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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 23, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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from washington. thank you so much for being here with us and good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. another shake-up in president trump's circle. h.r. mcmaster is being replaced with john bolton. plus, president trump's top lawyer handling the russia probe has re-signesigned. and a $1 .5 trillion spending bill is heading to the president's desk. averting what would have been the third government shutdown of the year.
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good morning, everyone. it's from friday, march 23rd. we begin with more change at the white house. after a year and two months in office, president donald trump announced he will move on to his third national security adviser with the ouster of army lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster for john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations under president george w. bush. the change goes into effect on april 9th. bolton, who promotes his views through a foundation and is a political action committee was spotted at the white house late afternoon and he discussed his appointment on fox news. >> sir, your reaction to your new job? >> well, i think i still am i fox news contributor.
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>> no, you're not, apparently. >> i didn't -- well, i haven't started there yet, so that demonstrates, i think, the limbo i'm if in because i didn't really expect an announcement this afternoon. >> hours after the announcelity, mcmaster attended a dinner in washington, d.c. mcmaster received a standsing oh station after being pointed out on the stage by former governor jeb bush. as three people familiar with the discussions this month tell nbc news that president trump is considering firing chief of staff john kelly and not naming a successor. the sources said trump has mused to close associates about running the west wing as he did
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his business empire, essentially serving as his own chief of sav. the president envisioned a scenario in which a handful of top aides would bypass directly to him. the idea was floated by former strategist steve bannon at a conference yesterday. if general teleat any time does decide to leave, the president decides it's time for him to move on, i don't believe there will be another chief of staff. i think the president is a very hands on manager and he feels more comfortable with that. >> the senate passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill avoiding another government shutdown. the vote passed early this morning after hours of delay. the vote moved forward after two republican senators withdrew their objections to the bill.
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but the most notable objection came from republican senator jim risch. he objected to the provision that would name a wilderness over a former idaho governor. now the 2200 page bill that funds the federal government throughout the end of september was rushed through the house on thursday. and it now heads to the president's desk where he's expected to sign it. in the latest shake-up involving the president's legal time, the top attorney is resigning. john dowd said i love the president and wish him very well. kristen welker reports that the decision behind the departure was mutual between the president and dowd and came amid a lot of
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discussion about a potential shake-up with the president's legal team with welker adding trump is looking to add people to that team. nearly two weeks ago, the president tweeted he was happy with dowd and ty cobb. but according to the "wall street journal," dowd felt blind-sided about the announcement that the president was adding digenova. dige digenova has a different viewpoint. schmidt adds trump has lost confidence to his lawyers in recent weeks. now, earlier in the week, schmidt reported that president trump openly discussed firing ty
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cobb, but he added while trump has talked with close associates about the possibility of dismissing cobb, the president has told cobb he does not plan to let him go. schmidt's new reporting suggests that the president is considering restoring mark cassowitz to a larger role. kasowitz had run the legal team physical he was pushed out last summer. kasowitz supports the probe. now, former white house strategist steve bannon alluded to the that strategy while speaking yesterday in new york. >> ty cobb and john dowd had a radical theory. let's totally cooperate and waive executive privilege. i have said, as i told the president and told everybody and i told brother dowd, i think tease wrong. there's a process. there's a process that reagan used, there's a process that clinton used, there's a process that bush used. and i think you ought to go through that process.
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john dowd is a good man and i think that's why more aggressive attorneys got brought in. now i can president trump is going to war. i think it's very obvious he's going to go to war on this. coming up, michael schmidt will have more on this. >> this could potentially clear a path for trump to meet with robert mueller. people familiar with the process say the move is part of the preparations for a type of interview with the special counsel. joe digenova is expected to play a key role in discussions with mueller's office about a presidential interview. the president, mean wile, reaffirmed his willingness to meet with the special counsel yesterday. >> mr. president, would you still like to testify to special counsel robert mueller, sir? >> thank you. i would like to. >> joining us now from washington, capitol hill reporter for the hill molly hooper. molly, good to have you you with us on this friday morning.
