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tv   MSNBC Live With David Gura  MSNBC  March 25, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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sunday. i'm alex witt. thank you for watching. richard luis is picking it up. >> have a great sunday. hello to all of you on this sunday. i'm richard lui in for david gura from new york city. we'll start with law and disorder. a new report that president trump will not hire two lawyers to help his legal team just days after he announced they would be appointed. what will be the impact on the president's shrinking legal team? what next? a day after more than one million people taking part in marches across the country and around the world, what will be the next move for the ladders of the never again movement? and then stormy sunday. what to expect from the highly-anticipated interview with stormy daniels, and how damaging might that be to president trump. i'm going to start right now, though, with a conflict of interest that is the changing makeup of president trump's
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legal team. a pair of attorneys it's reported announced as appoint teaappoint's will not be hired. that does not mean joseph digenova and victory tensing are completely out of the mix. kelly o'donnell is in west palm beach. what's the latest on that >> reporter: we had expected that joseph digenova and victory tensing would be a part of the russia investigation team for the president. it had been announced by jay sekulow who leads that team for the president outside the white house. and then in the days intervening we got clues this might not turn out. first there was a talk about checking for conflicts of interest to see if there might be lawyers with a conflict taking on a new client who is the patriots. there are obvious ones right
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away. tensing is representing markkaral low and he's involved in the russia investigation, so that could be a red flag right away. and then we saw that the president was tweeting he might not be adding to the team. those were prominent clues. then we got today a message from jay sekulow who had announced the original plan to hire, and today said this. the president is disappointed that conflicts prevent joe digenova and victory tone sing from joining the legal team. the president looks forward to working with them. so that is intended clearly to be a positive sign, not pushing out these two for any reason other than this conflict, that's the message they're trying to send. we don't know what happened behind the scenes, but digenova and tensing are well known in
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washington. digenova was prominent on television in the recent months saying things supportive of the president's opinion. and he was an attorney in the district of columbia. this is a change that caps a change that caps the announcement of john dowd for leaving the team. so there's been a real shakeup in the president's team. i'm told not to expect that there would be some other name added right away. the president still has sekulow working with him, and he has inside the white house ty cobb, who is the liaison between the white house and the mueller investigation. but it does suggest that there might be other ways that digenova and tensing could help the president on other legal matters, so leaving that door open. >> you mentioned the word shakeup, and here we are on a sunday and you have yet more news, kelly, in terms of official statements about further changes in the cabinet. >> reporter: we've been tracking some of the notable names that
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have been under fire, and we don't have any impending changes, but we've been following the case of veterans affairs, david shulkin and the housing and development secretary ben carson. whatever narrative is out there, it is entirely manufactured by the media, he says, not a sled of truth to it, quote me on that he said to our colleague, geoff bennett. that refers to dr. kracarson an his wife selected a dining set that cost more than $30,000 and that drew a lot of negative attention. how that was handled, how they explained it put dr. carson in hot water. then you have david shulkin, the only holdover from the obama administration. and the spokesperson says there
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are no personnel changes to announce at the department of veterans affairs. president trump made it clear he expects it to be focusing on the veterans who have sacrificed to keep this country safe. shulkin draw fire for bringing his wife along on official travel and extending some of their european travel a cost to taxpayers. the department has said they're going to tighten some of the protocols for travel and expenses as a response. there have been many who predicted they could be vulnerable to a shakeup if the president chooses to ask them to step aside or chooses to let them go. but so far when we're checking, nothing new on that just yet. richard. >> the latest developments. kelly o'donnell in west palm beach following the president. let's bring in msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos and michelle goldburg, columnist with the "new york times." we have new data for both of you
