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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 1, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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questions bob mueller wants to ask president trump. they hit on everything from jeff sessions to jim comey. and former administration officials say john kelly has eroded morale even referring to the president as an idiot and iran has a nuclear weapons program changing it to had a nuclear weapons program. the administration is blaming a clerical error for the stunning correction.
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good morning, everybody. the tuesday, may 1st. we start with the times publishing a list of topics and questions that it says bob mueller wants to ask president trump to determine whether he attempted to obstruct the probe into russian meddling and learn more about potential ties between his campaign and moscow. the report describes questions read by the special counsel investigators to the president's lawyers who compiled them into a list. that document was provided to the times by a person outside mr. trump's legal team. of the four major topics, three relate to potential obstruction of justice including the president's knowledge of and reaction to the investigation of the national security advisor michael flynn. the firing of the fbi director james comey, the recusal of jeff sessions and finally alleged trump campaign coordination with
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the russian government. the list has not been verified by nbc news. the special counsel's office has not responded to the times' request for comment and the president's in-house and outside attorneys both declined to comment on this. we'll have lots more on the story when the new york sometimes michael schmidt joins "morning joe" next hour. >> one question has raised the question of whether mueller might know something new about the russia investigation. a new question described to the times mueller wants to ask the question quote, what knowledge did you have of any outreach by your campaign including by paul manafort to russia about potential assistance to the campaign? the times notes there is no publicly available information linking the former trump campaign chair in such outreach. they note that rick gates is cooperating with the probe. politico reports that manafort's
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lawyers filed a motion monday night claiming that leaks from government officials hajeopardid his right to a fair trial and that mueller has presented no evidence linking him to russian intelligence. manafort's lawyers write quote, despite multiple discovery requests the special counsel has not produced any materials to the defense. russian government officials or any other foreign officials. the office of special counsel has advised there are no materials responsive to mr. manafort's request. a spokes person for mueller had not immediately responded for comment to that report. all right. nine months after taking the reigns of the trump white house chief of staff john kelly may be eroding moral ex- e in the west.
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he's becoming increasingly vocal in his criticism of the president, calling mr. trump quote, an idiot. >> reporter: nbc news has learned exclusively chief of staff john kelly is increasingly on the ropes. his relationship with the president souring with four officials telling nbc news they have witnessed kelly calling the president an idiot behind his back including around the time of these january discussions about an immigration reform bill which ultimately fell apart. >> it should be a bipartisan bill. this should be a bill of love. truly it should be a bill of love. >> according to officials mr. kelly questioned the president's grasp on policy saying some version of quote, i'm the one saving the country. adding to the west wing drama kelly has royaled some of the female staffers by telling aides multiple times that women are more emotional than men and when it came to dealing with rob
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porter, ousted after allegations of abuse from two ex-wives kelly was consistently protective. >> kelly wondered aloud much more porter would have to endure before he'd have his honor restored. >> kelly says things you can't believe. three spokes people say the president does at times get frustrated they say the two men have a good relationship. >> it's the white house's chief job to accept the decision and execute it and that's a real problem if the chief of staff is criticizing the president out loud. >> john kelly fired back in a statement calling his relationship with the president candid and strong, adding quote, he and i both know this story is total bs. i am committed to the president, his agenda and our country. >> and remember, secretary of state rex tillerson was ousted in march after a number of
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policy disputes but officials say mr. trump never got over reports that tillerson called him a moron. so is kelly leaving any time soon? that's anyone's guess but there is broad agreement that kelly's standing has been diminished. >> thanks for that report. one of the reporters who work pd on this story, carol lee is going to be a guest on "morning joe" coming up. joining us is a capitol reporter from the hill. >> so we have this list of topics and questions and special counsel bob mueller wants to ask president trump reportedly. what does this sort of tell you, these questions that we've seen so far about the direction of mueller's probe when it comes to the president and what do you think the impetus was behind releasing these questions for the public to see? >> your second question is the one that i keep asking and i actually am asking it about the other story that's the big news of the day. what was the impetus behind
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releasing the information behind john kelly calling the president an idiot. but back to this investigation and the leak of the questions, it is fascinating that this happened shortly after giuliani comes on board as one of the lawyers for donald trump in this matter. keep in mind until a few months ago or actually not a few months ago, but a few weeks ago donald trump was looking forward to talking to bob mueller and answering all of his questions, but then dialed that in a little bit and so i think the questions are, you know whrks you talk to members of congress who are prosecutors, these are the folks that i go to to make sense of what's going on behind the scenes, the one thing that they have brought up is mueller is trying to establish a pattern of behavior that could, you know, demonstrate what his intention truly was behind firing jim comey and if that was obstruction of justice then they want to go to the root of that.
