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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  January 14, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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but right now i will give special props to by dear friend, joy reid. >> when they pledged their allegiance to the u.s. flag and became citizens, they meant every word of it. they took on the responsibilities of what it meant to be an american citizen. you have to understand, i am a product of that. i am the american dream. that's who we are. i still think he should apologize. i think there are people looking for an apology, and i think that would show real leadership. >> good morning, and welcome to "am joy." the first ever haitian american, doubled down and wanted a
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apology from trump. love said his comments were unkind. the president must apologize to both the american people and the nations he so wantedly maligned. love is not alone in her demand for an apology. the african union to the united states and several african ambassadors to the united nations, and the ambassador to the united nations also asked for a retraction and apology for trump's remarks. let's not forget that trump made those remarks during a policy proposal meeting with seven members of congress, all male, all white, and one hispanic, by the way, wanting to strike a deal on the lottery program while protecting countries
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already in the program. the pitch by senators dick durbin and lindsay graham was a continuation of what was meant to be a bipartisan effort to protect immigrants shielded by daca. there are about 800,000 undocumented young people in the united states currently that are protected by daca. there are about 11 million undocumented people living and working in the country skpbgs that's $11 million out of approximately 323 million people in the united states, in the total population. as we enter the fourth day of the latest trump controversy, it's important to remember is the policies and what those policies have for people.
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joining us is our panel. stephanie, i will start with you. when you heard what donald trump said about haiti, about the african countries, really talking about el salvador and any other countries that are nonwhite, how did you feel when you heard those comments? >> joy, we didn't actually hear him say those words. >> when you read them. >> when i read them, yeah, and this is the biggest fake news story of the week. it's interesting to sit back and watch people are so angry that the president didn't say, and they are more angry than they are at the clintons for getting rich off the poor haitians. you can ask khrothe former hait government official that has all the dirt on the -- oh, wait, you can't ask him because he mysteriously committed suicide -- >> what are you talking about?
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>> this is nuts. >> did you get talking points before you came here from the rnc or the white house? it's interesting that yesterday mark burns who was the surrogate we had on on the trump side yesterday tried to roll out the same clinton stuff? did you get talking points? >> joy, i didn't get talking points. >> let me explain to you this is not fox news, and we are not going to play the game -- >> it's not a conspiracy theory. >> if you have an answer to my question, you can give it, but what you are not going to do is throw out things. jennifer ruben, you heard mia love pretty -- i guess stephanie is calling her a liar too because she responded to the comments. what did you make of her
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response? so far she's the only republican to give a full throated condemnation of what president trump said. >> i think it is a quality of people denying it, and lindsay graham khchastised the presiden in the room, and it's bizarre that there are people that would go to such extremes to lie. as far as mia love goes, it was impressive. she needs to follow it up now. what i would certainly recommend would be that she introduce a motion of censure. this only happened once before ironically against andrew jackson, who is trump's hero, and it is entirely appropriate for the situation. when the president behaves in a way that is not constitutional but is heinous and embarrassing and brings disgrace upon his office. by the way, as to people like
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mr. purdue and mr. cotton who either have a newfound hearing loss or simply have a spineless episode once again, for them to say first i didn't hear it and then he didn't say it, come on, guys, i think the states of arkansas and georgia can do just a little better than that. >> i guess they are calling lindsay graham a liar because he acknowledged he did say it, and lindsay graham is as supine a trump supporter that there is. donald trump was up tweeting. this morning president donald trump was up tweeting, perhaps it's raining on the golf courses in mar-a-lago, and he is up tweeting. he added i as president want people come into our country that are going to help us come strong and great again, and blah, blah, blah, no more
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lotteries. donald trumps grandfather was a immigrant that came to the country speaking only german, and his mother was an immigrant that came from scotland, and his wife, two of the three have been immigrants. i wonder if you know perhaps just through maybe just having experienced donald trump in the world, what are the merits of his family when they came here and would they have stood up to the idea he has a merit based system that people need to speak english and et cetera? >> i think the most important thing is his family members when they immigrated here is they were white. when this news broke, i thought is this breaking news, donald trump is a racist? i feel like this was an awaking for the majority. i have almost become hardened and immune to it, joy, and when
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i saw you speak one night it really brought it home to me how emotional this is. we are all immigrants. this is an insult to who we are as a country, to our parents, to see somebody like joy reid look at the camera and say my parents were from shithole countries, according to the president of the united states. i felt like it was a breaking point and it makes me so emotional. i have two young girls. i have a 7-month-old daughter and 6-year-old daughter and i don't want this idea in their head. this is why we live in america, that we are inferior because of our color. how do i keep that message away when it's coming from the top of the white house? in the midst of all this, he has not comforted the people of
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hawaii. i want to come back to you stephanie, and it's about the policies. one of the things that donald trump has done is to reverse temporary protected status and that's for people here because of the crisis in their country, and in elsalvatore, he's taking away protection, and of haiti. do you support that policy of ejecting these people from the united states? >> joy, obviously this is a difficult topic. people have been here for many years, but it was called temporary protected status. it was temporary. if you look at all the information on it, the people that came here knew they were going to potentially be here, and we are a nation of laws and a sovereign nation and a country cannot survive with open
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borders -- >> let's not conflight things, this is not a border issue. stay on topic. we are a country of laws, and tps is a law, it's a legal process by which the extensions happened --? >> temporary. temporary. that means not permanent. >> if haiti is still a country that is not able to receive these people back, it's not just extended on a whim -- >> i am so sorry. we are a nation of laws, yes, and we are also a nation with a long history of immigration that is based on keeping families together. as somebody who has been through the u.s. immigration system, let me tell you something, stephanie, i came here as a international student, it's not a cakewalk. the u.s. immigration systems is one of the most intense systems to go through and it's also an insult to the immigration officers when you say it's open borders and people are just
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jumping into the -- >> i am the daughter of an immigrant. my mother is from mexico, and i live by the border and i reported on the border and was just down at the border recently meeting with the people protecting us and keeping us safe, and they let me know -- >> how can you say what you are saying if you have in background? >> i respect our laws and i understand we can't allow everybody to come in. >> we are not. >> 1 million green cards -- >> is that a lie! >> we are the most generous country in the world -- >> hold on. hold on. jennifer ruben. one at a time. >> number one, we do not have open borders. if you talk to real people that worked for the immigration and customs agency she would find out in fact we have fewer border crossings has not we have -- >> thanks to trump. >> excuse me, it's my turn. you be quiet while i speak.