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at the top of the hour here. michelle, reflect on that development. team. we know these two lawyers will not be joining the team, at least related to the mueller investigation. and then we have official statements, by the way, carson, shulkin, they're not going anywhere. >> this cover story they've discovered a conflict of interest of this legal team is ridiculous. everyone knew they were involved with the russia probe when the possibility of them coming on was first broached. i think it's possible, though, this is just speculation that obviously the president often kind of kwufz fox news for reality, and he clearly liked joseph digenova talking on tv about how there was this vast fbi conspiracy cooked up by hillary clinton to frame trump. and that's all the russia investigation is. i think it's at least possible that in talking about to zbooej his wife he realized that it's
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one thing for them to say that on fox news, there's actually no evidence for that whatsoever to make a legal case that that's what's happening here. >> danny, if this was known ahead of time but they sat down next to each other, digenova and president trump, and realize we may not get along, get along when i'm watching you on tv, what's the choice by digenova and tensing. can they say we don't want to participate in the mueller investigation, we will therefore say we have these conflicts that we don't want people to be looking into those potential conflicts? >> before the lawyers can even make a decision as to whether or not they want to represent, they have to consider the conflicts first. and the rulz of ethics can be divided into two categories, that will should not and thousand shalt not. thou shalt not represents clients with differing interests. if they are aware of them, if they consent, and so long as
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they do not directly conflict with each other, they can represent. once that's decided, a lawyer is free not to accept representation. there's no requirement that we accept every client who comes in the door, especially with a client like trump. you have to consider going forward what will be involved in representing him and how that may affect your practice. >> is this the should not category then? >> it becomes an issue of personal discretion. you're free to dismiss or decline representation to anybody that walks through the door. and that happens a lot. sometimes you talk to a client, hey, this sounds like a good case, and then you start vetting it a little bit and you have doubt starting. >> the president this morning, michelle, tweeting out that i can get any lawyer i want here, but -- >> he's lying.
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>> is this more of tensing as well as digenova saying i really don't want to be part of it? >> i don't think that's necessarily the case, but they are not top-shelf people. they are pundits, they're not the people you get if you really want a top-shelf white shoe legal representation in a potential impeachment hearing. those are the people who want nothing to do with trump. the president of the united states, respected lawyers don't want anything to do with him because of how he tarnishes the representation of everyone. >> there's also conflict of interest. >> in fairness, when it comes to large law firms, they have major problems because they have so many cooperator clients that it's easy to anticipate that trump in his pyre life as a business tycoon might have adversity.
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for major law firms, absolutely, the major whole life known white shoe law firms, that would be difficult because there's so many major cooperate lightens. on the other hand, smaller outfits, firms that exist around a personality, one excellent litigator might have less of a problem with the conflict. >> that is a great lead-in for the next topic, which is tonight and stormy daniels taking center stage for her long anticipated interview on "60 minutes." the big question is what new information will she reveal about her alleged 2006 affair with president trump a relationship that the commander in chief has long denied. the adult entertainer who allegedly received a $130,000 payment telling "the washington post" that working in the porn industry has helped to prepare her for public scrutiny. earlier today daniels' attorney avenatti avenatti tweeting not all of our evidence will be mentioned splayed tonight.
