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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  June 21, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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disobedience. >> what a way to end the show. reverend william barber, reverend sharpton, victoria, thank you all. joe. >> again, i got another text from someone involved, a friend i've known for some time, in the black site programs where we held al qaeda. talking about the parallels between what's happening now with these children being hidden from the press and the black sites that we use against al qaeda. people who actually killed americans. not 2,300 kids. unknown location. unknown individuals. no outside observations. >> how in the world -- >> that has to end. and perhaps other media organizations will be more interested in finding out the truth about where these 2,300 children are than they are
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blindly defending the president. >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie rule pick ruhle picks coverage right now. >> good morning, everyone. good to be back in new york city. we have to start with this. dramatic 180 or is it. after days of claims that only congress can stop families from being separated at the border, the president reverses course. >> you can't do it through an executive order. >> by the way, today, i signed an executive order, we're going to keep families together, but the border is going to be just as tough as it's been. >> but the order leaves the country with more questions than answers. >> i don't think the deception has stopped. i think the executive order is a sham. i think it was a press release to vent some of the anger. >> the president's supporters show their unwaveri ining loyal. >> i think he saw right thing to do and made it happen.
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that's exactly why he's elected the president. he makes the right decisions. >> despite all of this, the lives of thousands of children remain in limbo. some of them might not ever see their parents again. >> what they're doing to families just as a mother, a human being, it's not right. >> it's not. we begin with president trump's about-face. or is it one? he signed an executive order calling for an end to the separation of child migrants from their parents at the border after insisting over and over it was up to congress to end the policy. here's the issue. it does not solve the problem for the more than 2,000 children who have already been separated from their families. i have an amazing team here to break all this down in this incredibly important story. first, i want to get you caught up because there's a lot of questions about the president's executive order this morning. and was it just -- just what was
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it? we're going to find out, starting with what exactly does it mandate? for one, it continues the zero tolerance policy to criminally prosecute people who cross the border illegally. second, it states that it is now the policy of the trump administration to keep parents and their kids together as adults wait their court hearing. third, it calls on other government agencies including the pentagon to make available existing facilities or construct new ones to house these families. so when is all this going to happen? there's no clear answer. during a white houseriefing on wednesday, a counselor to attorney general jeff sessions said an implementation phase would happen, but had no additional details. what about the 2,300 kids who have already been separated from their parents currently at shelters in 17 states? well, there's no current plan to reunify them. a spokesperson for the health and human services department says the agency is waiting for further guidance on the matter.
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so, was an executive order even necessary? the answer is no. "the new york times" puts it this way, quote, mr. trump likes the flourish o signing execivde cameras, but most of his executive orders have amounted tosking t administration to conduct reviews and come up with proposed solutions to problems. or that con certaintied of directives that he could have made with a phone call. this is one of those orders. the government is now trying to answer this question, where are the girls? nbc white house reporter kristen welker asked that question to homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen who said she'd get back to her. hhs has released images they say was taken at a shelter in homestead, florida, showing both boys and girls. prior to today, we have only seen images of boys. government also released video it says was taken at a shelter in virginia.