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secondly, we do not have system by which somebody can be here and it's circular logic to say we are a nation of laws therefore these people have to go. they don't have to go. first of all, congress can make sure they stay here permanently, and the president can extend that, and haiti is not in a place these people can return to particularly after devastation and very poor policies on behalf of the united states and others. third of all, what kind of person would send back people who have been working here, who have contributed to this country, who have children here, who would be separated from their children and communities, what kind of inhumane beasts -- are you raised by wolves? >> they can apply for legal status, and not everybody is just going to be bussed off tomorrow. that's --
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>> well, that's comforting. >> they just have to have the fear -- >> hold on a second. i want to read you something that stayed with me, and this -- it's not just donald trump, and donald trump has a lot of people in his administration and i want to know what your comfort level is with these people, steven miller who has a long history of, you know, just sort of his own personal racist views when he was a high school student trying -- >> that's your opinion. that's your opinion. >> it's also in his own words, wreutden by himself, michael anton who is a member of the trump administration, he used to blog under a different name, and he wrote -- he's a senior national security adviser for the trump administration. he wrote rising immigration would doom the country in the long term, and the ceaseless importation of third world foreigners with no tradition or
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taste in liberty means -- isn't the issue here that republicans and conservatives, even apart from donald trump, their problem with immigration of noneuropeans is they fear these people will come in and vote for the other party so it's an idea of trying to rinse the population of people that they fear would be on the other side politically from them. >> joy, that's an absurd statement. >> it's what he wrote. >> i hate when people throw around the word racism. >> you don't think what i just read is racist? >> you just read a little statement that was probably taken out of context. >> it's in his blog. >> anything recently? you experienced it and it's not fair. >> every single person watching the show can google it.
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it's a post about the americanne americanness is doomed. >> you are taking it out of context. i would need to read the whole thing. >> please do. i will wrap this up. this is a policy issue. if john kelly appears to have agreed with donald trump views, and steven miller and donald trump now saying daca is dead because, of course, he wants it to be, because it's an executive order. where do we go from here policy wise? where do you see it going? will it wind up in courts? >> i think it could wind up in court and this is something that we need to focus on, not a conversation about donald trump being racist and it's about the fact he can act on his hate and formulate policy on his hate and he keeps doing it. he has the power to act on his
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hate, and a lot thought it was great to watch the bipartisan discussion and it's also disturbing because it goes to show that donald trump is not only racist but doesn't know what he's talking about. to stephanie, really quickly, we are not throwing around the word racism. if anybody in the administration felt strongly about the accusations why hasn't anybody come out and said i am not racist. >> we have. >> we are going to end it there. this segment is over. coming up, check out this tweet storm from gary lee. yesterday he recounted his last day on the job back in 2011. quote, on my last day i went into the oval office and he greeted me by saying hello, in korean.
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why would i take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar, to someone who lies in the face of facts, someone who can change their tune day in and day out? what does he have to say i would be interested in? i don't trust him or appreciate him and wouldn't waste my time sitting in the house listening to what he has to say. he does not deserve my attention. >> congressman maxine waters joins me right now. congresswoman, i attempted to have a conversation with a surrogate here to defend donald trump, and it's interesting. we talk to you often and other democratic lawmakers and we have another colleague coming on, and we have a hard time getting republican lawmakers to come on
7:22 am
and defend him. we wind up with people like stephanie hamill who was on earlier and that's frustrating for our viewers. i wonder if you can explain why is it if you have such unified support for donald trump from the republican side of the aisle, why they are not willing to come out publicly and defend him. >> joy, thank you very much for having me on this morning and continuing this discussion about the racism that is being led by the president of the united states of america. his republican colleagues know that he's a racist, and they know that he is not capable of providing leadership for this country, and they know that he has alienated our allies and they know that he's wrapped his arms around russia and putin.
7:23 am
they cannot credibly come before the american public and defend him. they all are shrinking in the background. they don't want to confront him or do what the people elected him to do and that is even suns that we have a president that is capable, competent and sane, otherwise he should be impeached. if they don't step up to the plate the american public is going to have to force this issue of what to do about this president. yes, they are in hiding. yes, they don't know how to deal with this issue. yes, some of them are intimidated by him, and only thinking about their re-elections, but the fact of the matter is they are all going to have to pay a price for the fact that they are allowing this president to mislead this country and to continually divide us and to roll out these
7:24 am
racist statements, and how can they continue to support a president that doesn't even know the words to the star-spangled banner, and he doesn't only know the words, but wrapped his arms around a government that hates us. russia is dangerous and putin is dangerous, but he can stand with him and defend him and not even agree that he has tried to undermine, has undermined our electoral system, and so i want to tell you, americans will come alive, and they will because they know that something is terribly wrong. people can continue to talk about and ask questions about his sanity and all of that, but the fact of the matter is he's demonstrated who he is and he's not worthy of this presidency. >> one lawmaker did come out and
7:25 am
defend donald trump against the racism, and it was rand paul, the senator from kentucky. we may not have that tape yet so i will move on from that. are you surprised it's only two of you so far -- we're going to play that tape here in a moment. are you surprised it's yourself and john lewis who have said they will not go to the state of the union? are you surprised so many of your democratic colleagues are attempting to sit across the table and work with the president? >> i think the story has not been written yet about the attendance of the state of the union. i think there will be more. john lewis and i have had the opportunity to be on television and answer this question, but i expect that they are going to be a lot more when they day comes. >> now let me play for you senator rand paul, and he was on this morning of "meet the press." >> you can see why there are
7:26 am
more people wanting to come from economically distressed area so it gets into the legitimate debate over immigration, and how do we choose? i want to say an immigration compromise and you can't have an immigration compromise if everybody is out there calling the president a racist. >> your thoughts, congresswoman? >> let me reiterate, yes, i'm calling the president a racist, and finally the press and the media is able to use the word because he so definitely defined he is a racist. let me say this, when immigration began, it's about whether we are talking about people from so-called third world countries, people of color. there's a whole different belief or understanding about whether or not they should come to our country, whether or not we should be accepting of them.