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tonight is not the end, it is the beginning. so dan, you were talking about the cult of personality. i am alluding to representation of stormy daniels and he has come out very strong, putting out that tweet just within the last 48 hours of that dvd, according to what he's calling it, in the say what might he have here? >> there's all kinds of speculation, rampant speculation as to what's in that cd. it could be -- >> dvd. >> i'm sorry, dvd, whatever it is. there could be images. >> i say that because that implies potentially video versus a cd. he was speaking with chris matthews, they went back and forth and he called it a dvd. >> that's right. that's significant because it implies there could be video. all these things are digital evidence. the digital evidence we leave, every single day whenever we send a message to somebody that isn't automatically deleted,
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it's still preserved somewhere out there. >> i'm going to play a little bit of avenatti alluding to the dvd. let's take a listen. >> that dvd contains evidence of this relationship. i sent the tweet as a warning shot to michael cohen and any other supporter of the president, to the president himself, to the extent that they plan on disparaging my client, lying about what happened or spinning facts that have no basis in reality. >> so michelle, this president does often love to engage in a bout. in this particular situation, as you have been stating throughout your time here on msnbc over the weeks and days, is that he's not responded to the stormy daniels accusations and lawsuit. >> that's right. i'm sure michael avenatti is disappointed that he doesn't come out and deny it because he's all but told us they have a pretty solid rejoinder, if he
11:13 am
says this didn't happen. i think the question of the affair is not the interesting question tonight. i don't think that anybody doubts that this affair happened, that this is the president's moral character. there's nothing shocking unfortunately about this president having an affair with a porn star. simultaneously having an affair with a playboy model while his other wife has a small baby at home. >> putting all that aside. >> that's baked into who the president is. the potentially scandalous thing is the coverup in this bullying tactics by people around trump to shut up these women and possible violations of campaign finance with this payoff. >> those are the concerned. it's not so much the morality implications, although i think those could have a major affect on his base. >> but legally. >> legally speaking this could be evidence of a number of
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different things. entering a contract to benefit a campaign raises finance implications. if there was extortion of any kind, threats to enter into a contract are potentially criminal. >> talk about ante and what he probably has and what his representations means to what stormy daniels might be able to get out of this case. this is an individual who has gotten stories onto "60 minutes" before but it's the first time he's been so forward in front on the case itself. he's handled cases that involved $200 million. who is this lawyer? >> his representation precedes him. goes without saying, he's an excellent litigate tore. it's a very tricky thing when you represent a client who's a high-profile client in dealing with the media. 20 years ago the rule was don't ever talk to the media ever if you're a lawyer on behalf of your client. but in the modern era with
11:15 am
twitter and a president who uses twitter, you have to get in front of the media sometimes. he's navigated it excellently. it's rare for lawyers that all the facts line up on your side. when the law is on our side, we pound the law. when we don't have either, we pound the podium. in this case he appears so confident. and he's not going to reveal anything tonight. he should not. it's in his interesting to wait. that's what a true chess chamas does. >> the interesting thing going forward is there are several more steps in litigation. this could end up with the president of the united states being deposited about his sex life. that's really the end game less than this interview we're going to see tonight. >> great stuff. michelle goldberg and danny cevallos. next for you, more than one million people as all this was
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hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied around gun control in in the march for our
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lives. president trump didn't weigh in while he was at mar-a-lago, just a 40-minute drive from marjorie marjory stoneman douglas high school. trump spending over 100 days of his presidency at his own golf properties, mar-a-lago being one. despite the president's silence, the resounding call for gun control was this. >> i represent the african-american women who were victims of gun violence, who are simply statistics steph vibrant beautiful girls. for far too long, these black girls and women have been just numbers. i'm here to say never again for those girls too. [ cheers ] >> we are going to make this the voting issue. to those politicians supported by the nra that allow the continued slaughter of our children and our future, i say, get your resumes ready. >> your thoughts and prayers don't shield the bullets you're enabling the purchase of with your greed and manipulation. >> those of us who are legal and responsible american citizen gun
11:21 am
owners, it's time to join hands, it's time to get in the arena. it's time to step up to the line and help heal our country. >> no one could believe there were bodies in that building waiting to be identified for over a day. six minutes and 20 seconds with an ar-15, and my friend, carmen, would never complain to me about piano practice. erin would never call. alex shafter would never walk into school with his brother, ryan. get up there and vote. cherries [ cheers ] >> joining us now is the father of alaina petty who was just 14 years old when she was gunned down in parkland, one of the 17. you have been an amazing voice of maintaining a positive note amongst great difficulty after parkland. as you you were watching and
