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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  May 25, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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weekend. i'd say tgif, but to be honest, there's more work ahead of it. stephanie ruhle is joining us. >> good morning, everyone. i'm stephanie ruhle. ali velshi is off. it's a historic friday, may 25th. let's try to get a little smarter in this hour. >> harvey, what do you have to say about the 2004 allegation. >> breaking news moments ago a few seconds ago, harvey weinstein surrendered to police in new york city. >> he'll be fingerprinted and his picture will be taken and he'll be transported roughly a half mile away to court. that's where the district attorney's office will take his mug shot. >> this is a stunning morning. harvey weinstein being arraigned in court.
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>> ba >> 95 women have come forward publicly and accused the 66-year-old with everything from sexual misconduct to harassment to groping to rape. some of the names among the most famous in hollywood. >> and you were alone in a room with him. >> i was alone in a room with him. >> did you have any vibe leading up to that? >> definitely not. >> jolie says after her incident, she chose never to work with him again and warned others when they did. >> this is the big strike into the abuse of power. it shows people worldwide, which is what i was hoping the whole time, this cannot and will not stand. >> mr. president, is the summit still off? >> we'll see what happens. we're talking to them now. it was a nice statement they put out. we'll see what happens. it could even be the 12th. we're talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we'd like to do it. we're going to see what happens. >> overnight north korea responding saying the
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announcement was a surprise and totally regrettable saying it remains ready to meet with the u.s. at any time. so what prompted the president's decision? multiple u.s. officials tell us president trump fearing the north koreans might beat him to the punch wanted to be the one to cancel first. >> i talked to the president said. he said he thought they were playing him. we begin this morning with images of dozens of accusers, well, they have been waiting to see harvey weinstein just as he was today. movie mogul weinstein walking into a police station dpoown in tribeca where he reigned king in handcuffs. he surrendered to authorities in new york city earlier this morning in front of a huge crowd. he was arrested on felony sex crime charges. some 8 months after reports revealed allegations of sexual misconduct going back decades.
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weinstein remained cuffed as he entered criminal court in manhattan after his arrest. he was arraigned on charges of first and third degree rape and first degree criminal sex act for incidents involving two women in 2013 and back in 200 4. he's expected to be release on $1 million bail and is going to have to wear an ankle monitor. his lawyer says his client will plead not and turn over his passport while at least 95 women accuse him of some type of abuse ranging from sexual harassment to rape. he has denied all the allegations saying the sexual activity was consensual. his accusers tell a very different story. >> he had kind of backed me into a corner and blocked the exit and said -- went in for -- to try and kiss me. and i pulled back, and i said no thank you. that's when he made sure that he blocked the exit and said just
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stand there and be quiet. >> he said i have contracts for my next three films here and i'll sign them today but i want you to have a threesome with me and my assistant. i laughed. obviously, he must be joking. when i laughed he got angry, and then he said -- you'll never make it in this business. this is how this industry works. >> he backed me into a darkroom which looked like there was kids' drawings on the walls, and didn't seem like a master bedroom or anything, and he held me down, and he forced oral sex on me basically. >> he just is very dominant, does not back down if you say no. and kind of just forced me into doing something i didn't want to do. >> the second time around was much more aggressive. i suffered somewhat of a breakdown that night. i disassociated because i was so afraid of him. >> i don't know about you, but
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when you have consensual sex, you don't fill up with tears after. >> in 1997, i was raped by harvey weinstein here at caan. i was 21 years old. and even tonight sitting among you there are those who still have to be held accountable for their conduct against women. we know who you are, and we're not going to allow you to get away with it any longer. >> this is a historic day. joining me now actress rose mcgowan. she was one of the leaders of the me too movement. rose, welcome. >> thank you. >> this morning it's not just important legally but culturally. jodie canter of the new york times tweeted one fophone call d you're done. i have eyes and ears everywhere. i'm harvey weinstein. you know what i can do. >> i heard that phone ring at my
