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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  March 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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"the rachel maddow show" starts right now. >> thanks, my friend. much appreciated. happy to have you here. happy monday. iceland is very, very small. arial-wise in terms of land m s mass, iceland is the size of guatemala or south korea. the difference is nobody lives in iceland. like i said, south korea and iceland are roughly equivalent in terms of land area but in south korea, there are 51 million people there. guess how many people live in iceland, which is roughly the same size? on a land mass the same size with 51 million people, iceland has a grand total of 330,000 people. one-third of one 1. the population of the city of wichita in kansas.
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so when you see this many people coming out to do one thing. not only is that impressive, it means you're looking at a not insignificant proportion of the population of that country. and in this instance, what all these icelanders are out there doing is doing their special cheer for their soccer team. the world cup is about to start. world cup starts in june. the world cup is like the olympics, happens once every four years except unlike the olympics, not every country gets to send a team to the world cup. you have to qualify to get your country's soccer team into the world cup and that's very hard to do. for example, the united states men's team did not qualify to be in the world cup this year. but iceland did. ice land with a population of 330,000 people total.
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the head coach of the iceland men's national soccer team has a second job, he also works as a dentist. seriously, the whole country transforms itself into a cheerleading squad for the team because there are so few people in the country, everybody has to pitch in for everything. after knocking england out of the eros 2016 soccer competition in a match that turned the soccer world on its head, iceland went on to become the tiniest country to ever qualify for a spot in the world cup. they are very proud of that. and now tonight, we can report that even though the iceland team will be going to the world cup this year, nobody from iceland's government will go with them. no public officials will go to the world cup with the iceland men's team. and that's because the world cup this year is going to be held in russia and that's a problem as of today, iceland joined 20
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something other countries in taking coordinated action against russia in retaliation for the nerve agent attack on a former russian spy on a park bench in the u.k. this month. the u.k. announced they were expelling diplomats in response to the assassination attempt. today 16 other e.u. countries plus ukraine, plus canada, plus albania and norway and macedonia, plus the united states announced the expulsion. the team will go but in public officials. what was announced today is the largest collective expulsion on other countries ever and for those of us here in the united states, given what is going on with the investigation of the current president and campaign and links to russia, which did
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enter re intervene, for us it's a big deal the united states is a country that decided to participate in the big coordinated action against russia. that was not a sure thing, right? we found out that britain was asking other countries to do this in solidarity because this attack happened on their soil. it was not a sure thing the united states would participate in something like that so we'll have more on that coming up a little later on in the show including what we think we've been able to figure out about how this decision came about inside the u.s. government and the question of the involvement of the president specifically but this massive coordinated announ announceme announcement, the show of international solidarity for what the u.k. believes russia did is a diplomatic coup by any measure. this is a very impressive court coordinated action. russia's international
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belligerent hasn't went up against resistance whether shutting down the flow of natural grass into ukraine and europe in the dead of winter. turning ukraine's power grid on and off at will and invading and seizing crimea and messing with our election, assassinating russians on foreign soil. they have been smashing the place up for awhile now but this coordinated diplomatic effort today was this unified single voice response from france, germany, poland, the czech republic, lit w norway, macedon united states, great britain because of something that russia did in great britain and that kind of international solidarity with britain and that sort of uni unified front, that's vladimir putin's least favorite thing in the world. and the fact that it came together on behalf of britain
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while britain is in the middle of trying to leave the european union, that is unexpected on a lot of different levels. and speaking of britain trying to leave the european union, all this cambridge analytica stuff took a serious turn on that issue. whistle-blowers have come forward and produced a substantial stack of documentation about the vote that britain took. according to these whist whistle-blowe whistle-blowers, they say these documents they obtained and handed over to the authorities from the leave campaign aside of the vote that wanted the u.k. to leave the e.u., they say the leave campaign was illegally funded for that election and the funding was shifted to companies related to cambridge analytica.
