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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  February 4, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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that's a rap for this hour of msnbc live. right now it is time for "am joy" with my friend joy reid. >> do you still have confidence in him after reading the memo? >> you figure that one out. >> good morning. welcome to "am joy." well, everything old is new again, and the question looming
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over the coming week, besides whether congress will fund the government before thursday's shutdown deadline -- more on that later -- is whether donald trump will attempt to fire the top doj official overseeing the russia investigation, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. the fear he'll use the nunes memo to act against rosenstein and perhaps replace him with some willing to derail or even shut down the russia investigation. republicans release the memo in attempt to undermine the doj's case forgetting a spy warrant for former trump campaign aide carter payable. it looks weaker in light of a letter obtained by "time" magazine in which carter page bragged about being an informal adviser to the kremlin back in 2013. these fax don't seem to matter much to donald trump who tweeted yesterday, this memo totally vindicates trump in probe. and other weirdly capitalized thoughts.
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meanwhile, devin nunes announced his witch hunt against trump will turn its sites from the fbi to the state department. joining me, clint watts, national security analyst for msnbc news. jennifer rubin from "the washington post." natasha bear tran from the atlantic. i'll start with the congressman first. what would happen, do you suppose, in congress if donald trump were to fire rod rosenstein? >> first of all, i believe people would take the streets. i think impeachment proceedings would be talked about and hope willfully would start. keep in mind, nothing in this nunes memo says rod rosenstein did anything wrong. if the president were to fire rod rosenstein, that would be yet another example of obstruction of justice and i hope the president doesn't do that and we need to have the democratic memo, which i have read, released to the american public. >> let me stay with you for a moment. your fellow member, congressman
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rod desantos was on fox news last night. he was saying jim comey, the former director of the fbi, should be made to testify and implying that comey ought to be charged with making false statements. take a listen. >> the memo has raised problems for some of the individuals that you mention including former fbi director jim comey. he was not candid with the intelligence committee in terms of telling them the genesis of the dossier. so i think they're going to bring him in, put him under oath. i think he's exposed himself for potentially making false statements. >> congressman, are you concerned your colleagues on the republican side of the aisle are going to use this memo, which most people pretty much have judged to be a did, as a pretext to start going after people like jim comey and other former members of the fbi and the justice department? >> i am worried, but i would love for james comey to come back again to congress and
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testify under oath because i know there's a lot more he wants to tell the american people. keep in mind, when the democratic memo comes out, it's going to show there was overwhelming evidence of probable cause to do electronic surveillance on carter page and that the fisa court was made aware of the political motivations of the dossier. so there is no there there to this fake nunes memo. >> let's go to some of devin nun niece' attempts to defend his work -- i should say the work he sublet out to other people because he didn't actually read the underlying intelligence that produced his memo. clint watts, listen to devin nunes on fox on friday essentially saying carter page, despite all we know about him, should never have been an fbi target. take a listen. >> the only area that i'm familiar with that we left out would be the history of carter page. i explained why we left this out to the director of the fbi. the director of the fbi is well aware of my concerns about mr.
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page, and i don't believe that somebody like mr. page should be a target of the fbi, especially using salacious information paid for by a political campaign like this dossier was about mr. page. >> clint watts, formerly of the fbi, what do you make of the idea that in the view of devin nunes who sent trey gowdy to do his work for him, in his view carter page should never have been a target of the fbi? >> i don't think nunes has enough expertise to make that call. he talks about things he doesn't understabbed. he also talks about a memo he never read. i don't understand his arguments on any of these points. it's kind of cowardly to not take responsibility for the memo that you've been advancing out on the american people. with that, there's plenty of circumstance to look at with carter page. he had been seen before with the russians trying to target him in a case in new york city in 2013. he had written, now we know from
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the "time" magazine article, hey, i have connections in the kremlin. he then is picked by a presidential candidate to say, hey, this is my foreign policy expert and he shows up on a stage in moscow. think about the reverse of this. what if he was a kremlin mole infiltrating the campaign and the fbi did not look at this? we would be going insane. this is a manchurian candidate scenario. the fbi did exactly what they were supposed to do. >> there's been a lot about the text messages, trashing everybody. they seemed to dislike everyone, bernie sanders. they disliked hillary clinton. they even disliked eric holder. they also dislike and seem to be really concerned about the idea of donald trump becoming president. when you hear and read in this memo that either peter strzok was saying we need an alternate place to meet if donald trump becomes president and christopher steel saying he was concerned about donald trump becoming president, how do you read that? >> i think they both had
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legitimate concerns. we've been following this now for a year. how many times have we seen the trump campaign in the lead up to the election and the kremlin saying the exact same thing almost simultaneously. it's hard to know who started it and who repeated it a lot of times. with that, you've got lots of personalities, eve already seen, how many now, four people arrested. two have pled. two are going to trial. that's pretty significant. i think there's legitimate cause to be concerned. this terms of how the investigation moves forward, what's sad is everyone's text messages can be interpreted into just about everything. we're talking about two people. there's probably 100 people involved in the review of the clinton e-mails and the trump case. if you look at all those messages, i can make any story you want. >> peter strzok was the guy that wrote the letter that restarted the clinton e-mail service investigation. it's not as if he was partisan for hillary clinton. >> it's ridiculous to say fbi agents can't have their own
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personal opinions and still follow the rule of the law. that's the weird thing about this town, washington, d.c. everyone has to be on a side even though the only side the fbi is on is that of the american people. >> jennifer rubin, we've seen this whole charade -- a lot of people believe it's writing the a block for the fox news prime time hosts and keeping the base of the republican party whipped up in favor of donald trump no matter what mueller finds, it's actually worked on republicans. latest polling, axios did a survey in which they found all americans attitude toward the fbi is favorable, 49 to 28. democrats, 64-14 which is extraordinary given the history of the fbi and things liberals have believed about the fbi for a long time. look at republicans, 38-47, the party of blue lives matter are now against the fbi. what do you as a long-time republican, jennifer rubin, make of that? >> this is why i left the
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republican party. if you're anti russia, pro law enforcement, pro rule of law, the republican party is not for you. they've lost their minds. this is one said poll along with others saying they feel much more favorable towards russia, that suggests that donald trump has brainwashed, together with fox, brainwashed public opinion. i want to go back to something that clint said. the notion that the fbi weighed in in favor of hillary clinton is so bizarre, not only because, of course, the fisa request was made in october under secret conditions, never leaked after carter page had left the administration, but because, as you mentioned, they weighed in 11 days before the end of the campaign in a manner that was hugely helpful to donald trump. so it really is black is white, white is black with these people. i am both saddened but resigned. i think there's about 30% of the
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american people who would at this point believe anything. that's incumbent upon the rest of us to be sane, critical and analytical and defend the institutions that need b to be defended. >> natasha, donald trump jr. is supposed to be running his companies and not involved in politics, but seems to not be able to ex-kate himself in his father's administration, was on fox news last calling this memo, the revenge, and insisting the mueller investigation should come to an end. take a listen. >> there is a little sweet revenge in it for me and certainly probably the family in the sense that, if they wouldn't have done this, this stuff would be going on. >> you're right. >> this would be going on at the highest levels of government. they've be continuing to do it to my father, trying to undermine his actions. imagine how effective he could be, given the year he's had, without this cloud over his head. come to a conclusion already. you've been looking for two years. you've come up with nothing, other than their own nefarious
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actions and collusions -- >> the idea that the son of the president of the united states is calling this memo whipped up supposedly by a committee of congress that is not, in their minds, political, sweet revenge on the fbi and justice department for, in his words making his father's administration less effective. do you see this, in terms of your reporting, is donald trump gearing up toward firing rod rosenstein and in a sense bringing -- forcing the investigation to an end? >> it's really remarkable how transparent donald trump and his son have been about the real purpose for why this memo was released. donald trump has been tweeting that the memo vindicated him. we have donald trump jr. saying it was sweet revenge. they really do hope this will ultimately undermine the mueller investigation. even if donald trump doesn't fire rod rosenstein. what we've been seeing is this slow motion saturday night mass care which has desensitized people of donald trump undermining the fbi to the point
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he doesn't need to fire rod rosenstein if mueller's investigation and findings are completely undermined when they do get released. carl bernstein said it best. he said this memo is a red herring. it comes at a time when the mueller investigation is really ramping up. we saw last week that hope hicks, of course now may be implicated in the obstruction of justice. mark car ral low is going to be interviewed in a number of weeks. rick gates has begun to cooperate with mueller's team according to all indications. it's a stretch to think that the memo has come out at this time by coincidence just when the mueller investigation is kind of ramping up and, of course, when we saw that the trump administration refused to implement new sanctions on russia at the beginning of last week. >> not only that, but meeting with high-level members of the spying operation of the kremlin. clint, jerry nadler, democratic congressman put out rebuttal points on this memo.