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keep in mind that even if mueller does talk to the president and the president is, you know, considered to be lying about it, it's unlikely that he will be indicted. however, whatever that document comes out with, the findings that mueller presents, that's something that the house of representatives will deal with and so that's why getting to this pattern of behavior to establish intention behind the firing of jim comey is key. >> yeah, i agree with you. so i want to get to that second topic that you brought up which is the report surrounding john kelly calling the president an idiot. basically the chief of staff saying the president knows the true story. i didn't do this. do you think this is about sort of an eroding morale that we're seeing in the west wing? >> well, keep in mind there's been a lot of turnover in the white house and the immediate vicinity of the oval office recently. you know, we've had hope hicks
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is gone. new national security advisor. john bolton is in place and he's bringing on members of a new team and you're looking at the new faces of the white house and what are the old faces doing? i want to get to the bottom of who leaked this information and why. what was the intention behind it? is this to diminish john kelly's role or is it to set the stage for somebody who's more in line with what say john bolton is thinking? it's all fascinating when you come to leaks like this in washington, d.c. because you always want to go to the intention of the source. you know, what's that intention? and it's fascinating to see this play out, but it's -- i'm not sure, you know, i'm not sure which aspects are true and how true they are and what context that john kelly said these in, because he is a marines marine and they take orders. and so it seems difficult to believe that he would be openly questioning the president and
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the white house. >> and to a certain extent when we heard about the moron comment from rex tillerson that was sort of the beginning of the end for him so we'll have to wait and see who leads this. i'll talk to you again at the bottom of the hour. let's turn to iran. yesterday israeli prime minister claimed that he has quote new and conclusive proof of iran's nuclear ambitions unveiling what he says is 110,000 documents and files iran kept on project ahmad which he says is really intelligence from a storage facility in teheran. that program centered around designing,est thing and building nuclear weapons. he said it was halted back in 2003. it shows iran was lying about never having a nuclear weapons program and as such the 2015 deal should be thrown out since it was based on iranian laws and
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deception. he also says that iran kept the files in order to jump start its nuclear ambitions at a later date. mike pompeo later confirmed that the documents are authentic and adding that the kwus has been quote aware of them for a while. iran has consistently denied these accusations. in a statement the white house says in part quote, this provides new details of nuclear weapons. these facts are consistent with what the united states has long known. iran has a robust nuclear weapons program that it has tried and failed to hide from the world and from its own people, however, the white house later issued a major correction changing the present tense iran has to quote, iran had a robust nuclear weapons program. president trump addressed the
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news earlier in the day. >> in seven years that deal will have expired and iran is free to go ahead and create nuclear weapons. that's not acceptable. that is just not an acceptable situation and i've been saying that's happening. they're setting off missiles which they say are for television purposes. i don't think so. so we'll see what happens. i'm not telling you what i'm doing but a lot of people think they know and on or before the 12th we'll make a decision. so that doesn't mean i wouldn't negotiate a new agreement. we'll see what happens. but i think if anything what's happened today and over what's happened the last little while and what we've learned has really shown i've been 100% right. >> okay. sticking with the white house, president trump posted nigerian president at the white house. it was the first meeting with a
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subsa haran leeader. both men side stepped the question about it while speaking to reporters yesterday. watch this. >> i'm not sure about you know, the validity or whether that allegation against the president was true or not. so the best thing for me is to keep quiet. >> we didn't discuss it. and you do have some countries that are in very bad shape and very tough places to live in, but we didn't discuss it because the president knows me. and he knows where i'm coming from and i appreciate that. >> quite a moment there. still ahead republican senator john mccain weighs in on the state of washington. what he's revealing, the new excerpt from his upcoming memoir. plus stormy daniels files another lawsuit against president trump, this time for