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house after i was assaulted, and his voice saying you're my new special friend. so his idea of friends is a very lost one, and he very much knew what he could do. and he did for a very long time. >> and does that end today? >> that ends today. >> how? i think back to jodie canter and meghan tuuly. they said they reached out to hollywood elites who said this is how hollywood works. harvey run this is town. you'll never get anywhere. harvey weinstein being arrested, arraigned, the times up movement. does it change things? >> i think it changes things globally. i don't know about hollywood. hollywood is retro, and it really does feel like i can almost sense them missing their king. you know? they're sad about this in a lot of ways. they miss their de facto leader. it doesn't matter that he's a
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rapist, but it matters to us culturally. it matters to the world, and hollywood puts the images and thauk thaukts -- thoughts out for us to see, and how we know who is behind it. >> you think even though harvey has been arrested, hollywood doesn't change? we talk about it all the time. >> i think hollywood has operated like a mafia for so long. they take a vow if you're in it, but for me i kind of said nobody asked me to take a vow of silence, so no thanks. >> well, when you tweeted today, we got you harvey, we got you, what does that mean? what does his punishment look like? >> shame. his punishment means the power being stripped away. his punishment means that he can't schedule times to rape women during the day. that he doesn't have his assistants any longer giving him his special medicine so he can actually go in and have -- he
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can go in and rape these women. his impotence medicine. he had assistants he had to pay to give him his medicine for his penis so he could go in and rape at his daily appointments. this is so big, it's mind boggling. and when i say everybody knew, pretty much everybody knew. >> when you say shame is his punishment, is that enough of punishment? do you want to see him go to jail? does he need to go to jail forever? what happens next? >> he should go to jail forever. he stole so many lives. he destroyed not just careers but, like, the nights that i've been on the floor crying while he gets oscars. and the women, we're humans. we were taken. our lives were stolen. >> if he stole your lives, do you get it back today?
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>> i think today is a good start. yeah. >> you do have to be connected to him forever. any time we hear your name, we see your face, you're tied to harvey. how does that feel? >> it's -- there was a point in the beginning a long time ago after it happened, i thought of it then. i thought he's going to be in my obituary, because i knew what i was planning. it just took me 20 years to do it. i had to make peace with him being in my obituary. >> are you at peace now? do you walk away from this happy -- does the book, the chapter end now, or does the story still continue for you? >> well, the story still continues for me. i'm facing some troubles of my own through a lot of these spies that he had interfere with my life through his lawyers and his complicity machine and the
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people doing his dirty deeds on his behalf. and so for me it's not over. i don't think it's ever over. i don't know. i think not until he dies probably. >> wow. well, there's only two women who are cited in this case, but he's got you and over the 0 accusers out there. do you see yourselves being part of this case and seeing that he's claiming he's not guilty, everything is consensual, are you concerned that complicity machine he's about to smear many of you? >> he will, and he has continued to smear many of us. and he's going to go -- he's going to double down on that. so be prepared to see, everybody, that we all wanted it, all of us. we just thought harvey weinstein, yeah. >> then what was it like to see him in handcuffs? because he also could have turned himself in today, but today we physically saw the king of hollywood. there he is in tribeca in handcuffs being walked in by a
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female detective. >> yeah. i hope that female detective felt proud because i was proud of her. and i think he deserves this and deserves more. it's okay to have one day of exultation. it's going to get really ugly, and it's going to get hard. it's going to get even harder, but right now for today, it's okay in this battle to have a moment of just, like, yeah. yeah. >> does everyone get to say yeah, though? because when it came time, he writes that million check himself. and lots of women up there on that board, they lost their careers. they lost their ability to be hollywood stars. and not just hollywood movie stars. lots of women who are being assaulted or abused every day in restaurants and hotels and businesses that don't have this kind of celebrity and money. >> right. i think what this does show,
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though, going after somebody who is so powerful, it does show that you can go after any abuse of power, whether you are in a restaurant and your manager is abusing you or you're the president. you know? we can roar mightily. we can say no more, and we have, and we will continue to fight. >> with harvey clearly being an extreme, do you believe me too has a spectrum? >> i believe that there are a lot of people that are very comfortable, a lot of men very comfortable, a lot of hollywood with crossing the line and they know but it was just comfortable. it's kind of like having a recliner under your butt. right? but it's invisible. i just say we're here to kick the recliner out from under your ass. >> kicking the recliner out from under their ass. can harvey be redeemed?