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there's no official word yet on where the reporters might be able to tour the facilities. then there's this, "time" magazine's new cover, "welcome to america." live to the white house where nbc's peter alexander is standing by. i have been in texas for the last few days. on my flight out of mcallen, there were a number of chaperones with unaccompanied minors. on my next flight to new york, again, i saw a chaperone with a small group of unaccompanied minors. so it is continuing. it's quite stunning. if you think about it. the president signs this executive order and we have no idea what itmeans. all of those children in detention centers. still woke up today not knowing where their mothers and fathers are. i know president trump, he spoke at a rally last night in minnesota. walk me through exactly what he said. >> so the president, as you noted, stephanie, defended that decision to halt this policy, a policy that only a few days ago,
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you know, his homeland security secretary claimed didn't exist. one that he insisted. the president picking up where he left off last night on twitter again, trying to shift the blame to democrat, condemning the immigration system. he writes, we shouldn't be hiring judges by the thousands as our ridiculous immigration laws demand. we should changing our laws, building the wall, hire border agents and i.c.e. and not let people into the country with the legal phrase they're told to say as a password. he claims are trained to say servant words to seek asylum. "the washington post" just last thousands of immigration ly judges will be hearing these cases. according to the national association of immigration judges, it's more likely they'll be adding at least 100 additional judges. retirements could affect that number. as for last night, the president
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appeared heavily focused, despite backtracking on this issue of looking stroke and, again, casting blame elsewhere. take a listen. >> today, i signedn executive order. we're going to keep families together, but the border's going to be just as tough as it's been. the democrats want open borders. let everybody come in. lerybody pr in. we don't care. let them come in from the middle east. let them come in from all over the place. >> that was president trump again last night in minnesota. his executive order, not ending the zero tolerance policy. they'll prosecute all adults who cross the border illegally. he's keeping up that tough tone on illegal immigration, telling the crowd we are sending them the hell back, stephanie. we're going to hear more from the president in formats like this. next week, he heads to south carolina and north dakota. back to you. >> i got to ask you, before we go, though, american airlines
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and united, they're taking a stand, and it's amazing because i think back to a t par climate accord, all the ceos who said no, this isn't the right thing to do. we're starting to see corporate leaders decide, yo got ttep up in terms of morality. so tell me about these airlines. >> sometimes it's those corporate leaders, that business community the presidenis most reactive to. we know he's image oriented. but also when he hears from other ceos. his sort of contemporaries as it were. both united, american, other airlines including southwest and frontier basically sending the message loud and clear to this administration, to this president, that they don't want any role, they don't want to be transporting any of these young children from where they cross the border to other parts of the country. a spokesperson for the homeland security department calling that unfortunate. stephanie. >> i also wonder if president trump saying some of these children are trained to say specific words to try to help
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them get asylum. i wonder what those babies are saying, those toddlers. i want to go live to nbc's cal perry. is intornillo texas, where the so-callent city has been put up to hold a massive amount of m children separated from their parents. cal, yesterday when we spoke, you were able to see a whole lot of border agents, you saw some vans, but you still hadn'teen any children. talk us through what the situation at the tend cities are like. even broader than that, the community. because that portion of texas is a very humble area that could, without a doubt, use financial support, without a doubt, could use aid, and many people in that area are saying why are we spending all this money on these tent cities? we need it. we don't even have clean water. >> yes, the ranchers around this area especially will give you that message. even those who are in favor of these kind of harsh immigration policies will tell you, it's the
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economy that they're worried about. now, the tent city behind me, we do know there are a few hundred kids in this city. that's based on information we got friday. i saw two buses full of kids arrive yesterday. overnight, stephanie, about five hours ago, in the middle of the night about 3:00 in the morning, we saw three vans being escorted by a white suburban out of the camp. one of the issues here is when the u.s. government tries to keep us out of these facilities, when they pride us with old photos, everything they do looks a bit nefarious because, of course, they're lying a lot of the time. so we don't know if they were taking people out in the middle of the night, but we do know there's been a lot of movement. there's been a lot of supply trucks in and out. so certainly things are happening, but it's unclear sort of exactly what that is. one more note on the community. i think it's an excellent point you raise. we saw educators come here yesterday, superintendents of the neighboring school districts, and their message was the damage has been done. when the president of the united
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states uses that kind of rhetoric, sometimes racist rhetoric, what happens is people stop showing up for school. the absentee numbers have gone up this year, especially in this area, and that's something that educators and parents of course are really worried about, stephanie. >> tell me about the group of mayors who are set to make their way down here in a few hours. >> so we're going to have over a dozen mayors. this is the national conference of mayors. we're going to see bill de blasio from new york, the mayor of los angeles, and also the mayor of miami. the amazing thing about this is they're going to come right here, which is as close as they can get to this camp as well. i spoke to the president person who's organizing this trip, i asked if there's any chance we can go on the tour. she says they've been told they have to wait two weeks. >> that's what i don't understand. they've been told they have to wait two weeks. this is my quick plea. first lady melania trump, first daughter ivanka trump, you have access to go down to those tent cities. i just left texas. saddest thing for me was leaving
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there, never having seen one single child. i didn't get to tour a detention center. you say that you care about this. this is your central focus. ivanka, you have said you're a fierce advocate for the advancement of women and girls. you have to actually do it. this is your opportunity. you sent a tweet yesterday, pardon me, a nonsense tweet congratulating your father for his swift action and now you said it's congress' turn. congress does need to do something. but signing an executive order is simply not enough. we don't know what is going to happen to those children. i ask you, please, go down there. go to texas. bring us with you. bring journalists that care, that are actually doing something and following this. we care about these kids. if you say that you do, then please take action. you're not just the first daughter. you are a senior adviser to the president. this ain't a photo op. i want to bring my panel in. midwin charles, attorney with midwin charles and associates.