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xfinity. the future of awesome. welcome back everybody. john mccain is confirming this will be his last term in office as he battles brain cancer. in an excerpt published on apple news, he writes i i can speak my mind about fearing the consequence as much and i can vote my conscience without worry. i don't think i'm free to disregard my constituents' wishes. nor do i wish to harm my party's prospects but i do feel a pressing responsibility to give americans my best judgment. he also laments the decline by bipartisansh bipartisanship. he goes on to say before i
2:18 am
leave, i'd like to see our politics return to the purposes and practices that distinguish our history from the history of other nations. i would like to see us recover our sense that we are more alike than different. mccain at 81 years old has spent the last several months recuperating from the side of brain cancer treatment. all right. george h.w. bush will remain in a hospital. mcgrath tweeted yesterday that he continue to regain strength and he's in great spirits and is looking forward to going home soon. the 93-year-old was hospitalize add week ago for an infection that spread to his blood stream a day after the funeral services for his wife, barbara bush. let's get a check on your weather now with bill karins. >> good morning. you're ready for t-shirt weather finally? >> i'm ready. >> it was a really ugly day in
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the northeast. snow in the high elevations. now we're going to turn our attention to string like weather. we'll get warmer. storms continue to push through. you're clear heading to des moines and aims. so this slow moving storm is responsible for two things. the thunderstorms so you can thank the storm for the warmup but severe weather is going to come with it. for today we have 4 million people at risk of severe storms. may is usually typically the month we get the most tornados during the year. it's no surprise here we are may 1st and we'll be tracking severe weather. if we get tornados likely central kansas is the area of greatest concern. then into tomorrow we add it up to 23 million people. kansas city is in this, des moines to chicago, oklahoma city and then thursday, almost the same exact spots are still at risk of more severe storms.
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26 million people on thursday. so the good news today, 80 in d.c. 81 atlanta. 77 in new york. and even tomorrow is when we finally get that warmth up to boston and all of new england. >> that looks beautiful. >> after a day like yesterday we need a day like today and tomorrow. the red sox continued their start this time slamming their way into the history books and one little leaguer's home trot that you do not want to miss. details next in sports. an idea. get domo. it'll connect us to everything that's going on in the company. get it for jean who's always cold. for the sales team, it and the warehouse crew. give us the data we need. in one place, anywhere we need it. help us do our jobs better. with domo we can run this place together. well that's that's your job i guess. ♪
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welcome back. lewis continues to live the life of luxury. time now for sports. the young 76ers squtraveled to boston. they were not bim dated by the process. backup point guard, and the alwho foward scoring 29, 28 points respectively. it was his third consecutive game he scored 20 plus making him the first rookie to accomplish that since number 33 larry bird. now, they could not stop the sixers at the three-point line. while the sixers should barely hit the rim they only shot 19% behind the arc. the celtics take the first game
2:24 am
to service definitely time for their fans. game two is on thursday again in boston. if you don't get that receihit google machine. >> they did just that. but it would take them extra time to do so. up 3-1 going into the third. the sharks scored two to send them into overtime. the goalie had 39 saves yesterday. breaking the tie, there's the winning goal giving the golden knights the winning victory and the series lead. >> the lightning evening up their series in game two. after teams trade goals in the first period, tampa takes the edge with the johnson score in the second and in the third boston could only muster a one goal answer which is sandwiched by a pair of pucks netted by the lightning. game three tomorrow night in boston. do we have time for the red sox story? >> yes.