11:22 am
listened to some of what was said yesterday in the march for our lives movement that was happening all around the world, did you hear your daughter's voice? >> not exactly. i mean, i heard the call for an end to school violence, and that resonates with me and that would resonate with my daughter also. >> as you've been speaking and offering solutions, where do you stand right now in terms of what you think might be the next step. as we know in florida there were some changes in laws regarding guns, one, increasing the age to 21 before you can buy and a three-day waiting period. >> yeah, we did some things in florida that hadn't been done in 22 years. new firearms regulations. we did it, though, by building on common ground. what i heard in the segment immediately preceding was a lot
11:23 am
of hyperpartisan that is not helpful. we all agree we want our children and teachers to be safe in school, so the question is how do we achieve that? i'm not sure impugning the motives of the other side is the way. we passed three substantive school safety and gun violence -- new laws in the past five weeks. i think we've gotten more done in five weeks than the last 15 years, but we did it by building on common beliefs and common ground. >> you said you didn't quite hear your daughter's voice. were you supportive of what happened yesterday? >> i loved the passion, i loved the attention that's being drawn to the issue. and so i commend all those that
11:24 am
participated for coming together to try to find ways to get this to stop. what i think we need to do, though, is figure out what are the four, five, six, ten things we agree on, get those things done, and then we can have the debate about the more controversial aspects later. >> some said it was politically motivated about the funds? >> the march? >> that's right. >> i saw some politically partisan signs and issues. i don't know whether the march organizers were politically motivated. i don't know much about the march, to be honest. i spoke to the organizers, i choose not to participant. my family chose not to because we were afraid that, that we
11:25 am
would create a rift between the legislators that we need to build common ground with. i've spoken to legislators on both sides of the issue, both in florida and in washington, d.c. there's a lot we agree on. there's a lot more we agree on than we disagree on. >> very quickly, who do you see on both sides as the deal makers? >> the 17 families of the victims, we came together and we wrote a letter to chuck schumer, to senator mcconnell, speaker ryan and representative pelosi asking them to pass the stop school violence act and the fix knicks bill to include those in the omni bus spending bill that was just passed and signed into law by president trump last week. those are just an example of a
11:26 am
bipartisan list of legislators we've met and talked with. >> thank you for your positivity, ryan petty. you mourn the loss of your daughter, but yet remain so forward and positive and the steps that can be done. thank you so much. >> thank you. next, we're going to hear from one of the marjory stoneman douglas high school students there at yesterday's rally. stay with us for that. was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today. hello. let's go for a ride on a peloton. let's go grab a couple thousand friends and chase each
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one day after demonstrations stretched from parkland, florida, to an estimated 800 locations around the globe, even a rally in antarctica is very clear the world has spoken, but the question remains, will these voices translate into real lchb legislative change? we are joined by student adam buchwald. i was watching your speech as you were standing up in front of the hundreds of thousands of folks, and you knew you were talking to the world. what was your thought as you were delivering your one-minute message? >> again, thank you so much for having me. the turnout was unbelievable. four weeks ago we were marching in tallahassee and we have over 800 marches. it was fantastic. when i was on the podium, i was so honored to be up there. i wanted the world to know what i had to say. i stressed gun reform, gun
11:31 am
safety, we're committed to make a change. >> you heard the introduction, and i was looking at your social platforms and seeing how much you were doing today. i know you're probably tired in the last 12 hours, but not a lot necessarily in terms of pushing the message that you were so active in early on. what is next? what are you going to do in your town? what are you going to do in the next week to affect the high-level message you were able to accomplish yesterday? >> absolutely. i'm going to tell you right now, i'm going to get every student, parent, grandparent, anyone. we're going to get everyone rallied up and we're going to vote for the politicians that are for children's safety. believe it or not, i just rolled out this movement called parents promise to kids. this is a worldwide movement and we're asking every parents and gra grandparent that they will vote
11:32 am
for lrnlts that support school safety over guns. we're committed to make a change, and we will make a change. >> the "new yorker," they were talking about pptk. it says the contracts language is pretty loose. skits of a single sentence. parents names promise the child that i will vote for legislative leaders who support your children's safety over guns. how has that conversation gone for you when you approach parents? >> it's been absolutely phenomenal. this contract is a way for parent and child to communicate with each other. i know you mentioned before the language in this contract is very simple. we didn't want to make it confusing for anyone. believe it or not, we only have three contracts. so the response has been absolutely amazing, and we've received so much positive feedback of this movement. any child under 18. >> go ahead, sorry. >> sorry. any child under 18 can't vote,
11:33 am
