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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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no, we don't have a problem. we have a zero tolerance. he's not playing games. these guys don't play games. we have a different type of people. they don't play games. we have a zero teolerance polic. if we catch a drug dealer, death penalty. they don't have a problem. remember this, if somebody goes and shoots somebody or kills somebody, they go away for live and they can get the death penalty. one person. they shoot one person. they get the death penalty. they shoot one person, kill some person, knife one person. the person dies. they get maybe the death penalty
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or maybe life in prison. no parole. a drug dealer will kill 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 people during the course of his or her life. you can kill thousands of people and go to jail for 30 days. they catch a drug dealer, they don't even put them in jail. think of it. you kill one person, yget the death penalty in many states or life in prison. think of it. you kill 5,000 people with drugs because you smuggling them in and making a lot of money and people are dying. you might get 0 day, 60 day, 90 days. you might get a year but you're not going to get and then you
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wonder why we have a problem. that's why we have a problem, folks. i don't think we should play games. now, i never dill polling on that. i don't know if that's popular. i don't know if that's unpopular. probably you'll have some people that say that's not nice. these people are killing our kids and they're killing our families. we have to do something. we can't just keep setting up blue ribbon committees with your wife and your wife and your husband and they meet and they have a meal and they talk. talk, talk, talk. two hours later then they write a report. that's what i got in washington. i got all these blue ribbon committees opini committees. we have the opioid problem.
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we have to go after the drug companies. we have no choice. i don't know if this country is ready. i think it's a discussion we have to start thinking about. in oakland you have a mayor -- [ boos ] >> she told people that we're going to be captured in a big raid. you can't do it, folks. we've got to get smart.
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we're going after violent criminals and vicious gang members. these people are so tough. we had our ice agents out in long island. places that i know so well are loaded up with ms-13. where your daughter walks home and they don't use guns. the nrka happens to be good people. they don't use guns. they like to use knives and other things because it's much more painful. it's much slower. these are animals. we send these guys out and we liberate them. hillary wouldn't have liberated those towns. we liberate those towns and the people are cheering. it's like a war. it's like if you got liberated
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as a country. can you imagine this is taken place in our country. it's crazy. we are doing a great, great job. we are loving it. we're making tremendous progress. today i'm calling on congress to stop funding sanctuary cities so we can save american lives. the funding bill should not give precious and mastz massive taxpayer grants to cities aiding and abetting criminals. it's what they do. look at the stories. i'm calling on congress to finally end chain migration and cancel the very dangerous visa
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lottery. now they're probably, again the democrats want to obstruct so we're probably going to have to wait until after the election. we'll get rick in there and we'll get some other people in there and we'll be able to get it passed because these guys don't want to do anything. we have 270 people with cannot get the democrats to approve to come into our administration. these guys are saying you don't have an ambassador. the democrats want approve him. they obstruct. they delay. they do everything they can and that's all they're good at. they have no ideas. i look forward to 2020. i want to see how far left the
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person is going to be that we're going to run against. i look forward to it. i look forward to it. i really do. together with your help, your voice, your vote, we can achieve more than anybody. again, i really believe. i'm not saying this as bragadocious. the tax bill when we got the individual mandate but we got one of the biggest fields in the world. they've been trying to approve it for 40 years. that was a part of the tax bill. there's nothing beyond our
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reach. nothing. we need republicans put in office. we need senate. i think we're going to do pretty well with the senate. the numbers are looking pretty good. did you see the numbers from about two months ago? you see numbers now, it's like from a different world. people are seeing what we're doing. we're going to do things that nobody has been able to do. it's very funny. every time i go out to speak, we have these massive crowds. thousands were turned away. we let thousands in. she wrote an article about me.
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i went to the wharton school of finance. then you have to read how we're like is trump a good speaker. she's talking about he uses a language that, you know. remember i used to tell you how easy it is to be presidential. you'd all be out of here now. you'd be so bored. i'm very presidential. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight. rick saccone will be great, great congressman. he will help me very much. he's a fine man and a wonderful wife. i just want to tell you on behalf of the united states of america that we appreciate your
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service. we appreciate your service. to all of the military out there, we respect you very much. thank you. thank you. then you go, god bless you and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. see, that's easy. that's much easier than doing what i have to do. this is much more effective. this got us elected. if i came like a stiff, you guys wouldn't be here tonight. she's a nice woman. i like her. she doesn't like me much. she's writing like i'm some kind of a neanderthal.