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>> no. he's a social oo-path. >> can hollywood? where do you go from here? >> i wrote a best-seller called "brave kwk "brave". it's about how to survive. my next book is called "trust" inspired by the spies who have interfered with my life and destroyed my trust in people. i can now trust nobody or everybody. i choose to trust everybody. i go -- i don't know where i go. i go out into the big wide world, and i go away from hollywood and shine just like all of us. because it's time for the second act. it's time for our lives to be ours. yeah. >> then when this trial takes place, do you see yourself being a part of it? do you want to sit there in the courtroom and look him eye to eye? >> yes. i do. yes, i do. >> rose, your inner strength and
8:14 am
what you project, everyone in this room, in this world can feel it, but to those women out there who are repressed and currently stuck in positions that they feel that they can't get out of, given how free you feel today, how powerful you feel today, what's your message to them? because there's no chance ten, 15, five years ago you would have thought the day would come when harvey weinstein would be walked in to a courthouse in handcuffs. >> my message? we can do this. to all of those who are hurt out there, men, women, anybody on any gender spectrum, to all of us who have been hurt, the shame is theirs. and we can be free. we do have to fight for it. we do have to fight to reclaim ourselves, and that's unfair. terribly unfair, but like
8:15 am
phoenixes, we rise. and some days you just have to say you know what? i'm tired of rising over and over, i'm going to do one big one once and for all. so i say i got you. we've got you. your sisters, we hear you, we see you. we're with you. i hear your voices. i'm only here for you all. >> harvey weinstein still maintains he's innocent. he's denying all accusations. how do people feel their voice at a time like that? >> it's hard, but you have to understand this is no different than the girl who gets raped by the captain of the football team in a tiny town where the newspaper's dominated by that family. and they're terrorized by the locals. it's so different. the power dynamic is no different. how do they find their voice? don't let them gaslight you. your truth is your truth. the sky was blue today in new
8:16 am
york city. it was not purple. don't let them lie to you. keep your truth and keep that flame and keep fighting. >> tell us the turning point. to those out there who feel they'll be silenced victims forever, when did it change in the last year when you knew this story would be told? because harvey had won. harvey had beat you for years. and you were living in pain. something happened this year that got this story told. what was it? >> me. i was in talks with jodie before -- >> canter. >> yes. and it just takes one. it takes ashley judd and everybody, but it just takes somebody caring enough to do it, and it took getting nbc into a war for the story with the new york times. that's what it took. because i knew one of them would fall, and it had to happen.
8:17 am
he was coming after me. this had to happen -- it was time. four years ago i said about laying the infrastructure for this. i started following media people all over the world, and it kind of hitting them and letting them know especially hollywood that it was coming. i was always very polite about it. i gave them fair warning. they just didn't listen. >> people are listening now, rose. your message to harvey? >> no more tears. not because of you. not anymore. today, today we rejoice. tomorrow will be hard again. but today we can have a moment for all of us. this is for all of us who have been told we are nothing. this is for all of us, because we are something, and we can be free. it's a beautiful thing. >> it certainly feels like today is everything. rose mcgowan, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for sharing your thoughts.
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we want to mention you can see the next installment of citizen rose on e thursday at 10:00 p.m. she's got quite the story to tell. up next, we'll hear from one more of mr. weinstein's victims. 95 accusers. that's what he has. 95 accusers. it's extraordinary. the next woman we're going to speak to claims he attacked her in her hotel room, but she felt silenced until the me too movement. she joins us next. this is frank's dog. and this is frank's record shop. frank knowns northern soul, but how to set up a limited liability company... what's that mean? not so much. so he turned to his friends at legalzoom. yup! they hooked me up. we helped with his llc, contracts, and some other stuff that's part of running a business. so frank can focus on the beat. you hear that? this is frank's record shop. and this is where life meets legal.
