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tv   Lockup Colorado--- Extended Stay  MSNBC  March 4, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. his confrontations with colorado correctional staff were some of the most dramatic ever shown on "lockup." now, roy slagle's life outside
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of prison. >> check this out. slagle is really a cyborg from the future, so tasing him won't help. haven't you seen "terminator"? >> and nowhitwin broers nearing the end of his 15 years atimon. >> that's what you get for being wild. you miss out on everything that's precious to you if you're wild like me. >> another young inmate is on a wild streak of his own, and his behavior could cost him more than just time in the hole. >> daddy. daddy is stuck. he's stuck in the mirror. i can't get out my daddy.
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>> many of colorado's most violent convicts are sent to the limon correctional facility, a level four penitentiary on the eastern plains of the state. but when they get into trouble here, they go to administrative segregation, a lockdown unit where they spend 23 hours a day in their cells. >> segregation is basically the jail within the prison. and that's where some of the more colorful, disruptive types are housed. >> one of those inmates is jonathan hall. serving 40 years for murder. >> take that camera somewhere else. >> our crew first encountered hall while interviewing another inmate a few doors down. >> this is what i think of your story. >> i believe he threw -- well, he threw a liquid substance
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under the door. it smelled somewhat suspicious, so we're going to go report that. yeah, he threw pee under the door. >> did he? >> yeah. >> better go out there and double check. >> okay. >> we soon learn that hall's anger had really begun the day before. >> he started off yesterday night, he drew a bunch of gang graffiti on the walls. staff attempted to go in there, restrain him, take pictures of the graffiti, he refused, became belligerent. this morning i went up there and talked to him. he decided he would cooperate. we did restrain him, bring him out. we did take photos. probably 30 minutes later, i'm guessing because other offenders probably gave him a hard time that he did back down and let us do our job, now he's covered his window, started throwing fluids under his door. unless he does calm down and follow our rules, he'll be cell extracted. >> here's what's going to happen. if you don't uncover that
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window. >> i know what's gonna happen. that's why i'm doing this the [bleep]. >> is that what you wanna do? >> you get the [bleep] -- >> he's refusing to uncover his window. >> he's throwing some kind of liquid out under his door. >> okay. >> he's begging for the s.w.a.t. team to come in. >> all right, guys, real quick. we got hall. he's down in f-1. he's been acting up all morning, refusing orders. he talked to everybody. he's refused all orders. we'll give him his last three verbal commands. and then we'll tell him if he doesn't comply we'll introduce
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oc. if he doesn't comply at that point, we'll introduce oc. once he complies, we're just going to open his cell door, kneel him straight down on the wall right there. >> inmate hall, come to the door and cuff up. >> offender hall, come to the door and cuff up. >> c.o. eat [bleep]. >> offender hall, if you do not come up, we will introduce chemical agents. are you going to comply? >> introduce oc. >> push it through if there's an opening. >> hall's unwillingness to follow the repeated orders results in a short burst of oc gas. >> offender hall, uncover your window. all the way. remove all that stuff from in front of your door. can we get the cuff keys, tray slot. >> unable to deal with the burning effects of the oc gas any longer, hall finally complies. >> back to the door and cuff up.
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>> hall, you're going to be all right. all right? listen to my orders, okay? >> i did. >> i need you to get up on your knees, dude. get up on your knees. come on, help us out. what's on those cuffs? >> what looks like blood on hall's head is actually residue from the oc gas. officers then follow procedure by masking his face to prevent spitting. >> okay, guys. you'll be fine, hall. >> what's going on with these [ bleep ]? i need fresh air. i can't breathe. >> you're okay. >> my chest is caving in. >> you're all right, hall. you're all right. >> hall is permitted to shower off the oc gas and will soon be placed in a stripped down cell until the prison conducts a disciplinary hearing on the
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events leading to his extraction. extractions provide some of the most dramatic interactions that ever occur between inmates and staff. and few extractions in the state of colorado have provided more drama than the ones involving this man, roy slagle. we first met roy in the original "lockup" episode at colorado state penitentiary in 2000. at the time he had been through five grueling cell extractions. >> i got some criminal tendencies, okay? you know what i mean. i robbed, i assaulted a guy in here. it ain't like i'm in here for nothing, you know? >> roy slagle was paroled in the fall of 2008. but his twin brother, ray, is incarcerated here at limon, serving 15 years for assault.
