protection in the u.s. for the daca kids also known as d.r.e.a.m.ers. the president says he's opened to that but wants tougher border security and funding for the wall. that's the backdrop for the conversation that brought lawmakers into the white house where these words were at issue, where you had senator dick durbin of illinois, the only democrat in the room who said
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the president said these things and others confirming the nature of the conversation. still some pushback from the president, himself. >> thank you so much. joining me out here in stoitd arc form in studio, current president of the open society foundations. mr. ambassador, a big welcome to you on a saturday morning. >> thank you, alex. >> i'm curious yesterday what went through your mind as you watched the president proclaim mlk day and go through all of that as far as these alleged comments as well the timing. what do you think? >> first of all my mind was mostly occupied in thinking in memorial of 2 00,000 haitians who lost their lives in a cat cataclysmic earthquake and the president's rather vulgar roads and it is absolutely surreal to now see him uttering quotes from dr. king and attempting to
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convince all of us that he represents the inclusive ideal of american immigration when he has refused to negotiate on daca, when he has refused to extend protective status for those haitians affected be i the earthquake and over 200,000 el salvadorians he is talking about deporting. >> do these comments feel different to you, sir, than the litany of comments i was looking at a list of things the president said which has drawn criticism of him being racist, particularly that which happened in charlottesville when he blamed both sides instead of calling out kkk, white supremacists, white nationalists? >> alex in addition to being a proud haitian and u.s. ambassador to a region the president talked about in the most derogatory terms. i am also a life-long new yorker. most of us know donald trump exceedingly well. we remember when he and his father were taken to the courts
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by the federal authorities for race-based clauses in their housing contracts. we remember when he attacked young men and accused them of the most heinous crimes, five african-american men later exonerated. there is a long pattern of this language race-based from donald trump. so regrettably, it's not altogether shocking to us. what is shocking is the inability of republican leaders to grow a spine in this moment. alex, you are rightly proud of your lineage to the founding father of this country, george washington. >> i am. >> republicans have to decide if they will stand with george washington who said the bus some of the united states must be opened not only to the opulent stranger, those who are represd and persecuted the world over who whom we invite to take part in our rights and privileges or stand with donald trump who does not lift up that ideal, would rather us return to the quota system before 1965 and has made it very clear what he thinks of
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people who come from countries that are dominated by people of color. >> you, sir, rightly proud of our lineage at a haitian american. you were also born in congo. if you add all those together, these comments, specifically, how does that affect you? >> this was a moment for inflexion. i will tell you, alex, my e-mails have been blowing up not just from proud haitian americans and nigerian americans and congress go lease america-- congolese americans and those country in the caribbean and african continent. all my south african friends have been saying to me, we've always looked to the united states as a beacon, as a place of aspiration, a place that lifts up up the values of inclusive immigration, even while being mindful of the need to maintain your sovereign borders. this blows us away. we're not quite sure what the national ident of the u.s. is now. we need others to speak up, which is why on monday, i am
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meeting people in time's square monday afternoon to speak up about dignitary and rights. >> there are those that support this president almost under circumstance whatsoever. but they say this supports his make america great and america first campaign, particularly i want to mention david duke, of course the former grand wizard of the klu klux klan who said on twitter, the president is saying blunt things that no ought president would dare say. do these remarks cast a cloud over the president's immigration policy? >> well, there it is. when david duke is celebrating your policies, when you don't hesitate to call white supremacists who march in charlottesville fine people, it's no surprise that these are questions that are being asked of the united nations today, the european union today and the african union today about the course of the united states and whether or not we can be
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faithful partners. republican leadership must step up, don disown this value set a make cheer that we are still that beacon. >> if we look at the praesidents comment, they favored european countries, he mentioned norway, specifically. i want to talk about the stats from that, sir, african immigrants a more highly educated among those with at least a bachelor's degree, have you 39% sub saharan africans. you have 57% of nigerians compared to 31% of the u.s. population, 29% of the foreign-born population. i mean, these statistics completely counter the president's position. >> these are remarkable people contributing to economies here who are contributing to reat this time mit tanss to economies at home, who are forwarding and and advancing the notion of what it means to be americans in the 21st century. that's what we all need to embrace and lift up.