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that news about the leave campaign and these allegations, that news comes on the same day here in the united states the federal trade commission, the ftc confirmed they are starting a formal investigation into facebook and that news comes at the time they worked on various republican campaigns during the 2014 midterms for everyone from a congressional candidate in oregon and legislative candidates, "the washington post" says cambridge assigned dozens of non-u.s. citizens to work on these campaigns and in addition to saying foreign citizens to republican candidates in 2014, the post also spoke with people that worked at cambridge at the time
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and said what they were doing in republican campaigns in 2014 appeared to be illegal. quote, two former cambridge workers that spoke on the conditions of anonymity that violated laws said concerns about the legality of come brid cambridge's work were regular employee conversations after the 2014 vote. two former workers said employees worried the company was giving former employees potentially inaccurate immigration documents to provide upon entering the united states. the dock the shk document showe not there to work but they arrived to advice republican campaigns. fake immigration documents. again, these allegations are about republican campaigns in the 2014 midterms so that's before cambridge became the data
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operation. there is a lot of reporting in recent days the pace these stories are coming out and the reaction in different jurisdictions, it's a lot. we'll have a little more ahead tonight and we'll have quite a lot more on that story in coming days. tonight we're about to be joined by a democratic member that stumbled upon some i guess surprising news about white house senior advisor jared kushner. one thing to know about jared kushner is that jared kushner has a very, very good lawyer. he's not himself a lawyer but boy did he pick a good one. he's a washington legend who turns up in high profile cases involving very high profile politicians on both sides of the isle with a common thread uniting. jared kushner is the guy on the
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left with bob menendez and he's the real deal. top drawer washington lawyer. before that, mr. kushner was represented by jamie who is also the real deal top drawer. with this new news discovered tonight. on a more human level, though, it's also just a striking contrast. as of this weekend it looks like the president has no serious legal representation with the russia scandal. the lead lawyer had been this man, john dowd. that's who had been negotiating with robert mueller and prosecutors when and whether and how the president would be questioned by the special
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counsel and his team and it feels like there has been a lot of chaotic lawyering with the president and his legal defense, but what has happened there, what has happened on that subject in the last week, which has resulted in the president no longer having really a russia legal defense, i got -- it's been nuts but what just happened in the past week is almost impossible to believe. we can now tell from the reporting that's happened over the weekend into today that it appears what happened with john dowd is that the reason he quit, the reason the president's lead lawyer on the russia scandal submitted resignation and walked out in the middle of the investigation is because the president announced he was making an addition to the legal team. he said he was bring on a guy he seen on fox newuznews. whatever the president's reasons were for wanting to bring him on the team, we know it came at a very high cost. it caused his lead lawyer on the russia scandal to quit and walk
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out. maybe that kind of a risk, maybe that kind of a trade off felt worth it at the time to the president but that was a bad calculations. because we now know that at the time the president took that risk and there by watched his lead russia lawyer, watched john dowd walk out the door because of it, at the time the president hadn't met joe yet, the guy he was bringing in. it cost the president so much to bring on this new guy and when he finally met this new guy, turns out he didn't like him. thursday night they were invited to the white house to meet the president for the first time and the president didn't like them. according to the couple looked dishevelled which convinced the president they weren't the right fit. the new york times were slightly
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more delicate says one the president met them, the president quote did not believe he had personal chemistry with them. "the washington post" had the saddest take on it, the president wanted him to be on the legal team even though he didn't know him because the president enjoyed his tv appearance, however, once he announced he hired him and brought him to the white house quote the president wasle less impressed than he had been while watching him on defense. kind of shorter than i thought. i don't even know if he's short. the president is not hiring joseph or his wife after all but announcing that he was hiring them before he even bothered to meet them cost him the representation of his actual lead lawyer on the russia scandal, who has been representing him for months and coordinating that response and now at this late date in the russia scandal, the president really doesn't have a lawyer.
