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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 18, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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pitch in person. >> thank you for joining us on this. i wish there were like three that were not obvious. >> we know the cities that have made it to the next round. if i was a betting woman, i don't think toronto is going to get it. thank you for joining us on this hour of velshi and reuhl. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," who's the boss? president trump reportedly furious at his chief of staff over general kelly telling media that president trump was naive about immigration. >> campaigning and governing is two different things and this president has been very, very flexible as to what is within the realms of the possible. moving target, the president tweets that he does not like the latest republican compromise to avoid a shutdown, raising the possibility of no deal before the deadline tomorrow night.
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>> see what happens, it's up to the democrats. >> and love is in the air. the pope makes history at 30,000 feet when he married two flight attendants on his plane while flying over south america. >> this never happened before on a papal plane and that is the pope married a couple who hadn't been married in church. it's totally legit and everyone's happy. >> good day, we brought that to you because there should be something to be happy about today. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. no happiness here, the battle over immigration driving a wedge between the president and his chief of staff. for the first time, president trump publicly at odds with john kelly who said candidate trump was not fully informed when he promised a border wall between the u.s. and mexico. >> there's been an evolutionary process that this president has
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gone through, as a campaign, i pointed out to people in the rooma they say things during the course of a campaign that have not been fully informed. he's definitely changed due to the daca issue and building the wall. >> in an early morning tweet storm, president trump fighting back hard, reiterating his promise to build a border wall. joining me now is nbc's peter alexander. garrett haake on capitol hill, and jacob sokeroff. it's always quite a drama when you have all these guidelines for a government shutdown. but when y b >> reporter: not just on the
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issue of immigration, the president talked about one of these key sweeteners, which is chip for six more years, the president said that chip should be part of a long-term solution not a 30-day or short-term extension. the president wasn't entirely clear that this was in fact a longer term solution for chip more broadly. that is a statement the white house has posted to try to clarify the president's position here, the white house previously said the president liked the cr, politico posting that the president according to one of the press secretaries, rob shaw, that the president supports the resolution in the house, they go on to say that congress needs to do its job and provide more funding with the troops and military with a two-year set of budget caps, but the president wants to ensure our military and national security are funded, he will not let it be held hostage by democrats. important to note, the military does not just shut down, even
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when there is a government shutdown, however those soldiers and other members of the armed forces may not get paid until that shutdown concludes, but this is the first time the president's been at the helm during one of these shutdown show downs, and his negotiating style with that back and forth with kelly and that tweet this morning, show that sometimes it can be a complicating factor. >> you even had john cornyn, one of the republican leaders pointing out that this is a six-year extension of that child health insurance program not a short-term extension. so what is the outlook there, have you been going through the halls talking to people? they are losing some democrats who wanted to go for this child health extension and give up on the d.r.e.a.m.ers, others are saying now, it's an absolute bottom line, they'll take the shutdown. and then both sides gaming who would get the blame, the
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republica republicans having both the presidency and capitol hill. >> reporter: no one in either house knows where the president stands on all these key issues. on the house side of this, the president's tweet this morning makes it a lot easier for democrats to walk away from supporting this spending deal, if the president doesn't even support this extension of the children's health insurance program, why should i? the president even tweeting this morning, the house freedom caucus this morning were saying there were leaders in the house that don't think it can get done. you heard john cornyn's tweet, you heard mitch mcconnell on the immigration part of this saying they don't know where the president stands. and that's increasingly what i'm hearing talking to senators from both parties, they want to see some presidential leadership on this, they want to know what kind of deal can be struck. and andrea, just within the last
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10 minutes a new wrinkle in this, jerry moran, a republican senator from kansas just put forward the idea of doing an even shorter cr, just a handful of days, just getting into next week, on the idea that it would force these parties to negotiate on the daca portion of this, potentially jamming up the white house and other negotiators on this, and see if they can't force a deal through, setting all these other issues aside just to get this done. that's sort of the graham-durbin forces are excited about. it's an intriguing possibility. we'll see where it goes, the next six hours are going to be very interesting. >> get your running shoes on. that of course is a possibility of a compromise on the d.r.e.a.m.ers, which went completely off the rails after that presidential comment last week. so jacob, you have revisited a that you first met at cal state fullerton and talked to the people really affected by that. i wanted to play some of that and then come to you.