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>> how as is your brother? where is he at now? >> he's at home. >> is he at home? when did he get out? >> about two months ago. >> he would act out, though. he would get up to that point where he would act out. and once he calmed back down, he was reasonable. but he would get worked up. >> point of no return. >> several years prior to becoming the warden at limon, travis tranney was a lieutenant at colorado state. and had been involved in several of roy's cell extractions. >> the last four cell extractions that was ever done with him when he got sprayed, i was the one that sprayed. that was the last straw. he said he didn't want to play anymore. >> you understand if you don't cuff up we're going to administer oc? >> he said it was due to the chemical, the oc that we introduced. he said it wasn't fun anymore because he -- in my opinion, he got a thrill from fighting with the staff when we would go into the cell and wrestle him to the
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ground. he got a thrill from all that. >> after you guys were done, you guys were all talking. what was he saying to you any way, i've had enough? >> yeah, [ bleep ]. first time for that. last time. >> now that he's out, i think he's going to mellow out. if he don't, he'll come back for life. like you said, this is no way to live. this sucks. >> it does suck. i don't want to see you come back either. >> no, i'm not. >> 17 weeks, i don't want to see your face. >> you'll never see me again, maybe at the mall or something. i'll be doing my thing. but, nah, i ain't never coming back. it was always because i was always drinking and raising hell. i'm done with that. ain't no glory here. >> ray is working towards his own freedom. his release date is only four months away. because roy is on parole, he's not allowed to visit ray in prison. but they do stay connected and take friendly jabs at each other
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through letters. >> check this out. he writes me this letter yesterday and he tells me at the end of the letter, because he calls me neil and i call him killden, you just can call me dad and i'll give you a pass when you get out. i'm gonna get you. we're probably going in the back yard and have to hit the heads, but after that it's all good. coming up, ray slagle sees his brother's epic battles for the first time. and -- >> this loaf is used for inmates who abuse food or food service equipment. >> the making of prison meal loaf. rodney -- mastermind of discounts like safe driver, paperless. the list goes on. how about a discount for long lists? gold. mara, you save our customers hundreds for switching almost effortlessly. it's a gift. and jamie. -present. -together we are unstoppable.
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inmate at colorado state penitentiary. >> introduce gas. >> roy is now out of prison. but his twin brother, ray, is an inmate at colorado's limon correctional facility. the prison gave our crew permission to show ray videotape of his brother's cell extractions. it's the first time he is seeing them. >> i saw a lot of things going on in your face watching that. >> you know, honestly, i wanted to jump in there and help him, you know what i mean? that's my first instinct is just to help him. that's the first time i seen a couple of those clips. to be honest with you, it makes me mad right away. i see the [ bleep ] cops how they just -- you know, dropping all their weight and they're 230 pounds right on one leg, boom. you know what i mean? i ain't no fool. i know what time it is. that's not cool.
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yeah, i don't like to see my brother get hurt. >> but the prison says extraction teams are only called when inmates do not cooperate with staff. a practice roy gave up when the prison began using oc gas. or pepper spray. >> that stuff is really powerful. that will make anyone tap out. i would rather have my ass kicked than get hit with that. it's really bad. you can't breathe and it burns like fire. this is really bad stuff. >> and jonathan hall has just gotten his second dose of it in two days. this time, officers extracted him after he flooded his cell and refused orders to comply. our crew shot the extraction on prison security monitors. >> hall eventually complied and was placed back in his cell. but there was more trouble overnight. >> last night we gave him his meal, spaghetti. he smeared it all over the window. he lunged at the officers. they had to restrain him with the shield. they took him over to the other
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holding cell. this morning we had medical go over and do an evaluation, mental health do an evaluation and we're starting meal loaf because he used his food to obstruct the cell. >> meal loaf, two of the most dreaded words in prison. >> this loaf is used for inmates who abuse food or food service equipment in the process of consuming their meals. for example, if they throw their food tray at somebody or something along those lines. what we've got here is basically all of the food groups. nine ounces of ground beef, wheat flour, we need two ounces, shredded potatoes, shredded cabbage, vegetable oil, tomato
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puree. by reputation, they don't care for it at all. i've tasted it, as a matter of fact, and it's not really that bad. the recipe says put it in a low pan, but this one will do just fine and go in the oven at 325 degrees. mm-mmm, very, very nutritious dish. we put it in the refrigerator, cool it down, cut it into three equal portions. and that will be one inmate's meal for one day. >> i wouldn't eat that. >> that's good. >> you for real, man? this is good? >> the only difference is you don't get salt and pepper. >> that's horrible. i don't think a dog would eat that. >> it's good. >> while hall is facing at least several days of living in a stripped-down cell with only meal loaf to eat, ray slagle has just received considerably better news. his earned good time has been recalculated, moving his release date up by two months, meaning he'll be out of prison in another eight weeks. he has one goal that stands above the others. >> be a good father, be a good grandfather and get to know my kid.