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i'm really smart. they all talk about how they're telling us -- they said we couldn't get elected. i say we because you came from areas. some you have never voted before but you love the country. great congressman from tennessee. they vote early. the voting gets started. he was asked a speech i was making in pennsylvania, believe it or not. he was there because one of his friends and it was lou. i didn't know him. they had early voting in tennessee. he said, you know, mr. president and at that time i wasn't president but he called me that because he saw it was happening. he said in tennessee the early voting started. i'd been doing this stuff for 32 years. i've never seen anything like it in my life. those people are coming out of hills. they're coming out of valleys p th . they are coming out of
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everything you can come out of. these are people that love the country but they never saw anybody they wanted to vote for. now they've got trump. trump-pence. they've got all the stuff. >> usa. >> it has to be right. maybe it's just pure ideas. i love that guy. he said it's heart. we all have heart.
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i can only tell you if the rest of the country is like tennessee you're going to win this election and it's going to be easy. we got 306 to 223. remember they said, 270. remember the famous 270. he cannot win the election because he cannot get above 270. we needed 270. in fact, they couldn't get me to 270. we had 269. he cannot get -- remember, to to 270. we didn't. we got to 306. we got it. somebody said i've been running for the senate six times.
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you ran for president. you won. what happened is pennsylvania. remember that night? if i lost ten points. there was no way you could lose. we were winning by thousands and thousands of votes. they refused to call pennsylvania. i wanted to win. i wanted to win with pennsylvania. it was so befitting bau inting y had spent ten times more in the state of pennsylvania than i did. i'm sighing come on. go. one point. i win. we win easily. they wouldn't call it.
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then what happened? wisconsin came in. we won with wisconsin which hadn't been won in decades. we won with michigan and finally they were devastated. they were crying. she's crying. oh, my god. remember john king with the board. the red board is like red. that board was red meaning republican. popular vote you go to three or four states. i was like 19. i went to maine four times because i needed town one vote. that was going to be 269 to 270.
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what happened was an incredible. it was an incredible evening. one of the greatest nights in the history of television in terms of numbers of poem watching. we have done a job. let me give you the bad news. the bad news is they want to take it away from us. they're doing everything they can to take it away. that starts with the election coming up in a few months. we have to win it. we have to get out and we have to win. i love the school. i went to wharton. i love pennsylvania. how can i not love it, right? somebody else would show up here
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and honestly, rick, what would it be 50, 60 people in front. you wouldn't have this. you'd have a little place. i'll really feel strongly about rick saccone. i know him. he's an incredible guy. number one, i don't know that this is important but to me it is. he's a very fine human being. he's a good person. he's really a good person. rick, come up here. he's a really good person.
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he's a good person. does that mean anything? he's a very -- he's a very competent person. he's a very hard worker. he knows things that many people don't know. he understands north korea may be better than anybody. i spoke to him about north korea. he was there for a long time. i spoke to him about north korea. i'm telling you i learned things that all of these great generuis genuines -- geniuses did not tell me. we need the republicans. we immediate the vote. they will take away your tax cuts. they will take away your second amendment rights. they're going to take away -- in the military big military place.
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they'll take that away too. our military wads really depleted. i came tonight because this guy is special. remember this, the other opponent, his opponent is not voting for us. there's no way he's voting for us ever. ever. he could be nice to me. he is. there's no way he's ever voting for me. rick is going to vote for us all the time. all the time. i want to ask rick to say a few words and again, it's an honor to be with you. go out on tuesday and just vote like crazy. you got to get out there. the world is watching. i hate to put this pressure on your rick, they're all watching because i won this district like by 22 points.
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it's a lot. look at all those red hat, rick. look. look at all those. it's a lot of hats. we just had a poll. we're more popular now than election day. this guy should win easily. he's going to win easily. you got to know him. he's an extraordinary person. go out and vote on tuesday for rick saccone. go ahead. >> do we love our president here in western pennsylvania?
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i just is a couple of words. you already heard me speak earlier. i want to thank president trump. as i said before, president trump's in your corner, how can you lose? he's the best man to be in your corner. as any good businessman knows, you work on a deal but there comes a time to close the deal. this is the time to close the deal. we got two days left. are you going to help me on tuesday? let's close this deal. >> with that, we'll say good night. go out, vote for rick. he'll never, ever disappoint you. he's a winner. he's never going to disappoint you. vote with your hearts. vote with your brains.
