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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  March 25, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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not so fast.
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president trump changing his mind about having two new lawyers for the rush why investigation. why he says thanks but no thanks. you hear it ticking down, the stormy daniels "60 minutes" interview. will it intensify the legal heat on the president? what about the mysterious dvd stormy's attorney has? also ahead, shakeup, shakeout, new word on who could be the next white house insider to become an outsider. welcome to the revolution. >> to those politicians supported by the nra that allowed the continued slaughter of our children and our future, i say get your resumes ready. >> enough is enough. >> they came, they cried out but can they conquer? how will the march for our lives make a difference? good lay, i day, i'm alex witt.
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here's what's happening right now. we begin with developments concerning the president's legal team. the president decided not to hire two lawyers whose payments were announced days ago. kelly o'donnell has more on that. so it is a bit of a shakeup. what can you tell us. >> it's a surprising shakeup, alex, because this was announced just days ago and one would think it would have been vetted, a decision would have been resolved and on with the team, but that's not what happened. this follows the departure of john dowd one of the president's outside lawyers who resigned from the team after this announcement was made by jay sekulow who leads the team on the outside for the president who announced that joe digenova a long time washington fixture and his wife victoria tensing, promising attorney, digenova a frequent appearance on fox news where he said things favorable
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to the president. it would appear they would be well-known their other clients well-known and announced as part of the team. well today jay sekulow says the president is disappointed that conflicts prevent joe digenova and victoria tensing from joining the legal team. however they it not prevent hem from assisting the president in other legal matters. the president looks forward to working with them. it's closing the door on the russia investigation leaving the door open for the president in his capacity with the outside trump organization and of course as president may have. we had a hint earlier in the day from the president's own twitter feed where he had talked about seemingly responding to some of the criticism that has been discussed on cable news that some of the most prominent litigators in washington from the most esteemed firms were not beating down the door to try to be a part of the president's team and the president responding most lawyers and top
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law firms want to represent me in the russia case. don't believe the fake news narrative that it is hard to find a lawyer who wants to take this on. fame and fortune, all caps, will never be turned down by a lawyer, though some are conflicted. that was the key. though some are conflicted. problem is that a new lawyer or law firm will take months to get up to speed, if for no other reason than they can bill more, billable hours, which is unfair to our great country. although the president would be paying for this litigation and legal services himself, and i am very happy with my existing team. all of those things embedded in that tweet told us that this was coming in one form or another. we didn't know who would be leaving how it would be changing and sekulow said the two lawyers would not be joining the team. we need a flow chart to keep it all straight, alex, but it is significant because the president's russia investigation participation, will he do an
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interview with this special counsel, how close to the end is the investigation? these are very important legal matters for the president on his mind all the time, the legal team and whether he takes their advice, how well they work together those are important factors. we don't know why they didn't examine conflicts with other clients before. is that the real reason? that's the part we don't have sorted out. awill ex-? >> all right, my friend, i dare you to try to make a flow chart which we can all follow. if you do, bring it and we'll put it up live. >> reporter: i could use that. new reports on whether another white house shakeup is on the horizon. here we have details from conversations he had with the president as well as with sources inside the white house. >> he did say he's expecting to make one or two major changes to his government very soon, and that's going to be it. now other white house sources
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not the president, told me veterans affairs secretary is likely to depart the cabinet soon but people like ben carson i'm told the president is happy with the job he's doing. he will be staying. chief of staff kelly, the president is happy with the job he is doing. . he will be joining. ladies, welcome on the set today. we're going to get to the potential shakeup within the trump administration but i want to start with the president's decision not to hire two previously announced lawyers, erin. how do you read into this? is this another misstep you announce the lawyers and then you have to back off before they start working for him? >> it is truly astounding that they didn't find out about these conflicts before announcing the two lawyers. that shows you that the white house staff is not up to snuff,
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that they're not going through enough of the data that they have, and they need to fill out some more positions. now also it sounds like jay sekulow will be taking on more with john dowd leaving. if anything, what this suggests to me is that the president is going to be looking to slow down the russia investigation in any way that he can. he's going to have to buy some time because he doesn't have enough of a filled out legal team to address the situation. so we've been talking about will he fire mueller? he has to do something drastic because he doesn't have a big enough legal team to address it. >> sarah, does the white house not understand how to vet someone? victoria toensing is representing one of the president's spokesmen. they parted ways in 2017. >> i think we're seeing a sense of frustration with the president that the russia investigation is still going on and in fact seems to be broadening in scope and not winding down. judd dowd and some of his other lawyers have been telling him