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he has jay who is reassuring reporters even though it looks like it's only him, there are lawyerers that have been helping him out, took into consideration but that's it. even in a best case scenario that we believe jay sand friend are handling it, that is who is representing him. the talk show host guy. that's striking in it's own right. it's astonishing adding people not in the trump administration have been able to get themselves real lawyers. mike pence has a russia lawyer. he has a real russia lawyer, a real lawyer. hope hicks recently resigned white house communications director not yet 30 years old has a real lawyer.
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robert trout is the real deal. reince priebus, don mcgahn for some reason is white house counsel are utilizing a guy named william burke as the russia lawyer. he's the real deal. jared kushner has got freaking abby lovell. if you had a friend as a public official, you would want abby lovell to be your friend's lawyer. i don't know if you feel friendly towards jared kushner but that's the situation he's in with who his lawyer is and how much trouble it looks like he might be in. it appears that his sort of lawyering firepower is matching his legal liability. mr. kushner's legal exposure in the russia scandal started off deep but they have been getting deeper ever since. it was only last summer when we learned that six months into the new administration, jared kushner resauvised financial
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disclosure forms 39 times and counting. did he have any other job or just full-time revising forms? as the russia scandal is reverted out, he was in a lot of secret mealietings including th trump tower meeting during the campaign and his meeting during the transition with the head of a sanctioned russian bank. last may we learned that after one of his undisclosed conversations, the ambassador communicated back home to his superiors in moscow slightly befuddled that jared kushner sought to create a secure method of communication between himself and the kremlin going so far to ask the ambassador if he could communicate with the russian government using secure channels from inside russian diplomatic facilities. so to keep his kremlin communication secret, he was offering that he would go to the russian embassy to make his
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calls to the kremlin. and yeah, abby lovell is good but that's nuts. this year things have gotten more and more serious. jared kushner had been meeting alone outside diplomatic channels with multiple foreign leaders including repeatedly the am basketba ambassador to china and over heard talking about jared kushner bringing up his family's real estate business and its interests while talking policy with the chinese government as a white house official. that in february, it was "the washington post" reporting that intelligence intercepts from at least four different countries showed foreign officials discussing ways to manipulate jared kushner in his white house role. including the opportunities they saw for leverage based on his family's real estate business and his family's real estate business pursuit of foreign investment. that was a sort of landmark
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piece of reporting about jared kushner not just because of what been comporting himself, because that's where we learned kushner's difficulty getting a security clearance were coming from inside the house. they weren't just because the fbi or the justice department turned up something they were uncome tabu uncomfortable with. that's how we learned the white house itself was worried. they were seeing evidence about kushner's behavior as a white house official that caused other white house officials to compromise security clearance. they learned jared kushner had contacts with foreign officials he didn't coordinate through the national security counsel and didn't officially report them. the issue of foreign officials talking about their meetings with kushner and their perceptionsunl
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vulnerabilities were raised in the intelligence briefings. officials were concerned he was naive. the contact with certain government officials raised concerns inside the white house and became a reason he's been unable to obtain a permanent security clearance. wasn't just some hang out at the fbi or him not being able to get the 39th version of his form straight. what the white house and the national security advisor observed about kushner's behavior in the white house was the problem. so he got that from "the washington post" in february. jared has problems based on what intelligence officials inside the white house have seen about his behavior since he's been inside the white house. that was the washington post february 27th. the very next night, february 28th, "new york times" broke their own scoop. that two companies gave a half billion, billion with a b, $500
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million in loans to jared kushner's real estate company after they took meetings with jared. apology gave $184 million after one of the top executives met with jared in the white house. similarly, citi group forked over 325 million dollars to jar jared's family company after an executive met with him in the white house. february 28th, that's in the "new york times." and then a funny thing happened. a democratic member of congress wrote to the office of government ethics to ask for an advisory opinion on any ethics issues that might emerge from that new york ti"new york times. dear acting director, "the new york times" reported senior advisor to the family businesses received over half a billion dollars in private loans from two financial companies shortly after their executives met with mr. kushner in the white house. i respectfully request you
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provide an advisory opinion on the matters and this member of congress lays out the concerns, raised in this article about jared kushner not being ding di divested. having personally guaranteed loans to a private business while he's serving as a white house official. meeting with potential investors and creditors in the business entities while in a position to do favors for them as a white house official. quote, do these actions by mr. kushner constitute a breach of his ethical obligations to the american people? thank you for your attention to this matter. i look forward to your response. sincere sincerely, democratic member of congress from the eighth district of illinois. he says i look forward to your response, does he really think he's going to get a response to this? he has. and it comes with a big surprise. the office of government ethics wrote back and broke news.
