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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 10, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> see you back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern. >> i'll see you tomorrow morning at 9:00. we hand you off to andrea mitchell. the president welcomes back three americans just released from being held captive in a north korean prison. praises their captors. >> we want to thank kim jong-un who really was excellent to these three incredible people. they are really three incredible people. that's a wrap. vice president mike pence becomes the highest ranking official to say the russia investigation needs to end. >> in the interest of the country, i think it's time to wrap it up. i would very respectfully encourage the special counsel and his team to bring their work
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to conclusion. the name of the game. donald trump's personal attorney says they've got the wrong michael cohen after being accused by stormy daniels lawyer of selling access to the president. >> this is really a clear example, rachel, of ignoring the elephants in the room and concentrating on the freeze on the floor. our report apears to be 99.35% accura accurate, which if this was election that would be pretty good for the popular vote. president trump tweeting the highly anticipating meeting will take place in singapore on june
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12th. twoo we'll try to make it a special moment for world piece. the big announcement and reveal on twitter. where else? >> reporter: the president has been teasing this for some time. he did so again at joint base andrews this morning during that jubilant welcome home pr tfor t three detainees. we got that tweet this morning and we initially thought maybe the president might do it at the event tonight that he has in indiana but he took to twitter, his favorite medium and made that big announcement. now the real work begins. what specifically is going to be on the agenda. the president has been very clear. he wants complete denuclearization for the korean peninsula. what will the terms be and how will he know the the talks are being successful.
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we know president trump has been in close contact throughout this entire process. will the leader of china be there? no indication that's going to happen. those are among the questions we're trying to drill down on. host been asked that question a number of times and has dodged it. there's no doubt the trump administration was able to secure the release of those three retainees. it's a significant win. >> among the questions are what does denuclearization means. what does it mean to president trump? what does it mean to kim jong-un? here is a little more of the
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president's comments. >> we're starting off on a new footing. this is a wonderful thing. i really think we have a good chance of doing something meaningful. >> why do you think he decided the free the friprisoners now? >> i really think he wants to do something and bring the country into the real world. >> a lot of positioning going on. as you go through this run up to the summit, i think we all have to be very careful not to put too much on this one or two day event. >> reporter: the sound you played did get a lot of attention.
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there's some real skepticism about whether he will come to the negotiating table honestly. if he really is willing to make a deal and as you point out, the terms of what denuclearization looks like still haven't been hammered out. president trump was asked that question. he said it means they get rid of their nuke. there's a lot more to that. it's a lot more complicated and -- excuse me. i got something in my throat. it involves a lot more than just north korea agreeing to come to the table and do that. now the focus is on the detainees making sure they are united with their families. at last check they were still being looked at at walter reed army medical center. >> kristen welker. powering through. it's allergy center on the north lawn. the beautiful north lawn at the white house. thank you. >> reporter: thanks. >> mike pence was at the air
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force to welcome back the detainees. he said the homecoming could signal a real breakthrough. >> it was a powerful moment to see the president and the first lady bring the three back. think about how far we've come in the last year. >> even since the olympics when you were there, it was so tense. what do you think make the difference? >> from very early in this administration trump changed the policies of the united states from an era of strategic patience with north korea to move toward the kind of campaign that would bring economic and diplomatic pressure and all other options with the clear objective of achieving the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> you talked to otto warmbier's
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father. what did he say to you? it must be very painful. >> it's a very special family. the president reached out to the warmbier's over the weekend with the news these three americans were coming home. i called yesterday morning and talked to fred and cindy. while we rejoice in these americans coming home that they were in our hearts and prayers. secretary of state told me he was thinking about them during time he was on the ground in north korea as well. this is family while we were able to get otto home with his passing the nation grieved but to see these three americans come off the plane, we hope it's a sign this is real opportunity to achieve peace on the korean peninsula. we'll continue to move forward
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in way that engages. we appreciate kim jong-un's efforts. so far we appreciate his release of these americans but we have no illusions about the challenges that we face to achieve. >> why did the president call him honorable some weeks ago? is the president praising too much and raising expectations too high? >> i think what the president was referring to is that in this moment the regime in north korea has been dealing as far as we can see in good faith. >> it's still a dictator? he's enslaved millions of his own people. >> we have no illusions about that. i made that clear when i was in south korea for the olympics and as we traveled through japan. the president made it abundantly clear when he addressed the national assembly in south korea during his visit there. we do believe that the regime in