7:27 am
this country has been a melting pot for immigrants coming from european countries for years and for all of those who have forgotten where their grandfathers and grandmothers came from and how they came to the country and they were able to assimilate and got on the police forces and firefighters, and rose up and through our colleges and universities, if they forgot those lessons they better stop and revisit history and learn if they don't know, or face up to the fact that this country has accept the immigrants from europe and from white countries and it's time for them to stop this mess about we have to have immigrants who come with more knowledge, who are more intelligent, who have more money. we took your immigrant grandfathers and grandmothers when they had nothing and they came here with just clothes on
7:28 am
their backs, so we are going to fight against this president and his racism, and we are going to fight for fairness and justice for immigration, and we are going to fight for daca and we are going to help this country to move to the point where they are going to get rid of this president. >> congresswoman maxine waters, always good to talk to you. thank you. >> you are so welcome. coming up what mlk weekend is really all about. stay with us. next time, i want you on my bowling team. [ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two?
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today we celebrate dr. king for standing up for the self-evident truth americans hold so dear that no matter what the color of our skin or the place of our birth we are all created equal by god. >> the president dare put the reverend dr. king's name in his math the day after what he said. reverend dr. james forbes, and mark thompson, host of the show "make it plain," and my apologies for cursing in front of a pastor on sunday. give me your reaction when you heard donald trump standing in
7:37 am
the oval office and reciting doctor king's words? >> good morning, and happy mlk weekend. it is clear he did not write those words, he was just reading them. there's no way he could believe the words he wrote after he said yesterday before about all of our people and all of our ancestors coming from s-hole countries. donald trump is the most overtly racist president since ronald reagan. the other presidents were more subtle about it. donald trump has done none of that. he did adopt ronald reagan's slogan, make america great again. donald trump has let us know who he is, and particularly when it comes to haiti, you know, reporters come out donald trump's own ilk, the 1% he just
7:38 am
gave the tax cut to, the people that he is buddy buddies with are the reason for some of the exploitation of some of the countries, including haiti. he laundered money by purchasing an apartment in trump tower, and a lot of people did, and you could launder money by purchasing a condo in the trump tower. he paid almost $440,000 in cash to donald trump, and donald trump's signature is on the bill of sale. that was costly to the haitian people. for him to say that when he is partially and directly responsible for that exploitation of haiti is abomb ngataable. >> i want to play what happened after donald trumps gave his remarks and let you respond.
7:39 am
>> are you a racist? mr. president, can you respond to the serious questions about your statement, sir? i'm talking to the president. mr. president, are you a racist. >> the no you heard was one of the pastors answering on his behalf. we have not seen that before, the president giving his king day remarks and then asking if he was a racist. >> joy, let's get to the point. number one, it is his words that god made everybody equal. he said that's what dr. king said. but after god made everybody equal, our society started deciding that god's decision to make all equal was not right and therefore our culture actually started making some of us less
7:40 am
than human beings, and that is we say god you are a lie, and these people from these countries are not human beings, so the s word, and you said it, please on national television let me say that word, all you all that know me i am a religious leader, but that was not the first time i heard the s-word. i heard "s" when the united states took over or at least america took over the lands of native americans, our first citizens and then they used the s-word, savages. the next time they took african-americans off of african soil and made us slaves. so when i heard the s-word the other night, my soul -- folks, i don't cuss, but my soul had a
7:41 am
broken heart attack and my soul -- i don't curse, but my tears said shit because -- now, let me calm down, because i did, and it's not so much about what trump said, it's about our whole culture has actually with another "s," that is related to ws, white supremacy ideology is at the heart of the whole american experience, not all of us are deep in it, but all of us have been influenced, and white folks and black folks, and now martin luther king's birthday, god offers all of us a chance to enjoy the year of jubilee, because it's the 50th year since america conspired to kill the
7:42 am
prophet. does america have the courage to face the truth? it takes courage, because if we face the truth, what dr. king says the whole culture has to go a radical transformation of values. we can spend our time -- you all heard me say that curse word, and i am sure i will get flack all over the word for saying it, but do we want to hear what god says to us. your whole society is messed up and messed up from the beginning, congenital transgression was part of your history. do you want to repent for it and then restructure your whole society so that it will appear that what i said in the beginning about we are all persons of worth and god -- i cussed, but god might say, yes, folks, i don't make no "s," and all of my children ought to be respected. that's very important. now you got to forgive the
7:43 am
preacher. >> no, i think we might have had a little church this morning. what should trump do on mlk did? the obamas did a day of service, they did it every year and probably will do it this year. do people want to hear from him? >> i think anything that he did would suffer from the taint of h hypocrisy. we have known since charlottesville. we didn't know when he made the comments about the central park five, and we didn't know when he was conducting practices in his apartment buildings in 1970s, if we didn't know any of the litany -- if we didn't know what he said about judge curiel, and there's nothing that happened recently that was informative. there was no epiphany that should have come out of what we just saw. if he had any kind of sense of
7:44 am
self regard or respect for dr. king's legacy, he would not say a word. eig out of respect -- in an attempt to not be a hypocrite. that's mott whnot what we will . he's been allowed to operate in such a way where his actions have been explained away, and many were in the room and knew what he said and said trump was not a racist. this is who this person is fundamentally. the last thing i want to say about this, too, and i have been saying this all along, is the united states history is enter woven with the history of haiti, and we know haiti was the second republic to declare itself after
7:45 am
the united states, and we know because of the example of the enslaved people in haiti and declared themselves independent and had the chain effect of causing the united states to abolish the slave, but nonetheless our freedom, particularly those of us that are african-americans in this country is directly connected to that, and moreover when thomas jefferson negotiated the price for the louisiana purchase, napoleon's logic was animated by the devastating loss of the revenue at the hands of the haitians. the doubling of the size of this country and those 13 states that in whole and apart kaufrcarved.
7:46 am
in 1917, the united states occupied haiti for years under the name of the monroe doctrine. the united states kept the duvall empower as a cold war prerogative allowing them to reek all sorts of havoc on the population there. if there's anything he could say to haiti would be you have our humblest apologies and please forgive us for our intrusions. >> can you stay for one more block? i asked all these guests to stay on "am joy" after the break. you. still not enough? it's smaller than i'd like. we'll help you finance your dream home. it's perfect. oh, was this built on an ancient burial ground? okay... then we'll have her cleanse your house of evil spirits. we'll do anything, (spiritual chatter) seriously anything to help you get your home.
