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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  July 2, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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rattlesnake. with anti-venom, he's to recover super quickly. he's adorable. coming up now, more news with hallie jackson. we all need someone to jump in there. you know how to get to my heart, chris. >> i know, so cute. >> chris jansing, thank you, my friend. i'm hallie jackson in washington. where it's all about towing and testing the loyalty line with president trump. you got that one that seems to be the supreme court justice, announcing that later. and this one on the rocks from north korea, saying you protect us, i'll denuke. the problem -- kim jong-un is not doing. what the nation's top spies are telling nbc news. plus, what you need to know what the ultimate loyalist is saying. at least what the president thought was the ultimate
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loyalist. michael cohen. we got the lawyer for the woman at the center. michael avenatti, in just a couple minutes in the first interview since that news broke this more than. we've got a lot do get to but we start at the white house. the president is talking with advisers with the clock sticking on that self-imposed deadline to name a new potential justice. >> for his high court pick, higher education on his mind. people familiar with president trump's process says he's indicated he'd like a justice who went to harvard or yale, call it supremely scholarly. as the president prepares for a confirmation battle that he predicts will be short but bruising. >> it's probably going to be vicious because the other side, all they can do is obstruct and resist. you know, the whole thing is resist. i think it's going to go quickly if i pick the right person. >> the right person, sure about
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right-leaning with individuals to roe v. wade. senator susan collins will be a swing vote to confirm any candidate. >> a candidate for this important position who would overturn roe v. wade would not be acceptable to me because that would indicate an activist agenda that i don't want to see a judge have. >> while the president insists he won't ask specifically how a particular justice would rule on roe, he made clear where it stands. >> do you want to see the court overturn -- >> if we put another two or three justices on that will happen, and that will happen automatically in my opinion because i'm putting pro-life justices on the court. >> with the president all but certain to select a solidly right layeaning nominee. >> each and every one of my
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colleagues on the democratic side understand the historic significance of this decision. >> my colleague geoff bennett is joining us from the white house. geoff, i know you had a chance to talk with kellyanne conway. >> that's right, hallie. this morning, the white house says the president will be talking today with his advisers about the supreme court pick. the president and his team are doing a deep dive into the backgrounds of the prospects. look, i'm told the president who we know for making decisions on impulse and ignoring the guidance of his advisers. in this case, he's said to be listen to his white house counsel and richard leo with that group of lawyers known as the federalist society who helped pick the judges on the master list. the president said he's narrowed
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his search to a nominee to about five finalists including two women. and all of the people on the short list are federal appeals court judges. there's a reason for that. republicans don't want any surprises. no more david suitotter. that's it. answer appeals court judges we know write a lot of opinions so, at this point, as you mentioned in your piece, both sides are fired up about what can happen to roe v. wade. the president playing in his past comments with legalizing abortion, a litmus test this morning. >> all right. he's not asking specific questions. i'm just amazed how yet a justice down to one issue abortion. >> they wanted to be for. they don't want a swing vote on it. >> well, that's too bad, they
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should have elected their person president, i suppose. >> reporter: look, kellyanne conway has -- hallie. >> geoff bennett at the white house, see you later on today. a white house reporter for -- we'll start with you, because you have been somebody who is leading the strategy in fighting for this next supreme court pick. fair to say -- you heard geoff bennett. >> that's true. however, democrats don't have the majority in the senate, we need to get over this sense of defeatism. this is the fight of our lives. it's the biggest fight of the trump era and that's saying something. and if we don't succeed we'll be
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living with the effects of trumpism. not just eight years. living through the white house and senate will not undo the damage of donald trump and the supreme court. the sish yissue is, yes, we done the number in the senate caucus but there is a majority in the senate for defending rights. there is a majority in the united states senate for defending the aca. donald trump has said two things about the people he's looking at. among other things it's a vote to overturn roe and to gut the debate. >> speak in practical terms what you're saying go after susan collins and lisa murkowski, right? >> right. >> how is that a strategy? what are you doing with susan collins. are you going to send people to protest her while she's at recess? >> we're going to hold susan