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so we saw democrats voice their concern that the president might try to have mueller filed during the process. given what you just heard from steve bannon that the president is about to go to war changing up his legal teams, give us a sense of how people are viewing the threat of possibly firing special counsel robert mueller. is this gaining more traction on those watching developments at the white house, or not? >> i thinks those people watching developments at the white house shake their head a little bit when it comes to what seems to be a chaotic atmosphere among those people who are working at the white house and those who may be fired shortly from the white house. there's so much going on. but when it comes to bob mueller, the challenge the president has is number one, it's not the president who would
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be firing bob mueller. it's rod rosen stein. and rosenstein has assured congress he won't do that unless there is just cause. and that person would have to fire bob mueller. now, by all accounts, republicans -- i mean, key republicans, even bob goodlat with, the how judiciary chairman told me even yesterday he he has full faith in bob mueller and a lot of respect for bob mueller and wants the special counsel to get to the bottom of this as soon as you can. and if you look at the moves the president is making, he's hiring new attorney so that sort of suggests he wouldn't try to fire bob mueller at this time. he would have a lot of problems. even lindsey graham has said that could lead to many problems down the road, especially if the democrats take over control of the house and the senate.
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>> let's talk about h.r. mcmaster being replaced with john bolton. what's been the reaction on the hill to the president's decision given the stark contrast in personalities between a widely respected h.r. mcmaster and to say the least a controversial john bolton? >> well, pardon me from chuckling, but it depends on who you ask. if you talk to bob ma hnendez, he's up in arms. he thinks it's a terrible ideas. questions about john bolton's, you know, with previous statements on foreign affairs and basically says, you know, i'm going make sure that we have oversight hearings on what's going on with our national security and really ramp it up if john bolton does, in fact, come into this position, as he's been appointed to. but then you talk to somebody like steve russellel on the house side, a republican, former combat veteran, knows john bolton, who says, listen,
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certainly there are many republicans and many conservatives who respect john bolton. however, he's equally as polarizing among those who don't. so it will be -- we'll see how this plays out. it's probably no coincidence one member told me that this position, national security adviser, is not confirmed by the senate. >> luckily for john bolton, he won't have to be concerned. so at least avoid that kind of back and forth debate on the hill. molly hooper, we're going to check back in with you in a bit. still ahead, the lawyer for stormy daniels takes aim at the trump organization. it's the latest in the legal fight over the nondisclosure agreement. and later, wall street takes a tumble after the tariffs imposed on china. this morning, china is hit hadding back. those stories and a check of the weather when we come back. stay with us.
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the lawyer for former porn star stormy daniels is turning up the heat on president trump. michael evino the ti is now demanding the trump organization preserve all records related to his client. he says he claims to subpoena them. ivanoti tells nbc news, quote, we intend on using all legal means at our disposal to uncover the truth about cover-up and what happened. this is but one of many tools we will use. when we are done, the truth will be laid bare for the american people. that was followed up by this cryptic tweet, a photo of a disk and a caption implying that he has evidence, quote. if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is this worth? now stephanie clifford, aka stormy on daniels claims that she had an intimate relationship with trump back in 2006 and
2:16 am
2007. president trump denies any and all affairs, including the allegations from rm toer playboy playmate karen mcdougal. mcdougal is currently suing "the nation"national enquirer"" for rights to her story. she claims is she was misled when she entered into a contract with them in the months before the 2016 election. she also spoke with anderson cooper. >> had you ever heard the term at that point, catch and kill? >> no, i had non. >> do you know what catch and kill is now? >> i do now, yeah. >> what is your understanding of catch and kill? from what i'm learning, a catch and kill is somebody for yourself, for example, taking a story about somebody you like or care about or have a friendship about and they squash a story so it doesn't hurt them. >> so why do you think they squashed the story? >> back then or now?