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clearly better money management. back with me, gelani cobb, reverend james forbes and mark thompson. on the same question to you, martin luther king jr.'s nephew, isaac newton ferriss jr., executive director of the king center, attended donald trump's event. he came out and told cnn's jim acosta that he didn't think trump was racist, he just thinks that he's ignorant orationly uninformed. i wonder what you make of that and what you think we do from here? >> i think, first of all, that's
7:51 am
absurd. and racism is ignorance as well. ignorant to be racist. racism is ignorance. i'm ashamed he said that. you asked what trump should do tomorrow. if he really wants to honor dr. king, he should resign, quite frankly. but we have to deal with what he said and ongoing dehumanization as all races employ, the dehuman mization of people. remind our young people i'm thankful for the way the people ral rallied around the young man in the h&m ad. in one of dr. king's last speeches, he embraced the phrase, black is beautiful. we need to resurrect that and remind ourselves, that's the case. we're not from shithole
7:52 am
countries. we have everything to be proud of in terms of where we come from. if anything, in the parlance of the millennials, we are the shit. and dr. king gave his life. this is ironic, he gave his life for people who clean up the s-h-i-t. the sanitation workers. we need to keep on preaching his message. i'm on my way to report it. dr. forbes was cursing on tv. i can't wait to report that. love you, dr. forbes. we need to continue to preach dr. king's message. trump may as well embrace dr. king because pretty soon he'll be like dr. king writing letters from jail. >> i want to give a shout out to my pastor. luckily he's in church right now so he didn't hear me curse or you. okay. so, you know, it is interesting. i'll read a statement from the naacp by the way on donald trump's comments. as our nation fights to move forward, our president falls
7:53 am
deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of racism and xenophobia. a fabulous incredible author wrote it was all haitians have aids. this week it is we are from an s shole country. we defeated our share of racists. haiti is not an shole country. dr. king was talking about economics at the end. >> that's right. >> he was talking about a living wage, he was talking about universal health care, he was saying we need to have a radical unselfishness. he wasn't just talking about race. what can we do to move this conversation forward on a policy level? >> i think it's a lot here. i want to say it wasn't 1917, it was 1915 with haiti. it's important to recognize that there are people who see these
7:54 am
connections. so i've been in contact with and kind of shadowing reverend william barber and the moral revival and poor people's campaign that they are trying to reignite and one of the things that you look at very clearly, when you look at dr. king, we have found a comforting -- the kind of low version, decaf if he nated version of dr. king. king talked about the ways in which the homestead act going all the way back into the 19th century had provided a basis for white economic development that placed them at advantage over black people. talked about the way this happened with public policy in the 1930s and 1940s in the new deal that african-americans were excluded from that. king's written -- reading of american history was very clear in the ways in which populism
7:55 am
had been racially narrowed in order to make sure black people were excluded from that. when he was saying he wanted to create a poor people's movement, he was trying to turn that history on its head. >> yeah. nkts so . >> so i think there are people when you look the the poor people's area, we need to recognize. >> marion wright edelman who took bobby kennedy to the mississippi delta. >> that's right. >> i want to come to you lastly, dr. forbes. you're going to be with bishop barber tomorrow -- today later on this afternoon and you guys are going to be doing an action that's going to be a combination of preaching and marching. tell us a little bit about that. >> we're going to be at fifth avenue presbyterian church today. reverend barber is going to be the speaker. we're going to have a wonderful service, many interfaith leaders are going to be there. after the service we have the
7:56 am
new orleans second line tradition that's going to give us a chance to march around the church singing "when the saints go marching in." we're going to march outside, across the street to trump tower and offer prayer. we're not making political speeches, making prayer. i'll say a prayer. why? brother trump needs prayer. the country needs prayer. >> yes. >> and we all need prayer. >> amen. >> we're going to have a wonderful time in the service. this afternoon, be there. >> i work on sunday so i have to bring my services to me. i have to bring this service here and we certainly did that today with the reverend dr. dave forbes, the anointed reverend dr. mark thompson and the evangelist cobb. thank you guys. still to come on "am joy" spent the last week swearing like we have on this show but i will tell you the word that some people refuse to talk about, and that is next. how do you win at business?
7:57 am
7:58 am
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how long did it take you two to save that? a long time. then it's a fortune. well, i'm sure you talk to people all the time who think $100k is just pocket change. right now we're just talking to you. i told you we had a fortune. yes, you did. getting closer to your investment goals starts with a conversation. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today. when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. >> welcome back to "a.m. joy." while donald trump claimed barack obama was not born in the united states, it was the words you heard that launched his presidential campaign eventually elevating him to the highest seat in the land. we have a president stained by racism and yet the media was
8:01 am
particularly tested this week around two specific words, first, whether or not to print or speak the profanity the president himself used in referring to african countries and, second, whether or not to use the r word, racist, in describing donald trump himself or his comments. often the word racist has notably been absent in the media's coverage of trump replaced with softer buzz words, vulgar, offensive, derogatory. several print media outlets made the deliberate choice to call it by its name. we saw it, too, on trump's favorite medium, television. >> i can say now donald trump is a racist. >> yeah, absolutely. >> i can say that now. >> this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. the president of the united states is racist. a lot of us already knew that. >> perhaps the white house feels the president's remarks will be well received in some parts of this country among some parts of the president's base, but it doesn't make what he said any
8:02 am
less ignorant or any less racist. not racial, racially charged, racist. >> it's been no secret that trump harbors ill will about black or brown people by the shole comment. has the tide finally turned, if not now, when? joining me is gabriel sherman, anoushay how sane, kurt ikenwald and e.j. dye odion. jonathan, you hauled behind to a studio for me because i was not feeling well. so you were there to be my backup. i wanted to thank you for that just in case i keeled over on the set. thank you for doing that, first of all, my friend. i want to go to you first. you write for the washington post. i know there's been the convention in print media to be
8:03 am