2:25 am
>> guess so. he makes an historic night for the first place red sox. this is the second grand slam of his season and here it is. here's the numbers. the sixth overall for boston. that matching the 1996 montreal expos as the only team with that many by may 1st. our sports staff was digging deep this morning. this after a red sox won last season without a single grand slam. and baseball is a kids' came right? and sometimes the theatrics can trickle down to the little leaguers. his coach told him to run home as fast as he can. but as this video suggests, this little leaguer ran in slow motion.
2:26 am
coach says let's get it on here. do not ruin my routine. this is my moment in the sun, get away, coach. i am finishing this. i think he scores, but we really don't have any more time left in the show. >> i think we've run out of time but he still hasn't made it to home plate. come on, buddy. he's like -- >> oh, there he goes. >> and he slides. look at number 4 though. number 4 is like, come on bro. you've got to love it. i love that video. that's awesome. thanks, bill. still ahead, it's been months since president trump signed his tax plan but are we seeing the economic boom that republican leaders projected? new data that we have on that, plus more much on the relationship between donald trump and john kelly in the wake of new reporting that the chief of staff has eroded morale in the west wing. we'll be right back. the sun goes down.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. let's start with the morning's top stories. eight current and former white house officials say that chief of staff john kelly has cast himself as saving the country from disaster and repeatedly insults president trump's intelligence, quote, he has referred to trump as an idiot multiple times, to underscore his point. according to four officials who say they've witnessed these
2:31 am
comments. he doesn't understand what daca is. he's an idiot. we've got to save him from himself. some current and former white house officials say they expect kelly to leave by july. his one-year mark, but others say it is anybody's guess. and five days after nbc initially requested comment, chief of staff kelly replied quote, i spend more time with the president than anyone else and we have an incredibly candid and strong relationshirelations. he and i both know this story is total bs. and kelly's deputy told the washington examiner quote, i think there are a couple of people here at the white house who would like to see him gone and every time things start to go right, they try to knife him like this. president trump weighed in with tweets quote, the fake news is going crazy making up false stories and using only unnamed sources who don't exist. they are totally unhinged and the great success of this
2:32 am
administration is making them do and say things that they can't believe they are saying. truly bad people. an additional tweet he said quote, the white house is running very smoothly despite phony witch hunt. there is great energy and unending stamina. notably trump's tweets did not defend kelly. and the administration is pulling back on a major trade threat. the tariffs have been postponed for another 30 days. officials also announced agreements in principle with argentina, and brazil. some countries like south korea have already reached a deal with the trump administration by agreeing to those early changes and just over four months since the tax cut bill signed into law and while the president said the plan would help fuel investment and growth in this country, the
2:33 am
boom so far has yet to appear. data on the gross domestic product released on friday revealed that business investment grew at just over 6% during the first quarter. that's down from just over 7% during the same period last year. but according to the new york times, roughly a quarter of the company's in the s&p 500 have been spending on buying back their stock surge. 43% in the first quarter. the times says that usually when companies have more cash, they return it to shareholders either by paying them cash dividends or by repurchasing shares. republicans have suggested the buybacks are a boost for the economy saying they will put money in the investors who will find widespread ways to use it but marco rubio doesn't seem to agree. in an interview rubio expressed his concerns that the corporate tax cut is not going to trickle down to american workers like
2:34 am
republicans said it would. he told the publication quote, there's still a lot of thinking on the right if big corporations are happy they're going to take the money they're saving and reinvest it in american workers adding in fact, they bought back shares, a few gave out bonuses. there's no evidence whatsoever that the money has been massively poured back into the american worker. all right. switching gears here. stormy daniels has filed another lawsuit against the president, this time claiming defamation. it stems from a tweet the president posted disputing that she was threatened to keep quiet about her alleged affair with trump. the next day the president tweeted quote, a sketch years later about a nonexistent man, a total con job playing the fake news media for fools but they know it. the lawsuit claims the president falsely attacks the veracity of stormy daniels' story and falsely accuses her of a crime. mr. trump knew that his false
2:35 am
