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tv   Lockup Grand Rapids Extended Stay  MSNBC  March 25, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and made plans. >> wonderful. >> like families do. >> that is all for this edition of "dateline extra." i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. i can be your best friend, at the same time, if you cross me or do me wrong, i can be your worst enemy. >> an inmate with a record dating back to age 14 comes to terms with his past and present. >> i'm not coming back. >> i'm sure i heard that last time.
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>> i got beat up bloody and beat up on grandville avenue, thrown down the stairs with my bra and underwear in the snow. >> she was once a school secretary and a mother before crack and prostitution turned her world upsidedown. >> every time i lay down and fall asleep, i dream about crack. >> another inmate is caught off guard and viciously assaulted. his assailant leaves him cut and bleeding. then explains why. >> most cake is dry, you know, and not very moist like that at the bottom. i know something went right with the cake and said, i have to do something about this. ♪ straddling the grand river in western michigan, grand rapids combines the amenities of
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a sophisticated city with small town charm and natural beauty. "forbes" magazine calls it the best city in america in which to raise a family, but even the best families face problems. a few miles from downtown is the kent county jail. >> people ask me all the time when i'm out there in the world, who do you got in jail? i always tell them, we have your family members, we have your neighbors, your co-workers. >> on any given day, about 1,000 men and women are incarcerated here. >> i want you guys on your bunks. it's time for head count. i need your i.d.s. >> some are convicted, most are only accused of crimes and awaiting trial and the resolution of their cases. >> we've got the people that are standing behind you in the line at the grocery store, people that are handing the food out to you at the window of the drive-up. those are the people that we have in jail. >> my whole life in this sack. >> a few years earlier, it would have been a surprise to the local residents to see brandy
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knight inside the jail. they might have remembered her as a popular secretary at a nearby elementary school. >> many people that knew me from school, if they see me now, they would know something is seriously wrong. two years ago, i started smoking crack, and i resigned from my job and lost both of my daughters and started living on the streets using crack. >> nyp is charged with possession of narcotics. she's pled not guilty and is awaiting trial. she says her problems began with a pain pill addiction that escalated when her youngest daughter chose to live with her father and his fiancee. >> she wanted a family. and i couldn't deny her that. i had that growing up. so i said, you can go live with
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your dad. from that point on, it became very empty. my older daughter was involved in high school sports and wasn't home. and i'd work and my little one was gone. i just didn't really have any purpose, and so i hit that pipe and i sat right down and i really never left again. i never left that life. >> that life led nyp to a street in grand rapids with a reputation. >> division is the main street for prostitution. i did walk the streets prostitution-wise. there's a lot of money. it's basically what a lot of the girls, how they make their money. they can make $1,200 in a day. but i spent everything i got on drugs. it was different than anything i ever imagined my life would be. >> nyp's crack addiction led to multiple arrests in grand rapids and one prior conviction for possession. >> i had somebody ask me the question one time, do you love your daughters or do you love crack more?