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office of government ethics wrote back laying out the serious ethical and criminal matters that could be at stake with his behavior as it pertains to the loans his family got but according to the office of government ethics, this matter of jared kushner's liabilities on this issue, it's also under investigation inside the white house. quote, i have discussed this matter with the white house counsel's office to ensure they have begun the process of ascertaining the facts necessary to determine whether any law or regulation has been violated. during that discussion, the white house informed me they have begun this process. oh, really? so it was weird at the outset that the president hired his son-in-law to be a white house senior advisor. but now we know that since he's been in that role, other white house officials, not the
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president, have stripped jared kushner of his security clearance. they have actively got him under investigation for a half billion that found it way to his family real estate company after they took meetings in a position to redirect funds. how sustainable is this? it's been weird in an on going way the president's son-in-law has way better lawyers than the president does. but with mr. kushner, at least, it seems clear his lawyers are very much earning their pay. we've got more on this news scoop and the member of congress who figured it out. that story is next. stay with us. thanks to the dedicated technicians at the american red cross... who worked with vmware... to develop technologies to help redirect the flow of blood to the areas and people needing it most. helping them recover... and refilling everyone with life-affirming hope. magic can't make digital transformation happen...
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the wheels of government and the wheels of government scandal p frequently turn where you can't see them. now a letter from the office of government ethics has reveale d the white house counsel office is revealing whether jared kushner violated ethics rules when his company took hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans after financial firms took meetings with jared kushner.
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on vooreceiving that letter, tw democrats tonight wrote to the don mcgahn to try to get more information about what we've just learned is an on going ethics investigation into kushner's business dealings. they are asking for reams of documents by april 10th. moving fast. joining us now is a congressman on the house oversight committee that appears to have seen this scandal. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> this is something i didn't know was going on until we saw this letter back to you. did you know what you were going to get when you got to the ethics office? >> no, we wrote it on march 1st and three weeks later on friday, late afternoon we receive the the response and it was a surprise and so now we're following up. >> when the government ethics office, part of the news they broke is that they said that the white house counsel's office is already looking into this matter as ann ethics issue.
6:29 pm
the letter goes into some detail as to what ethical issues and criminal issues could be at stake here. >> correct. it talks about potential bribery laws being violated, ethical violations. basically the whole gist of it is, you know, a public official has to put national interests first, personal interests second and the whole question here with jared kushner is whether he reversed it and put his personal interest first at the expense of the public interest. >> do you -- i guess what is your reaction to learning the office of white house counsel is doing this investigation? on the one hand, it is remarkable that a senior white house official is undergoing this sort of ethics while serving. on the other hand, i don't know whether an investigation by don mcgahn would keep me up at night. >> i'm from illinois. we have a strong sense of smell
6:30 pm
about corruption. in this white house you smell a lot of wrongdoing. don mcgahn has been a witness to a lot of this. we're very disappointed he hasn't investigated a lot of it up to this point. however, on this particular issue, it appears that an investigation is underway and, you know, let's see what happens. we demanded the information with regard to the information. confirmation is happening. we need to find out the facts to judge the conclusions of the investigation. >> you and i believe congressman comings have written to don mcgahn seeking for information, any others interested in joining the request for information here? >> turns out no. chairman gouty has not participated so far. ocho on a separate but related matter, that was an area where we were hoping that chairman gouty would subpoena records related to kushner's application for security clearances, however, he didn't follow up on
6:31 pm
that. at this point we're hoping for answers. i was very surprised there was a response to this letter. >> me, too. >> and there is confirmation an investigation is underway. the house may very well flip in the next election. if the answers aren't going to be provided now, they will be sought later, as well. it's a question of when are they going to answer them? >> congressman, house oversight committee representing illinois's eighth district. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. much more to come tonight. stay with us. is is frank. sup! this is frank's favorite record. this is frank's dog. and this is frank's record shop. frank knowns northern soul, but how to set up a limited liability company... what's that mean? not so much. so he turned to his friends at legalzoom. yup! they hooked me up. we helped with his llc, contracts, and some other stuff that's part of running a business. so frank can focus on the beat. you hear that? this is frank's record shop. and this is where life meets legal.