disparages statement would be read by people around the world as well as widely reported and that ms. clifford would be subjected to threats of violence, economic harm, and reputational damage. the lawsuit seeks at least $75,000 in damages. joining us from capitol reporter for the hill, molly hooper. let's talk about marco rubio, seeming to back pedal of course on the gop tax cut which is is surprising to say the least. what do you make of his latest comments on all of this? ? well, he's kind of back pedaling but only back pedaling from his vote because he was one of the concerns that the leadership had in terms of whether he would support it because he was skeptical as to the corporate tax cuts would really have big benefits for the economy. and as we're approaching the elections we haven't seen
2:36 am
necessarily as much money perhaps going back into the pockets of everyday americans and the folks who want to get hired. that said, corporations, the argument other republican who is would like to make that tax cut permanent, republicans would say, you know, the reason the corporations aren't investing as much is because they know those tax breaks are going to expire in something like ten years. so congress needs to make it permanent. but it's unlikely to happen and so is the -- this push for an individual tax cut being made permanent. that's unlikely to happen this year as well. >> so we have the midterms coming in november. do you think that if voters don't start to see some sort of hard impact on the tax system, on the economics -- on sort of the economy between now and then, do you think that's going to affect the midterm elections? >> i thitnk it's going to facto into how they vote and you have
2:37 am
republicans in the house who have either resigned or running for other offices or are going to retire at the end of the year, that's a problem. if it's a difference between i have more money today in my pocket versus hey i'm going to get a job in a few months that i don't know exists yet i'm probably going to vote the way of my pocketbook and what's interesting to me is back when president obama was in office and the democrats controlled the house and the senate, there was a big uproar about obamacare and being anti obamacare and we saw this republican wave and that was something that a lot of republicans got behind. it's unclear, however, if the tax cuts are going to galvanize democrats to vote against republicans or even to get to the polls. but we do know that there's a lot of people that are motivated in the democratic party who are not happy with this president and with this administration so we'll see, you know, what does motivate them come election day. >> yeah, it will be interesting to see how the gop decides to
2:38 am
spend things if we don't see the results of these tax cuts. they'll have a lot of explaining to do to their voters. thank you. >> nice seeing you. >> let's head overseas now. at least 22 people are dead including nine journalists following an attack in kabul afghanist afghanistan. mike pompeo condemned the attack adding in wart, the independent media is a corner stone of democracy. the vibrant media landscape will endure in large part due to these journalists and media professionals who tragically died in today's attack but who's courageous work laid the foundation for afghanistan's thriving and independent media. lets's talk more about this. cal, good morning to you. thanks for joining us today. just thinking about yesterday's attack, cal, you can't help but remember how dangerous of conditions some of these
2:39 am
journalists are enduring overseas when they are in beds or war torn areas. >> yeah, and listen, these are the front line journalists. this is how we at nbc news get much of our information. when we travel places it's the local journalists who are able to go out more and without them we would not be able to get these things on the air. ten journalists killed yesterday. we have a photo of him as well and some of the work that he's done. he was gunned down in the coast province, but that massive duel bombing that you mentioned. a double suicide bomber targeted the journalists. journalists ran to the first explosion and that's when a suicide bomber dressed as a journalist exploded his explosive device. i want to talk briefly about the associated photographer. he took some of the most indelible images of this conflict. he was killed and he wrote an
2:40 am
essay just speaking to what you were talking about, how dangerous this line of work can be. he wrote an essay two years ago where he says there's no more hope. life is more difficult under the taliban because of the insecurity. i don't take my children out for a walk. i have five and they spend their time all cooped up. he had a 15-day old baby, just an absolute tragic day for the press corps in kabul. >> it really goes to show how they sort of put their lives in the line of fire to get the stories that need to be told. it's interesting in reading mike pompeo's statement from yesterday saying the independent media quote as a corner stone of democracy and you can't help but think about his boss, the leader of the free world who has sort of invented this whole fake news mantra. this whole fake news statement. how much do you think these days, cal, does the phrase fake
2:41 am
news play into situations like this? the kind of things that were happening, where we're seeing journalists being targeted by suicide bombers? >> yeah, look, it's happening a lot. we're not talking about it enough. there are journalists targeted really in three ways. you have what happened in afghan tan yesterday. you have being targeted for uncovering things. and then you have this third thing that's really developing after president trump, this fake news thing that's going on and we saw president trump immediately in one of his first press conferences gloss over cnn and say no, you're fake news. malaysia jailing somebody, a danish citizen jailed for one week. $2,500 fine for quote, fake news. they passed a law which says an individual can be sentenced up to six years in prison and fined up to almost $130,000 so it's very dangerous times for journalists around the world.