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i met harvey in 1989. i was a young actress and i'd come to new york to kind of make it big. he said if you want to learn everything about the movie business, come and work for me. i opened the door. he didn't even both tore go to the living room. he just went straight into my bedroom and laid down on my bed and asked me to give him a massage. >> i was pretty stunned and shocked, but of course, after when i started putting all the pieces together like oh, he knew exactly where to go, where there wouldn't be any people around. he knew where to corner me where it would be difficult for me to move past him. i was 28 years old. i didn't know what to do. >> it seemed like it went on forever, and he basically just completely just touched me
8:23 am
and -- inappropriately and forced my hand in places. >> it was the kind of moment that is sort of petrifying. he was in the bathtub, and he attempted to convince me to get naked. i think that i really thought that that was kind of my fault that i was prudish, or i was scared. >> i actually didn't believe this day would come, and i'm so prude of lucia evans and justice for starting it. this is a big strike into the heart of abuse of power, and it shows people worldwide which is what i was hoping the whole time, that this cannot and will not stand. >> as we follow this breaking news story this morning, those were just a few of the women
8:24 am
recounting alleged abuse over the years by one harvey weinstein. among the 95 women alleging abuse, a reporter, model, daughter of a british po et and actress. both aspiring and up and coming at the time of their abuse. several saying their experience with weinstein caused them to leave the industry completely. i'd like to bring in natasha who accuses weinstein of rape and her attorney. what a morning this is. some accusers are saying they feel a huge sense of relief. for you, your reaction to the charges and the images of harvey walking in in handcuffs. >> my -- i'm happy that he's finally being held accountable. i was afraid that this day would never happen. i've been watching the news and seeing other people arrested
8:25 am
that have done far less, and i was wondering why it was taking so long. so it's a relief. >> gloria, the relief is felt. the question will be -- >> hello? >> yes. gloria, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> a lot of relief is being felt, but will justice be served? he's been arrested but what happens now? you represent women who want to see him brought to justice. >> yes, i do. i filed lawsuits against harvey weinstein for some of the accusers in addition we're representing some of them in bankruptcy court, and also we're suing the board of directors of the weinstein company. what happens now is that this is only the first day. he has a very experienced defense attorney. but there is a process. he will get a fair trial. for me the question is will the victims also get a fair trial
8:26 am
those persons named as victims in the criminal case. he's released on bail. his passport is taken. he is going to be very closely monitored. this is a process. i will not be surprised at all if the prosecution also chooses to call other accusers as was done in the bill cosby criminal case where i had three of the five prior bad act witnesses who were also called to testify to a common plan or scheme or design. can i see that as a possibility in this case as well. >> are you worried that whether it's some of the women you represent or others are about to be in for it from harvey? he claims that he is innocent, any act of sex was consensual, and he reportedly has a history
8:27 am
of sending private investigators using intimidation tactics to go after women. do you think we could see that again here? >> well, i have no doubt that he has private investigators. that's what a defense attorney is going to do. especially in a high profile case where the defendant can certainly afford to wage a very full scale defense. so yes, he pleads not. whether or not ultimately the jury finds that he's not or finds that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, we'll have to wait and see. i think those who testify can certainly expect that they will have been fully investigated. hopefully there's not going to be a scorched smear tactic attempt in the approach as was true in the bill cosby case. i think that boomeranged against
8:28 am
the defense, and i don't think the defense made any friends with the jury doing that. >> manhattan district attorney thanked the survivors for being brave enough to come forward. i agree with him there. he's the thing. these allegations have been around for decades. as this story came out and it was this known, unknown, people knew this was who harvey was. is it tough to hear the district attorney or law enforcement who didn't do anything for such a long time now saying this is a great moment? >> well, i'm not here to place blame on anyone except mr. weinstein who is the defendant in this case. he is the one who is responsible for the fact that finally he has to face the bar of justice in a criminal court in new york, and you know, it's not too late for justice still to be done. and i think we want to focus on