very careful about using words like racist. is there a notable sort of lift of the burden off the shoulders of journalists and columnists to use that word when it comes to trump? >> well, look, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's racist. there's no way around it. >> but ducks are wonderful. let's just stipulate. >> don't insult ducks. >> not what i'm doing here. >> the president has made it easy. i on the opinion page was way out there on june 16th, 2015, calling donald -- then candidate donald trump racist for what he did in the opening moments of his presidential campaign in the clip that you just showed, calling mexicans rapists. then i started cataloging seemingly weekly the number of things he would do to sort of prove this. there was a moment during the campaign in 2016 when trump was going after judge curio and going after his mexican heritage
8:04 am
first by erroneously saying that the judge was mexican. and so there were people in the media who were finally saying, oh, my god, he's running a racist campaign. i have to get up there and say, why are y'all surprised? have you not been listening? and so now that the president -- now that he's president of the united states and has said -- and has said the things that he has said, reported and backed up by senator durbin and senator graham, how can we not call the president racist? it's not being inflammatory, it's being factual. >> you know, i'm going to stay with my access of wapo, go to e.j. dionne, my friend. there's a little bit of hedging, especially on the print side in the way that donald trump was being described. there was a politico headline that said trump racism may have been key to ending daca. it's not 100%, but do you think that this is a positive development, that people are being sort of free to kind of
8:05 am
call things what they are, or does it sort of risk dulling people's senses to the idea of racism, period? >> i think people are dulled to trump. by the way, joy, get well soon. the headline on this show is -- >> thank you. >> -- joy defends ducks against soar. i think it's a positive thing that so many people who have tried to be careful, who want to maintain their standing, particularly for our friends who aren't opinion writers or opinion journalists, who are trying to say i'm as fair as could be, they took the facts exactly where they should go as jonathan suggested. i think one of the most striking things in this was not simply the shole comment itself, but when trump went on to say, well, what we really want are people from norway and not people from, say, africa. now i honestly don't think that
8:06 am
donald trump wants a whole lot of progressive and social democratic norwegians coming to the united states. i don't think that was his motivation here. and so i think that, yes, there is a kind of breakthrough here, but i caution myself all the time. day after day i have said to myself, okay, well, this is it. people are really going to see who trump is, and then things go on the way they are. so i do think it's a good thing that people are calling a racist a racist, but we've got a long way to go still, alas. >> let me go to kurt ikenwald. you've known donald trump for quite some time and covered him for quite some time. i want you to respond, kurt, to the way that rand paul chose to defend donald trump today and his reason for objecting to the idea of calling him racist. take a listen. >> some people in the media have gone completely bonkers with add
8:07 am
hominym on the president. i want to see an immigration compromise. you can't have one if everybody is out there calling the president a racist. >> kurt? >> basically what he's arguing is we all have to pretend that he's wearing a pretty dress so that we can have a deal. look, you know, the bottom line here is that the man said what he said. a and, yes, e.j. is completely right. he wasn't saying we need a lot of, you know, really progressive -- the progressives of norway to come here, we need white people. that's what he was talking about. and, you know, when i knew donald trump in the '80s up through the '90s i actually hedged on the racism. what i thought about him was basically he just hated anybody who wasn't like himself. you know, that he couldn't associate. he hated the rich people who had more class than him. he hated everybody.
8:08 am
then i had the pleasure while he was running for president of going through the files from his discrimination case where he was -- he and his father were blocking minorities from gaining apartments in their buildings, and the man's a racist. i mean, there's no two ways around it. and what we have here -- and, again, remember, i'm the one who took the longest to get there. >> yeah. >> what we have here is an absolute demonstration of the fact that he's a racist. and if observing reality stops us from having an immigration deal, well then, the republican party needs to get a backbone and start worrying about what policy should be and not whether donald trump's feelings are hurt or racist's feelings are hurt. >> i'm going to come back to the media side. i want to go to anousha on that point of policy. democrats face a question
8:09 am
whether or not of negotiating with this person. what are you hearing out there? do democrats think they should still stay at the table which is what rand paul says they should do? >> i don't understand how we should go on with this. really quick, joy, i never had the luxury of debating if donald trump is racist or not. i don't think black and brown people ever had this. i don't know why the shithole comment is -- >> we're cable. >> or cable, exactly. well, i don't know why this was the straw that broke the camel's back. no -- this is breaking news? i was going to say another bad word. i stopped myself. yes, we know this. we know this, guys. yes, donald trump is a racist. remember when he called nazis very fine people. he never said anything about that american woman, american citizen who was killed by nazi violence on the streets of charlottesville and then he says the word shithole and everybody goes crazy?
8:10 am
yeah, we know he's a racist. it's not only immigration policy, we've got a much bigger problem. >> i don't know that he's tweeted or said any comfort towards the people in hawaii with the huge scare. meanwhile on earth, this was fox news and this was their reaction, tucker carlson and jesse waters. this was their reaction to what donald trump said. >> so if you say norway is a better place to live and haiti's kind of a hole, anyone who's been in those areas would agree. we're jumping up and down saying you can't say that. why wouldn't you say that? >> this doesn't move the needle. he shoots from the hip and if he offends some people, fine. >> and yet you did have fo fox & friends friday morning just before donald trump tweeted out his somewhat walk back, let's play cut three. this is donald trump's friend at fox & friends.
8:11 am
this is their reaction. >> number one, president made a mistake in making those comments, no question. >> sure. >> not positive. not going to move the story forward. i think he should walk it back. >> then he kind of did. at 7:28. that was at 7:06 a.m. at 7:28 a.m. donald trump tweeted, the language used by me at the daca meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. what was really tough was the outlandish proposal made, blah, blah, blah. what do you think happened between the primetime show that will defend him to the death and then morning? is this the mourdock effect or was that an outlying thing on fox? >> my sense, that is an outlying thing. brian killmeade has privately said he does not like the image that fox & friends is the mouth piece of donald trump. >> then why do they continue to do it. >> he makes a lot of money to do that. the issue is i think we should stop thinking of fox news as a news network.