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>> your sister was telling me she thinks about studying abroad if deportation ever happened, do you ever run through your options in your head what you might do? >> yeah, i'm pretty set on staying here, whatever happens, happens. >> reporter: these next couple of days could be crucial as to whether or not there's a fix to daca, are you in limbo a little bit. >> we have never been sure, we knew that daca was a temporary aid. >> reporter: are you going to try and renew? >> yeah, yeah, of course. >> jason, california has more d.r.e.a.m.ers than any other state. >> it's 800,000 total across the country, and that's what we have to remember, these people came to the united states when they were young children and i met that young woman about four months ago when she was at cal state fullerton when she was in
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limbo when she wasn't sure if president trump would pass daca. these young people, what they're going to do, depending whether or not there is a fix to daca, miriam said she might study abroad if she gets deported, she's never been to mexico. and her brother said he's going to stay in los angeles if they're not able to fix this thing and wait to see if they come and find him. >> peter alexander, and of course garrett haake. and attorney general javier, you as a top california official, have the legal responsibility to perhaps enforce this if it comes to a showdown for all of your young residents? >> i remember those days on the hill and you never want to watch a b-rated movie more than once
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anyhow. i think it's unfortunate what's going on, there is by partisan support for a daca agreement that would give permanent status, there is i believe bipartisan support to the new d program. now it's on the brink again. and if congress had its own way to do this without the interference of the white house, a good agreement could be reached. but as you just mentioned, it seems like 2 white hou s like t continues to get in the way. i hope they would work feverishly, and there's no reason why no good agreement on daca and a good agreement on the children's health insurance program couldn't get reached now. >> when you talk about the words that the president keeps using, is a big california case,
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regarding someone who was here illegally. so this whole immigration issue is very focused on your state, enforcement, people who don't get picked up. what more can you do with homeland perhaps to protect people from those cases that do crop up? this has been one of the president's big arguments. >> on a daily basis, in fact including today, my division of law enforcement in the state of california is likely working with i.c.e., with fbi, with dea, to go after sex traffickers, drug traffickers, potential terrorists, what we're not going to do is work with them on deportation, that's their job, they shouldn't try to commandeer us to do their work. and certainly whatever they do, they're going to do according to the law. they have a lot of good hard working folks in law enforcement, including in i.c.e. we understand that they have that responsibility, we'll work
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with them where we can in doing the types of work that keep our people safe, but they should not ask us to do immigration enforcement in california when we're trying to keep our people safe from the criminals that are roams. there's a clear way to move forward with our partners at the federal level in law enforcement, there should be no disagreement here and we could just do this the right way. >> what about i.c.e. is planning a passive immigration sweep. >> it's rumors, it's just like the rumors going on in d.c. about the budget and the rest, it's all rumors. we obviously are going to be prepared to deal with what happens in our state of california, we expect everyone to respect the u.s. constitution and we expect the people here in california to respect california it's laws and we'll make sure that everyone's aware of their rights and responsibilities and california has some new laws starting in 2018, and it's
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important that people know their rights and responsibilities. because as the saying goes, ignorance of the law is no excuse. >> what are you telling people to do in these very tenuous days? >> i just did a meeting with the three systems of higher education, where all four of us came together to say, right now the department of homeland security is taking applications again to renew your authorization under daca for another two years with your work permit. you should seriously consider doing that, talk to someone that gives you good advice whether it's your attorney or someone you trust and make a decision, but right now there's a possibility for you to renew your status and you should. >> i also want to ask you about marijuana legalization, because you have joined 18 attorneys general to ask congress to advance legislation to ask the marijuana industry to