8:29 am
the accused and not on others who may have not caused him to have to face justice earlier. >> in your opinion, what does justice look like? i mean, harvey weinstein did walk in there and has the ability to write a million dollar check. what do you think from a civil or a criminal standpoint justice being served, what would harvey's life look like? when i look at the 90 plus women on the screen next to me who have accused him, many have not had the chance to have bright careers or charmed lives. many of which can't write a million check to anyone or anything. >> what we want to make sure of is that it is the defendant, mr. weinstein who is on trial, and of course the defense always wants to put victims or accusers on trial, and also the prosecution on trial, but we're not going to lose our focus. we are going to stand fast in
8:30 am
support of those who testify, and i think that's what this is all about. yes, you know, we can be happy today. i don't think it's a cause for celebration, but i do think that it's an important day for the justice system. but we're going to have to be patient. these things do not move along as quickly as they do on television. but i do feel that there is a real commitment by the prosecution to doing everything and anything they can from a legal point of view to make sure that justice is done. >> all right. gloria, thank you so much. natasha, i think we lost our signal with her a moment ago. we thank her for joining us. >> she's been very brave. thank you. >> without a doubt. and a major day in terms of just put this in historical perspective. harvey weinstein, the movie
8:31 am
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welcome back. harvey weinstein's lawyer took to the courthouse steps with harsh words for the accusers. weinstein was arraigned on charges of first and third degree rape and first degree criminal sex acts for incidents involving two women. the lawyer said his client will plead not and seemed to rebuke the me too movement. >> i anticipate that the women who have made these allegations when subjected to cross examination in the event we even get that far, that the charges will not be believed by 12 people, assuming we get 12 fair people who are not consumed by the movement that seems to have overtaken this case.
8:36 am
>> joining me now, outside the courthouse all morning, we talk about what a huge day this has been. rahama has had a front row seat. and danny. just walk us through what this morning has been like and especially mr. weinstein's lawyer. giving those final remarks that were sort of telling of what's going to be in store next with him continuing to say he's not guilty and hinting they're going to go hard after the accusers. >> reporter: for sure. stephanie, this was an extraordinary day. a man who was one of the most powerful women in hollywood fallen from grace. voluntarily turns himself into police precinct early this morning and led out of there in handcuffs and brought here to the new york county criminal court where he is in handcuffs and goes into an arrangement in
8:37 am
a courtroom. he stands and hears the charges being read against him. again, charges now by two women -- two different women who allege that harvey weinstein sexually assaulted them. for a man who was all about power, the power has been stripped away from him here. when i asked the question of his attorney when there was a skruf of reporters, just a crowd of us after the arraignment, what would his client to say all the women who accused harvey weinstein of bad behavior. brafman said something to the effect that bad behavior is not criminal behare and that's why he's here, and he also said his client is innocent of the charges. and that he said his client did not invent the hollywood casting couch. it's almost as if to suggest that that's his defense, that there may have been sex with the women. in fact, he's not denying that the sex occurred, but he's saying it was consensual.
8:38 am
it was sort of a stunning moment, the comment from the attorney, alleging that this action might have gone on and maybe by all of these women up to 90-some odd women who have alleged harvey weinstein of sexual misconduct. his attorney says he's going to defend his client in court and he expects him to be exonerated in court of all charges. >> danny, some bad behavior is absolutely criminal behavior. and if the line is basically he didn't invent the casting couch, his defense is going to be he's a total disgusting sleaze bag but not a criminal? >> it's an interesting tact. in any rape or sexual assault case, you have primary avenues of defense. first, it never happened. i didn't do it. she's lying. but then if -- >> but the second is these drop dead gorgeous brilliant young lovely aspiring actresses wanted to bone me?