8:12 am
>> right. >> it really exists to help donald trump. under roger ales, fox news existed to help the republican party. now it has moved to help donald trump as a person, as a politician. we saw the primetime anchors do that because they needed to sort of form this wall around donald trump. i think brian's comments were clearly in isolation. >> yeah, absolutely. >> go on. >> if i can, i want to share a little bit of inside knowledge on fox. you know, i think we ultimately -- yeah, we've got to stop pretending that fox is a news channel. it is a broadcast network that is an off shoot of the trump white house, but more important, it is a speaker phone for the white nationalist movement. i have been personally attacked physically by -- you know, i appeared on a tucker carlson show. as soon as tucker asked his
8:13 am
first question, the volume in my earpiece went down. tucker then began asking questions when i was speaking. you know very well that if you asked me a question right now i couldn't understand it. he did the same thing to max boot, a prominent conservative because max boot is a never trump. tucker's a fraud and tucker has a lot of anti-sem miitic viewer alt right viewers. one intentionally acted to -- knew i had epilepsy. intentionally acted to cause a seizure, cause long-term damage and i have been getting -- i'm not even -- i'm not even jewish. every time fox says something about me i get, you know, eichenwald and all of these attacks. my family has been threatened. my children have been threatened. it is -- it is a constant thing
8:14 am
that fox keeps -- you know, i have notified fox through their legal department, through their correspondence and the rest that every time they play this up, every time they lie about me on the air they're ginning up their anti-semites to come after me. jesse waters, a week ago, my wife started getting all of these attacks on facebook and so i was like, okay, who on -- who on fox just did something? it was jesse waters. jesse waters literally pulled arguments that were going back and forth on white supremacist conversation sites and recited them himself and they were false and they were -- you know, and i reached out to jesse three times saying, call me. he won't. this is not a news organization. >> gabe, are they -- are the executives at fox, because you do know lockland and the mourdocks have sort of taken back over the organization and
8:15 am
they're not roger ales. are they aware of the synergy or the sort of breitbartization of fox news? in addition to being conservative. >> as i have said, mourdock has expressed unease and james murdoch released the public e-mail that was printed that said he was going to donate, i believe, $1 million to the adl after charlottesville. that said, fox news is the single most profitable division in the mourdock media empire. it funds it so mourdock can public "the new york post" which loses $40 million a year. the thing to get ratings on fox is the program the hard line pro trump nativist message and that's what allows mourdock to run the rest of his businesses. >> very interesting. thank you all very much. coming up next, we'll tell you
8:16 am
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when we got the alarm we were actually terrified. we were on the 36th floor of our hotel, and we didn't know what to do. we were kind of frantic. >> i just started running. we went to this other place in
8:20 am
the building where most of the people were just running on the street. they were all desperate. >> on saturday the americans who are the most vulnerable to the nuclear threat from north korea got a taste of the nightmare scenario we have all feared with donald trump and his itchy button finger in the white house. yesterday in hawaii just after 8:00 a.m. time their phones lit up with this. ballistic missile in bound. seek immediate shelter. this is not a drill. following 20 minutes of panic throughout the state, emergency management officials sent an e-mail saying it was a mistake. it took 40 minutes for them to get the all clear message on their cell phones. hawaii's mayor said the false alarm was caused when the employees were checking the alert system and one pushed the wrong button. joining me is a three member
8:21 am
panel. congressman swalwell, i want to go to you first. number one, how on earth could it be that easy to send an alert to that many people? how could this happen? and why did it take so long for the all clear to be sent by the same cell phone system? >> good morning, joy. yes, you know, think about how long it takes to log into your facebook account on your phone or you have to get a code if you access it remotely. how could one person make such a mistake but i think the question congress has to look at is why did it take so long to correct this mistake? i can't imagine the panic and the terror that people were in. finally, if you didn't believe in god before this happened, i hope you do now because donald trump was on the golf course when this happened. thank god that's where he was and he was nowhere near where much worse damage could have been caused. >> i think that is the point.
8:22 am
that's the second question i want to come to you on. for a lot of people this was both -- you know, you think of the panic of the people themselves, people making their last phone calls to loved ones, wondering where their kids were, the actual panic of the people in hawaii themselves. also, there was a secondary thought. donald trump is off on the golf course somewhere but he's also the guy who has threatened to use nuclear weapons so the idea of an accident nuclear war because he misinterprets what's happening was in the back of a lot of people's minds. "new york times" wrote an editorial. mr. trump has boasted about the size and power of america's nuclear arsenal, pushed for massive buildup of an arsenal that has too many, 4,000 warheads and wondered allowed why the united states has such weapons if it's not prepared to use them. his policies are a major departure in american culture. no one believes they'll ever be
8:23 am
used. the lower explosive warheads are used for a deterrent is insane. a lot of people have said if donald trump, who gets his news from fox & friends and heard about this in hawaii, that he could tweet we're going to annihilate north korea and then we're at war. is congress doing anything to stop that? >> we're trying. ted lu is leading legislation that is important that would prevent a first preemptive strike. we have to put as many guardrails in place as possible. the best thing we can do in the shortest amount of time is to take back the house. republicans will not stand up to this president but in the meantime, let's just book him -- >> that's interesting. i want to go to navid on that. donald trump was on the golf course. a lot of people tweeted, thank god he's on the golf course. you and i had a conversation yesterday where you had a different take on the idea that
8:24 am
he was on the golf course, maybe we shouldn't thank god he was on the golf course and unreachable. were you thanking god that donald trump was away on the golf course when this happened, navid? >> i agree with the congressman. by the grace of god we've come out relatively unscathed. yeah, yesterday for me was a defining moment. every president, joy, has dealt with crises, right? eric and i have spoken about 9/11. when you think about september 11th, whatever you think about george w. bush, in the moments after 9/11 george bush i think handled everything perfectly. i mean, there's no criticism i can put in terms of how he managed things with a steady hand, how he reassured the country. he was presidential. there will come a time when every president will be tested by a crisis. when you think about donald trump and when you think of that potential for a real crisis, we've had them in puerto rico, we had them yesterday, but when you think of a president who's transactional, when you think of a president who has no
8:25 am