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collins to her own words. yesterday, she went on television and said i will not vote for anybody who overturns roe v. wade. we need to keep the pressure on her in maine to convince the voters up there to hold her to account. if she goes on and votes to one of donald trump's picks from his list just because they don't happen to have a huge paper trail on the abortion issue, that is a basis to say that is not somebody to support that. >> she was out on the sunday shows talking about, for example, the neil gorsuch position on it. here's what she had to say. >> don't you think as an academic matter, don't you think
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gore susuch is going to over yu it? >> i don't think. he pointed out to me he was the author of a whole book on precedent. >> completely disingenuous answer from susan collins. she's trying to take credit for the idea that she's opposing somebody who is roe v. wade. consider this, she said john roberts set the gold standard because he called roe v. wade settled law in his confirmation hearings. n in 2016, there was a huge law that made wendy davis famous. overturned by the supreme court. >> right. >> only because anthony kennedy joined with the liberals. kennedy was the swing vote. john roberts voted with the other side. she needs to be pressed on that issue. >> susan collins is not going to
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much care if she's being pressed by democrats on this, right? >> no. >> but who might care about the democratic caucus, joe manchin, and heidi hieitkamp. >> at the aca, they're affirmative campaigning on their work to protect the aca. many voted against the president's tax law because it included a back door deal of individual mandate. as donald trump said he's only going to appoint people who will vote the other way john roberts voted in the key case. >> it does seem like, let me just say, people, voters have more to vote when it comes to the supreme court when you look at that than health care. people look at this and talk about is health care, but the supreme court pick overrides some of that. how do you get beyond that
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because this is not a motivating for democrats? >> it's true that republicans have had it going through but we need to change that going forward. every since the repeal effort last year, joe manchin himself said the number one issue in considering nominee is going to be the support for upholding positions. >> very quickly, darlene sand brian, you've been listening to this. does brian's strategy have a shot here. >> i recently spoke to world renown strategist brian fallon on a street corner and he was making the same case. you make the point, hallie, that democrats are concerned how this does it for them for the election. i know that heidi heitkamp is going to say she voted for gorsuch. >> i'll come back after the break. brian, thanks for coming on. coming up after the break,
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lots more to come including michael cohen doing a 180. suggesting he might be able to flip on the guy he would take a bullet for. disbeliever and stormy daniels' eastern michael avenatti joining me after the break to weigh in on all of this for the first time. and coming to america. the white house is thinking about holding its second summit with kim jong-un. between while intelligence says pyongyang has pulled back on his promise to denuke. ...yielded to no one. when i found you in my dna, i learned where my strength comes from. my name is courtney mckinney, and this is my ancestrydna story. now with 2 times more geographic detail than other dna tests. order your kit at
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so, without actually saying he would clip on the fred, president touch's former long-term lawyer is now basically saying he would flip on the president. michael cohen in an in-depth off-camera interview, gave the strongest signal yesterday that he may be willing to cooperate. cohen said, my wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will. i put family and country first. remember, we're talking about a guy, cohen, who went said he'd take a bullet for the president. but apparently, he wouldn't take an indictment. cohen has not been charged with any crime, any wrongdoing, as a former executive in the trump administration, cohen was in charge of keeping trump's matters priefltmatter
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s private. and paid $130,000 to stormy daniels who daniels of course said she had an affair with the trump a decade ago. joining me on the show it michael avenatti. thank you for being on the show. >> good morning. >> this is the first time coming out since michael cohen broke his silence. talk about his loyalty versus his family and country versus his loyalty to the president. your reaction to that? >> well, let me say this, i was the first one to publicly predict that michael cohen ultimately would flip on the president. i did that already on the show in the first week of april before the fbi raid that i think ultimately i think that's what's going to happen but i don't think mike is going to do that because he loves his country, i think he's going to do that to avoid significant prison time. i have to tell you, i think this interview this morning in a big way was a big nothing burger. this is michael cohen trying to
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send a message to the president that he wants the president to pay his legal bills or he's going to flip. you know, he's playing games with the american people. if he has information that's damaging to this president, and i know for a fact that he does then he should come forward and state it and disclose it now. he doesn't to wait for anything. he doesn't to wait for charges to be issued. he could do the right thing now. what he's doing is playing games by giving these off-camera interviews like you saw today. >> two questions, what makes you think he's trying to get the president to pay his legal fees. what in the interview made that be a conclusion that you would bra from this? >> well, well, i know for a fact that he's running out of money. >> how do you know that? >> well, i'm not getting into details how i know that but my record is pretty good on the statements i make and accuracy of those statements. he's running outside of money. he's been burning through