but if the parent promises this child that they will vote for these ethical legislators, it will affect elections. >> rick santorum said, i wish they were doing things instead of just saying. how do you react to those being critical of what happened yesterday? >> it's crazy for those people to talk and make comments about these march. it's so important because all the students and people around the nation, we want our voices heard by politicians. >> you know, adam, i think a lot of folks watching yesterday. you probably heard this. the clarity and the passion that was delivered by you and all of your other fellow speakers was
11:34 am
for lack of a better word, surprising. but that's very natural, i imagine, for you to speak with such strength. the question is, how will it translate now to the next part of your message? and how would you relate that to us? what is your next message? >> i just want to let everyone know that -- i even said it in my speech, the finish line for the march and every march around the nation is just the beginning line. we're still here. we're still going to make change. we're going to be making phone calls and e-mailing leaders. this is not just a media show that's going to fizzle out over tile. we're here and we're going to be here for a long time. >> what surprised you yesterday that happened? >> personally, i'm just proud of myself and proud of everyone else, including the students who stood up there. it's so powerful just to have all the students. we're the catalyst that are
11:35 am
going to make the change. i'm just surprised how much support we have. we had over 800 marches, for the parkland march we had 30,000 people attend. so exciting. >> thank you for engaging, adam, really amazing energy we saw not only there in washington, d.c., but around the world. so thank you, adam buchwald, appreciate your time today. >> thank you for having me. >> let's bring in our panel. senior director of programming at sirius xm. the question is, what does this mean for this generation, what some call z, plurlz, if not millennials necessarily. this is their first step forward in activism and engagement. what does this mean? >> it's an important moment, but it's certainly in line with what we've seen historical.
11:36 am
if you think back to the civil rights movement, the student nonviolent committee, they were very young when they were doing the freedom rides and also marching in selma. it's important to note that angry young people have made lasting change in this country historical will. but this generation is savvy, they understand social media. >> it's natural for them. >> they understand how social media can be a tool to organize people of like mind who want to mike this lasting change. in addition, they understand that voting is the way, one way, to make the lasting change that they want. so you saw large swaths of people attending the marches also signing up people to register to vote. they understand marching is not enough. you have to combine that with electoral power at the ballot box. >> as you were listening to the messages, was it apolitical or political? >> well, it's hard for me to say it's entirely apolitical.
11:37 am
i don't think that's a bad word either. i think, though, these students are driven by, obviously, the desire to protect their own lives and to expand peace in the country and to be able to study without lethal threat against them. and that is not political, but i think they're right in listening to adam, your guest earlier, talk about their political strategy, i think they're right. they're focusing electorally. that's what's going to be necessary. i'm encouraged to see republican voters now, about half of them, would like to see stricter gun control laws on sales of firearms, that's up from 30% in october. but the reality is that the republican party which controls all of congress is divided on this issue. and when congress or when republicans if they're in control of both chambers or either chamber, they're not going to likely take up issues that will divide their body,
11:38 am
their conference. and so these students are very salve vee and smart to focus electorally, focus politically, take that passion and drive and vision and put it into action for 2018 and i think they're doing that. >> this is the last major drum beat because the midterms start in earnest. and really, as evan was saying, if you're a member of congress, regardless of which side you're on, you heard something that you didn't quite hear before with such strength? >> absolutely. anybody who's in office right now needs to understand that they need to be on the right side of this issue. if they're somebody who takes a lot of money from the nra like marco rubio, they need to understand these kids are opposed to that and they're going to make the changes that they need to get the congress that is going to vote for background checks and other gun safety legislation. so i think that these kids understand that politicians respond to the energy that these
11:39 am
large groups of angry young people are showing. but i think what makes politicians afraid is the idea they what i voted out. it's not just these kids are opposed to the nra, it's that they understand that their electoral power is how they're going to make changes. >> change from never again to vote them out. i was asking adam buchwald what will you do locally, tomorrow, what are the small parts to the big solution they wantment if you look at what's happening, gun laws, they are happening locally. it will be more difficult nationally. your thought on that? >> look, i think it's important if they can to work both locally and nationally. but i would tell them not to give up on the national effort. there's an opportunity here. 88% of americans would like to see stricter laws on gun sales. there's a bunch of common sense reforms that we can make. yes, it's more difficult with the republican party, but focus
11:40 am
on these midterms, the pledge idea they have is a fantastic one. publicize who signs up to that pledge. i don't know what's on it, but that's an effective mechanism, and i think they should fight both locally and nationally. their support for common sense reforms. >> i was looking at the map where all the marches were in states like louisiana and the dakotas. these teens can make a big difference in the discussion. evan mcmullin ander. >> and then there were two, just two lawyers remain on donald trump's legal team as robert mueller's investigation ramps up. how concerned should the president be now? come on dad!