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my raven, i love her a lot. i don't even know her. she don't know me. she thinks i'm a hard, callous man is what she thinks. i sent her a picture of me and the fellows. there's 13 of us. she wrote me back, dad, you're not a white supremacist, are you? i wrote her back, no, i'm not a white supremacist, sweetheart. i'm proud of who i am, but i'm not better than nobody, you know? poor thing. made me feel bad. come on, sweetie, i'm not a hard man. i'm just not. you know? >> slagle hasn't seen his daughter in eight years. but after learning of his new release date, he was permitted to call her. >> what are you doing, rayven? >> hey. >> i just found out they're going to let me out april 23rd. >> oh, i can't wait. >> are you going to come up here and see me? >> yeah. >> when was the last time i saw you, rayven? >> when i was 8. >> oh, i see. and you're going to be 17 the 18th of this month, see. >> yeah. >> that's too long, huh? rayven, i love you, honey. >> i love you too. >> hey, now, i got to ask you this, man. what do you think about your
9:19 pm
uncle roy, man? you never met him until he got out. >> he's okay. he's different. >> yeah, like what? tell me. >> just -- i don't know. >> shoot straight with me now. >> you can tell that he's been in prison for a while. >> i know. that's true. when you talk to me, do i come off like that? >> kind of, but no, not really. sometimes. >> why? >> you're like, what's up, what are you doing? talking to me like i'm your homey. >> oh, honey, i love you. i know you're not my homey. dog gone, now you make me feel bad. >> no, don't feel bad. >> all right. i'll have to work on that, all right? you know what, i can't wait to see you. i want to give you a big hug. >> okay. >> all right. you know what? i know you're not my homey, all right? i know you're not my homey, do you hear me? >> yes. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> all right, bye-bye, honey. >> bye.
9:20 pm
>> i never knew i talked to her like she was my homey, you know what i mean? gee, i guess i -- heck, i don't know. you haven't been around that long, you know what i mean? i don't know how i come across. i don't know how. you know what i mean? >> now is the time to start. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. thank you very much. i appreciate that. that feels good. >> you're welcome. keep your head low and stay out of the max. >> i will, i will. >> all right. >> life's a bitch, man, that's what you get for being wild. don't be wild. slow your role. be more calm. you miss out on everything that's precious to you if you're wild like me. i ain't going to do that no more. that [ bleep ] sucks. coming up, in spite of his troubles inside prison, family members show another side of jonathan hall. >> he loved animals. >> yeah, that's your daddy. >> and later, roy slagle's cell extractions become an internet
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it's been a rough spell for jonathan hall. over a two-day period, he got angry with correctional staff for photographing gang graffiti in his cell. he has had two cell extractions in which he was sprayed with burning oc gas. he's been put in a stripped-down cell and ordered to eat meal loaf after throwing his dinner at the door. but eventually he calmed down and spoke to us about what really matters to him. >> probably the most important piece of property i have is my pictures. it's memories, things that i'm missing out there on the streets. so it's really important to me. this is me, my son, and my wife when my son was first born.
9:25 pm
i felt like my destiny was fulfilled, that that was what i was put on earth to do was to have my son. >> while our introduction to hall left an impression of an inmate out of control, we learned there was another side when we met his family during a visit. >> as a kid, he loved animals. we would go to the lake all the time, catch tadpoles and frogs. that was my favorite part of my childhood was going to the lake and catching tadpoles and frogs with him. best memory. >> his sister was abused and he -- him being the older brother, definitely felt like he needed to protect her, you know, all the time. he was always like that, just really, really protective. and i think psychologically when stuff like that happens to somebody, it's really hard to get over. and we went through therapy for years and years. >> hall's recent problems resulted in an extra two weeks
9:26 pm
in administrative segregation and have restricted his visits to non-contact status. >> have a seat, they'll be over in a second. >> i hope you brought kleenex. >> my daddy. my daddy. my daddy. >> i'm going to see my son for the first time in over a year. so that's really kind of exciting for me right now. even if i can't touch him, it's still going to be cool to be able to see him. >> i just hope he's prepared for it, because i know it's going to be an emotional issue for him right now. >> orion, who are you going to see today? >> my daddy. >> hey, you. want to say hi to daddy? >> hi. >> say hi. >> how are you? >> yeah, that's your daddy. >> is it really daddy? >> yeah, that's your daddy. >> he was so excited to see you.