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thousands of dollars of legal fees. he's upset that the president has abandoned him and placed him on an island. so, that's the only reason you give an interview like this is to send a message to the president that you need help with your legal fees. and also to try to paint yourself as his heroic figure and as a good guy. well, guess what, you can't be a hero or a good guy until you actually do the right thing. >> well, talk specifically about this idea that he's not a villain, right? in his interview, he said i will not be a punching bag as parts of anyone's defense strategy. he said i'm not a villain and not allow others to try to predict me that way. does michael cohen have a point? >> no he's an absolute villain. he's at the center of the shenanigans that went on. he may not think he's not a villain but he absolutely is a villain. the only way to right the ship
7:19 am
and seek forgiveness in the appropriate way and to do the right thing is to come clean with what he has, the information he has, and he needs to do it now and stop paying lip service to it. >> you talked about the idea that michael cohen is trying to send messages via the airwaves. this is a president that messages via the airwaves can be effective. do you think it's going to be effective? >> well, i think it is not going to be effective because the president is notoriously cheap. not tometaphors, i believe he should have kept him inside the camp. you don't take a guy that's this dumb and incompetent, and put him on an island. that's a recipe for disaster.
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>> the language you that just called cohen, dumb, extra, are you comfortable with that? >> well, i'm comfortable with the truth. and it happens to be the truth. >> let me ask you about two other things. you have been talking about for weeks that there are others that you've been talking with similar positions as stormy daniels. you say there are other women who have contacted you. at what point are you going to be naming names and the fact that they exist? >> well, we can't do anything revealing those clients until they have our approval. and they feel comfortable -- >> so you're not there yet with these victiwomen. correct. >> and there's another, a prank call that got through to president trump by a former trump side kick stuttering john. he said he has reached out to
7:21 am
the secret service and you ag e agreed to represent him, is that true? >> that is lieu, john reached out to me on friday and asked me to consider representation. we spoke again yesterday. he contacted me again and asked him to represent him in connection with this. i agreed, as of yesterday afternoon, to be his lawyer, in connection with the inquiry by the secret service and any resulting criminal charges. so, as of right now, i represent him, and we're in the process of getting to the bottom of what happened. let me say this, i think the focus by the white house and the secret service on this is ridiculous. i think the resources would be better spent on things that really matter. >> you don't think there's a security concern that some prankster can get through to donald trump? >> well, i think there's a real security concern but that doesn't have anything to do with potentially going after my client. they know what happened here.
7:22 am
they know that air force one patched through this call. this is guy that talked about security and yet get pranked. it's an absolute embarrassment. >> are you concerned that your client, stuttering john, mr mr. melendez, could be in trouble on this? and why did you agree to take on this case seems you've got plenty on your plate? >> well, i have a staff and we handle cases at any given time. i do have concerns that there could be potential charges flowing from this especially if the president attempts to make an effort to save his damaged ego. that's one of the reasons i agreed to take on the representation. you always have to take these things seriously when you have somebody like donald trump who has a venn dadetta from time to time. >> how do you look at your critics who say michael avenatti
7:23 am
will take any case that gets in the headlines. how do you respond? >> that's not true. i have taken cases over the last three months that have no headlines. we get contacted 100 times a week for people seeking representation. we take a few of those cases. it's just not accurate. this is what i do. i fight for people, the davids versus golgoliaths. i've done it for 18 years. >> while you and i are having this conversation, i've heard from allies of michael cohen already via text. the argument that i'm hearing from them is you are actually hurting your own client by coming out and speaking so strongly against michael cohen. that cohen has been the victim what they describe as say character assassination. how do you respond to that? >> that's an absolute joke. it's pretty difficult to assassinate michael cohen's character because he has no character. michael cohen is a defendant in
7:24 am
two lawsuits in which my client say plaintiff. my job is not to save michael cohen or to help michael cohen. if michael cohen would start finding the truth he'd find himself in a much better position. >> michael avenatti. thank you for joining us. i know you're up early on the west coast. appreciate it. we'll be following this as the stories develop. i'm joined now to talk with federal white collar criminal defense attorney and the msnbc national political reporter from the "washington post." caroline, does you hear anything from avenatti in your view that changes the game here? >> i don't. michael avenatti, notwithstanding, i think this is the clearest indication he's absolutely right that michael cohen will in fact cooperate with federal prosecutors. i think it's an important note, hallie, that you made in the beginning here this case hasn't been indicted. it's different than paul manafort.