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for months now that the investigation was reaching its conclusion, supposedly that was going to happen around the time of the holidays, then the start of the year, now we're headed into april and we haven't even really gotten to a final terms of what the president's interview would be and that's not even necessarily the final step in the investigation. so i think what we're seeing is president trump growing more and more impatient with his legal team, who seems to have not told the truth when they were telling him what the timing of this investigation would look like a and he's trying to find someone get where he wants it to be, get the investigation behind him. >> do you feel the president is confident with his legal team as he potentially goes into an interview with bob muler? >> i think what the president is confident in, there isn't russian collusion. he said that over and over again. i think that created a sense of infallibility when it comes to the investigation and some sources are nervous that will cause him to go into an interview with mueller, be
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overconfident, and get himself into some kind of trap with regards to obstruction. which is one of the biggest legal concerns, that his confidence collusion didn't take place will translate into recklessness around robert mueller which is why it's key he has a team can he trust around him as he heads into the vital portion of the investigation. >> now to the staffing issues, what we heard from christopher ruddy, big changes coming to the trump administration. what are you hearing on that front? >> i know there's mass discontinent at the va. i know that from several people on staff, from the legal team there at the va, there's a big backlog of cases that the va has and there was a 2014 scandal at the va and they have tried to fix that, but there are still a lot of problems and that hasn't reached the top of getting solved yet. it wouldn't shock me if shulkin
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is out. >> what about jon kelley, sarah? are you getting a sense he is safe? ruddy suggested that certainly and if so, what change? jon kelley's tenure has been really rocky. >> i think the rockiest period that we saw so far came during the rob porter scandal a month ago when jon kelley was accused of papering over what he knew to be an abusive past with rob porter that he allowed porter to operate on a security clearance in an interim basis when he should not have. that was the most danger we've ever seen kelly in but we haven't heard any serious talk about him being replaced. we're seeing behaviors from trump we witnessed before kelly came in, phone up his friends and do freelancing afterhours, something kelly had cracked down in the past. we're starting to see more and more leaks from the white house, the do not congratulate putin leak, those are the things that kelly had supposedly eradicated.
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now these behaviors are returning to the west wing, it makes you wonder whether kelly's influence is starting to wane. >> the stormy daniels interview that's looming over all of this, that airs tonight. her attorney was tweeting, "note, a, not all of our evidence will be mentioned, displayed tonight, that would be foolish. b, we are not sure what cbs will include but we know a lot from the full interview will have to be cut because of the time allowed. c, tonight is not the end, it is the beginning. sarah, what are you hearing from the white house about their level of concern in. >> the white house is reluctant ever to address this head on. they don't want to engage in it because they know it will give the story more legs and the story does veer into tabloid territory when the focus is on the sex scandal aspect of it and not on how the trump organization may or may not have funded her so-called hush money, so i think that's where the
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focus should be, if the interview is focused on the details of the president's relationship the white house's allies will credibly dismiss this as marore salacious. >> erin, in addition, any expectation of a statement, comment, tweet after this interview? >>. >> maybe a tweet. this interview is coming right at the close of the duke/kansas game in march madness, two of the biggest top teams left in the tournament, and you can bet that lots and lots of tvs in america will be tuned to cbs and they will roll right into that interview. they're going to reach a whole new audience that might not even be tuned in to politics at this point so that was one smart lawyer for putting out that tweet, because it's just going to make everybody salivate for more once this interview over. >> do you think there's a chance, erin, though, that the hype is not going to live up to
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what we see and hear tonight? >> i think that's probably why the lawyer put out the tweet that he did. they're worried maybe not everything will be in this piece and they still have more to say. >> is there any understanding, sarah, whether or not the white house did or still might try to stop this interview from airing? >> you know, i think the white house has tried again to avoid the situation, talking about it, as much as possible, because they know if they are talking about the story, then it reduces their ability to dismiss it as tabloid fodder. it gives the story legitimacy it wouldn't otherwise have. it's been difficult to try to get sources to talk about this story, in particular, because they want to keep it compartmentalized away from the white house as far from the president as they can. >> all right, well sarah westwood and emrin mcpike, than you so much. coming up next, stormy daniels' legal pit bull and what he's saying today could mean big trouble for president trump. our legal panel gets to that in just a moment. any object. any surface.