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this is an extraordinary man. i'm going to be home watching the returns and i hope that i have to make a call on tuesday night where i speak to you and young and i say great job, great race. the whole world remember that, they're all watching. we want to keep it going. we want to keep the agenda, the make america great going. you got to get them in. this is a very important race. very important. thank you all. god bless you. we love you all. thank you. >> president trump there wrapping up this campaign rally near pittsburgh for a special congressional election. one that is very, very tight between republican rick saccon and conor lamb. we did some time keeping. the president spoke about 1:10.
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he was on the stage there at the podium. we did mention -- he did mention rick saccone off the top. it was 25 minutes in when he spoke of the candidate. the reasons why he supported him and 1:10 before we saw rick saccone on stage with the president. a lot of the speech was touting his presidential win, the jobs report, economy, north korea as well. saying that we have to be very, very nice. basking or bashing the media, fake news as well. also hitting his former campaign rivals and even oprah winfrey. sharing his new 2020 slogan saying i can't say it's make america great again. let's keep america great. i want to bring in our panel. political reporter for politico.
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i appreciate you sticking around and listening to this. this is my question, was this about president trump or was this about rick saccone? let's start with you. >> it's not ma surprising if you look at past speeches that the president has given on behalf of candidates. he's talked about his own agenda, a little less about the candidate. i was keeping track of the amount of times he mentioned rick. it was about half a dozen times in that speech that lasted over an hour. fairly typical of the president. >> alex, what is rick thinking? is he thinking there standing going this is what the president needs to say to put me over the edge for a win. >> look, obviously he's probably happier than not that the president came. he needs the president to come here and sort of energize those voters that saccone needs.
5:25 pm
this is what trump rallies are like. you have seen this happen at past trump speeshs. obviously saccone is happier than not the president came in. >> we'll see in that translates into votes on tuesday. i want to bring in jeff bennett. you were listening as we were here. classic campaign mode trump that we saw there. >> i wasn't able to hear the question. i think i know where you're headed. i'll tell you what i found to be fairly striking about what we saw here. i heard you sort of tick through the greatest hits from the hour nar that the president spoke. i thought what was really particular is the way the president paved in his attacks on conor lamb in much the same way he did when he was in alabama campaigning initially for luther string. the president chose to not stick it to roy moore in the way he
5:26 pm
could have. here he says because conor lamb the democrat, because he's said things favorable to the president and also this race is neck and neck the president is saving his fire. he did make one tick that could be fairly effective in this district. he said conor is trying to present himself as a moderate but if he gets to washington, he won't be able to keep up the act. we'll have to see how many swing voters there are in this district who might have been watching the speech who would agree with the president when they turn out on tuesday. >> that's right. he did bring up the candidates instead of bringing up rick saccone. 25 minutes in he brings up lamb and then goes into saccone saying i like him. he's handsome. >> that may be a reflection of how close the race is now.
5:27 pm
polling is showing a tight race. he's trying to really drive that message home that lamb isn't what he's saying and he will support nancy pelosi. he would be independent in his party in congress. >> is there anything that stoo s out to you. we know this is pretty much familiar trump when it comes to these style rallies. anything in his message when it comes to tariffs he brought up in pennsylvania and not touting his own accomplishments? >> it was interesting he talked at one point towards the end of the speech about pennsylvania and how spornt that state is to him. one of the things to look for on tuesday should he fall short is this is going to be seen as major embarrassment for this president and this white house because trump is made pennsylvania such a key part of
5:28 pm
his political and electoral co-licoh coalition. it was a big deal that he made a big deal of it during the campaign and the state helped to really put him over the top. it's really going to be a big embarrassment for the president if conor lamb comes out on top. >> who will be the finger pointing there. you have the member of the gop who have bashed him to give him the safety net if he does lose saying expectations are not met or he loses, we told you so. who will the president be pointing to? >> that's a good question. seems like national republican strategist are putting the blame on rick saccone. it will be interesting to see if the president follows suit. conor has raised four times as much money as rick saccone in