7:25 am
if there were ever a time for michael cohen to go in there and talk with federal prosecutors now would be the time. they have time in terms of moving forward with prosecuting. remember, the case in the southern district has just to do with that raid on his home, office and hotel room in april. they're just sorting through the documents. and they've just come through the conclusion. or there will be a conclusion on thursday about which materials are privileged. michael avenatti, as he noted there, cohen has got new counsel in this case, guy petrillo. >> that is based on what cohen told jimmy this morning that's going to take -- >> right. . his attorneys retained for that review are going to accept aside. it's no secret if you retain a former sdny prosecutor that you're looking to cut some deal. you're looking for a connection
7:26 am
that lawyer has with his old cronies in the office to get a good deal. so what michael cohen's looking at now is going in there, talking with prosecutors. he will engage with what is known as a proffer session which he will be what's called queen for the day, meaning everything that he tells them could not be used against him. you can look at the veracity of that point. likely they know it but they're looking for michael cohen to verify that. but then it's cooperation. the cooperation process is a long one. >> caroline, stand back for a second. bob, come in on this. i want to know what your report is telling you what the relationship right now between donald trump and michael cohen. it was strike to here stephanopoulos talking, asking him three times asking him about it, saying again, and again, my family comes first. i'm loyal to my family.
7:27 am
>> relationship was strange. that's the true of the white house and president trump as they watched this interview. it was not just a message to the president and white house, it was also to federal prosecutors. it was showing an openness toward cooperation. and federal prosecutors. and paul manafort is an exception to the trial. they like to avoid trial. most of time they like to see people like michael cohen offer to cooperate before an indictment. this changes the game for the president he evaluates his longtime lawyer and fixer michael cohen. >> do you get that the white house is concerned? >> i wouldn't phrase it as concerned. but they're certainly evaluating all of this. and the president keeps close counsel regarding michael cohen. really talking to rudy giuliani, the former new york mayor. not so much the white house staff, because the white house staff is trying to stay away -- >> darlene, your thoughts. >> well, i think it's interesting it does signal a
7:28 am
break for the president. one of the bottom lines is that michael cohen has a wife and he's got children and he has to look out for them. and you look out for them, you look out for the president at the expense of your wife and family or vice versa? >> caroline, do you think, that michael avenatti made the assessment, that michel cohen wants the president to pay for his legal fees? >> i don't know. michael avenatti has been key to what he knows. remember, he started that hash tag trump tapes. knowing part of the evidence seized were recordings of donald trump so far that hasn't borne out. no, i didn't get that based on the public record. but look, avenatti has been in
7:29 am
his track record. and that the legal bills are mounting on michael cohen, it would be difficult for people to pay as a person of means as he was. we know he took out a line of equity to pay to stormy daniels. but no, it's not in the public domain at the moment. >> caroline and robert. >> face to fa-to-face talks with korea in singapore. it's followthrough, in that agreement, you know the one, commits to working to the complete denuclearization of north korea. but we ledged that north korea is doing the opposite. not only did they not get rid of their nukes, they're working to build more.