8:39 am
give me a break. >> well, i wouldn't phrase it that way, but the consent becomes yes, you're conceding that it happened but it was consensual. that becomes the primary defense in almost any rape case. particularly in rape cases and sexual assault cases like this one. the challenge for the prosecuter is that there isn't any scientific evidence. the entire case will rise and fall on the testimony of the accuser who comes in there and points her finger at harvey weinstein. and because of that, it necessarily becomes an examination unfortunately into that accuser. her propensity for telling the truth. >> really, it's going to be these young women wanted to get a chance on the big screen and that was -- and they were the ones who pursued him? >> yes. we have rape shield laws that substantially protect attacking the character in specific instances of a victim or witness
8:40 am
against a defendant, but at the same time it is the defense's duty to investigate the truth or falsity of the witnesses' statements and for that reason, every victim, unfortunately, must undergo the crucible of cross examination in a rape case. >> i apologize. as vulgar as this case is, i shouldn't participate in that. it's just stunning to think the gwyneth paltrows of the world, oscar winning actresses, we're about to see them painted in that light, i don't want to contribute to that when i just think about this story and how hard it is for these women to come forward when you think about what they might have to go through. thank you both. it's a lot today. next, north korea officials speaking out this morning after president trump pulled out of nuclear talks with the rogue nation. we're going to look at the many deals president trump has broken during his short time in office. first, alberto formed in the
8:41 am
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u.s. farm relations are recovering this morning today north korea responded to the president's cancellation of the singapore summit saying, quote, we would like to make known to the u.s. side once again that we have the intent to sit with the u.s. side to solve problems regardless of ways at any time. the president stopped to talk with reporters on the south lawn earlier today calling the statement from north korea very nice. >> we're going to see what happens. we're talking to them now. it was a very nice statement they put out. we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens. it could even be the 12th. we're talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we'd like to do it. we're going to see what happens. >> president trump has been backing out of deals he believes
8:46 am
are bad for the country since he took office. let's take a look back. on january 23rd, 2017, his first full week day on the job, president trump made good on his campaign promise to pull out of the 12 nation transpacific partnership trade deal or tpp. he once called ate continuing rape of our country. on june 1st he announced he was pulling out of the 2015 paris climate accord signed by 195 nations. he said it imposed unfair environmental standards on american businesses and workers and wanted to negotiate a better deal for the united states. most recently this year president trump announced he was taking the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal. the 2015 agreement among seven countries that restricts iran's nuclear capabilities in exchange for easing sanctions. he said it was a one-sided deal that did not go far enough in
8:47 am
reining in the country's behaviors. president trump suggested the u.s. might pull out of nafta sparking negotiations for a new deal between the united states canada and mexico. talks have been under way for nine months. finally, the fate of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, you know it as daca. currently uncertain. it protects undocumented immigrants brought into the united states as children. last september trump ordered the program to wind down and urged congress to come up with a replacement within six months. a vote could come soon. congress members have recently been signs a petition that would force a vote in the house. i want to point out one thing. when we left tpp president trump said i'm going to get us something better. we don't have anything. when he left the paris climate accord, he said we'll have something better. we don't have anything. and as it relates to iran and
8:48 am
nafta, we anxiously await to see the improvements. joining me now janice mac key. the call to call off the summit blind sided the south korean president, but now maybe the door is being opened back up. what comes next for all three countrys? we know as of yesterday south korea was really just surprised. >> well, south korean president man jay moon jae-in admitted he was embarrassed about what happened. last week he met with president trump and they appeared to be on the same page with the summit only to have the rug pulled out from under him and president trump not even notify any of his allies. south korean security officials met again today and reiterated they firmly believe that direct dialogue between the u.s. and north korea is necessary. and for their part, south korea says they want to continue to
8:49 am
try to get interkorean talks back on track so they can follow through on the agreement that the two sides signed on april 27th. this is a very key signal from seoul. and it's the same messaging that we're hearing from chinese officials as well. that these two regional players want to keep the momentum that they've been able to establish in direct dialogue with north korea. whether that is independent of the united states or not, whether president trump wants to be on board or not. because in this part of the world at this point kim jong-un seems to be emerging as a more reasonable player. he's being regarded as the one who released the three detainees, who followed through on blowing up the nuclear site, and has been able to co-opt these two players. south korea and china. the chinese newspapers have been playing up the fact that president trump secured the iran
8:50 am
deal, and didn't both toer to notify his allies. there's a sense that perhaps china and south korea will continue to try to engage with north korea will that includes president trump or not. >> thank you so much. this story is certain ongoing. lots of sudden changes. june 12th, we'll see what happens. this morning, i don't like reporting this, but we are. another school shooting. we're getting information about the suspected shooter. we'll have that for you on the other side of the break. stay with us. you're watching "velshi & ruhle."