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last night i went to a ceremony for 2 00 new americans who have just been sworn in. most of them from the places that this president derides and in addition to being brilliant and committed americans, they also demonstrated a courageousness in making their way here to be able to affirm their pledge of allegiance and i'm going to honor that on monday in time's square. >> we will look forward to that as well. thank you, sir. let's bring in usa "today" washington post support sean sullivan. sean i will start with you. any chance the president expected his comments would be made public or do you think he was relying on the privacy of the meeting? >> reporter: it's hard to say, traditional politicians have approached meetings with lawmakers as essentially a public forum. and they know these comments even made in a private setting might actually get out at some point. so they tend to be aisle what
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they say even behind closed doors this president obviously has a different style. it's hard to say whether he thought or knew this would get out. but it certainly is in line with his tendency to speak in a controversial way to talk off the cuff with lawmakers when he's negotiating with them. >> so based on that, are we now in an environment in that meeting who feel they have a responsibility to make comments like these public? >> you know, i think it really depends what had happened in that meeting. you saw senator dick durbin who have been a vocal advocate for a deal with the daca recipients. he was the first to confirm on the record, yes, these, in fact, were true, we saw senator lindsey graham who has been a vocal advocate come out later and basically say the general part of that is true. the people that are not advocates that want to cush immigration in the meeting, senators tom cotton and david purdue, they don't remember it that way. it is how the meeting shook out
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for what you are looking for, whether or not you want to make those comments public. >> sean the president stated he wants to work with democrats to make daca permanent, try to secure our borders as well. then you have these comments, derogatory in nature certainly, how does that affect his agenda? >> i think it makes it harder to strike a deal with democrats when we look at these immigration negotiations, it really feels like they continue to take a step forward and two or three big steps back. just when they seem to be on the verge of a break through, things seem to have fallen apart. they have fallen apart now in a really big way. if you are a democrat, what motivation, what incentive politically do you have to get back in this room with the president to negotiate to continue to talk about immigration when he made this vulgar comment, when he stoked this controversy. it makes it harder if you are a democrat to justify working with this president. in terms of immigration and the negotiations that the president is engaging in with democrats and republicans, it's hard to see how this is helpful in
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anyway. >> it sounds like paul ryan called this unhelp. . elijah. a number of business headlines were overshadowed by his remarks. you have major companies announcing benefits, and wal-mart is raising the minimum wage to $11 an hour and fiautochrysler is removing the plant from mexico, takingt to michigan. toyota, mazda have similar ventures in alabama. they are expected to create thousands of jobs. at the end of the day when people start seeing money in their pockets, does that outweigh whatever the president says no matter how offensive it may be? >> i think we will have to see. republicans are certainly hoping that tax cut bill will help them keep their majority. democrats are hoping that president trump is controversial enough that people and his approval ratings are low enough people will go to the polls and vote for them. we have to see. it will turn out how much people
6:16 am
are seeing in their pockets and if they do get a bonus. >> that sort of this inc. >> ultimately, they feel it in their wallets, what do you think? >> it's interesting, i talked to campaign strategists on capitol hill. all they want to talk about is the tax bill. they want to keep the focus on that. they want to run on that. but when you have distractions from the white house, when you have distractions from the president when he says and does these controversy things, it's hard to direct people's attention to that tax bill. they will be thinking about the things he says. when you look at his numbers broadly across the country, including these king swats i is that its in swing district t. president is very unpopular. it will be difficult for republicans to make this election about the pocketbook when they are trying to do that when they have the leader distracting from that goal on a day-by-day basis. >> guy, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. with so much controversy swirling around the president, is he losing the support from law makers who have voted for his agenda in the past?
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we will talk with one such republican next.
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he used these vial and vulgar comments calling the nations they come from s-holes. my colleague, lindsay graham of south carolina spoke up and made a direct comment on what the president said. i was very proud of him. it took courage for what he did. >> democratic senator dick durbin there offering praise for his republican colleague in the after math of those profane
6:21 am
comments allegedly uttered by president trump. he spoke of senator graham, himself, here it is, in a statement -- and now other republicans in that meeting are being criticized for their responses or lack thereof. joining me now, leonard lance of new jersey. welcome to the broadcast. we have senators purdue and cotton saying they don't recall the comments. do you think the american public has a right to know what was said in that meeting? >> i do, alex. and i associate myself with the comments of senator graham. i believe with senator graham that america is an idea and we should be defined by our ideals.