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the threat was delivered in person. my client's going to describe it in detail on sunday. the american people are going to hear from her. they're going to judge her credibility. it was very frightening to her. >> was the threat part of the reason she signed? >> i think absolutely. when the president's fixer exerts pressure on to you sign a document, you don't ask a lot of questions. you do as you're told. >> the drama builds ahead of the
10:18 am
airing of the stormy daniels interview about six hours from now. according to her lawyer not all of the evidence will be mentioned and displayed and tonight is not the end t is the beginning. worth noting president trump denies an affair took place between him and stormy daniels. joining me criminal defense attorney john burr ris and fois murphy. john, do you think this interview potentially puts the stormy daniels saga to rest? >> no, i don't think it puts it to rest. what happens is information that will come out that will be extraordinarily important. i think it's important to know whether she signed this document in duress, what kind of threats were made to her, and what her lawyer's advice was to make her think she could do this and now she'll be talking about, i think the most important issues for the president it seems to me is whether or not this issue about payoff and silence money is front and center what she will
10:19 am
talk about. the personal issues she talks about and duress and signing this agreement at the time she did also becomes important, but what ultimately the lawyer is trying to do is get this matter out of arbitration, and as much information can he provide around that will cause an arbitrator and/or a judge to think that this contract, this disclosure agreement should not be enforced is at the heart of what this is all about. there's more issues and money to be made by all of them if they can get this matter outside of the arbitration. >> so look, you bring up the money there. john, would a respectable attorney take on this case, just perhaps to try to get money, if there weren't substantive reasons to do so, if there wasn't enough for a lawyer to say i can do this, i've got what i need to go forward? >> i think it must be there. lawyer is a competent person. he's certainly heard facts that makes him think this agreement
10:20 am
should not be enforced and so a competent lawyer would see this as an opportunity to basically say i have a client who signed an agreement that she was forced to do under the circumstances even though she had a lawyer, the question what was that lawyer's role in it. of course a lawyer would be willing to look at this and recognize the forces he's up against are powerful and strong so therefore he gets to have some evidence that would support his position and feel good about. >> people saying they're going to go after stormy daniels for $20 million. whitney, michael arnatti "a picture is worth a thousand words" how many words do you think this is worth, what do you think of his tactics? >> he is the master of drip, drip, drip. kudos to that. i think we're going to see tonight a whole bucketful of drips and part of the mystery of what's on that dvd may be revealed tonight, not all of it,
10:21 am
but i think we'll get hints about what's on there. we know what the nda covered. we know that it was very specific about sexual details, people speculate about whether moomight be images of the president involved in some kind of sexual activity. i don't think that's there. i think what might be there is something tying the nondisclosure agreement to the campaign. i really think that's the big reveal that could actually turn this case into a major political nightmare for the president, and you know, it's also possible that he's trying to provoke the president, which and the president's not biting, but if he can provoke him to say things that are inconsistent, then we're looking at a possible perjury trap especially if the case stays in state court in california and does not end up in arbitration, because the president would have to submit to questioning under oath. we've seen this before with bill clinton. if the president is forced to
10:22 am
answer questions, did this happen, was your campaign involved, there's a document proving that the president lies under oath, that's a potentially very serious legal problem for the president. we don't have that evidence yet but it could be -- >> i also think though equally important i guess to the extent the president is making statements that this is a hoax, that he's outside of the arbitration clause for a definite nation claim. i think the lawyer is trying to drive this case in a way he could force the president to be placed in a civil lawsuit and all these issues so the president is trying to keep quiet but may not be able if he's telling friends this is a hoax. i think he puts himself in jeopardy of another lawsuit. >> but it's not illegal to lie to the public. it's only illegal to lie under oath. and i think he learned from the summer case how to avoid defamation. he's not going to do that again. one of the most important issues
10:23 am