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ben white, chief executive correspondent for politico. and former congressman and one of my favorite tweeters david jolly who's a republican from the state of florida. okay, david, first, i want to share what the president said when he signed the executive order. >> sure. >> we don't like to see families separated. at the same time, we don't want people coming in to our country illegally. this takes care of the problem. thank you very much, everybody. >> thank you very much. he signs it. he gives the pen to kirstjen nielsen. who, pardon me, has been lying all week about saying i don't even know what the policy is. >> your passion is important because this is one of journalism's finest moments. but it's also a moment of national conversation for the american people. the anger so many people feel is based on some very foundational concepts. the president and his team has lied to us for the last week. we know that. he has lied every single day about his creation of this policy about his rev of this policy. he's rlying on a matter that implicates the welfare of
6:14 am
children. >> it's not who we are. >> it is not who we are, but it is who this president is. and that's why we are so angry about this. this is going to get worse. because journalists are going to ensure we continue to followhe story. the next step is implementation. which they don't have. they don't have a plan. this was a knee jerk reaction based on the president's own decisionmaking yesterday. where are the recessions? when is the policy going to change? if it does where are the resources to change it? because right now, congress is not going to be providing those resources. >> are you surprised he is changing course? whether or not he actually has put the resources going forward, i was happy when i heard about the executive order. i'm happy that it's not going to happen hopefully to more families. does it surprise yo because thus far, all we've ever seen him do is double down, double down. >> we've finally seen a situation that was simply intendable for him to implement the policy. >> i would have thought
6:15 am
charlottesville untenable. >> charlottesville, perhaps, siding with white supremacists. but in this case, we're talking about innocent children placed in cages. we're talking about separation of families. screaming babies left alone in orphanages. these are images the american people will not accept. he realized that and backed off. overarching all of this is a complete misconception about what's happening at the southern border. there is no border crisis. >> you need to say this again. because there's a border issue. there's not a border crisis. this is manufactured. >> just look at the numbers, okay. in 2000, you had about 1.2 million illegal crossings. the numbers are way down. most of these people are legitimate asylum seekers who are coming from very damaging situation, trying to give their kids a better life, a chance at success in the united states. these are not violent criminals pouring through our borders. all of what president trump says about this is wrong. this is not a crisis. this is not an infiltration of the united states by evil
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illegal immigrants. these are for the most part law-abiding citizens who will pay taxes here, add jobs and help employers. it's a complete misfabrication of the situation. >> there are 6 million open jobs in the united states. there are shrimp boats that need workers. and the immigrants can't come through. i spoke to the mayor of mcallen, texas who said we support really strong borders. we need foreign policy with central america so things can be better there. when you saw the economy improve in mexico, people were moving out of the united states and going home. he signs the executive order. we know it doesn't solve everything. but from a logistics standpoint what actually happens here? >> i'm glad you asked that. i think we have to sort of step back with the fact that he signed an executive order for an issue that he claims they never even had. remember, christian said initially that there was no policy separated children from their parents at the border.