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the nunes memo doesn't provide a single sled of evidence. it shows that house republicans are now part and parcel of an organized effort to obstruct the special counsel's investigation. if the obstruction is now coming from the house of representatives, then how does the fbi continue to conduct this investigation in a way that will be credible, as jennifer just said, 37% of the country is not going to believe anything they said. does this end up hurting the work of the fbi? >> absolutely. if you're an fbi agent or an investigator across the board, imagine running a public corruption case on a title 3 application or a fisa against a foreign intelligence target touching any politician right now. it's a disaster. you would never know something you put forth in one of your applications isn't now or years from now pulled out and used by a politician for a political gain to tar you, destroy the institution or just for simple political gain. i think the biggest thing we'll see over time, there will be a
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tidal wave of congressmen, senators and congressmen, who want to just declassify things at random if it supports their political agenda. why can't we share this with the public if we needed transparency with the nunes memo but don't need it here? it's goings to con found the fbi investigations. for the agents running these, they're going to hesitate and say how might this be used as a tool by somebody down the road. >> congressman biu, at the top of this memo, it was pointed out yesterday that at the top of this memo, as people can see it, what's blacked out here used to say top secret, top secret. this is information that was declassified by the president of the united states for clearly political purpose. this used to say top secret, not just secret. the idea that that would be done for political motive just to protect the president of the united states, a if the democrats should take control of congress, prepared to do anything about that, to protect
7:15 am
future investigations from being disgorged? >> absolutely. it's disheartening, from the first amendment, the free press, the judiciary, now the fbi. let's remember devin nunes had to recuse himself last year because he worked with the white house to intentionally mislead the american people on the russia investigation. he's doing that again. he's working with the president to try to discredit the special counsel investigation based on a false and misleading memo. and when the democratic memo comes out, it's going to print out the omitted material facts and the american public will be angry. they'll know devin nunes and donald trump tried to mislead the public and they'll know what happened. you will be proud of the fbi and the department of justice when you see the memo. >> congressman lieu, is it going to come out without the white
7:16 am
house blacking out anything in the memo that hurts their political case? >> i've learned not to predict what the president does anymore. i hope they release the entire memo. i've read it and it presents the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> thank you guys. up next, congressman joe kennedy iii who tweeted out a picture of himself waiting with his own personal good luck charm. he joins me live. stay with us. successful people have one thing in common. they read more. how do they find the time? ... with audible. audible has the world's largest selection of audiobooks. for just $14.95 a month... you get a credit good for any audiobook ... and you can roll your credits to the next month if you don't use them. audible members get free no hassle exchanges ... and use the mobile app to listen anytime, anywhere. start a 30-day trial and your first audiobook is free. listening, is the new reading. text audio22 to five hundred five hundred to start listening today.
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to all the dreamers out there watching tonight, let me be absolutely clear. [ speaking foreign language ] you are part of our story. we will fight for you and we will not walk away. >> joseph kennedy made it a point to speak directly to dreamers. with the threat of another government shutdown looming and no sign of progress on an immigration deal, will democrats stand their ground? joining me now is ms. chew sema senator joseph kennedy. i see you posing with your good luck charm. congratulations on the new baby.