2:17 am
>> now. >> they didn't want to hurt him. >> you think it's because of a personal relationship with the guy who runs ami is friends with donald trump? >> correct. >> now, she claims under hurry contract mcdougal is free to tell her story, but is prohibited from selling her story rights to another publisher or media outlet. mcdougal claims trump's personal lawyer helped negotiate her contract with american media without her knowledge. students from marjory stoneman douglas high school join students in washington, d.c. to call for tougher gun laws.
2:18 am
parkland students spoke at the assembly with d.c.'s mayor where they called out the nation's lawmakers three miles away from their inaction on gun violence. >> in an amazing place, you would they thinks politicians would take action and not just make empty promises, but actually take action, not only for us, but for the future of america and d.c. and children everywhere. >> bill, how is it looking out there? >> they were worried about a potential storm. that one luxurious like it's going to miss them to the forth, thankfully. so the weather should be okay for that. california, we are very concerned with yesterday. the potential for, you know,
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mudslides. the burn areas actually did okay. they received an inch or less. but there were numerous water rescues in the area. this was about two hours north of the burn areas there north of santa barbara. there were mud and debris flows and a couple of water rescues had to take place. they had new evacuations because of that. that dam did hold .now the rain is moving out. so california gets a break this weekend. that storm is heading through the intermountain west and is now going to head into the dakotas. here we go again. it's cold enough that we're going to get snow this weekend. starting today, winter storm warnings from southern men minute, cedar rapids, peoria. this mess will make its way down to virginia by the time we get to saturday afternoon. noon today throughout north dakota, not much during the
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daylight hours. once we get to evening and overnight, we get this snow and along the ohio river between columbus and down into areas like lexing toni, louisville. martinsville, there's a fass car race this saturday and they could be deal with some snow there. the purple is six inches of snow. again, it's a narrow stripe, but if you get into it, you'll be having those scenic pictures, ayman, where you get the tulips with the snow. that's what we'll be looking at, unfortunately. >> hard to imagine. thanks pofor that, bill. who is punching their ticket to the elite eight for march madness? details next in sports. gital try happen? do you just flip a switch... and presto your business is magically transformed? not quite. it takes a ground-breaking company like dell technologies. a family of seven technology leaders working behind the
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♪ introducing the samsung galaxy s9 with low light camera. now 50% off. more for your thing. that's our thing. it's all raining threes here for michigan. >> confusion. >> brown taking on alexander. scores! are you kidding? >> oh, man. noah into nelson. slammed in. >> loyola, chicago, michigan state, kansas state and florida
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state have all punched their tickets to the elite eight. who will join them? tonight, clemson taking on west virginia, syracuse facing duke and finally texas tech against purdue. villanova and kansas are the only one seeds left in the tournaments. switching now to the pros, the hornets won by a 61-point margin against the grizzlies. the first 60-point or greater win since 1998 and the only six all-time. this was mostly chance to kimball walker who scored 46 points in 28 minutes. the fewest minutes a player needed to score 45 plus points since the shop club boys introduced back in 1954-1955 season. how about that stat? meanwhile, the sacramento kings game against the atlanta hawks was delayed as fans trying to enter the arena were blocked due to a protest.
2:25 am
the protest broke out over the sacramento police department shooting of an unarmed 22-year-old stephane clark. they discovered the fatally wounded clark was carrying only a cell phone. sacramento county sheriff's deputies were respond to go a 911 call reporting that a man was smashing car windows. crashing was in the backyard of his grandparents home due to their doorbell being broken when the police encountered him. the sacramento police later blocked admittance to the game. the kings released a statement. the team said they will release further information regarding refunds and the team owner told the crowd who did attend the game that whether we were all young, white, black or brown, his organization is committed to healing the community and will strive to prevent future tragedies like clark's death. the kings would win that one 105-90. obviously, a lot of fans there
2:26 am
upset and a whole community shaken by the news of that shooting. >> absolutely. i think shootings like this, we often think of them as a news headline, but in the end he, they actually affect the community and many there rising up in anger for what many perceive to be an unjust shooting. still ahead, a look at h.r. mcmaster's hasty exit and what john bolton's appointment for security adviser could mean for foreign policy. plus, the back and forth view between president trump and former vice president joe biden. we'll explain that when we come right back.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside louis burgdorf. it's the bottom of the hour. we begin at the white house where the president handling the president's russia probe has re-ze resigned. nbc news white house correspondent r correspondent kristen welker has the detail. >> president trump says he's willing to testify with special counsel robert mueller. >> as his legal team was rocked, mr. trump's lead outside attorney, john dowd, resigned.