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north korea has taken steps that indicate this may be an opportunity for a breakthrough. the kind of breek through that alluded the united states and the world community for more than 20 years. >> you've accused the obama administration about being naive yet iran did not have weapon at that time and still does not. kim has weapons. are you expecting too much? are you being naive about what north korea will deliver? >> well, i don't believe we are. this is a president who is going to demand real results in our negotiations with north korea. ? was a deal that didn't deal with ballistic missiles at all. >> it was agreed to by seven n
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countries. now we're in violation of the u.n. resolution. we have rebuffed on our allies. >> the point the president made is the iran nuclear deal was so flawed to its core not only would it prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, at the end of seven years, it guaranteed their ability to obtain a nuclear weapon. that was completely unacceptable. now we're engaging. we brought a strong new regime. >> any signs the allies are agreeing? >> we've had product discussions with president macron and our allies across europe and those negotiations and discussions are under way. we believe it's possible now that we imposed these sanctions again on iran and made it clear we'll not accept their development in nuclear weapons. it may be possible for us to
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have a new deal, a new agreement that permanently prevents them from obtaining nuclear weapons but also addresses the kind of influence that iran has had across the region that we witnessed in the form of iranian missiles being fired into israel in the last 24 hours. s joining me now is former director of asian affairs and now a nbc korean fairs analyst. a lot happening. we know where and when. should we really be thanking kim jong-un for releasing people he never should have imprisoned in first place? >> i think your point was good. the u.n. commission of inquiry recommended that the north korean be taken before the icc for crimes against humanity.
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this is the worst human rights abusing regime in modern history. while it's wonderful for the families they are back, there's a lot of perspective we have to take here. taking hostages and using them to get a meeting with the american president is is not a good precedent to set. >> the praise for him, honorable a couple of weeks ago and now that he's been excellent and done these things, he's gaining chips. he's gaining leverage at the negotiating table. he's sitting down with the guy who wrote or purports to have written "the art of the deal." >> it's interesting because he seems to be trying to take a very personal approach to this. flattering the man. hoping that's going to gain, as the vice president said, some good faith. what is not clear to any of us yet is if there is a substantive negotiation that's taking place or whether we're just seeing
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these pieces move. closing the nuclear test site which will probably come next. releasing these hostages. we're on good faith saying when president trump gets to the table, they will be willing to give up a nuclear program they have been building now for over 50 years. where are their nukes? where are things buried? where are their underground test sites? where are their long range missiles that can reach the u.s.? >> we want all those things if we listen to john bolton. we want them right away. we want them up front. there's a big gap webetween howe
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might be defining denuclearization and how the north korean leader might be. >> each side would give up something. >> ten years ago when i was doing this and we went to north korea together, we were in the middle of a negotiation. it was an it rated negotiation. it was to take place over a period of time where they would take one step. we would take one step. one after the other. pru president trump is not a patient person. he's expecting much more up front in advance.
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he is confident because of that negotiation, if that's not what's happening then it really is all about good faith and that makes us kind of scary proposition. >> someone who has been there knows what's going on. thank you so much. still ahead, wrap it up. why mike pence is calling for an end to robert mueller's investigation. much more of my conversation with the vice president next. stay with us. (vo) why are subaru outback owners always smiling? because they've chosen the industry leader. subaru outback holds its value better than any other vehicle in its class, according to alg. better than rav4. better than grand cherokee. better than edge. make every adventure a happy one with subaru outback. get 0% apr financing on the 2018 subaru outback.
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vice president mike pence made some news before dawn when we wanted at joint air force base andrews sending a blunt message to bob mueller. >> you knew him. he's a marine. he's a lifelong republican. do you think he can be trusted? do you think he's a bad guy? >> our administration has been fully cooperating -- >> do you think the investigation is a hoax? >> we'll continue to. what i think is it's been about a year since this investigation began. our administration has provided over a million documents. we fully cooperated in it. in the interest of the country i think it's time to wrap it up. i would very respectfully encourage to special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion because days like this -- >> without an interview with the
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president? >> think about this today. >> how does he wrap it up without knowing what the president thinks? >> we'll leave all that to the process that's under way. wii continue to fully cooperate with the special counsel as we have. i think the reason we're making the progress we're making in our economy, three million new jobs, historic tax cuts and regulatory reform, progress on the world stage that's resulting in an amazing day like today is because while frankly -- many in media tend to focus on these -- with all due respect the american people are focused on prosperity and what's what i want to keep our focus. >> you campaigned on draining the swamp. you now have the president's lawyer getting millions of dollars that he says he can get access including one company that has a russian connection. is that draining the swamp?