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hey, so some kids did some marching over the weekend. the demonstrators in parkland, florida drew hundreds of thousands of people in washington d.c. this weekend. we seen two gigantic, gigantic days of protests since trump was sworn in as president. the gigantic women's marches the day after the inauguration and truly epic numbers that turned out this weekend. huge numbers in d.c. hundreds of thousands of people but also really big demonstrations in basically every other major city and lots of small cities and towns across the country. "the new york times" say there were parallel marches in every state and on every continent except antartica.
6:36 pm
they are planning a school walkout for april 20th. before that the students were calling for student initiated town halls in every single congressional district in the country on april 7th. they want every member of congress to hold a congressional town hall in their home district april 7th. the kids say if they can't get their member of congress to do it, they will ask the opponent for the november election to do it instead. these kids are not going away. watch this space. >> when politicians send thoughts and prayers with no action we say no more. that allow the continued slaughter of our children i say get your children ready.
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want us to do about what woulthis president?fathers i'm tom steyer, and when those patriots wrote the constitution here in philadelphia, they had just repelled an invading foreign power. so they created the commander in chief to protect us from enemy attack. the justice department just indicted 13 russians for sabotaging our elections. an electronic attack on america that the chief investigator called "warfare". so what did this president do? nothing. and is he doing anything to prevent a future attack? the head of the fbi says no. this president has failed his most important responsibility- protecting our country. the first question is: why? what is in his and his family's business dealings with russia that he is so determined to hide, that he'd betray our country? and the second question is: why is he still president? join us today. we have to do something.
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trump president is 14 months old and there are a couple leg to the best of my recollecti it books that weren't just going to sell and exceeded expectations and dominated the news cycle. the first one was fire and furry, michael wolf's book and the second one is "russian roulette" about russian interference in the election. there definitely will be more books. hillary clinton's memoir about the campaign "what happened" sold a gazillon copies, you would expect that to do well given who she is and what she saw but there are two teeny tiny little books that marked this turn in politics in a very big way. they are small, specific, very powerful books. almost register like a long magazine article, one big thick
6:41 pm
idea rather than as a sort of treaty or like a long form book. the first one, people think it's controversial i'm saying this but the first one is this book by timothy snider. whether or not you talked to your friends about it, everybody you know has been reading and rereading over the course of this year. this is a sleeper best seller and again, a small work of terrifying power. but now we're about to get the second small, very specific, very powerful dart of a book that people will be carrying around in their backpacks and purses and bags for a long time. this is from the person who was the communications director from the campaign called "dear madam president." an open letter to the women that will run the world. it is a small book. it's a fearless little book. let me read you something. quote, it's election night
6:42 pm
around 10:00 p.m. i'm in a small suite. my colleague huma abedin sat down next to me to ask me about the latest returns. what are you saying? i'm saying there is a very good chance donald trump will be the next president of the united states. huma nods. i recognize it. the same nod i gave when the campaign manager called me the night of caucus when we were predicted to win saying he thought we would win but it would be really, really, really close and maybe i should come to the headquarters and the same nod hillary gave when i broke the news comey reopened the e-mail investigation and the same nod i gave when i was pulled aside at the peninsula hotel to say something was off in a few states. something was off in almost all of the states. huma nods. the way we have throughout the campaign. as we absorbed more bad news processed another mountain we have to climb. we're 22 points down. we'll lose the wisconsin primary by 22 points. her fbi interview will be on
6:43 pm