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participate in the banking system in states that have legalized recreational pot because there's an effort to perhaps retaliate against the banks and the banks are obviously nervous about financing some of these start ups. >> i think california made the right decision, we decided to regulate not criminalize marijuana and we have a lot of people who come forward who want to do it above ground, they don't want to do under ground economy stuff, that's against the law, they're willing to follow the rules, get a license, get a permit, report their income, we think that's the way to do this, and it makes it tough when these businesses that are out there doing it transparently, can't find a way to bank their business. and if you have to do everything with cash, that becomes dangerous for everyone. so we're asking the federal government to help us make sure that those who want to do this the right way, the legitimate way and pay their taxes and show us exactly how they're doing their business the right way, they should be able to bank the way any other legitimate business can. and so our effort and it's a by
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partisan effort to make sure that this industry does it the right way, not the way it's been done in the past, the wrong way. >> thanks for being with us, a lot on your plate today. and coming up, crisis,president trump meeting with the military officials, top military brass at the pent in the tank. and we' that's coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. and sometimes, i don't eat the way i should. so, i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing. boost high protein nutritional drink has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle and 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d. all with a great taste. boost gives me everything i need... to be up for doing what i love. boost high protein be up for it you can do it. we can do this.
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at this hour, president trump is now meeting with senior military leaders at the pentagon as north and south korea overnight agreed to field a joint women's hockey team. that's a first, and to march together at next month's winter olympics under the korea unification flag. this however could undercut the trump administration's intention to take a hard line against north korea. saying russia is not helps us at all against north korea. that's the issue we're struggling with. thank you very much. general, i wanted to ask you about this, there was the summit in vancouver that i was covering, where tillerson and others are trying to take a hard line against smuggling, they're talking about maritime interdictions possibly, now overnight you've got this north-south agreement that has
9:19 am
the u.s. concerned that it's sending too soft a signal to kim jong-un. how do you feel about that? >> during the last 30 years, three generations of this family have provoked the united states and the regional partners, then demanded negotiations and then got a reward and then provoke again, so we shouldn't assume anything's going to come out of the north-south dialogue, not that it's necessarily bad. the economic sanctions may well indeed be having an impact on knot korea. but at the end of the day, it is impossible to imagine that the north koreans will denuclearize, so to some extent, this is all background noise, we have to go through the motions, but we need to be prepared to live with a nuclear armed north korea that can hit the united states. >> at the same time they have reiterated over and over again, the administration officials,
9:20 am
tillerson overnight on his flight back, that denuclearization is their demand, it's their goal before any talks can take place? >> well, no question. it looks to me as if we're in this binary decision process, we can either at the end of the day, mitigate the danger of a nuclear armed north korea with icbm's that could reach the entire united states, within a couple of years, or we can entertain the notion of a conventional first strike. i don't think we're going to do the latter because the immediate impact would be a disaster. so again, i think backing off a larger strategy needs to be attempt economic constraints on the north koreans to make them pay a price, but part building credible ballistic missile defense. >> and at the same time, the president telling reuters that it is very possible a standoff cannot be resolved peacefully. there is reports about a so-called punch in the nose, a bloody nose possibility, a limited nuclear strike to try to
9:21 am
get their attention. how are they really seriously considering something like this? >> i don't think so. i think what actually is happening is, the armed forces, i think, quietly are preparing for war. clearly that's a potential outcome, certainly if the north koreans miscalculate and do some gross provocation, fire 100 artillery rounds into downtown seoul, something of that nature, i think we would end up in an immediate war. but most of this is background movements by the armed forces to enhance diplomacy, which i don't think is going to work. so again i think the problem is we're going to end up with a nuclear armed north korea, at which point andrea, the sad part of this is our strategy will be pre-emptive nuclear strike when we think they're about to launch, so it will raise the anxiety and the danger level of
9:22 am