intellectual curiosity, when you think of a president who shoots from the hip, i worry tremendously how he will manage a crisis, a real crisis in which this isn't a drill, in which this isn't a simple mistake or a few lives at risk, where the balance of humanity relies on how he makes that decision. to me that's terrifying. i have to say, joy, when i think about that, when i think about that truly it makes me wonder that this is a president who's a president in title alone. he's not a leader. when we consider that we have to have an honest discussion with ourselves. is this a person who has the attributes to hold those types of decisions that the world lies in the balance. and if you look at yesterday and you say as did congress rightfully say, thank god he was on the golf course. also, where was he? do we want him to be in a position -- do we want him to be in a position to respond to this? i don't. i think that that is the thing that scares me every day tremendously. >> you know, natasha, there was
8:26 am
some reporting yesterday that the white house when this happened was scrambling, the staff, the teams were scrambling with what to do, that they didn't know how to respond to this. john kelly when he was the head of the department of homeland security didn't get the opportunity to conduct the drills necessary to sort of teach the senior staff to respond to an emergency. when he left his team never did the drills. they were literally unsure of how to handle the situation. does that comport with your reporting? >> yes. they actually came out with a statement that turned out to be incorrect. they said this was a state exercise when in fact it was part of the employee's handover to another shift and this employee actually pushed the wrong button. so the fact that the white house came out with a statement that seemed to place all of the blame on hawaii and it actually turned out to be an incorrect statement really speaks to the idea that they had no idea how to react to this. they did not realize that this was even a possibility that this mistake could happen. it really underscores the
8:27 am
extents to which they need to get serious about putting mechanisms in place. hopefully this never happens again, but to calm them down. the first tweet the president put out was slamming fake news. that's something he's been heavily criticized over. three hours after this really alarming thing happened he was talking about his media coverage. so this is really something the white house is going to have to get it back together on. >> there are a couple of things there, congressman. the part of what natasha just said. donald trump's constantly denigrating the news media means that the only source of information for many americans about what's happening when an emergency takes place, he has said, you can't trust them. that's one problem. the second problem is just the ineptness of his team and the fact that they don't know what to do when an emergency happens. you are a congressman from california, california is also in the pacific area. hawaii is 20 minutes in terms of
8:28 am
a missile being able to launch, 5 minutes to determine the direction, 12 to 15 minutes to warn the public. it took so long, 39 minutes for the public record to be corrected. do we need to have systems in place so that if the president isn't capable, that there's some other backup mechanism to make sure that people are informed? >> yes, joy. command has to come from the top and leadership from the top. the american people deserve, particularly hawaiians, you can't imagine how gutt wrenching it was to scramble for your kids and try to find them shelter, they deserved more from the president once this mistake was acknowledged to console them, to tell them we'd be working to ensure this doesn't happen again. they deserve to have another fake news post. to naveed's point, it shows the lack of leadership we have in the oval office. as much as we would like to glibly count on the president being out at the golf course
8:29 am
when something like this happens, we can't bank on that being the case all the time. i think congressional leadership is going to have to counter the incompetence at the white house. >> naveed, you were probably more generous to george w. bush than others would be, in the media there were hours he was in commuumulativommune -- communic. what do you make of president trump within several hours, what do you make of the fact that donald trump has still not said anything about what happened in hawaii? >> he's still going off on the book. on one level it's telling of the man. on the other level, you know, what concerns me, if he had gone to the twitter and had said something potentially -- you know, something about a conspiracy with the north koreans, they were watching this. we're trying to interpret this. now decrypting the president's
8:30 am
tweets to kim jong-un. if that had been misconstrued, they could have thought this was the precursor to the first strike. that's how war starts. on one level every time he tweets it becomes evidence that can be used against him. every time he tweets the rest of the world is trying to figure out what's happening. we're this close for someone to misconstrue and misanalyze and this will escalate. that's frightening. >> donald trump is saying he does not trust america's intelligence services when it comes to russia. how much concern is there that they would not be trusted if they were to try to explain to him what's going on in a situation like what we just saw? >> extreme concern. i mean, donald trump since before he was even inaugurated has been casting doubt on the intelligence community because of the russia investigation. he sees them as a threat to his presidency. he sees them as a check on his power and that's what former
8:31 am
intelligence officials have told me. they're concerned that he won't read the intelligence that they give him because he is so scatter brained and during his intelligence briefing he doesn't seem that interested in what he's being told. there have been numerous moments in history where miscommunications have really created serious problems between the american president and leaders of foreign countries. in terms of misinterpreting something if the intelligence officials tell them. if the intelligence community overlooks it, doesn't read it. t as they get him more information about the north korean threat. >> thank you all. >> my pleasure. coming up, trump's first presidential physical. our doctor, "am joy" doctor cory a bare makes a house call next.
8:32 am
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as the nation prepares to mark the holiday in honor of the reverend dr. martin luther king jr., we wanted to note a major voting rights victory this week. a panel of federal judges on tuesday ruled that north carolina's congressional map is unconstitutional saying republicans in north carolina's legislature were motivated by inindividual yous partisan intent.
8:36 am
the judges gave the state legislature two weeks to come up with a replacement map but republicans are vowing to appeal to the supreme court. more "am joy" coming up. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast).
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i definitely feel like i'm in a dependable vehicle right now. woman 2: i want a chevy now. woman 3: i know! what do you get from subsisting on a dozen diet coax a day, mcdonald's cheeseburgers, overcooked steak with ketchup, chocolate cake with ice cream, two scoops, and an exercise routine that consists of riding
8:40 am
around on golf courses and tweeting. a clean bill of health, of course. on friday press secretary sarah huckabee sanders released a statement attributed to white house physician ronnie jackson with his name spelled wrong the press's physical exam went exceptionally well. the president is in excellent health and i look forward to briefing some of the details on tuesday. joining me now is our resident doctor here on "am joy" dr. cory a bare, ceo of community health tv. great to see you. >> how are you today? >> you know, i may need to consult you later. i'm not feeling so well. we'll talk about that. >> we'll talk about that. >> donald trump is using the same physician, dr. ronnie jackson, that president obama used. >> sure. >> that tweet that was september out where he says the president is in excellent health, people noted it for a lot of reasons. one, the misspelling of his name. >> that's right.