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i sat there and i had to think about it. i mean, i didn't have to think about it. i know. but i said, i'd have to say that i love crack more. as horrible as that is, i said i would be home right now and have a daughter on each side of me and we'd be having microwave popcorn watching a blockbuster movie otherwise. instead, i'm sitting here in this ratty hotel in the bathroom, smoking crack in front of the mirror, and there isn't anywhere else i would rather be. >> while brandy nyp might have once blended in in family-friendly grand rapids, brian prawdzik is the first to admit he doesn't. >> i can be your best friend, but at the same time, if you cross me or r do me wrong, i could be your worst enemy. >> looking at the tattoos, you don't see many people with tattoos like that. >> he looks very eccentric. that's kind of hard to tell what this person might be like. >> never in a million years if i saw brian prawdzik walking down the street on the outside would
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i approach him for any reason under the sun. >> usually when people meet me, you know, you look at me and they're like, there's something wrong with that guy. really, i'm just, i love tattoos. i just love tattoos. i think they're awesome. >> prawdzik wasn't smiling when he got his most prominent tattoo, a crown that encircles his head and turns into a bandanna in the back. >> my crown was the worst pain of my life. it hit over here, and my leg would start twitching because of all of the nerves. it was horrible. >> prawdzik who says his criminal career began at age 14 selling crack got the crown and many of his other tattoos during his six-year prison term for felonious assault and robbery. he was back on the streets for four months before he was
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arrested again as part of a crime ring that stole tvs from motor homes. prawdzik says he's innocent but he pled guilty to larceny from a vehicle. >> because if i go to trial with my tattoos, past crimes, being on parole, if i lose, then i'm going back to prison. >> instead, prawdzik was sentenced to just one year at the kent county jail, but he says now he's finally motivated to go straight. >> it's nice to see your wife first thing in the morning, even if it is just a picture. it kind of just helps with the day. >> prior to the latest arrest, he married elena, a friend from childhood. >> no one makes me feel like elena does. i want to do more with myself. she makes me want to be better. she makes me want to be a man and take care of her, and her parents were kind of iffy about me. because they know me and my friends when i was younger. one of my friends stole her
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parents' car and sold it for crack. >> prawdzik says things got better with his in-laws when he they saw how he cared for elena's 2-year-old daughter. >> i took care of her, changed here, feed her, get her dressed, i'd give her the bath at nighttime, play with her. they were shocked. they're like, you know, your whole persona just changes when you're with her. a lot of people are amazed. when they see -- they look at me and expect me to just be a complete [ bleep ], arrogant and stuff like that, when i'm not. >> prawdzik writes regularly to elena, who lives two hours away in detroit. >> i do little things like that. she always likes getting pictures from me, so anything makes her happy. >> it's love. >> it is, ain't it? coming up, elena pays a visit and delivers a message. >> i don't want to be dealing with this all the time, you know? it's not a life that i want for me or my daughter. >> a piece of cake leads to a bloody assault.
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find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. inside grand rapids' kent county jail, technology is just one tool deputies use to maintain the peace. like neighborhood beat cops, they deploy old-fashioned leg work called block checks. >> we'll see if anybody is up to no good basically, any contraband being messed with, that kind of ting. you're going around looking at everything, make sure inmates aren't bunching up into a certain area, you don't know if something's going on in that
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area. normally if an area is really loud and it's really quiet all of a sudden, something's going on. they're sending you signals. >> sometimes there is no warning. surveillance cameras have captured a sudden inmate-on-inmate attack. a deputy quickly takes control of the situation and separates the two men. >> should be all locked down. yep. that inmate is a little bit bloody right there. this kicked off during the meal time. >> the injured inmate is zachary harvey. the other is antoine gill. >> we responded to a fight. when i arrived, mr. harvey had blood all over his face. he had been punched numerous times and he has a cut inside his lip. >> they're going to clean him up and evaluate him and check out his injuries. if he cut up his mouth real bad and requires internal stitching, they're not going to be able to do it here and will require a hospital. the other guy was taken to the desegregation unit. >> they'll investigate to see if
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it was a fight or an assault. the deputy up there talked to other inmates, review the camera to see what all happened. >> one of the witnesses was a trustee, an inmate maintenance worker. brian prawdzik. >> the dude was grabbing water. he walked up behind him, don't touch my food. don't touch my food. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. dude never hit him back, though. he just stood there. kept turning. blood there. blood there. i have to get bleach and clean this up and scrub. definitely another day of being a trustee. ever day is something new. you get something like this. it's entertaining but then i got to deal with the aftermath. >> have a seat in there. >> after their initial treatment, jail medical staff decides to send harvey to the hospital. >> he's going to go down there. he'll get checked out by a doctor and probably get a couple stitches in his lip. >> as for the fight, harvey says he doesn't know what prompted it. >> came out of my cell, sat down. sat down, talked to people that i play scrabble with.