7:21 am
>> everyone doing great. could use a little more sleep. >> you don't get to sleep for 18 years. i'm just letting you know. my kids are grown. >> apparently. >> you accepted one of the most unsought after gigs, giving the state of the union response. it always goes wrong in some way or another. the question is you having accepted that gig, are you running for president in 2020? >> no, i am not. i was honored to have been selected. it was not something i was anticipating or expected by any means. but honored that leader pelosi and senator schumer thought i might be able to put forth a message that i think democrats can get behind. i've been encouraged by the resonance that the words have gotten. i've learned the tough lesson is that sometimes less chapstick is more. >> i was wondering if your wife
7:22 am
gave you the business over that. >> a lot of people did. >> you also got kudos for speaking directly to dreamers, et cetera. the fact that the leadership chose you to get that response, means some people in the democratic party, think of you as a potential candidate. is it a categorical no on 2020 or is it something you're at least considering? >> i am not considering. what's important for democrats at the moment, as we restock and rebuild from a very disappointing election in 2016, we take some time to understand exactly what happened, why a number of folks that traditionally came back to a democratic party didn't this time, and to have confidence in the folks we have underneath our tent. there's a whole lot of leaders there, younger leaders, newer leaders, not just in congress but across the country that i think have something to contribute and offer. we want to be a big tent party, but that means providing opportunities from all sorts of folks and backgrounds, to be
7:23 am
able to get out there and give it a shot. obviously i was honored they gave me one. >> let's talk about some of the issues facing the democrats. the base of the party, one of the big complaints is there's not enough fight in the democratic party. they tend to fold on issues that are important. the last shutdown happened. it was very brief. democrats made a deal that freed 9 million c.h.i.p. kids from the hostage situation they were in. now a looming deadline. this is what senate leader mitch mcconnell had to say about whether the issue of the dream act, daca -- >> one tool has clearly been eliminated. i don't think we'll see a threatened shutdown over the subject. one of my favorite kentucky saying, there's no education in the second kick of a mule. i think there will be a new level of seriousliness here in trying to resolve these issues. >> should democrats be prepared to actually have that tool, not
7:24 am
eliminate it and shut the government down again over daca? >> joy, let's be absolutely clear here. i think senator mcconnell needs to take his own advice. republicans are in control of the presidency, the house and the senate. more than that, the issue over daca is coming up because president trump decided to terminate the protections put in place by president obama. they can try to message this all they want. it's just not true to try to say this is an issue being put forth by democrats. this is i think a party that, as i tried to articulate on tuesday, that wants to make sure we -- believes they can contribute back to our country, that can be part of the american dream, particularly for folks brought here as kids through no fault of their own. why we are trying to hold our government or other policy hostage to try to protect those kids, this shouldn't even be a choice. the fact that mr. mcconnell was proud during the last shutdown to say it was a choice between providing health care to poor kids and pregnant mothers or
7:25 am
dreamers, that is a false choice that i wholly reject, particularly after you pass a $1.5 trillion tax cut that goes predominantly to the wealthy. it is cynical, un-american and they should know better. >> let's go to the man who did put us in this situation by rescinding dacdaca. here hee is talking about what he thinks are democrats' responsibilities regarding cutting a deal for dreamers. take a listen. >> i think we are trying to make a deal. we're going to see. the democrats, i really believe they don't want to make a deal. think of it. they've given up on daca, and that's supposed to be theirs. it's ours because they're the ones taking care of daca, not them. so we'll see what happens. >> your thoughts. should democrats be negotiating with donald trump at this point? >> i think democrats, obviously you have to negotiate with the president of the united states. i think the president of the united states has to decide whether he actually wants to solve this problem or not. one, he owns it because he
7:26 am
created it. two, as you pointed out and many others when we were in this crisis two or three weeks ago, the president of the united states would tell one person one position, another person another position and another person another position, and then try to negotiate when it was like negotiating, as senator schumer said, with jello. you can't pin somebody down and have a good faith discussion with somebody that keeps shifting goal posts and changing their positions. the framework the white house has put forth towards capitol hill he knows is a non-starter. i think if they were serious about this, they would take pause for a second, recognize there was a framework under president obama that passed the senate with a veto-proof majority, that we had the votes for in the house, that speaker boehner wouldn't allow to come to the floor. there were votes that pass a dream act or something similar to it, in the house of representatives today if we could get the bill on the floor. republican leadership has to
7:27 am
stop blocking this. that's one of the most frustrating things about all of it, particularly my last couple years in washington, there was strong bipartisan solutions for a wide variety of the challenges we made. we can't get republican leadership to give us a chance for a vote. you put a clean dream act on the floor, it would pass. i would hope that chairman goodlatte and speaker ryan would have the wherewithal to give that bill a chance to actually see the floor. >> it will be a challenge. obviously the right is dead set against it. i have to ask you one more question before we let you go, of course, your family looms very large in the lore of american history. the 50th anniversary since the assassination of your grandfather, robert f. kennedy. i want to play you a clip that is particularly resonant, because it's also 50 years since the assassination of martin luther king, junior. i have a question on the other side. >> for those of you who are
7:28 am
black and are tempted to be filled with hatred and mistrust of the injustice of such an act against all white people, i would only say that i can also feel in my own heart the same kind of feeling. i had a member of my family killed. he was killed by a white man. we have to make an effort in the united states, we have to make an effort to understand, to get beyond or go beyond these rather difficult times -- >> congressman, your grandfather obviously had a unique ability to speak across many demographics, to sort of the heart of the american people. a lot of people are wishful about what he could have been had he become president of the united states. that's why some of the burden is placed on you. what in your mind is the legacy of your grandfather that you
7:29 am
want americans to take away? >> joy, you're kind to play that clip, one of his most poignant speeches, obviously impromptu after the death of martin luther king junior. my family means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. what i try to take away from the contribution my grandfather made was a recognition that government should see in our people, to listen to our people, to recognize there are challenges, yes, that every family faces, that every community faces, that our country faces. but at the root of all of it is a person, and the human touch and the commonalities that we share, if we are united and come together as a community, as a country, there isn't a barrier out there we can't break down. i think he was able to speak to some of those commonalities that
7:30 am
actually persisted even in the midst of a very tumultuous time in the 1960s. >> congressman kennedy, thank you very much for being here, and unfortunately, sir, you should expected to ask several more times if you're running for president in 2020. >> thank you, joy. >> paul ryan's enthusiasm for repealing the 20th century, it's an epic twitter fail. that's next. hold together. a little to the left. 1, 2, 3, push! easy! easy! easy! (horn honking) alright! alright! we've all got places to go! we've all got places to go! washington crossing the delaware turnpike?
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i think they're playing politics and looking for a political distraction is what i get out of that. tax cuts are working, tax reform is working. we've got isis on the run. things are going well. economic confidence, as i said, at a 17-year high. they would love nothing more than to play politics and change the subject. >> this week house speaker paul ryan, spinning a question about the nunes memo into a complaint about democrats lack of appreciation for the new tax bill, the tax bill as ryan bragged yesterday on twitter is working so well that, quote, a secretary at a public high school in lancaster, pennsylvania, said she was pleasantly surprised her pay went up $1.50 a week. she said that will more than cover her costco membership for the year. $1.50 a week? that's like an extra dollop of
7:39 am
gruel for oliver twist. i think oliver is dancing with joy for the extra dollop of gruel. >> it didn't stop him from being dragged on twitter. it came a day after the stock market took its biggest dip in two years. it's interesting trump so quick to take credit when the market is booming has been conspicuously silent about the drop. >> republicans are very frustrated that this $1.50, which was deleted -- he realized it was a gaff. this after they made fun of or tried to take advantage of nancy pelosi calling this $1.50 a week and the $18 a week average in the tax bill for the american public, trump thinks that's the new deplorables. the polling showing it's liked
7:40 am
only by trump base. >> and not even that many. >> not even that many of them. it's very unpopular. is it unpopular because it's not helping the average american or because we don't appreciate the crumbs. >> it's unpopular because it's heavily weighted toward the rich. we're at a time of almost record high inequality, historically high inequality. we're pass manage more and more money to the rich. americans feel they're not benefiting. even if they were benefiting, if you look at polling, what americans care about most when it comes to fiscal policy is fairness. even if i get $1.50 a week or i get an extra $100 a week, if the very, very rich who don't need it get way more disproportionately, i don't like it. that's historically what the data have shown. john kenneth galbraith had this wonderful analogy of supply set economics. it means if you feed the horse enough oats, some of it will pass through.