a nuclear conflict enormously when they actually have a dozen icbms that we think will work. >> and obviously what happened in hawaii where you are now, doesn't make anyone feel any more comfortable. i want to ask you about one of your prior jobs. you were the white house drug czar and now we have an unprecedented opiod epidemic, the president has signed off on that. this 24-year-old trump campaign worker was in effect running the office of drug policy, he was made deputy chief of staff after the person nominated for chief of staff had other legal problems, couldn't be confirmed. how does it happen in a national crisis like that you've got this young man with nothing but limited campaign experience put in charge of the war on drugs? >> well, andrea, it's utterly preposterous at every level, there were 66,000 overdose de h
9:23 am
deaths last year, this is a public health crisis. governor crihristie actually dia credible job on this opiod commission, but nothing's happened. one of the republican congressmen, mayor of a large city had thought he was going to get the job, he talked to me about it, he would have been a fine leader and then it disappeared when they put that fellow moreno in there who had to drop out. so i cannot imagine what they are thinking of, the onational drug policy is being run by a nonacting director. we wanted to bring you this happy news as promised, from the papal plane high over south america, pope francis making history today, marrying two flight attendants from his plane
9:24 am
during a flight to santiago chile, the two were supposed to get married in 2010, but then the earthquake happened and they were never able to marry. >> they were super happy. the first i heard about it was this morning too. it's not like it was part of the plan. >> congratulations to everyone. and thank you to the pontiff. and coming up, silent treatment. steve bannon and cory lewandowski stonewalling house investigators, can they be compelled to answer questions about their time in the white house? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. your body was made for better things than
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this bogus claim of privilege is absolutely unfounded and untenable. and it should lead the house and senate intelligence committee to take the individuals to court. bannon's claimed executive privilege and any other such
9:29 am
unfounded untenable claims should be tested in court and they should be held in contempt. >> senator richard blumenthal and former connecticut a.g. dismissing former white house aid steve bannon's claim of executive privilege. first, to you, let's talk about executive privilege and this claim that was made and the white house's unusual response to it. >> well, that's right, andrea, there's really two big questions hanging over the house in terms of the intelligence committee's investigation today. and the first is will there be some agreement be reached between steve bannon and the white house and between members of the intelligence committee that would provide for them to continue this testimony that was interrupted on tuesday over this claim of privilege. and then the second question is what does the house intelligence committee do if there's no
9:30 am
agreement? let me catch you up on what happened in the last hour, i just spoke to tom rudy of florida which is one of the republican s oversees this investigation, he said if he receives no more information from steve bannon and they will have to take the next step, which is to hold him in contempt of congress. and he also told me that we're not expecting steve bannon today and if not, they need to prepare to go to court. and that's will be the first time in the russia investigation to invoke executive privilege. >> i also want to take a moment to talk to you about your exclusive reporting about the foreign registration by the same firm that did all the data mining, all the social media for the campaign, cambridge an
9:31 am
analytica. they were working on propaganda from the same people that were slamming qatar at the same time that the u.s. was changing policies with qatar. >> because the firm cambridge analytical came to their -- we were able to take a closer look at this and see that it's parent company slc actually was paid $333,000 by united arab emirates to kind of do a p.r. campaign that was against qatar. a lot of this was aimed around the u.n. general assembly meeting in new york a in september of this year, there were a number of facebook ads trying to get people to link qatar to terrorism, which as we know is a link that a lot of the gulf countries made this year when they decided to isolate
9:32 am
qatar, and this was something the president endorsed. and we believe by talking to lawyers in this space, that this is part of the mueller effect. the fact that mueller has dived into this industry, this foreign lobbying industry that really operated under ground is that the people are scrambling to disclose this kind of information, and we have seen filings go from 50st% on first time filings and supplemental information go up by as much as 35%. >> this is fascinating, and it's been going on all along but they didn't take it seriously unt until -- back on june 9, this was right after his secretary of state had tried to quiet the storm against qatar, this is the president. >> the nation of qatar unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism. at a very high level.