2:31 am
dowd has long opposed the president doing an if in-person interview with mueller and sparked a backlash over the weekend when he called for an end to the special counsel investigation, a move that may have set back talks between president trump and mueller's teams. according to two sources, dowd's ouster may have cleared the way for a face-to-face and the addition of joe digenova may signal the president is willing to take a tougher stance. digenova, a frequent commentator on fox news, has pushed this conspiracy theory. make no mistake about it. a group of fbi and doj people were trying to frame donald trump of a falsely created crime. >> the president's former top adviser, steve banen who was fired said it's a sign. >> i think the president issing going to go to war on this. >> analysts say if the president does agree to an interview with mueller, his lawyers need to prepare him intensely. >> fbi agents or u.s. attorneys,
2:32 am
they usually know the answers to most of the questions they're asking you. they're asking just to see if you try to massage the truth. and if you do, you've just committed a crime. >> as for john dowd, he told me, i love this president and wish him very well. but wouldn't elaborate on exactly why he's leaving. meanwhile, as for the president's legal team, it's eyeing even more additions as it ramps up. ayman. >> thank you for that report. john bolton's sudden appointment as national security adviser and hr mcmaster swift departure run counter to those speaking with the with president just three weeks ago. nbc news reported the white house was preparing to fire mcmaster as early he as next month. president trump said the nbc news story is fake news and told mcmaster that he is doing a great job. when the story bubbled up again in mid march, press secretary
2:33 am
sarah huckabee sanders tweeted out, just spoke to potus and general h.r. mcmaster. contrary to reports they have a good working relationship. and there are no changes. bolton served as u.s. ambassador from 2005 to 2006 but only on a recess appointment as he could not win senate confirmation. if in may 2016 he claimed the decision to invade iraq was correct and that the worst decision was withdrawaling u.s. forces in 2011. in march of 2015, he argued for bombing iran's nuclear sites. quote, the inconvenient truth is only military action can accomplish what was required. bolton advocated for waiting no longer and streaking north korea. quote, it is perfectly legitimate for the united states to respond to the current necessity posed by north korea's nuclear weapons by striking first. bolton's eagerness for bombings and regime change have been
2:34 am
reflected where president trump has said he watches him on fox news. >> and president trump has signed an executive memorandum imposing up to $60 billion in tariffs on chinese imports. the dow proceeded to drop 724 points. >> it could be about $60 billion. but that's really just a fraction of what we're talking about. the word we want to use is reciprocal. and frankly, it's going to make us a much stronger, much richer nation. that's the word i want everyone to remember, reciprocal. we want reciprocal, mirror. some people call it a mirror tariff or a mirror tax. just use the word reciprocal. >> this is the first of many, just number one, but this is the
2:35 am
first of many. >> in addition to the dow's nearly 3% drop, the s&p dropped 2.6% and the nasdaq 2.4% obviously all on fears for a potential trade war. the new tariffs are expected to hit multiple kind he's sectors, including technology, telecommunications and intellectual property, an exact list of impact the product will be made public in about two weeks. in response, china revealed a list of retaliatory tariffs of between 15% and 25%, worth about $3 billion on u.s. exports, including fruit, nuts, wine, steel pipes, pork products and recycled aluminum. a list could hit 128 u.s. products. in a statement, china's embassy in washington says if in part, quote, china does not want a trade war with anyone, but china is not afraid of and will not recoil from a trade war if a trade war were initiated by the u.s. china would fight to the end to defend itself in all measures.