7:41 am
>> in poop. >> exactly. that's the whole idea. if you give enough money to the very rich, some of it will trickle down. americans don't love that idea, don't buy that idea. it doesn't feel fair. >> kate, i suspect you have a different opinion, that americans do like to have a bit of it trickle down on them. if that is the case, if americans sort of are happy to get their $1.50 a week and go to costco with it, why is this tax bill so unpopular? >> i guess it's the circles we travel in. i find it extremely popular at the muffler shop i visited a week ago where their paychecks were up $40 a week. i find that the wage increase we thought would happen in this tax package has two levels, increasing competition for workers. we see an all-time low in the historic numbers of the unemployed right now, even though there's an argument that a lot of people have dropped out of looking for jobs. at the end of the day, it's one of the issues the republicans need to be talking about. the other issue that everybody
7:42 am
leaves out of this tax package is do we have enough workers or competition in the workplace to be able to fill the jobs that are going to be created? with all due respect, i see what donald trump said he was going to do, and he's been pretty successful at doing what he said he was going to do. his base is about a third of the electorate, and that's not bad. but at the end of the day i see it very differently politically when you're talking about the economy and increasing jobs coming back home, increasing paychecks, talking about the bonuses. i see it different electorally, it's something republicans need. the problem is we keep stepping on the message and not talking about it. that's the honest truth. when i worked for newt gingrich, a large portion of the tax package came from the gingrich brain trustment one of the things i remember in 2011 and
7:43 am
2012, at the end of the discussion, folks, we've got to have, woulders, we've got to have bodies to put in jobs. >> including immigrants, right? >> including immigrants. so when you talk about that, i think republicans certainly need to be aware of the 800,000 dacas, aware that we need workers in america because we've got x number of retirees, x number of people who have left the workforce. and i know republicans understand that. you're starting to see that in wage increase, wage creep, especially at the blue collar level. that's something we need to be proud of. but also cognizant that we need these workers. >> let's talk about the democrats messaging for a moment. while the $1.50 is a huge gaff for paul ryan. it makes him look like a character out of oliver twist. hence our joke there with him. on the other side of it, you'll start seeing stories like what the a.p. put out this week, where they'll go to individual people who might have gotten more. for the a.p., wayne love in
7:44 am
spring hill, florida, got an extra $200 which he says helps offset a $300 increase in the cost of health insurance. i have heard time and time again that the middle class is getting crumbs, but i'll take it. donald trump is trying to make crumbs the new deplorables and have people go out and celebrate and hold up signs saying "we love crumbs." >> it's a sad time we're living in. let's not forget in the middle of the night, what the republicans did when people kind of were not looking, they made sure that the individual tax cut expired at sunset down the line and they made the corporate tax cut permanent. that's what they did because they know this is something to please their donors, this is something for the wealthy. this is a wealth grab from the poor to the rich, and that's the message that democrats need to
7:45 am
keep pounding on. this has nothing to do with working everyday people. the little bit of bump they're seeing is going to go away. one more thing, joy, can we dispel this whole idea that the tea party was about the deficit when clearly that is not true. what it was about was a reactionary to the racism in america that we were seeing at the time. it had nothing to do with deficit. look what republicans are doing. look where we are right now. in december, they passed this tax plan for the wealthy, for the 1%, and now they may default on their debt -- on the debt which could lead us to a constitutional crisis, could lead us to a global financial crisis. that's where we are right now. in less than a week, they have to pass a cr. are they going to get there? are they going to get the 60 votes they need? >> we shall see.
7:46 am
i remember tea party attacking mortgage holders calling them deadbeats. >> we had a big stock market drop, 666 points. stephen king took note of that. what happened there? what do you expect is going on? is that a blip or a trend? >> a little bit of both. basically the stock market probably fell on friday because the jobs numbers were pretty good, which made people suspect that the fed will hike rates pretty soon. so that would lead to a correction later on. if there's less money out there, if it becomes more expensive essentially to borrow, less liquidity in the markets, that could lead to a correction in stock markets. stock markets were sort of freaking out, it's a little counterintuitive. i think in general we should expect the correction at some point in the coming months because markets have been up so much, they have been so frothy, especially since there is in risk of debt default for the united states. there are a lot of other risks as well. if we're going to spend even
7:47 am
more money, that would lead to greater risks for the economy. >> the stock market does not track the economy -- people should decouple that. thank you very much. we' coming up in our next hour, sean hannity becomes trump's brain and vince mcmahon creates trump football. more "am joy" after the break. this new day. looks nothing like yesterday. roads nowhere to be found.
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what i read today in that classified briefing room is as bad as i thought it was. >> i'm here to tell all of america tonight that i am shocked to read exactly what has taken place. i would think that it would never happen in a country that loves freedom and democracy like this country. >> you are describing the very elements of a palace coup. >> this makes watergate like stealing a snickers bar. >> republican royalty reached new heights when the gop swiftly got behind the highly anticipated dot of a memo, all attacks the credibility the fbi and robert mueller's investigation. these, of course are some of the
7:52 am
same republicans to rushed to condemn the president. and the commander who must be respected and adored at all times. here now is the author of "the future is history." thank you so much. always good to have you. let's talk about the state of the union. this great split screen our producers put together the way paul ryan was reacting to the way ryan stood there stone faced and this jumping up and clapping in the state of the union. was that just partisanship or something else. >> it really immediately put me in mind of simple committee meetings that would go on for 48 hours and there was this inflation of applause, if they stood up to plod once, they had to stand up longer the next time. >> right. >> and would you read the papers the next day. most of the paper was taken up in applause transitioning to
7:53 am
stand ovation. and i thought this is the kind of thing we're going to be reading here. >> and you had lonny mcdaniel the chairman of the chairman of the national committee calling the republicans' failure to leap to their feet. their hatred on full display. they hate this president more than they love this country. yet, a fox commentator say yet by turning and not standing in applaud, they have turned their backs on the american people. as if donald trump is the embodiment of the american people. >> right. this is actually partisanship in a way. because partisanship. and this is about love and aduration sand aobliterating the border. >> you wrote a piece for the new yorker that came out friday titled "what trump hopes the nunes memo will sell."
7:54 am
you said it may be debunked on the facts but this is immerely. it will have the effect of making the conversation seem even more convoluted and murkier. if you can expand on that. >> so, you read the memo, you can't take heads or tails of it. it makes it exactly what it is supposed to be. which is a way of alienating people from politics. you can't make sense of this. things are not going the way they want it to go and that is bad. and analyzing trump's tweet leading up to the memo which i thought was remarkable. what he wrote in the tweet, first of all that the investigation was underpoliticized. you would think he means that's a bad thing. we have totally let him get away with using the word politicized as if politics were a dirty thing. >> right. >> but he's like the ultimate anti-political politician that
7:55 am
we should not let him get away with it. but then he pivots and he says it's been politicized in favor of democrats. >> right. >> against republicans. what you think of him saying is look, i'm in charge of the most powerful man in the world. i should be able to fire people so that things will go my way. and what's crazy about this, the justice department reports, the fbi reports. >> right. >> they should. >> the thing that's come to a lot of people, the people who are obeying are members of coequal branch of government, when you see people like devin nunes prostating them on it. and that they should be prosecuted. what do you make of members coequal legislature had sort of making themselves into trump's lackees? >> well, i think a favorable and this is still pretty awful a
7:56 am
favorite observation would there is electoral magic. he's got electoral magic and whoever goes up against him is not going to win re-election. but it may be even worse. it's just that, you know, these people have no sense of political dignity. >> right. >> and the desire to hand themselves over and hand their agency over takes over awfully fast. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. up next, we check in on earth two. don't go away. president trump, how are you? >> hey, big guy. sir, it is such an honor, thank you for taking time of out of your busy schedule. >> yes, i'm so busy. but i'm saving the economy. destroying isis. and right now i'm getting my daily intelligence briefing. >> oh, from who? >> from you guys. [ laughter ] but on the inside,
7:57 am
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the highly classified fisa abuse memo has now been released and it is absolutely shocking. it is stunning. this now is the biggest abuse of power, corruption case in american history. the special counsel must be disbanded immediately. and by the way, nobody else will say this, all charges against paul manafort and general michael flynn need to be dropped.