9:33 am
>> and that was a complete shock to the secretary of state in the rose garden, he had just given a speech with the opposite point of view, mattis and tillerson were flying around the world trying to quiet this storm between persian gulf neighbors and now this kind of explains perhaps why the president was so determined. steve bannon and his connection to cambridge analytical. >> i think it's not clear from reading this public filing is whether or not the president himself just sort of bent to the same p.r. campaign that this firm and others were lining up to do on behalf of these very wealthy gulf countries or if it was more of a kind of underground relationship, that it was a personal relationship he had with cambridge analytical. there's more to cover, but these filings are just fascinating to go through because you realize these sort of connections that have been happening underneath
9:34 am
our feet in washington for years that have just really gone undisclosed. >> great work, both of you. thanks so much for sharing, this is the underbelly of washington lobbying and we'll get it and stay on the beat. and coming up, budget battle. what would a government shutdown look like? how about the u.s. troops around the world, u.s. senator tammy duckworth joining us next.
9:35 am
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aleve. all day strong. if for any reason it shuts down, the worst thing is what happens to our military. the group that loses big would be the military and we're never letting our military lose at any point. >> president trump at the pentagon this morning, he's still there right now meeting with the top brass, warning that a government shutdown would pose a real threat to the military. in reality, the military has always been exempt during past shutdowns because they have always been considered essential personnel but it could affect their play, and joining us now is senator tammy duckworth, an iraq war veteran. let's talk about a shutdown and
9:39 am
military readiness, first let's talk about if there's going to be a resolution and if the shutdown can be avoided. >> i don't know if it can be avoided. this is in the hands of the white house, the senate and the house of representatives, it's up to them whether they want to shut government down or not. but either way, if there's a shutdown or just a continuing resolution, the military will be hurt, so will veterans, and children's health insurance programs, we need to pass a budget is the bottom line. >> when the president points out protecting the military, he doesn't point out that a good number of these d.r.e.a.m.ers, this daca resolution, th. >> there are thousands of d.r.e.a.m.ers serving in our military, and generally with the d.r.e.a.m.ers they generally bring language skills with them. but the president is being his usual misleading self. the bottom line is that the
9:40 am
military is hurt whether that's a cro rrkr or a shutdown. what they need is to pass the budget so they can continue to build up and do the necessary training for readiness. >> i want to ask you about your trip to north korea, rather to south korea and japan, sorry, north korea on my mind because of the agreements today there, with the south to have joint women's hockey team, as well as to march under a unification flag, highly unusual. and japanese officials are telling us as well as some u.s. officials privately saying they're quite nervous about these talks, about whether it will undercut the hard line that a president and his defense secretary. >> one of the things i heard from both military and civilian leadership on the ground in korea and in japan, both american diplomats and american military commanders as well as
9:41 am
the japanese military commanders as well as their civilian personnel is that we must maintain an ironclad defense, linked arm in arm, at the same time these talks should be allowed to continue. actually they were quite optimistic that the north koreans came to the table. but there's no illusion that the north koreans are not continuing to improve their program. one of the things i learned on the ground while i was in south korea, is that the sanctions are starting to take effect and that's important. >> the president said slammed russia for its cheating and that's been pretty well determined that russia is not cracking down on the sanctions being broken, cheating, military supplies going in and out, what more can we do with both china and russia to stop cheating on these sanctions? >> well, i think that both china and russia are themselves susceptible of the sanctions on
9:42 am
the international community on them. actually the exportation of slave labor and both china and russia exploit and use slave labor from north korea and that returns actual currency back into north korea, so we have to shut that down. the chinese and the russians, from what i'm hearing from the folks on the ground is they're starting to adhere to the sanctions but not near enough, that's why we have to put pressure on both nations as well as other countries around the world that continue to do business with north korea. >> and regarding the brokering for a continuing resolution, this is what lindsay graham had to say just moments ago. >> my main reason for wanting a deal soon is the military. the crs are killing the military. i agree with the president. so i'm not going to do anymore long term crs and come to a collusion, and it's not that