6:22 am
my ancestors came here before the american revolution and i'm sure they came here poor and they came here to establish a better life, not only for themselves but for their descendants, including me. >> i'm curious what your gut reaction was, sir, when you haired of the alleged comments, what did you think? what went through your mind? >> if true, vulgar, completely unacceptable. i was critical of them. we put out a statement yesterday. i think we now, alex, should move forward and work hard together in a bipartisan capacity on immigration reform, certainly on funding the government, funding runs dry on january 19th. we have a lot of work this week in walk and we should get to it. >> senate majority leader mcconnell, he is also silent. i want to play for you what house speaker ryan said at an event yesterday. here it is. >> the president said something
6:23 am
yesterday. >> he said a lot of things yesterday. which ones are you talking about in. >> it's a word i can't mention. it's about african countries, about immigration. >> i spent my day in 7023 a fisa thing. i read their comments last night t. first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate, unhelpful. >> and you, sir, have said you want to move forward but after comments like these, how difficult is it to try to get policy on immigration on daca passed? is it even developed? >> it may be more difficult. but i think we have a responsibility working towing in a bipartisan capacity, alex to move forward. and i am committed to doing that. i favor daca reform. i think we should secure our border. but that doesn't mean necessarily we need a wall in all places in our border. i have been in our border. there is no need for a wall south of tucson, for example. because the territory is too
6:24 am
rugged will. i do believe there is a compromise that is possible, indeed, probable. and that compromise should occur sooner rather than later. i would hope this week, if not this week, certainly by the first week in march. but let's all work towing to make sure that occurs. >> congressman, be that as it may, you are speaking out, others will perhaps echo your sent ichts. when you have this president saying derogatory comments thatco not help but capture the discussion out there. as much as you want things to move forward and news casters to talk about policy and what you who ep to accomplish. doesn't this just cloud everything and aren't you frustrated? don't you wish this president would almost stop shooting himself in the foot? >> i do believe the president should be more responsible in his comments and i would encourage him to work as hard as he can, i will work as hard as i can on the daca issue on funding the government and to speak with lead, across the globe when he
6:25 am
is in davos as i understand he will be attending that conference. >> he is. >> the polling was conducted before these comments. it shows democrats with an even wider lead on the general ballot. they've got a 17-point lead now. you add the president's comments to this. we'll see what the numbers are then. has the political damage been done here? >> i believe we will be judged based upon our records in congress. certainly that will be true across the entire country. but i do think we have to work together in a bipartisan capacity and the best way for those of us who are in the majority to demonstrate that is to make sure we fund the deposit, pay our troops in the field on time and reach a compromise on daca and i think that all of that, alex, is possible. >> all right, new jersey republican congressman leonard dance, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> a statement from that former porn star about the alleged hush money she received from then
6:26 am
candidate trump's lawyer.