8:01 am
it's that simple. >> that simple mm welcome back to "am joy." after two weeks of conservative moodia flipping themselves into a frenzy with the indiana assistance that the devin nunes memo would be the win to end it all. and finally expose the deep state coup attempt against donald trump. the big reveal was kind of a letdown. because the most compelling evidence against their hysterical claims about the nunes memo was the content the memo itself. with that irony with our friends across the street at fox news particularly sean hannity who was so inflamed with conviction that the memo was a smoking gun, one wonders if they were reading the same 3 1/2 pages that the rest of us saw. then again, hannity was preparing for a fox audience. with the possibility of the memo's release which perhaps explains why house republicans leased the memo first to fox news. and fellow right wing outlets,
8:02 am
the washington examiner and the analyst. joining me senior adviser, and national republican consultant katon dawson. >> to you first, giraldo rivera, out of the al capone book, was on sean hannity's radio show on thursday. this is what he had to say about how effective sean hannity could have been in a bygone era. >> nixon would never have been forced to resign if you existed in your current state, 1972, 1973? >> i was literally 11 years old. >> yeah, i know, too bad for nixon because nobody like you existed. >> and as it happens, eric, nixon wished it did. talking about richard nixon and roger ailes. a memo entitled "a plan for
8:03 am
putting the gop on tv news. details of plan between roger ailes and the white house to bring proadministration stories to television networks around the country. it reads today television news is watched more often than people read newspapers, then people listen to the radio. the reason why people are so lazy, you just sit, watch and listen. the thinking is done for you. how amazing is that coincidence? >> well, how amazing, people were at the point wishing richard nixon didn't have to resign. who entered into a criminal enterprise out of the white house. and the republican party was not at the point, oh, if you could have saved nixon, that would be great. >> you know, russia gate is just watergate with russia being the burglars. we are sort of running the same thing again. >> yeah. and i love the fact that this memo imploded one week after the secret society. right.
8:04 am
a week ago friday fox news and the gop pushing this idea that there was a rogue enterprise within the fbi. trying to undo trump's presidency. everything is a joke in quotes. here's the really important part. this whole mental charade is essentially a kremlin production. so it's the fog of unknown ability. you throw out so much garbage, et cetera. even if there's not a correct connection, this came the week after trump refused. 500 votes in congress. >> then put out that sham list of rich russians instead of the actual sanctions. >> and that came after we found out top american officials met with russian spies in the united states which was only disclosed from the russian media. we have to take a step back. everything we do everything trump does points to he is panicked over what putin has. he's panicked over what russia has. and fox news has become an
8:05 am
incredibly important part of that and russian bots which launched and released a memo. >> russian bots were literally pushing the release the memo hash tag to drive this up which is amazing thing who is denying coordinating. >> they coordinate with fox news and the russian bots. that's the fire power and it's still a dud. >> michelle, speaking of coordination between fox institution and the white house something nixon could have only dreamed of, having an entire network not only just working with him to get his message out and whatever propaganda he has on tv, you actually have reports that sean hannity prime time host 6 fox news is advising donald trump and on the memo. this from the daily beast on thursday. according to three sources with knowledge of their conversations trump has been in recent contact with hannity. and star and trump ally has
8:06 am
encouraged the prompt release of a four-page memo and here's sean hannity on thursday. his denial is an interesting frame. take a listen to hannity. >> people in the media is saying i'm advising him. he's his own man. you can't tell him not to tweet. >> i mean, bern shell bernard, he's too manly. so much of his own man. not actually a strong denial there other than to again prop you the dear leader man in donald trump? >> you know what, it's really absolutely absurd. and to show the power of sean hannity over the president and what looks to be sean hannity being the president's closest adviser. go back to october 2017. the public, there is a law demanding, for example, that all of the files related to the assassination of john f. kennedy be leasewhat happen does president trump do? he takes a measure to approach.
8:07 am
he listens to his national security advisers and he absolutely refuses to release all of those records. he released a little bit and i quote from the president's tweet, jfk's files would be carefully released. in the end there will be great transparency. he releases a few of the files but not all of them. sean hand at the timety goes on the air and other friends of fox & friends programs go on the air saying mr. trump we don't know if you're watching but if you are, these files must be released. please release the unredacted version of the files. despite the fact that his own members of his security team, fbi, law enforcement officials say please don't do this, what does he do? he releases them. >> katon, you're a solid republican, you're a very effective member of your party in terms of elections, but are you at all uncomfortable with this level of coordination between a tv network and the white house, particularly when
8:08 am
they're pushing him to release what used to be top secret, classified, top-secret information, merely for the benefit of their audience. and to keep them whipped up in a pro-trump frenzy. does that make you at all uncomfortable? >> not a whole lot about tv makes me uncomfortable, obviously, the way you know. i will tell you, sean hannity has 2.3 to 2.5 million viewers which was less than the former bill owe rile with who was fired from the station had. they're speaking to a specific audience and where fox news is effective is in republican primary. that's where their effectiveness is. we have a large swath, about 62% of republican voters get their news from fox news. at least they do in south carolina and other state where is i work. so that's where their effectiveness is. whether they can move the president or his opinions, i mean, we've been trying to get him off twitter for almost a year. and fox news hasn't been effective in that.
8:09 am
>> but they talk to the president. they literally communicate through the tv, he spends hours and hours monitoring fox news. they joked on "saturday night live" that they are the ones who give him his information. this is not just a normal tv network with an affinity for a republican president. they're involved in policy. and a lot are concerned that they're pushing this white house to jeopardize national security, jut to inflame their audience. >> well, they can do what they need to do. i mean, that's what they think they need to do. i talk to people who are close to the president. and he's not one that's that -- i know he watches a lot of tv. more than most presidents ever had. and gets his news and opinions from it. you're not going to stop that. i don't have any concern that an individual, because as you know with donald trump, he can be your friend one day, and he can bite you the next week. so, he hasn't so far done that in fox news.