8:41 am
>> the fact i look forward. it's meant to seem like it's coming from him. >> sure. >> the language and superlatives is different than he wrote about president obama. it's very mundane, really doctory language. >> yeah. >> president obama has completed his fourth physical examination, did you find anything weird purported to be from ronnie jackson? >> joy, seriously, regardless of what any of trump's doctors happen to say, any clinician with a common sense attitude at all could deduce that our president is not in such excellent shape. i mean, first of all, his irrational disdain for exercise is abhorrent. number two, cory lewandowski said on air trump one that the four food groups were what? we remember, pizza, kfc, mcdonald's and diet coax and he drinks 13 diet coax a day. he routinely will sit down in one sitting and have two big
8:42 am
macs, two fillet owe fish and a chocolate shake. at this moment ronald mcdonald trump could expire before his term does if he doesn't get impeached. his doctors are doing the worst thing because they're misleading. kennedy had addison's disease. they covered that up. 1919 woodrow wilson actually had a stroke and no one knew so they shouldn't really lie or be misleading because, you know, that would be disingenuous. we know none of trump's people or trump could be disingenuous. i'm just sayin'. >> fake news, it's 12 diet coax. he tweeted, it was interesting, i had to put up with fake news from the first day i announced that i was running with president. now i have to put up with a fake book. written by a totally discredited author. ronald regan had the same problem and handled it well. i note that to note that ronald regan, as he just said, had alzheimer's as well and the
8:43 am
americans were not allowed to know that until after he left office. >> sure. sure. >> the hill reported on january 8th, the day after, that donald trump's physical would not include a psychiatric evaluation or neurological evaluation. do you think that presidents should receive a neurological examination with their physical? >> well, let's be clear. first of all, a president doesn't actually -- doesn't have to have a physical at all nor does he have to divulge any of the stuff that we want to know as citizens. he is a citizen as well. so the choice is more like a photo op just to say that he did have it. i think they should have it and if he happened to have just medicare, if he came to our clinic, he would actually have to have a mental status exam and a cognitive status exam. that's part of what we must do. so the fact that he didn't have one, once again, is misleading, by i just want the folks out there to know, he doesn't have to do any of it and we have to remember that. what we have to remember also is the 25th amendment is what we're
8:44 am
looking at to say, is he fit? is he not fit? so many doctors have come up and said they're concerned because, you know, if i saw president trump, you know, limping around and no one said that he had a broken leg, it would be my -- my -- my serious duty to say, look, well, his doctor says he doesn't have a broken leg but i think he does as a doctor. that's not saying i should diagnose him, but that's my responsibility. and i think that the doctors that are looking at his psychiatric status right now, that's their responsibility to say something. now whether they can make a diagnosis, they should not do that, but his doctor, whether he spells his name right or wrong, needs to make sure that we do that because we're nervous. just so you can know, you're never going to know until it's too late. >> i agree. i want to use the last remaining few seconds of our time to shift from donald trump's health to the rest of the nation's. one of the things this administration is doing is trying to implement a work requirement for medicaid.
8:45 am
>> yes. >> what would that do in the real world? >> that's so sad. kentucky was the first state to do it. they have the 11/15 waiver to do it. they shouldn't do t. think about this, you're a kentucky tutuck. 500,000 people got it. 80 hours per month or they will take their insurance. if i was a kentuckyian, i would be imagine. >> garbage in, garbage out. that's what donald trump is doing. that's what his whole regime is doing. the kentuckians and everyone else, you have to have some type of job, in school full time or you have to have some type of community engagement. a lot of times in a lot of urban areas that's going to be jail and so that's just not a good thing, right? everybody needs to be on the
8:46 am
lookout for this because it's coming. please, get your ducks in a row. >> a lot of people who are not working who are receiving medicaid is because they're sick, it's because they're disabled. they are not well. >> exactly. just to be fair, there is a frail doctrine in this thing that if you can prove that you're medically frail, that they'll waive it. good luck with that. >> dr. common sense we call him. dr. cory a bare, thank you very much, my friend. >> go saints. >> he got that in there. you see how he did that. >> sorry. got to do it. >> that's okay. thank you very much. coming up at the top of the hour, donald trump's latest attacks on the media in "time magazine's" fiery new cover. >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite.
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this is an outpouring of energy and true democracy like i have never seen in my very long life. >> how do you mark the first anniversary of tone of the largest demonstrations in u.s. history? you do it again of course. women have take to the streetds in las vegas for an event dubbed power to the polls, a national
8:51 am
campaign for the midterm elections and beyond. joining me is linda and nantasha. linda, i'll come to you on this first. what will you do to distinguish it from last year? what will be the practical purpose of this march in. >> last year the first day oaf donald trump's office we showed what it looks like. we have to win joy. we have no choice fwou win. people are counting on us. we'll take the movement to the polls. we'll be registering voters across the country specifically focusing on ten states where there's an opportunity for us to flip districts and we are going to nevada. i'm saying that -- >> yes. they will come for you.
8:52 am
>> yes. we are so excited about the communities that are welcoming us and they will send a strong message that you are not going to be able to know what is coming in 2018 but we are definitely going to win. >> i think one of the challenges when you talk to voters of color, they don't have an attachment. i think they have a looser attachment. we don't get much back in terms of loyalty especially black women. >> exactly. >> but at the same time when you're talking to people and women of color, do they have a sense that sit a only vehicle and they have to ride with it? >> i think this is really personal for me. running for office really inspired a lot of my peers. i didn't see people that looked like me. i think the sheer nature of having people that looked like us is really important.
8:53 am
i am thrilled to help us lead to mobilize voters that look like me. you look at powers that be are overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly men. it is important that we have the right people in office. you'll see racist policies and a racist agenda. he said freedom is not volunteered by the opressers. i think we need to demand our freedom and justice come november at the polls. >> and m.l.k. was not partisan. he was willing to -- in all of those organizations they demanded both of the platforms. there was never an endorsement.
8:54 am
you very much pushed back against democratic party. how do you get people who are young and trying to get involved to say i will roll with this party even if it is perfect because i think i can negotiate with them. is that message getting throw people as they are registering to vote? >> i think what will happen is the democratic party will win. they will win through a model outside of the democratic party. i have no loyalty to any parties. i have loyalty to the ones that we organize with. we are going to be supporting candidates based on policy platform. if you stand with undocumented people, native, poor people you'll find us there. we are telling people we'll engage in a collective vote. this is not about my personal feelings. it is about people literally being snatched from their homes. they are at risk of being
8:55 am
deported. they are people who are separated from their families from these bans. we are talking about personal pain and trauma that is being put forth on our community. we are asking people to join us in a movement vote literally a collective vote. we believe in the poor peoples campaign, this intersectional coalition that are saying we made a mistake. we want to get down with you. we want to have jobs. we are excited about organizing a new vet of voters many have not been engaged by the democratic party. we'll have people all over the country and then in 2018 we'll come back and say we won together. >> young people of color don't normally vote. are they going to do it this year? >> yes. through the work of womens march and invigorating them to get to the polls. i this i they have seen that.
8:56 am
if you look at the people that have been coming out in virginia and alabama i think we are getting those people activated. >> i'm holding you personally to that. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much. linda and nantasha. more after the break.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good day everyone. we are just about there at high
9:00 am
noon there. here is what's happening. >> it is pretty shocking language and to say i don't recall seems implausible. if the president of the united states used the word blank hole talking about countries in the oval office or didn't say it i would know. >> out itright denials. you'll hear first reaction. at odds a new dispute over what president trump said in a newspaper interview about kim jong un. plus the ranking member, adam schiff, i'll ask if it caused greater panic in hawaii yesterday. what are they writing about his first year? a look inside


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