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welcome back, everyone, i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. here's what we're monitoring for you. an exclusive report is claiming
6:30 am
a lawyer for president trump paid off an adult film star before the 2016 election. now according to that report the payoff was $130,000. msnbc's jeff bennett, with a good saturday morning to you. i want to get to how the president's legal team is responding to this report. >> reporter: good morning, alex. president trump's long-time personal attorney is denying mr. trump had a sexual encounter two an adult film star while he was married to melania. it comes after an explosive new "wall street journal" report alleged the actress received a six figure payout to keep her from going public. this morning, new fallout following a bombshell report from the "wall street journal" based on anonymous sources, alleging that trump lawyer michael cohen arranged for a $130,000 payment to a forer adult film star in exchange for her silence about an alleged sexual encounter with mr. trump t. payment is said to have come
6:31 am
a month before the 2016 presidential election around the same time the trump campaign was nearly derailed by the now infamous ""access hollywood"" tape in which mr. trump can be heard about dragging about being able to grope women. >> can you do anything. >> lewd comments he later dismissed. the "journal" says stephanie clifford whose stage name is stormy daniels told sources she met the president at a celebrity golf tournament in lake tahoe in july 2006. mr. trump was already married to melania at the time. a white house official responding in a statement -- these are old recycled reports, which were published and strongly denied prior to the election. cohen denying the sexual encounter took place, telling nbc news, president trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence as has misdaniels. in a statement provided to nbc news, which cohen says is signed by daniels, she calls the
6:32 am
"journal" article absolutely false, adding rumors that i received hush money from donald trump are completely false. nbc news has not independently verified this statement. neither the white house nor cohen deny pr acknowledgment knowledge the six-physical payment. now while there is no allegation of non-consensual behavior in this instance, more than a dozen women have come forward with claims of sexual harassment and assault against president trump. allegations he vehemently denies. alex. >> all right, thank you for that. let's bring in msnbc analyst jonathan allegeder and sophia nelson, house gop committee counsel and the author of e pluribus one. what do you think, it seems the white house and president are able to survive these reports
6:33 am
unscathed. should they be able to? >> happy new year, i think two things, first of all when you elect a celebrity playboy to become the president of the occupation, this is the kind of stuff you will continue to deal with. that's my first response. my second thought about this is, it's unfortunate. it's damaging, it's disheartening to me as a citizen, that my young nieces are seeing this type of things, they're teen agers, one is in college. this is the level we've gotten to with this presidency. it's awful so that's my general response it to. >> okay. i want your general response, jonathan what do you think? >> i would endorse all of that but add it is a little peculiar that michael cohen, very close associate of president trump and the white house are denying that this sexual encounter took place, but they're not denying that $130,000 was paid for her
6:34 am
silence. so what were they paying the money for? it's kind of an obvious question, if she didn't have a story to tell? >> all right. let's turn now to the president's reported comments during thursday's immigration meeting. in a statement from senators tom cotton, david purdue, two of the republicans who attended the meeting saying they do not recall these comments, is that a viable strategy, republican lawmakers trying to ride this storm out, sophia? >> no and i'm deeply disappointed to someone who was very active in republican politics at the federal, state and local level for over 20 years until i just couldn't take it anymore. this type of thing upsets me. we need leadership. where's the market chase smith of the republican party right now? where is that person that stands up and says, enough, mr. president. i do think there should be a pi partisan effort here, alex to censure the president. there should be a signal we send to young people and to our
6:35 am
allies across the world and others that this is not acceptable to us, this kind of commentary coming out of the president and if you believe senator durbin and lindsay frame who confirmed it to senator scott but won't say so publicly, which bothers me, senator durbin went on a rant about this. it wasn't this commentary. it was a long rant on immigrants and countries of color and all kind of things that he talked about that was inappropriate. >> in terms of censure, jonathan clearly agrees. have you this new op ed it's titled "it's time to chens sure the conduct unbecoming of a president" soon after your op ed was published, congressional black caucus announced they are preparing for that very thing. do you think a censure resolution will be more palatable to congress than impeachment articles have been? what do you think the chances are that congress passes it? >> well, i don't think the chances are good because you have so many cowardly republicans who don't want to
6:36 am
lift a finger for either to hold the president accountable or for their own integrity who 24 hours later pretend they didn't hear this comment by the president, senator cotton and senator purdue should be ashamed of themselves. the idea for sencensure is not this comment. what the uniform code of military justice is called conduct unbecoming of an officer. donald trump is commander-in-chief of the armed forces. it's true that it's been since the 19th century and andrew jackson was sense e centstured that we've centstucentstured an president. censure doesn't require law breaking of high crime misdemeanors. it means it's a punishment, a
6:37 am