11:41 am
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we've been preparing for this day. over the years, paul and i have met regularly with our ameriprise advisor. we plan for everything from retirement to college savings. giving us the ability to add on for an important member of our family. welcome home mom. with the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. on this sunday more shapeups for president trump's shrinking legal team. yet again lawyers joseph
11:44 am
digenova and victoria toensing will not but joining after all. new additions to the president's team they were announced just days ago, but now we have that news today that they will not be. let's bring in msnbc national security analyst frank figliuzzi. frank, let's drill down on that new news today that digenova and toensing will not be joining the team with the mueller case for the president. when you read the proverbial tea leaves, what do you take away from that? >> despite the president's assertions, it surely appears that chaos is reigning, particularly when it comes to the legal team. it's at a crucial time when they're entering into negotiation with mueller and the team about the parameters and constraints about what an interview might look like with the president.
11:45 am
so now if you're sitting on mueller's team, you're actually scratching your head saying who are we negotiating with? who is it we're negotiating with? the other thing that comes out today, richard, is this conflicting report of, well, it was the president meeting with digenova and his wife, toensing, and deciding there was no, quote, personal chemistry. then we're also hearing through the president himself in tweets that it was about a conflict of interest. i'm not buying the personal chemistry thing. i got to tell you, i think that the personal chemistry was actually right on the money with regard to trump strategy of a pr campaign, anti-fbi, anti-mueller. what i think happened was a true legal conflict where these attorneys sat down and said we have a client, markkaral low who
11:46 am
used to your spokesperson for your legal defense team. he's worried obstruction of justice. and that's a problem if you're going to be inconsistent with that. >> walking away. let's talk about another one of the president's lawyers, dowd, who this week, by the way, and there's so much happening in the headlines, also gone this week. >> again, there's a concern here that the president's now left with a very limited group of folks with limited criminal defense experience. so ty cobb has certainly a former prosecutor, certainly has done some defense work, but he needs desperately somebody who can actually say i spent my career defending high-level folks in white collar, high-stakes cases, financial cases, i have experience in government and washington and
11:47 am
politics. he does not have that, and this is a problem for him. by the way, if we continue to hear the president say this is going on and on, remember this, every time he dismiss an attorney or an attorney walks away from him or he has an untalented or lack of experience legal team, it's the president who's contributing to the delay and length of time this takes to resolve. >> frank figliuzzi, thank you for your time, sir. thank you. the changes to trump's legal team as we were just talking about, just the latest development. in another frantic week at the house, a week where president trump congratulated vladimir putin, replaced his national security adviser and vetoed a spending bill his own aide said he would sign. all that just after this. defined by the things we share. and the ones we love.