7:30 am
and kim jong-un has actually boosted his production. this has been happening at multiple sites. and another one, saying north korea is almost down with the construction of a key facility. we're at a point where president trump says one thing. the nation's top spies come to a different conclusion. and the white house is reportedly getting ready for round two with kim. this morning axios reports that the north korean dictator may be coming to new york this fall meeting president trump and the general assembly. bringing in the former korea analyst for the cia now with the center for strategic and international studies. also here retired general wesley clark, command aer and senior fellow.
7:31 am
general clark, let me start with you. surprised, unsurprised to learn that nbc news first to report that north korea is building out some of these enriched uranium facilities? >> no, not surprised. it's a twofold opportunity for north korea. first of all, they're going to get away with what they can get away with. secondly, they're able to check and the chinese and russians are able to check out effectively the united states intelligence agencies can monitor their programs. so, they may have some of these efforts, that they will sacrifice, as they move forward. but they'll always want to keep a couple of cards face down on the table. that's north korea. >> so what should the u.s. response be, general, and what will the u.s. response be, if you think you can predict? >> well, we're at a disadvantage, because of the handshake and the smiles at the summit. >> yeah. >> but what should have happened
7:32 am
was a step-by-step buildup, in which for each act of giving up and revealing and giving up their nuclear and missile capabilities united states would agree to support a certain relaxation of sanctions. it's my understanding that china has relaxed some of these sanctions. it's going to be pretty hard for the united states to keep the sanctions on. so, we're on the slippery slom whe slope where kim gets what he wants and united states doesn't get what was promised. john bolton has had a conversation about this. over the last four hours or so, here's what he said on "cbs this morning. ". >> we have a program and i'm sure they'll be discussing this in the future about really how to disvandal their dmz and programs over the year.
7:33 am
with the full closudisclosure a dismantling the ballistic missile site -- >> it hasn't happened yet. >> we can. >> what's the siem like on this, sue? >> the more interesting paekts of this, north koreans are intending to continually see the u.s. officials. so, i think that one-year time line is very unrealistic. bit what the first step needs to be once secretary pompeo confronts kim jong-un and the north korean officials with this information, we need to really get a full declaration of all of their nuclear weapons program and their nuclear facilities. and if on that list, it doesn't have all of these facilities, then we know that they're not going to get to where we want them to get to. this is a problem, i completely agree with general clark. the singapore declaration was a bunch of verbiagverbiage. we didn't get anything out of north korea. i think it's a long road ahead
7:34 am
even though president trump likes to say the nuclear threat isle knew over. >> sue, i'm sorry to interrupt you, explain how you have to two headlines co-existing. our head line saying north korea is refraining. and the axios head line that says the president wants kim to come to new york. how do those exist in reality? >> it really can't, unless they give up their weapons facilities, kim jong-un cannot come here. what have they given up? nothing so far. that singapore declaration was nothing. it was working towards denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we have given kim jong-un leg legitima legitimacy. and now it's north korea's turn. i think the first step is to get full declaration from north korea of all of their wednesday and their facilities. >> general clark -- >> otherwise, he shouldn't come
7:35 am
here. he can't come here. >> general clark, how long do you think that will take for a full declaration of the nuclear facility and work that they're doing, when should the u.s. be demanding that back? >> we should be demanding it right now. however, with all of these things there's a lot of give and take. because you don't want to disclose everything that you know. and they don't want to give up everything that they have. and so, they'll put some facilities on the table, i hope. when the next meeting occurs. and then we'll say -- we'll study this. and then we'll come back and ask some questions about it, trying to conceal our source, and methods on how we know that they haven't been fully cooperative. and this thing could go on for days, weeks or months. >> yeah. >> if kim really meant what he said to president trump, he should just lay everything out on the table, just like that. he's not that. >> before i let you go, i have to ask you about nato.