5:29 pm
this case and they see that as major liability in terms of competing in television advertisements and things like that. we'll have to see who the president ends up blaming if he does end on losing on tuesday. looks like people are starting to blame rick. >> before i let you go in my last minute here, what will be the headlines on wednesday morning? >> well, either it's going to be republicans dodged a bullet in this race or it's going to be major black eye for the white house, for this president and the gop as they head towards november. it's really important race and no one knows exactly who's going to win at this point. polls are very tight. >> very quickly in the short seconds i have. >> well we're going to have to wait and see. people are looking at this race for national message. are democrats going to be energized going into the
5:30 pm
midterms. is that going to work? i think that's what you'll see the day after. >> all right. we'll see what happens in next couple of days before then. we shall all see together. we thank you for being with me for this specific coverage. back to our regular programming on msnbc. we send it now to hardball. have a great evening. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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welcome back to "hardball." over the past few weeks a slew of stories relating to film actor stormy daniels have continued to plague this president. today in an nbc news exclusive we learned michael cohen, donald trump's personal lawyer, used his trump organization e-mail as he made arrangements to pay that $130,000 in hush money to stormy daniels. nbc has also learned that stormy daniels' earn attorney at the time address correspondence top cohn as special counsel to donald j. trump. didn't do it on his own. cohn back in february told nbc news "neither the trump organization nor the trump campaign was a party to the transaction with mrs. clifford." of miss clifford rather. and neither reimbursed me for the payment. either directly or indirectly. paint to miss clifford was lawful and was not a campaign contribution or expenditure by
5:35 pm
anyone. in an opinion piece published two days ago, the government watchdog group common cause argued opposite to that. by failing to report the payment as a campaign expense, the trump campaign violated multiple federal disclosure laws and depending on the source of the $130,000 paid to daniels, the payment may also have been an illegal contribution. the president's press secretary has denied allegations of an intimate relationship between the president and daniels. for more i'm joined by katie phang. i guess a lot of people watching are wondering, does this mean that robert mueller, the special counsel looking for any crime by trump involving the 2016 election certainly in that much wider orbit than that but in the target zone, was the law broken by someone paying $130,000 to this person to keep quiet about something that would hurt his campaign and the payment made a week before the actual election makes it look like a campaign related event? your thoughts about the exposure as you lawyers say, exposure of mr. trump here? >> well, exposure seems to be a word bandied about a little bit when it comes to daniels as a porn star.
5:36 pm
to your question, chris, anybody remember john edwards? he got indicted for doing exactly the same thing, taking campaign contributions and money to basically silence his mistress so as to influence the outcome of the presidential election that he was running for. so is that we've got going on here? >> but that was a hung jury. that wasn't resolved in court. that jury couldn't decide. bunny said she just liked john edwards and did it as a favor and didn't see it as a campaign contribution. that's her point of view the. >> here's the thing. it begs the question. michael cohen said he took out a home equity line of credit to put it in an llc account to be able to pay off stormy daniels. why? why is he randomly paying
5:37 pm
$130,000? now you have a problem. people like the fec is interested. the house judiciary committee sent a letter to michael cohen and two other gentlemen saying you might want to explain why you gave this money and by the way, there might be tax issues because the tax treatment on this money would trigger other violations of federal law. so michael cohen's now opening a huge pandora's box because he keeps on opening his mouth and keeps on trying to give excuses that don't have legal viability in terms of being credible. >> just to make an argument against it, is every aid you give, every contribution to a candidate a campaign contribution? you can say i drive his kids to school or anything that helps him. i helped his wife carry account groceries home. is anything a contribution to the well-being of a candidate a campaign contribution? >> here's the thing. it has to be a reported in kind contribution. there's a certain valuation amount that gets triggered.