reprimand for either an officer in the military or in this case the pvt. of the occupation. it is the appropriate interim punishment. my concern, alex, that we are all winging our hands about this and there is something that can be done between impeachment and removal and nothing. and i'm looking for something in between and that's where this censure movement i think will be good for building momentum that would have a democratic congress hold him more accountable. >> i want to particularly add, paul ryan i've known, paul you guys are going to do damage to this party for generations to come if you don't stand up and find your soul and your voice and know what's right and what's wrong. many of these men and women in the republican party are good people. they've somehow cowarded into a corner. what's happening, alex, it has me deeply concerned as an
6:38 am
american first we keep lowering the bar. it's okay. oh, it's just him. one day he's talking about groping women inappropriately the next he's calling nfl players of the color sobs, now it's s-hole countries. where are we going with this? and when do we stand up and say this isn't what we do. what you say in private in the privacy of the white house residence with your wife and family, that's what you say. but what you say in a meeting bipartisan of senators or when the kids of many earthquake are watching, it matters, i'm with jonathan, stop winging your hands, stop hiding in corners, do something about this. it's wrong, it's dangerous for this republic. >> it's frightening because he is redefining what it means to be presidential by this kind of discourse. >> absolutely. >> for those of us liked the way it was before, highish standards, thanks very much. jonathan, sophia, good to see you both. >> thanks, alex. the chances president trump
6:39 am
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would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of the events? >> 100%. when they have no collusion and nobody's found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview. >> so that was the president appearing to do an about face whether he will sit down with robert mule tore tell his side
6:43 am
of the russia story. joining me now the director to james comey, chuck, welcome to you. can the president be forced to do an interview with the mueller team? >> he can be. let me be clear about the two different words. i can invite you alex if i'm a prosecutor or compel you to come talk to me if i'm a prosecutor. in the first case you can say no thank you, in the second case, i'm compelled you with a grand jury subpoena. it's no longer your decision. you have to show up and testify. i don't want to over complicate it. those are basically the two different scenarios there so you heard the president repeat over and over again there was no collusion, many times in the same sentence. but he never discusses obstruction. if he agrees to an interview, is the president going to have to explain his reasons for firing his former boss? >> if he agrees to interview, he will have a lot of questions to answer, not just about firing
6:44 am
comey or russia interference in our election, but a whole host of questions. and by the way, alex the fact that he's being interviewed doesn't mean it's all about him. he can be asked questions about other people, meetings he has been a part of or other folks charged and awaiting trial. so there is a wide range of stuff he can be asked about. >> you know the fbi has come under sustain attack by this president as well as this gop. how do your former colleagues feel about this? >> i can tell you how i feel about it. i know i am speaking for many of them. it was a great privilege to be a part of the fbi. they're mission oriented. they are passionate about what they want to do. these are the folks you want to live next door to you. so you know what, it stinks. it's an awful thing for the president of the united states to attack law enforcement. whether it's fbi, dea, atf. these are men and women trying imperfectly. we're all imperfect, trying to get it right there so i know you saw the president tweeting
6:45 am
against fisa saying this act may have been used to surveil the trump campaign by the previous administration. clarify that. is that accurate or not? >> it's not accurate, alex. here is why. the section that we were talking about. i'm not going to get overly technical, section 702 is used to surveil foreign persons believed to be abroad about foreign intelligence matters. that's it. and so the notion first this would have been directed against him is just flat out wrong and second the head of our intelligence community many of the leaders in our intelligence and law enforcement communities have said there was no under surveillance of the president or of trump tower and i believe them. >> it has been reported that paul ryan had to take a half an hour to explain to the president the different aspects of fisa and of 702 and what's applicable in this case and not, if
6:46 am
everyone the couple tweets he sent out which seemingly contradicted one another. is that surprising to you? do you know if that's the case typically with the president having been informed of this level? >> well, isa is a big complicated statute. maybe the first time you hear about it it would have explaining, the section i talked about as i mentioned is rather simple. and the reason zits surprising, alex, 702 forms the backbone of the information that a president, any president would receive in tear daily intelligence briefings. the stuff that you put in front of the president comes not exclusively from 702 but in harm part from 702. you would think a year into a presidency, you would understand what 702 is is. what it does and what it's limitations r. as i said earlier, this is foreign intelligence, under surveillance of foreign persons, reasonably to be abroad. >> all right, chuck rosenberg,
6:47 am
always good to see you. thank you very much. thank you, alex. why the fight for the balance of congress may be decided in the courts and on "am joy" joy speaks to one of the "wall street journal" reporters who broke that story about the $130 payment from president trump's lawyer to a former porn star. hey, you every talk to anybody about your money? yeah, i got some financial guidance a while ago. how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this?