6:17 am
period. that was her tweet. so i don't understand how the president can sign an executive order to end the policy that they said they never had. and, also, how can you sign an executive order to end the policy he said only congress could fix? it was a problem that was started by the democrats. where we go forward here, for me, is disconcerting. what the executive order does not cover is what happens to parents and children when they're confined together. will they be detained indefinitely? that would be in contravention of trying to detain families in order to deter asylum seekers. there's a court order that says you can no longer do that. also what is the plan in place to reunite these children with their parents? >> on my flights, yesterday, home, there were groups of unaccompanied minors. i'm going, how are they going to find their mothers again? >> this is a mark of what we've been talking about for months here. you have an administration that is inexperienced and inept. and this is one of -- the
6:18 am
fallouts of being inexperienced, inept, you do not even have a plan in place to keep track of children and their parents and it shouldn't be lost on anyone that this same ineptness and inexperience is being played out in puerto rico, in terms of the fact that they still don't have power. like, all of this is connected. as americans, we must start to demand from our elected officials and from this administration that they be competent in the job in which they are supposed to do. >> david, you are the republican in the house. i want to share what some attendees of president trump's rally had to say last night. >> when a person goes, robs, robs a bank, he's separated from his family. i'm an immigrant. i came here in 2000. we came here legally. >> our family means a lot to us so we have to do it. >> i see you getting emotional, why is that? >> because -- he doesn't -- i just -- i'm really -- cries so
6:19 am
hard, so many people are so -- >> my god, won't someone please care for the children? well, those children -- if i get arrested, my kids aren't going to see me for a while either. >> what in the world are they talking about? when these people are crossing -- first of all, they're not trying to cross illegally. it's a bottleneck at the ports of entry and they can't get in. when they do cross the rio grande, they turn themselves in. they look for a border agent. this is misinformation and it's obscene that we're doing this to our own american people. >> it's incredible misinformation. it's important that you highlight the misinformation. you have scenarios where you have truly unaccompanied minors. we saw a spike in that about two years ago. that did create a crisis. what do you do with unaccompanied minors? it is the trump administration that takes a family unit, splits up that family unit and takes the children away from the parents. that is what is happening.
6:20 am
the voices we hear at trump rallies reflect what donald trump himself has defined as the tone and tenor of the country. i'll say this as a republican. because on immigration laws, we like to say we're a nation of laws. but we are also a -- >> so let's follow the law. >> we're also a loving and caring nation. those two are not mutually exclusive. we can be a nation of laws while also being a loving and caring nation. we can say if you come here without a humanitarian claim. if you come here without proper documentation and we're going to process you and have a hearing, you can stay with your family while we do that. >> it's also cheaper. it's also far cheaper. >> and i think it's important to point out that the republican party for a long time has espoused themselves as pro-family, family values, pro-life and also fiscal conservatives. if you stand for those three things, how can you stand for this policy? >> i spoke to a baptist minister who his number one priority and
6:21 am
the reason he cares about politics is pro-life initiatives. what i'm confused by is why those initiatives end when you're look at 5-year-olds being torn from their mother's -- >> or when you're looking at brown 5-year-olds. >> i want you to put your economic hat on. i understand that much -- a large portion of trump's base feels like they've lost job opportunities. they don't have good schools. they have slow internet access where they live in rural america. if you took the tens of millions of dollars that are going to these private prison companies to erect these tent cities for a manufactured crisis, imagine the positive impact to those communities. we need to address income inequality. >> sure. >> why doesn't trump's base see that? do these coal workers think they're going to get their jobs back if an ecuadorian if a child from el salvador gets separated from his mother? >> i think they do think that. trump has made that their sort of mantra. >> it costs a whole lot of money
6:22 am
to fly those kids to new york yesterday. >> between the idea of violent illegal immigrants flooding the borders, the loss of their jobs. those two things are not actually connected. they're connected in trump supporte minds but they're not reality. trump has said he wants to make this a priority. spending on rural broadband, spending on all of these things is a much better allocation of federal resources than building a bunch of tent cities in texas that we shouldn't need, that we don't need. there are other ways to house these families. it's an emotional connection that the president has made for his supporters between bad brown illegal immigrants and their own circumstances when they're not connected. >> but trump's base is his hard-core base that are going to love him no matter what. but they're not enough people to get them re-elected. take me to the middle. the people who said listen, i want my taxes lowered, i want deregulation. what are those people saying? >> they're accepting this de
6:23 am
with the devil. they are transactional republicans who wanted a traditional republican agenda. if you are the investor class and i don't just mean the super rich but a retiree with a 4401k. the last two yrs have been good for you. >> for sure. >> you're happy. frankly, a lot of what the president's doing is traditional republican orthodoxy. they are willing to accept the misogyny, the flirtationings with racism, the breaking up of family, the tone and tenor affecting our entire body politic. they're accepting that because, as one republican said to me, he's actually getting a lot of good stuff done. >> that's why the misinformation that the president put s is a gift to them. they accept president trump's lies because it works for their narrative. i want to keep talking about the political angle and take you to washington because the house is expected to vote on two gop immigration bills today but both are likely to fail after interparty tensions boiled over on the south floor yesterday in a very heated public argument.