9:27 pm
he kept saying, i'm going to see my daddy. i'm going to see my daddy. you know what he said too? >> what? >> he said, this is a castle. we're going to the castle. >> oh, yeah? castle? >> that's what he thinks, it's a castle. how have you been? >> all right. >> staying out of trouble? >> yeah. >> having fun? >> yeah. having fun? yeah, i guess. just kicking back. >> did you get your lip pierced? >> my lip. no, it's just [ bleep ] open. >> you're doing okay? >> yeah, i'm good. >> i miss you. >> huh? >> i miss you, too. >> here's orion. can you say i love you, daddy? >> i love you, daddy. >> i love you too. i miss you. when i heard him say i love you, it felt good. i mean, there's not much i can say. it just really touched me that he called me daddy because it would have been easy for him not to. he didn't get a chance to know
9:28 pm
my like that. >> daddy is stuck. he's stuck in the mirror. >> yeah. >> i can't get out my daddy. >> i always wanted jonathon to be a part of my son's life, no matter what. i'm so excited that he's taken to the fact that this is your daddy. i know it hurts him, though, because he's out there saying daddy's stuck. so i know it's still hard for him. because once we leave here, i think it's going to really hurt him more than anything. >> orion -- >> put your hand up. >> how are you doing? >> all of it is depressing. what can you say? you know, you want to hug him. and everything else. and it's like, you know, like you lost your son, like he's dead.
9:29 pm
coming up -- on "lockup: extended stay." >> when you're down like that, naked as a jaybird, put down on the floor, you're at the bottom. it don't get no worse than that. >> roy slagle looks back while his twin brother ray looks forward to a long awaited reunion behind the walls of limon. >> i'm so anxious. i haven't seen my daughter in so long, you know what i mean? i didn't hardly sleep last night.
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i'm dara brown with the hour's top stories. msnbc news has reviewed a grand jury subpoena sent asking for communications asking for communications related to a number of trump campaign advisers, including trump himself. and "the shape of water" has won the best picture oscar at tonight's academy awards. and now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised.
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that's good. cooking is my hobby. on the streets, i love to cook. i like to make people happy. i'll make something at work and i'll go to the job site and give it to him, hey, bro, try this. that's what i like to do. >> by purchasing food from the canteen and occasionally hustling vegetables or meat from kitchen workers, ray slagle gets to practice his hobby right in his cell. but the only time he shed a tear from something other than onions is when he and his twin brother, roy, were briefly in the same prison and were allowed to see each other for the first time in years. >> i hugged him and i couldn't hold back. i dropped a tear. he's like, now, come on, now, get a grip. i wiped it down. i said, i bet you didn't expect that. but, yeah, that was the last
9:34 pm
time i actually -- it caught me off god. i hadn't hugged him in years. >> oh, man, he started getting choked up. he got all teary-eyed and choked up and he had me getting to choked up. i was like, come on, bro, pull yourself together. you can't be getting emotional in here. >> roy slagle was paroled in october of 2008. after spending nearly 20 years in prison, he is now living with his parents. >> if i wouldn't have got out of prison, i wouldn't have had my family support, i wouldn't have made it a week and i would have been back in prison. because the system ain't going to help you out. that's not going to happen. >> roy is fortunate to have found work. but his parole imposes a 4:00 p.m. curfew and prohibits him from leaving the county. he spends much of his free time on the computer. >> i didn't even know how to turn the computer on until recently. my sister come down from montana and gave me a computer. she said, here's your getting out of prison gift. good luck.