9:43 am
hard to do if you get the mindset i want to do it. >> what do you see as a possible outline of a deal? >> if you look at some of the things that need to be included. we need first and foremost, yont t beyond the cr, we have to pass a budget. we need to stop kicking the can down the road. as far as a cr is concerned, there's no fix for va health centers, we need to overall the victim's choice program. it just goes on and on. d.r.e.a.m.ers of course are a major sticking point as well. i don't see how any of us can get to a yes when there are all these problems and we have no solution, we need to sit down and pass a budget. that's what the military need, that's what veterans need that's what children need in this country. and having their say, the president takes over the editorial page of one of his
9:44 am
favorite targets the "new york times." that's on our "inside scoop" next. s! good luck out there, captain! thanks! but i don't need luck, i have skills... i don't have my keys. (on intercom) all hands. we are looking for the captain's keys again. they are on a silver carabiner. oh, this is bad. as long as people misplace their keys, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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the "new york times"
9:48 am
editorial board is opening up their column space to trump voters giving the men and women who are sticking with the president a full page today in the paper to make the case for him and allowing former supporters who are now disillusioned from the trump first year in have the floor. welcome all. david, it's great to see you, tell me the thinking behind this novel approach behind the editorial page. >> i think the editors who made this decision put it out in the paper. they said we at the "new york times" have been extremely critical of president trump, many of the op-ed columnists like me are very critical of him and we want to give his supporters a chance to make a case, it's important for what an op-ed page should be and it's important for his critics to
9:49 am
hear why if you look at the poll numbers, there's still 30% to 40% of americans still support him. >> as margaret turner wrote, trump is a vulgarian in the way he tweets and sometimes talks. however, as rich lowry wrote in national review, his presidency is better than his tweets and he has made significant progress. >> a shrewd reader of the "new york times," obviously. >> but the fact is his tweets have an impact on the relationship he has with john kelly, something we'll be talking about in just a moment. on congress when he tweets he doesn't support the continuing resolution because it doesn't have a long-term financing for children's health program, when senator john cornyn, a strong republican had to say no, that's not true, it has six years funding. i mean the tweets have an impact. >> i think as a general matter, they're over played, but in the
9:50 am
last two weeks i have seen two tweets that have directly undermined his administration's own priorities on capitol hill. the one last week over fisa reauthorization and the one today. president does not know his own policy and is susceptible to the opinions of the last person he's talked to. leaders on capitol hill thought very carefully about what they'd need to do to try to get the short-term deal through. it seems evident someone talked to trump on the phone or popped in the oval office and sold him on the idea this chip provision wasn't a good idea and he tweeted about it and undermined his own party and quickly had to backtrack. >> that sends such a signal of not being engaged, not understanding. i would just add one other tweet that was pretty significant. january 2nd, my nuclear button is bigger than yours. the tweet heard round the world. ruth, this idea, though, of letting, you know, supporters
9:51 am
and past supporters who have now we thought their position on donald trump have some space in the paper, is a pretty interesting -- you do it every day in the op-ed page. >> i want to say this to most loving way to my friends at "the new york times" editorial page and -- >> oh, here we go. >> but what took you so long. we have been on "the washington post" op-ed page and online engaged in this effort since the election to make sure that our page and our website is broad enough to reflect the views of a variety of americans including the significant numbers who voted for president trump. and so we've done two things. we've done the kind of callout. we didn't put it instead of our editorial, we put it online. but call out to trump voters to say whether they're happy with the president's performance or not happy with the president's
9:52 am