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went to go make a cup of coffee. come back and the kid started hitting me. i don't know what i did. >> do you know him? >> i traded him a piece of cake. after that, i didn't even talk to him. >> inmates often trade food. the small dessert cake served with many meals is one of the more popular items. harvey chose the wrong person to trade with. >> i believe there was, like, some urine at the bottom of the cake. most cake is dry, you know? and not very moist like that at the bottom of it. i believe there was some urine. i know something wasn't right with the cake and i said, you know, i think i'm going to have to do something about this. >> i think mr. gill is possibly a little paranoid. i just feel that it was his paranoia that caused him to react the way he did. >> gill, who was recently convicted of manufacturing and delivering narcotics, has had similar issues in the past. >> every day at every meal, i was told by the inmates and the
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trustee that are in that pod that as soon as he receives his carton of his drink, he throws it in the trash. >> see how hard it is to open that? i'm going to tell you what's in here right now. i'm going to tell you. saliva. spit. juice. >> whether the fight was a result of gill's belief that his cake was tampered with or something else will be up to staff to determine. lieutenant neumann and sergeant thorn begin by reviewing the tape. >> okay. the suspect's walking across the "d" room and the victim is walking toward him, and unexpectedly, the suspect begins to punch the victim repeatedly. oh. >> didn't look like that guy threw any punches at all. >> looks like an assault. >> absolutely. yeah. looks like gill throws every
9:17 pm
strike. so gill just catches him off guard and just -- >> i don't see harvey throw any punches at all. he might have put his hands up to defend himself. but he was clearly looking down. coming up -- >> i could be wrong, but i'm pretty much right. >> antoine gill pleads his case to authorities. and brandy nyp calls home. >> are you sad? you sound like you're crying. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances. if his denture can cope with... a steak. luckily for him, he uses super poligrip. it helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy.
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grand rapids, michigan has been described as america's most family-friendly city. but brandy nyp, a former elementary school secretary, lost custody of her two daughters here after she fell into a life of crack addiction and prostitution on the city's division street. >> my daughters haven't come to see me yet. i actually haven't seen my youngest daughter in a year and a half. >> nyp's 12-year-old lives with her father. her 17-year-old lives with nyp's mother and father. nyp is in jail awaiting trial on drug possession charges. >> i'm happy where i'm at just being sober each day.
9:21 pm
it's a great stride for me. smoking crack every single day for 2 1/2 years all day and all night is totally different than being awake and having normal energy. >> nyp has decided to apply for the jail's sober living unit. a 90-day treatment program she hopes will help her remain sober when she's out of jail. >> it's important for me to get in the sober living program for the coping issues. i have a lot of dreams. every time that lay down and fall asleep, i dream about crack. to whom it may concern, i am a 36-year-old young woman who has spent the last two years battling with a crack addiction. i was writing to ask if you could consider me for sober living. i am having some issues coping -- this education, how to get over the guilt and the shame, how to work through those feelings with your family. thank you for your attention in this matter. sincerely, brandy nyp. it's just important on how to
9:22 pm
start out the structure probably of just a normal daily life. >> nyp's next step is to contact the people who most desperately want to see her off drugs -- her parents. >> hi, mom. it's still very hard for me that, you know, what i put my family through. and how i hurt them with my drug addiction. what's the matter? nothing. did, um -- huh? nothing. how about you? she said, "i heard you choking up, you know, crying, you know, everything all right?" i said, "yes, you knew i was in here." she said, "yes." she had a cough. why -- are you sad? you sound like you're crying. you just got up? oh.
9:23 pm
yeah. oh, okay. did dad talk to the attorney or anything? my only plan this time, you know, is having my parents pick me up and maybe going home with them right off the get-go. and seeing which programs or having them bring me straight to a program. >> nyp's parents' home is about 40 miles and a world apart from the kent county jail. while it might seem an ideal place in which to recover, nyp's mother, jamie, who's raising nyp's teenage daughter says that's no longer an option. >> i want her to go somewhere, but i don't know what i'd do with her because, you know, we have her children to think about. and you can't have -- you can't have that going on. >> any time that i've gotten out of here, i've been using crack within an hour of leaving here, so i have no positive past of
9:24 pm
even making it whatsoever. >> during one of nyp's earlier stays at the house, jamie experienced a painful insight into her daughter's life on the streets. >> she had a towel on, and she had gotten out of the shower. and i saw a circle on the top of her buttocks, you know, on her backside. i go, "honey, what is that on your backside there?" she said, "oh, it's okay, mom. i got stabbed by a screwdriver one time." and i said, "oh. you hurt -- you hurt my heart bad." i just can't imagine. i just can't imagine. she always seemed to be a very happy and amazing kid. she always was on top of things. very independent. very motivated. very adventurous.