i think is whether there is something there with regard to the unprotected sex claim that we've all heard about, because the president thus far has maintained his base especially with evangelicals around the lurid details and they're not worried about the sex, but they might well be worried if this is a president who, i'm wildly speculating here, but ex-posed these women to some kind of diseases or there was a pregnancy and he suggested that they have an abortion. if this president totally rank speculation if he said you're pregnant and i want you to have an abortion, that changes everything. >> and that is wildly speculative, considering the president doesn't even admit to having a relationship with her. john if the president were to be deposed in this situation, he would have to admit to a sexual relationship, hasn't happened yet but under deposition, under oath he would have to, right? >> if he wants not to be convicted of perjury, if there's
10:24 am
some way to corroborate what she has said and maybe she has corroborating evidence to prevent him from making false statements. he may wind up like bill clinton when pressed, faced with a perjury charge he made the admission. it would not surprise me if he ultimately admitted it but admitting he in fact had sex is not the issue for him. the real question is going to be whether or not there's campaign financing laws that were broken and that's what he has to be concerned about. >> that's what i want to ask you about. wendy, you wrote about that with the patriot ledger, the fec needs only a reason to believe that campaign finance laws were violated in order to initiate an investigation and the $130,000 payment would have been reason enough to interview trump and his campaign. if that were to happen, campaign finance laws have been violated, what is the punishment for that? >> they're both civil and criminal penalties possible. the problem is, it's an executive branch action to
10:25 am
pursue charges against the president, even if there were a blatant fec violation, and the president has total control over the united states attorney's office that would make that decision, so i think we have to assume that even if there's some there there it's not going to happen. there will be no criminal prosecution while he's in office. that doesn't mean it might not happen after he leaves office on a different administration takes over, but you know, a civil penalty i'm not sure the president is that worried. it could be that michael cohen has exposure here for both civil and criminal charges because campaign finance laws don't only apply to the president. they apply to people who make illegal donations or who claim publicly to have made a non-campaign donation to the tune of $130,000 for a personal reason. there are lots of good facts out there that suggest not only cohen wasn't telling the truth, but that the motive was to
10:26 am
affect the campaign, even though cohen said it was for personal reasons, the more women come forward, the more ndas, the closer in time they were signed to the election in november, the more difficult it is to make that claim with a straight face. >> i think he had real exposure there. i think his exposure in terms of putting this together and not being xlis i.t. and talking about it subjects him to liability and possible criminal prosecution, the president becomes a political issue that might be used against him in the next campaign as opposed to being prosecuted. >> so much to talk about, we'll do this again john and wendy thank you. >> thank you. stormy daniels online fund raiser to pay legal bills reached more than $289,000, more than 9,000 people made contributions. coming up next the political fallout after the stormy interview, will it have an effect on the president and would the president dare mention stormy at all? also the outcry across
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. the president told me he's perplexed by all of these reports there's chaos at the
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white house or mass staff changes. he told me that he thinks the white house is operating like a smooth machine. >> chris ruddy there, a friend of the president on reports of turmoil at the white house after a week of staff shakeup answer policy surprises. his remarks come amid new reports the president will not be hiring two lawyers whose appointments were announced days ago. we bring in conservative commentator carrie sheffield and democratic strategist basil michael, former executive director of the new york state democratic party. welcome to the three of you. carrie, you're the republican on the panel here so i'll give you the first chance to weigh in. how do you interpret this development coming a few days after john dowd resigned? is the president's legal team in any trouble? >> no, i wouldn't say so. i was just at the white house this week for a panel and discussion on millenial outreach and looking at the future for
10:32 am
millenials. it was an amazing event with the president, ivanka, kellyanne conway and we were focused on policy and substance and it's sad to see so much in the media focusing on the ins and outs of things that are at the end of the day there is no evidence of any sort of collusion, there's no evidence of any sort of foul play as it relates to in terms of looking at the evidence right now as it relates to obstruction there is no evidence of obstruction. jim comey told the president three times as he testified before the senate that he did not, he told the president you are not under investigation and the definition of obstruction is that you are impeding an investigation, ergo there was no investigation for him to impede. >> well the question i asked you though, i asked you the question because this is come out of the white house the confusion about the attorney so it's a he will anymat question but with regard to the president himself, and i'll pose this to you, basil, tweeted this saying many lawyers
10:33 am