9:35 pm
>> roy has his own myspace page. and along with millions of others, he views his extraction footage on "lockup" clips that appear on >> when you're down like that, clothes cut off of you, naked as a jaybird, put down on the floor, man, you're at the bottom. it don't get no worse than that. it just don't. i hope when it's all said and done, someday when i'm six feet under, i hope this isn't what defines my life. >> still, the videos have made a definite impression. >> can i get a dollar for every person that views this? i'm just asking. oh, check this out. slagle is really a cyborg from the future. so tasing him won't help. haven't you seen "terminator"? are you serious? oh, no, no. i watched this episode last night and became infatuated with this man. he is so sexy. he has an amazing body and a
9:36 pm
fine face. i wish i knew him. i love big, tall and muscular men. i'm 40 years old, so i'll be honest with you, i'm a little flattered by it, because i ain't no 20-year-old dude no more. i'm 40 years old, man. and to have a lot of girls and women making comments about how i look and stuff like that, it's nice. >> but roy's parole serves as a constant reminder that a return to prison is just one mistake away. >> about five, six times a day, this beeper beeps off and i got to call. if this beeper goes off after my curfew and i don't call from this land line here at the house, i can get a felony case for escape. it's very serious. very serious. this is my babysitter. this is a leash. >> what do you want to have happen for yourself now that you're out? what are your goals? what are your dreams? >> my dream is just to get out -- [ beeping ] this just went off.
9:37 pm
i got to call. i didn't have a life sentence, but i had 20 years and even 20 years is a long time. never thought i would get out of prison. thought i would spend the rest of my life there. what a cold, dark, lonely place. tell you what, i got on my knees more than once and prayed in that [ bleep ] place. sometimes i would hit my knees and pray and pray, you know what? maybe i'll go to sleep and not wake up and that would be a good thing, you know? that's it, that's the process. five, six times a day i go through that. >> it beats lockup. >> you dang right it beats lockup. that's right. you know, my dreams are simple. i want to get on a bike and ride, open highway. i want an open highway in front of me, a backpack and sleeping bag on the back and i want to ride. that's what i'm going to do.
9:38 pm
>> are you going to make it this time, staying out? >> yeah, i believe i'm going to make it, no doubt. i do have a problem with authority. sometimes i have authority issues and that's definitely a major bump in the road for me. dealing with my p.o. or people in the parole department. it's just hard for me to do it, it just really is. it's hard. not that i don't want to be free. i want to be free. i don't want to go back to prison. but sometimes i have this impending doom on my back. >> sometimes prison ruins people, man. you know what i mean. it does. after that much time, and i understand that, so be it. but prison didn't ruin me. honestly. i'm not ruined at all. i'm ready to get out there and do whatever it takes to make it. and i'm gonna. i want to be a success story. because let me tell you, there's no success stories around here. all my buddies are od'ing out there, coming back with life sentences. it's terrible, man. i'm not going to do it. coming up --
9:39 pm
>> i'm nervous. >> it's a reunion ten years in the making. as ray slagle's daughter arrives at limon for a visit with her dad. >> that's the last te i seen her face to face. flonase relieves your wor symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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roy slagle earned a reputation for his numerous cell extractions at colorado state penitentiary. now, after two recent cell extractions of his own, jonathan hall has just gotten word he will be transferred there as well. it's the most secure state prison in colorado. a place where all the inmates are locked up in their cells 23 hours per day. >> i'm just trying to stay mentally prepared to sit back and be locked down for the next two, three years. >> several days after a visit
9:43 pm
with his family, hall has received a letter from his mother. small comfort for what lies ahead. >> jonathan, you're not a bad person. you just have gotten confused. life threw too many curveballs at you. just keep god in your heart and things will get better. they will. maybe not the way you want, but better. i'm so glad i had you. you're very important in my life. it's good to hear [ bleep ] like this. this remind me that people out there care. they're still thinking about me. they're still just keeping me in their heart. i don't know if this prison's gonna eat me alive. if i'm going to end up -- if this prison's gonna be the death of me. >> while hall faces many more years in prison, ray slagle only has eight weeks left until his release. but first, he has a long, overdue visit. >> i haven't seen my daughter in so long. you know what i mean.