9:25 pm
that's how i would describe her. very adventurous, very outgoing, very social. you get so angry sometimes. you literally say, "i hate this person." if i saw her, i could just wind one up, and i'd just pop her. and then i think, what good does that do, you know? to heck with it. let it go. keep living your life because all's it's doing is aging us, you know? it's not really how we had things kind of -- you don't have a baby and you don't raise your children to become drug addicts. you just -- you just don't do that. then i'll say, have you had enough of this roller coaster ride? you ready to get off this merry-go-round? yes, mom, i'm ready.
9:26 pm
then i think we're right on track, and then everything caves in again. >> i've been wanting to get off the streets. and i have every opportunity in the world. i have a big support system. i have a wonderful family. it's never the right time to go. but i keep looking for the perfect ending, and there's not going to be a perfect ending. i'll be dead before there's a perfect ending. coming up -- >> when i first entered the car, i thought he was a jerk. he was an older white man. most of the gentlemen on the division are older white men and they have money. >> brandy nyp gets a visit from a man she met on the streets. and they look for answers in the cake controversy. >> mr. gill said the bottom of the cake was moist.
9:27 pm
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night in an interview with '60 minutes". daniels claim she had sex with donald trump in 2006 and was threatened to keep client. another shakeup at the white house. the president could fire david shulkin, who's under investigation for alleged spending abuses. now back to "lockup". due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. ♪ with new inmates arriving every day of the week, deputies at the kent county jail must quickly assess the threat potential of each one. >> first impressions are pretty important, you know, for us working in this environment, you know, looking at how someone looks at you, how they present themselves. >> first impressions have not always been brian prawdzik's
9:31 pm
strong suit. despite a criminal record dating back to age 14 and a current one-year sentence for larceny, so far he's been a model inmate. >> i have seen no issues with him at all since he's been here. really is a pretty decent guy. >> prawdzik's good behavior and demeanor helped him earn one of the trustee jobs. >> i'm the police bitch pretty much. i clean. i pass food. i do anything the police ask me to do. >> trustees don't get paid but spend more time out of their cells and often get an extra meal or two. >> i've been working out, lost weight. lost probably 15 pounds. i've been doing this for a week, probably gained back seven, eight, already. all i do, i get cakes. like i'm [ bleep ], i take the cakes and whatnot. all throughout the day, i'm just eating cakes. every morning, i'm like, "i can't eat this." we get coffee cakes. some of the best cake we get. of course i'm going to eat it. you put it in front of me, i'm going to eat it. i'm a natural fat kid. i like cake.
9:32 pm
>> the popularity of the jail's cake recently led to problems between zachary harvey and antoine gill. >> okay. we're going to go down the stairs. >> after speaking with several inmates in the pod, we learned that inmate gill and harvey had a transaction where gill had given harvey coffee in exchange for a piece of cake. somehow that led to gill assaulting harvey. so we'll have deputy arts interview the inmates. >> mr. gill? >> yeah. >> focus, man. >> though the surveillance footage left no questions about what started the fight, gill will have a hearing to explain himself. and if he's convincing, he might talk his way out of segregation. >> i'd like to ask you a couple questions. some of the guys that sit at the table with harvey said that harvey was going to trade a piece of cake to you for another item? >> actually, i gave him like some -- a bag of coffee. he told me that he would give me two cakes in return. i thought that to be pretty cool. >> did he just pick it up and hand it to you? >> no, he didn't hand it to me.