9:21 am
>> what i can say the that private matter is something i don't have any knowledge about. i think the white house issued a statement saying the same. >> what about scott pruitt? he's part of your -- >> let me be clear about draining the swamp. rolling back regulation, rolling back special interest, cutting taxes for families. >> respectfully, the essence challenge of scott pruitt. >> that's the reason you see this country standing tall on the world stage. i think it's the reason why we're making the progress that we're making around the wild wider world. >> do you feel fcomfortable wit the behavior of scott pruitt? >> he's done an outstanding job lifting the burden of regulations stifling american business across this country. we believe that much of the economic growth we've seen over the last 15 months has been as
9:22 am
much a result of deregulation as it's been that the tax reforms that are just now beginning to have an impact on the economy. we're very grateful for scott pruitt's leadership and i just would tell you that the president and i will continue to stay focused on all the kind of things continue to grow and prosper this economy. >> california congressman serves on the intelligence committee and joins me now. let's talk about robert mueller. we never got an answer to the question of whether he think it's a hoax. he's saying for first time he should wrap it up and it's been a year. i think this is the leading edge of what we'll begin to hear. >> extremely irresponsible for somebody who should know better to try and influence special counsel's campaign. they are still counting russians. under every rock you pick up, a
9:23 am
russian falls out. there's also a failure to come clean. you've seen guilty pleas from mike flynn, rick gates. the president is still screwing around with whether or not he will sit down in the special counsel witness chair. he move this along a lot faster if he just sit down and cooperate. >> are you sensing any behind the scenes pressure to speed the mueller investigation at the rod rosenstein level. >> we're seeing the fixers in congress who keep making requests of doj to really dip the keys to the evidence locker of the fbi and looks like they are looking for no for an answer so they can use that to give@president to fire sessions or rosenstein. there's an effort in congress that's been stepped up to really try and assist the president and his team in obstructing the investigation. >> devin nunes who was the chair of your committee and recused
9:24 am
himself is going with trey gowdy to doj demanding information on a particularly sensitive intelligence asset and on this the white house is in sync with doj saying no. >> i hope the white house stays there. it's outside of our role to allow any witness or subject of an investigation to see what's in the evidence file and what they are trying to do is turn over evidence to the white house. they did this when they wrote their memo. the white house had to sign off on the memo. you've giving subjects of an investigation evidence in the case and allowing them to decide what would be leareleased. that's now it works. we should conduct oversight but not while ongoing. >> you've released a troef of facebook ads that were used during the 2016 campaign to troll americans unwittingly.
9:25 am
>> 3500 facebook ads were released today. the republicans limited what resources we could have. we wanted to have data scientists look at this information. they wouldn't allow us to pursue anything like that be. >> what are you hearing out of national security council, john bolton is making some moves and we understand getting rid of the cyber unit that was supposed to help protect against the next election being attacked. very concerned that we have done nothing and we are inviting future attack. whether it's the nsa director or former secretary of state rex tillerson stating the russians tend to attack us again and no directives from the administration to counter those attacks.
9:26 am
that's very alarming. i want legislation to have an independent commission. given the american people an understanding of who is responsible, how we were so vulnerable and devoting federal resources to the ballot bobbi kristinas a-- boxes. it would put a duty to report on any individual in a campaign approached by an an gejentsajen a foreign power. >> thank you so much. still ahead, brink of war. tensions escalate between israel and iran days after the u.s. pulls out of that nuclear deal. - i love my grandma.
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my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. syrian military officials say that at least three people are dead overnight. in overnight air strikes by israeli forces. missile attacks a response to rockets fired from syria into the golan heights. they are condemning iran if what are that call deployment into syria. joining me now is professor amy.
9:31 am
co-director of the senate for international security. welcome both. what is going on? it's just the normal -- what is going on in the golan heights? i've been watching a little. >> i don't know. this has been ramping up for some time. this is first time that the iranian force themselves position in syria fired rockets into israel. there's zero tolerance for that kind of activity.
9:32 am
this war, this quiet war between iran and israel in syria has been going on for some time. iran has been sponsoring all kinds of activetivities against israel. this is a new level. it would spend out of control. >> what are the next steps to try to stop the region from becoming fully inclaim flamed? >> i think walking away is creating a new concern and conflict in the region. we've seen three possibilities with respect to what happens next. one is iran stays in the deal, which looks like that may happen. we still don't get any curving of its support for terrorism in
9:33 am
the region. we don't get curves on ballistic missiles. the second possibility is we get a better deal with iran. that's an unlikely situation given two add mfrgministrations worked hard to put maximum pressure. it's unlikely we'll see anything that we have before. then there's the third possibility which is the scary possibility which is iran restarts its nuclear program either covertly or overtly. >> a lot more money as well. >> i want to add one thing. i want speaking with normer prime minister when he was defense minister wanted to bomb the iranian nuclear facilities.