6:24 am
freedom caucus chairman mark meadows confronted house speaker paul ryan over what made it into the bills and specifically what didn't. msnbc's garrett haake is there on the hill. okay, garr president trump, he's up and guess what he's doing this morning? tweeting. i want to walk through where the president stands and what happened yesterday with the rest of the republican party. >> boy, stef, where to start. i guess we'll start at the president's tweet here. the president, using his phone and his twitter app, just turned his votes this afternoon into even more of an exercise in futility. he could not have done more damage if he had used some sort of legislative nuclear button. the president tweeted, what is the purpose of the house doing good immigration bills when you need nine votes by democrats in the senate and the dems are only looking to obstruct. republicans must get rid of the stupid filibuster rule. it is killing you. if you are a wavering republican. if you are someone who is not sure. if you listened to the president
6:25 am
when he came to capitol hill two days ago, or you went to the white house yesterday to hear from him again on these bills, why would you today cast a vote for either of these measures, which the president just said to his 53 million followers on twitter are essentially pointless because they won't go anywhere in the senate. now, is the president wrong? probably not. neither one of these billings had a good chance in the senate. >> why? >> well, because one of them is probably too conservative. i think we have a full screen. there are two key differences. the so-called goodlate bill does not allow a pathway to citizenship, only to legal status. that was never going to get democratic support. the more moderate bill does have a pathway to citizenship, but it also allocates $25 billion for the wall up front, one big lump sum payment right up front. that's something that might have seen resistance from democrats in the senate as well. so while the president's not wrong here, he entirely
6:26 am
undercuts the rational for supporting either one of these bills which were already on life support coming into today. >> $25 billion? wasn't mexico supposed to pay for it? garrett, thank you. up next, we head back to the border where even though they're directed to no locker separate family, well, guess what, that zero tolerance policy, it is still in place. you can look at the president and his sharpie all day long. we're going to take you to the border where it's actually happening. more. [ roaring ] what could go wrong? you good? yeah, you? [ roaring ] [ screaming ] nope. rated pg-13. prepare for your demise, do your worst, doctor. i will. but first, a little presentation. hijacking earth's geothermal energy supply.
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despite president trump's executive order to keep my grant families together, border patrol agents are still carrying out a zero tolerance policy. let's go straight to laredo, texas, where we have been riding along with a group of agents at one of the busiest crossing areas for undocumented immigrants. mariana, walk us through what this looks like on front lines, and has anything changed in the last 24 hours, because from here, when we watch tv and wave the president sign the order, we're under the impression that in the last 24 hours, everything changed. has it?
6:31 am
>> everything has not changed. this is a crisis bursting on the seams here on the front lines every single day. what we're trying to understand is what happens to these families, to these migrant mothers on the journey from central america up until the point where they decide to cross the u.s. border. it is an incredibly dangerous journey controlled by smugglers, by cartels, criminal organizations. those are the real bad guys that prey on these migrant mothers, that extort them, that rape them. and sometimes if they can't keep up, they're left out there in the desert to die. we're embedded with the border patrol four star unit now. we're practically in no-man's-land, heading out to the desert, to see if there are any migrants whose lives need saving. yesterday, just to show you nothing has changed, we were out with the border patrol chief for 15 minutes and we started seeing smugglers bringing people over. i want to play a little bit of
6:32 am
that moment. a very tense moment for you now yesterday in the desert. let's see it. that group is migrants, smugglers? >> there's a smuggler in there. let's see -- everybody comes across with the help of a smuggler. >> how do you put them back? >> just by our presence. >> you guys are like the first line of defense here? >> we are. >> what these agents, as you heard, are risking their lives every single day out there in the border, in the desert. what they tell me, what the chief was telling me, is they are understaffed. here in this sector, they have to patrol 88,000 square miles. they only have 1,700 agents to do that. they need infrastructure, they need resources, they need manpower. they don't need to be filling out paperwork, changing diapers and baby-sitting these families. stephanie. >> mariana, thank you. this is stunning. i just want to remind our audience, again, there's maur
6:33 am
yawn that on the front lines with the border agents. realize it takes time for the process to make its way through but when the president signs an executive order and says ivanka didn't like it, things are going to change, please know, they haven't changed yet. lives matter. up next, money, power, politics. a brand-new south carolina auto plant, less than a day old, is already worried about having to cut jobs -- all because of president trump's tariffs.