9:33 pm
i grabbed it myself. >> so you reached over and picked it up off -- >> he was like, you know, your cake right there. as i picked it up -- most cakes are dry. you know, this cake was like really soggy at the bottom of it. you know, and you know -- i believe, you know, by me being so immune to it, i can't smell it no more. it might have been urine up under it. you know, like i say, man, i could be wrong. but i'm pretty much right. >> i'm going to give you a possible explanation. you know, when they stack those trays up, put the food on, some of the food's hot and some of it's cold. and when there's -- those trays are stacked up on each other, they're insulated so that heat and cold, that's going to create condensation in there. so it's possible that there was a little bit of condensation on the bottom where that piece of cake was. that's possible how it could have become soggy. it's just -- just a theory. >> some staff has described gill
9:34 pm
as paranoid, he's been deemed competent by the courts and also has been examined by the jail's mental health staff. >> as far as we're concerned, he has some behavioral problems, institutional problems that we've noticed that have been a destruction to the jail. >> deputy arts must present gill's allegations about the cake to harvey, who is serving six months for assault with a dangerous weapon. >> i was just messing around. i ended up hitting the kid in the face with a b.b. gun, shot him in the face with a b.b. gun. it was an accident. i'm a horrible shot with any kind of weapon. >> he said that there was a piece of the corner missing or something -- >> that's how i got the cake. it was crumbled. >> we all know when the cake is on the tray with other food, things get broke. he also said the bottom of the cake was moist. and he thought that it was tampered with and possibly urine on it. >> i did not -- i didn't touch the cake at all. i didn't do it. i'm like -- >> i believe you.
9:35 pm
>> i turned and give it to him. i was polite to him. i was the only one in the pod that was talking to him, being polite to him. >> okay. well, i appreciate your cooperation. >> no problem. >> i'm sorry that you were assaulted the way you were. some people just are not nice people. >> yeah. >> following the hearings, harvey was cleared of any wrongdoing, and gill received 15 days in disciplinary segregation. brandy nyp has steered clear of problems with other inmates. as she awaits trial on drug possession charges. she's grateful that the jail has kept her off crack, but she admits the drug that cost her so much still tugs at her. >> thehole thing for me is seeing it come through the glass, through the pipe. like, breaking off the rock and putting it on top of the glass and then melting it down all the way and if it's good crack, it will melt all the way until you
9:36 pm
can't see it anymore. you know, the whole ritual and then holding the glass up to your mouth and just breathing it in and watching it go through the glass is like what i've been more addicted to than the drug, than the high. >> nyp need go no further than her bunk for another reminder of her life on the outside. a friend lives just across the street. >> i put my name up here. i'm not supposed to put my name up here. but i put my name up here and the friend i'm talking about lives right in front of that building. i sat up here and banged like that. he saw me, looked up and saw my name. then we were waving back and forth. >> tom hawkins occasionally puts money on nyp's inmate account so she can buy goods from the jail commissary. he makes regular visits. >> my relationship with tom is a friendship. i met him walking down the road actually.
9:37 pm
>> the road was division street. and nyp was working as a prostitute on it when hawkins picked her up. >> when i first entered the car, i thought he was a trick. most of the gentlemen on division are older white men and they have money. it was nothing like that, and we know that, and that's okay. i'm sure the perception is of that. >> i'm what you call an empty nester. so i'm by myself. my family's always been ones that were willing to take somebody in that needed some help. i would like to see her straighten out her life. and if i could be part of the thing that helps her do this, great. how you been? >> i've been good. how are you? >> you tried getting ahold of me the other day and you never called back. >> you know if i don't call or something, that means that i'm locked in my cell. >> yeah. yeah. >> i know. you can write me, though. >> i can what?