9:44 pm
i'm already like all -- i didn't even hardly sleep last night. it's going to be an emotional trip, i already know. i paid a guy to iron my stuff, shine my boots. i can't iron nothing. i'm like, hey, bro, here's some tokens. it's been a long time since i even had a hug. you know what i mean. any kind of contact from anybody, hell, i haven't had a hug in six years. >> and it's been even longer since he seen his daughter, rayven. >> that's the last time i seen her face to face. >> tell me how old -- >> see. >> how old was she? >> 1999. she was born in '92. '92, '93, '94, so 7 years old. that's the last time i seen her. she was just a little girl then. she still is to me. she still is a little girl. honestly. she'll still be a little girl when she's 30 to me. >> rayven is now 17 years old and has a baby girl of her own. whom she decided not to bring on the visit. she has just arrived at the prison with ray's other brother, brad ward. and brad's wife, becky. >> i don't know what i'm going
9:45 pm
to say to be honest with you. i planned it all in my mind. but what do you say? you know what i mean? when i first see her, god, i'll probably end up crying. i don't know. we'll just take it as it comes. i wing everything i do any way. what are you doing? what are you doing, rave? how are you doing? man, you're so beautiful. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> don't mention it, bro. >> man, you guys look good. >> oh, man. >> i'm nervous. >> you probably couldn't sleep last night. >> no, i couldn't. i didn't sleep at all.
9:46 pm
i know, she's beautiful. my goodness, man. do i like old? >> no. >> yes, i do. >> y're a grandpa. >> i know, i know. i wanted to see emily too. >> that's your incentive. you get to see her when you get out. >> it is, i swear. oh, man. >> you won't believe how pretty she is. >> she's got good genetics. yeah. first time i hold her, i don't want it to be in a prison. honestly. the first time i held you was in a prison. i was like, how sad is that? that's sad, rayven, honestly. >> it is. >> it is, it is. that's sad. that's almost pathetic. i want to be there for you until the end of time. that's just how it is. i want to it be a good grandpa to emily. i want her hanging on my leg, come here, emily. the worst part about it is not being with your family, man. you can't see your daughter. she grew up on me.
9:47 pm
she's all -- you know what i mean? it's like, my god, i missed it all and that sucks. >> not all of it. i don't feel like -- i wouldn't change anything because it made me who i am today. >> really? >> i wouldn't change it. >> you're not mad at me? >> i'm mad, i am, but it's done with. i can't hold resentment. like, i don't know. >> really? >> i am who i am today because of it. and i don't think i came out too bad. >> no, no -- >> after jumping the hurdles and going through ups and downs, but -- >> now you bounce back. >> yeah. yeah. >> i know we don't know each other that well. but i know i'm going to get to know you. you know what i mean? i'm going to make a -- you're going to be a big part of my life, honey, you and emily. >> i just want you to be there. >> i'm going to be there, you know what i mean? >> life is too short. >> i know it is. >> to waste time. >> i know. >> one week after his reunion with rayven, slagle received horrible news.
9:48 pm
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9:51 pm
just days after seeing his daughter for the first time in eight years, ray slagle received horrible family news. his twin brother, roy, is back in prison. >> i talked with my mom and my mom told me that roy, he went to the parole office drunk. and i'll be honest with you, that kind of made me mad. because like hey, bro, why you slapping it in their face? if you're going to do it, okay, sneak around until you get caught. but, i mean, you could have done that any old time. not the night before you go see your parole officer, bro. honestly, it's like he wanted to come back. so he's coming back and he'll spend the next 2 years, 2 1/2 years locked up. >> but today, after 15 years, it's ray slagle's day to leave prison.
9:52 pm
>> man, this is my last day in prison and i'm so tired. i haven't hardly slept in three days. i'm really that tired to where i feel nauseous. i'm really, really nervous. i'm afraid i'm not going to make it, you know what i mean? i see these guys coming in and out, in and out, in and out. and it's time for you to get out and you start thinking, oh, man. and even my own twin brother couldn't handle the pressure. it's terrible. you write country songs about this kind of [ bleep ]. the things that hurt me the most are the things that i crave the most, women, booze, drugs. those cycle through my mind. you take care, bro. love you too, man, take care. what i got to do is carry around a mirror and whip it out and check myself because no one can check me. i'll get mad. you know, don't tell me.
9:53 pm
so i've got to look at myself and say, hey, bro, you know what i mean? you're going to go right back to the pen. >> over here next to the boxes. >> all right. thank you. >> there's a new i.d. card for you. >> look at this. i was wondering if they were going to do this. they took me in shackles and said they would take the orange off. you can tell that i'm a prisoner there. oh, that's terrible. all right, take care. >> good luck. >> i bet you say that a lot. a lot of these guys you see them in [bleep] six months, huh? >> a lot sooner than that. >> i know. it's crazy. you won't be seeing me again. >> let's hope not. >> you're outside, ray, how's it feeling now? >> i'm really excited. yeah, i'm really excited. >> are you free yet? >> not until we're outside that fence right there. i'm looking forward to this. it's been a long time. my god.