2:36 am
beijing adds, if people want to play tough, we will play tough with them and we will see who will last longer. >> joining us now, molly hooper. let's talk about these new tariffs that have been imposed on chinese products into the u.s. what's been the reaction from lawmakers, particularly among congressional republicans who were not all on the same page of this? a lot of people were against the idea of tariffs as you can imagine in the republican party, but how concerned are there that they might hurt come the midterms? well, tier very concerned. yesterday, wilber ross, commerce is secretary, was up in front of the house ways and means committee. and chairman brady, who the president singles out during speeches as being one of the key players and architects of the tax proposal, chairman brady had a lot to say to wilber ross and said basically tariffs are taxes on american job creators and american consumers and they
2:37 am
should not go any longer than necessary. and he focused on -- and most of the members on the republican side focused on, so you're going to have the authority to make this retroactive if they're not working or if they're not if fulfilling their duty? because this is very concerning for republicans come the election. one of their key selling points is that this tax -- that the tax reform policy put more money back into the pocket of consumers. and that may be true, but if the consumers can't avoid the products they would like to purchase, it cancels out that benefit. that's what republicans are afraid of coming into november. >> let's switch gears for a moment. i know yesterday you spoke to the house judiciary chairman yesterday. tell us about that conversation and what he had to say about the former fbi director james comey. >> well, he said that he's very concerned that comey or mccabe lied to congress.
2:38 am
and comey, when he was under sworn testimony of the judiciary committee in the senate, said that he did not authorize leaks to the media whereas mccabe shortly after he left -- you know, shortly after he was fired came out with a statement saying the director was aware of this and it's unclear what mccabe told members of congress behind closed doors. but clearly, good lot says there's reason for concern that somebody is not telling the truth and we've got to get to the bottom of this. >> yeah been i saw one announcement yesterday that suggested it could come down to how you define a leak and whether or not that was authorized, believe it or not. >> well, that's what happens when you're dealing with the legal types. that's one of the reasons why president trump's attorneys don't want him to talk. >> i heard someone say technically it was not a leak if you authorized it. molly hooper live for us in washington, d.c. still ahead, vice president pence and joe biden get in a tit for tat with one another.
2:39 am
and bill karins is back with another look at your weekend forecast. stay with us.
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2:42 am help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know™. welcome back, everyone. do a little d.c. drama, the current vice president is weighing in on the feud between the former vice president and the current president. take a listen to this. >> was that proper for him to basically threaten to thrash the president of the united states the other day? >> oh, gosh. of course not. >> who would you bet on? you know, there's only one guy who has professional wrestling experience. >> well, you know who i'd be betting on. you know, just a little bit of trash talk going on, but just gotta make you chuckle in american politics today. >> the current vice president talking about a potential fight between the president and the
2:43 am
former vice president. i can't believe it. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, any good news for us in the northeast? you say at least it's not going to snow. >> you'll still be wearing the jacket and the gloves, but you won't be shoveling. we have a new winter storm to track. this one miss tess northeast and misses the mid-atlantic. this will be in the northern plains and a narrow slice going through the ohio valley. it's probably going to melt by the time we get into the weekend. but the purple 6 inches of snow, that's much of north dakota today. so careful traveling there. southern minnesota, minneapolis, you get lucky and miss the bulk of this one. but the quad city, cedar rapids, peoria, you'll get the snow later on tonight and into chicago. st. louis, you squeak out and miss this. but indianapolis could get about 4 inches into this. that treks down tomorrow into the mountains of virginia and west virginia. as far as the mountains go, it's still cold. 38 in jacksonville, florida, 30s