9:38 pm
>> you can write me a letter. >> yeah. >> right from across the street. >> yeah. >> i ate all my commissary already so i have to wait until friday. i'm so hungry. >> i think there's a lot of hope for her if she chooses to do something about it. she's only been out there a couple years now. so she remembers a very good life. is there anything quick you need done or -- >> no, i'm good. you said you that were going to put $20 in. i appreciate that. thank you. a certain person i think would try to manipulate him or take advantage of him. and i haven't done so. i think that's why our friendship has continued to be so good. i love you. >> okay. i love you, too. i'll set up an appointment for next monday. personally, i think she's right where she needs to be. and get into a program here instead of getting out of here and i'm sure she'll just go right back to what she was doing. >> nyp recently applied for the
9:39 pm
jail's 90-day sober living unit, but the program's director, rob steele, has some bad news. >> we have limited resources. we can't take everybody that wants it. and so we target the sentenced people who we know are being released directly back in our community at the end of that period. we want to make sure that you're going to have enough time to complete the program, and we want to catch you at your tail end of your sentence. >> okay. >> so that you walk out of here in that recovery mode and -- >> right. >> -- hopefully continue that. i don't know your whole history. i know your criminal history. and i did notice that your arrests have all taken place in the last couple of years. so seemingly, you were a normal person with a normal life until this addiction hit. >> right. >> it's obviously very powerful and it's taken over. >> yes. >> you have a pretty good support system. >> very good support system. yeah. >> which is a key element.
9:40 pm
so if people behind you are there to support you and you're focussed, i think you can do it. it really comes down to -- >> me. >> you. coming up -- >> they've reduced my -- >> brandy nyp has a chance to leave jail but has a questionable history with the man who might bail her out. >> tell me the truth, why did he stab you and break your ribs? >> he stabbed me and broke my ribs because he was upset with me. and -- >> really? >> brian prawdzik's wife pays a visit.
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♪ i'm jimmy, this is my definition of fresh since 1983. ♪ inside grand rapids' kent county jail, inmate trustees handle a variety of food service and maintenance jobs. kalelu blackman has a more specialized role. >> got a client for you. >> he's the inmate barber.
9:44 pm
and today a fellow trustee has requested a cut. brian prawdzik wants to look his best. his wife of six months, elena, is about to make the long drive from detroit to visit him. >> i'm really excited to see her. i miss her. it's been hard because me being locked up. but in the end, she's -- she's always the one i've ever wanted. she's all i think of. i promised her i wouldn't get in trouble. so i've been doing my best to stay out of trouble. >> it's easy to get in trouble. hard to get out of it. >> ain't that the truth, though? my wife just likes it buzzed. so, i'm already married, i ain't got nobody to impress. happy wife, happy life. took me a while to learn that one. >> pradzik looks forward to seeing his wife. brandy nyp has even bigger news. she just returned from court where her judge lowered her bond by $5,000. nyp hopes her friend, tom
9:45 pm
hawkins, might be able it bail her out. >> yeah, they came and got me for court. they said, "nyp, get up. you're going to court." and i didn't even know it. so i went to kentwood today." >> oh. what happened? >> so they reduced my bond. it's -- um, it's -- 15 -- the 1 is still the $5,000, 10%, $500. they reduced the other one down to $1,000. >> oh. yeah. i don't have money right now. i told you that. >> you don't? >> no. i got a tax thing going on right now. >> i know that. like, okay. so you can't help bond me out today or if somebody brings you the money, can you help get me out? >> if somebody brought me money, yeah. >> okay, so you can't -- do you think that you could help get me out today and i could give you the money back so we don't have to deal with all that? >> i don't have the money. >> okay. >> i'm really tight. >> okay. >> okay. >> so i'm -- remember the
9:46 pm
gentleman who stopped at your house before? >> yeah. >> i'm probably going to call him and ask him if he can come over and bring you the money. so can you call him right now for me and let him know? >> yeah. >> okay. >> then i'm going to call you back. >> okay. >> okay, love you. >> love you, too. thanks. >> tom's broke right now. tom won't have money for about a month. >> nyp's plan is to have another friend from the streets bring the money to hawkins. >> babe, bring $1,500 to tom so he can come bail me out. reason being is he won't come down here and put his i.d. and go through all that. and he's also responsible then since i'm out on bond if something happens. and tom's willing to make himself responsible. >> coincidentally, one of nyp's new friends in jail, lisa rush, knows the man nyp has asked to put up her bond. >> you're not going to have to pay him no money back?