and top law firms want to represent me in the russia case. don't believe the fake news narrative it is hard to find a lawyer who wants to take this on. the president also adding to this along the same lines as the statement from his legal team that conflicts can sometimes arise. do the democrats risk it all a sense of interpreting this the wrong way of trying to overplay this? >> i don't think there's really any overplaying it on the democrats part, because all of this signals that there is some chaos in the white house, that it's not only difficult to get people hired, but for those that are hired, think about it coming from the president's own mouth. in some ways they have to not disagree with him at all. he wants sycophants in some way, shape or form. there's no one pushing back on policy with respect to the legal team and the russia investigation specifically. there's no one sort of giving him advice that would not only allow him to protect himself and also protect the white house and the policy that's coming out of
10:34 am
the white house, so when you see all of these staff changes you had john bolton say the other day or to make that he's cleaning house and those things are actually concerning because one wonders who is pulling the levers of power in the white house. >> adrian, i just have to ask on nbc news report says the president considers firing jon kelley and not naming a successor but then chris ruddy says sources are telling him the president is happy with jon kelley. does that give you a sense of relief that there might be someone who can push back on john bell bolton maybe? >> i don't know, alex, at this point what to think. one day president trump seems to be happy with jon kelley and next day unhappy with him. i do find alarming is that some reports are suggesting that perhaps jon kelley is fired by the president that he won't replace him with another chief of staff. to have the president serving as president of the united states and serving as his own chief of
10:35 am
staff the notion is troubling. >> what about the wall street journal, carrie? it is reporting privately the president discussed with advisers whether he should publicly fight all of the allegations on twitter or elsewhere with regard to stormy daniels. what is his best move? do you think a public response is riskier than staying silent? >> the think the president needs to acknowledge -- if he does, this whole smut is beneath the dignity of the oval office. edward r. murrow is rolling in his grave about what's going to be happening on "60 minutes" the fact this tabloid journalism, this is why so many americans are frustrated with the media. >> hang on a second. edward r. murrow would have difficulty with things that are coming out of this white house, don't you? come on f you're going to put the bar up there, you got to play it fair if. >> i'm talking about stormy daniels in particular. shame on cbs.
10:36 am
cbs has a great legacy of doing some real hard-hitting journalism, but just recently we saw dan rather, he's going to go join the young turks and that's the true editorial direction of cbs, they have an agenda. this is why so many americans in middle america, the forgotten men and women of this country have been left behind by the national media, who are trying to attack the president at every angle and this story is really sadly completely ignoring the justice system in our country, you are innocent until proven guilty. >> basil, do you think there is something tonight stormy daniels could say that would change things for the president, change the tenor of how people are viewing this story? >> i'm not sure. whatever lascivious information may come out of this interview tonight for the die-hard trump supporters this changes nothing. i think this is already sort of baked into their decision to vote for him but for the 4.4 million americans that voted in 2012 and didn't vote in 2016 for the hundreds, voters and
10:37 am
hundreds of counties that voted for obama twice and decided to vote for donald trump i hope this adds fuel to their decision to go in a different direction in 2018 and 2020. so i think for those voters the ones that may be on the fence as well and just uncomfortable, i think this will actually matter a little bit. but for the die-hard voters. >> add fuel to say how frustrated people are. they won't give him a break. >> adrian, last question, same as i was asking basil. do you think there's anything that could be said tonight on the "60 minutes" interview that changes things for the president politically speaking? he was implying maybe it will get people motivated to get out and vote. >> i this i that has a lot to do with the fact this is a continuous dark cloud that hangs over the trump administration just like the mueller investigation so as long as this drip, drip, drip keeps happening with women, coming out and sharing their story about their experiences with president trump, look donald trump has a
10:38 am
very, very stronghold in that 35% of americans who support him. lot of those voters are evangelical voters. if something is said tonight by stormy daniels that would somehow negatively impact the views of many of these evan yellical voters i think it will have a massive impact potentially have a massive impact. who know what that could be. we'll see. i think it's kind of irresponsible to speculate, but i do think that there are some things that she could say that would actually impede his base. >> all right, adrian and carrie and basil thank you. the parallels between the civil rights movement and the new call for gun control.