7:36 am
the president is getting ready for that overseas trip. has it ever been this tense? >> it's not been this tense before. it's not only about the substance of what is talked about. it's really about the atmospherics and the context. you have a president that is being accused. an investigation under way that he got elected with the help of russia. and he's cozied up to putin on every occasion. and he's been harsher on our allies than he has on our potential adversaries. so nato is very right to be concern what we need and what these countries need in eastern europe is a strong declaration of support from the president of the united states. >> general wesley clark, thank you vetry much for coming. s sue me terry. thank you. mexico's left wing populist leader takes aim at president trump. plus, an emotional reunion
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president trump meet the mexican donald trump. that's how some critic describe mexico's nulewly elected president. he's a left wing populist activist who tried to sound more
7:41 am
conciliatory in his victory speech, promising to work with the u.s. right as mexico and canada start slapping the u.s. with new tariffs in retaliation for the ones president trump slapped on them first. stock market is nut loving it. the dow is down 80 points. let's go to nbc's kerry sanders. kerry, good morning, my friend. president trump tweeted his congratulations for the incoming president. does that mean smooth sailing for the two of them moving forward? >> reporter: well, there's certainly a reset taking place here. first, let me start the scene of where i'm standing. you can seal thousands of people have gathered here, mexico is taking on brazil in a world cup match which has unified the nation. but at the same time, there seems to be a greater number of people who are excited about this president than are not. he won with an overwhelming majority. the president of the united states donald trump tweeting upon his victory,
7:42 am
congratulations to andres manuel lopez obrador in becoming the next president of mexico. i look very much forward to working with him. there is much to be done that will benefit both the united states and mexico. amlo as affectionately known using the first letters of his four names said in a speech last night with the united states will seek a relationship of friendship. so as the people here are cheering on their team. let's take a look at this location i'm standing in here, last night, with the thousands gathered to celebrate this victory. and as much as his style in the campaign, that may have been much like, say, a donald trump campaign, he is much more left-leaning and certainly has made a lot of promises on the social side for this country without any specifics how he's going to pay for it but in the end, the real issue for the united states and mexico is that one along the border. one that the newly elected
7:43 am
president here says he would like to see a resolution. and he seems like he's going to hold firm in trying to allow these people to travel through mexico heading on to the united states. >> yeah, lots on that plate. kerry sanders, thank you. kerry working to finagle himself a ride to the world cup it seems. they described it as this way lopez obrador has the most aggressive mexican president towards the united states in decades. so how does the white house navigate this? >> that's a good question. every relationship starts off with this nice language you want to work together. >> sure, sure. >> mutual interests, all of this sort of thing but there's really some sticky issues on the table. you got the border situation in the southern border and the nafta talks that have been going on for a long time that don't seem to be going anywhere. and, of course, have the president's desire to build a
7:44 am
wall with mexico which he insists that mexico will pay for. and the outgoing president has insisted -- >> mexico is not going to pay for the wall. mexico is is not going to pay for the wall. >> right. >> what you've got here are two presidents who both believe in getting rid of the establishment, those parties in the country but for two very different reasons. >> yeah. >> i think what you have, if you back out on this relationship is president obrador who wants to renegotiates the united states and mexico relationship in the other direction that trump wants to. he's not going to say that the americans want a better deal out of nafta. he's going to say that mexico needs a better deal out of nafta. i think what you're going to see at the end of the day, both of these presidents going back into their nationalist corners. >> when talk about that, we've seen some of that, the makings with the mexican tariffs.
7:45 am
obviously a concern that's creating real worries with the trade war that seems to be escalating. you have an interesting twist. u.s. chamber of commerce coming out launching a state-by-state analysis how it's impacting american consumers in every state. chamber is normally a nice cheerleader for the republican leader. but not so for donald trump has they're coming out pushing against president trump's tariff and trade policies. how do you navigate that. >> well, the president is not a free trader like the chamber is. i believe it's reacting in the larger business community and that could be people who need to buy steel for oil pipelines. or it could be people who need open markets for soybeans. i talked to a farmer in minnesota. at a trump rally recently who said he's lost tens of thousands of dollars already. he's still a trump supporter. i asked him -- has that changed?
7:46 am
he said, not yet. but if i lose my business it might change. >> geez, that's striking. jennifer allen thank you for being on. i appreciate you joining us. >> i want to turn to the department of homeland security, they're saying thank you for your interest to the hundreds of thousands of people who hit the streets to protest the president's immigration policies. many of these people were moved to action by stories of families separated at the border. today, a lot of migrant parents still wondering where their kids are. many children are wondering if they're going to see their families again. for one guatemala mom her wondering it over. mariana atenseia is in miami with that story. mariana, that's a story of an emotional reunion, right? >> reporter: a reunion two months in the making. 7-year-old ginnet and her mother reunited from guatemala. it's actually a family of four.