9:47 pm
>> no, no. no -- >> are you sure? >> it's been like that -- no. nothing like that. no. huh-uh. >> are you sure? >> i swear. >> if he do, don't do it. >> bonded me out before for $1,200. no. >> run away from him. >> i have never done that for him. ever. i've never worked for him like that. huh-uh. i don't even -- i never even -- nothing. >> i heard you say that earlier. you was like, "i'm going to have to work the whole day." >> i said -- i said i'd work the whole -- you know what i mean? i'd give him money back. i don't have to. it doesn't matter either way. >> but brandy, i think that you're not being truthful right now because he's going to make you pay him that money back. he's going to do something -- he's going to try to do something to you. >> i didn't pay him any money -- i didn't pay any money to him last -- >> let me ask you this, tell me the truth, why did he stab you and break your ribs? >> he was upset with me. >> about what? >> just flipped. his sister was in the hospital
9:48 pm
and i was on a binge for a while. like, he's done a lot for me. like, he's not, like, my dope boy or some pimp that i work for. he's a lot more than that. that's why i hold him in such high regards. yes, we did have an altercation that one time, but he has saved me on the streets. i will ask that man to carry my casket for real. he's a hero to me. he is a hero. and i admire him. he saved me from being raped. he saved me -- i got beat up, bloody and beat up on grandville avenue, thrown down the stairs in my bra and underwear out in the snow. and i looked over, and his car just happened to be at the stop light and he picked me up and brought me to the hospital. >> that's how y'all met? >> no. i knew him when i worked at -- i knew him before i ever smoked crack. he did every single thing he could to not ever have me get out of the car and go walk division or do something with my body for drugs. everything he could.
9:49 pm
contacted my parents. contacted my kids. sent them pictures. he did everything he -- >> that was good. >> everything. >> that's good. >> the things -- the series of events that happened later was after a couple year relationship and i'm being stupid. drugged out, running the streets, walking division, making poor choices, killing myself. >> yeah. >> using myself, and he knew -- he knows i'm better than that. so it got -- got him frustrated. he doesn't know how to deal with his anger so well. that's when he put his hands on me. >> a few days later, the bond was paid. who paid it is a matter of confidentiality. but brandy nyp, though still facing her charges, was released from the kent county jail and back on the streets. coming up -- >> we were married about two months, and then he got locked up. and he's been here ever since.
9:50 pm
>> we spent more time me being in jail than we did me being at home. that's pathetic. >> brian prawdzik sees his wife. and we learn of what became of brandy nyp. st bought a house. -oh! -very nice. now i'm turning into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free. what am i supposed to do, not wear it? next thing you know, i'm telling strangers defense wins championships. -well, it does. -right? why is the door open? are we trying to air condition the whole neighborhood? at least i bundled home and auto on an internet website, progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. i mean, why would i replace this? it's not broken. he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using. i mean, why would i replace this? tripadvisor! that's because tripadvisor lets you start your trip on the right foot... by comparing prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price.
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9:53 pm
brian prawdzik says he's seen worse places than the kent county jail. >> got cockroaches like this [ bleep ] big. oh, boy, they be walking, look like they walking on 20 rims or something. [ bleep ]. they be leaning back and they run. >> but today is a better day than most. >> i miss my wife. i love seeing my wife any time i can. i mean, help the days go by. >> prawdzik's wife, elena, has just made the 150-mile drive from detroit for a 40-minute
9:54 pm
visit. >> married about two months, and then he got locked up. and he's been here ever since. >> i mean, she's had to go through it all. she's a strong woman. she breaks me down sometimes. she's the only person that can. she has a lot of power over me, and nobody else does. and she knows it. >> you're in number 1. >> thank you. i am frustrated with brian about him getting locked up all the time. you know, this last time when he got out of prison he said he was done, he was not going back. he wasn't going to do anything, and he is here. so -- >> so how fast did you drive? >> fast. otherwise i was going to miss it. >> too fast? >> yeah. >> what is that you're wearing? necklace? i ain't never seen that one. >> because you've been gone since january. so i've acquired quite a few new things since january. >> 138 more days. >> that's a long time. >> i know. do i get out -- on your birthday, don't i? >> the day before. >> yours is the 19th? >> really?