10:39 am
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are. tensions remain high in sacramento following the police killing of an unarmed black man. police fired 20 shots at 22-year-old stephon clark, they were yelling for him to show his hands. clark was carrying a cell phone. he was killed in his family's backyard. here is what an activist told me yesterday about the incident. >> the structures almost guarantee the officer won't be held accountable. with the use of force policy it doesn't require a verbal warning, there's no requirement of de-escalation. those things are choices and when we were in the streets in the '60s we've chosen to build a system that allows police to do this. that's the same thing we're saying >> joining me is reverend al
10:43 am
sharpton host of msnbc "politics nation" on sunday mornings and rev, we invite to you talk about the big documentary that's going to air tonight on msnbc at 9:00 p.m. "hope & fury: mlk the movement and the media. first, do you agree? >> absolutely i think he's on point. when you see what is the law enabling police to without warning go ahead and use lethal force, that's a danger to all citizens, and you know, national action network has people working with naacp and others on this case. i'll be out there later this week because our concern is that justice be done whichever way that is decided but in a fair way. you cannot have laws as they do in sacramento that empower police to be the judge, jury and in this case possibly the executioner.
10:44 am
say he was doing something wrong, you don't get the death penalty on the spot. there is supposed to be a court of law that decides whether or not this young man was guilty of anything and there are many that say he was not. >> how is it, rev, we as a country can seem to come so far on so many fronts and yet on racial inequality feel like the steps by comparison have been minimal? >> i think that the problem is that there are many inflexible people in positions of power that just does not want to take the leap and have the courage to take the leap to say we really have got to close the race gap in criminal justice, in jobs, in contract opportunities, in being a part of the country, and i think that courage lacking is something very disturbing. >> so with regard to the timing here right now, it's just over a week until the country's going to mark the 50th anniversary certainly of the assassination
10:45 am
of dr. martin luther king but think about what we saw yesterday. we saw this adorable 9-year-old girl, his granddaughter, at the march for our lives rally in washington, d.c. let's listen to her. >> renee king, granddaughter of martin luther king. [ cheers and applause ] my grandfather had a dream that his four little children would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the concept of their character. i have a dream that enough is enough. >> a little more fine tuning she could be walking in your footsteps. >> she's beyond that. she is extremely bright, i know yolanda. her parents certainly martin iii
10:46 am
but his wife a very, very in tuned with what is going on and continuing dr. king's dream, and their active lives every day, so it's no surprise to me that she, as one would say, rocked the place yesterday. i was very, very proud to know yolanda. >> when you look at this generation and the question i was asking at the very outset, how we've come so far on so many fronts and yet on racial inequality seem to have taken incremental steps, where do you think this generation, do you sense the will from them? >> i began to see yesterday and other signs that there is the will, and i think that now we must have the process match the will, because one of the things dr. king used to say is, you must have demonstration to expose a problem and that's what the special is about tonight, how he uses media. lot of people don't understand, media help to inform.
10:47 am
demonstrations go to media and then you go to legislation, which i was so happy to hear the emphasis on those young people yesterday at the save our lives march. then you can have reconciliation. lot of people want to jump to reconciliation without really dealing with the problem. it's like having the health malady and the doctor saying you're going to be all right without dealing with whatever it is you are sick with in the first place. >> the documentary airs 9:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc the message you want viewers to take away when they watch it is what? >> the message that dr. king was one who was not only a dreamer, but a strategist, and a person who had some deep core beliefs that this country's soul needed to be redeemed in terms of racial and economic inequality, and he fought for that, ended up giving his life for that, and i think he was a strategist that
10:48 am
understood that if you expose what wickedness does, people will then develop the will to say we do not need to be that kind of nation, and that challenge is still before us. that's why tonight's special is so important. >> it is indeed. all right reverend al sharpton, on a palm sunday no less, you are certainly busy, to make some time thank you so much. >> glad to do it, thank you. >> we invite all of you to watch "hope & fury" 9:00 eastern here on msnbc. my next guest is the coauthor of a new article in "the washington post," why stormy daniels says working in porn helped prepare her for public scrutiny. i have type 2 diabetes.