2:44 am
up the mid-atlantic coastline and 20s and even teens in the northeast. so it's still another cold day to be out there for the kids at the bus stop or even warming up the car. we are warming up in the middle of the country. that's not going to last long. we wake up tomorrow morning with a narrow strip of snow in indiana and northern kentucky. rain to the south of there around bowling green and nashville. the northeast is quiet, cold and chilly, but at least there will be a decent amount of sunshine. if you want warmth, florida finally warms up, texas looks great. even a 91 there in west texas. 80s and a lot of clouds lingering in areas of the southwest. a new storm does come into northern california here as we go into saturday. by the time we get into sunday's weather map, not a lot of problems. great lakes still chilly. northeast still chilly. could be a flurry or two out there. nothing really big. so, again, no huge storms as we go throughout the weekend. just kind of a knowing little snow that we're going to deal
2:45 am
with today in the dakotas and tomorrow right around indianapolis. >> all right. thanks for that, bill. still ahead, another facebook executive speaks out on the cambridge analytica scandal and president trump formally hits china with tariffs, renewing fears of a global trade war. we'll go live overseas for reaction. you know what goes here... and your approval rating... goes here. test drive the ztrak z540r at your john deere dealer and learn why it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. nothing runs like a deere. save 250 dollars when you test drive and buy a john deere residential z540r ztrak mower. she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... karen: "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex.
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made to move.
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welcome back, everyone. facebook's chief executive officer is the latest company leading speaking out in the wake of the massive using data breach
2:48 am
with cambridge analytica. cheryl sandberg continues the company's apology tour and addressed why she and ceo mark zuckerberg waited before speaking publicly about the crisis. >> this was a huge breach of trust. cambridge analytica never should have had this data. they told us they deleted it, but it is our mistake that we did not verify that. sometimes, and i would say certainly this past week, we speak too slowly. if i could live this past week again, i would definitely have had mark and myself out speaking earlier. but we were trying to get to the bottom of this and make sure we could take strong action. >> all right. let's return to president trump's controversial trade tariff, which excluded most allies, but set its $60 sights on chinese imports, china, which accused the u.s. of set ago vial precedent released tariffs which rattled markets worldwide. karen cho joins us from cnbc.
2:49 am
what more can you tell us? u.s. tech companies are worried about this. there are a lot of industries extremely worried about what the president is rolling out. >> lewis, the potential for a trade war has been on the radar for a while for investors, but confirmation of the $60 billion in trade tariffs did provoke a shark reaction on markets. specifically, if you look at the tariffs, 25% tariffs across the chinese products, 1300 product lines. so fairley wide ranging. but the chinese response so far, they nuanced. while they have fired a shot, it has been reaction to the steel and aluminum tariffs so far, which means they've only tallried about $3 billion in tariffs in response. that could take into account key product lines from the state, in particular soybean, sorgum and bowing. if you consider the response, too, from china, they're saying
2:50 am
they're keeping their powder dry at this stage. there will be a 30-day time period with american industry and time frame to allow potentially some concessions from china. the market reaction, the dow shed more than 700 points yesterday. but if you look at the implied calls this morning, we could be right back in correction territory from the starting position. also, by particular sectors, finance having a very rough day yesterday, but a number of sectors are in correction territory from energy staples, utilities, telecom, health care, materials. the market across the globe, too, if you look at asia, china, and japan deeply if the red. and right here in europe today, don't forget the german market and the uk market both in correction territory. yesterday can down steeply again today. let me toss it to you in the studio. >> karen, obviously in the weeks and months to come we'll be talking about this.