july 2nd. there is an awful video. it looks like the transcripts of hillary's wall street speeches are out there. i register huma's reaction to the news we're likely to lose. it's remarkable but not surprising. huma nods because it's all she or i know on this campaign. we never permitted ourselves any other kind of reaction to bad news. you don't blanch, you don't panic, you show know emotion, i can handle this. i can handle anything. joining us for the interview is former director of communications for the clinton campaign and a letter to the women that will rule the world. i did not expect this kind of book from you. >> really? i did intend to write something very different and i feel like i learned a lot on watching what happened to a woman on the campaign trail, and i felt like i learned a lot in two decades
6:44 pm
of politics, working at really high levels in a male dominated field and i didn't want to write a campaign book. i wanted to write a book for young women and girls to say this is what i lived through. you're still going to face obstacles but these are the lessons i learned that will show you how you can succeed, even those those obstacles still do exist. >> you have a very striking diagnosis that you give very early on in the book and again, it's a short book. this is a thick straight line. >> it's chalked full. >> sically say we ran hillary clinton for president and say you did not think that was going to be a barrier having had an african american president elected would be a bigger barrier to leap through the getter barrier ex y and you said when it came time to run her for president, you ran her as somebody that could be like a man president. you didn't run her to be a different kind of leader. >> right. it occurred to me one day we
6:45 pm
made her the female semi of the male qualitiequalities. its a gut punch and part of the reason i wrote the book, there is a fundamental thaw in our thinking because our thinking is aligned about leadership is based on men and when you're running for president, there were no other options, there was no other model and i think that's what hillary's generation had to do. it's not just running for president. it's in each profession that the baby bloomer women were in. they had to prove i can do this, i can do just as good as a man and the same as a man. i'm tough. i can prove i'm like him and now we see the unimaginable happened, right? donald trump is president. anything. so imagine what else is possible. now we can imagine how women can operate in a new way. it's like they spent, the world spent 500 years making politics and the workplace a comfortable place for men. right? i don't think people really
6:46 pm
process that. so it's not built with us in mind. so don't expect that the rules will fit for you. make your own rules. that's why the chapter you're reading about huma nodding, i call that chapter a nodless c y more. it was created without you in mind. if you're moved to cry because you are frustrated or angry or you feel really passionate about what you're saying and even though you're at work, go ahead and do it. i don't hold yourself back. these are the -- so it's those lessons i learned during the campaign and what i learned in working with president obama was really empowering. i figured out a way to get over the syndrome that a lot of women feel. communications director for the president of the united states is a scary deal and you realize if you hold back, you're not doing your job. you realize if women hold themselves back as we often do, we don't want to speak up,
6:47 pm
you're not giving the world its due. you're not giving your best self-and that's how i learned to speak, how i learned -- ways that i learned to succeed even though we still find these obstacles or these downs. >> uh-huh. the first half of the book there is a lot of detail and sort of granules, the revolution of the loss and what it was like at a personal level and the exhaustion and disbelief and the frustration and the upset that you describe things of feeling other worldly in that moment. you say there was some polling at the end of the campaign internal to the clinton campaign that should have let you know things -- that there might be a problem. >> there was -- it was possible, right? i'm trying to get at is a sense of when something that you can't ill m
6:48 pm
imagine would happen is devastating. i want people to know it felt worldly. i woke up on wednesday november 9th and felt like my phone wouldn't work because i was in a different universe. that the how much it impacted me. we had inklings it was possible but one in three chance, one in four chance, but still, you know, at a gut level you felt like you were going to win. there was some insurance we would win because it was so hard and it was so clear that she was the right -- >> i think that is president obama's confident assertions when he would get asked questions about trump and for awhile avoided the answers but eventually he would always end them assuring the country he's not going to be president. >> america isn't going to do this. america isn't going to elect him. women were pretty devastated and i certainly was and you saw something remarkable happen. women could decide it was right