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ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at tonight's the night. stormy daniels' interview is set to air. now this in today's "washington post," on the eve of "60 minutes" interview, stormy daniels says working in porn helped prepare her for public scrutiny. joining me now is senior writer at "the washington post," francis seller. we must say the president alleged affair, what kind of scrutiny did stormy tell you about? >> it was a brief interview.
10:53 am
but what came across was the storme we see on twitter. there have been a lot of people haight and criticizing her, and she comes back with these witty answers. she embraces the terms they use and fire them back at her. so she told me yesterday is also that she's been very overwhelmed by the amount of support she's had, which was, of course, open. and people have come back and talked about team stormy, and i believe her. there's been a balancing there. the stormy i spoke to last night seemed quite resilient. we don't see the private stormy, and she's a horsewoman, has a private life. i was at the annual convention for the porn stars earlier this year and people talked about stormy as a person who liked to go home and ride her horses and wasn't always at parties in the evenings and circuits. >> she also told you that i
10:54 am
didn't do this to get approval from anyone, i simply wanted to tell my personal truth and defend myself. do you believe her? >> it's not for me to speculate. she sound very straightforward last night when i spoke to her. motivation is something we'll learn about as we go ahead and learn more and more about people and why she brought this up in the first place. she was trying to talk about her story in 2016 before the hush agreement came up. >> does she stand to make a lot of money if she's able to get out of the nondisclosure agreement by selling her story? >> selling her story is one thing but her rates have already gone up in her performances. if you look at her twitter account, there's something called only fans, this is a way for porn stars make a lot of money. her only fans are increasing moment by moment, presumably in the future there are book contracts and other things.
10:55 am
there's a huge financial liability if this contract is valid. right now we're solidly in the court of public opinion where we're playing. >> true. stormy lease lawyer tweeted not all their evidence will be displayed tonight. do you think stormy is holding onto something that is a game changer? do you think we could hear a game changer tonight? >> well, i suspect there's documentation. i went back and re-read the in-touch interview with stormy, an interview done in 2011 that was released in 2018 after a long period. it's hard to imagine that there can be more salacious details. there's a post which is more simplicity on the there's documentation, there have been negotiations going on between lawyers. all that kind of thing is the could i have evidence her lawyer might be in a position to put forward. we won't know until we see it.
10:56 am
in-touch was a long, long interview with a lot of details in it. >> do you want to give a stab at what the headline will be tomorrow after this interview? >> again, not for me to speculate. let's see what happens. >> playing it safe, francis sellers. we'll talk to you again. thank you. in our next hour, a parkland high school student explains what's next after yesterday's nationwide marches. sir. get domo. it'll connect us to everything that's going on in the company. get it for jean who's always cold. for the sales team, it and the warehouse crew. give us the data we need. in one place, anywhere we need it. help us do our jobs better. with domo we can run this place together. well that's that's your job i guess. ♪ today, a focus on innovation in the southern tier is helping build the new new york. starting with advanced manufacturing
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that is a wrap for me on a
11:00 am
sunday. i'm alex witt. thank you for watching. richard luis is picking it up. >> have a great sunday. hello to all of you on this sunday. i'm richard lui in for david gura from new york city. we'll start with law and disorder. a new report that president trump will not hire two lawyers to help his legal team just days after he announced they would be appointed. what will be the impact on the president's shrinking legal team? what next? a day after more than one million people taking part in marches across the country and around the world, what will be the next move for the ladders of the never again movement? and then stormy sunday. what to expect from the highly-anticipated interview with stormy daniels, and how damaging might that be to president trump. i'm going to start right now, though, with a conflict of interest that is the changing makeup of preside


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