8:10 am
but it's not the only channel he watches, let me assure you. >> let me ask you, we do have a very peculiar person in the white house to be charitable. and this is somebody who spends a lot of time mainlining a tv network who isn't just entertaining him. there's a two-way conversation going on. should person people are alarmed, television personalities are advising the president are not clear that they're taking advice via the intelligence committee? >> right, he's not taking advice from his intelligence community from his own director of the fbi. and intelligence, you know, the intelligence. he's not listening to any of them. he's listening to sean hannity when it came to releasing the memo. that's what he did. the other part about this, too. can donald trump is incredibly fragile. his ego is fragile. even his staff. there are reports that his staff make sure that he doesn't read anything that's going to upset
8:11 am
him. now he has fox news. they tell him hey, donald trump, jump. he'll probably tweet back and say how high? that's a relationship he has with fox news. they are definitely involved in policy. instead of listening to this staff about important intelligence information about what needs to be happening po i poli policywise. he watches "fox & friends" the first few hours of his day. and he's happy about it because they doll the whole dear leader to him. >> and the next episode, and the people with fox news is fire rod rosenstein. >> right. >> fire him and replace him with a flunky, maybe a rudy giuliani or somebody like that. do you think that this tv's network has the power to embolden trump to do that? >> i don't know, they've been pushing that for a long time and it's gone nowhere. and that is in part the memo,
8:12 am
the memo was going to be the white house and fox and the russian bots, they were going to create the story and release the memo. and rod rosenstein was going to look so bad. there's nothing in that memo that has anything to do with wrongdoing. they're back to square one. they're back to january 1. we have no way to slow mueller. the only way to do that is fire his boss at the department of justice. >> right. >> this memo was supposed to do it and it didn't. quick point about this hannity and trump thing. republicans couldn't sleep during the 2016 campaign because hillary might have sent some information that could have been hacked. >> yeah. >> do you think sean hannity is talking to trump from some assumer secure location? >> right. >> no. who do you think is listening to every one ever his phone calls. ask a national security expert, they'll tell you the russians are listening.
8:13 am
>> he's inviting his spy service to chat with them. it's so blatant and frlagrant. >> they have carte blanche. >> yeah. it's extraordinary, given the o of full menation of it. >> thank you very much. we'll be back after the break. coming up, trump thinks the nunes memo totally vindicated him. the man who gave us the benghazi hearings disagrees. that's next.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
i actually don't think it has any impact on the russian probe for this reason. >> memo has no impact on the russia probe? >> not too many it doesn't. and i was pretty involved in the drafting of it. there is a russian investigation, without a dossier. so, to the extent the memo deals with the dossier in the fisa process, the dossier has nothing to do with the meeting at trump tower. the dossier has nothing do with the e-mail sent by cambridge an politico. the dossier has nothing to do with george papadopoulos' meeting in great britain and department of justice. >> this morning, we heard trey gowdy, the republic from south carolina who actually did read it in the devin nunes memo
8:18 am
explaining what others did today, the memo had nothing to do with robert mueller. really? kat katon, first of all, trey gowdy is the one who red the underlying information to put in for this memo for devin nunes. he's admitting that there's nothing in this memo that he and nunes put out that in any way impacting the mueller investigation. your thoughts? >> one thing you can find with trey gowdy, he's wicked smart. he's a prosecutor at heart. he's leaving congress to pursue other pursuits. he's a great guy. and not your typical politician. so, you can believe what he just said because it's going to be true. i think what we do understand on the republican side is nunes saying is more about comey and the other folks involved, a british spy. and there's a lot of salacious sex and stuff to it. but trey's right, it doesn't
8:19 am
have anything to do with it. even though republicans are in a better place than we were six weeks ago, what you're looking at right here on the politics is the house and senate are up in 2018. the mueller investigation is going to go on. he's not going to be fired. obstruction of justice charges could be brought. and what that does is, 24 seats in the house, if they're successful, then republicans and the white house get smeared in impeachment process. and that directly affects the 2020 race. so that's where this is going. the question is can they define the justice and move to that level? i think we'll move past this memo. i don't think the democratic leadership will do their own memo now. >> let me ask you a question, you're in south carolina why is trey gowdy leaving congress. he's in south carolina. not like his seat is in jeopardy. he's the one that reads the underlying material, and he's
8:20 am
jumping out of his seat. do you know? >> certainly, i dough. trey has never been a fan of washington. trey always said he was going to do other things. certainly, on our side, we hope they doesing in some the judiciary. >> is he trying to get appointed to a federal judgeship? is that why he's leaving? >> certainly, we hope he would have been the chief justice of the south carolina supreme court. we certainly hope that trey remains in the judiciary. he's a very fair guy. partisan at time and he's coming home. not because of that, we knew trey was coming a while back. >> partisan in terms of benghazi with hillary clinton. let's listen to more of trey gowdy, this is him talking about the democratic memo and adam schiff that was just referenced by our friend katon dawson. >> i get that adam schiff and others are worried about what's not in my memo.
8:21 am
i wish they were equally concerned about what's not in the fisa application which is a lot of important information about his source and subsources and the fact that he was hired by the dnc and the clinton campaign. and the fact that he was biased against president trump. that is all information that the finder of fact is entitled to. >> we're back to this idea that christopher steele who is not an american, he's rich. i had clint watt earlier in the studio he and every other intelligence person on asked about that issue has said to a person that the reason chris stouffer steele was hair on fire against trump was that he was concerned that trump was essential a an asset of a foreign power. and that an asset of a foreign power was going to become president of the united states. i am curious why democrats aren't making that point and why republicans don't see that point. >> right, i think they're just missing each other there. but you're absolutely right. we're talking about an asset to
8:22 am
a country that is not our friend. that as we know tried to interfere in our elections that republicans don't seem to care about. they'd rather give donald trump cover. here at the end of the day, you have a republican president. you have a republican house intelligence committee who, you know, with devin nunes who was part of the transition team, for donald trump, who already got himself in trouble a couple of months ago back in 2017 or his actions, with trying to give donald trump cover. and he was supposed to recuse himself. has not done it. so, it's like, how are we supposed to believe any of this? it's just republicans are running this cover sunn-up. they're giving cover ju-up for donald trump. it's absurd to believe that they're saying we're going to believe everything he's saying. they're not even holds his feet
8:23 am