9:54 pm
hey, brother. are you doing all right? hey, becky, how are you doing? now i feel more free because i'm around my family. i want out of here, because they know how i am. let's go now. i'm ready to roll. i love you, bro. right on, yeah. >> and although roy is back in prison, he did make plans to give ray a parting gift. >> my twin brother sent these clothes up. he wanted me to dress up in these clothes, i don't know. if i don't, i'll feel bad. he'll be like, i sent you clothes. you didn't put them on. so i'll bow down, you know what i mean? you know how he is, you guys. ten years down the road he'll be bitching about it. now i feel more free. roy was right about that. it's a lot better. you know what i mean, your release clothes are still part
9:55 pm
of this, you know what i mean? i look like a pimp, look at this little phone. i can't believe you can hear anything. hey, rayve next. slagle's first phone call is to his daughter, rayven. she lives in another part of the state. but that's something slagle hopes to change. >> well, honey, i just want you to know one thing, this is very important to me that you know this, you always have a place with me. always, no matter what, you know what i mean? i'm out now and i love you very much. you're my daughter and emily is my grand daughter and i would love you guys to live with me. you want her to send a picture of me? all right. does this thing take pictures? >> yeah. >> all right. >> now you look like a fruit loop. >> oh, no! no, no. >> slagle will live in a mobile home owned by his parents.
9:56 pm
located about two hours from limon. >> all right. you guys, this is a castle to me. this is nice. >> i love it. >> come on in. oh, wow. nice, neat carpet. >> new carpet. the ceilings were parented. >> oh, really? >> we got you some furniture. >> i like that love seat. that looks comfortable. >> nice, nice, nice. >> yeah, guys, you don't even know. >> you won't have any dates on this bed. >> oh, i don't want none now. all i want is a good night's sleep. my aching back. my god, you don't even know. this is really my favorite room in the whole house. guys, i like gook -- cooking so much. i want to do maybe my daughter comes by tomorrow, i want to cook deep fried chicken tacos. i like that. it's a really good dish. you guys seen my cell.
9:57 pm
my room wasn't too much bigger than this. look at that. this is nice to have a nice mirror. i can see myself good. that is nice. >> ray soon discovers that roy left behind his food stash. >> all the guys back in prison, look at this. my brother gets out of prison and he buys a bunch of ramen -- >> it's like canteen. >> it's like prison canteen, i swear. my god, roy, it's crazy, don't you think? he's been eating them for 23 years. oh, man. that's crazy. man, i love you, roy, but come on, the ramen soups have got to go. went from a cell to this, and
9:58 pm
you guys can't even comprehend how i feel. i'm really, really happy. got my family helping me. i'm so appreciative. my daughter may come and live with me with my granddaughter. i'm really, really looking forward to that. i hope it happens. and i'm looking forward to going to work and just living my life. i got to be cautious on who i associate with. it's my real downfall. to be honest with you. i got a big heart and a lot of love for some of the guys. i got to pull back. like i told them before, i love you, but i've got to go. i got to succeed this time. next time i'll get all day. i'll die like them guys and i -- i don't want to. look at this. this is a castle to me, you guys. i love it. i'm so happy. >> and truthfully, roy should have been here with you. how do you feel knowing you had planned this? >> i'm disappointed. he's better than prison. he's really a good man. honestly, i love him to death. he's better than all that prison [ bleep ]. he just didn't hold on. if he had held on till i got out, i was going to help him, because i know where his frame of mind is 100% and i understand. and i could have talked him down because he works himself up.
9:59 pm
i do the same thing and we could have talked each over down. hey, bro, come on, man, it ain't worth it. i think i could have helped him stay free. but that's not the case. >> are you going to make it? >> yeah, i'm going to make it. as a matter of fact, you guys, i promise i'm going to make it. you guys can always take updates and look on the internet and see slagle is free, i'm doing well. i'm going to make a hell of a grandfather and i'm going to get to know my daughter. boy, she's got that coming. you know what, little girls need their dads. i don't care if she's 20, 30 years old, she still needs my love, man. she's going to have it. i'm not letting her down, you know? all right. this is it. freedom, baby. freedom.
10:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> tattooed the whites of my eyes. two inmates resort to drastic action to stand out among their peers. >> and i'll bet you there's no one in the world that has the same color eyes as i do. >> and after 19 years in prison, a new courtroom gives another inmate a chance to go home.


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