9:34 am
we believe short term the iranians are frightened enough of donald trump and frightened of donald trump and the fact that donald trump, would, unlike obama, allow israel to attack those nuclear that sifacilities. they might not start up their program again. short term the theory is they won't dare do anything for fear of donald trump. >> that's assuming there is a unified theory in ie roon. >> right. there's a they. >> there are several theys. the irg, revolutionary guards may take steps that they would not want to take. >> i think this is what president obama that the iranians is fair which is they do calculate risks. sometimes they miscalculate but they take risks into account
9:35 am
when they make certain decisions. >> i want to talk about the cia and about gina haspel. she had a tough hearing yesterday. she probably had the votes but she's lost some key people. dianne feinstein. they was the leader and author of the book torture report. there's this exchange with kamala harris who has come out against her. >> the president has asserted that torture works. do you agree with that statement? >> senator, i don't believe that torture works. i believe as many people director, who have sat in this chair before me that valuable information was obtained from senior al qaeda operatives that allowed us to defend this country and prevent another attack. >> is that a yes? >> no, it's not yes. we got valuable information from briefing al qaeda detainees. i don't think it's knowable
9:36 am
whether interrogation techniques plap e played a role in that. >> she didn't really answer a question from harris. yes or no is torture moral or immoral. that exchange led to statement last night from john mccain from his sick bed in arizona saying i believe gina haspel is patriot who loves our country and devoted her life to its service and defense. her rule in overseeing the use of torture by americans is disturbing. her refusal to say it's immoral is disqualifying. his vote has great impact on this debate. >> yes. the clip you played is one of the most tense moment offense that hearing yesterday. i think gina haspel was speaking to two audiences. the first is the senators that have to confirm her. it looks like she's going to get the votes she need. the second the an audience of
9:37 am
one. she had to walk a tight rope about talking about her commitment to not restarting this program while also being able to not alienate herself from her future vote who stated publicly he would like to bring back water boarding and other methods. >> which is exactly the point. that's what was going through my mind at that hearing. great to see you. come back soon. thank you. coming up, paying to play. was michael cohen selling an access pass to the president? you're watching andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. is my body of. is my body of. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage,
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get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. you may have noticed an escalating legal battle between president trump's personal attorney michael cohen and stormy daniels lawyer. it's now taking a new turn. the two now going head to head over a report released by michael avenatti that digs into cohen's banking records. calling part of the report incorrect and saying some of the transactions attributed to cohen are tied to other people named michael cohen. rachel maddow asked about that last night. >> we identified about three million $180,000 worth of financial transactions. they've taken issue with a
9:42 am
whopping $205,583$20,583. we struck a percentage. our report appears to be 99.35% accurate. if this was election, that would be pretty good pr the popular vote. >> let's get the inside scoop from peter baker. where are you on this continuing feud? >> well, look, michael cohen wants to pick apart this report in order to question the credibility of the overall message. in fact, whatever the e details that might be mistaken is michael avenatti talked about there, we had confirmation from at&t that they paid michael
9:43 am
cohen in other words to gain his insights into trump. we know a number of others have been confirmed. the vast majority does seem to be bearing out. the question being did he sell access to the president or did he simply sell his knowledge of the president. >> michael cohen calling people and saying i can help get you some inside access. it's not illegal especially after the supreme court decision on governor mcdonald from virginia. >> it's not illegal. it's not unusual.
9:44 am
there's a whole industry in washington voting to that. we don't know if he was lobbying in way that triggered that. we don't know was president trump aware of whoo he was doing and did president trump benefit from what he was doing? those are the questions we know the special counsel is looking at. >> it was the same shell bank accounts that he was using to pay tomorrow mstormy daniels an with company that had a russian oligarch connection. that should be troubling. >> exactly. those raise questions that are
9:45 am
not answered. was this money used for political fixing to use that phrase on behalf of president trump. we don't know what this incidentals were. was it money from corporations fronting for that or from a home equity loan as he said. a russian connection is curious. he's the biggest client of a firm that gave michael cohen hundreds of thousands of dollars now. they say there's no connection but it's one thing you can imagine bob mueller will want to
9:46 am
look at. it strikes me that our normal practice of doing business, we don't come across too many russian oligarch and have meetings and have exchanges of money with russian oligarchs. there seems to be a whole lot of them popping up in this crowd. peter. >> that's right. that why it raises so many red flags. russians do business here. there's a continuing pattern that seem to have these connections to russians and russian who is have tied to or part of the class around president putin. paul manafort was deeply involved.