to fire. they're letting him get away with things over and over again, attacking the doj and fbi. >> to that point, michelle bernard, you did have speaker ryan claiming they were exercising oversight by releasing this nunes memo. there hadn't been a whole lot of oversight from the executive branch. ful rod rosenstein would be fired i've been trying to get from republicans what they would do about it and what democrats think they would do about it. here's dick durbin, senator from illinois talking about what democrats would do if donald trump goes ahead and tries to fire robert mooueller or rod rosenstein. >> what will do you if he does try to carry out one of those actions. >> this is an extreme event that coo cause a constitutional
8:24 am
crisis in this country. the question at that moment is whether or not the majority of republicans in the house and senate will stand up for the rule of law and the constitution if the president takes that extreme position. trey gowdy who is retiring from the conservatives house of representatives in south carolina said he found nothing and still had confidence in bob mueller. >> michelle bernard, do you have confidence in the way that republicans say dick durbin says they would hope to react to curtail the mueller investigation? >> i wish i could say i definitively feel they would move in the right direction. i'm just not sure. here's what i would say, and i say this putting on my georgetown law school lawyer hat, joy. if you look at trey gowdy and everything he has said about the fisa application. and also if you remember that the judges on the fisa court are not any of the judicial nominees that we've seen president trump
8:25 am
appoint to the bench who go before congress and cannot answer the most basic question that any law sunt learn studen the first year of law school. i will say that the public understands that the judges appointed they know what they're doing. judges are human beings also. i'm certain there are judges that are republican-leaning there are some democratic-leaning and some independent. but they take their job seriously. they look at the facts. they apply their facts to the law. we know that the steele dossier had nothing to do with how the judges made their decision. we see those on the republican side who are leaving are looking at the fact that in all probability there is a very good chance that we're going to be facing a constitutional crisis. and they have looked in the mirror. they are thinking about history. they are thinking for those of them who are lawyers what their role is to uphold the constitution and the laws of the united states. and they decided it's time to
8:26 am
get out because the house of cards is falling in. and i think that there will be some republicans who will do exactly what we saw dick dush didn't do. but i think there are others that will sit back and let somebody else handle it. or pretend that there is -- that none of this is a problem. >> yeah. let's play some republicans that we've heard defending -- well, defending donald trump on this memo. but also expressing their view that they don't think that donald trump will try to fire the special prosecutor. take a listen. >> this memo has, frankly, nothing at all to do with the special counsel. >> i never felt that the president was going to fire the special counsel. >> i don't believe this is an attack on bob mueller. >> what's amazing about that, katon, i have here the talking points that we managed to get hold of that were put out by the republican party, the republican national committee for ba they wanted to say. it's remarkable how many people said some of the stuff in here. one of which is bolded here, the
8:27 am
memo was not intended to undermine the special counsel. so, you have everybody that's on the talking points this morning. but do you believe that republicans actually believe what they're saying in determines of donald trump not going after mueller, not going after rosenstein and that they would do anything if he did? >> i think republicans know if he goes are rosenstein, that's a flesh wound if he goes after mueller that's a deep wound that we couldn't get over. >> do you think republicans would impeach donald trump if he fired rod rosenstein as a way of curtailing this as obstructing justice. >> no. >> is there any circumstance that you can see the paul ryan house of representatives impeaching donald trump? >> absolutely not. >> i think you and i agree on that. >> joy, finally rosenstein, i disagree. that's not a fwlesh wound.
8:28 am
that's a body blow also. it's equally as tragic. >> because rosenstein is mueller's boss. we just heard from katon dawson who knows what he's talking about when it comes to public politics. there is no circumstance which katons that this house will impeach donald trump. think about that. up next, are you ready for the trump football league? stay with us. sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance,
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i have no idea whether or not president trump will support this. as far as our biggest concern it will have nothing to do with politics. absolutely nothing and nothing to do with social issues. >> super bowl sunday is finally upon us. the eagles and patriots will square off in a few hours but you won't be hearing any predictions on television. because donald trump has declined nbc's request for a pregame interview. a tradition that dates back to
8:37 am
geor george h.w. bush. vince mcmahon is reviving the fsl reboot. mcmahon said kneeling during the national anthem will be strictly prohibited. dave, we have this idea of having the xfl. eight teams, 40-man rosters, two semifinals. a championship game. the very importantly, there will be no cheerleaders says vince mcmahon. players with criminal records will not be welcome. political statements such as kneeling during the national anthem will be prohibited. is this the dawn a golden age? >> no as if i was a betting person, i'd say this league never gets off the ground. look, vince mcmahon is an
8:38 am
amazing creation of the trump era because this is somebody preaching morality about what his football league would be like. meanwhile, he's somebody who made his fortune, a mean billion-dollar fortune on the back of wrestlers who died. and that's the basis of professional wrestling. and i say that as a pro wroftling fan. it's finally taken the corner not so coincidentally as he's taken a backseat in the entertainment. so the idea that this person is preaching reality to us i cannot think of anything more trumpian than. >> and this is a guy whose wife worked for donald trump. donald trump actually participated in wrestlemania, i guess he was -- it was stone cold steve austin and bobby lash and other people at wrestlemania. and here is vince mcmahon during the press conference for his
8:39 am
revived xfl, announcing the new league. >> there will be a booklet. there will be whatever there is we can do that all of the players understand the rules, as well as everybody else. the national anthem is a time honored tradition that's played to this day and many, many years in the past. prior to most athletic events in our country and in other countries. so, whatever our rules are what everyone will abide by. >> saying, you played in the nfl. you were a former quarterback. the playing of the national anthem isn't all that time-honored. it doesn't go all the way back to the nfl. it's relatively recent. do you believe that in his mind the problem with nfl football has to do with the anthem, does that make sense to you? >> it make no, sir sense. i got in the league in 2001, we didn't start coming out for the anthem until 2009. vince mcmahon didn't offer a lot of information during the press
8:40 am
conference. cities, new rules, new ways to watch the game. he really offered two things, you know, that some fans, some americans may have a view of nfl players are american-hating criminals. it seems to me that those two points were -- there's a reason he made those two points because i think that's what there's a small cross section of americans who believe nfl players are bad. i for one in the league for 12 years he wouldn't be more wrong. >> it's interesting, michelle, associated with donald trump, he works with donald trump, he's creating a football league. he's saying it's not about politics but he's emphasizing the fact that the anthem is going to be an important part of it. he's obviously trying to attract a certain kind of football fan. if you look at the polling, nbc/"wall street journal" polling whether americans are following football closely. 2018, it's 49%.