7:47 am
the mom came with a 10-month-old little brother in may. she was not prosecuted. she's wearing an ankle monitor. and jeannette came over with her dad. the dad is prosecuted because of zero tolerance. he's in atlanta and likely to be deported back to guatemala. and little jeannette was sent to michigan. this is a family scattered throughout the country. they were finally able to have that first embrace yesterday. many organizations on ground. even this mother saying don't be fooled by this warm and fuzzy moment. the wounds of the separation may never fully heal for this little girl and the mom. this was the mom's message for all of the families coming to the u.s. to seek asylum. what is your message for so many mothers seeking a better life?
7:48 am
advised you to find another country to seek refuge in. it's tough. people here don't have a home. so, hallie, when you think about what many experts were calling the intent from this white house, in enacting this policy, whether this was going to be a deterrent or not, that is actually the kind of message that donald trump wants to hear, right? but i've also been reporting along the border, and i also have been told that there are dozens of families on the other side, trying to seek asylum at ports of entry the right way. and it is still up in the air what will happen to them here in the united states. hallie. >> mariana atenseia, i know you'll continue to report the story. after the break a major bust
7:49 am
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7:53 am
where police have announced the arrest of a man they say was planning an independence day terror attack. >> last week he was walking through downtown cleveland on what he thought was a large scale attack for fourth of july. he looked for locations to park a van that would be explosives. >> pete williams is here with more of the details. . what do we know about what happens now? >> he didn't get very far. he never had anything he could use to stage an attack. this was an undercover operation. we have seen many of these in the last couple of years where someone like this man who is a u.s. citizen, age 48 who is living first in cincinnati and moved the cleveland. authorities say he was expressing anti-u.s. and pro-jihadist messages on social
7:54 am
media. it was noticed by someone in the public who tipped off authority and they introduced man to him who he thought was a sympathizer with al qaeda who turned tout be an fbi agent. they had conversations. pit saiding he he wanted to attack crowds. he settled on trying to stage an attack on the fourth of july. he'll be charged with material support for a foreign terror organization but because this was an undercover operation, there was never any actual imminent plot. it was all in his head. authorities say in cases like this when someone is so determined to do something, they can't just sit back and wait
7:55 am
till they get the wherewithal. that's why they do these kinds of investigations. >> pete williams reporting for us there from our d.c. news room. we'll be right back with today's big picture. e us. and just like that we felt a little less alone. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse. that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. because when this place does what it was built for, then we all get a little closer.
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7:58 am
and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. we're wrapping up today's show with today's big picture. we're talking about a big star making a big move for big money. not in that uniform anymore. lebron james is taking his talented to los angeles as he
7:59 am
announced in a surprise headline overnight. philadelphia, my people thought they had a shot. they did not. lebron wants to live out west. he's going to be making $154 million over next four years. 105,0$105,000 a day. roll out of bed, make 100,000 bucks, go back to bed. lebron james. i'd love to hear your thoughts. turning it over to someone who knows what that's like. >> yeah, it's hard to get by in new york with that even. >> he's a big star. it's eye popping. >> he's doing good work. why not. good morning. stephanie is all today. it's monday, july 2nd. let's get smarter. >> the eu reportedly warning of new tariffs warning of 305 billion if president trump targets their auto makers.
8:00 am
>> the cars are the big ones. >> canada striking back with tariffs of their own. >> it's going to be some pugging as t -- pulling and tugging as we try to deal. > you get rid of i.c.e, you're going to have a country you'll be afraid to walk out of your house. i love that issue if they're going to do that. >> i think there's a lot of other things we can do before we get to that point. families are still separated. children are still in cages. >> what's your message for so many mothers coming here? >> this law here is too tough. people here don't have a heart. sdp >> what was the toughest thing about being inside? >> not being with your mom. >> are you going to ask your


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