performance. it was very interesting. and we recruited a number of contributing columnists, hugh hewitt, gary abernathy, who heads a small newspaper in ohio, and others who have been much more supportive than our regular columnists, both conservative -- >> i'm still waiting for my phone call, ruth. >> dm me, we can talk. who have been much more supportive of president trump. because we found ourselves, after the election, in this really unusual and unexpected situation, where the conservatives and the liberals were competing with each other to see of our regulars who hated trump more. >> perhaps some of you could organize some columns to explain john kelly to the president and the -- >> that is not possible. >> i mean, this feud between the president and his chief of staff today over the wall, immigration policy, it's a pretty big rift. >> it is a pretty big rift. you can't -- as trump seems to understand, you can't really have your chief of staff who is
9:53 am
your main representative, going out there, telling congress something different from what you've said yourself. >> he's the chief negotiator right now, rich lauery, he's up there on the hill as we speak trying to put together a short term cr or a shorter term continuing resolution to get -- keep the government open and why would they listen to john kelly if the president is going to undercut him? >> yes, this seems a misstep by kelly. i mean, no matter how uninformed your boss is, you don't go and tell people that your boss is uninformed. maybe you slip up in a private meeting. but then he went and repeated it on a cable channel. and this is obviously the sort of thing that just drives trump completely nuts. i would think for the good of the white house you would want this to be papered over very quickly because john kelly is the main force that has helped establish a somewhat more reasonable rational and efficient process at the white house and a lot of people on outside who are on the fence about donald trump feel better
9:54 am
about him because kelly's there. so if for some reason this rift grew broader and if kelly were out, that would be a very big deal and very bad for this white house. >> and, ruth, i just wanted to play nancy pelosi just now has told us, the world, what she thinks in no uncertain terms about the latest compromise that's been put up by the white house. >> this is a -- this is like giving you a bowl of doggy doo, put a cherry on top and calling it a chocolate sundae. this is nothing. this chip should have been done in september, first of all. second of all, we wanted ten years. we wanted permanent chip. which, by the way, saves $6 billion. >> how does she really feel? >> how does she really feel. we just wanted to show you there is no agreement on the democratic side to this latest proposal. the other thing that's out there
9:55 am
now is the president and his exercise regiment, now that his doctor has said, you know, he should get some more exercise and take a look at his diet. ruth, the exercise that he gets is what, more -- >> he walks. >> he walks? >> i thought it was really interesting because most of us when our doctors say hey, you should lose weight and hey, you should get some exercise, of course we say yes and yes and i'm going to really try hard on the exercise. and for my doctor out there, i'm going to really try hard on the exercise. not president trump. the doctor said he's okay, on diet. but not so much on the exercise. now he's telling us he walks. but, you know, i would like to see the presidential fit bit and a daily report of how many steps there are because i can't count that many. >> he does use a golf cart. >> he does use a golf cart. >> the way i think about this, he's a lot like most americans. most americans should eat less and exercise more. i think some of this -- i understand he's a public figure and the president but i'll confess some of this to me doesn't rise to the level of a
9:56 am
national issue that everyone needs to be debating but i understand why we do end up debating it. >> presidential health is pretty important. >> it is pretty important. i'm just -- i'm not yet convinced the fact he's a little overweight translates itself into a major issue for -- >> we're going to leave that there. tell that to dr. lawrence altman. thank you, rich lowery in new york. stay with us. she's really good at social media. she buys stocks in companies that "stand for something." you like her. she's always up on the latest trends. she got in early on the whole goat yoga thing. and her sunsets are always #nofilter. you like her. but you'd like her better if you made more money than she does. don't get mad at @just_marea. get eátrade.
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today. you can follow on the show online and facebook at andrea mitchell reports. craig melvin up next. >> good afternoon to you. do they have the votes. we are one day away now from a government shutdown. tensions are high. deals are being cut. but time is running out. so will washington be able to get it done? and if they don't who gets blamed? also, privilege protection. members of trump's inner circle are refusing to answer questions in the house russia investigation. now many on the committee are questioning whether that's even lawful. and obama's back. a new report dives into his plans to hit the campaign trail. what the former president sees as his greatest asset and his greatest liability. but we start with the countdown to shutdown. as president trump heads to pennsylvania this afternoon to tout his tax plan. how it's