6:34 am
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time for money, power, politics. president trump's escalating trade war with china could already be putting small towns at risk. ridgeville, south carolina. auto giant, volvo, officially opened its factory in that small town on wednesday for more than 4,000 jobs. but the threat of a 25% tariff on steel is now putting those jobs and south carolina's $27 billion industry at risk. now they could also face china's retaliatory tariffs on auto exports. you were at this opening. what are some of the concerns? creating that auto industry in south carolina was a game changer for the state. >> it's a major, major boom for
6:38 am
the economy. yesterday, we spoke directly to the ceo of volvo who expressed serious concerns about the impact these tariffs could have on hiring. he has promised 4,000 jobs to this area. right now, there's only abou about 700 workers in that factory. he says if these tariffs do go through, he may have to break his commitments of hiring the 4,000 he's promised. he's hoping not to do that. fortunately, the workers there at that factory don't share that feeling. they feel very optimistic that their jobs are secure, that volvo's $1.1 billion investment in this plant means that their jobs are going to be safe and that this plant is going to be here to stay. many of them also sharing with us that they support president trump and his administration's aggressive tactics on trade. they say these tactics are what's necessary to get fair dealings for the united states. here's what some had to say. >> i feel that the current administration will be able to work through this and we should be able to continue to do what volvo does, produce vehicles and
6:39 am
sell them. >> i feel those type of things will work themselves out. i think it's better for the overall economy and the best business decisions will come from being able to sell vehicles and continue to make the vehicles here. because it will do nothing but create jobs here for the area, the region, the country. it will d nothing but bring profits and revenue to the area. >> free trade is very hard to work with. everyone has to play on the same field. >> again, a lot at stake for the small town of ridgeville, south carolina. there are only about 2,000 residents. they are depending on this factory to bring growth and expansion. keeping a close eye on these negotiations as they move forward. >> free trade and those tariffs are really not aligned. my panel is back. congressman, i want to start with you. president trump is heading to south carolina to help campaign.
6:40 am
henry mcmaster has done a great job as governor of south carolina. the state is booming with jobs and new industry setting records. these tariffs could change that. >> it absolutely could. there's no underlying -- >> or micro economics. >> look he is selling populism. he is not realizing, what his voters don't realize is what he risks doing is spiking the cost of goods for each of us. if you're in the manufacturing industry, you're likely going to lose market share. the pain is up front in many of these macro economic decisions on trade. the president doesn't realize that. he's engaging in a very erratic behavior when it comes to trade and tariffs. it reflects a lot, frankly, resembles what he did with kim jong-un, right, he gets in these twitte wars. somebody else says, i'm going to hit you back, and he gets personally offended by it. there's no long-term strategy here. >> all right, well, ben, what do
6:41 am
you say to those americans out there who say what are you talking about, the economy is booming? "the new york times" points out that the american economy has picked up speed and is now on course to expand this year at the fastest rate in more than a decade. >> yes. the economy is doing fairly well. and president trump's tax cuts probably have something to do with that. these tariffs have the ability to cut into that growth, not to help it. you talk about south carolina. i fly in and out of greenville all the time. sparkling bmws in the spartanburg airport. now volvos being made there. mercedes made in alabama. these are good jobs for american workers in these states, in these red states. and they could be hurt by higher cost of aluminum and steel to make these cars. as the congressman said, higher export tariffs on them going into other markets. that means fewer jobs, less economic growth. these tariffs are not going to help this trump economy. as he said, i don't think there's any kind of macro economic strategy here. there's a rhetoric to get tough on our competitors but the
6:42 am
follow through is not there. >> everybody gets further a trade war. our economy is doing really well. we rely on exports less than other countries do. we do have the upper hand. >> it's been doing well because of the 20 years legacy going back to a free trade agenda that as a country our political leaders in the '90s said we're willing to accept the economic disruption of moving to a freer trade economy for the long-term growth and that's what we see. remarkable thing politically what the president's doing. here you have a country that is on steady economic growth. and yet he's distracting voters who traditionally feel a certain confidence in the economy and translate that to confidence in the country. he's distracting them with this divisiveness. when we have issues like parkland and guns. the complete failure to respond. injecting divisiveness is actually eroding what should be a traditional voter confidence going into november. it's politically stupid for the president. >> president trump's economic adviser, one of them who jared