5:38 pm
$130,000 pursuant to a settlement agreement that michael cohen, the llc and this dennis son guy who we know is donald trump is implicated we know this is hush money paid to stormy daniels to keep her quiet. now we're going to go back to the litigation. we're going to figure out where had goes. here's the problem for michael cohen and for donald trump and here's the problem for the trump campaign and here is why mueller might be interested. through the course of the discovery process, you're going to have depositions. you're going to having discovery requests and bank statements turned over and you know that mueller is the key guy to follow the money. so here's the essential question, chris. where did that money come from? did it really come from a heloc? if it was think all of rules of professional conduct michael cohen is in violation of in his home state of new york where he is a licensed attorney. >> the attorney general of new york might be interested. this president can't pardon his own behavior in new york state. thank you. you followed it all the way. thanks so much, katie phang for
5:39 pm
being our expert. up next, president trump's go it alone approach. he's willing to rely completely on his own instincts even if it puts him at odds with everyone around him his experts, secretary of state, national security adviser. they were all ignored yesterday when he went to town on this north korean gambit. you're watching "hardball." it's time for the 'sleep number spring clearance event'
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nobody knows the system better than me. which is why i alone can fix it. >> welcome back to "hardball." that was president trump at the republican national convention in 2016 claiming he was the only person who could fix america's
5:43 pm
problems. trump put his go it alone strategy on display this week first with his move to impose new steel and aluminum tariffs then to meet with north korean leader kim jong-un. time and time again he made it clear it's his own judgment alone that matters. >> i'm an outsider. used to be an insider to be honest with you, okay? i know the inside and i know the outside. and that's why i'm the only one that can fix this mess, folks. >> nobody is going to be able to do the kind of things i can do. but let me tell you, the one that matters is me. i'm the only one that matters because when it comes to it, that's what the policy is going to be. you've seen that strongly. >> "the new york times" peter baker writes," whether it's middle east peace or trade
5:44 pm
agreements trump has repeatedly claimed he can achieve what has eluded every other occupant of the white hourse through the force of his personality. so far little to show it." could north korea be the exception? there's one crucial variable at play this time around. and we'll get to that next with the "hardball" roundtable. nough for everyday use and cleans better than regular toothpaste? try polident cleanser. it has a four in one cleaning system that kills ten times more odor causing bacteria than regular toothpaste, deep cleans where brushing may miss, helps remove tough stains, and maintains the original color of your dentures when used daily. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture, use polident every day. you've got to get in i know what a bath is smile honey this thing is like... first kid ready here we go by their second kid, every parent is an expert and... ...more likely to choose luvs, than first time parents. live, learn and get luvs
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welcome back to "hardball." earlier this week, president trump was asked about the motivation behind the initial diplomatic overtures from north korea. >> to have what do you owe this recent openness to talk? >> me. nobody got that. i think that they are sincere.
5:46 pm
the sanctions have been very, very strong. and very biting. and we don't want that to happen. so i really believe they are sincere. i hope they're sincere. we're going to soon find out. >> president trump was joking about his role in opening nuclear talks, you could say, the decision to september kim's offer was trump's alone. just a short time ago trump tweeted the deal with north korea is very much in the making and will be if completed a very good one for the world. time and place to be determined. let's bring in the roundtable. clarence page from the chicago tribune did, gibson from the rioters news service and gabe a political reporter for politico. where are we headed? >> not toward the apocalypse i hope. >> what do you think? >> this is something that trump really wants. he doesn't know very much how to get there, but it's going to
5:47 pm
take longer than he thinks though. he's already conceding that. and this is just an opening something kim jong-un wants. i can't help but think like a lot of people do that kim is just waiting to get into a room with trump and roll him. >> if little kim decides he's going to make an ass out of himself before the world, i don't see how that's a victory for him. if he pounds his shoe on the table like khrushchev, doesn't he need a resolution to look good? >> donald trump is learning in his time as president that negotiating as the chief executive is not the same as negotiating the price of windows whenever you're building a new hotel. it's a lot more complicated and comprehensive than that. you can't just have one meeting where you say, yeah, you're going to give me a good price? we'll let everyone else work out the details and we'll call it a day.
5:48 pm
that's what he's used to. there's a ton of variables that could make this look different or feel different. he's already seeing his own white house walk back some of the things he's said. >> but they were talked back themselves an hour later by the white house. >> already more complicated than that. >> the thing to watch here is not what's going to happen when the meeting happens, it's what the rhetoric out of the white house and some of our allies across the world including asia is over the next few weeks. there was a lot of consternation when it came out. >> chinese don't want peace in the peninsula there. >> forget the chinese for a second. even the members of the president's own administration don't necessarily like this. let's not forget he clashed with secretary of state tillerson over the north korea issue before. >> i don't care about the bureaucratic problems. are we going to end the nuclear threat from north korea and will this get us there. >> what's he willing to give up. >> he wants to travel the world and live like a normal world leader. >> with the draw of u.s. troops. >> he wants to be recognized. he wants to be guaranteed we won't invade him. >> what's trump willing to give up is the question. a man who railed against. >> that's giving it up.