2:51 am
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welcome back. joining us now from washington with a look at axios, good morning to you, my friend. let's talk about the one big thing this morning. what is it? >> sources close to president trump say he believes that his new national security advisor, john bolton will finally deliver him the foreign policy he wants. particularly on a iran and north korea. john kelly, the chief of staff
2:55 am
i'm told had absolutely nothing to do with this decision. john bolton was not his choice nor was he james mattis' choice. this was pure 100% donald trump. >> how dramatic of a change was it for trump to replace mcmaster with somebody like john bolton who even rex tillerson did not want to have anywhere around his orbit of foreign policy decision making a couple of months ago? >> it's hard to overstate how significant this is. it's uncredibly significant. not only because john bolton is far more hawkish on iran and north korea than h.r. mcmaster though of course he is those things but also because he knows how to manage a bureaucracy and he wrote a book "no surrender" in which he proudly recalls his confirmation hearing. joe biden in that hearing said to him, my problem with you is not that you're incompetent, it's that you're too competent.
2:56 am
i would rather you be incompetent, you know, and stupid because the way that -- the reason they're so afraid of john bolton is not only he has these ideas, but he actually knows how to execute on them and that's why he scares so many people, you know, across the center and to the left of american politics. >> so i know that you alluded to the president finally having somebody who can execute his foreign policy or at least his national security policy. what is axios learning about ho he got to this conclusion with what has happened over the past year with the previous security advisors, the previous secretary of state that he did not get along well with? >> a senior administration official i spoke to late last night put it this way. they said it was a snap decision after six months of public rumination and that's perfect. i mean, that is the perfect way to describe this because the
2:57 am
staff knew he was unhappy with h.r. mcmaster. h.r. mcmoster knew. the staff knew he was considering making a change, but i would tell you i'm reliably told that john bolton woke yesterday morning with no idea in the world that by the end of the day he was going to be named and appointed national security advisor and doing a hit on fox that evening as the new national security advisor. he knew he was in the mix. he knew his name was being mentioned, but you know, this was donald trump in the room making the decision and as usual, his staff had to scramble to -- to make it all happen and the announcement. >> i wonder if he would have been outed as the new national security advisor had he not been spotted walking into the west wing around 3:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. i think there were some reporters who spotted him walking in with a smile on his face and that tipped people's hats a little bit. let me ask you quickly, how do you think this will change u.s.
2:58 am
foreign policy on some of the issues that you've talked about,en north korea, on iran, perhaps even with trade with china? >> well, i would flag two things. one is in may is when the next deadline comes up for whether trump decides to waive sanctions on iran. i think any intelligent observer would have to say that the chances of him just effectively terminating the iran deal, putting heavy sanctions back on teheran have gone up dramatically overnight. john bolton believes this is a terrible deal. he wants to tear up the deal. h.r. mcmaster had been working with james mattis and rex tillerson to persuade the president that tearing up the deal was not a good idea. the second thing i would flag is this summit, the supposed summit that's happening with kim jong-un. already uncertain whether it will actually happen. donald trump is publicly
2:59 am
committed to it. i think it's even more uncertain now. john bolton has an uncompromising attitude on north korea. he believes the only language they understand is credible military tracks. so i think the diplomatic track is far more uncertain with north korea. >> and there may be some differences between the president and john bolton. it will be the issue of russia. we'll see how that plays out. to all of our viewers out there you too can sign up for the newsletter at that does it for us on this friday morning. "morning joe," everyone, starts right now. >> well, after we had been intimate he -- he tried to pay me, and i actually didn't know how to take that. >> did he actually try to hand you money? >> he did. he did and i said -- i mean, i just had this look of, i don't
3:00 am
know, just -- i don't even know how to describe it, the look on my face must have been so sad because i'd never been offered money like that. >> so what's the fastest way to get people to stop talking about the former playboy model that the president wanted to keep silent? take a look. >> sir, your reaction to your new job? >> well, i think i still am a fox news contributor. >> no, you're not apparently. >> well, i haven't started there yet, so that demonstrates i think the sort of limbo that i'm in because i didn't really expect an announcement this -- this afternoon. >> nominate a war hawk as your third national security advisor in 14 months. meanwhile, wall street tanked on the president's trade conflict with china while the loss of his top lawyer, that happened yesterday too, signals that he's going to war with bob mueller. good morning. it is just


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