6:43 am
found for him on amazon, when he was looking for somebody whose economic views aligned with the presidents and he realized archie bunker was only a television character. he says china is going to get hurt worse than we are in a trade war. i say no. what do you say? >> i say no too. you can base that on the fact that china exports more to us than we export to them. that's true. we have a trade deficit with china, so theoretically they have more to lose. but china has many other levers they can pull to hurt the united states. there are enormous numbers of companies in the u.s. that want export services to china. financial, accounting, law. all these companies want to expand in china. the chinese can make it difficult to do that. then don't forget, they own enormous amount of the united states debt. they could decide to sell some of that debt, sending our interest rates higher. there's an enormous amount of leverage that china has that's not accounted for in the direct res reciprocal trade between the two
6:44 am
countries. to simply say they have more to lose, wrong. they also have a political system that allows the leadership to do whatever they the ud states, we don't havet that. we have a political system that if people don't like what's happening on trade, they can take it out on their representatives. so the politics are different. the amount of leverage is higher in china. >> you put something in perfect context that every viewer should understand. who gets hurt worse. that was your question. your question wasn't whose economy does better. it's who gets hurt worse nap is the only thing that happens in a trade war. >> our chi economy is doing ver well. when you look at gdp forecast, the president just wants to say we're above 3, maybe we get to 4. does that actually help the american people? >> it does if you have, you kno know,.25% growth. the problem is those higher wages can get eroded away if you pay more for stuff from china, so that's a problem. but it does help people. it does create more jobs. and you could be talking about
6:45 am
that nonsense, instead, he's not. >> can we just talk about wage enforcement for a moment? i want to take us back to immigration. when the presints it's all these undocumented ants, those undocumented immigrants, they would love to get paid minimum wage. they would love to get health care and vacation. if we actually have a zero tolerance policy, and we went after those who hire undocumented workers, who pay them less than minimum wage who hold out pay because they have no leverage, that could have a positive impact on wages. it's not immigrants that are pushing them down. >> those business owners are the republican voting class. there are so many reasonable solutions to what we face both when it comes to the jobs economy as well as immigration. we should have a verifiable temporary guest worker program that creates a legal means for immigrants to come here and work and perhaps return home. seasonal guest worker program. one that's enforceable against the employers.
6:46 am
we can do that. we should be able to have a pathway that says if you are here in the shadows, we're going to create work papers so you can contribute to the economy in a lawful way. and we can enforce your employer and your status as well. none of those approaches have been done by this president. nor will they. because it doesn't feed into zeno phobia. >> when we complain undocumented workers don't pay taxes, their employers don'pay taxes either. >> right. >> if we implemented wage enforcement, that could actually drive wages higher. >> it could drive wages higher. it could help deal with our debt and deficit problems. there are many other ways to deal with. fundamentally, we have a 3.8% unemployment rate. we have employers who are desperate to hire as many people as they can. >> how can the president possibly say immigrants are stealing our jobs? >> because it makes people angry and worried and upset. gets them out to vote against these evil people who are taking
6:47 am
these jobs. employers need more workers. ultimately, need a lot more legal immigration. many more to get our economy moving at the level it could. we could grow faster if we had a more vibrant, dynamic workforce. >> the president's former national economic adviser gary cohn said we do have an immigration problem. we need more immigrants to fill jobs. you know who else believes in free trade? you know who is not into tariffs? the president's current economic adviser larry kudlow. i know ben just spoke to mick mulvan mulvaney, he's not keen on these tariffs either. even i they stop separating families, what happens to the 2,000 kids already alone? those are the ones i a most concerned about, that i'm begging, that i'm asking, first lady melania trump, first daughter ivanka trump, help us find them. the director of the unaccompanied minors program for catholic charities joins me to talk about the long process ahead. ybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill
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the goal was to get through this show without shedding a tool. president trump signed an executive order to essentially halt the separation of families at the border. that is good news. what happens to the more than 2,000 kids that have already been ripped from their parents?