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yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you.
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6:51 am
so the groups in the u.s. voicing outrage other president trump's remarks about people from haiti, south africa. so the naacp president appeared on television to publicly condemn the president's comments. >> we have to be careful not to get so caught up in his words. we know he's a racist. he's demonstrated that in the package you showed previousliment now the question is how do we stop some of the bad policies coming down the line and how do we energize our base to get out to vote this cycle. >> here with me now is judith brown dianis, she was among the leaders on that conference call yesterday. i want to get to these alleged comments by the president. did they feel different this time around than other
6:52 am
derogatory comments he's made in the past? >> i think they fit the pattern. they're not any different. it's just the accumulation of continuous comments by this president that show that he is racist, that his policies are going to be racist, and, you know, at some point, you feel like you hit rock bottom, but he is the gift that keeps on giving unfortunately. it fits the pattern. really the important thing is let's put this in context. this for lawyers like me, we call this smoking gun evidence. it's evidence of intent to discriminate in terms of his immigration policies, because not only did he call those countries shitholes, but he turned and said we should have instead immigrants coming from norway. so we had enough of this. i think that it's not only time for congress to act in terms of censuring him, but it's time for congress to understand whose side are you on? are you going to make us go back
6:53 am
in history? we're on the weekend of the martin luther king holiday weekend. he wanted a beloved community. here we have a president who wants nothing but a beloved community. >> so, you started out by saying you're not surprised. this is just another comment that is indicative of the president and how he feels based on what he said publicly in the past. it seems, judith, that he gets away with this time and time and time again. >> right. >> earlier i said he is redefining what the word presidential means. >> yes. >> how do we arrest this? how do we stop this devolution of things? >> i do think that congress should move to kcensure him. as i said, this is continuous to censure him. i think that congress needs to reprimand this president. this is not just about the words that he says, it is about the
6:54 am
policies. we live in a global economy. we live in a world. he is supposed to be the leader of the free world. it's an embarrassment in the -- to us, to the rest of the world. we really just need for him to step back, to not make these comments, to understand that we expect more out of the white house. you know, ultimately we're going to see a change in congress. the voters are going to have their say about whether or not the presidency should reach such a low. >> we were showing the president's event yesterday honoring martin luther king jr. there's a large representation of african-americans in the room there with him. how does that play out in terms of people looking at that and thinking, oh, this is authentic or lack thereof. what do you think was going through the minds of those people who were in that room with him on the heels of him making the comments that he did.
6:55 am
>> i mean, i can't imagine him standing next to him or being in that room at all. people know it's not authentic. you can't turn around one moment talk about countries, african countries, talk about haiti, make derogatory comments, really showing that you don't value black lives. and then have a photo-op. he continues to try and do this because, remember, he is a reality tv star. so the reality tv star is playing out in the white house. he is marketing something, but then he's turning around and doing damage because his immigration policies are nothing more than a racial purge in this country. if you didn't understand that immigration was about racial justice, you sure should know it now. >> is there any room for the prospect of people interpreting the president's immigration policies as being something that will work for them? >> no.
6:56 am
look, this is going to be an issue that will carry throughout the 2018 election, the 2020 election. people understand what this president stands for. he's a racist. he's carrying out white supremacy policies, we'll have our say eventually because this is not the direction we want to go in. >> judith brownedianis. thank you very much. in a few minutes on "am joy," president trump's family tree. back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of (great tasting) ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you. i had severe fatigue, went to a doctor. became diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. i had to put my trust in somebody. we recommended chemotherapy, and then a stem cell transplant. when his disease progressed, i thought
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that's wrap of this hour of msnbc live, i'll see you again at noon. now it's time for "am joy" with joy reid. >> are you just a phenomenon? is it possible for everybody to be what you've become? >> no, it's not. but it's possible for a lot of people to become successful and very successful. this is where luck comes in. you have to be born lucky in the sense that you have to have the right genes to go out, in my business, if it's making deals, to become jack nicklaus, chris evert, marina, you need a certain gene. >> so where are you from? it's a relatively innocuous question which can be annoying if you're a person of color, but really, no


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