5:49 pm
to recognize north korea is not going to be popular on the right. >> he has to find success and what success means and what's a fair trade. he controls a lot of that image and discussioning. > the reason that i bring up the bureaucratic infighting, there is real substance aligned with that. whenever two leaders meet especially in situations like this it tends to be after months and months of negotiations with their teams. very clearly ha hasn't it this time or not in the way it traditionally does. we have to watch what's happening behind the scenes and in public what some of our allies say. that will give us real hints what this will look like. if that doesn't happen, there's a chance they sit down in a room with no cameras and we have no idea what he comes out of it. obviously kim wants to be recognized on an international stage. that's not ideal for trump but we don't know what he wants out of this except for recognition he's sitting down with kim jong-un.
5:50 pm
>> don't they both want to avoid a war? >> trump wants a place in history. >> don't they both want to avoid nuclear conflict? >> i would hope so. there's interesting commentary how if she's talks fail, we go back to the default position which is already who your threatening possible strikes that -- or some type of combat. >> the danger of these talks coming apart is that it will make trump angrier and kim more unstable. the roundtable sticking with us. up next, they tell me something i don't know. you're watching "hardball." ♪ no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising.
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5:53 pm
litmus test around barack obama's campaign. now we're seeing on the right danny davis and various other folks. where we shook hands with louis farrakhan in the past. this is something we'll see. >> that's not going to defeat him. >> depends on the district. danny davis district won't make a difference. the swing districts you never know. >> jinger. >> the fight over tariffs is not over. american lobbyists are gambling on eu retaliation methods changing the president's minds. at the end of the day, these tariffs that the president has signed off on this week could end up being something he does a lot more talking than doing. >> what about peanut but thor? i was amazed. >> peanut butter, whiskey, that's a big one. >> they won't buy our peanut butter or our whiskey. it will disrupt the price in america. >> i want to bring everyone's attention to a senate race. the one to replace jeff flake in arizona. bernie sanders is going out to
5:54 pm
arizona this weekend. he'll do a rally with two progressive congressman out there. i asked him what he thinks about the democratic standard bearer out there. she's conservative. said the party is moving too far to the left. doesn't like all of his ideas about free college. he said i don't want to talk about this. i'm not talking about the senate right now. there's clear tension there. >> that sounds like a smart move by hip. don't get in the wave a race you can't help. >> thank you. when we return, let me finish tonight with trump watch. you're watching "hardball."
5:55 pm
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trump watch friday march 9th, 2018. president trump is aiming high. he's hoping to kill the nuclear threat from north korea and a high stakes meeting with the country's dictator. who among us doesn't want him to succeed or worry that it could fail leading perhaps to an even more heightened state of danger. in agreeing to parlay, trump is committing himself to a historic challenge, now the little boy president kennedy once imagined who throws his cap over a wall to force himself to climb over it. once having agreed to a meeting trump must contend with all the consequences. he's not the first president to trap himself into a contest that offers swift victory but also colossal embarrassment or something worse. nixon went to china in '72,
5:59 pm
splitting the world's two greatest communist powers and opening the door for us to beijing. jimmy carter invited and war sa bat and beginton to camp david. ronald reagan and mick cal gorbachev signaled the end to the cold war. before these events, there was one directly affecting korea. with 20,000 americans killed in the conflict, dwight eisenhower made this promise on the eve of the 1952 presidential election. i shall go to korea. within months of taking office, president eisenhower succeeded in brokering armistice on the peninsula that has sustained to this day. ike made that promise in '52 based on a unique track record. he dwight eisenhower was the allied leader who accepted the nazi surrender seven years earlier. for donald trump, success in north korea would be less of a proven leader delivering on his
6:00 pm
track record than that of a nuclear stakes case of beginners luck. then again, what normal person isn't hoping it works. that's had for now. thanks for being with us. tonight, the weekend started with this man, sam nunberg, appearing before mueller's grand jury. trump's lawyers hope to use a presidential interview to end the russia investigation. the reporter who broke the story with us here live. plus, news on the stormy daniels front including michael cohn using his trump company e-mail to conduct business with the important star. and trump tonight says the deal with north korea is very much in the making, ending a day of mixed messages from the white house about whether his meeting with kim jong-un will actually happen. "the 11th hour" on a friday night begins now. good evening once again from the nbc headquarter here in new


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