6:49 pm
that he won and that's the kind of men that win in america or what that election prover is we women are eliminating ourselves in the way we think of ourselves. these rules do not work. they are obsolete and out of date. i think that's what hillary's candidacy proved. she could have won and if she won we would still have challenges but there is something very empowering. at the march this weekend, we had yolanda king, mlk's granddaughter. she was fearless and joyful and had so much confidence and then you think i watched her and thought at some point girls learn to be inhibited. that's a learned behavior. that is not natural. what is natural how confident she was and emma gonzalez and how proud emma gonzalez was to
6:50 pm
stand at the podium and cry. i don't want those girls to lose those qualities and that is -- that is women -- that is what women leadership looks like and that's women leading in a new way and that'slike. that's women leading in a new way. that's the experience i conveyed from my experience that for young pem awomen and boys. >> dear madame president, a letter to a person who will rule the world. congratulations on doing this. i sat down and read it in one sitting and could not get up until i was done. thanks. >> thank you. >> much more to get to tonight. stay with us. he height of mount everest. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress
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here's a surprising update. a couple of weeks ago we reported that the rnc was throwing president trump a high dollar fund-raiser in bef erly hills. we had the invitation. one of the hosts was a man named elliott brody. elliott brody invites you to the fund-raiser. now we can tell you he did not show up for that event he invited you to. according to the "new york times" as scrutiny has mounted around mr. broidy, after
6:55 pm
conversations he volunteered not to attend. we should have known. we had noted at the time that it seemed nuts that the rnc was going to put the president in the same room with him right now given the clown car full of stories that have broken over him over the last few weeks. first the leak proposal that he would earn 70 to $80 million if the justice department decided to drop an investigation into the ma lay shan government. and then pushing the agenda of the united air of emirates. then it was documents showing elliott broidy pitching himself to somebody who could help russian countries get off the sanctions list for a fee to elliott broidy. and now mr. nader gave broidy
6:56 pm
millions more to bang roll a lobbying campaign against cutter in washington. that business partner of -- oh, my god. that was so cool. do it again. that's it? we can't do it at will? it just happens like that? never mind. the business partner of elliott broidy is george nader, the guy implicated in the stuff that's dripped and draped out. nader, of course, is now a cooperating witness in the mueller investigation. he's granted immunity by mueller. nader has immunity, cooperating with mueller and all these stories are coming out. you would think they would be worried about him being at this
6:57 pm
fund-raiser. and today mr. nader filed a lawsuit, the question of who obtained broidy's e-mails and who's parsing them out is a story in their own right. but it is probably time for the republican national committee to start facing questions about why this particular guy is still inviting people to fund-raisers with the president and serving as the rnc's deputy finance chair.
6:58 pm
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how'd i get this yard? behind pete's great looking yard, is his secret weapon... the scotts turf builder program. all it takes is 4 feedings, with a scotts solution for every season. it's that easy. this is a scotts yard. last night's interview with
7:00 pm
stormy daniels on 60 minutes on cbs had an audience of 22 million people. biggest audience for "60 minutes" in a decade. stormy daniels's lawyer is about to be a guest right here live on msnbc on "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." which is a tv show that happens to start right now. good evening, lawrence. >> cross out the part in my script where i talk about the ratings last night. >> sorry. >> you know how much that hurt it is man in the white house. >> apparently he doesn't notice the scandal at all. he's never said anything about ms. daniels or the lawyer or anything. he's very busy, hasn't crossed his desk. >> it might not be a big enough news story to get donald trump's attention. >> he's a big picture kind of guy. >> you know who's not silent about this, my