9:47 am
obviously contacts that donald trump junior had with the russian lawyer and carter page. the fact there are all of these contacts and connections and it may just be smoke. that's what he'll have to answer. >> showing such -- so many insights into that and susan page. thank you. >> what's happening in the korean negotiations and that is the argument the white house is making. >> thank you both so much. we'll be right back. it started with a discussion,
9:48 am
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president trump basking in the glow of the moment in the predawn hours after welcoming home those three american
9:52 am
detainees. >> so i want to thank you all. it's very early in the morning. i think you probably broke the all time in history television rating for 3:00 in the morning. that i would say. >> joining me now, mark mckinnon, former policy adviser and media consultant to president george w. bush and john mccain, these days, co-host of "the circus" on showtime on sunday nights. you got to listen to those ratings. >> you're such a rock star, you've been at this all night, you're like a teenager, still going strong. >> a teenager might not be as tired as i am. he was out there, the vice president was out there. maybe they napped during the day. >> this may be the best moment of the presidency, sure they wanted to be out there. this is a huge development. in what could be his signature achievement, peace in the peninsula. the title of our show this week is "war and peace." >> in fact, we've got a clip. let's watch.
9:53 am
>> so mayor giuliani went on television last night and said the president did, in fact, pay the porn star $130,000 and the president basically lied two weeks ago. what do you think about that? >> i guess i can't comment because i don't know the time line and i'm not really following stormy daniels. >> really? >> no. >> you're the only american who's not. >> yes, and thank god i'm not, because i'm actually focused on my job, the senate. so thank you. >> do you think the president had an affair with stormy daniels? >> don't care. >> don't care? >> doesn't matter. >> doesn't matter. >> do you believe she had an affair with trump? >> oh, yeah. >> honestly, it's a personal matter of his. unless you were there, it's hard to tell if it actually did happen. >> they believe it, they don't care. i mean, that -- >> yes, so we're obsessed with it because there's obviously legal, political implications in the short term, maybe the long term, but in america, this is baked in. people really don't care about it. if you're for trump, you just don't see it as relevant.
9:54 am
if you're against him, you think it's a big deal. it's not persuading anybody one way or the other. >> discounted. >> discounted. >> "access hollywood," that didn't matter. >> yes. that is not a surprise to voters at all. >> and iowa? >> solid trump country. especially out there where joni ernst was in the rurals parts of iowa. if you think about it hypothetically and say listen, if you were a republican running in a year in which you had the lowest unemployment in a couple of decades, highest consumer confidence a couple of decades, peace breaking out in the korean peninsula, that's a good peace and prosperity message. everybody's getting very excited about the blue wave. may hesitate a moment because we're still six months out and a lot of good things are happening for donald trump right now. >> yes, the vice president was making that point in our predawn interview last night, this morning, whenever it was. but the fact is that they are
9:55 am
planning to point to the korean summit. >> sure. >> the caution we should all have is we're going to be kind of sucked into expecting too much and the downside of that is if you don't get it, what's your -- >> right it raises expectations. the north koreans don't have a good track record in this regard. so really anything short of, you know, eternal peace and complete denuclearization could come up short and voters have a right to be skeptical. the proof will be in the absolute verification. >> in the state you spent so much time in, texas, they're all this talk about, you know, a change there. i have yet to see it -- >> listen, he's a super charismatic guy. i was there to the span of four years where all the democrats, then for george bush,
9:56 am
republicans. it's been 28 years since a republican's been issued statewide. he is anti-nra, anti-assault rifle and pro-marijuana, that's a tough sell in texas. >> well, to be continued. the circus, sunday night. >> kicking hard, andrea, as you are, all night long. >> and you got it. and more ahead. ♪ ♪ (baby crying) ♪ ♪ don't juggle your home life and work life without it. ♪ ♪
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follow us online at facebook and on twitter. chris jansing is up next. >> hi there, andrea. fantastic interview with the vice president. good afternoon, everyone. from nbc headquarters in new york. i'm chris jansing in for craig melv melvin. a friend of michael cohen quoting him after president trump took office saying i'm crushing it. we're getting new insights into how michael cohen leveraged his access for cash. and now his defense, that some of the transactions in question involve the different michael cohen. plus, high-stakes summit. the president announced where and when he'll meet kim jong-un. after north korea released three american prisoners who just got home in the wee hours of the morning. and it's not over. thousands of ads posted on facebook and instagram meant to divide americans. it's russian propaganda just revealed in the last few hours. the subjects and people russia was