8:41 am
that's down 28%. donald trump would like to claim that is literally because of black players who are kneeling and zlouing the nfl. donald trump regularly attacks nfl players. what do you make of this idea essentially creating a safe space place for nfl football players? >> it smacks of pretext and a marketing plan that is fully based on donald trump's plan of making america white again. now when mcmahon is says he wants to have a football league who will not include criminals hopefully what he's talking about at least as of 2015, the 44 members of the nfl both black and white who have been accused of some form of sexual assault or physical assault, yes, professional sports, actually the whole world should be rid of people like this but when he actually talks of taking a kneel
8:42 am
stance, that says he wants a football league without black players. you cannot expect any part of a team that not only wants to take away his first amendment rights but says you have no right to stand up proudly as a black man who says i am a man, and i will stand up for our community for our sons, our daughters and we will not stand up and watch as law enforcement officers or at least some law enforcement officers gun down black men and black boys and there is absolutely nothing that is done about that. and if that's the kind of football league that mcmahon wants to have, i ask what is football going to look like without black players. >> it's interesting when i heard about people like ben roethlisberger who had been accused of sexual misconduct before. i thought of the rush limbaugh statement that cast off the nfl like rikers island or something meant to be racial. when mcmahon says those two
8:43 am
things about kneeling which sounds like he's digging colin kaepernick and this this racial thing is that wrong? >> of course, it's a dog whistle. the irony is that people can google vince mcmahon and criminal indictment. it raises the kwish maybe vince mcmahon should step down before he launches the xfl. somehow they come off scot-free while they're able to print criminality as being black and linking criminality as a protest for civil rights as you know, joy, is a very old script which goes bax to the 1950s and dr. king and this idea that he was promoting criminality through peaceful protests. this is an old script. what's terribly ironic about this script in linking that is that they keep doing it generation after generation and
8:44 am
they expect people to fall for it again. this is why vince mcmahon has been compared to p.t. barnum i think of the biline that there's a sucker born every minute. we think you're suckers enough to watch a league who has been started by somebody criminally indict brd. and now we're going to say it's a league somehow crime-free. and you know what that means. >> like nfl successionism, they're going to create their own league. it's interesting, sage, you had people on the right going after justin timberlake saying his son will never play football. and it's almost manliness for concerned about head injuries. a lot of people are concerned about head injuries. and some of the people i know who don't watch nfl football anymore, the discomfort with that. is america ready to sustain two separate football leagues with that level of violence against that many young men and that much more encouragement for kids
8:45 am
to play this game? >> well, the number one issue for the nfl is not, you know, the cord-cutting and not the people that are no longer watching the game. it's really at the youth level. that is the number one concern right now. the youth numbers are down at a huge rate. i mean, the nielsen ratings and those things are down in small numbers but people are looking at football in a lot of different ways. they're watching on twitter. they're watching on their phones. >> right. >> they just follow fantasy football. but really what's an important thing that they're analyzing is youth football. that's the number one concern. i do think there's enough passion for football in the united states there could be room for another league. they need more quarterback development. guys like doug pederson now coaching the super bowl. jake delhomme. and i think so there's a bridge between college football pretty much the minor leagues now and the nfl.
8:46 am
there could be some sort of a minor league type of league. the xfl really is vince mcmahon and donald trump who are old friends, linda mcmahon who is on trump's that. they were never allowed to be in the nfl. they did not get invited to the big boys club so they want to start up their own club. >> thank you all. have a happy super bowl sunday. up next, a powerful history lesson from a super bowl legend. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way.
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ciao bella. reference for those who have said their nation reminds us why we salute our flag, why we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance and why we proudly stand for the national anthem. >> as the nation focuses on the gridiron for today's super bowl, we're reminded of donald trump relentless attacks this season against players who kneeled in protest of racial injustice. igniting a culture war that will continue long after today's game. on view just steps away from the
8:51 am
super bowl is a response to this divide. an exhibit of afternoon can american, a jim crow artifact from collection of nfl hall of famer alan page and his wife diane sims-page. here's more on that exhibit and what the protests really means in this report. >> reporter: they were known as the purple people eaters. the legendary defensive front line of the minnesota vikings in the late 1960s and '70s. among them defensive tackle and pro football hall of famer alan page. known as it's only defensive lineman ever voted league mvp, page helped to lead his team to four super bowls while simultaneously obtaining his law degree from university of minnesota. page was elected to the minnesota supreme court in 1992. serving just under 23 years until retiring at the age of 70. >> best job in the world. are. >> reporter: in his supreme court chambers you didn't see
8:52 am
footballs or nfl accolades. instead, hanging on the walls were haunting relife artifacts connected directly to the slave trade and jim crow laws that took root after the civil war. >> for me, it was important as a reminder, particularly, the items of oppression, that as a nation we have not always been fair. >> reporter: for 30 years he and his wife diane sims-page collected these artifacts from antique stores throughout the country displaying their items. >> we had four in our home. and my friend said where is your african-american culture for your children? and i knew in truth she was right. >> reporter: from poetry work
8:53 am
and artwork, the checked grew. >> lighted color sign from the mississippi bus station we found in anaheim, california. >> yeah. >> wandering through this antique mall. and there it was. >> reporter: the diane and alan page collection is now partially opened to the public for the first time. in an exhibit at the hennepin library in downtown minneapolis. on display, a slave made brick from the original white house in 1792. whites and colored jim crow signage. and this torch-lit sign displayed by mourners at president lincoln's funeral procession in 1865. >> the lincoln funeral banner, one side reads, uncle abe, we shall not forget you. the other side reads our country shall be one country. >> he actually teared up when he saw the lincoln funeral banner. >> well, because it does transport you back to the time
8:54 am
of lincoln's death. >> reporter: the exhibit is titled testify. and within it, a testify station. >> this is where he worked and wrote his opinions people are writing essays on the reaction to this exhibit. >> yes, we shall be one eventually. >> reporter: signifying the importance of hope aemployed today's discord. compounded by a president who has defended white supremacists and started a campaign against nfl players protesting racial injustice. >> even though we've come a long way, there seems to be an effort to trach us backwards. and this administration, by everything i can see, seems to be bound and determined to be a part of that regression. it's not about the flag or the anthem.
8:55 am
it's about ensuring justice. all of this talk about the controversy is a distraction from ending the injustice. my hope is that people who see the exhibit will be challenged. these items are essentially facts. they exist. these are things that were involved in the slave trade. in the perpetuation of segregation. this isn't somebody's perception of what went on. this isn't somebody's idealize ed version of what went on. these items are hard facts and they cannot be denied. and therein lies their real value. >> great work there by our producer producers silent job, ladies. the testify the exhibit from the
8:56 am
diane and alan page collection sb seen in minneapolis until tuesday. do not miss it. more "am joy" after the break. it's about the one bold choice you make, that moves you forward. ( ♪ ) the one and only cadillac escalade. come in now for this exceptional offer on the cadillac escalade. get this low-mileage lease on this 2018 cadillac escalade from around $879 per month. visit your local cadillac dealer. from around $879 per month. patients that i see about dry mouth. they feel that they have to drink a lot of water. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth. i like to recommend biotene. it replenishes the moisture in your mouth. biotene definitely works. [heartbeat] like you do sometimes, grandpa? and puffed... well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in.
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that is our show for today, "am joy" will be back next week. up next, alex witt has the latest. alex, we're dressed again alike? >> that happens all the time. can i see that testify again? i would go to minneapolis to see
9:00 am
that exhibit. >> if you go to minneapolis, you got to go to paisley park and see that. >> okay, my couture twin. thank you very much. have a good one. i'm alex witt with you at msnbc headquarters in new york. it's high noon in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. memo firestorm. for the first time that the president reacts since its release. his take is vastly different than many others. reaction from all sides. plus the numbers impact, which direction does it now send the russia investigation? also, the hope hicks situation. we're going to talk about that as well. the memo's impact. and we'll get to that coming up, everybody. but we're going to begin with a live picture of capitol hill. that is where the fight over this competing memo and intel continues to play out and whether or not president trump has any attention of authorizing the lease of the


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