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11:52 am
averted despite the president threatening to veto the bill. there's also the order to ban most transgender troops from serving in the military. then later tonight, a porn star who allegedly had an affair with the president while he was married to the first lady is telling her side of the story. that's on "60 minutes" tonight. joining me, eli stokols, msnbc political analyst, jason johnson, msnbc political contributor. jas jason, you know that is an abbreviated review of what happened this week because there's also, as i was mentioning, the shakeups that are happening in terms of staffing in the white house. what does the next week bring us? because as you know, we're looking at the beginning of the midterms in earnest. >> yeah, richard, so, like, this week would have been, like, an entire documentary special. >> right. >> that would have covered any other administration, but it seems to be par for the course for how trump operates. honestly, the operative lesson
11:53 am
going forward, especially wohen you look at midterm elections, georgia and other states come in the next month and a half is, how prepared, how ork niganizedl the white house be in helping with the elections? will they want a donald trump wrapped in up controversies with adult film stars and whether or not he's going to pass this legislation, do they really want him out there? is the white house organized enough to pat their head and rub their tummy and dispatch the president to help people in midterm elections by keeping brand-new staff mentions functional, by the way, aren't we supposedly having a meeting with north creed ya sometikoreae next few weeks? this is indicative of the disorganization we've seen, go ing going to add next week. >> the carson statement, the shulkin statement, saying there's no change at least planned for the moment for these two cabinet secretaries. we have also in the past week john bolton replacing mcmaster then tonight, eli, we have
11:54 am
stormy daniels just looking a bunch of hours ahead of us, and then the president basically, at least the reporting is, not knowing what he's going to do day to day and deciding when he does get up, at least that's the reporting. >> right. the president oftentimes goes to twitter and acts even more impulsively when he's upset, when he needs to blow off steam. certainly the interview with stormy daniels tonight could be one of those things that agitates this president and leads him to behave even more unpredictably this week going forward. i've talked to people who do expect more changes coming soon. shulkin likely the candidate, obviously, the president's friend, chris ruddy, sort of teasing that on the sunday morning shows this week. but, you know, you talk about what changes are coming and you sort of miss the point. nothing really is real until the president actually decides to do it, and as you saw with the case of the lawyer, digenova, sometimes even in that case, it's not true because you name somebody to a position and then
11:55 am
couple days later they have to pull it back. i think you can wait and see, you know, a lot of times these public denials aren't worth the paper that they're prohibitprin when the white house says shul kic shulkin and carson are fine. add this up, the turnover, the reason it matters, there's a learning curve for people coming into any new job. we're you're constantly resetting these positions and changing things, cabinet positions require confirmation hearings obviously. even lower-level position, lts people never get their footing as individuals or as a collective staff when it's such a revolving door. >> jason, we were talking about the midterms, you brought up the question of whether the president will show up for those running on the right. but is the real question is whether the march for our lives teens will show up during those particular events in the districts across the country. >> well, i think they will, richard, and this is what's going to be key. first off, i don't say this with any joy, i say this because
11:56 am
we've seen it over the last 15, 20 years in this country, there will be more shootings. there are going to be more mass shootings in this country. we statistically know that's going to be the case. what's likely to end up happening is we're not only going to have parkland students possibly traveling around the country and speaking about issues of gun violence, you're going to see other kids who are empowered to do so. we've already seen this manifest in a primary race. you got the georgia race between stacey abrams and stacey evans where you've got democrats saying, hey, that person, stacey evans has an a-plus rating from the nra, you should vote against her. if the n, ra becomes a scarlet letter, the kids remain active of summer break, you'll see challenges for heading into the midterms. >> eli, reaction? >> what was the question? is. >> the politic there. >> clearly the democrats have the momentum. 9 president is focused on the thing that affect him personally. reports are he didn't spend a
11:57 am
lot of dime, we haven't heard he's been talking to friends venting at the marches on saturday. seems completely divorced from the movement that is sort of sweeping the country right now. >>? true professionals, eli stokols, jason johnson, thank you both for your time. >> all righty. i have ale praing reminder for you, catch "hope and fury: mlk the movement and the media" tonight at 9:00 eastern on msnbc. explores here how social movements and the media have influenced each other from the civil rights era through today.
11:58 am
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