2:42 am
>> good seeing you, cal. thank you. still ahead, the fall yacht over the cambridge analytica as another tech giant finds itself entangled in the controversy. plus bill karins is back with a check on that forecast including the potential for severe weather. we'll be right back. ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help.
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the scope of cambridge analytica access to the data of millions of people with twitter selling access at the center of the privacy scandal. twitter says it sold data to alexander koegen and his research. it had one time access to a ran dam sample of public tweets. from december of 2013 to april of 2015. trit
2:46 am
twitter said it did not have access and removed cambridge analytica as an advertiser. in a tweet yesterday, cambridge analytica said it has never received data and has never done any work with gsr adding that gsr was only ever a contractor with cambridge analytica and it did work with many other countries. let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. >> so many people have been waiting for this warmup. it's beginning in areas of the ohio valley. already very warm in the central plains. still kind of chilly, buffalo at 39. here's the may outlook for the month. temperatures warmer than average in the west, warmer than average in the northeast, mid-atlantic and a little bit above average for much of the country. a big change from our frigid april. that's really going to pump up today through the mid-atlantic and start to erode that cold air over the northeast.
2:47 am
temperatures will soar up to the 830s. shore l charlotte 82. a great amount of sunshine and then finally on wednesday, this is what you were waiting for. 83 in boston. look at richmond. that's air conditioning weather. 88 degrees and as we head up toward the upcoming weekend, 88 thursday. friday, gorgeous at 84 and right into the weekend with 70s. this is way, way overdue. >> it's going to be nice to turn on the air conditioner to say the least. >> i wanted a couple of days with the windows open. >> yesterday we had to turn the heat back on because it was so cold. still ahead, the head of one popular facebook's subsidiaries parts ways. details driving your business day, next. you're more than just a bathroom disease. you're a life of unpredictable symptoms. crohn's, you've tried to own us. but now it's our turn to take control with stelara® stelara® works differently for adults
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welcome back. twitter has announced 30 partnership deals to pump more video and live programming into your feeds. cnbc's willam mark joins us with more. talk to me about the price jump. >> yes, the stock yesterday. absolutely. they've made deals with a number of massive media giants, including walt disney company, viacom, nbc universal, walt disney's espn will be providing live sports programming.