8:51 am
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and visit today for your chance to win a free treatment. take a deep breath with me on this one. there's been a shooting at noblesville west middle school. you heard me right. i said middle school. just outside of indianapolis, the school is on lockdown after reports of shots fired. students are being evacuated and taken to their family members at the high school. wthr are reporting one adult and one teenager injured. their condition is unknowned. police briefed reporters just a few minutes ago.
8:55 am
please listen. >> there's a male student at noblesville west middle school who has been detained. we believe he is the involved suspect. we have no reason to believe that there is any kind of a threat connected to this incident anywhere else. we're also aware of a secondary threat that's been made at noblesville high school. we have multiple officers and a command post established and are ensuring the safety of students and staff there. we've not received any information there's been anything other than a communicated threat. we are securing noblesville high school and taking steps to make sure it stays secure. >> we actually have some comments from one of those middle school students. let's share that with you now. >> my second period class when our principal said this is not a drill and there's an active shooter.
8:56 am
we were in a room. we went to the corner and shut the lights off and locked the doors. >> what was going through your mind? >> i was very scared. i didn't think it was real. my friend was one of the only friends i had in that class. i was just trying to help her. i wasn't crying or anything until we got on the bus. that's when i really got like sad. i was sad the whole time but. >> did you hear anything at all prior to the announcement? >> no. during it we heard a lot of loud noises. i didn't know if they were gunshots or what nay were. we heard stuff. >> has anything been said in school or how was the atmosphere at school? you had one more week left? >> yeah. nobody's really -- i didn't think it happened at noblesville. we're just all, it didn't seem like it would happen. >> this is stunning. i can't even get a word out. we're tired.
8:57 am
new york city police joins me. my three kids are at school right now. this santa fe shooting happened one week ago. next day starts and we all send our kids off to school. what do we as parents need to do to try dissuade kids from bringing guns to school to prepare schools for the fact this continues to happen. >> i sat with you at this very same desk and we discussed the santa fe shooting. what can we do to stop school shootings? i can give you the contrast in comparison to 9/11. that's when the tsa went into effect and these massive barriers that were set up in these airports. the shooting that happened in sandy hook, you would have felt that would have been a harbinger for school safety. >> if the schools don't have the bunl bijts to spend for school book,
8:58 am
if classes are overcrowded, do we really think they're going to now put these barriers and metal detectors in place. our kids have to go to school on monday. >> these are simple solutions. you take small bites. the small bites would be to preserve the interior, not the exterior. the key is we need to stop the assailant before he or she enters the cool. that's the problem we have. >> 180,000 kids have been exposed to gun violence since columbine. when does we need become we did? what's the hold up? >> lawsuits tend to dominate the
8:59 am
landscape. that's what will shift the pendulum to create greater fortifications. >> we got to do something. these are our kids. >> i agree. >> thank you so much. thank you for watching. i'll see you next week. i hope you have a lovely weekend with your family. check us out on social media. i hand you off to an drdrea mitchell. right now on andrea mitchell reports. an unprecedented inclusion of white house insiders as the president sends his chief of staff to classified gang of 8 briefing on capitol hill. >> why is em mitt here for this briefing? >> nothing we heard today has changed our view that there is no evidence to support any aels that the fbi or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump
9:00 am
campaign. off again, on again after cancelling a historic summit. the president suggesting he might be able to salvage that sit down with the leader of north korea. >> we'll see what happens. it could even be the 12th. we're talking to them now. day in court. facing multiple charges of rain. disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein is booked before the world and walked out in handcuffs. one of his accusers spoke last hour. >> today we rejoy. tomorrow will be hard again. today we can have a moment for all of us. this is for all of us who have been told we're nothing.


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