6:52 am
according to the "new york times" hundreds of those children are coming to new york right here in waves. i want to in anthony . anthony, i was on a plane yesterday and there were a number of unaccompanied minors with a chaperon. help me understand where do they go and now that the zero tolerance policy is over, how do they get reconnected? i thought how are they ever going to find their mothers again? >> when a child is encountered on the southern border within 72 hours if the child is unaccompanied or rendered uncompanied or separated from their families by the government they are placed with a humanitarian shelter here in the united states. there are about 100 of them across 14 different states. once they are at the shelter lawyers from my team and other nonprofit organizations around
6:53 am
the country then visit the children in the shelters. we meet with them and make sure they are okay. we try to see what you need right now. they are are telling us where is my mom and dad? can you help me find where they might be? what we are doing is working with the shelter system to track them down because there is no system. the federal government has no plan to reunite these children. they never bothered to make that plan. what we are doing is connecting either with the parent in the home country who might be able to tell us perhaps they received a call from the separated father who was arrested and sent to a federal marshall custody or immigration detention center. piecing together the clues on a case by case basis to try to figure out where are the parents. we will be successful but it is going to take time. >> you are part of a nonprofit. if you don't have support and donations this won't happen. i want you to explain to me again, there is no government process put in place for these
6:54 am
kids to reconnect with their parents? i don't understand. >> this zero tolerance policy happened from one day to the next. separations had been occurring well before the zero tolerance policy. so as you said we need donations. we are a smaller staff and we need more people to help us put the pieces back together sflmpt kw when ysflmpt -- when you go to the facilities that are run by the state do those state employees have plans to get the kids back? where do they think the kids are going? >> i should clarify in that the state maybe has the facilities, but the program itself, the office of refugee resettlement is a federal program. it is the federal government's burden to put together a plan if they want to tear a family asunder they have to figure out how to put them back together. we have been able to work with
6:55 am
many of these child welfare specialists to put the pieces back together, to find the clues and track down is there a parent in a home country? do we get a call from someone who can tell us? we have been able to piece the families together. >> this narrative is out there. who are they and what are they fleeing? >> these children, one of the most impressive things about them is not withstanding the trauma and fear, one of the questions they always ask is my mom or dad okay. they care. they are a good person. they said i don't understand why i saw my father in handcuffs. he is a good man. all he told me was we were running because something was trying to hurt us. kids and family are running from governments that can't control
6:56 am
gangs from domestic violence and situation wheres it is a matter of life and death. that is the profile. these are children that for the most part are under 10 years old. >> we need to protect our borders. we need to follow our laws and we need to protect every kid out there. we will be right back. thank you so much. the line between work and life hasn't just blurred. it's gone. that's why you need someone behind you. not just a card. an entire support system. whether visiting the airport lounge to catch up on what's really important. or even using those hard-earned points
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations,
6:59 am
and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. it's been a long few days. no matter what there is always good news somewhere.
7:00 am
we think good news rules. a california couple is raising money to reunite immigrant families. they wanted to raise $1,500. so far they have received more than $16 million in donations since saturday morning. the money will go to the refugee and immigrant center for education and legal services, the largest nonprofit in texas. that's not just an extraordinary couple, about $16 million. when you worry about the divisiveness in the country let's celebrate the goodness. that is a lot of money to go to a very important cause. i'm stephanie ruhle. i will see you at 11:00. coming up more news with hallie jackson. >> amazing money and it is great to have you back in new york. thank you very much. hallie jackson in washington. this morning the kids are still not all right because we have no word when or if the 2,000 plus migrant children will be reunited with t


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