2:51 am
you guys from msnbc may be getting on there, apparently nbc universal looking to farm out nbc news. this is twitter's push to encroach on the live space market. another big tech story breaking overnight. the "washington post" reporting that the founder of whatsapp, a subsidiary of facebook these days has decided to leave the company. the newspaper reporting that the ceo had clashed with facebook other the attempts to lower the encryption levels of whatsapp and the monetization of the personal data of the users. the executives made a lot of money when they sold to facebook for $19 billion. facebook trying to make some of that money back. >> an interesting development there. another interesting development, i heard you had dinner with someone quite special last
2:52 am
night. >> yeah, i did. your friend, your co-host there, louis bergdorf. an early night, i hasten to ad. coming up, axios's mike allen has a look at this morning's one big thing and coming up on "morning joe," john kelly has cast himself as saving the country from disaster while repeatedly insulting president trump's intelligence, carol lee will take us inside the west wing, with more and "the new york times" michael schmidt will have a report and special counsel robert mueller wants to ask president trump certain questions. dynamic lighting
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2:56 am
this morning. mike, good morning to you. talk to us about axios' one big thing this morning. >> our one big thing is james comey says president trump should submit to an interview by robert mueller. but he's not sure we will. we've been seeing the great "new york times" scoop about the questions that mueller wants to ask trump. last night i sat down with james comey at george washington university for an hour conversation, an event sponsored by axios and politics and prose book store here in d.c. and james comey took a little bit of a bemused approach to president trump, he said he, i seem to be like a bad break-up that he can't get over. he said i'm out here living my best life and he's tweeting about me. >> i want to play part of your conversation with james comey when you asked him about the possibility of president trump firing bob mueller. let's take a listen. >> is no deep state, but there's a deep culture and commitment to
2:57 am
the rule of law that runs all the way down through not just the department of justice and the fbi, but the military services and the intelligence community. it would be interesting to see what would happen next, because i could imagine u.s. attorneys' offices picking up pieces of it. different fbi offices picking up pieces of it very hard to do something that was that direct an attack on the rule of law. >> so it seems as if he's saying even if, if he were to be, if he were to be fired, the investigation wouldn't necessarily end. what else did comey have to say on this? >> he said it just wouldn't work, he'd have to fire the whole fbi and he said that the, it would be disastrous in the country. and he had a little phrase that i think is probably a good rule to live by. he says don't do disastrous things. >> don't do disastrous things. >> that's a good little nugget there. i also want to take a listen to what jim comey had to say about whether or not he actually
2:58 am
dislikes president trump after everything that's taken place. let's take a listen. >> hating people gives them too much power over you. and -- one of the real dangers we face today is that the president's behavior will drag us all down. it's really important that we remember who we are. and remember again you're going to explain to your grandchildren someday, i acted this way. so hating someone, there are people you need to hate. but i would urge you first, hate their actions. and don't give the person that central a role in your life. >> so what was your reaction to that answer? >> yeah, so james comey clearly is out there trying to elevate his feud with the president, he's taking a lot about leadership and ethics, he's going to be teaching that at a class at the college of william and mary. he's getting rich from a blockbuster book. a lot of the questions i got
2:59 am
from the audience are about why he's doing it now. it looks more cynical. he said he couldn't wait. and one other thing he said is that the mid term is coming up, which by the way 189 days from today. will affect robert mueller's timing. he said the norms are not to do something right before an election. his drop-the-mic moment. his best quote, i asked james comey what advice would you have about robert mueller about coming out and saying something about his investigation if the election were getting too close. and flashing back to his hillary clinton ptsd, james comey thought for a second and he then he said -- it worked so well for me. >> wow. okay obviously being a bit sarcastic, to say the least. one question you asked that he wouldn't necessarily answer what is this? >> i asked him what his life would be like if hillary clinton had won. he said i think i would still be fbi director. his family has said they would
3:00 am
have liked hillary clinton to win. i said would you have preferred that she win? and that's when he said, that's one thing i'm not going to answer. >> not surprising we didn't get an answer to that one. mike allen, thank you for joining us. we're going to be reading axios a.m. you can sign up for the newsletter at that does it for us on this tuesday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian. "morning joe" starts right now. why didn't you deny calling the president a moron? >> you know that's a really old question. >> you understand by not answering the questions, some people thought that you were confirming the story. >> you think you've answered the question? >> i've answered the question. >> did you call the president a moron? >> i'm not going to dignify the question. we've got so many other iss


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