9:55 pm
you're lucky you're through a tv screen. let me tell you. >> i'm still scared to come home. you want me to get this removed still? >> please. >> please? final -- >> i don't want to ever see that ever again in my life. >> there's places that will remove it for free since it's gang -- gang [ bleep ]. you just have to go online, google free gang tattoo removal. >> i have no problem looking that up for you. >> look it up, write me. let me know. i miss you. i'm ready to come home. this jail [ bleep ] sucks. >> maybe you should stop coming. >> i'm not coming back. >> i'm pretty sure i heard that last time. >> what last time? >> last time this happened. and then the time before that and the time before that. it's kind of hard to believe him when i've heard it before and it wasn't true. kind of frustrating because you know, we're getting to that age where i don't want to be dealing with this all the time, you know? this is kid stuff to me. if he would like to make a life of it, it's not a life that i
9:56 pm
want for me or my daughter. >> we spent more time me being in jail than we did me being at home. that's pathetic. i don't -- i don't blame her. that's not life anybody would want. i love you. >> love you. >> kiss the baby for me. >> i will. >> shake her a little bit. >> really? >> shake the baby. >> you always got to be sarcastic. >> i always got to be sarcastic. you know. >> that's brian. yeah. you know, love him or leave him. so, i love him. >> all right. love you, baby. >> all right. love you. >> bye-bye. >> all right. bye. >> getting in trouble, there's no if, ands, or buts. i can't. if i do, i lose my family. got to man up. change. stay home, take care of the family. prior to her release two
9:57 pm
months earlier, brandy nyp said she would like to return to her family, as well, and put her crack addiction behind her. those plans are on hold. >> brandy has been brought back on a bond violation. so the bonding agents are outside with her. appears she's in handcuffs right now. so we're waiting on a female officer to come in and conduct the pat-down search of her then we'll process her back into the jail. >> hi, susie. >> what's up? >> how are you? >> not going to run on us, right? >> no. come on. let's get these cuffs off. >> nyp was apprehended by her bondsman after missing a court date. >> were you using last night, though? >> no. >> no? what's your -- >> four days clean, sue. >> four days clean? >> yep. >> okay. come here. look at me. let me see your tongue. okay. >> nyp is fingerprinted and soon has another mugshot added to her file.
9:58 pm
>> all right, brandy. i need you to look straight at the camera. that's good, brandy. >> are you high right now? >> no. no, i've been clean four days. >> really? >> yep. yep. >> how do you feel about being back? >> fine. i was going to turn myself in. so i was kind of prepared for it anyway. so -- it's all right. >> four days later, nyp has settled back in her old housing unit and seemingly more insightful about the choices she has made. >> i never realized it before when i got out of here las time, i realized that you don't have any friends out there. and i always, you know, out of all of those people and all of those people that you've helped and all of those people that you've hung out with and done all of these things for, you don't have any friends at all.
9:59 pm
not one. and i also realized that for the first time in three years, i realized that those people don't see me really for who i am. you know, when i look in the mirror, like, i see myself as who i am, who i was raised, how my parents raised me and what they taught me. when i look at myself. but those people see you as somebody totally different. you know, those people see you as a prostitute, you know, crack addict. who can use your weakness to their advantage. and that you're really that stupid. and really i'm not. i'm much more than that. and i never, ever thought that those people looked at me like that. and i never knew that before. so, i just don't want that in my life anymore.
10:00 pm
♪ i got that body swag throw him in the trunk ♪ >> i write very violently and i write about murder and killing things. >> an inmate that writes and raps on stage is in jail for assaulting his girlfriend. and he's about to return to the streets. >> how did i become a monster? i became a monster by dealing


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